Pearls Before Swine or The Art of Listening

by Not Sure

30 January 2022

Today’s Redux is a Cutting Through the Matrix with Alan Watt from 27 August 2007 for Republic Broadcasting Network. The title is "Royalty, Life-Rafts, Religions and Repertoires versus Another, Better Way". I listened to the talk and then listened again and again because I was awed that so much wisdom could be contained in forty-six minutes and that included long songs and station breaks! Key points that Alan made are illustrated in real time by the conversations he had with his callers. This RBN show is one of the first he did on that station and you gather from the calls that the listeners have been “following” him for a while, from his earliest interviews and from the conversations he had with Jackie Patru on her “Sweet Liberty” show. They are keen to question him about religion, Jesus, spirituality and the esoteric.

These are topics that Alan spoke about often and in depth in those days. As time went on, the focus was analyzing current events and telling listeners how these events tied into the overall agenda and he concentrated far less on the esoteric. He was aware that the “patriot” business which is headquartered in the U.S. was a creation of the CIA and its job is to keep Americans naval-gazing, going 'round in circles and returning to the voting booth. Though Scottish and living in Canada, Alan often said that the last hope for a stand for freedom was in America as it was only there that folk had a real memory of freedom and a belief that they had rights. (However, thousands of people are expected in Ottawa as the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy reached the capital on Friday. There are calls for a “European Freedom Convoy” so only time will tell where cries of “freedom!” ring loudest.)

In this talk, Alan tells us about introducing a foreign element into an environment like television and how it totally altered society. Before its introduction, peopled walked and conversed with their neighbors about what concerned them. It silenced the family and indoctrinated them too. That’s what it was put out there for. Perfectly programmed by fiction. All fiction is propaganda.

The first caller asked Alan if Jesus was an agent of the Freemasons. Alan talked about the differences in the way God is portrayed in the Old and New Testaments. He explained that these are two opposing systems being described. The Old Testament offers a punishing, angry God. The New Testament has a personal God, a God of forgiveness that you could talk to. The old mystery religions are contained in the New Testament if you compare them to the philosophies of Greece and ancient Egypt.

The second caller was excited to talk to Alan and said “I have the utmost respect for you. Can I respectfully disagree with you for a moment?” Alan said, “Sure,” and the caller told the Old Testament story of Jacob and Esau. Alan reminded the caller that these were not real people; they were allegories. It’s the story of hoodwinking, crafty cunning which is allowed at the top. Then, Alan referenced Freemasonry. He said that those who believe these characters are real people will argue about the story forever. The caller said he wasn’t talking about Masonry but about Christianity. Alan told him that these are stories were repeated as moral teachings long before Judaism. A lot of the Old Testament was borrowed from India. The caller said, “Right. Right. I respect your opinion immensely.” But he wants to keep going and so he takes Alan a little further back in the story to when Rebecca was pregnant with these twins. The Lord tells her that these babies are two nations. The way the caller sees it, Jacob and Esau represent Russia and the United States of America. Alan interrupts to say “It’s a dialectic. It’s a dialectical process.” You’re being shown the dialectical process towards power; dominance over others, warfare, enslavement. He said that if you really look at the Old Testament you’re looking at a eugenics program. “That’s what all the begatting is about, who breeds with whom.”

Listen to this caller. He isn’t listening to Alan. He has a belief and he is only looking for confirmation of what he has chosen to believe. He thanks Alan and says that he is just trying to understand and he thinks he does. “Our Father blesses Christian nations and Communist nations he won’t bless.” Alan said, “Yeah. If you go by that.” Alan then muses over the odd American tendency to throw out the New Testament and go by the Old. The New, he said, was the only way for personal salvation, “not to go to heaven like a big herd, or a posse.” Then he chuckled. When Alan said, “Yeah. If you go by that” you can hear in his inflection that he understands that this particular caller has heard nothing and learned nothing, yet he still tosses out the gem about personal salvation for the listeners he knows are out there, starved for Truth and truly listening.

This listener has one more question. “You know how they call Jacob Israelitism? And as far as I’ve been studying when you look at the Union Jack with the cross and the X?” Alan said, “Yeah” and seriously, could he sound more bored? The caller said “To me... Ephraim and Manasseh represent Britain and the U.S.” Alan jumps in with some enthusiasm and tells the caller that’s the old teaching that Britain is one of Lost Tribes of Israel. The idea was born inside a London think tank in the 1800’s. After the break, Alan wraps up the Jacob and Esau story and said that what it’s really showing you is power and cunning (Jacob) winning over nature (Esau), the heavenly plan, the zodiac. You’re being shown human nature and an agenda.

He tells us that in all countries and all religions you find good people following those religions. You don’t have to figure anything out because it has all been done for you and your growth is stunted to an extent. “And yet within those religions is a stairway to things above and yet very few can understand it. Most don’t see that stairway... this is the war between Spirit and Matter, right here. This is the Middle Earth as they call it.”

He characterizes those who plan and implement this agenda as antihuman, the deviant creation, with no love (caritas, spiritual, unconditional love)for humanity. But they have the same DNA we do. They don’t turn into fish or tadpoles or anything bigger than that (his little inside joke about Reptilians.)

I’ve noticed that as the Covid narrative grows old, more and more people are questioning things in general. Too many times, I converse with folk who know that there is something wrong, but they stop when they get to the blame game. It’s the Jews. It’s the Jesuits. It’s Bill Gates or Klaus Schwab. Alan says in this talk that we have no choice but to start discussing a different way; the only way that doesn’t point fingers at other people for all the problems in the world. To quote him, “If you want to know who the problem in the world is look in the mirror because we’re all the same problem. We love to blame others and project onto someone else all our failures and misgivings.”

I finally picked up a copy of a book that Alan has referred to many times over the years, Deadly Allies – Canada’s Secret War 1937-1947. This is a well documented book about Canada’s role in the development of chemical and biological weapons. I’m only three chapters into it, but what is most interesting to me is how the scientists who developed gases that they knew would be used on civilian populations with deadly effect seemed like decent blokes, men who cared about their wives and children and considered themselves patriots, even pacifists. It makes me wonder about the men and women who are the generals and foot soldiers in this current war against populations. I’m pretty certain that they’ve justified the collateral damage as necessary for the greater good.

Alan continues on to talk about the good that religions have provided societies by offering a structure and basic rules that allow people to get along without killing each other, which is the purpose of religion, but religion is always usurped by those who are more cunning. Finally, he said that structure no longer functions.

A third caller mentioned to Alan a woman who had called into another RBN show and complained to the host that Alan was undermining if not destroying dearly held belief systems that she and probably many others have built their lives around in the areas of religion, democracy and patriotism without providing alternatives. The caller said that he’d been listening to what Alan talked about and thought it was fascinating stuff but also thought the distraught lady might have a point regardless of whether these beliefs were myths or not. Alan said that he understood but these are structures and these structures are falling apart whether or not people are clinging to them like a life-raft. They have not been given a replacement, so they became rather murderous when you’re showing them they must pick another way to overcome drowning. The caller asks what realistic, pragmatic alternative is Alan proposing when it all comes crashing down. Alan said it’s going to crash down regardless, and that’s what he’s trying to tell people. “All the old paradigms are gone... we have repertoires of behavior in our minds... when an environment changes and the system changes we automatically go through these repertoires for something in the past that fitted and we grab it hoping that’s gonna save us and this time we don’t have one.”

What Alan knows and conveys to this third caller is that his teachings have had a big impact and that people all over the world are meeting and discussing these things for the first time. Remember, this is 2007. Who was talking about eugenics and ancient priesthoods and systems of control in 2007? Precious few. “That’s how you start movements off that alter the course of the world because we can’t keep this system as it is. It’s not ours anyway.” He says that when this crashes down people will be faced with two choices: To “do exactly as they’re told as they’re herded along into the big cities where they’re run by authorities from birth to death, or they start turning round and doing something they haven’t tried in thousands of years and that’s helping each other.” The caller asks if Alan’s philosophy could be boiled down to the pure form of Christianity... without the religious aspect. “...Yeah” Alan says, “I mean, there’s no choice here... we literally have no choice.”

The caller wonders what mechanism will be employed to bring in this new system. Will it be another 9/11? Amazingly prescient, Alan said, “I imagine it’s more likely to be plagues because they’ve discussed this. They’ve conditioned us through television it’s gonna happen, and it’d be the ideal way to corral people into the new habitat areas or the overcrowded cities.”

For those out there who are still clinging to the old structures like a life-raft, please read a letter we received from a long-time listener a few weeks ago:


“Back in August our Church told us without 2 shots [vaccinations] we couldn't attend services. That was ok as we had the online option. Soon afterwards, the Pastor & Leadership started calling us out – selfish, rebellious, etc. It got increasingly worse till I just couldn’t take it anymore. I cried out to our Creator and He set me FREE. Our WONDERFUL EVER LOVING Creator brought two past dreams back to my remembrance then gifted me with understanding. I reached out to the Pastor armed with the TRUTH directly from our Creator and told him I'm no longer a member of the church. It was SO heartbreaking ‘cause I've been there for 27 years - since my youth. I grieved A LONG time and hard but He COMFORTED and STRENGTHENED me.

What has happened to me since is AMAZING!!! Since then I stopped listening to any 'christian' ministry or teachings. I was SO hurt & disappointed I just wanted to take some time off. It's AMAZING ‘cause I had Alan's cd with Jackie Patru which I threw out ‘cause my mind was still bound by the religious mindset. I recently found the Cutting Through booklets which I'd tried & tried to read but my mind was still too blocked by the religiosity. Well don't you know since that time my eyes have been OPENED and I can truly say I SEE!!!

I SEE how controlled my life, time, money, opinions, etc were, all controlled by the Leadership and the system. Don't get me wrong, Pastor and the Elders did A LOT of GOOD for me and it's not them....they're just as much victims of the System as I was. They just aren't willing or able to let go. Now as I'm reading Alan's 3 booklets, I begin to SEE and UNDERSTAND better. I'm not balking at the TRUTH and I can SEE more clearly. It's SO SAD how hoodwinked we all are. I will NEVER subject myself or family to another church/religious system EVER again. It all started with them kicking us out, then I was watching Himalaya with Michael Palin where he went into Tibet & India. He visited monasteries & when I saw the DISGUSTING paedophilia of that parents willingly and blindly feed their innocent six year-old boys to these beasts to prey on and turn them into homosexual sex toys, it OPENED my eyes to SEE ALL religions are the EXACT same.

We're all victims of the LIE and only when we are able to accept the TRUTH when it comes to us are we truly set FREE!!! It's taken YEARS for me to awaken enough to hear the TRUTH but it took being kicked out of the church for the ALMIGHTY to more fully set my mind FREE to ACCEPT the TRUTH and now SEEK to KNOW!!!

I know that Alan KNOWS and that it VINDICATES him that his life's work was not in vain. I LOVE him ALWAYS and LOVE U all too and THANK you for your GREAT SACRIFICE in helping us through this truly BLOODY matrix.”


I'll close with an excerpt from Alan Watt's Cutting Through Volume II A Glimpse Into The Great Work, pages 63 and 64:

“Many tears ago, I read in a British newspaper of a case of child abuse. A little boy had been brought up in solitary confinement, never having companionship and never allowed out of his room. When found, he took no notice of the S.P.C.C. workers who entered his room, and continued to walk in circles. He was six years old. A later follow-up reported that when taken outside for the first time in his life, to a park, workers noticed that he continued walking in circles of the exact same diameter as he'd walked in his room.

This boy's personal spatial reference to the world was permanently limited, walls within his mind having taken over from walls within his room. Society has been reared in an abusive system in a similar manner. When pointing out those things which THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN AWARE OF THEMSELVES, their conditioning forces them to relate all events within their sphere of consciousness to their religious training. It has been indoctrinated since their conciousness (sic) began. All subsequent events are referred to this 'blueprint' for verification. When a conflict occurs, new information is altered to fit the 'blueprint,' no matter how irrational this may be...

...People ask me what I believe in. I say I believe in my own experiences. Can I give them my experiences? Of course not. Would they believe in my experiences? -- No, probably not. Yet they centre their lives around the writings of an ancient brotherhood of priests. Like the boy who walked in circles, the masons have built walls within their minds. To stop sheep wandering, you create an enclosure.

...I have no doubt that the Creator gave everyone power, but it is up to each individual to realise this power. Domesticated animals are supplied with a leader. People ask, 'Who can I follow,' and Albert Pike said, 'when the need for a leader arises, we shall supply him' and 'they' have, all down through history. That is why the agenda is being manifested. Everyone has a will and a voice, the right of navigating their own dreams into reality. Those who refuse to do so are 'as those who have never lived.' They have never participated in LIFE, yet mutter and grumble when their 'elected-elect' take their homes, savings, children etc. from them. They, being domesticated, look to their sheep-herders for reassurance, to keep the pain away, the pain of uncertainty. They want a painless existence which scientists will be only too happy to supply. Their symbol is ON, yours is a simple word, learn to use it. It entails life/risk. It is NO----NO-----NO------NO--------NO---------No.”

© Not Sure