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What do we think about survival of the fittest? 


The philosophers down through the ages pretty well discussed this phenomena as to why they were the aristocracy and why they control things and they came to the conclusion that they were just naturally physically, genetically superior and more cunning.


Intelligence to them really is a form of cunningness, an innate ability to pull the wool over someone’s eyes in order to get them to do something which they thought they knew the purpose of, but really it was to benefit the elite themselves. It’s a form of trickery by clever persuasion, where those who do the gopher work never really realize that’s what they are.


Darwin himself who brought forth this same doctrine, “survival of the fittest,” which is just an ancient form of Hindu philosophy, really, which is based on a caste system. Again, a caste system of interbreeding of certain family gene pools and keeping the wealth and the structure of power within families.


Today, we have sociologists who have written screeds of stuff on different levels. Everything is written in different levels so you’ll get your high school level sociology where it’s not too bad. It tells you basic things about human psychodynamics, group psychodynamics, social psychodynamics, how people work in big groups, but they don’t go into the power structure at the top of these big groups in any detail. On a higher level at some universities they’ll go into that with a little bit more honesty as to how it’s set up.


There’s actually a “dominant minority,” as Huxley called them, who set forth most of the agenda; but if you get into the really elite schools, the Ivy League type schools, you’ve got a lot of the offspring of those particular dominant minority families attending and so they can afford to be more truthful with those students.


Margaret Thatcher put it very well when she put public funding towards private schools, the big private schools, because she said, “that’s where the future leaders of this country in politics and economics and the military et cetera will come from,” and she was telling the truth. These are basic truths. They get to know each other. They get to know their own generation that they’ve been mixing with their whole life. They make the acquaintances and one will become a banker or the head of a group of banks and he’ll know the guy who’s the general in the military and he’ll know the politician that’s the prime minister et cetera. That’s how this whole network runs. The “Old Boy Network” they call it and it’s in every country. It’s no different – it doesn’t matter where you go. It’s the same structure.


In the Soviet system, 200 families basically came into Russia prior to the Revolution and took over and many of them weren’t even Russian. Those same 200 families and their offspring still run Russia today. You’ll find the same in China. Ancient families – wealthy, wealthy families were not killed off in any revolution. On the contrary, they became often the leaders of the revolution and they still hold the positions of power to do with internal finance. He who controls the finance controls the country.


There’s a famous statement made by Rothschild when he took over the Bank of England. He said, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws,” because, the reason being, the guy who makes the money for the country is the law of the country and money comes to him. Every prime minister or president must go to the big bank and get his marching orders and he must then dictate policy to suit those instructions according to debt and credit. That’s how the whole system works; so the big boy controlling the money, since the entire pyramid of the country is from the bank down (central bank down), then obviously anyone is subservient to the guy who controls the banks. The big bankers, the internationalists, can make or break any country if they get two or three of them together.


George Soros was picked up by the Rothschild from Europe to create the NGOs that appear to be grassroots organizations which demand policy changes from politicians.


Mr. George Soros plays this kind of game on behalf of his masters and he had a half a page in I think it was the Daily Mail in Britain a few years ago when he and two of his friends he said got together and crashed the stock market for Britain. The British government had to therefore go to the bank, devalue the pound, borrow the money and charge the taxpayer for it because that’s how debt is paid off. The taxpayer and their offspring, and their offspring, are put down as basically the collateral to pay off this debt. That’s the guarantee. The guarantor are the slaves. The slaves must pay off the debt.


Thomas Jefferson, who was a member of the Illuminati, and it was well understood in his day he was, told you a truth because the Illuminati will speak basic truths. It doesn’t mean that they will necessarily be on the peoples' side, they'll just tell you a straight forward truth, and he said a person or a generation born in to paying off the debt incurred by a previous generation are therefore slaves. They’re not free.


In the modern system every country under the democratic system is run this way. Every generation must pay off the debt incurred by previous generations. This also guarantees that the same power structure will be in place for as long as that debt is incurred, so the big bankers, the internationalists, are guaranteed to have their great-grandchildren running the system generations from now. It’s quite simple.


We know that money is made out of thin air and has been really for an awful long time. They had the Bretton Woods Agreement many, many years ago to do away with the gold standard. Not that the gold standard – it was really for the bankers benefit. It wasn’t for the public’s benefit because the bankers already owned the gold of the world. They owned the mines where the gold was mined.


Cecil Rhodes, who was set up by Rothschild and a few other bankers, was sent off to South Africa to basically grab the wealth of diamonds and gold and silver and minerals for himself and his masters who were the bankers.


They already owned the gold system but it took a lot of shipping and it’s not so cost effective to transport huge cargoes of gold between countries for trade purposes. Since these bankers have really been behind the “Free Trade” movement, and the globalization efforts spanning back to Britain in the 1500's, you’ll find about free trade then when they had the "British Empire," they coined the term, to bring in a trading block of countries where it had most-favored trading status for nations.


To move vast cargoes of gold back and forth on the sea that sometimes was pretty rough and ships would sink, well, the bankers would lose, you see, so much. They always made it up but they lost so much. Therefore, it was easier just to make money out of nothing and that’s when they decided to change the whole system and take it off any standard for their own benefit, and today they just print off the money and sell debt.


They sell debt. It’s the oddest thing. They sell debt to people to keep the system going and people own the debt incurred by your parents and your grandparents and you, even though you didn’t know you were incurring any debt.


The politicians, it’s their job, and the prime ministers, to sign you down as collateral each time they go cap-in-hand to banks and this is what we call civilization and progress—progress.


When we look at this system there’s nothing in it that exists for the ordinary people. Everything that’s given to the public, including technology, we grab at it. We grab thinking, boy, this is fantastic. The computer is fantastic. The Internet is fantastic. Even though Zbigniew Brzezinski told us why they were going to give us the computer and the Internet long before the public ever heard of it.


It’s to create a common culture, a system where they don’t have to send out bodily spies to spy on everybody. They simply have everybody putting all their data through a computer, which the governments BY LAW must be able to HACK INTO AT ANY TIME. That’s over and done with. It’s a done deal, which also means that all the computer manufacturers build in certain technologies, which you are unaware of, to allow this to happen. Which also means that all the security software that you buy, BY LAW, worldwide, must not be able to STOP GOVERNMENT AGENCIES from coming into them; so they’re all in cahoots by law, by law.


People should go and see “The Devil’s Advocate” with Al Pacino because in there Satan or the devil, who doesn’t make anybody do anything they don’t really want to do, is quite candid with his it turns out to be his son; and he says, “how are we taking over the world?” and he’s a lawyer. He runs the biggest law firm in New York in this movie. He says, “by lawyers, we’re turning out armies of them. Lawyers. That’s how we’re taking the world over.”


We think it’s through battlefields. No, that’s just the nitty-gritty stuff to take over the last remaining what we call "backward nations," the ones that have their own system, but really the whole world is run by lawyers who understand the meanings of words; and if you go to court you’ll have two of them on a ‘jousting field.’ That’s where justice comes from. Joust. Where the knights only could go on the field. If you were a commoner you were not allowed on it. That’s why you stand and you kept quiet. Whereas the authorized knight is supposed to be your champion and he hopes to outsmart the other guy with his knowledge of words and previous laws and cases, and you’re just a bystander while this is happening as this little game of intellect goes on between the two jousters.


Law is how it’s done. Legality. Remember Legality also is related to religion, 'ligio,' to bind, to tie, and we’re bound and tied by laws—most of which we’re unaware are even on the books or being made or are in the process of being made. However, a powerful dominant minority as Huxley said has always existed. It’s always been here and as he said at Berkeley in his speech at Berkeley, “I presume it always will exist.” He didn’t even mention politics. He knew that was more of a sideshow, a formality for the public, but he did admit to a dominant minority running the whole show, these unseen people behind the scenes.


Benjamin Disraeli, who was the Prime Minister of Britain in the 1800's, made the famous statement that those who run government and the country are very, very different from the players that the public see. The men behind the scenes are unknown generally to the public and the high dominant minority group, they call them “the lazy boy.” The person who works is not one of the dominant minority. The lazy boy does no work. Everything is done for them you see. That’s the key of what’s called being truly successful. Everything is managed for you.


A comment from one of these people could start wars because the little aids that run around to hear the little comments will then take on the burden and responsibility legally by implementing – getting rid of someone who’s being troublesome. If that ever went to court that so-and-so was rubbed out because lord or whatever or baron so-and-so didn’t like this guy, then the baron is quite free because the aid mistakenly misunderstood him and would take the blame. That’s how things run in the real world. Comments make or break nations.


Not too long ago on the CBC, there was a documentary about a man living in Canada who dealt heavily with international movements of armaments for wars. Quite legal. It showed you a little brief flash with his Knight of Malta Masonic gear on. Yes, they’re all Masons. It doesn’t matter if they’re orange, blue, whatever lodge they belong to, they’re all Masons. It went from him to a dealing that he had with a company in London who was into a big, big shareholder of world supply of gold and silver, and when they went on in this documentary they interviewed the head, again, a worker, remember. A person who works is not the dominant minority but he’s certainly up there, he’s above the upper middle class level. He said, yes, right now we’ve got this little war going in Sierra Leone; and they went through Keeny Meeny, which is a British mercenary service that draws ex-marines and Special Air Service guys through I think the Isle of Wight, that’s where they’re based, and they put them all over the world where big private companies, oil companies, diamond companies want little wars started to clear the people off the land and to get chaos going. They showed you some clips in Sierra Leone, and sure enough, here are these ex-British military guys with the black guys they’d hired having this little war going on there to take over territory, to put into place someone who would be more friendly to this big diamond and gold company; and that’s the real world that we live in.


There’s nothing legally ever done about it because the boys at the top are the legal system. The real legal system. They’re untouchable and we also have this high Masonic tie-in because they’re sworn to secrecy. That’s the beauty of Freemasonry, is that every degree that a person goes through from the bottom to the top they must retake their oaths of secrecy and so they get their handshakes, their passwords, their signs and all this kind of stuff with every degree; but they also must give a penal or a punishment sign that they're also given with every degree. It doesn’t stop with the cutting of the throat and all that kind of stuff. It goes on and on and on.


It’s a great training ground to recruit workers who will work for this corrupt system and keep silent about it to death and it’s also reinforced to them that if they were to break the silence what would happen to them. Grown men, at least physically grown men, don’t take these oaths lightly. In the bottom lodges it's a big joke. They can’t imagine anyone ripping them open and tearing things out of them and tossing intestines over their shoulders and all that kind of stuff. They can’t imagine it, but those at the very bottom will never be asked to go to that extreme anyway. You can’t have half-ripped-open carcasses all over the planet. That wouldn’t look too good for recruitment. Anyway, they know nothing anyway, but they do keep the system going. They’re sworn to uphold the system.


For those that think there’s an opposition through, say, Marxism or Trotskyism, do your homework and look into the histories then. You’ll find if you read books written by people like Trotsky, he was a High Freemason himself. He was introduced to it in prison at one time and he got so carried away and the role of it in history making that he was writing a compendium of Masonic history when he had to flee from the Soviet system and then was sent to Latin America where he was supposedly later assassinated. However, if you should read the book called “My Life” by Trotsky, he goes right through it.


He was escorted through different countries from the Soviet Union as he was being exiled by the NKVD, the precursors of the KGB. He was escorted through different frontiers by these guys and he said they all walked through with him showing no papers but just giving the Masonic signs and passwords. That’s in his own book.


For those people who think it’s all a big joke, they should do their homework to find out what’s really behind it. They might start with something that seems trivial, almost natural, because many people have generations of lower down Freemasons in their family and they’ll say my dad was a good guy.


Albert Pike said that they're the outer portico (lower members) that gives a good public image; they think they're involved in charity, which mainly they’re not really. However, they’re sworn to uphold the system—which is rather odd when you think about it because if you ask any average lower Freemason from any type of lodge about the system in its present state, when we know there's so much corruption. At least that’s what they give us in the media and that’s what they’re going to give us. We don’t know the whole extent of it. Even the lowest Mason will tell you, well, if we don’t have this system we'd have anarchy. They’re all taught this at the very bottom level and I often wonder if anarchy is opposition to something that’s rotten and corrupt, what’s ‘archy?’ The ‘arc,’ the ‘ark’ – which covenant are we talking about here? To whom? To what? And yet, these guys that swear to uphold this system are the same guys who boast in their own books. They're the same guys that were behind every revolution at least as far back as the 1500's in different parts of Europe. Once they put in this system, they then made it really illegal to alter it in any way at all.


I’ve had so many people email me and phone me who are caught in different stages of waking up. Some are caught in, "Well, if we get back to gold we’re fine." Well, that’s out the window because we know who would own that. Others think, "What can we do to fix it? How can you fix it?" And my answer to that is, how can you fix or even want to keep something that’s totally corrupt to begin with? What part of the corrupt things do you want to excise? And if you excised all the corrupt parts, there’s nothing left.


OUR SYSTEM IS CORRUPT. We’re trained to compete and compete and compete. That’s what all the sports is about, apart from the brainwashing and the time wasting. The circuses for the public, as Huxley said; but from school you’re taught to do what? To compete. To get little gold stars for being a good parrot. Don’t think for yourself because original thought, especially pre-high school and even during high school, isn't really relished by those in control. They want good parrots and you learn very quickly that if you get a gold star and the person next to you doesn’t, then you’re superior to that person there; that’s how the system works, so we’re graded.


Albert Pike made a famous statement too. He said, “those Masons who haven’t gone through the formal degrees,” – and people can’t figure out what he means. What he means is – you see, this is a Masonic system. Everything in your system is Masonic, including the grading system at school. THEY GAVE US THIS GRADING SYSTEM. The Masons proudly say they were the ones who pushed for the implementation of universal education everywhere. That’s what they mean by "you haven’t gone through the formal rites." However, once you get onto that platform, get your square hat on and all that kind of stuff and your robe, you're starting to take the pre-rites, you see.


We’re already trained in a system of grading and they have their winners and they have their losers, and the losers generally are put into laboring fields; and that’s fine as long as you have an industrial society where you need that type of labor or skilled labor and tradesman and all the rest of the it. However, in a post-industrial society, you don’t need all of those hands anymore. You have the machines that do all the carrying. We see that in the big supermarkets now: things that can bring ten pallets at a time down the isle. They don’t need the labor and these were jobs at one time that were taken by the unskilled, the ones who failed the exams or had no interest—perhaps more wisely than others who did try to pass it, because maybe subconsciously they knew most of it was nonsense, especially when you get gold stars for just learning dates and times and who killed who and that kind of stuff, stuff written by propagandists.


As Lenin said, “the victor writes the rules and writes the history.” In reality it’s all been the same bunch, regardless of which side you thought they were on. The mass man they understand—mass psychology—it's well understood what motivates the masses, because there’s a tremendous peer pressure amongst people to conform to the people next-door to you.


In ancient times the priesthoods knew that they’d have to dissolve tribes and once a tribe was out of the way you could then rule over people directly down to the individual. However, they needed a breeding program for slaves and workers and so they gave us marriage.


The Catholic Church instituted marriage for life and your wife was often picked for you when you were 14, 15 and when the priest made a suggestion you should marry Maggie over yonder, that was an order. They kept the births, the marriages, the deaths of everybody and they knew what’s a good stock for one kind of work and a bad stock for another. They understood it. It was a breeding program. That’s why you keep all these records going back for generations of who’s marrying whom and who gives offspring to whom and then the Catholic Church could rule directly to the individual. The tribal cohesion was gone. There was nobody to stand up for you. On the contrary, you’d have to go to the local priest sometimes to stand up for you to the guy above the priest.


In this new post-industrial society, you see the effects of the dissolvement of that which was useful at one point to the elite and now they don’t need it anymore because even a family is still a form of a mini-tribe. People will stand up for each other and their rights for family members. If you destroy the family unit, completely eradicate it, then you’ve accomplished your mission. Now it’s the state’s right to you. In a totalitarian regime the state has said over and over, and the philosophers have all spoken about it and it was taught at high levels, the state must reign supreme in every area of a person’s life. The state only must be the only ones authorized and allowed to use force. That’s why no one else can use any force even to protect yourself against a bear or whatever.


This is taught in the Officer’s Training colleges for the military. It’s also taught in the training colleges for the military and the police: that ultimately to have a safe society you must have a predictable society, which means complete data collection on every individual at all times.


If someone gets drunk and drives a car and kills someone and on the coast or thousands of miles away, why would a law be passed on the books so that every motorist must get stopped and give breathalyzers or have some policeman with his nose two inches from yours to see if you have been drinking? Well, that was all tested out in the Soviet system, which is now implemented here. In the Soviet system they had communal punishments, so if one person broke a law (which someone else could break), then the whole society had to be regarded as possible suspects before the event occurred. In other words, we’re all capable of crimes. How do you stop crime? You’ve got to stop free thought. How do you stop free thought? Well, ultimately you’ve got to either destroy that part of the brain that makes you an individual and gives you the ability to choose, or you do it by implanting them with something.


Both of these methods have been heavily discussed. The former has actually been practiced to an extent through the introduction of drugs and inoculations; and if you follow the IQs – the new IQ, by the way, is quite a few points lower than the last IQ. It was released a few months ago and we’re supposed to think this is a normal thing that we just dropped 10 points on the IQ level as though we’re – if you started getting shorter, losing six inches in a generation, that would be normal too. This is how we’re given this kind of data. However, when you read Arthur Koestler’s book, “The Ghost in the Machine,” where he works for the United Nations, he sits on think tanks to find ways of lobotomizing, chemically or bacteriologically or virally, parts of the brain to destroy individualism, for world peace, mind you, and the only problem was: do we inject it into them, do we put it into their water, their food or spray it from the air? Well, take your pick. Take your pick.


The bad news is this has been going on. You don’t employ thousands of people in what is a world government – that’s what the United Nations is set up to be. It’s not there to be a social worker that hands out bread. That’s the television PR stuff. Read the books just prior to the set up of the UN, the ones written during the 1940's to do with the United Nations and its functions and its goals and missions, and then you’ll clue in to what the UN really is. It was set up to be world government, step by step. Every country which signed on to it technically gave up their sovereignty and if you break that rule that you signed, you become – they call you a rogue nation. That’s means you’ve broken the contract. You’ve broken the contract.


It’s not just a referee between people or nations. It’s ultimately the final arbitrator. It’s the king system for globalization and to bring peace that they’re always talking about, they'd either have to lobotomize you or put a chip in your brain. The chipping part was discussed at the meetings at Loyola University when the scientists from all countries met at an international meeting on this very topic and we see it now promoted in movies as they said in that meeting they would do. They'd promote this idea into the public’s minds of inevitability of chipping down the road by putting it in comics, cartoons, novels, and now we have them. We can rent some, watch them, like the cutter, The Final Cut. Children get them in their cartoons where their superheroes are part-robot and they’ve got chips in them and they have all these super-strengths and abilities, and the youngsters think, gee, that would be great to have something like that, but the real objective is to make a form of the Borg—where we're all one. We’ll all be one, linked to the central computer. You'll have a number and when you become faulty they’ll just call you in for readjustment or elimination, or recycling perhaps.


This is the real world we live in. We pay through taxation for all these think tanks to find ways of controlling us more and more and more and they know how to do it. They have the technology to do it and we still think because of the optimism part of the brain, which is well understood, we all have a little part called the optimist part, that nobody would do that. Nobody would do that because I wouldn’t do that to them; and that’s why these things are allowed to happen.


I used to wonder when I was first shown around a farm by a schoolmate of mine and he took me around the calves that were in stalls and he said pat them, and I pat them, and they'd roll these big eyes at you. He said stick your hand in their mouth, and you'd stick your hand in their mouth and they'd suck away and slobber away and these were really nice things, you see, creatures. What I could never fathom is why farmers could talk affectionately about animals which they were going to eat or sell for profit that would be eaten.


It’s a dilemma; until you take that same personality type, boost it up into a dominant minority role, where you’re given a completely different meaning of life and the universe and the way things run, and they talk about us in the same way. They don’t say that they hate the public or nasty things. In fact, they talk in a very nice manner about it all.


So nice, like Aldous Huxley, that you've got to really think about what he’s saying for it to hit home, that this person is saying such horrible things in the nicest possible way. Because the good shepherds in all ages must cull the sheep, you see, eventually, once in a while. That’s what they’re there for.


In “The Next Million Years” by Charles Galton Darwin his biggest fear was the threat that the commoners who were breeding out of control according to him would become so numerous they’d dilute the gene pool and eventually some of the newer elite classes might join them and interbreed and lose their special genes and become dumb and stupid and watch soccer and stuff like that. He was all worried about keeping them separate and culling off the lower ones or sterilizing them compulsorily. We tie all this in with all the agendas that are on the go all meshing with each other and Joe Average would think by reading papers and magazines that we’re all disconnected and just happenstance and it’s just the way things go; but nothing is further from the truth.


Everything in culture creation is planned and allowed or disallowed. Nothing can happen in a system that might upset the system—NOTHING that hasn’t been discussed and argued about in panels, the pros and cons, and repercussions down the road. Plato went into this stuff over 2,300 years ago. Well understood these sciences. The New Age movement is part of it. You bring them in gradually through fascinating them with the unknown. The unknown is a fascinating thing. We all have this little bit of what makes things tick. What’s behind the things we see? Why do things happen the way they do when they shouldn’t happen or should happen? or whatever; and forces, the god of forces, is another little term or the way they'll couch it.


We are watching the creation and we’ve lived through it, actually, of the creation of a new religion for a new era called the New Age. This New Age has spokesmen like Mikhail Gorbachev, amongst many others that all intermesh, and his green party or his little green Lazarus flag there, the Knights of Lazarus, writing about the creation of the New Age movement where a form of earth worship must be introduced into the minds of people. The day will come when children will voluntarily step forward to be sterilized "for mother earth"; and you better believe only these certain lower orders who will take part in this because the elite don’t have to. They have special genes. They've proven their worth. They can dominate and they’re too cunning, but they don’t need all of the hands anymore for their new pristine planet that they want to create with their habitat regions and animal corridors and armies of forestry guys that are really just another uniformed Army. Uniform – one form, Masonic again, all uniforms are.


Then, others want to know, well, what happens after this? Many people actually ask you that question before they want to know or before they ask the questions about what is happening now; they’ll say what happens after this? And these are the religious shoppers. They look for the supermarket of religion. They’ve generally paid who knows how many bucks going from one guru or special meditation thing to the next, to the next, to the next, to the next. They speak a language that they think is theirs. It’s not. It was given to them, as their own terminology, and they never admit that they’re going on to the next school of thought because the last one didn’t work. If it did work they wouldn’t need it, obviously, they’d be happy, but they just shop from one to the next because they’re terrified of what happens after this.


They don’t even know what's happening here, now, and here they are, worrying about what’s going to happen after this. The oddest thing is in human nature, regardless of religion or time or era, the oddest thing is that people think they’re entitled to go on to something better. It’s a beautiful creation or escape for those who don’t use their minds in this world. Somehow they don't only deserve to go on, it’s not like an obligatory thing on behalf of some godhead to pass them through the pearly gates regardless of what they have or haven't done. Like a legality that had been signed before they were born or something by a deity insuring them this guarantee—an insurance company of heaven you might say. Yet they haven’t done anything in this life. They don’t even know what’s happening. They don’t even know that the religions they’re involved in were all made for them by people they never see. Not by the old gurus or whatever they see in front of them.


I was recently sent a cut-out from a magazine with an advertisement for some Buddhist guru – [Rinpoche] or something. Maybe they'll come back and back as a ricochet? Anyway, this guy was appearing at some big place in the U.S. in New York and they had little mats on the floor and if you count them all up, it’s an interesting number, you should look into it. You can find this ad if you want and you’ve seen after that, it looks like the chessboard of course, but there’s an actual floor further on towards this rounded part of this New Age hall that is the chessboard, and you find that in every Masonic Lodge; and then they have the double tetrahedron, the top one and the bottom one, the diamond shape. That’s the twin pyramids, above and below, and it’s in blue and then there’s a 6 (six) on it, which is also the letter “G” – for generation, gnosis, grafting, all that kind of stuff, geometry, god and gold, because you’re gold when you've achieved godhood. Golden-Thighed Pythagoras.


It’s all Masonic and this is supposedly Buddhist and you’ll find this in all religions the same symbolism and it’s in front of your face all the time and people never question what it means.  For them to even think or come close to thinking that all this is connected, all of these religions are connected somehow at the top, well, it must be absurd; and they'll say "why is it absurd? Well, it’s always been there," like that validated its sincerity and honesty and independence.


People go religion shopping in this great supermarket and they’re finding satisfaction in a world which they can’t understand. They're looking for a guarantee into something to come. They can’t handle the burden of consciousness in this world because it’s not a pleasant place and it’s not meant to be the way the system is set up. We don’t have the luxury of just being totally joyful because we’re always worried about the past or of the future. You have the symbolism of Jesus with the two robbers on either side, the thieves, one who stole the past and one who steals the future. The worry or the regret for the past. The fear for the future. Freemasonry.


Yet they want to go on and have a guarantee that some big important person wearing fancy clothes, maybe waving incense, or splashing them with holy water, or ducking them under water like apples you do at Halloween, is going to guarantee you a rite of passage into an afterlife where all will be happy and you don’t have to cry anymore.



That’s what we’ve been fed for thousands upon thousands maybe millions of years to keep us all quiet while nasty things are happening around us. Every generation goes through this. We live in a world of symbols.



The reincarnation theory is really for the elite at the top. They have a different version, which I’ve talked about before, but they don’t mind the lessers (the ones down below) believing in it if it keeps them happy and quiet. It’s almost like a credit card thing, where you can sin now and you pay later—a karmic thing—just add it to my tab and I’ll work it off in my next lifetime. This is the nonsense with which an elite, a scientific elite, by the way, control us with all of this stuff; and the story is generally don’t worry about anything, just let things happen. "It’s unreal. It’s all an illusion and it doesn’t matter what happens to anybody," which must mean ourselves as well, or maybe it’s always to other people. Maybe that’s how we can rationalize it, when people are paid to go off and kill all over the planet and be rewarded for it by governments and things and give them little medals to wear for killing people.



The world really is a nasty place. It’s a cruel place running on a particular inner secret religion. You might call it the modern term "social Darwinism," survival of the fittest, or you might go back into the past and realize that Darwin just reiterated what the elite had always believed in; and he did. It’s their religion. It’s part of it.


Here’s some food for thought. You have to do your homework. Don’t ask me, as though I were a personal library to do all your work for you. Don’t ask me the answers and the meaning of life to everything. You’ll have to go and find that for yourself, for yourself. Taking a ready-made suit off the shelf isn't going to do it for you – "will I just pick this one or that one?" They’re all made for you in advance by the same boys at the top.


To have meaning in life you have to be a sentient being and stop allowing others to do your thinking, and entertaining, and passing your time for you on this planet.


THINK FOR YOURSELF. You might be surprised.


Well, just to let you know that these are basics I’m giving you, basics and repetition. It’s important. The repetition is important until you start to look into these things I’ve been talking about; rather than go into the deep, deep, deep stuff. This is deep enough if you go into some of the books I’ve recommended in the past. In the next video I’ll be doing, I’ll be going into an esoteric side of things in a lot more detail than has been done up to the present time. This next one will be for sale and I hope you’ll support by buying it, so stay tuned to the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com and hopefully it will be up and out soon.


Thank you.



Song:  "Teach Your Children Well" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


You, who are on the road,

Must have a code that you can live by,

And so become yourself,

Because the past is just a good-bye.


Teach your children well,

Their father’s hell did slowly go by,

And feed them on your dreams

The one they picks,

The one you’ll know by.

Don’t you ever ask them why,

If they told you, you would cry,

So just look at them and sigh

And know they love you.


And you, of tender years,

Can’t know the fears

That your elders grew by

And so please help them with your youth,

They seek the truth before they can die.


Teach your parents well,

Their children’s hell will slowly go by,

And feed them on your dreams

The one they picks,

The one you’ll know by.

Don’t you ever ask them why,

If they told you, you would cry,

So just look at them and sigh

And know they love you.



When you vote people into power over you, from a local board to a federal government, you must demand to know all the societies with secrets to which they have sworn allegiance.


This goes for all public servants and those who wear uniforms. You will find a pyramid structure of control under a command of unelected high secret society members with an agenda.


Until this is done, the public will be lied to, misled and suffer confusion as the integration of the Americas is brought underway.



(Transcribed by Linda)