OCTOBER 18, 2006


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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is Alan Watt giving you this weekly blurb, and before I go into the blurb, someone suggested to me that many people download what I have for free on the website but I never mention on the blurbs which they pass around that I have books and CDs and DVDs for sale. A little light went on and I said, gee, he's right. I should maybe try this because these talks go all over the world and are passed on from person to person and really I don't push myself at all; and it's coming to the stage where of course you have to do this, because we can't just live on fresh air, not that we can find fresh air these days, but it's becoming more difficult.


Remember, I do have things for sale which you'll find on the website with the prices and so on. For orders of the DVDs, CDs or books contact


Now to regard to my blurb, I generally don't go into the news that's given to the public because sometimes I'm aiming at a higher audience, an audience that's been looking at this for many years, what's been happening as we go towards this "Global Agenda," which is already here in fact. It's just a matter now of training us to accept it; and to just dwell on the daily little laws that get passed - the little events that are happening isn't my thing because I expected them to be done in the first place and many of you out there are of the same mind.


We know what's coming. We know it's a totalitarian world police state that we're going into, the one that George Orwell warned us about and coming out of that will be the next type that have trained citizenry from birth into the sort of Aldous Huxley type "Brave New World." That's to come out after the Orwellian phase we'll go through and we're going through right now.


Tonight, I'm going to give you some news on the Great Lakes here in Canada and in the States.


It's interesting I put up a cartoon on my website months ago to do with an agreement that the U.S. and Canadian governments had come to because the U.S. wanted to put gunboats all over the Great Lakes, more so than they had before, with fully automatic heavy equipment - heavy guns basically. These things are armed like porcupines, and just recently there's a debate going on – now, since the Canadian government agreed to allow this to happen, in fact they updated the old 1812 Charter to allow the U.S. to do this, the Canadian government is going through a sort of “oh dear, dear, tutt, tutt” thing to keep the public in Canada happy, but the government is actually trying to object to this.


You don't object after you've signed an agreement to allow it to happen in the first place, do you? So there's a lot of show going on.


And from the Detroit News, I should really read a little bit. It came out by Norman Sinclair, Detroit News.


Public hearings on the U.S. side are being held to do with safety for the public and boaters and fishermen and this kind of thing. They have sessions coming up in October 16th, the Duluth Convention Center, Duluth, Minnesota; October 18th, Holiday Inn, Spring Lake, Michigan; October 19th, Crystal Gardens, 1200 Gratiot, Marysville, Michigan; October 23rd, Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building, Cleveland; October 30th, Rochester, N.Y. Location to be announced; and Nov. 1st, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Location to be announced.


Maybe some of the public could shake themselves from the television set and the sports and go and attend these meetings. There will be people there to dialogue you to consensus anyway, because they're minds are made up. This is only to convince the public that they have to do this, but it would be interesting to hear the spiel they give you; and from the Detroit News it says this:


"After nine months of live-fire training with automatic weapons on four Great Lakes, the U.S. Coast Guard said Tuesday it will suspend the exercises for 60 days to give the public a chance to return fire in a series of public hearings. “


There’s your comical part to start with it, so you see it as a comedy. That diffuses it.


"We are looking for the public to tell us what we don't know about these areas (what a joke) to make them as safe as possible," said Capt. Patrick Brennan, commander of the Detroit Port. Three of the seven hearings will be staged in Michigan while the others will be in four other Great Lakes states.


The Coast Guard intends to make permanent the 34 zones in which live-fire training on deck-mounted weapons has been conducted 24 times by 57 guard units and about 150 boats since January without incident, Brennan said. None of the training was staged in the Detroit River or Lake St. Clair. Prior to this year, the Coast Guard on the Great Lakes carried side arms and rifles.


The closest zones to Metro Detroit are Sanilac to the north and Sandusky, off Lake Erie, to the south. None of the zones is closer than three miles to shorelines and most are five miles off-shore. Each of the 34 zones would be closed to private boats for four hours about eight times per year when training is conducted. Notices of training will be publicized in advance.


By making the training zones permanent, the public will get used to the practice and the predictability of the exercises."


(We're being trained to accept it you see.)


"Brennan said after Sept. 11, U.S. and Canadian authorities agreed to tighten security on the Great Lakes waterways. Arming all Coast Guard cutters and smaller boats with automatic weapons and giving all crews the same training Coast Guard personnel get on the East, West, and Gulf Coasts was part of that agreement.


"It benefits the (Great Lakes) Coast Guard to have the same training and same capability as everyone else in the country," Brennan said. Brennan said the training is to counter possible terrorist threats.


Some longtime boaters question the necessity of the training.


If the zones are not well publicized, visiting boaters could enter areas where they risk being shot, said John Barbour, 59, an attorney from Grosse Pointe who has sailed throughout the Great Lakes. "Boaters clearly don't want anyone shooting near you," he said.



Alan: It's interesting to see what these fully automatic weaponry - this porcupine weaponry that they'll brindling with is all about here, because here’s an appendage to this from the CBC News, Friday, September 1, 2006.


"The U.S. Coast Guard is making waves on the Great Lakes with a plan to establish 34 live-fire zones where its crews can practise with machine-guns mounted on their vessels.


A period for public comment on the plan was to have expired on Friday but was extended after requests from boaters, tourist operators and others for more time. Comments will be accepted for another 60 days, Petty Officer Bill Colclough, a spokesman for the coast guard's Cleveland office, told CBC Online.


The 7.62-mm light machine-guns, which can fire 600 rounds a minute, have been made standard equipment on the coast guard's Great Lakes cutters as a result of terrorism jitters and a quiet reinterpretation of an arms-control treaty signed after the War of 1812. The treaty, between the United States and Britain, limited each side to four armed vessels on the lakes, each equipped with an 18-pound cannon.


The U.S. cutters previously had no mounted weapons, although their crews were equipped with pistols and rifles. When the new guns made headlines earlier this year, the Canadian Coast Guard said it reserved the right to arm its own vessels.


The plan, published Aug. 1 in the U.S. government's Federal Register, would create "safety zones" where civilians could be barred from time to time while the coast guard fires its guns. Each zone would be at least 5.5 kilometers off shore, the document says."


(It says kilometers this time.)


"These safety zones are necessary to protect vessels and people from hazards associated with live fire gun exercises," it says.

"Such hazards include projectiles that may ricochet and damage vessels and/or cause death or serious bodily harm."


Three zones on Lake Ontario


Lake Ontario would have three such zones, Lake Erie four, Lake Huron six, Lake Superior seven and Lake Michigan 14.  Coast guard officials have said they would be well away from the international border, but some — near Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., for example — would be in areas where Canadian boats might wander.


The coast guard was transferred to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and encouraged to take a more muscular approach to external threats as part of a reorganization following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.


Officials have said they expect to use each live-fire zone only two or three times a year, a day or two each time, but the plan itself mentions no limits. They dismiss one possible environmental objection, saying the copper-and-lead bullets would sink in deep water and could not be eaten by bottom-feeding waterfowl."


(So they're looking after the environment you see, as they blast imaginary boats out of the water.)


"Some boaters have warned that amateurs could wander into machine-gun range if they fail to read official Notices to Mariners or listen to announcements on marine radio.


George Freeman, who runs fishing charters out of Ludington, Mich., said he and other Lake Michigan captains worry about losing access to fishing grounds. One of the zones is in waters he regularly fishes.


"I know they need to have a place to shoot," he told the Detroit Free Press. "We could go elsewhere, but we need to be able to go where the fish are."


Comments on the plan can be sent to the Commander, Ninth Coast Guard District, 1240 East 9th Street, Room 2069, Cleveland, Ohio 44199.


Alan: Now, it's really interesting to look at this. The 7.62 machine guns they're talking about, they're “light” meaning that they can be taken off their mounting and carried. They're heavy. They're heavy. They're not like the ones you see on TV generally. They're heavy, but the 7.62 is a Soviet - ex-Soviet rounds. I guess they've got lots of surplus coming in from the Soviets.


Maybe they made a deal there or something.  You've got to ask yourself, "why on earth, why on earth with all this sudden need to put fleets on the Great Lakes against the cavemen living over in Afghanistan between the Afghan and Pakistan border?"


Maybe it's possible that they've got wind that there's a covert Arab operation on right now; and this is probably how the scenario will work out in fact. There's probably a group of Arabs on route to Canada right now with camels to take part in some circus, and these camels will have webbed feet. They will be specially genetically modified with webbed feet you see and some of the humps they'll have will be artificial, and inside these humps will be packed with who knows what, all kinds of nasty stuff. They plan - they could come into eventually the Gulf of St. Lawrence all the way down into the Great Lakes, where they could then pump out one of the other humps and take on water and submerge. You'll find they'll feed them probably a special combination of curry and baked beans and these camels will travel faster than torpedoes all the way to their targets; and then imagine that the Coast Guard have been warned to watch for these guys because they'll have to surface so many times per day to pray to the East you see. That's strict rules regardless of what they're doing.


Don’t you feel great that we're being so well looked after? We're going to be so safe. I guess we can still take up the fishing poles and head down for a nice quiet day at the beaches and get in a little dinghy and just row out there and sing a nice old song.





Gone Fishin' by Bing Crosby

I'll tell you why I can't find you

Every time I go out to your place...


You gone fishin' (well how you know)

Well there's a sign upon your door (uh-huh)

Gone fishin' (I'm real gone man)

You ain't workin' anymore (could be)

There's your hoe out in the sun

Where you left a row half done

You claim that hoein' ain't no fun (well I can prove it)

You ain't got no ambition


Gone fishin' by a shady wady pool (Shangrila, really la)

I'm wishin' I could be that kind of fool (should I twist your arm?)

I'd say no more work for mine (welcome to the club)

On my door I'd hang a sign

Gone fishin' instead of just a-wishin'



Seriously though, we have to wonder what' being planned where a fleet basically of gunboats would be required with this kind of armament, because it's not for the occasional smuggler or the occasional poacher poaching the fish.


This is almost as though - and it's not for the occasional refugee or illegal alien coming in. It's more like it's there to stop a RUSH - a MASS EXODUS from one side of the border to the other. NOW WHAT WOULD POSSIBLY CAUSE THIS TO HAPPEN? –Something which would panic the people.


Now we know that this system with its monetary policy - in fact, the plug can be pulled anytime. It could be something like that that's going to be engineered at the 'right time'. It could also be a "real" or "imagined" plague that's been released upon the public. If one hits the public and takes off big time, reminiscent of the Middle Ages, you can bet your bottom dollar it's been released and it's been manufactured in laboratories, because something is going to take place EVENTUALLY to PANIC POPULATIONS and I think this gunboat diplomacy has more to do with that. Those who have watched the ongoings of this world for years and years and understood what's happening and who understand that the nationality issue was gone when they signed the United Nations Charter at the end of World War II - actually even when they signed the Atlantic Charter that became the basis for the Charter for the United Nations added to by Alger Hiss and a few other ones.


Since then, there's been an ongoing steady increase, slow at first, to get the public use to the idea of a new world with no nations and a "planned society" worldwide, a population reduction for post-industrial stage and everything is to be run scientifically. The children generation by generation have been getting a little bit more indoctrination along this path because it's always the children that they go for.


The older ones die off with their old ideas - the old ideas of what culture was suppose to be or what their memories gave them of what culture was, and the new ones come up and adapt. We think it's just spontaneous but it's a little bit more than that. They're indoctrinated - each group that comes in every single year is indoctrinated into what they will experience from kindergarten 30 years down the road and they'll accept it thinking it's all quite normal.


This is the kind of information given to the Comintern back in the 30’s by Beria, who was the chief of the precursor of the KGB, the NKVD. He said that they could do every five years. They could alter culture and it would speed up as they learned more and more techniques of how to do it.


The MAJOR things that happen in OUR LIFETIME are PLANNED THAT WAY, right down to DATES AND TIMES, MAJOR EVENTS. They're planned way ahead of time, like a battle is planned before participants even take part in it. Before they even come to the battlefield they go over it all on the maps. They look for all the ways to get through. They look at oppositions to them coming through and how to overcome them.  That's exactly how this world is run when it comes to strategy and population strategies and cultural strategies.


THEY KNOW the various personality types. We're all one or the other and THEY KNOW that they'll get repercussions from certain types and certain issues when laws et cetera are introduced, so THEY TRAIN PEOPLE IN ADVANCE before it's even started to become the spokesmen for these groups. That way we sit back and say, “I don't have to do anything. There's a guy saying all the things I think,” but if you keep listening to him you'll find he deviates from where you would go into some other way or into a comprise eventually and that's been happening for years and years, this technique of controlling the public to accept and accept and accept.


The "planned society" is a world where NO ONE WILL BE BORN unless there is an ECONOMIC FUNCTION NEEDED by a ruling elite. You've heard of family planning. This is "global societal planning," same thing, exactly the same thing.


We are so separated from the generations, in your own little niche that you grew up with. It's as though you're stuck there. You're pigeon-holed and as you get older by the year and your particular generation gets to the same age by the year, you don't notice the ones before you or the ones after you.


EVERYONE HAS BEEN SEPARATED FROM THE PREVIOUS GENERATION. That was ALL INTENTIONAL. It was a strategy worked out many years ago and talked about by John Dewey and others who took part in the think tanks and the implementation of these schemes and helped by others, tremendous psychological association help and psychiatric as well.


For those who are really interested, they should look into the big publications put out after the large conferences on the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association. A good book is "The Human Agenda," where they talk there about having to basically effeminize the males by the use of hormones put into various substances, creating a form of hermaphrodite that would be manageable and pliable by those in charge. This was a major event, a national sponsored event, this convention; and that was the book that came out of it. "The Human Agenda." Get a copy and go through it and you'll be shocked at what you think are people who are there to serve the public really get up to.


There's no such thing as "serving the public." WE ARE RULED SCIENTIFICALLY as Aldous Huxley stated. He didn't see any reason why a scientific oligarchy could not control the people forever and the people would be unaware that they were even being controlled.


We take so much for granted, regarding our present day situation, our present day lifestyle, and each generation goes into a preexisting system where there parents who never really understand it simply - quietly accept it thinking it's normal to pass the same ideology onto the child. We take and we have taken our freedoms very casually. We can become spoiled in a sense when things are going fairly well. In the material world, most battles in the world have been fought for the material and many authors have said in the past that ALL WARS ARE ECONOMIC WARS.


That doesn't simply mean nations. It also means down to personal independent individuals who fight each other in a sense over things or property or needs in the physical world.


IT WASN'T ALWAYS LIKE THIS. It's been a long, long path to get to this particular stage and much blood has been spilled over many centuries by people trying to give the public a sense of freedom that at one time would be sacrilege to even mention that you even had a right to.


Before the Reformation, the Catholic dogma that was taught in the West was that all humanity was in sin. We're born in sin and therefore we should obey God's commands and follow the appointees of god, those who were superior (put in positions above us) preexisting often the family lineages.  However, along with that also was taught that there was free will within man, that man would naturally seek out the good, but once the Reformation came along a different doctrine crept in and this was even put into Luther's writings and Calvin's writings. Calvin believed in pre-destination and that man was just a sinner and that nothing would change it, individual or personally. That put the kabash basically on people who thought they could work their way to heaven.


Calvin believed those who were rich and wealthy were put here by God and born into those families, predestined to be so; and those who are beneath them, that was their natural place.


Luther also had a bit of that in him as well. Luther himself said - he put a pamphlet out at one point, lots of pamphlets, pamphleteers they called them. The Servo Arbitrio, which was about an attack he made on Erasmus, who tried to defend the freedom of individual will, and Luther would have none of that. He thought that man would not naturally seek out the good, but he would always seek out the evil.




We rationalize what is often wrong; and those that rationalize into tremendous acts which effect history and the course the peoples go for personal reasons can always rationalize why they do it. Going back to the Middle Ages, we find that there were writers like Thomas Aquinas and others of his time who tended to blend in predestination again with its counter part of free will. It was a strange dialectic process, which took an awful lot of convoluted rationalization to come to some sort of agreement with each other, which really it should be impossible, but they did teach a form of dogma at that time that man could repent, truly repent and be redeemed, even though he may choose the wrong once again or the evil afterwards.


This leads us to those who crave authority, because down through the ages many terms have been used for tyranny. Countries which are established, sort of bona fide countries which are accepted as nations without a type of rulership, when they take off into a strange direction we seldom call them fascist for instance.


Fascism was a fairly new term adopted from an ancient symbol used by the Catholic Church, and they got it from earlier churches including the Minoans, the fasci, which really was a bundle of sticks around the shaft of an axe, meaning that there was strength in numbers. A small minority of rulership which were bound together, it’s hard to break a whole bunch of them. It's easy to break one stick, but you put a whole bunch together and try and break it over your knee and you'll break your knee.


The personality types who were attracted to fascism are authoritarian types. They love authority, but technically, they're sadomasochistic; and you can have both in the same person. It's very common, even from those at the bottom. Sadism craves authority over others, total control over others; and therefore, emblems of authority, shows of authority, parades of authority, are loved by such characters. They crave this. They crave to eventually be the one on top while all the other parades pass by underneath, but on their way up they're masochistic. They know they're inferior to the ones above them. They will do anything they're told to get up, step by step to near the top at places of power. That really what the 20th Century definition of fascism meant.


Communism, by the way, is no different. It's the same system. In fact, ALL SYSTEMS ARE THE SAME.


ALL SYSTEMS ARE REALLY FASCIST in that the psychopathic types who are also authoritarian types, they're sadists and masochists in the same person, two in the same person. They go into power. They want power.


Ordinary people who are balanced don't crave power over others, but those who have an unnatural craving will seek it out. They seek out the target, their aim, their goal.


If we define many relationships as sadomasochistic, that is true in a sense. It's different from a teacher and a pupil relationship. The proof of the teacher's worth, if they're teaching what they're supposed to be teaching, that is, is shown in the results of the pupil or the student; and eventually the bridge between teacher and pupil should be narrowed and narrowed as the student or pupil gains the knowledge bit by bit and gradually comes up to the same level, and then they're equal.


In a truly AUTHORITARIAN SYSTEM, a sadist who craves power unnaturally and loves all the emblems of military and parades and ceremony (they love ceremony), he does it for his own purpose, his own rationale. He will rationalize everything he does. No matter what it takes, he will rationalize his every move, which is a PSYCHOPATHIC TRAIT. They often project onto others what they themselves are doing and they blame others for doing for what they are doing themselves. That is common.


In times gone by, authority was all around a person's life, generally in uniform, often with the badge of a king insignia of a priest, whatever. It was always there and it was overt. Punishment and retribution were swift and ruthless. A condemnation was expected and there was no appeal. Public spectacles were made of people who did not agree with the system in which they lived. These people were literally massacred, sometimes individually, sometimes in whole groups such as with the inquisition. They would burn whole groups of people together and it's not just to kill off witches or malcontents or whatever they were termed or labeled at the time.


It’s also a warning to the rest of the population who "tow the line," to use the Masonic term, to obey the system. That's overt authority. We travel the roads and we used to think not much about traveling at all, but today when you see a police car behind you, you get the shivers up your spine because they're on the hunt. They've changed from the so-called "good old days," they’ve changed because they have quotas to fulfill and people to book and tickets to write out, because that money ends up being expected - so much is expected per month to go into the coffers of government work and otherwise. There's overt authority.


Then of course there's a sort of covert or anonymous type of authority. The anonymous authority has been used for a good part, maybe the latter part of the 20th Century, with very good effect right up to the present time, speeding up and intensifying becoming more scientifically calculated. ANONYMOUS AUTHORITY ARE MESSAGES GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC THROUGH SYMBOLS AND WRITING AND ADVERTISING telling you what's good for you and what's acceptable within social society in a good social system, and these messages pervade our whole life. You can't get away from them if you use any electronic media or even drive on the major highways. You'll see billboards telling you, and these are all authorized. That's why all these billboards are licensed to be there.


They're messages authorized by those who give you and control your culture.


There's more covert or anonymous authority being bombarded towards you and at you on a daily basis than ever before and we think it's quite normal. The children today think it's always been like this. Constant streams of messages and how to act, dress, what emotions to show, which emotions are not allowed, socially incorrect and so on and so on.


These techniques, the anonymous type of authority, is far, far more effective than the overt, which always, when it reaches particular stage, creates a backlash amongst the people. When you don't know you're being controlled, when you don't know that they're messages that you're reading all the time – you subconsciously are taking them all in, just like you're singing the jingles from the good ad.


We don't think about retaliating or saying, "wait a minute now. Who gives them the right to bombard me with this?" And they'll turn around and tell you, "well you can switch this off or turn off your radio or turn off your TV," which is true, but you can't even look at a newspaper without being downloaded with someone else's ideas, information, what's acceptable, what is not acceptable.


We see those in the forefront are put there in public view pushing this whole New World Order that Mr. Bush, Sr. talked about. A whole New World Order, a new way of doing things. A scientific dictatorship really was what he's talking about. We're looking there at people who have authoritarian characters to an extreme level. These people are the deviant type people who appear every so often down through the ages and then cause tremendous horror. They’re groomed, mind you, by a power behind them which is ALWAYS in the BACKGROUND down through these same ages. They're chosen for these purposes and perhaps even some of them are bred for this purpose.


The authoritarian character sees only two types of humanity. He sees the POWERFUL ones and the POWERLESS ones. His own love and admiration and readiness for submission to an authoritarian system are aroused by power automatically, whether it's of a person or of an institution. The power fascinates them, not for any particular values, but just because it's power itself. Powerless people or powerless institutions arouse his contempt, and the sight of a powerless person makes him want to attack that person, dominate and humiliate him.


A different type of character might be appalled by attacking someone that's helpless, but an authoritarian character feels the more aroused the more helpless this object has become. This is where the sadist character of the authoritarian personality is shown. It's not enough to beat someone, they have to humiliate, dominate (and preferably publicly), to show that he's "King of the Hill."


The authoritarian character himself has a particular attitude towards life and he builds a philosophy around it. His emotional strivings are even woven in there. HE LOVES CONDITIONS THAT LIMIT HUMAN FREEDOM. He loves being submitted to fate. It depends really on his social position what fate means to him.


If you look at a soldier, it may mean the will or the whim of a superior and he'll gladly submit. A small businessman or economists - the economic laws basically are his fate and when there's a crisis in that particular field, to him it's not a crisis, it's just a form of expression of a higher power to which one has to submit. The authoritarian will admit to something he recognizes as having more power than himself.


When we go into the personal lives of previous tyrants – it's funny how we always call them “tyrants” after they've gone or removed or dead. When they go through the actual events, we never call them as such, unless a war has begun and there's one group against another. If you look at Hitler, Hitler talked about idealism, which he really believed in. He was definitely an idealist, something that we should all be terrified about.




He said, “idealism alone leads men to voluntary acknowledgement of the privilege of force and strength, and thus makes them become a dust particle of that order which forms and shapes the entire universe.” Then of course there was Goebbels, the Minister of Propaganda, and he gave a similar definition of what he called "socialism," he says, "to be a socialist is to submit to the I, to the thou, socialism is sacrificing the individual to the whole.”  Hitler himself recognized that his philosophy of self-denial and sacrifice is meant for those whose economic situation does allow them any happiness, and so he wanted to exploit the very poverty of the people in order to make them believe in his form of evangelism of self-denial or self-annihilation. That's how it was rationalized to the people as a beautiful thing.


Evil can dress itself up in such beautiful, beautiful pictures and the Soviets did exactly the same thing. In no time at all, the so-called "working persons army" was formed, until it became a standing army, and before you know it, they had their own control freaks there. The Politburo was full of them. The whole massive bureaucracy of control freaks who loved authority and who obeyed their superiors because they could taste the power above them. THEY WORSHIP POWER and THEY HATE THE POWERLESS.


Unfortunately, that's true all down through all other societies. Those types seek power over others. You know there are bailiffs, I don't know how they pick them in psychological tests or what they do, but bailiffs and picked and given authority to go and requisition people's homes or shops or whatever when people have run out of money or have gone bankrupt or whatever.  I met one once who was slapping on a padlock on someone else's store, and another shopkeeper came out and says, "you can't do that." This little bailiff popped out his chest and told him quite straight, "you can't interfere with the law." He says, "we can do what we want and if you interfere you'll be charged." That little guy would be ideal working as an executioner somewhere in some country because he loved power, loved authority. Unfortunately, in a monetary system where we're taught to worship those who have succeeded, the ones who have truly been authoritarian who've worked, clawed their way up, stabbed their way up to the top, that encourages that kind of behavior. That's the heroes we're given.


Getting back to Hitler, who knew, who understood this science; and it is an understood science, always has been. He said, "we turn to the great army of those who are so poor that they're personal lives could not mean the highest fortune of the world."  He's preaching a form of self-sacrifice with a purpose. The purpose is that the masses would have to resign themselves and submit if they wish for power on the side of the leader, an elite is to be realized.


Today we hear it in a softer scientific terminology. We call it "democracy," where the laws are passed for the greatest good of the many, you see, a sort of standard equalization for the majority of the public. At the moment when credit cards are just getting flooded from the machines and thrown out by the mail, by the handful or the bucketful, and when people can't actually afford all the junk they're buying, which doesn't last very long, the march is on. It's striving ahead at tremendous speed because we're - the consumers are consumed. They're overwhelmed with the cheap chunk you can buy, the pacifiers.


This same agenda has been standardized across the world, because the elite decided a long time ago that they're proper place was where they are, as authoritarians, that the general public had no saving graces.  And from Darwin's time on, they had meetings where they discussed the fact that they thought (their fact anyway), that all those who are now elite through breeding – proper breeding you see, selective breeding, and inheritances of masses of wealth and who've retained the wealth over many generations had proven their superiority over the lesser breeds, the lesser peoples – the commoners, the ones who were left. Therefore evolution wouldn't go any further without the aid of science and science then would simply alter the commoners to be better workers.


This is all from the authoritarian types of creatures we see all around us; and it isn't just at the top, remember. This tendency is throughout many people, right down to the bottom level, this authoritarian attitude. You'll see them everyday or every year when they have memorial days for veterans standing there with their suits and ties and their blazers on and all their medals on. These are the men who worship authority. The ideology doesn't matter whether the wars are right or wrong. It really doesn't matter. They will believe the propaganda given at the time and never change from there because they must rationalize the horror that they participated in and they must backup future wars. That's a common statement. "Our troops must backup our boys."


If you know the people are being used and your boys are being used as well for some other purpose and you know that they're going off to kill people for someone else's agenda and purpose, why should we back them? Why should we back them?






They couldn't have gone forward without the magic event of 9/11 occurring. What we're going through today is a shift from a 60’s almost rebellious phase where people were at least experimenting with individual lifestyles and rights – human rights, individual rights, personal rights, and demanding them, to a society that's gradually, slowly, insidiously being trained to obey authority. The first ones to do so, as I say, are those at the bottom who are authoritarians themselves, who admire the power above them, because it's the only thing they really worship.




The Big Boys couldn't do anything without the same personality types at the bottom to go along with their agenda. We noticed that Alberto Gonzalez in the States and Chertoff have okayed the use of torture on people with the passing of the bill 6166. We know that it's going to be enforced. All of this has been legally you see. These guys are tremendously legalistic. They admire the legal system because once again, it's authoritarian, so THEY ALTER IT IN ADVANCE SO THAT WHATEVER THEY DO WILL BE LEGAL and we've been trained to think that that which is legal is therefore good.


They can now torture children. Whole families of people and United States citizens can be tried under a military court. Boy, this is progress, eh? Progress. They have, you know, from the common people the authoritarian types, the ones who love the uniforms. They love the polished boots. They love the badges. They have people who are selected, psychologically tested, to be the tortures, to do all the "dirty deeds," who will enjoy it. They've had these people down through all ages. We're seeing man's inhumanity to man at work. Horror shows, utter horror shows, because there's no nice genteel way to torture a person. It's bloody. It's sick. The act is sick. The people who do it are sick.


I'd like here to give a tribute to the pyramid of tortures and murderers who have put themselves up there to keep us "safe."  I've picked this one from a late 1800’s Gilbert & Sullivan Opera. Listen to the words.


Gilbert & Sullivan Opera:


Behold the Lord High Executioner
A personage of noble rank and title —
A dignified and potent officer,
Whose functions are particularly vital!
Defer, defer,
To the Lord High Executioner!
Defer, defer,
To the noble Lord, to the noble Lord,
To the Lord High Executioner!


Taken from the county jail
By a set of curious chances;
Liberated then on bail,
On my own recognizances;
Wafted by a favouring gale
As one sometimes is in trances,
To a height that few can scale,
Save by long and weary dances;
Surely, never had a male
Under such like circumstances
So adventurous a tale,
Which may rank with most romances.


Taken from the county jail  

By a set of curious chances;

Surely, never had a male

So adventurous a tale.


Defer, defer,
To the Lord High Executioner!
Defer, defer,
To the noble Lord,
To the noble Lord High Executioner!
Bow down, bow down,
To the Lord High Executioner!
Defer, defer,
To the noble, noble Lord,
To the High Executioner!



Alan:  What can the average person do? THE AVERAGE PERSON MUST ALWAYS SPEAK OUT AGAINST INJUSTICE, wherever it happens personally or outside of themselves across the seas, wherever. Because when they stop speaking out, the control freaks, the authoritarians will start running all over the populations more overtly because it's a form of sexual excitement to them; and this is a fact that's been well studied.


That's why rape and horror occur during massive death and slaughter. That's when "Who’s Who" surfaces.




Many are already succumbing to the fear and the panicking, and out of panic they will eventually relent and accept the horror around them. They'll accept the rules, regulations and humiliating experiences that they'll be forced to go through on a daily basis, through fear and self-survival, self-preservation. Others will tenaciously until they hang on to self-worth. Some understand the message. Some can get so far and get caught up in previous religions, previous beliefs, previous something or another – something which gave them security in the past, or they'll sit and meditate and do their “om's” and all this kind of stuff, hoping that they can be vanished to another plane.


I've taught many people to up to different levels of reality, because what I talk about here is only one bottom level. I take you up to the ceiling of that level, but many can never go further because of fear or because they want to bring the baggage of old comforts, old beliefs with them. You can't drag that kind of baggage into finding new knowledge. You can't say “I want new knowledge on my terms. I want truth on my terms.” It cannot come that way. You cannot reshape truth. Truth is what it is. It's not yours, mine, anyone else's. It simply is. You can't distort it by covering it with old clothes or comforts or familiarities.


In future talks, I hope to bring you beyond all of this, if we're allowed to go on, because we all sense the noose tightening – those who are awake, that is. For those who can't go any further and retreat back to what appears to be the safety of their preexisting beliefs, I wish them all the best and I leave them with the following song.


Good night and may your gods go with you.



Slip Sliding Away by Simon & Garfunkel


Slip sliding away. Slip sliding away.

You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away

I know a man, he came from my hometown
He wore his passion for his woman like a thorny crown
He said Dolores, I live in fear
My love for you is so overpowering, I'm afraid that I will disappear



Slip sliding away. Slip sliding away.

You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away

I know a woman became a wife
These are the very words she uses to describe her life
She said a good day ain't got no rain
She said a bad day is when I lie in the bed
And think of things that might have been



Slip sliding away. Slip sliding away.

You know the nearer your destination, the more you slip sliding away


(Transcribed by Linda)