And there is nothing new under the sun.


By Not Sure

20 Feb 2022


Last July, thousands of Cubans took part in some of that country’s largest protests to voice their frustration with shortages, low salaries and power outages. This week twenty defendants received convictions of up to 20 years in prison. Human rights groups point to the harshness of the sentences to illustrate how Cuba’s judicial system is routinely used to stop dissenters.

Canada’s Trudeau government condemned Cuba over its lack of free speech protection. The Canadian government issued the following statement: “Canada strongly advocates for freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly free from intimidation. We stand with the people of Cuba in their aspiration for democracy.” Rich, eh?

Yesterday I went to a nearby Christian university to hear a visiting feminist and history professor talk about toxic White masculinity and the corrosive effect it has on evangelical churches. She asserted churches had also suffered because young male Christians saw Teddy Roosevelt and John Wayne as role models. She said young Christian men often cited Mel Gibson’s portrayal of William Wallace in Braveheart when considering the ideal man. I can never hear that movie mentioned without hearing the loud cry of “Freedom!”

I had expected to be moved to anger by this Marxist academic in my midst, but she was actually mildly entertaining. A dingbat spewing Swiss cheese arguments. Archie Bunker forgot more history than this professor will ever know.

After the lecture, I checked my emails and saw that a friend had sent me a screen shot of a paragraph in The Washington Post:


The primarily White supporters of the Freedom Convoy argue that pandemic mandates infringe upon their constitutional rights to freedom. The notion of “freedom” was historically and remains intertwined with Whiteness, as historian Tyler Stovall has argued. The belief that one’s entitlement to freedom is a key component of White supremacy. This explains why the Freedom Convoy members see themselves as entitled to freedom, no matter the public health consequences to those around them.”


The above paragraph is from a February 11 article entitled “The Ottawa trucker convoy is rooted in Canada’s settler colonial history.” The piece says, “While the convoy’s supporters have characterized the protest as a peaceful movement, uninformed by 'politics, race, religion, or any personal beliefs,' many supporters have been associated with or expressed racist, Islamophobic and white-supremacist views.

I have been following this protest closely from many and varied sources. I have not seen racism, Islamophobia or white supremacy voiced, so I am left to surmise that the “many” supporters have been “associated” with those views by a force other than their own actions.

Who wrote this outrageous drivel? Here’s how The Washington Post described the author: “Taylor Dysart is a PhD candidate in the department of history and sociology of science at the University of Pennsylvania, where her research examines the intertwined worlds of healing, science, indigeneity and settler colonialism in the Amazon.”

Indigeneity. That’s an academic mouthful.

I found just this one other mention of Dysart: "Taylor Dysart, a doctoral candidate in History and Sociology of Science, has received a Summer Research Grant from the Latin American and Latinx Studies Program at the University of Pennsylvania. This grant will support Taylor's dissertation research on the history of scientific inquiries into ayahuasca, a plant-based divinatory, hallucinogenic, and therapeutic concoction, in the northwestern Amazon in the twentieth century."

So her real interest is hallucinogenics, but The Washington Post elevated her with the Woke terms “indigeneity” and “settler colonialism.”




There is an opinion piece by Barbara Kay in Canada’s National Post entitled “Trudeau's hypocrisy regarding foreign funding should be evident to all.” She writes, “It’s the arrant hypocrisy of the Trudeau regime that rankles. Trudeau and Freeland say that foreign donations are “a threat to our democratic institutions, to our economy and to peace, order and good government to Canada.” What they mean is that foreign donations from the wrong sort of people (cretinous pro-Trumpers) to the wrong sort of cause (those we disagree with) offend us, and we will stop them....When it was the right sort of foreign donations to the right kind of cause — donations that helped the Liberals in the October 2015 federal election, for example — the Liberals were sanguine about U.S. money pouring in, even though the donations appeared to be in contravention of the Canada Elections Act. A report by a registered society called Canada Decides concluded that “the 2015 election was skewed by money from wealthy foreigners.”




Take a look at this tweet and video:


Conservative MP Colin Carrie @ColinCarrieCPC asks about the World Economic Forum’s influence on Canadian politicians.


The clip shows Klaus Schwab in an interview at the John F. Kennedy School of Government talking about how it was key for the World Economic Forum to place "their" people in the cabinets of nations and said that half or more than half of Justin Trudeau's cabinet was from "our" (WEF) program.

There was very little said in the English language press about this exchange in Canada’s parliament but I did find something in a Turkish paper and here’s a rough translation of a portion of that:

“Noting that Schwab bragged about infiltrating the Canadian government, parliament gave the names of those involved with Schwab and closed the question so that no one would answer, after Schwab publicly boasted about his success. At the time, the infamous corrupt Liberal MP dared to claim that it was misinformation, even if it was being published openly at Harvard University. It is necessary to wonder what their connections are and how many gifts, political donations and privileged status they receive from bankers. These people have betrayed their own country. Schwab's agenda to eliminate even the paper currency should be implemented by 2024. However, COVID is backfiring, bringing it to 2023 shortly after the US elections. This is the picture of Canada growing together from the outside. Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano even appeared to support the truckers.”



This Redux is an excerpt from a 13 December 2020 talk entitled “Psychopathic Professions of Demonic Possessions,” and Alan Watt talks about the World Economic Forum and the Young Global Leaders program that picks and trains world leaders, business leaders, actors, musicians, scientists, academics and heads of NGOs.


What nagged at me about the truckers in Canada was why them, why now? When the story narrowed its focus to the GoFundMe scandal the alarm bells really rang. As the Canadian government is freezing bank accounts and speculation of bank runs intensifies, here in the U.S., the White House says they want to come up with a government-wide strategy on digital assets.” The FBI has formed a new unit “focused on digital asset seizure and block-chain based lawbreaking.”

Canada’s top justice minister, Attorney General David Lametti said that Canada doesn’t need a court order to take all of your money. If you’ve ever supported Donald Trump then you can lose your bank account. Your political views will determine whether you have any money or not.

Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, “If Your Truck Is Being Used In This Protest, Your Accounts Will Be Frozen And Your Insurance Cancelled.”

Who is Chrystia Freeland? She is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Is this picture starting to come together for you?


Not quite on topic, but I want to draw your attention to a story which isn’t new. Biden’s minister of transportation is Pete Buttigieg who ran as a candidate for president in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries. He says America’s highways are racist and the infrastructure bill will help fix it. Buttigieg is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.




Here’s the interesting thing about block-chain and crypto-currencies. Study it for a while and you are quite likely to end up at the World Economic Forum. Well, not if you think Bitcoin is an exciting way to beat the bankers’ system, and you’re going to get rich!

Klaus Schwab writes about Bitcoin and block-chain in his 2016 book The Fourth Industrial Revolution and again in his 2018 book Shaping the Future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In the latter book, he devotes an entire chapter to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. This is essential reading if you want to understand the new system we are in now. There is a very real human drama being played out around the world. The denouement is being staged in Canada. This is Hegelian Dialectic Drama, and we’re all being pushed by the Rallying Cries of “Freedom!” and Trudeau’s Boot Stamping on a Human Face Forever, into the block-chain world where transactions are “transparent” and “traceable” and can be verified without human interaction.

Here’s a quote from the WEF’s “What is blockchain and what can it do?”: “Instead of having to outsource the idea of being able to trust in a transaction to banks and other intermediaries, blockchain puts trust out in the open by making everything visible. And because it is open and distributed, no single party on the network can exert undue control or influence on the ledger – or anyone attached to it.”

Schwab writes about the “loss of central authority” associated with the a distributed ledger system. “Decentralizing trust by relying on a complex set of algorithms is as radical as the shift from human deduction as the ultimate source of knowledge to reliance on modern scientific instrumentation...Ultimately, with blockchain, trust will have to lie with the mathematicians and the infrastructure rather than with politicians and individual, recognizable institutions.”

Look into Web3, decentralization, token-based economies, InterPlanetary File System, open source blockchain computing and again, you will end up back at the WEF.

The WEF’s Global Blockchain Council announced its Presidio Principles on May 22, 2020, sharing the organization’s concept for a decentralized future and the necessary frameworks to increase innovation within the token-based ecosystem.

In its announcement, the WEF noted that “blockchain technology is a pillar of the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, enabling “new business and governance models that help enhance security, accountability, and transparency for people worldwide.”

The World Economic Forum have trumpeted their role as the architects of The Great Reset which has become a moniker we’re all familiar with thanks to Covid-19 and the destruction of nations’ economies and countless small businesses. And we trust that somehow this new technology will bring us more freedom in some utopian frontier where everything is “known” and “trusted”? Alan Watt often said that “we buy our own (block) chains.”

The only silver lining to our technocratic future with no privacy where we’ll “own nothing and we’ll be happy” is that at least all the scumbag, vermin, lying and corrupt politicians are singing their swan song now because they won’t be needed in Transhumanist Schwab’s efficient future.

Below, you’ll find links from the World Economic Forum that will help you explore this topic in depth. See “How blockchain and cryptocurrencies can help build a greener future” or their guide for CEOs and other leaders to understand and use cryptocurrencies.

Here’s another interesting piece of news. WEF's blockchain head will lead the Crypto Council for Innovation. “Sheila Warren, the head of blockchain and distributed ledger technology at the World Economic Forum, will be assuming the position of CEO of the Crypto Council for Innovation, or CCI, starting in February.

In a Monday announcement, the CCI said that beginning on Wednesday, Warren would lead the alliance of crypto-friendly firms aimed at supporting lawmakers on crypto and blockchain regulation. CCI board member and Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam cited the WEF executive’s 'in-depth knowledge of crypto' in addition to her experience working with governments across the globe.

'The crypto ecosystem is poised to deliver large-scale economic growth, empower communities and improve lives all over the world,' said Warren. 'I am excited to drive CCI’s mission of realizing the transformative potential of crypto through education and advocacy for a responsible, forward-thinking global policy environment that will ensure that crypto’s benefits are accessible to all people, regardless of their current economic privilege.'”


Let me rephrase that succinctly. The World Economic Forum’s head of blockchain and distributed ledger technology is now a lobbyist who will “support” lawmakers with crypto and blockchain regulation.




There is much to absorb in this talk and many paths it could lead you down. Perhaps you want to watch the 2006 documentary The Net: The Unabomber, LSD and The Internet and get a fascinating look at Ted Kaczynski as the filmmaker weaves together themes of utopia, terrorism and cybernetics.

Watch the clip from Adam Curtis’ 2002 film Century of the Self, “How Eddie Bernays, the United Fruit Company, and the CIA overthrew the Guatemalan Government.


What is most striking to me about this talk from late 2020 is how eerily it resonates with today. I always think when listening to Alan Watt, “He said it first and he said it often.” People want news that is new and everyone misses Alan’s analysis of events as we live through them, and yet...he’s already addressed the times we’re living through.


That which has been is what will be,

That which is done is what will be done,

And there is nothing new under the sun.


- Ecclesiastes 1:9


© Not Sure





Pastor Artur Pawlowski remains in solitary confinement. He was arrested after he spoke to members of the trucker blockade along the U.S.-Canada border in Coutts, Alberta, on Feb. 3. During a 20-minute speech to the truckers, the pastor urged them to "hold the line" against government overreach without resorting to violence.


The speech that got Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested






Psychopathic Professions of Demonic Possessions:
"This Deep State Dark Force Rules Every Nation,
Goading this Human Herd on Paths Pre-selected,
They've Prepared the Minds of Each Generation
Into accepting New Normals They Never Suspected

Were Designed by Captors who Dwell in Our Midst
And Appoint Each Other into Powerful Positions,
You Glimpse Them Sometimes Through the Mist,
The Confusion Barrier Which Cloaks Recognition

Of These Creatures Whose Victims, all Forlorn,
Lose Everything, Even Sanity, Who's Surprised?
Acceptable Fallout From Making Humans Uniform,
Into The New Creation, Sterile, Standardized."

- © Alan Watt, 13 Dec. 2020



Just a very few of the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders, which number more than a thousand:



Mark Zuckerberg

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Meta, USA (Facebook)


Jacinda Ardern

Prime Minister of New Zealand, Government of New Zealand, New Zealand


Maria Bartiromo

Anchor and Global Markets Editor, Fox Business Network, USA


Peter Buttigieg

Secretary of Transportation, US Department of Transportation,


David Chubak

Head, Global Retail Bank and Consumer Lending, Citibank NA, USA


Andrew Cohen

Executive Chairman, Global Private Bank and Global Chair, Investment Banking, JPMorgan Chase & Co., United Kingdom


Gila Demri Gamliel

Member of the Knesset, Knesset, Israel


Karen Fang

Managing Director; Global Head, Sustainable Finance, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, USA


Chrystia Freeland

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada


Elissa Golberg

Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada, Canada


Karina Gould

Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Employment and Social Development Canada, Canada


Brett House

Deputy Chief Economist, Scotiabank, Canada


Renée Maria Tremblay

Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of Canada, Canada


Sanni Grahn-Laasonen

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Finland (Eduskunta), Finland


Kumi Fujisawa Tsunoda

Co-Founder and President, Think Tank SophiaBank, Japan


Lila Tretikov

Deputy Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft, USA


Kate Gallego

Mayor of Phoenix, Arizona, City of Phoenix, USA


Alessandra Galloni

Editor-in-Chief, Thomson Reuters, United Kingdom


Banafsheh Geretzki

Head of Division, European Central Bank, Germany


Golriz Ghahraman

Member of Parliament, New Zealand Parliament, New Zealand


Sanni Grahn-Laasonen

Member of Parliament, Parliament of Finland (Eduskunta), Finland


Piia-Noora Kauppi

Managing Director, Finance Finland, Finland


Sarah Hanson-Young

Senator for South Australia, Australian Parliament, Australia


Sean Klimczak

Global Head of Infrastructure & Senior Managing Director, Blackstone Group, USA


Frank Krings

Chief Executive Officer, Western Europe, Deutsche Bank, France


Gary Liu

Chief Executive Officer, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong SAR, China


Liu Qian

Managing Director, The Economist Group, China, People's Republic of China


Emmanuel Macron

President of France, Office of the President of the Republic of France, France


Livia Járóka

Member of the European Parliament, European Parliament, Belgium


Francesca McDonagh

Chief Executive Officer, Bank of Ireland Group, Ireland


Mariame McIntosh Robinson

President and Chief Executive Officer, First Global Bank Ltd, Jamaica


H.R.H. Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway


Yoshinobu Nagamine

Senior Manager, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Switzerland


Clare O'Neil

Member of Parliament for Hotham, Parliament of Australia, Australia


Annika Saarikko

Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance of Finland, Finland


Rachel Schutt

Head of the AI Labs, BlackRock, USA


Stav Shaffir

Leader of Israeli Green Party, Israeli Green Party, Israel


Rajiv Shah

President, Rockefeller Foundation, USA


Jens Spahn

Member of Parliament, Germany


Mirjam Staub-Bisang

CEO, BlackRock Asset Management Switzerland AG, Switzerland


Anjali Sud

Chief Executive Officer, Vimeo, USA


Peter A. Thiel

Partner, Founders Fund, USA


Irene Tinagli

Member of the European Parliament, European Union, European Parliament, Belgium


Vasudha Vats

Vice-President, Pfizer, USA


Andrew Wales

Chief Digital Impact and Sustainability Officer, BT Group, United Kingdom


Beatrice Weder di Mauro

President, Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), United Kingdom


Adam Werbach

Global Lead, Sustainable Shopping, Amazon, USA


Hannah Yeoh

Member of Parliament, Segambut, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development of Malaysia, Malaysia


Longmei Zhang

Deputy Resident Representative for China, International Monetary Fund (IMF), USA


Omar K. Alghanim

Board Member, Gulf Bank, Kuwait


Carlos Alvarado Quesada

President of Costa Rica, Costa Rica Government, Costa Rica


Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi

Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, United Arab Emirates


Mark Boris Andrijanič

Minister of Digital Transformation, Government Office for Digital Transformation of Slovenia, Slovenia



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