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April 26, 2007


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Hello. I'm Alan Watt and this is and on the 26th of April 2007.


I'll be a bit late tonight with this blurb, obviously, as you've already found out, I'm sure. It’s because apart from being overloaded with mail, email and so on, and just doing the regular stuff you have to do to get through each day, plus not even getting to the post office, because there are already the crazy guys on the roads coming up from cities going up to other cities, and killing each other on the roads, with their speed and their frantic need to get ahead of each other, and save a second here or a second there, so the road was blocked and I had to turn back.


Laura the webmaster, who's filling in temporarily, is at the funeral and then the get-together afterwards, so the rest of the sites will be a bit late getting up.


Tonight, I'd like to talk about the "Big Fear Creation" that's going on, and has been going on for some time. They always start the drums slowly, because the sheep don't mind so much as we're grazing, you see, and then they get gradually louder, until you're used to it, and louder still and faster, and then you're getting pushed into the new pen.  You're getting moved from one field of understanding to another.  For the world that's being planned (and it's been well documented), I don't go into the conspiracy theories.  I try and use all the data that's out there, put out by the big players themselves. The people with power and money, influence, and who hold global meetings on how to handle the populous and get us all moving into this new "perfected society," where that which is left imperfect, mainly humanity itself, meaning the lower end of it (which is most of us), have all to be perfected. 


It's like the communist definition of peace.  When Stalin was asked what it was, he said, "it was the absence of all opposition."  That's what the utopia and peace means to the elite of the world.  That's when they don't have to coerce us.  That's when they don't have to threaten us, entertain us to death, and use such tremendous media means and culture means with music, drama and fiction, to go along on a certain path.  It's a lot of work, you see, it's not so profitable. It takes away from the profit.


The weather is the big stick, the “global warming” that's just been intensified. They've been spraying, from about '98 in Ontario, earlier in some parts of the United States.  They've been using the HAARP type technology, (High Altitude Auroral Research Program) HAARP; which sends out electromagnetic beams and pulsations; which can be found on the short-wave radio. You can pick them up.


Since about 2000, anyway, at least 2000, it's been on 24 hours a day on different frequencies.  This can also, apart from altering the weather—especially when it's easier, when you saturate the atmosphere with metallic particles—you can also affect the moods of people, just by altering the frequency slightly. You can make them aggressive or passive, and very dozy and tired.  These are all in the treaty to do with weather warfare, which most of the countries signed, back in the 1970’s at the United Nations.  Plus, there are earthquakes and all kinds of phenomena, which you can find in Revelations, because it seems that they're using the old Bible, you see, the old plan, to terrify the public. It's much more efficient if we all go down with the ship, thinking, "It's God's plan, so there's nothing you can do about it."  That's why they started to use Revelations so heavily in the last hundred years or so, amongst Christian groups, primarily in America.


Here's the United Nations getting in on it, because they have to be in on it, since they're the front for all the global elite. This is from  The date is April 17th, 2007.



It says here:


             "UN Security Council holds climate debate.  The United Nations…"


Alan:  It's from AP News.


             "The UN Security Council held a groundbreaking debate Tuesday on the impact of climate change on conflicts, brushing aside objections from developing countries that global warming is not an issue of international peace and security.  Britain holds the council presidency this month and organized an open meeting to highlight what its foreign secretary, Margaret Beckett, said was the "security imperative" to tackle climate change because it can exacerbate problems that cause conflicts and threatens the entire planet."


Alan:  My, my, my. You always get the same terminology, because it's the same people, elitists and psychopaths. They always use threats of wars and threats of comets or whatever.  They've used everything in the past to terrify the public so that they get more power over the public.


Here's "Margaret Beckett saying was the "security imperative" to tackle climate change because it can exacerbate problems that cause conflicts and threatens the entire planet."


What did she mean by that? 


You're talking about food and all the rest of it. We already know that the United Nations plans to takeover the world's food supply; at least dish it out to the "states," as they call the countries. They want the right to be the one who dishes it out, and if you don't keep your population down, it's your tough cheese—you've got to cull off some of your own, and that's been stated at the United Nations, by the woman who is in charge of the UN Agricultural DepartmentsShe said, "food has always been used as a weapon," and what she was basically getting at was that it will be used as a weapon again.  Why not use it as a weapon? since THE ELITES HAVE ALWAYS USED FOOD AS A WEAPON.



Getting back to this little spiel here from the United Nations, according to the AP News Wire and


             "The Security Council is the forum to discuss issues that threaten the peace and security of the international community."


Alan:  We're all a big international community.


             "What makes wars start?


Alan:  I could go into diatribes of that, but I won't.


             "Fights over water. Changing patterns of rainfall. Fights over food production, land use," Beckett said. "There are few greater potential threats to our economies too ... but also to peace and security itself."


Alan:  It’s everything, in other words, that you run on. You need your basics for survival. I've talked about this so many times. That's what Russell and all the rest of these guys in the last lot (that are all under "the sod") talked about doing, that these things should not be left to the people. The people were just too stupid to take care of things themselves. The experts had to be in charge of it all, and that's one of the purposes of the United Nations.


By the way, with the United Nations, we don't get a vote, to vote people into the United Nations; and yet they're always on about making every other country democratic.  Think about it.  They also have an intergenerational bureaucracy.  They breed their own offspring, and send them to a particular school they have, so they can become better psychopathic bureaucrats.


Getting back to the talk:


             "This is a groundbreaking day in the history of the Security Council, the first time ever that we will debate climate change as a matter of international peace and security," she said."


Alan:  She's obviously the PR spokesman too.


             "The two major groups representing developing countries — the Non-Aligned Movement and the Group of 77 —"


Alan:  They love these groups of things. They always have groups of things or leagues of things, like the League of Just Men, the characters who made up the pre-communist party. Even Bertrand Russell himself was put in charge of leading what was thought to be the radical left wing of the anti-nuclear crisis of the '60’s and '70’s, and he was the head of the Group of 100. They were the radical ones that would storm airbases and smash down the fences; so they run all sides of things, you see.  Here's another group of 77.


             "…wrote separate letters accusing the Security Council of "ever-increasing encroachment" on the role and responsibility of other U.N. organs.  Climate change and energy are issues for the General Assembly, where all 192 U.N. member states are represented, and the Economic and Social Council, not the Security Council, they said.

Pakistan's Deputy Ambassador Farukh Amil, whose country heads the Group of 77, which represents 132 mainly developing countries and China, told the council Tuesday that its debate not only "infringes" on the authority of other U.N. organs but "compromises the rights of the general membership of the United Nations.  Beckett, who spent five years as Britain's negotiator on climate change, said she understood the reservations.

"I'm the last person to want to undermine the important work that those bodies do," she said, "but this is an issue that threatens the peace and security of the whole planet, and the Security Council has to be the right place to debate it, and clearly if 52 countries wish to speak, that isn't just a view held by the United Kingdom."


Alan:  You see we're all impersonalized here. We're not people anymore, we're countries.  You see how they flip back and forth? When they want to condemn people and populations, they talk about "the people" of the country.  When they try and claim that a country wants the UN to do something, they talk about "52 countries wish to speak."  The average person isn't going to get a whistle, never mind a voice in anything, because you're not allowed to speak for your country to the UN, if you're an ordinary person.  That's appointees that get those jobs, generally life-long politicians or higher-level bureaucrats that are tossed off to the United Nations.  They're already globalists, because we're already global. The con game of having nations is just that. It's a con game. We’ve been global for a long time.


             "Beckett said Britain was following the precedent of the first Security Council debate on another very important global issue --"


Alan:  Here we go.


             "…HIV/AIDS in 2000. "We want to see the same thing happen with climate change, that it comes from the fringes into the mainstream," she said."


Alan:  I could go on with that too, but I won't.


             "Over the past few years, she said, the threat from climate change has grown and its impact goes far beyond the environment "to the very heart of the security agenda."  She cited flooding, disease and famine leading to unprecedented migration; drought and crop failure intensifying competition for food, water and energy; and the potential for economic disruption on a scale not seen since World War II."


Alan:  They're going to try and out-do all the things they did in World War II, put on a "better show" for the public, and they will, because they have the sciences to do it.  Read up on the history of viral and bacterial warfare. That's where your plagues will come from. They can do all of the other things with the HAARP technology alone.  Earthquakes, droughts or floods, and hurricanes, tornadoes—it's all in their treaty at the United Nations.  Yes, they have the bag of tricks, as long as they don't admit that they're using them, they might just get away with it. Now they've got to put a lot of propaganda out, and claim, “It's a threat from out there. It's the solar, the sun's going crazy. The sun is just going nuts, and you have to give up all your rights and do what we say, so we can all survive.” Or they could use the plague, as I say.  So many things they could use, because it's all done by science, and they've been spraying us like bugs, for years now, and you can smell and taste the metallic particles in the atmosphere, pretty well everyday.


             "On Monday, Beckett noted, top U.S. retired admirals and generals warned in a new report that climate change is a "threat multiplier for instability." She said Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni, whose economy depends on hydropower from a reservoir that is already depleted by drought, has called climate change "an act of aggression by the rich against the poor."


Alan:  It's nice to know that someone’s got some “smarts.”


             "He is one of the first leaders to see this problem in security terms," Beckett said. "He will not be the last."


Alan:  I don’t think he was actually on her side when he said that.


             "U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the council that projected climate changes can not only have serious environmental, social and economic implications, but implications for peace and security as well.  "This is especially true in vulnerable regions that face multiple stresses at the same time — pre-existing conflict, poverty and unequal access to resources, weak institutions, food insecurity, and incidence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS," he said.  Ban outlined several "alarming, though not alarmist" scenarios…"


Alan:  I like that, “alarming but not alarmist,” like “it's conspiracy, but not conspiracy.”  Maybe it's a conspiracy theory. They love that term, at the top, since they gave it to us all when we parrot what they say.


             "Ban outlined several "alarming, though not alarmist" scenarios, including limited or threatened access to energy increasing the risk of conflict, a scarcity of food and water transforming peaceful competition…"


Alan:  We have peaceful competition. Did you know that?  Did you know we had peaceful competition?  Boy, read your history.


             "…transforming peaceful competition into violence, and floods and droughts polarizing societies and weakening the ability of countries to resolve conflicts peacefully. The world must come together — including civil society and the private sector — to prevent these scenarios from becoming reality, he said."


Alan:  Remember Carroll Quigley, what he talked about, the coming New World Order was to be made up of a type of new fascism, where you have public/private partnerships, where really the private partnerships would be international corporations. He called them "the new feudal overlords of the world,” and they would be the people who would control those beneath them.  This is what this is all about, just worded a slightly different way, and they hope you haven't read Quigley's stuff, you see.


             "Ban noted that his predecessor, Kofi Annan, warned that "environmental degradation has the potential to destabilize already conflict-prone regions" and urged member states to agree on ways "that allow all of us to live sustainably…"


Alan:  Sustainable development: remember that term?  Go back into the UN's history, and that was one of their agendas, was takeover the sustainability of the planet.


             …"within the planet's means."  The secretary-general said he wanted "to renew and amplify this call."


Alan:  “Renew and amplify this call,” I wonder who wrote that for him.


             "Compared to the cost of conflict and its consequences," Ban said, "the cost of prevention is far lower — in financial terms but most importantly in human lives, and life quality."


Alan:  These are the same guys that when the Canadian general was in charge of Rwanda, very short of men, and he was sending back all of these reports of impending attacks, what was going to happen between the Hutus and Tutsis. We used to call them the Hottentots and Tottenhots; that was a hundred years before that.  However, he warned them all what was going to happen, and the UN ignored him. They let it happen. Interesting, eh? You can't believe a thing the UN, the French for "one," says, because there's an agenda here—an agenda is for the very purpose for which it was set-up in the first place. Read your history of the League of Nations, and follow it from then on.


Now on the same vein, I'd like to talk about Mark Baard.  Mark Baard has Parallel Normal Word on the Internet. You can check it up. He also does "The Register" and at you can see this article here, and it's from April 26th, 2007, today.


It says:


             "Where conspiracy and convention collide, Red Ice Creations and Cutting Through the Matrix, he says… I investigate the claims made by "esoteric researchers" studying the underlying causes of world events. Think about it:  Governments and global corporations, and most of us, exist in a universe parallel to the one inhabited by eso-researchers. But as Henrik Palmgren…"


Alan:  That's from Red Ice.


             "…told me recently, "The worlds need to collide! We need to mix and mess things up in order to break free from the consensus trance and the stagnation of ideas about our reality and what the heck is going on."


Alan:  On the left of the page, they've got the article:


             "Global Warming: Pretext for Weather Warfare?" 


Alan:  Then there's a photograph of Lowell Wood, who's a scientist. He was taught by Edward Teller. Edward Teller—I always call him Heller for some reason. I think it's because it's more appropriate, “hell,” but Edward Teller was the supposed inventor of the H-bomb. He also was the one who first proposed that they spray the skies with metallic particles. He suggested what types to use. They're using them all now to manipulate the weather for warfare purposes. He was also aware that the HAARP type technology from Tesla could be used, along with the spraying, to affect the moods and create mood swings, even of depression, or you could create people to be very hyper or anxious. We're seeing all of that with simply varying the frequencies a little bit. 


On the front page of Parallel there is Lowell Wood, that they nicknamed "Dr. Evil," with his mentor, Edward Teller, or “Heller,” as I prefer to call him.



It says:


             "Recent reports suggest that the scientists’ weather warfare proposals are gaining traction. Recent reports in the Wall Street Journal (see excerpt and link, below) and elsewhere point to the threat posed by a group of physicists, led by one “Dr. Evil,” who wants to use aircraft to disperse specially engineered particles to block out the sun."


Alan:  They've been doing it.  We know that—for quite a few years.


             "The reports, based on an article in the Spring 2007 Wilson Quarterly…"


Alan:  I guess that's the name of the article in the Wilson Quarterly.


             "…supports claims by Alan Watt that weather modification experiments (marked by chemtrails and sudden weather changes) have long been underway. The author of the WQ piece…"


Alan:  That's the Wilson Quarterly.


             "…James R. Fleming, describes the “troubling motif of militarization in the history of weather and climate control.” Fleming quotes Dr. Evil (Pentagon physicist Lowell Wood, who gets a kick out of the nickname) as saying the time has come for “an intelligent elimination of undesired heat from the biosphere by technical ways and means,” rather than changes in fuel consumption and public policy."


Alan:  Which brings me to a little point. If you simply really, really think about how these people speak, it's interesting. When the big boys speak, it's as though lawyers had written it for them, because they have little clues in there. It's like when they're on about the CO2 is just rising all time. We’ll have to cut down on CO2.  You see humans breathe CO2 out, along with every other living creature, but you see, we are the ones that are the "useless eaters" now, in a post-industrial society.  Think about it, and think what he said here:


             "…intelligent elimination of undesired heat…"


Alan:  Where would a lot of heat come from, and who are they blaming for the creation of the heat?  Hmm.


             "…from the biosphere by technical ways and means,” rather than changes in fuel consumption and public policy."  Wood was a protégé of the late nuke scientist Edward Teller, who proposed similar climate control measures before he died in 2003."



Alan:  He's quite the character, you know, old Edward Teller. He wasn’t just into that. My God, he was (oh, how can I say this?)—He was a bootlicker. That's acceptable amongst the elite, with all these ideas for controlling people and populations and everything else. He would do anything. He'd grovel to anyone to get his name up there amongst famous scientists. He was quite the character; and really he stole everyone else's ideas, and that's quite common. That's why you have a patenting industry and system. They steal ideas. That's how Einstein got to be who he was. He first worked in the patenting office in Switzerland. He served his high Masonic brothers very well, and they said, “We'll make you a famous scientist, my son.”  That's how it really works in the real world; and this character Teller was no different.


He was given other scientists’ ideas who were not "in the know," as they say, because we're all profane at the bottom. We're all in “profanity.” We're “in the dark.” We believe the world as the media presents it to us, and keeps reinforcing it to us. These guys are "enlightened," because they're let "in on the know;" the psychopathic are the worthwhile bringing up there. They have all wonderful ideas to kill us off, and they come up with fantastic ideas for creating new types of weaponry, through high technology and science.  We must remember too, there is so much credit given to these scientists. On the one hand, they always present almost an idealistic humanitarian character on the one side, when they write their obituaries for the public to consume, but there's always another side to these particular high characters. 


If you look into all the Nobel Prize winners, you will see another side to them all, like Banting.  Banting dissected dog after dog after dog, and transplanted livers into God knows what else with them, all kinds of weird stuff.  It's just interesting watching them kick the bucket (which means to die), and measuring them, and how they died, and what's speed they die at with this method and that method, and all the rest of it. Really, there was another fellow who came up with the insulin idea, but Banting was a member of the Canadian military establishment, high scientist in viral and bacterial warfare, and so he got the right to be the famous man.  That's how things really work. That's my little ramble there about that. But whatever you read, there's always more to it.  It was the same with the standing wave theory and all of that stuff. None of the guys were heroes that were into creating the standing waves of EMP and magnetic pulse type energy.


Alan:  Now to carry on with this talk here on Parallel


             "Climate engineering has become a popular topic among a group of scientists who are skeptical of the potential other environmental remedies, from carbon taxes to alternative energy, James R. Fleming, a professor of science, technology and society at Colby College writes in the Wilson Quarterly's spring issue.  But the potential fixes being discussed reflect an overconfidence in technology, Mr. Fleming says, as well as an ignorance of the history of failed efforts to control the weather. One idea put forth by a physicist involved in climate-control discussions would involve bombarding the Arctic stratosphere with specially engineered particles to deflect the sun’s rays, thereby lowering temperatures."



Alan:  We know that when they bombard us; again it's almost a double speak.  When they bombard us with these metallic particles, they don't come down flat, face up to the sun. They spin and revolve and blow in wind and turn all directions, and what we've noticed over the last few years, is they intensify the heat down below because they're reflecting in all directions. The heat can't bounce back out again into space, and so it's trapped under this massive layer of polymer and spray of metallic particles.  We're really into quite the world here, and the weather is obviously what they've chosen to bring in this whole New World Order idea. They can create the droughts. They can create the famines. They've done it already in some places, and they've been doing it for quite a few years. 


They don't just build this equipment, this technology like the one in Alaska. Now they have 54 of them, I think (or 57), of these facilities worldwide, which can act in unison, because they bounce their energy off the ionosphere, and direct it to wherever they want it to go. They don't build them to take photographs of and get their pictures standing next to it. They build these things to use them, and if we look at the United Nations treaty on weather warfare applications, they've all signed up to use it on each other, as nations.  Who are they going to use it on?  It's the populations of the world.


It was back in the '70’s, when ham radio enthusiasts were complaining about the strange signal that was blocking everything else out. They called it "The Woodpecker Phenomenon."  It was a “tap, tap, tap, tap,” tapping. Faster than that, but I can't tap as fast as a woodpecker. It blew everything else off the airwaves, in that frequency of the short-wave to AM radio frequencies, which are used by the ham amateur radio fellows.  This was documented in newspapers in Montreal.  I have some here that were sent to me a few years ago.  They found it was coming from Riga, in the Baltic region, which at that time was under the Soviet control. The Soviets came right out and admitted they were using it, but they were admitting it because they knew that the US was also using it, you see, and of course they were, because all the scientists share this information and did so all through the Cold War. It was a push for massive taxation to build this equipment for today.  That's what the Cold War was primarily about.


When you're getting taxed to the hilt to fight a war that might come, the Cold War, you don't complain as much when there's no threat. It's rather nasty, to be taxed to the hilt for a threat that doesn't come, or there's no one over there to threaten you, so they created the Cold War.  All the scientists use to go over every year, and it was in all the papers, and they let them intermingle. You'd never do that if you truly had a nation. You'd never, ever allow your top scientists to mingle with your supposed enemies’ top scientists. As they said themselves, the Cold War would be won with the person or the country that had the most advanced science.  It was all a scam to build up all of this sort of technology, for use on a global population. That's what it was for. So check into this particular site, it’s well worth seeing: Parallel  Mark also does "The Register" and he's doing pretty well at coming forward with some of these write ups, on another perspective on what's happening in our world, outside of the one that's presented by the "authorized media."

It's interesting to note, too, that Teller is also very similar to Tesla; Nikola Tesla. On the one hand, lots of the so-called mystery books are put out there in profusion by, again, the high societies, which are authorized to do it. That's part of their job, to mystify you and mislead you at the same time. The easiest way to mystify someone is to give them lots of truth and mystique, and they swallow that, which misleads them at the same time. It’s an old, old technique that Weishaupt and other famous people talked about, and used for thousands of years, in fact.


Nikola Tesla is always put out there to be a hero who found ways for free energies and all the rest of it.  However, his main thing was into creating standing waves, which we now call HAARP.  One comment he did make, was that he was afraid to use it, on a large scale, because it could set the atmosphere on fire. It could superheat the atmosphere and set it on fire.  Tesla's other work was on what we now call "crowd control," non-lethal weaponry, which could be cranked up to lethal weaponry—weaponry, in fact, that he said could take out whole cities. He was working for all his bosses while he worked on these projects. He was quite the character; but he's put out to be a hero by a lot of the New Agers, because they haven't read any other history on him.  They only read the New Age books.  Yet, he was right though. They could superheat the atmosphere.  He wasn’t scared about the public; because this is the man who taught the wiping out of cities, remember. He was scared of killing off himself and all the elite bosses, at the same time, with superheating the atmosphere. 



Two or three years ago there was an interesting phenomena. We get lots of new normals now, new phenomena, along with the downbursts from the weather and so on, and "micro-bursts" they call them too, that's now normal; the "new normal."  They come out of nowhere and cut straight swaths across forests; straight as could be, and also come down and knock off the tops of buildings, as though they were targeting them. Maybe someone's playing with it, who knows? I'm sure it is that fine of an adjustment; they could do so. However, these characters, as I say, are not heroes, not to the people, although they're always presented to be, by the biographers.


The weather is the big stick. They've obviously put so much time and effort into "how do we CON the public of the world?  How do we do it?" 


Remember what Bertrand Russell said after Weishaupt, who was only one member of one group of the higher freemasonry involved in the same movement of world domination.   Weishaupt said, "Oh, foolish man, is there nothing you can not be made to believe?" 


That's why we see so much nonsense put out there, amongst what we call the "patriot type movement" in the US, interspersed with Revelations from the Bible, with prophecies that spring out of the woodwork all over the place, like mushrooms in the dark. There's a lot of work going behind all of these things, to terrify the public, to make you think everything is inevitable.  That's why it works this way.  That's why there is so much of it out there; and if it's not that, “it's written in the stars.”  If it's not “God's will,” it’s just this big strange thing where everything is predestined in the stars.  Anything that predestines anything makes you give up before you start; and that's an old, old con.  That’s very, very old, ancient—thousands and thousands of years old.


Bertrand Russell, remember, who was a very high member of this whole mind control business to do with whole populations, tireless worker for this agenda, he said something similar to Weishaupt.  He says, "There is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed (belief) of the vast majority by adequate government action".  Think about that now—nothing, there's nothing.


"No nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed (belief) of the vast majority by adequate government action": Lord Bertrand Russell.  There's nothing. 


Years ago, they pushed out many theories. Oh, “it was the photon belt,” the New Agers were all into that. “We're going to go through the light” and that's why the rush was on to control the world, because, “if the light hit us first we'd all wake up. The light would go on inside our heads and they couldn't control us anymore.”  That was one big theory, which is rehashed once in a while, along with Planet X.  You know Planet X -- X in Roman numerals is 10. The Masons love 10: One and zero; Zero one.  It's the binary code everything is based upon.  The one is the male -- the high male, the illumined male, not the ordinary one down below (all us profane guys); and the zero is the female.  That's what they believe. That's what they teach.  They love 10.  That's why Washington, DC if you speak it, (Dix) is 10 in French.  They love these little code things, you see, they love it.


It’s just like Hiroshima, even though it didn't have to happen, when they dropped the bomb, they wanted to unleash this power upon the earth, to terrify everyone; and they hit it on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Hiroshima is on the 33rd degree parallel. 


We live in a vastly different world than the one the media portrays to us.  We're kept in this surrealism of tidbits, bits and bites of information, but no in-depth covering information to give us a full picture on any particular thing.  It’s where death and destruction is mixed in with silicon babes from Hollywood, with the latest face lift or projections, with the scandals of the stars to titillate the public’s imagination, because sex sells.  You use the primary motivations of people, the instincts, and you exacerbate them.  You could do the same with food, by repetition of advertising the same things, and people will start to go and buy them over and over.  Advertising works, billions and billions are spent to make it work. 


The marketing companies have tremendous insights into the workings of each individual, male or female, from birth to death.  Every milestone you go through, they cater to you for each one, so do the self-help books, all put out by the same people.  “When you hit this age, you're going to be depressed. You need this book.”  (Read all of the older authors of the self-help books that get churned out, and they're all high Masons, again.)  Then there is motivational characters, as well, who flat their arms about and tell you all you have to do is – (as you try to watch them on the stage, jumping around like a rabbit on hot coals), “Think this, think that, and so on.  Just think and it will be fine. It will work for you. Think positive, but don’t listen to the negative. If you listen to the negative, negative things will happen to you,” whereas the reverse is true.


You see, if you don't look at the negative, you won't see the train coming; but that's beautiful for psychological disarmament, isn't it?


Everything is controlled, including what you think are your escapes.  Again, Lord Bertrand Russell, in his book "The Impact of Science on Society," stated, apart from any other nasty things, he stated, "governments would employ the big marketing companies to market ideas and propaganda right into the minds of the populations."  That's been happening for a long time, an awful long time.  That's why your news media give awards to each other.


We have a guy in Canada that lots of people grew up with.  He's not quite as old as Dan Rather.  That's why they kept Dan Rather around in the US for such a long time. People grew up with him, because they understood that this respectable looking person, who stared you right in the face, eye contact, every night, even though he was reading a dummy board in front of him (you didn’t see that part), could convince you that he was a father type figure, and would he lie to you?  In Canada, we have Mansbridge, who's given awards for this kind of thing, and they even say he's the most trusted man in Canada. I don't know anybody that's met him; but that's the propaganda—propaganda works. 


It's the same thing with poll taking.  Polls were first put out to convince the rest, who hadn't thought this way, to go along with what they thought was the majority. That's why polls are put out. 


Getting back to the cons and the scams, like Weishaupt, "Oh, foolish man, what can you not be made to believe?"  Or Bertrand Russell, Lord Bertrand Russell, with his little statement there's "No nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed (belief) of the vast majority by adequate government action".  Think about that. 


Think about all the things that have been put out there, mass produced, to fascinate you.  Amongst the fascination, there are little bits of propaganda inserted to make you think along a certain way, so when the major media comes out with the regular stuff, you'll believe it.  It all works together—marketing. The best way for counter-intelligence to work, as always (always has been this way), is to grab the facts that are being pushed around from person to person, put out super heroes, add in nonsense; arrant nonsense, which is fascinating and discredits therefore the truth contained within.  That's countering intelligence.  Big money is behind it, big, big money, until you're living in a whirlwind of disinformation and fascination and you don't know what's real anymore.  We have to investigate the facts.


In the 1960’s, the UN was screaming about the coming ice age.  They hired authors, same thing, that came out with best sellers.  You see, if the big boys want a book read by a lot of people, and discussed in universities and the man on the street, they make sure it's going to be a "best seller," and it's on all the talk shows, all their television shows.  They had their paid authors that came out with the coming ice age, because at that time they thought it would be easier to create an ice age, a very cold frigid world, to convince us to give up all our rights. Then after some experimentation, some more experimentation, because they'd already been doing experimentation since at least World War II, they found it was easier to warm the planet.  They can technically do both, to an extent. They can cool, but not to the same extent that they can warm. It's much easier to warm it. Therefore, the same authors came out with books, years later, telling us we're going to fry; and people have no memory. 


We have to beware of the big leaders that are presented to the public that seem to speak for the public.


Thousands of years go into the science of controlling populations.  Read the diaries of John Colville.  I think he was knighted, some years back.  He wrote the book, "Downing Street Diaries".  He was the personal secretary to Winston Churchill during World War II and afterwards. 


Dig deeply and you'll find (as you're almost falling asleep) what he says about Winston.  Winston, who was on various Pathe News and radio programs from the BBC, talking about “go off to fight for your country and preserve your way of life and your culture,” and all that stuff.  They're all prepared speeches too, by the way, and they even used other guys to do the speaking for him, often, because he was rather "under the influence," on quite a lot, in fact.  However, Colville says that the same man, who was telling the public to go off and fight to preserve all this stuff, was telling his own peer group at parties at night (and they had lots of parties) that this was the best thing that ever happened, this world war, because out of it they would get their long awaited dream of a united Europe.


Winston wasn't a dummy, in the sense that he understood economics.  He understood that you cannot have a separate culture, a separate legal system, and independence when you start merging it all into one—your culture goes. They knew that, because that's not the first time in history that countries have been merged.  They've watched the initial chaos as they merged them, and they manage it through, until they bring up a new type culture or a bigger empire or something.  These are the kinds of leaders they give the public always, always, and they have scriptwriters to say all the stuff we want to hear. The technique has never changed.  They wait for 50 years after the Official Secrets Act is up, after the particular year, they write about, to tell the public the truth. That's standard, too.  Beware of those who come forward as “Ex-MI5, MI6, CIA, FBI, ex-Pentagon” and all the rest of it.  Beware; because they all, regardless of the countries they live in, signed Official Secrets Acts, where they can't divulge ultimate truths to the general public. 


There's more disinformation out there. There's also an awful lot of racketeering going on, in the crisis creation business, where everything is sold to the public, under the guise of saving yourself.  It's always been a racket.  There's no better time to get people into a buying frenzy, than when you've terrified them out of their wits.


In the Great Plague of London, there were merchants importing from the ships, at the same time, bales and bales of linen that were for making handkerchiefs, which were then doused with rose perfume. The claims were that if you use this over your mouth all the time, and your nose, you wouldn't get the plague.  They even had diatribes, pseudoscientific for the time period, to back it up.  In other words, if you don't understand what they're talking about, it's easier to sell them when they're terrified.  They buy it more easily, because you must know what you're talking about.


I always remember what Rothschild said when he was asked, “What’s the best time to invest in big, big deals?” He said, "When the blood is flowing in the streets."  Psychopaths all.  That's the world we live in. 


They're a different strata of humanity.  The ordinary people have emotions and something called caring. The culture that's being produced by the psychopath, even for the normal, hasn’t culturally turned everyone else into a psychopath, but they've taken away, they've dulled the natural responses of caring.  In fact, we allow all the big agencies to do it all for us, once we pay through the nose for it with our tax money, who are really our over masters, the agencies. 


They start as services and then become your masters, working for the elite, so that we can sit and play ourselves, until we die, and entertain ourselves into the grave, never knowing and never doing, and always being bewildered about what really life is all about, and no, it's not just about going through being happy.  That's a recent phenomena that's been projected out there, by the big boys that control the world.  Life is not always perpetual mania; but someone who appears unhappy for a little while is not a good thing for selling ads, unless it's drugs or anti-depressants.  Therefore, they give you this happy, immature, Peter Pan society that you're suppose to jump into, I should say, conform to.


Sorry for the little rushed blurb.  I'm always busy, a bit too busy, but I'll keep blurbing on as long as I can.  Have patience over the next few days, as the sites go up. It will be a bit slower, a bit later perhaps, but we'll get there.


From Hamish and myself, it's good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



"The Logical Song"

By Supertramp


When I was young
It seemed that life was so wonderful
A miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical
All the birds in the trees
They'd be singing so happily
Joyfully, oh playfully watching me

But then they sent me away
To teach me how to be sensible
Logical, oh responsible, practical
And they showed me a world
Where I could be so dependable
Oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical

There are times when all the world's asleep
The questions run too deep
For such a simple man
Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
I know it sounds absurd
But please tell me who I am

And so watch what you say
Or they'll be calling you a radical
A liberal, oh fanatical, criminal
Oh won't you sign up your name
We'd like to feel you're
Acceptable, respectable, oh presentable, a vegetable

Shake it, shake it, shake it yeah.


There are times when all the world's asleep
The questions run so deep
For such a simple man
Won't you please, please tell me what we've learned
I know it sounds absurd
But please tell me who I am, who I am, who I am, who I am



(Transcribed by Linda)