How the West Was Won or

 How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dirty Bomb or

 There are No Good Guys in This Movie


by Not Sure

30 October 2022


                Patriarch Kirill of Moscow is Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.  He recently called Vladimir Putin “a fighter against the Antichrist” and “chief exorcist” and said that Putin's Russia is fighting against a "unipolar world," a manifestation of globalism, of which "the essence of this phenomenon is the creation in the world of conditions for the emergence of a sole ruler, who will be the Antichrist.”

                A debate is going on in Britain right now over the term “globalist” with some in the mainstream or legacy media calling the word an antisemitic slur.

                In June of 2020, the World Economic Forum was doing a lot of promotion of The Great Reset, in articles they published, in Klaus Schwab’s book Covid 19: The Great Reset and by dubbing Davos 2021 the “Great Reset.”  Forbes had already written about the need for a Great Reset in 2017.  I read Schwab’s book and wrote several articles about it in the late spring of 2021.  The vision outlined by the WEF is so sweeping that it truly is an entirely new system but quote their own writing and you’ll find yourself labeled a conspiracy theorist or a right-wing extremist.

                Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse in which a person or group causes someone to question their own sanity, memories, or perception of reality. The purpose of this abuse is to make the victim anxious and confused, to erode their trust in themselves.

                Unfortunately, all media is under the control of a very few people though saying so is a dangerous endeavor, particularly if you’re a rapper entrepreneur whose agent is the CEO of Endeavor.

                The trouble with reality is that no matter how assiduously you avoid confronting it, the emperor is still naked.

                I find it easy enough to resist the worship of mere mortals.  The only time I look for “the one” is when I’m watching a Western.  “The one” usually rides alone and he always wears a white cowboy hat, not a MAGA ballcap or a Russian ushanka or kubanka.  

                The Bear is this year’s enemy and though a familiar fashion look from past seasons, this Bear has a few appealing differences.  Small, but intelligent, a wiry man of action who can string together long and logical sentences is such a nice contrast to the U.S. 2016 model with its shocking orange comb-over and hands that moved as if it was a marionette.  The current Bear also holds up well against the U.S. 2020 model who cannot remember where he is on any given day, let alone recollect his son’s connection to a Ukrainian energy sector holding company.

                I’m no fan of the Bear, but I did start to listen to his latest three and half hour speech and Q&A.  Putin said that “the historical period of undivided dominance of the West in world affairs is coming to an end.  The unipolar world is becoming a thing of the past.”  Unfortunately, Putin was only five minutes into his marathon when he brought up the “serious” issues the world faces around climate change.  On the one hand, it’s a relief to know that dirty bombs aren’t the boogey man, but rather anthropogenic global warming.  On the other hand, I’ll never get those three and half hours back.  Best to stop watching and move on to a different source of propaganda.

                Heading to England, I listen to an interview that Adam Curtis made promoting his latest documentary Russia 1985–1999: TraumaZone.  In the interview, he compared the fall of the Soviet Union's “worrying” parallels with modern Britain.  Curtis has made some interesting films using BBC archival footage, but he spent years working for the BBC.  That’s state-sponsored propaganda.  Someone had sent me the link to watch because it was all what Alan Watt had described twenty years ago.  Interesting viewing of course but keep your They Live glasses on because Curtis is a skilled promoter of the accidental view of history and “maybe this time post-Liz Truss, Britain will learn something.”  Maybe “the one” will rise from the ashes of the latest political meltdown and ride into London on a classic old Triumph and this politician will be skilled enough to tackle real issues…such as climate change.  Haha! Adam Curtis is heartened though to see real grassroots activism such as the School Strikes Against Climate and this autumn’s plans to Occupy Campus for Climate Action.   I’m ashamed of my generation.  When we wanted to skip classes, the best we could think of was sneaking off for a smoke and a beer.

                This world does need “the one,” a white hat wearing exorcist to battle the Antichrist, but I am in complete agreement with Alan Watt’s prescription: we are required to be our own champions, to show up ready to draw when our own high noon strikes, and trust me, it will.



                This week’s Redux is an excerpt from Alan’s June 7, 2020 blurb:


From Those Who Hijack Suffering...

"Terror Now Brings a Better Tomorrow,

Famines, Poverty, Slaughter, Sorrow."


It’s a concise outline of how Scientific Socialism works, dividing the generations and radicalizing the youth, keeping us entertained from childhood so our indoctrination is kept up to date, silly songs bounce around in our brains and even war is marketed as fun.  After all, young men never believe they will be killed in battle. Children’s values are given to them by the State.  Free trade and a service economy ensure that nobody gets ahead, always worried, chasing the carrot.  Always one to keep hold of the various threads of the agenda, in this talk even Ukraine’s and the U.S.’s corrupt pocket-lining and geopolitical meddling there gets a mention by Alan.


                At CTTM, we’re still thinking about Purpose Made People and working on that Excerpt series each Wednesday. Though circumstances kept us from posting on the 26th, we’ll put up a clip next week on the 2nd of November.  There’s food for thought on that topic in this Redux.  It might seem an old-fashioned control mechanism as compared to brain-chips and genetic modification, but scientifically designed education with updates throughout life is a guaranteed way to create Purpose Made People, worker bees in the beehive system.


                Finally, for those following current events in Canada:


Keith Wilson Explains Dismissal of Peckford's Charter Challenge, Emergencies Act Inquiry


Controlled opposition has always been an essential component of gaslighting, but to those who appear to be making heroic efforts on behalf of others, I tip my white cowboy hat to you.

© Not Sure




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