M.A.R.S. Attack - Something wicked this way comes.
Military Aircraft Raising SH--

From Michigan to Northern Ontario they lay trails of mushy mess into the jet stream. These monstrous
masterminds of mush-creation are so blatant now, knowing the populace is dumbed down and
distracted, they can douse us like cockroaches with up to a dozen planes at a time. While the Wizard of
Oz yells about the Middle East, the latest Hollywood scandals, New Age methods of navel-gazing, we
mushrooms are being kept in the dark under a chemical cloud of confusion and are fed SH--. It's time to
stop counting your toes and when blowing your nose, look up for signs in the heavens. You may find
that through this chemical fog that a vague question takes form, and you begin to form the lost word -
WHY ?    WHY ? WHYWHYWHY? When enough mushrooms chant this in unison it may cause this
chemical fog and the coniving culprits and the mad maniacs behind them to disappear like storm clouds
after rain and allow SOL Invictus to shine supreme once again. Those mushrooms who decide not to
participate have been chemically-genetically modified and they are obviously now unable to have an
original thought. For the rest of the sentient mushrooms let's all cry out against this putrid porridge
sprayed over our heads and thwart this MARS Attack once and for all. CCough, cough, wheeze, wheeze.

Photos below of Southeast Michigan skies covered with haze and trails

X marks the spot


Chemtrails over Northern Canada

Look up, shoppers!

After the snow melts following a winter of heavy snowfall and
heavy spraying, a weblike polymer is left behind for a day or two
before it is washed away or melts under a strong sunlight.


Listen to Alan's talks in the Audio section for more information
on chemtrails, their history, and intended use.