What exactly are you channeling?


By Not Sure

4 September 2022


                Not long ago someone asked me about Alan Watt.  We were discussing worldviews and current events.  I knew that the question was more about me than Alan.  They realized that my take on things was different.  What news sites did I subscribe to?  What writers was I reading?  Who was shaping my thinking on current events?  After a bit of scrutiny they asked, “What kind of things did Alan Watt talk about?”  I asked if they would like to listen to one of his talks.  “If you want me to hear it, I will.”  It was all sort of cagey, as if by listening to one of Alan’s talks their worldview might become skewed, so outside the mainstream my thought processes appeared to them.

                I thought carefully about Alan’s many thousands of hours of talks and interviews.  What would be a good introduction to him that might spark curiosity to hear more but not overwhelm with too much data or information that might put them on the defensive.  “Conspiracy theorist!”  I settled on a personal favorite, “Sing Your Song and Steal Some Time” from February 28, 2007.  I love everything about this talk, the quiet delivery and long pauses (the kind of space that freaks out modern listeners), the things that Alan talks about, the profoundness of thought. 

                Alan told the story of the beaver who fells trees to make his dam, never looking for approval from his fellow beavers.  He said that death comes to us all, but life is precious and meant to be lived.  He talks about this artificial system that we’re born into and that our “song” represents the life that is stolen from us because we never know reality, never have a chance to sing our song within reality.  He reads a line in German from Heinrich Heine’s poem Aus Meinen Grossen Schmerzen (Out of My Great Woe).  The songs that Alan chose for this blurb compliment the anger that Alan expresses for our “stolen songs.”  To me, the talk is a beautiful meditation on life’s potential and a cry against all that robs us of humanity when we live within this artificial system.

                I played the talk and my friend listened.  At the end of the blurb they said, “He was really a philosopher, wasn’t he?”  That hit me like a bolt.  Of course, that’s what he was!  I might’ve described Alan Watt as an historian, a truth-teller, an amazing researcher into the histories and players of an ancient agenda, the man in rags on the soapbox in the city park, crying out against a brutal system, urging listeners to do something.  But he was really a philosopher, wasn’t he?  

                My friend didn’t ask about Alan again.




                Philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia which means “love of wisdom.”  Philosophers are interested in fundamental questions about existence, reason, values, language and ancient philosophers studied in the academy, the gymnasium made famous by Plato.  Alan tells us in this talk that the word school comes from a Greek word meaning “leisure.”  Only the wealthy leisure class had time to indulge in the study of abstract ideas. 

                Plato was the inventor of the dialectical method of discourse in which two or more people holding different points of view arrive at truth via reasoned argumentation.  Years ago, I read The Republic by Plato and I was struck by the dialogue about justice.  This went on at length covering the nature of evil and injustice and what constituted justice.  In the end, it concluded that “justice without the appearance of justice, is misery and ruin; injustice has the promise of a glorious life. Appearance is master of truth and lord of happiness.”  The dialogue argued that injustice, if it appeared just, was preferable to justice that lacked the appearance of justice. 




                This week’s Redux is from 6 March 2008, "From Slime to Divine - Darwin's Repackaged Religion and The New Age."  Alan talks about culture creation and how the art and science of culture creation comes from philosophy and the leisure class.  Philosophers may ask questions about truth, even ultimate truth, but when the philosopher is in service to the State, those questions and their answers are always applied to the technique of managing people.  Determining the direction in which the ruling class wish to guide those that they rule over.

                Alan discussed the circuit of philosophers on the mystery school tour, their many years of study in Greece, Egypt, India, and how the knowledge gained would shape the creation of culture.  Alan said, “We tend to see the effects of alterations within culture as they're happening, as we are living through the initial effects, the visible effects, yet we don't realize that no part of a change in culture happens spontaneously. It can take 40, 50, 100 years to implement the initial changes of perception within cultures so that it will manifest down the road. It's no secret there's been a war on the world for a long time, a very old war in fact.”

                The old culture must always be demolished as the new culture is brought in by the culture creators.  The New Age does away with our concepts of right and wrong.  We will see hell on earth, an anti-human, anti-humane system.  It is already here, seen in our worship of youth, our placement of self above others, our growing acceptance of euthanasia, first for the terminally ill, now for the depressed, those too poor to navigate this system, Darwin’s unfit.

                The new worker bee of the New Age is the Hermaphrodite.  This is the Transhumanist Agenda.  Alan said that if you read the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas “it [the Bible] says that ‘in heaven there's neither male nor female’ if you're a soul or spirit. It's been altered because in the very end of the Gospel of Thomas they talk about no male nor female will be created in this life – in the physical life. This is not a new idea. It's not a new idea at all, then you're into a whole different realm of questioning with limited access to knowledge including ancient religions, ancient mythologies and so on.”


                The Gospel of Thomas, verse 114 reads:


                Simon Peter said to them, “Mary should leave us, for females are not worthy of life.”


                Jesus said, “Look, I shall guide her to make her male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males.  For every female who makes herself male will enter heaven’s kingdom.”


                Alan said “…in the very end of the Gospel of Thomas…” and sure enough, it was the very end as verse 114 is the last verse in the gospel.  In the translation with notes by Marvin Meyer, he writes “The transformation of the female into the male is discussed extensively in ancient literature…fantastic stories of women sprouting male genitals and thus becoming male, but most of the accounts use the gender categories in a metaphorical sense.”

                The first volume of Alan Watt’s Cutting Through series is entitled The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda.  He writes that in Albert MacKey’s History of Freemasonry there is a picture of a hermaphrodite with the written description “The ‘Queen’ is the completion of the Great Work.” 


                Alan includes in this volume the cover art from the 1976 book by June Singer, Androgyny – Toward a new theory of sexuality.  In the introduction to this book, Sheldon S. Hendler wrote, “Androgyny may indeed be the guiding principle of the New Age.”

                I looked at the back of the book to see who had endorsed it at the time of its publication.  The first plug came from Anäis Nin, a French-born American novelist and writer of short stories and erotica.  I read about her numerous affairs including with psychoanalyst Otto Rank and novelist Henry Miller, who developed a new type of semi-autobiographical novel with explicit language and sex.  All of his books were banned in the U.S. until 1961.

                Another endorsement for Singer’s Androgyny came from Joseph Campbell, best known for his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces.  Campbell’s work in comparative mythology and comparative religion was heavily influenced by, indeed completely dependent upon the work of Carl Gustav Jung.

                Alan said, “The whole New Age movement, there's hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of gurus and leaders and so on, all financed by the same sources, all believing the same stuff, because that's how you alter the culture of people. That's how you create new religions, by an all-out attack on the existing ones. You demolish as you're introducing the new and it has to be done from ‘a thousand points of light.’”  Nin and Campbell would be but two of a thousand points of light in their day.


lucifer – the morning star           Lucifer – Light-bringer


                Alan Watt often pointed out that George H.W. Bush famously used this Freemasonic term in a speech and it became the name of a Bush family charitable organization.  Theosophist Alice Bailey was one of the first writers to use the term New Age.  Bailey founded the Lucis Trust (which was formerly known as Lucifer Publishing Company) in 1922.  In her 1957 book The Externalization of the Hierarchy she described the points of light as the leaders of the occult group called the New Group of World Servers. Bailey believed that the points of light and light groups were necessary in building up the New Age.

                The stated aims of the Lucis Trust are “To encourage the study of comparative religion, philosophy, science and art; to encourage every line of thought tending to the broadening of human sympathies and interests, and the expansion of ethical religious and educational literature; to assist or to engage in activities for the relief of suffering and for human betterment; and, in general, to further worthy efforts for humanitarian and educational ends.”  The Lucis Trust blog “World Goodwill,” focuses on defining new Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations) for humanity.



                In this talk, Alan read from America, The Sorcerers New Apprentice: The Rise of New Age Shamanism.  On page 227 of that book, in a subsection entitled Evolution of Consciousness–Slime to Divine, the authors Dave Hunt and T.A. McMahon quote Barbara Brown of UCLA Medical Center stating, we are “evolving to a higher level of mind . . . [called] ‘supermind’.  At Esalen… [Brown goes on to say and here Alan interjects “Very interesting place and organization, this institute.”


Brown: “At Esalen, Michael Murphy and George Leonard have offered a seminar on ‘The Evolution of Consciousness,’ in which it is suggested that a transformation of human consciousness

as momentous as the emergence of civilization is under way.”


                America, The Sorcerers New Apprentice was published in 1988.  I’ve covered it in this New Age series as well as the 1985 film Gods of the New Age which dealt with many similar themes.  I’ve also written about the Esalen Institute, which as Alan has discussed, participated in Cold War psychical research and has connections to the intelligence world.


The Human Potential Movement


                The Human Potential Movement arose out of the 1960s counterculture.  Through the development of their ‘human potential,’ people can experience a life of happiness, creativity, and fulfillment.  This potential was often cultivated by encounter groups, psychoanalysis, mysticism, Eastern philosophy and psychedelic drug use.  Proponents of the movement included psychologists Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, Victor Frankl and other cultural figures such as Aldous Huxley (The Doors of Perception), Alan Watts (self-described philosopher-entertainer and popularizer of psychedelic drugs), Werner Erhardt of est and self-motivation speaker Anthony Robbins.  Others famously associated with Esalen include Terence McKenna, Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert. 


                The last endorsement on the back of June Singer’s book came from Stanislav Grof, M.D. of Esalen Institute.  Stanislav Grof is a transpersonal psychiatrist and researcher into non-ordinary states of consciousness. He was an early researcher of LSD and one of the first to develop the ideas behind psychedelic therapy. Grof lived at the Esalen Institute for over ten years, developing the practice of holotropic breathwork after the crackdown on psychedelic research to develop ways of therapeutic consciousness alteration without the use of substances.

                Breathwork is a very New Age term.  Meditators, students of yoga and clients of psychologists are encouraged to listen to their breath, to consciously control their breathing.


We pause this breathing exercise to bring you fallout.


                I was reading an article that was published earlier this summer in the New York Post, “Why detransitioned teens regret changing genders.”   “When Chloe was 12 years old, she decided she was transgender. At 13, she came out to her parents. That same year, she was put on puberty blockers and prescribed testosterone. At 15, she underwent a double mastectomy. Less than a year later, she realized she’d made a mistake — all by the time she was 16 years old.  At seventeen, Chloe is part of a growing group of detransitioners.”

                This is from that New York Post article, “In recent years, the number of children experiencing gender dysphoria in the West has skyrocketed...between 2009 and 2019, children being referred for transitioning treatment in the United Kingdom increased 1,000% among biological males and 4,400% among biological females. The number of young people identifying as transgender in the US has almost doubled since 2017, according to a new CDC report. 

                Historically, transitioning from male to female was vastly more common, with this cohort typically experiencing persistent gender dysphoria from a very young age.  Recently, however, the status quo has reversed, and female-to-male transitions have become the overwhelming majority.

                Dr. Lisa Littman, a former professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences at Brown University, coined the term “rapid onset gender dysphoria” to describe this subset of transgender youth, typically biological females who become suddenly dysphoric during or shortly after puberty. Littman believes this may be due to adolescent girls’ susceptibility to peer influence on social media.”






                Okay, some of this was the 1960s and that was a crazy decade, Summer of Love and Flower-Power.  What’s happening at Esalen now?  This is from the main page of their website:


                Esalen is a holistic retreat and educational institute. Established in 1962 and considered the epicenter of the Human Potential Movement, we are a non-profit offering comfort and space for exploration, transformation, and healing within the wilds of Big Sur’s majestic mountainscape and glittering coastline.

                Our curiosity and research explores new ideas around creativity and the brain, body work, spirituality, leadership, Gestalt, plant medicine, citizen diplomacy, superhumanism, the survival of bodily death, Extraterrestrial intelligence, and more.


                Here are a sampling of workshops and seminars that Esalen is currently hosting:


Finding Your Spirit Guides: Building A Relationship with the Unseen World

September 12–16, 2022


                We all have personal spirit guides who offer us support and guidance from the Other Side. Most people are unaware of the guides they are born into this world with — let alone how to connect with them. This course with Brenda Rose is designed to introduce and connect you with your unique, individual, and personal Spirit Guides while teaching you a framework to help you engage with them reliably. Highly interactive sessions include instruction and meditation practice to ensure your

experience is expansive and supportive.”


Chakras and Embodied Writing

September 19–23, 2022


                “Dive into the craft of writing with Sravana Borkataky-Varma and Vikram Chandra. Learn to harness the rational, the emotional, and the spiritual aspects of your creativity by intentionally engaging the emotionally-charged loci of your chakras. Engage in chakra meditations to open the heart and mind, explore the impact of specific stories and storytellers, strengthen your practice of character development and plot construction through creative and technical exercises.”


Beyond Duality: Equinox Healing Wisdom for Balance and Harmony

September 19–23, 2022


                “Fall Equinox is a time when the dual energies of day and night — Sun and Moon — are in balance. Guided by wisdom keeper Erika Gagnon, you'll learn about ancestral lineage, traditional ceremonies, sacred altars, medicinal plants, and the origins of dis-ease in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Drawing upon the energy of the equinox, you'll receive support to live in harmony with yourself and the world around you.”


Harnessing the Power of Creation through African Ritual

October 21–23, 2022


                “Traditional African rituals are an important part of our global spiritual heritage. They have much to teach us about many different forms of creation: how the universe was brought into being, how to manifest things we want in the world, and how to create a life filled with divine harmony.

                In this workshop, we will introduce the world of African ritual through a screening of Marques Redd’s experimental film Obi Mbu (The Primordial House): An Igbo Creation Myth – a fantasia of dance and theatrical performance shot with fluorescent body paint and ultraviolet light. From there, we will explore a variety of ritual modalities designed to enliven all the senses.

                Come prepared to engage with the Primordial Blackness that precedes creation and embodies infinite possibility. We’ll use African symbols and movement to energize your intentions and activate the cosmic strings that link everything in creation in order to draw your desires to you.  Experience symbolic death in order to be resurrected into new life and employ the magic of spaces and thresholds.”


Star Maps and Ritual Magic: Astrology and Ceremony as Tools for Transformation

November 4–7, 2022

with Day Schildkret and Heidi Rose Robbins


Join queer author, artist, and teacher Day Schildkret and astrologer and poet Heidi Rose Robbins as they expertly guide you into the heart of ritual crafting as a path into the spiritual potential within your astrological chart.


Shamanic Spiritual Healing

November 21–25, 2022

with Carlos Sauer Tradições Nativas


Shamanic healing is intuitive, hands-on energy work that integrates various practices for spiritual extraction and removal of intrusive energies. Breathing techniques combined with an energetic “sucking” process aid in eradicating unwanted and potentially harmful energies [which] can also come from troubled spirits stuck between ordinary and non-ordinary realities.


Awe and Wonder: An Exploration Through Science, Contemplation, and Narrative

October 14–16, 2022


Awe is the feeling of encountering vast mysteries that transcend our current knowledge and understanding of the world. In its greatest sense, it is an astonished and transformative appreciation for the moral beauty of others, for nature, for the arts—and is always rooted in a spiritual understanding of life.  


Tantra: The Body and The Release, an Esalen Signature Series | Legends of Lust and Love

November 11–14, 2022


Let’s talk about sex, baby! In this workshop, we explore the similarities and differences between Tantra and Neo-Tantra...


In this workshop, you’ll be invited to:


·         Learn about the similarities and differences between “lust” and “love” and how to harness the former to cultivate the latter.

·         Understand how relationships in Tantra relate to gender fluidity and contemporary questions around queer identities.

·         Enjoy the benefit of overcoming negative projections and self-generated illusions based on our bodily inhibitions.

·         Appreciate the power that myth and epic literature provide for shaping and molding our conceptions of love, gender, and sexuality.


Much of what we will discuss will address gender identity and sexuality.


Flow Into Fall: Unlocking Abundance & Awakening Vitality

September 23–25, 2022

with Sianna Sherman (she/her) and Masood Ali Khan (he/him)


Embrace abundance in your mind, heart, and life, as we journey from the Fall Equinox and New Moon into the harvest time! Just as the Earth requires a shifting of weather with each season, so too do we, its earthly inhabitants. A mindset metamorphosis is ready to emerge, and the alchemical practices of yoga can help guide you in a powerful repositioning to awaken the inner genius of your being. In this embodied yoga retreat you’ll discover the key components needed to renew your vitality and unlock the abundance codes within you.




                You can see that Esalen is an important nexus for hammering out the latest missal for the New Age religion, the perennial philosophy, the eugenical religion, Darwinism, evolution.  Slime to divine! Alan says in this talk “You'll find too with the blending of the word science with religions nowadays and the New Age, it's more acceptable, more palatable. All they're doing is pushing old shamanism, the old perennial philosophies of reincarnation onto the public, visualization, all of this stuff. It's old, old stuff repackaged with a tinge of a scientific garb to cover it.” 

                He talks more about what reincarnation really is and the hopelessness of karma.  The perennial philosophy or religion, as it's sometimes called, is a form of nature worship. It's the central core of Hinduism. It's the central core of reincarnation and all of the various things that spawn from the idea of ‘we're all one,’ the universal consciousness, as it's been taught again openly since the '60's and it's been taught in selected classes prior to 1960's through various agencies which were masonically associated such as theosophy.


                Alan points out in this talk and not for the last time, that yoga was a system designed to help practitioners bypass some of the endless cycles of reincarnation by channeling spirits or entities to help guide them past some of the karma.  While the brutality of eugenics is going on around us, the New Age teaches us to “play” ourselves, discuss our past life memories, get in touch with our spirit guides and power animals.  Don’t look at the negative.  Come from your center.  Focus on your breath.


                Jennifer Anniston’s latest spiritual guru channels Yeshua.  That’s Hebrew for Jesus.  Why Jesus would want to talk to Jennifer Anniston is anyone’s guess.  I’ll link to a New York Times article from 1986, “The New, Chic Metaphysical Fad of Channeling.”  Hollywood actors were gathering in Malibu living rooms to watch the hottest channelers commune with the dead.  “I see people who see dead people.”  One channeler had been known as Penny Torres the year before, but by 1986 she was channeling Mafu, a highly evolved “entity from the seventh dimension” last incarnated as a leper in 1st-Century Pompeii.  Why Mafu wanted to talk to Linda Evans is anyone’s guess.  Did he prefer her night-time soap opera Dynasty to the competing soap Dallas?  Was he offering her acting tips to kick that show up a notch?

                In all seriousness the stars have always been pushing the perennial religion.   Perhaps they’re truly seeking the experience, but their publicists make sure we know about it.  That’s why we are given stars to follow.  Monkey see, monkey do.


                The Los Angeles School for the Spiritual Arts offers a Workshop for Beginner Mediumship.  This is from their website:


All experience levels are welcome!

We are all mediums!

It's true, we are all born with the ability to receive messages from the spirit world. As humans, we are constantly receiving messages from the spirit world.

Wouldn't you like to know what is coming from you, and what is coming from the spirit world?

This workshop was created to help you develop your Mediumship gifts from zero.

This is a one day workshop that will teach you everything you need to know as you get started on your Mediumship journey. The goal for this workshop is to help you understand how you work as a soul, what your natural abilities are, and help you open up the one you have, and didn't know about.


                The Beginner Mediumship workshop is $280 USD for the day.  Lunch is provided and you’re to please let them know when you register if you have a nut allergy.  I guess if you fail to let them know and you end up dying, then you might be able to participate as one of the spirits.



                Alan gives the careful listener pause when he plays devil’s advocate.  “…is there anything else in this world that could have memories that are thousands if not millions of years old? Scary thought, isn't it? And what exactly are you channeling? Is it simply a trick of your imagination? Suggestion by the hypnotist? The emergence of different subconscious and even unconscious factors of all the historical novels? Remember, a novel is a novel regardless if it's dressed up in history or not. Is all that reemerging or is there something there with actual memories of other people? It need not be some spirit of your own. Just a thought, as I say, devil's advocate for a moment to give it a little caution and warning.”




                England’s Tavistock Institute is worthy of researching for anyone interested in governmental use on a wide scale of the psychological manipulation of masses of people.  Its history overlaps with the Tavistock Clinic which played a key role in British Army psychiatry.  German-American psychologist Kurt Lewin was influential on the work conducted by the Tavistock Institute.  The Institute became known as a major proponent in Britain for psychoanalysis and the theories of Sigmund Freud and his followers.  It also promoted the theories of Carl Gustav Jung.

                Lewin’s work in the social sciences developed whole new areas of applied psychology (sensitivity training) and he also coined terms that widely used, e.g. group dynamics.  He mentored Leon Festinger who became known for his cognitive dissonance theory.  High “sciences.”


                Tavistock Clinic has operated the NHS Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) since the 1960s, a nationally operated health clinic specialising in working with children with gender identity issues, including gender dysphoria. According to Wikipedia, “Although based at a Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust site, it is commissioned by NHS England and takes referrals from across the United Kingdom. It is the only gender identity clinic for people under 18 in the UK and is the subject of much controversy.”

                In the U.K., 77 children were candidates for sex change operations in 2009.  In 2019, that number was 2,590.  If you can believe those numbers.  It was nearly impossible to find numbers and trends for the U.S., except that gender “affirming” surgeries are on the rise.


                The old destroyed, the new proclaimed.  We close our eyes to the horror all around us.  Our spirit guides will help us manifest an abundant future, lead us to the light of our godhood, while children, little girls, have their breasts lopped off.  


© Not Sure




                The Excerpt series of clips will continue with the New Age theme throughout September into early October.  This piece marks the final instalment on this theme from Not Sure.  We’ll be listening in Alan Watt’s Cutting Through the Matrix archives and bringing you new topics to consider deeply.


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