Alan Explains Reality

by Not Sure

14 August 2022


                This talk from 20 August 2007 was Alan Watt’s first “Cutting Through the Matrix” show on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN).  Alan had been a guest on RBN and had stood in as a host on John Stadtmiller’s show “The National Intel Report.” (John Stadtmiller passed away in October of 2021.)

                Because Alan is introducing some of his key ideas to listeners, this show is a succinct explanation of an ancient system of control.  Reality as Alan Watt saw it. 


“Sentience in the Balance - Treasure or Trash? - Your Choice.”

© Alan Watt, 20 Aug. 2007


                Alan begins by talking about how reality is created, that this creation happens slowly over time so that we will not notice changes.  We have been taught that happiness is the most important goal in life.  Advertising shows happy people, orgasmic in their pleasure with whatever product they happen to be promoting. 

                A new religion is required for the new system.  This state religion is a type of earth worship, bowing to Gaia.  In just a generation or two, we will volunteer to be sterilized to save Mother Earth, the steps along the way so painless.  Recycling plastic, using whichever bag is correct this year.  Paper or plastic?  Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t phase us and if we find it stressful, we can shop for “happy” products that will smooth wrinkles or cushion our safe spaces.  We can play ourselves with fantasy and fiction and vote for the star with the best butt.

                This new State Religion seems much more tolerant than the older religions which might require self-examination or self-sacrifice and suggest that your lives be formed and guided by a few simple rules.  Earth Worship and the New Age, Green & Sustainable puts the focus on externals and that’s much easier, isn’t it?  One needn’t feel guilty about promiscuity (don’t be slut-shaming me!) or the poor (they chose this incarnation to work on themselves.)  All you need to be a member in good standing in the new State Church is a healthy dose of Virtue Signaling and a yoga mat.




                How do you explain reality to someone in Plato’s Cave?  Do you even try?  Alan often said that it was pointless to bother trying to share anything with someone who hadn’t already started asking the right questions.  Lots of people react when they are chewing grass in one field and the move to another becomes apparent, too quick.  Maybe it’s a bank crash, or the loss of a job that prompts a line of inquiry.  Maybe it’s watching a loss of basic rights over a major event such as 9/11 or Covid-19.  This isn’t questioning reality.  It’s reacting to a crisis.  Even demanding “truth” or “answers” isn’t a true search.  It’s lashing out at one side or the other of the dialectic construct.  The result is always the same.  You end up chewing grass in the new field the elite prepared for you.

                Reality cannot even be comprehended until you wrap your head around this statement Alan made in today’s Redux.  We're living through a big business plan – a long-range business plan in which we have no participation.”  To accept that it’s all sewn up and it has been for hundreds of years is the starting point for an individual to find a loose thread they can start to unravel.  That thread is for them.  It’s up to other sincere seekers to find their own loose threads.  All we can do is have kindness and compassion and be prepared to share a tiny little insight every now and then.  The rest is up to the individual.

                I recently had an opportunity to spend a chunk of time with someone who has never really questioned the official explanation of anything.  Aware that I think outside the box and curious why, they asked a few questions.  I was careful not to say too much, not to overwhelm.  The conversation returned again and again to this or that television show, most of which I’ve never heard of and those whose titles I’m familiar with, I’ve never watched.  My ignorance of popular culture is profound.  It takes a lot of work for me to dredge up names for commentary, but I persevere.  It seems to me that obsession with the naked buttocks on public display is a defining visual image of this era, so it behooves me to know who Kim Kardashian is.

                My interest in the long view extends beyond the obviously ridiculous and into those cultural figures we’re supposed to take more seriously, e.g. the tech billionaires like Elon Musk.  The formula is simple: He is wealthy, ergo he is a genius.  From his vantage, he deems it urgent that we drive electric cars and wear implantable devices.  Ludicrous as it is, the public relations about him would have us believe that he’s “for the people.”  He can help us save the planet and champion free speech.

                There is no place to end the drama inside Plato’s Cave.  Can you see that?  The shadow play is the Never-Ending Story.  It’s Trump versus Biden, Musk versus Censorship, Catholics versus Protestants, Muslims versus Jews and Christians, Mask Mandates versus Free Mugs, the Vaxxed versus the Unvaxxed, the Mainstream Media versus the Alternate Media. 

                Now, Plato was all in favor of licensing artists of all kinds. So powerful are arts and entertainment to this ancient system.  So, when he used the idea of fire, or human-made light, and the puppets (or artists, and I will add in politicians and tech and science “stars”) who created shadows, his “fire” is the political doctrine that is taught in a Nation-State. The artists use light and shadows to teach the dominant doctrines of any given time and place.       

                It was hard to find any illustrations that I could share with this slightly curious believer in the official narrative, but I finally fell back on a simple visual explanation.  I pulled out a U.S. dollar bill and showed them the pyramid on the back of the bill, with its capstone floating above, the all-seeing eye with rays of light, the illumined ones at the top of a system.  Carefully, without too much urgency or hysteria, I said “It’s an ancient system of control, so perfect that it can be depicted on a nation’s currency with no fear whatsoever it will be understood let alone jeopardized.”

                That’s what Alan does so beautifully in this first episode of “Cutting Through the Matrix on RBN.  He explains reality.

                When we read about Amazon’s entrance into the health field and we know that big tech players such as Google have been involved in the collection of health data and supplying health services for years, we aren’t shocked.  Those of us who’ve had the benefit of thinking about reality from Alan Watt’s point of view understand that the capstone is all about eugenics.  Big tech brings us genetic engineering, brain chips, and data collection, and they do it as a critical element of an ancient system.  As Alan says in this talk, “They want purpose-made people, and hence, that was the reason for the tremendous financing into genetic research.”  Some of the themes in this talk we will return to in the next few weeks because they bear repetition and elaboration.  Purpose-made people…

                Still, when the warning voice in an article about Amazon’s collection of sensitive data is a professor named Joana Gaia, you just have to shake your head.  Bernie Madoff with the money.  Gaia is a real surname to be sure, but couldn’t the reporter find an “expert” named Smith or Jones?  How “reality” is presented in an un-real world!

                And finally, an article worth having a look at covers modern day company towns and the cycle of poverty they ensure.  Alan always talked about CEOs as the new feudal overlords.  I was struck by something though beyond corporate feudalism.  The careful organization in this system ensures that people stay confined in little areas.  Basic needs are supplied by the company (or the State, or a combination of the two) and what seems to be the freedom of entertainment via television and the internet, keeps us in little information ghettos. 

                I leave you with Alan’s closing words of this talk:


                “You must be your own person in this and decide what is important to you in this highly dysfunctional later society we live in, where most people can't even get on with each other on an individual basis. We have to overcome that and decide, do we want to go down quietly or do we at least go out with a bang rather than a whimper? That's where we are today; and yet, knowing what's going on, after you transcend all the worry, it gives you a form of peace because everything makes sense to you for the first time. You don't get it from the mainstream media. Their job is to keep you off balance and worried and make you want to save this particular system, even though the elite themselves decided they're changing their system. See, they own this system completely. We don't. You accept it simply because you think it's normal. It exists.


                Lenin himself, trained by the best bankers on the planet, said there are many, many ways and directions society could go. A thousand he said. "The public must never be made aware of this. They must think the one they're born into is the only natural evolution it could possibly be."   That is true. Most folk do think that. They're trained to think it. In fact, they're trained not to do much thinking at all. That's what the school is for; it’s to stop you thinking for yourself. Standardized education is the method they use, and then reinforced by cartoons all the way up to movies for adults, to stop you from thinking. It is amazing to have a brain capacity and use 10 percent of the grey matter in it; and even then, we have to turn it off and download ourselves with so much entertainment which programs us.”


© Not Sure


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