Cutting Through Book 1 by Alan Watt
The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda

Sample Page From Book 1


    To form is to Shape. People are shaped by IN-Forming. Information is
    neutral, like law, neither true nor false. Masters of Gnosis dispence the
    sequences of directives which, in scientifically designed order, form the
    ideas, opinions and life, the beliefs, reality AND DESTINY of the receiver        
    YOU. When IN-DOCTRINATION is complete you have been MASTERED. To
    "doctor" means "to fix" by a science or Discipline. YOU ARE NOW A
    MASTER-COPY, not original but ABORIGINAL. Original people saw things in
    entirety. Pythagorus taught a science of controlling the mind, by reducing all
    thought down to mathematical formulae. The REAL priesthood call this THE
    TRINITY. It s as easy as A1B2C3

    The Greek philosophers taught the method in story form. An imaginary
    Dialogue would occur between two or more people. By "logic" every societal
    problem was reduced to the BINARY CODE. EITHER-OR. We know it better
    as the Dialectic Process. By how LOGOS(the WORD) is used, those
    following the conversation are brought to a conclusion . The conclusion BEE-
    comes their own. They are now INFORMED.  The purpose is to usurp power
    from the individual and have him slave willingly towards "the betterment of
    humanity." The beehive has always been the symbol of the perfect society in
    ancient Egypt, the Minoan culture and Freemasonry. Behave is from
    Beehive. Plato discussed the types of bees in relation to classes of people.
    The majority were workers who brought home the nectar. The drone priests
    sorted it into grades of honey. The best is Royal Jelly for themselves and
    the "Queen" while the workers are given denaturalised refuse.

    Unlike modern freemasonry where the initiate must say "I AM" pre-Jaques-
    Pierrian English had no Am. The candidate said "I BEE". The number of
    masonry is Four. "To bee or not to bee=2xb(2)=4. Jaques is French for
    Jacob, Pierre is Peter, Rock etc.. This is typical masonic "allegory" for
    Jacob's Pillow (foundation) on which he had his "dream". This is a re-hash
    from the Egyptian Book of the Dead story of Ascended Masters to-day
    known as M ITREAS. The nobility ruling Egypt and their empire were called
    Hamites. The priesthoods taught their own race the doctrine of
    REINCARNATION. Those who ruled were "spirits" which had completed
    many cycles with such perfection, they only returned to "help rule" the "poor
    masses" which "could not rule themselves". Elitists Murderers, Thieves and
    liars, a Brotherhood which hi-jacked reality and gave illu(light)si(spirit of)on.  
    Every Lodge has its picture of Jacob's ladder(rungs are degrees)
    symbolizing the ascention of the novice, returning as angels(angles) to
    earth, perfected.