Who is Blofeld?

By Not Sure

5 Dec 2021

This story and the characters and incidents portrayed here are fictitious. Some of the names are real names of real people but any actual names or likenesses of celebrities or otherwise famous people are used in a fictitious and parodic manner. Real events and real organizations depicted herein have been deconstructed and construed in such an unusual way that their resemblance to actual people is about as similar as a Picasso self-portrait to Pablo himself. On the other hand, some of the events are factual and some of the names involved are real and no attempt has been made to alter said events and names and so it is left to the reader to determine what is fact and who is fiction.

The year is 2009. The month is May. It is the 5th day of the month of May, Cinco de Mayo.  The city is New York, the borough Manhattan. The cherry blossoms peaked in late April, but they are still in bloom. The venue is the President's House of Rockefeller University. The university's private campus, full of lush green trees, lies behind guarded entrances and a metal fence. It overlooks the East River, only a few blocks away from the United Nations.

We will return to this meeting soon, after a short break for a scene from a movie.

A meeting has been called by Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Those in attendance are members of SPECTRE (Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion). Blofeld is the character in a white suit holding and stroking the white Persian cat. We cannot see his face, but his hands are manicured and his manner is confident though somewhat effete. Most of the members of SPECTRE are already seated at a long, U-shaped table. Some of the faces look vaguely familiar. At the far end of the table, look! Is that Warren Buffett? And seated to his left – is that Bill Gates? It sort of looks like him. The tiny man to the left of Gates – could that be Anthony Fauci? It’s hard to be certain, because this is a scene from a movie made in 1997, before Fauci’s likeness was available on T-shirts and mugs, before one could purchase a Fauci bobblehead for the dashboard. But, yes, I think the tiny, wee, very small sprite of a man is Tony Fauci.

Oprah makes her presentation to Blofeld. $40 million for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Blofeld is pleased, and the white pussycat lazily closes and then opens its blue eyes. Oprah is dismissed to return to her $42 million dollar estate named “The Promised Land.”

Oh dear, who is the prominent banker/financier/tycoon being dragged into the room and tossed like a rag doll at the head of the table? Could it be that fellow who opposed Britain’s membership in the European Union? Who warned of Neoliberalism and the American Melting Pot societal model? No, that banker has two sons who both married into the Rothsch... I mean Red-Shield family.

Blofeld is petting his cat and telling this frightened man he is “very disappointed” in him. He proposes to SPECTRE that perhaps a fast-acting cancer is the way to deal with one of their own. There’s no way to point a finger. Cancer is natural. It comes to everybody, nowadays.

The unfortunate banker is hauled away. Enter George Soros. He has a lot to report, but SPECTRE is tired of hearing about the Open Society network of organizations. And frankly anyone can control the appointment of district attorneys in a democratic country, right? They want a report on his Quantum Fund. Soros launches into the details they’re all waiting to hear. He travels into the future, but that’s alright, this is my movie.

The Quantum Group of Funds are privately owned hedge funds based in London, New York, Curaçao (Kingdom of the Netherlands) and Cayman Islands. They are advised by George Soros through his company Soros Fund Management. Soros started the fund in 1973 in partnership with Jim Rogers. The shareholders of the funds are not publicly disclosed although it is known that the Rothschild family and other wealthy Europeans put $6 million into the funds in 1973.

In 1987, the funds lost $800 million on Japanese stocks shortly before the October 19, 1987 stock market crash.

In 1992, the lead fund, Soros' Quantum Fund, became famous for 'breaking' the Bank of England, forcing it to devalue the pound. Soros had bet his entire fund in a short sale on the ultimately fulfilled prediction that the British currency would drop in value, a coup that netted him a profit of $1 billion, also known as Black Wednesday. In 1997, Soros was blamed for forcing sharp devaluations in Southeast Asian currencies.

On Februay 14, 1994, the funds had a major loss of $600 million in one day betting against the Japanese yen.

In 1998, the fund lost 2 billion dollars in investments in Russia.

In July 2011, to avoid having to register with the SEC and comply with reporting requirements under the Dodd-Frank reform act, the Quantum Fund announced they would be turning the fund into a family investment group and returning all outside money to investors by the end of 2011. The fund is now managing Soros' family money as well as working with retail investors.

Happy with the report, Blofeld tells the group that they’ll convene for another meeting soon. They’re all dismissed. The light catches the large stone on his ring. It sparkles as he strokes the white Persian. The camera fades to black.

Meanwhile, back at Rockefeller University, the Good Club called a meeting. The “Good Club” also called “The Lucky Gene Club” is a small, elite group of billionaire philanthropists who met to discuss solving the planet's problems. According to a 2009 piece for The Guardian, “It is the most elite club in the world. Ordinary people need not apply. Indeed there is no way to ask to join. You simply have to be very, very rich and very, very generous. On a global scale.

This is the Good Club, the name given to the tiny global elite of billionaire philanthropists who recently held their first and highly secretive meeting in the heart of New York City.

The names of some of the members are familiar figures: Bill Gates, George Soros, Warren Buffett, Oprah Winfrey, David Rockefeller and Ted Turner. But there are others, too, like business giants Eli and Edythe Broad, who are equally wealthy but less well known. All told, its members are worth $125bn.

The meeting was held in response to the global economic downturn and the numerous health and environmental crises that are plaguing the globe. It was, in some ways, a summit to save the world.”

This was 2009. Don’t forget how much money these billionaires added to their fortunes during Covid and The Lockdown. The article goes on to say, “For six hours, the assembled billionaires discussed the crises facing the world. Each was allowed to speak for 15 minutes. The topics focused on education, emergency relief, government reform, the expected depth of the economic crisis and global health issues such as overpopulation and disease. One of the themes was new ways to get ordinary people to donate small amounts to global issues. Sources say Gates was the most impressive speaker ...” (In this Redux, Alan wonders aloud how Gates became a health expert since he lacks even a first aid certificate.)

The group wanted to find an “umbrella” cause they could tackle together. Taking their cue from Gates, a consensus emerged that they would back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat.

The meeting was called by Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and David Rockefeller, Jr. in response to the 2009 economic downturn. What caused that downturn and who benefitted?

You’ll find many of the same billionaires have been active in shaping the Covid-19 event (or should I play it safe and say the Covid-19 response?), the mRNA vaccines and the World Economic Forum's “Great Reset".

Above is a picture of the President’s Residence at Rockefeller University where the meeting of the Good Club was held. If I had designed the fictional Blofeld film set, certainly my SPECTRE scene would’ve convened at a place such as this. So serene; a perfect place to plan mayhem.

In 2017, a Russian filmmaker made a documentary entitled Soros - Quantum of Destruction. While writing this piece tonight, I stumbled upon this little film about That Man Who Cannot Be Named, except as a philanthropist or a fictional character. I could find no reviews of the documentary. Perhaps since it is in Russian with English subtitles it has flown under the radar. I have not yet seen this, but I provide you with the link to the film so you can watch it:



This week’s Redux is an excerpt from a talk Alan Watt gave on September 27, 2020 entitled “The NGO Philanthropix Industrial Complex”.

"The NGO Philanthropix Industrial Complex,
Institutions Funding Colour Revolutions,
Gods of Babylon Tower Usurping All Power,
Tyrannical Science being Used to Silence,
All that's Wholesome Hated as Loathsome,
Sensing the Coming of Camouflaged Culling,
The World Becomes Golgotha, Place of Skull."
© Alan Watt Sept. 27, 2020

It’s an epic talk, weighing in at just over four hours. It’s well worth listening to in its entirety and looking at the news links which accompanied it. Even though the excerpt we’re putting up is under an hour, it’s still sweeping. You’ll learn a bit more about what philanthropy really is and how a character such as Soros participates in shaping an agenda for the entire world. Jeffrey Epstein is mentioned, and the role that deviancy and blackmail play in the system. Fascinatingly, you’ll come to understand that while it may not be worth getting lost in a rabbit hole, one certainly has to ponder “accidental” deaths and fast-acting cancers.

Alan mentions then-President of Tanzania, John Magufuli who made a mockery of the Covid-19 testing process when he had PCR tests performed on goats, papaya, sheep, and motor oil. All of them, he said, had been found to be positive for Covid-19 and he ordered testing to stop and resisted calls to implement public health measures during the pandemic in Tanzania. He also expressed distrust of American- and European-developed vaccines. According to Wikipedia, Magufuli's approach has been characterised as “Covid-19 denialism.”

Six months later, Magufuli was dead. The opposition leader claimed he was being treated for Covid prior to his death. The government said he died from a “long-standing” heart condition. What we know is that he died and he wasnowhereto be found for two weeks prior to his death.

We’re attaching a link for an interview that G. Edward Griffin conducted with Norman Dodd circa 1982. Dodd was a banker/bank manager who worked as a financial advisor and served as chief investigator in 1953 for U.S. Congressman B. Carroll Reece Special Committee on Tax Exempt Foundations (commonly referred to as the Reece Committee). Through his investigation into tax-exempt foundations he learned that major foundations such as the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Ford Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation, among others have been promoting an agenda that has little to do with charity or good works. The objective has been to move the U.S. into acceptance of a world government, based on the principles of socialism, which is to be ruled covertly by those same interests which control the foundations.

Alan talked about Norman Dodd and the Reece Committee for many years, so we encourage you to watch this interview. It’s an eye-opener.

Finally, you’ll hear a bit about the Weather Underground and the ties that connect that radical group to BLM. We’re linking to an article entitled Black Lives Matter and Domestic Terrorism. This was written last year for a Christian website. As Alan points out in this talk, Christian groups have often been the only groups to pay attention to and understand the organizations shifting our culture towards the precipice. In the above-mentioned article, we’re reminded of the infamous Brinks Robbery carried out by several of the “Black Liberation Army” as well as by David Gilbert, Judith Alice Clark, Kathy Boudin, and Marilyn Buck of M19CO. Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert were members of the Weather Underground and the parents of Chesa Boudin.

Who is Chesa Boudin? Boudin is the current district attorney of San Francisco, California. Chesa was raised by his adoptive father, Bill Ayers, founder of the Weather Underground, because Kathy was sentenced to twenty years in prison and David was sentenced to 75 years to life for the felony murders of two police officers and a security guard.

On January 22 of this year, Chesa Boudin eliminated the cash bail and has reduced San Francisco’s prison population by 25%. However, burglaries and car thefts have increased dramatically as has shoplifting which is now so common in the city that most luxury stores keep their windows boarded up.

Blofeld is the most amazing movie villain. So cool. So cruel. The speed and efficiency of the WEF, oops, I mean SPECTRE, is admirable, one must admit. This top-down revolution was not started one millisecond before its preparation was complete.

© Not Sure


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