But only God can make a tree.

by Not Sure

11 December 2022

                Often, I sit down to write without any idea of what to say, so I play, aimlessly clicking from one thing to the next.  Such was the case today.  An email notification came in for a Substack I subscribe to; the headline was Whatever Happened to Tiffany Dover?  Tiffany Dover was a thirty year old nurse who was injected with a Pfizer vaccine live on television back in November of 2020.  She fainted on camera and other than a brief comment later to explain that pain often made her faint, she hasn’t been heard from since. 

                Since then, people have sought to find her, to verify whether she is alright or even alive.  A senior NBC reporter, Brandy Zadrozny, made a podcast series about her, Tiffany Dover is Dead.  Zadrozny has been reporting on “misinformation,” and she said of her reasons for doing the podcast, “…it’s so stupid. This is a person who is alive. This is— I don’t think I’m spoiling it by saying it—really easily verified. The fact that it’s had such staying power, even though it’s so easily refutable, that’s wild to me.”  Yet, according to many reviewers, Zadrozny failed to deliver proof of Dover’s whereabouts or condition.  Dead or alive?  Psyop?

                This past week, I’ve read a lot of news stories and watched a stack of interviews and documentaries.   Much of it sad and depressing.  It’s a time investment to keep up with just the outline of what’s current.  Anything that requires deeper research gets added to the pile and the pile grows.  I’ve fallen behind on email correspondence and I regret that.  Human contact is essential for all of us, even if that contact is now mostly digital. 

                I’ll share the sad and the depressing and the important with you, but first, back to Tiffany Dover.  I had tried a few different key word searches, looked up the hospital that employed Dover in Chattanooga, Tennessee and came up with nothing that “easily verified” her aliveness.  I did come upon a YouTube post of an original song, Where’s Tiffany Dover? posted by “foundring.”  The thumbnail photo showed a man singing and playing an accordion.  Since I was clearly avoiding writing, I clicked on the photo and listened to the song.  It was earnest and sad but also sort of humorous.  I clicked on the channel “foundring” to see what else he posted.  I spent the next half hour watching pianist and singer/songwriter Kylan deGhetaldi aka “foundring,” laughing at his lyrics, impressed by his piano playing.

                A few years ago, Alan Watt was scouring the news, inundated with serious stories calculated to produce maximum fear and worry in the reader when he came upon a video by comedian J.P. Sears.  It was a nice break from all that we’re given which is designed to make us feel helpless and is often nothing more than inane commentary on an agenda which was planned long ago.  As Alan often said, “You have to laugh or you’ll cry.”  Alan never tried to dig into J.P. Sears’ background, nor questioned who might be funding him or perhaps helping him script his material.  He just laughed and enjoyed a break from the deadly serious, and he shared some of J.P. Sears with you.

                In that spirit, I share with you a few links by Kylan deGhetaldi.  With titles like It Was a Masked Christmas (Now I've Got Myocarditis) you’re bound to find a song that makes you smile or laugh.


It Was a Masked Christmas (Now I've Got Myocarditis) - foundring






                This week’s Redux is from an RBN talk that Alan Watt did on June 4, 2013.


Despicable, Overlords Make You Completely Predictable:

"It May Be Hard to Convince a Woman or Man
We Live in an Agenda that's Going to Plan,
All the Tidbits of News, You'll Be Surprised,
Are There to Read Because they're Authorized,
Predictive Programming Works, Technique Noxious,
As it Bypasses Awareness, Embeds in Subconscious,
Making Changes to Come, Planned Usually Annually,
Seem Inevitable so Change Must Come Naturally,
You Adopt Changes and Opinions without Reason,
Total War on Your Mind is in Open Season,
Taxes for Multi-Billion Schemes in Mapping Brain
By Neuroscientists, Behaviourists Wanting to Train
A Generation, with "Wellness", Efficiently Obedient,
This Part of the Agenda is Stamped Expedient"

© Alan Watt June 4, 2013


                I chose this talk because Alan covered brain mapping, data collection for predictability, electronic tattoos, monitoring microchips and the creation of more efficient workers.  Topics that tie in with the mid-week Purpose Made People series of clips. 

                Something else in this talk stood out for me and that was Alan’s discussion about the destruction of nations and national identity.  He said, “Now, there’s many ways to destroy a country, by the way. And if you look at genocide and ethnic cleansing, there’s different definitions, basically, for them, but what comes under the Geneva Convention for it is to destroy a people using various techniques. You can either do it economically, that’s a big one, is destroy a people economically; you can starve them to death; you can create depression, because if people have no future, they get awfully depressed and then you introduce drugs into the country big time and those who are depressed will take the drugs to escape the misery of living. They’ve found this works awfully well with the American Indians and in Canada, for instance, and there’s no shortage of supply to drugs and even glue for sniffing for the children. And it’s been going on for years as they die off. They’re also using it in places like Scotland too.

                One of the things that I covered extensively for my own research was the drug abuse in Scotland.  For years this has escalated despite purported efforts to deal with the crisis.  I stumbled on an old book in my mother’s collection entitled Scottish Life & Character by Dean Ramsay.  The first edition of this book was published in 1857 and the edition that my mother had was from 1863.  In “Chapter The First” Ramsay wrote, “Many things connected with our Scottish manners of former times are fast becoming obsolete, and we seem at present to be placed in a juncture when some Scottish traditions are in danger of being lost entirely.”


                Alan said, “But in America too, as I say, and in Canada, especially, you can go into any of these reservations and they’ve got terrible drug problems because they make sure drugs flow in, because a people, you see – and Darwin mentioned this too – who were having their cultures destroyed by what they claim as a superior culture, that’s in charge, then they go into utter self-destruction. It’s well understood. And with Scotland, for instance, with the massive propaganda, multiculturalism, massive immigration and so on, and we’re all the same and everybody’s the same, you lose your culture altogether, if you are the dominant culture that’s been there for a long, long time and you feel you belong to nothing. And I’ve had Scottish people say that and English folk too: I don’t know what it is to be British anymore or English or Scottish. They don’t know. They feel they’re just lost. They’re ignored.”


                Hmm.  Time passes and I’m still reluctant to write.  Maybe today I’m just your D.J.  A group that Alan introduced me to via YouTube is Clanadonia.  Scottish tribal music, street performers.  Street performers are sometimes called buskers.  People who stroll and play ballads, entertainers performing music and dance publicly for money.  Clanadonia are highly energetic and entertaining.  This is how they describe themselves on their website:  Clanadonia are a Drums & Pipes band with a difference. Our music, our passion, our culture, our history, our people and our ancestral bloodlines are all bonded within our music…


Clanadonia playing their "Scotland the Brave" mix during Perth's 2022 Robert Burns Celebrations



                Listening to different songs by Clanadonia, I saw this thumbnail on the YouTube page:


Rend Collective - Let It Roll (Boston Busk)



By the link description I thought they were Boston street musicians but it turns out that they are a Northern Ireland Christian folk rock worship band.  They were performing in Boston, Massachusetts “the most Irish city in the U.S.” showing Boston how it’s done.  Alan would’ve liked the band and he certainly would’ve liked that song, Let It Roll.  They’re a successful band with managers, agents and producers, but if you visit their website, they’re not only promoting their brand of Christianity for people who might be turned off by big choirs and pipe organs, they’re promoting Northern Ireland.  Where to find the best coffee shops, their favorite restaurant in Belfast, etc.  What I liked about them (though it may all be packaged by a clever agent), was that they conveyed a strong sense of identity.  Despite those tattoos…

                In this talk, Alan was reading an article about Motorola (owned by Google at the time of the reading) developing an electronic tattoo as an alternative to logging onto sites and devices with passwords.  He said, “Mind you too, it can also be used by any government agency, to stop you from getting into any building or even a car, or whatever, even a store. Don’t forget that too. And it will be. It will be, for the idiots that fall for it. And there will be lots of idiots, because that’s why they made tattooing awfully popular through the movies and the stars that you follow.”

                The Rend Collective’s website also directs you to some touristy things to do in Ireland, and one of them is Carrickfergus Castle and that reminded me of an Irish folk song that Alan introduced me to.  This is a beautiful song, and it has been recorded by many people including Joan Baez, Bryan Ferry, Van Morrison, Charlotte Church and Allison Moorer.


Carrickfergus (Jim McCann with the Dubliners)



Joan Baez: Carrickfergus, Bratislava 1989



                All folk music, the early stuff, naturally, and the revivals that followed were before my time and some of the If I Had a Hammer kind of songs, so clearly Communist and supposedly for the worker, don’t have a place in the musical filing cabinet of my mind, but those songs that convey a powerful story and evoke a time and a place are worth remembering.  Alan talked about the origin of the bard, the traveling storyteller, music composer, oral historian and genealogist.  He talked about the bard, not as one employed by a royal court or wealthy patron, but one who had to remember his people of the Highlands going back two hundred years, a sort of this Mac begat that Mac recounting of genealogy because if you got the story and the names wrong, chances are you were a spy.  Having all of that history memorized was your calling card, your introduction to a neighboring clan, and you’d better get it right.

                The Dubliners got me thinking about The Corries, a Scottish group of the Scottish folk revival of the early 1960s.  Here they are singing Massacre of Glencoe, about a massacre which took place on 13 February 1692 in Glen Coe of the Scottish Highlands, when about 30 members of the Clan MacDonald of Glencoe were killed by Scottish government forces for failing to pledge allegiance to the new monarchs, William III of The House of Orange and Mary II.  Foreigners.


The Corries - Massacre of Glencoe





                In New Zealand, six-month-old Baby Will needed urgent heart surgery to correct a condition that he was born with.  His parents wanted the surgery to proceed as quickly as possible, but they wanted to ensure that the blood he would need for transfusions would be sourced only from donors who had not received an mRNA Covid-19 shot.  Their position was that since no long-term studies had been done on effects of this experimental gene therapy, it can’t be known what effects it will have on an individual’s blood or the blood supply.

                Dr. Ryan Cole was asked about blood safety of vaccinated versus unvaccinated donors and he said, “We just don’t know.”

                On Friday, New Zealand courts gave health authorities custody of Baby Will and surgeons proceeded with the operation.  The New Zealand government has stated that State guardianship is related to this one procedure and the recovery period and that the parents will continue to have guardianship in all other matters.  This a precedent setting case with ramifications that will be global.  A few dozen protestors gathered outside the hospital to show support for the parents.


                In Australia, one very angry senator gave his colleagues a tongue lashing.  Yes, politics is a Punch and Judy show, politicians hand-selected for this form of theatre, but if something like this can arm someone with the information they need to make a different choice then “Good on you” as they say Down Under.


Awesome moment from Australian Senate…



Down Under – Men at Work



                Last week, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson convened a panel to discuss the Covid-19 vaccines and the resulting injuries.  It was a long series of presentations and discussions over a few days, but even if you are only able to watch an hour or two of this, you’ll find it worth your time.  “Our” representatives are not ours but each of us will have to take a stand where we can, even in a broken system.  If we can point to conversations that just a year ago would have been censored as “misinformation,” it is a start.


                I’m not on Twitter, but I gather that Elton John left in a huff over all the Covid and political “misinformation” Tweeted.  I doubt he’ll be missed.  No Rocket Man on the playlist tonight.


                A reporter from The New American did an interview with a man who suffering from a host of vaccine injuries.  It’s both tragic and encouraging, and I recommend viewing it.  This man knew that he was running a risk by taking the jab, but the lure of a good job proved too attractive.  He has had three heart surgeries so far, had to have a pacemaker for a while and has had diagnoses and treatments too numerous to list.  But one of his conditions grabbed my attention.  He has been suffering from “derealization,” a mental state where you feel detached from your surroundings and people and objects around you may seem unreal.

                He is involved in REACT19, a support for people suffering from COVID-19 vaccine effects.  One of saddest things about his story was the suicides he related from those whose vaccine injuries were so debilitating that they could no longer cope, either financially, physically, or both.  He counted himself fortunate to have a supportive family and he also realized how unusual it was that his physician quickly correlated all his diseases and conditions to the vaccine.  Despite this being on his medical record as CAUSE, he and many other vaccine injured have been censored for sharing their stories and useful information with one another.

                Someone within the REACT19 support group travelled to Switzerland a few weeks ago and there was administered assisted suicide.  This came as a surprise to his friends and acquaintances but according to the letter he left, he could no longer deal with the physical pain and suffering.             


(Video) Gov’t Criminally Ignoring Vax-injured Living in Hell on Earth



                Alan Watt has walked us through many vaccine fiascos.  This is an agenda, and both the poison and the vector have gone through continuous “refinements” over many years to ensure that as many people as possible believe the hype and are scared into compliance.  From the Swine Flu Fiasco of 1976 to revelations in 2009 of how incestuous the relationships between Big Pharma and the World Health Organization are, again in conjunction with an outbreak of swine flu. 


                In 2014, Catholic leaders in Kenya supplied proof that doses of a tetanus vaccine administered to women in the country were laced with a fertility-inhibiting hormone, Beta-HCG.  Earlier this year, Children’s Health Defense and Dr. Andrew Wakefield produced a very good and concise film on the vaccines administered to Kenyan women and the results of that inoculation program.  


INFERTILITY: A Diabolical Agenda Documentary - Depopulation Agenda 21 (2022 documentary)



Tetanus vaccine may be laced with anti-fertility drug.  International/developing countries. (1995)





                As I read a stack of articles on brain mapping, the Human Brain Projects and the latest on Elon Musk’s Neuralink, I thought about a song that Alan introduced me to entitled Trees.  We joked that everything that mattered could be found in the old British sitcom Dad’s Army, a show about Britain’s Home Guard, the volunteer soldiers who participated in defense during World War II.  In an episode entitled War Dance, the men decide to host a party to raise some funds, and at one point the pianist suggests that he should play Trees next. 

                Alan told me the story of an American poet, Joyce Kilmer, who wrote Trees in 1913, and subsequently volunteered for duty in World War I, where he died in battle at the young age of thirty-one.


I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.


A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the earth's sweet flowing breast;


A tree that looks at God all day,

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;


A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;


Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.


Poems are made by fools like me,

But only God can make a tree.



                I cannot say of one who has taken the Covid-19 jab and boosters that they were an idiot and deserve whatever consequences they suffer.  There, but for the grace of God…We’ve had a lifetime of indoctrination which is scientifically perfected and works perfectly on most people.  We are told repeatedly that science will save us, that we must trust the science, put our faith in the science.  Is it any wonder than most people unquestioningly “follow the science?”

But many who look down their noses at those who are injured or fight with family who fell in line with “expert” recommendations, are still loading all their personal information on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram because they’re victims too of the high sciences used on them.

In the first volume of Alan Watt’s Cutting Through he writes about the elevation of science above the constraints of earthly legalities.  Science, like other degreed systems, has been elevated nearer the top of the pyramid.  It is very heavily funded by taxpayers’ status, with myriads of laboratories tucked away, their research cloaked in sanctioned secrecy.  Professional Representatives give brief yearly statements, generally called “hope” briefs at funding time.  “We hope to find a cure” etc. etc.  Meanwhile no cures have ever been found for anything (at least for the general public) and to have access to their REAL work is impossible.  They cannot cure the common cold, but they can create new bacteria and viruses.  They cannot cure hereditary diseases, but they Promise to create new human beings.”


Mario Lanza



Dad's Army (War Dance)



                Trees has been recorded by countless artists from opera singers to jazz singers.  Paul Robeson is often associated with the song, but I think my current favorite might be Mario Lanza.  I found many versions of it, but an interesting discovery I made was that stacks of YouTubers have used the poem and/or the song to teach English pronunciation.  I am not able to determine if it’s Urdu or Hindi that I am hearing, but I found it endearing that this poem had become such a common part of a teaching kit.  Its saccharine sweetness has made it the subject of a few spoofs too, but it must touch a deep place in many people.

                I hope you’ll have a chance this next week to listen to a song or two, perhaps introduce yourself to Dad’s Army.  What’s at stake in this ancient war is no big thing really.  Just all of humanity.  When a song makes your heart swell, that isn’t myocarditis, it’s emotion.  Maybe sorrow, maybe love or joy.  We recognize something human in someone else’s creative expression because we’re human too.  For now.


© Not Sure


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It Was a Masked Christmas (Now I've Got Myocarditis) - foundring



mRNA (Speed of Science) - foundring






Scottish band Clanadonia playing live in the City of Perth Scotland during Medieval Fayre, Aug 2018



Clanadonia playing their "Scotland the Brave" mix during Perth's 2022 Robert Burns Celebrations



Rend Collective - Let It Roll (Boston Busk)



Carrickfergus (Jim McCann with the Dubliners)



Joan Baez : Carrickfergus, Bratislava 1989



The Corries - Massacre Of Glencoe



Trees poem



Patti Page



Nelson Eddy



Mario Lanza



Paul Robeson








Rosemarie the Salt



English rural club



John Charles Thomas



David Whitfield






The Platters



Oscar Rasbach






Sarah Vaughn



Dad's Army (War Dance)