Elon Musk vs. The Ministry of Truth = Giant Haystack vs. Mountain Man

by Not Sure

1 May 2022


                On March 11, U.S. President Biden approved a $13.6 billion aid package to Ukraine to send weapons and U.S. troops to Europe, and a few days later the White House announced an additional $800 million in security assistance to Ukraine.  On Thursday, Biden asked Congress for another $33.4 billion in “aid”, over $20 billion of which would be for military and security systems.

                Aaron and Melissa Dykes of Truthstream Media just posted a new film, This Is a Housing Crisis, which is well worth watching.  It’s another good and necessary reminder that what we’re living through is a carefully planned agenda, or a script as Alan Watt would say.  Watch this video and consider your own situation for a minute.  Could you survive a 40% or a 70% or a 200% rent increase?  How close are you to the streets?

                The film focuses on the U.S. housing crisis because this is where Aaron and Melissa live, but they do touch on the same crisis in Australia.  I know a woman in the Toronto area of Canada who has been on a waiting list for affordable housing for over five years.  She will not stay in any of the homeless shelters because she has experienced the kinds of issues that Aaron and Melissa cover, e.g. theft, sexual and physical violence.  She prefers to take her chances on the streets.




                In this talk from Dec. 4, 2016, entitled “The Speech Dictator's Predilection Is Warping Sanity by Policing Diction”, Alan Watt reminisces about being interviewed by a host in the late 1990s who asked him if he could leave the folk with some optimism.  Alan replied, “Well, I can’t really, because I don’t see my role in life as being a cheerleader for the masses.  He goes on to say that the problem is that masses are used in every era and in every nation by those who rule it.  Most people go to their deaths never knowing it.  They think that whatever happens, just happened out of the blue.  Nothing is further from the truth.  Everything is well-planned, well-orchestrated by those who already own society.  You’re fed constant disinformation your entire life long about major things.  You get bits of stories.  You’ll never get the whole story…

                Alan goes into the role that philanthropists play in the creation of world empires.  This has been on the go for generations.  The “little” people are lied to, given national mythologies, used for wars.  Huge powers are at play.  It sounds wonderful what the philanthropists want to do for us, but what they’re really after as they loot the public, is taking over all the world’s resources.  Somehow after looting and pillaging, collapsing nations’ economies, when they reach a certain level of wealth, then suddenly they want to help.

                It’s always the same kind of help.  Everyone needs to have “access” to vaccinations.  Women across the world must have “access” to work and so they’re given “rubbishy” computers.  Suddenly, these cut-throat billionaires whose lives have revolved around their power games, corporate takeovers and drug fueled parties just want to “help.”  In another talk, Alan once likened it to a type of religious conversion experience that the very wealthy have when they reach a magic net worth number.  Kind of weird that all of our philanthropists are into science and transhumanism.

                In the news this week, we learn that vaccine-derived polio is on the rise, but there is hope that a new vaccine will stop the spread.  Huh?  That huh? is a little bit for a vaccine to cure the ills that another vaccine caused, but it’s also because if you read the newspapers in 2019, you would learn that then more polio cases were caused by the vaccine than the wild virus.  In this talk from 2016, Alan is discussing the role of the World Health Organization in spreading the virus via vaccinations.  So the huh? is more about waking up and seeing that it’s Groundhog Day, again.

                There’s a good little bit here about Carroll Quigley and I just want to point out that we added a link to archive.org in the Cutting Through article archive section: Carroll Quigley: Life, Lectures, and Collected Writings.  This contains a transcript of the 1974 interview Carroll Quigley did with Rudy Maxa of the Washington Post, the one that Alan has referenced in many of his talks where Quigley discusses how the plates for his books were destroyed without his consent, etc.  It also contains many other writings by Quigley.

                I’ll also like to point out that we are uploading transcripts to the site after a break of several years.  I’m offering a heartfelt thanks to the “Angel in California” who has lovingly and faithfully transcribed Alan Watt’s talks into English for close to fifteen years now.  Her dedication and the enormity of this gift is awesome.  Thankfully, Weston at CTTM has committed to doing the html work necessary to get these transcripts onto the websites.  All of the work involved is labor intensive.  A big thank you!  Please visit the transcript section of the websites and share these with all who may benefit from reading them.  Don’t forget to visit alanwattsentientsentinel.eu to find many of these transcripts in the various languages of the world.

                Alan said that we’re never supposed to be psychologically healthy and when they give us things that are mandated by law to make us unhealthy then they’ve got a dysfunctional society.  Then they can just ram changes through because folk can’t stay together.  They’ve all got petty little differences.  This was really the main point of my rant last week.  We are fed lies constantly or as Alan would say, “We’re mushrooms.  Kept in the dark and fed you know what.”  This is what was gnawing at me about the steady stream of hypotheses (guesses) about the fallout from Covid-19 and its various “treatments” and experimental “vaccines.”  At our level we don’t know much.  Is it worth destroying your friendships and family relations to “be right”?

                In this talk, Alan mentions the Cold War, the “Cambridge spies” and the professors who taught and recruited their students into Marxism.  Trotsky and Trotskyism haven’t been popular topics in a long while, but it’s good to remember that a key element of his thinking was permanent revolution.  We are there.  Alan read an article about the lesbian professor who slammed her colleague for resisting transgender speech, but her own classes were filled with hate speech.  In her class, one guest presenter dropped her pants to reveal a strap-on dildo.  I am linking to a recent article entitled ALA Elects Marxist Lesbian President from a Christian website.  It is interesting but not surprising to see what the American Library Association is up to.

                This week, I will also point you to an article that was posted a few days ago on Dr. Joseph Mercola’s website.  As of today, his link misdirects you, so I will send you directly to the Substack link of Dr. Meryl Nass.  The article is entitled Covid Persists: What about the vaccine?   This is one of those weird memory hole things, but when I looked at the article on Mercola’s site two days ago, it had an embedded link to Dr. Nass’ Substack page.  It also featured a very handy to link to a list of medical experts that Dr. Mercola uses.  This list of experts was impressive in large part because they all had “impeccable” educational and career bios.  It would be hard to impugn them all.  Today, there is no direct link to this article on his site and I am unable to find the direct link to the experts.  Happy to hear from any of you that might have those doctors’ bios saved.

                At the top of our minds at all times should be that there is a very old eugenics agenda worked intergenerationally.  Vaccines are one vector of delivering this agenda.  It’s “safe and effective” just like the Department of Homeland Security’s new Disinformation Governance Board is “not a threat to free speech”.

                In this Redux, Alan Watt talks about how World War I was used to cull off a generation of young men; the middle class and the working class and “Bingo.  Down comes the population.  He talks about “ministries” and how you’ll hear words such as “cull” when talking about wildlife.  We understand the inference.  This is how writers such as H.G. Wells thought of us.  Wars are culls.  Pandemics are culls.  The first thing the Communists did was to slaughter the middle classes, and they boasted about it.  Alan says, “When you find big things happening in the world that have things in common with other big things that are happening in the world, they are definitely connected.”

                Now, somehow, we are supposed to believe that billionaire philanthropist, Elon Musk, grandson of a major proponent of Technocracy Inc., son of a half-owner of a Zambian emerald mine, is our saviour of free speech.  Take a look at Tucker Carlson’s opening segment on the new Ministry of Truth.  It’s worth watching because it’s a very succinct look at the new DHS department and its head, Nina Jankowicz.  But you can see what Tucker’s up to by his positioning of Musk as some sort of thorn in the side of the left.  I’ll post a link to a good little rant on this from a small channel, The Chad Chaddington.  (Warning: language advisory.)  Elon to the rescue!  Twitter can save us.  It reminded me of the title of a talk Alan gave in 2017, “The Oestrogen Dominant, Infertile, in Defeat, Exit Not with a Bang but with Bad Grammar Tweet. 

                Alan Watt used to talk about politics as a kind of wrestling match.  We’re given Giant Haystack in one corner of the ring and Mountain Man in the other.  I used to groan at how silly those names were.  Like, that’s what a Scottish man would say about a quintessentially American form of entertainment.  But the names stuck, eh?

                That’s where we are.  On the one side of the ring, we’re given Tucker and Musk and downtrodden conservatives everywhere and on the other side of the ring we get the Disinformation Governance Board and a show-tune singing Jankowicz and the entire corrupt left. 

                I imagine that it’s like this in most countries nowadays.  I know it’s the same in Canada.  It’s a wrestling match and the wrestlers have silly names and are well-paid buffoons.  (Good word old Tucker and his producers chose to describe Jankowicz.)  Is it any wonder that Alan Watt refused to be a cheerleader for the masses?


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An afterward by Over My Dead Body:

And then the "data" the dirty word, and how did we really get any "real data" and how in the 1950's and 1960's in the "golden times" everybody on the right lusts to go back into, how the press lied and lied and lied about so many things, including the Vietnam War, Korean War, the Cold War, about education, about diseases, about so many things just like today.                                                                                                                      

Was it worse? Are the stakes different today? All good questions. You certainly had rules and cohesiveness much more so in society, and sense of community which included strong churches as powerful local voices, etc., much more so than today where everyone by design is off inside their little interdependent internet universes, and with little to no contact with others in the real world. Men and women meet through Tinder or whatever, they don't go to bars and clubs to meet.

Not that many families ever started there either. But we have all seen all of the changes, especially since covid and afterwards, or I guess you are still in it, or whatever, is it a force, like on the job or it's still in the building.

It's whatever you believe it to be, just like the vaxxes, like a Magic Kingdom.  And then the axes comes down.

So, is the metaverse or Eel On's chip any different than going to theme parks when people were younger or to the circuses, or with their TV with their eyes glued onto [Dan] Rather?......... No,,,,,,, .......but Yes.

It's always your mind they wanted, and with covid, just when arrested civilization was starting its engine in later 2019, they get you under their thumb with more terror and more control.  And it's all so clear, and how the war is just one more thing to bring into this Newer and Improved Version of a New World Order, with Western Global Government dictating to the world, including to Russia and China, and how you will consume less in this new cold war, like you did before the Berlin Wall fell, before they gave you cheap Chinese goods as substitutes in the 1990's.

For the sane there is a chance in the post-consumer world, which I think has arrived for sure, there is an opportunity to be happier living more modestly, rural like, self sufficiency, without the extra stresses of wanting "more stuff" and to have more of a mañana attitude.

Which we will have no choice to be sane.  However, I think most will crack up in this stage because, "America is going bye bye, hence the desire for white nights, et cetera, et cetera and folk will want to hang onto the old dying system approaching rigor mortis, and no hero will get you out of this either for the rest of our lives.  Perhaps in 70 years or so, if humans make it intact, things may get better, just like the Berlin Wall eventually fell. Here they have Uncle Joe, but maybe Eel On gets you to Khrushchev.  You ain't even there yet.

In this new cold war, they bring you out of the interdependent globalism into urban austerity.

And the disconnect of those dying, and being maimed from vaxx after vaxx, where is the vaxx data anymore? How, I say, "the first thing it hits is the brain".

After that it's a big rollover of the dice. How many times do you play Russian roulette like the guy did from the band Chicago, before you're dead matter?

Once the brain is gone, which it already was once they were captivated by Fauci and Gates, from day one, then you're a captive audience, whose destiny is no longer yours but every minute, "minute by minute" there's a reason they gave you those songs.  Your destiny is now in their hands. "Oooh what a feeling", "I’m feeling that way too, or am I just am just a fool"?


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