Good Old Shoe


By Not Sure

Sat 11 Sept 2021


            I was on a long drive last week and subjected myself to some mainstream radio.  A bit of the BBC, a little NPR.  For a few minutes I tuned into to a psychiatrist’s call-in show.  The topic was “How to deal with family members who are vaccine-hesitant or refuse to take the jab” and the trick-cyclist read an email from a listener whose teenage son would not get the Covid vaccine.


            “You have to deal with this the same way you would if he was doing anything that might cause himself or others harm.  Would you let him drive your car without fastening his seatbelt?  You wouldn’t.  So you must tell him that his refusal is reckless and it endangers lives and you must insist that he follow simple safety rules.”


            “That’s enough of this rubbish!” I said to myself and turned off the radio.  I had not driven a mile when I saw a sign over the freeway: 


Safety Belts


Both Save Lives


            So this is clearly a talking point these days.  We have lots of them and slogans too.  “It’s important that we protect ourselves, and we protect each other.”  “Follow the science.”  “Safe and effective.” 


            Language and the use of language brings you to the desired conclusion.  “Safe and effective” is a completely nonsensical slogan.  The vaccine deaths reported to VAERS are now well into five figures, but here’s what the CDC says on their website: “ The FDA requires healthcare providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to VAERS, even if it’s unclear whether the vaccine was the cause.”  Virginia’s WTKR contacted the CDC via e-mail to get the confirmed number of deaths linked to the COVID-19 vaccines.  Marthan Sharan with the CDC said, “there have been three confirmed deaths in association with COVID-19 vaccines. All three were cases of TTS following the J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine.”  (WTKR was citing this quote in their “investigation” into the source of vaccine misinformation.)

Perhaps the syringe has to still be hanging from the corpse to get that confirmation, but even then the death could surely be characterized as “Heart Attack Brought On by Extreme White-Coat Anxiety.”


Just last week, we posted the story of the pathologist who received his Janssen jab and five months later has zero antibodies, which makes “effective” a lie.


            Every war must have Good Guys and Bad Men, Heroes, Villains and Victims, but these are always given to us by those controlling the narrative.  In The War Against Covid, the Good Guys are Fauci and Gates, The Dancing Nurses and All Those Who Have Had Both Jabs and a Booster.  The Bad Men are Dr. Peter McCullough, America’s Frontline Doctors, and The Vaccine Refuseniks.  There are too many Covid Heroes to list, but England’s William Shakespeare comes to mind.  This elderly man was one of the very first in the U.K. to receive his vaccination.  For all we know his syringe was filled with sterile water, but he was a Hero nonetheless and we have to be impressed with The Bureau of Records for digging this name up and televising his jab for all the world to see.


The Victims are Those Who Couldn’t Get Access to Ventilators and People Infected with the Delta Variant by The Unvaccinated.  The nursing infant who died from blood clots and inflamed arteries following her mother’s Pfizer shot will not be recognized as a Victim in this war.  It’s a tragedy nonetheless.


            Tomorrow marks the 20th “anniversary” of Nine Eleven, 9/11, 911.  This week, the media has brought us many stories of heroism and victims.  The 9/11 Memorial and the 9/11 Museum have had extensive coverage.  One has to be curious and search out for themselves any analysis of the geopolitics surrounding this event.


            A baby born in 2001 is already an adult; a teenager born then is well into his thirties.  These young people have never known the freedoms and rights that died on that day.  They have grown up in a world  where X-ray machines are a normal archway into the halls of their schools; a world in which privacy is a completely alien concept.


            This week’s talk is from September 15, 2019 and the full title Alan Watt gave it is Slick Formalities of New Normalities: "People Praise their Flags Routinely Day by Day, While their National Values Go the Opposite Way."  We now accept our “New Freedom” where, if we’re good, we get privileges, but we no longer have rights and freedom.  Many people prefer the ersatz over the real, but the young cannot be blamed for preferring the fake, because they have never known anything else.


            While listening to NPR’s coverage of this 20th anniversary, I heard the story of Welles Crowther, a young commodities trader and volunteer firefighter who rescued trapped people from the 78th floor of one of the towers, wearing a red bandana to protect himself from the smoke.  He saved many lives, but he lost his own and he is still mourned by all who knew him; appreciated by all those he brought to safety and by their friends and loved ones.


            There was something about that little detail, the red bandana, that made me think of the movie, Wag the Dog.  A political narrative needed a hero and “Old Shoe” was created.  Sergeant Schumann.   Left behind enemy lines; “discarded like an old shoe.”


            But 9/11 was not a movie, and there were thousands of tragedies that still reverberate loss and sorrow.  How much deeper the horror to see real human suffering serve an evil agenda. 


            Nor is Covid a movie, though Boris Johnson’s heroism to contain it has been celebrated, using actors in a television film.  The victims of Covid are real, but they are not the victims presented to us on the nightly news or National Public Radio.


© Not Sure