March 16, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – March 16, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)




Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt at  Today it is the 16th of March 2007.


You know it's nice to try and get a lot of information out to people across this world on a very small budget, without using advertising and all the big gimmicks that go with it and then even having to be careful of what you say about certain topics because you'll upset your advertisers, and that's why I've taken the route and giving it a chance to give out information which is not twisted.  It's not used for bending your minds, making you join authorized groups or anything like that, and as I said last night, the small income that comes in to keep it going here comes from my sale of books, mp3s and one DVD.  Everything else is given out for free, yet everyday now it's coming to my attention that there are slimy little nematodes out there in lots of chat rooms who always build you up or build me up you see as though I'm a great guy and then they have little accessories tacked on such as "I have his PDF, books for anyone who's interested" and they sell them or else they give them away for free. 


When it's for free it’s more nefarious because these people often are trying to (for the big agencies, the big boys) take away your financing. Little crooks you understand.  It's the little crooks that live amongst us, the same mentalities of the big crooks at the top that run the world. The only difference is that we're born at the lower end of the scale but with the same qualities and lack of any conscience and they'll use anybody to climb over to get a little higher up, regardless of what it does to the person they're climbing over.


Because of this going on, I probably won't be selling any more PDFs of the books.  It's too easy for these creeps to do what they're doing and try and hide amongst MySpace and all these different little sites that get put up and it's also too easy to get them into their little chat rooms where they pretend to talk about patriotism until they flog someone else's material, "flog" being selling, and therefore all of those in the chat rooms who are discussing the radio shows and so on in the so-called patriot community, please be on the lookout for these little slimy slugs that will be in amongst you and leaving their little web addresses where you could buy material from people like me, only it's going to them. For those who accept the free books that they give out, to undercut me, to pull out the financing to close me down, then you're only helping it when you accept their offer.  You're helping it along and then you'll be left with a thousand Art Bell clone shows to keep you spinning forever or authorized type patriotic shows but you'll never get to the bottom of the stuff that I could be giving out to everybody.


It's always the few who spoil it for the many and they also are the ones who are giving the authorities what they know they want themselves and they'll get because they count on these slimy little characters to police the Internet and take away all your free speech and right, until you have so many forms to fill out and so on to get on the Internet in the first place that it won't even be worth it anymore.


You can count on these creeps to do what they do. It will be an ongoing problem but the ones who hand it out for free in a sense are worse than the ones who are selling it. One's just a plain simple crook. The other one is doing a deliberate act of sabotage you see and that's a different matter all together. Who are they really working for? because these chat rooms get invaded with people working in government agencies whose job it is to take over your chat rooms and do all these little nefarious deeds.


There are many ways of eliminating people from the Internet or from radio. You either assault them directly, but the easiest way is to simply make sure that no one comes into them. So for those who want to purchase the few things that I keep this thing going with, the rest is all free as you can see, even the shows where I go on where they have archived material to join and pay money, I always stipulate and it's on the website that I will put it up after two weeks or so or a month. Depends on the agreement I make with them on my site, for free because I believe that EVERYONE should have access to this kind of information, not just those who can afford it.


When I started up, I used to give my books out for free to pensioners and people who were sick and couldn't afford them, until I couldn't afford that anymore, so I thought the best way to do it now is to simply give you lots of blurbs and talks but still depend on the books for income.  So I guess we need some extermination squads to get the rodents chased out, and they're out there, and I would be obliged to everyone and anyone who finds them because they're all over the place hiding away within the so-called patriot chat shows or chat rooms. That's where they hide and put out their little offers on the side, on the quiet. Slimy characters. Unfortunate topic but that's just the way things are.


It’s unfortunate that this seems to be mainly in the United States and yet the people within the United States have been some of the most generous people on the planet.  It's a mixture of both extremes. Mind you, it's a culture driven now with a new type of success, which was to get there by any means possible using whatever means possible and there is no conscience involved. That's what the new success means, so we have people living who are tremendously good, honest and helpful amongst those who will try and destroy them and who live amongst them.


They used to say "as the king goes so does the country."  The meaning behind that was when the king was born, because different generations have different kinds of kings or queens and once in a while they got one who wasn't too bad. He wasn't too greedy, too nasty, too blood thirsty, and the people would follow suit if they saw that their taxations were working at least a little bit to help them. When the king was a bad one and they saw the corruption at the top with all the advisers and Machiavelli types pocketing the peoples' hard earned cash, then that mentality would trickle down to the bottom until you have corruption everywhere; and that unfortunately is what we're seeing, this big slide towards corruption, which is now acceptable throughout societies of the Western world.


Corruption can be rationalized by psychopaths quite easily because psychopaths rationalize whatever they do. It's not uncommon for instance for the rapist-type psychopath to blame his victim for enticing him to making him do it and it's no different from the warmongering psychopath that wants a statue built to last for a long, long time with his name on it as leading people through a war. The deaths they cause don't worry them. They sleep well. They have no conscience. They don't sit up and say, "my goodness I've got millions of people killed here," and then you have the revolutionary psychopaths who do the same in order to keep ultimate and total control, the ones who are atheistic completely, they see things as a very practical way to be in atheism, suck up the psychology books which generally tend to augment his atheistic view and rationale because everything's just motivations and different types. They can go much further when this sort of thing pampers to their ego. There's nothing to give a conscience balance there at all and that's the way the world is sliding today.


We all have these daily worries and troubles that crop up, little stressful periods in our lives that are ongoing and hopefully we deal with them at the time or we try to the ones we can ourselves.  I'll carry on for a little bit longer and see what happens and I rely on you people out there to be vigilant, to let me know as soon as you can so that something can be done and these characters can be eliminated so to speak one by one.


This is the sort of nonsense that leads to legalism and everyone hates lawyers, but this is the reason that you have this kind of nonsense going on. You have these creeps living amongst us, utter creeps that rob your time and rob you when you have to deal with them. Everything that I have for sale, which isn't much, is on my main websites  Anyone else selling those materials or giving them away for free downloads to put me under have no authority to do so from me and those that aid and abet them are doing no one including themselves a favor in the long run.


The next series of books that I put out, if I put them out, will be on paper only because of this, which means it's more expensive to post, which means some people won't get them because of the extra expense, so we can all thank the creeps and slugs and the nematodes for this.  It's very tempting to go back and teach small groups once again. That way, there's no worry whatsoever of this kind of thing happening.  I could go on if I had the financing coming in but my materials dropped off and I knew people were selling it. This only confirmed it all, but I could go on and go much, much further and give you in-depth talks which have never been done before and all of the nonsense that you think is the truth to do with the exoterics as you run into fish men and dogons and dagons and all the rest of it.  I could go into a depth which no one else has done and I was hoping to do all this for free. It will all depend on what happens in this short term.


I could make a lot of money if I wanted to, if I wanted to make a lot of money and I've done it a lot before and I've walked away more than once, but I could go farther than any other show on radio, including the various types that take you into dreamland, because I understand way more of the occult than they do and I can explain it in all of its levels and phases as it's never been done. So I depend on people out there to let me know where these little slimy characters are hiding, all their little sites and depending on how bad it is I will make my decisions then.


In olden times, they didn't have too much of the social deviancies we see today because the people themselves dealt with the problems and there was always swift judgment on things. They didn't have to go through batteries of lawyers and psychologists to explain why the deviant personality did what he did.  Since the advent and the rise of one supposed science, which was meant and created in fact to do away with the old, which was religion, we've seen more of this because they're pampered. They're pampered.


Getting back to what’s happening in these days. This year I imagine is going to be pretty bad with spraying. It's been stepped up. I'm sure all of those who have been watching it have noticed and there also will be a build up in different odd weather as this year goes and storms as they pound away, "well we're causing it all. It's all the global warming that's caused by humanity."  And all the proposals for the new way of living will be brought forth as it’s all been planned.


We know the bulk of the population will go along with it believing what they're told because they believe pretty well everything they're told on the six o'clock news or by the famous people that are put out every so often to convince them that they just cut down their populations and live in a new way.


What they don't tell you is that their bosses, you know the famous faces that you see, their bosses, the ones who fund them, the big foundations like World Wildlife Fund and so on, don't see it that way at all. They want you to see it that way. You're the problem. You're the consumer. You're taking up valuable resources. What the elite don't tell you is you see the way they see it, YOU'RE TAKING UP THEIR VALUABLE RESOURCES which will be necessary in generations to come to keep their generations living and going. These things were discussed an awful long time ago and published by the big boys themselves.


The "useless eaters" as Lord Bertrand Russell talks about are to be simply culled off or sterilized or both. They both have the same effect. When you look at how things are perceived, those who alter that which you perceive are masters at understanding how the average individual comes to their conclusion on anything. It's the same with the eye. The eye sees something and you'll probably experience, once in a while, you'll see an illusion. You'll see something and initially your mind will categorize it because of the distortion of light or whatever, you put it in the wrong box and then you notice that you have done it and you see it for what it is. That's misperception and then you put it into the proper perception. Your mind is supposed to judge, the complete you, the complete psyche, you, the totality of you. 


The masters and the sciences which run this world and were on the go before I was born and before most people were born, were already perfected in these areas of giving you misperceptions so that that which at one time was detrimental to maybe even your own safety, definitely to your freedom, is now normal; such as whole lines of traffic on highways being held up for breathalyzers or for some policeman sticking his nose in and sniffing you like an animal, which is intentional. They're told to do that because we act like animals. We feel uncomfortable. It's the same thing if a dominant animal is sniffing another one, you're the inferior animal and you cringe. That one's got the power, you don't. This is training Pavlovian style for totalitarianism.


Out goes the old 'innocent until proven guilty' concept and under the new psychology that's been taught for years, comes 'everyone is a potential crook' and police are trained this way, and it's odd because they come from the same wombs and are conceived in the same fashion as everyone else; often it's generally just lust, at least when you're young. But once they're in a brotherhood, in a fraternity (this is the great hypocrisy of fraternities, which claim a form of elitism), suddenly you'll allow yourself, like a good psychopath would too, to be convinced because you love to rationalize why you've suddenly become so superior. You're in a "special brotherhood," not the ordinary brotherhood which are just the guys knocking around town outside café's when they're teenagers.  You're a "special one" and you learn little secrets which you don't understand, because most people in Freemasonry for instance never do understand what the symbols really mean and even when they're told what they mean, they're lied to in the bottom levels and Albert Pike talked about.


However, it doesn't stop them feeling arrogant and special and how 32nd Degree Masons when they meet together all talk about the "profane," those down below. Those people down there, they're little people, and meanwhile they themselves know nothing. Actually, they're just as bamboozled and hoodwinked as the ones beneath them. They don't know generally there's anything higher except the 33rd, but they do get the protections and the great thing about brotherhoods is protections.


All Freemasons are guaranteed that business in an area from Freemasons will come to their store, little workshop or wherever it happens to be. Contracts come their way and they put the guy out down the road that hasn't a clue and is very honest and treats everyone the same. That is standard in Freemasonry. That's why they always allow people, potential candidates, to know at least that, that they will get special favors; and sure enough, the candidate will know Masons in the area. They know they get ahead for some reason. It's not because they're more clever. It’s because of the connections and the oaths they take to help each other, to give each other jobs, qualified or not, and get promotions, unmerited favor.


Police are the same because police and military form this "fraternity," as they like to call it, a brotherhood, and they cover for each other. It's an insurance policy so that when they go overboard and make mistakes, which are often rather lethal, then the others around them will write their books up to make sure that everyone's statement matches and so-and-so gets off. That's quite the insurance policy for a deadly mistake.


However, it also breeds an arrogance and an ego, which is used in other agencies and SWAT teams and so-called "special forces" and everything else along that line, because they begin to feel invincible and they're used as such. They will do things they'd never before joining think of or imagine they could do and now they will do it, along with their training and indoctrination and brainwashing to do it without thinking or feeling.


These techniques are understood at the top and used so the feeling of bonding with people, belonging with people, which is basic tribal nature, is used and then abused for the dictates of tyranny, not for the first time and not probably for the last time. It's the same with those who do stop all the traffic and stick their heads in your car.  The novice policeman initially will feel a little embarrassed doing it, but they soon get into the swing of it and they start to enjoy the cringing of the lowers, the people beneath them, who are conditioned like Pavlov's dogs to fear that uniform. When people fear uniforms they should listen to their institution, because there are very good reasons behind it when people fear uniforms.  Look at the history of Europe.


Those policemen get into the swing of things, start to enjoy it and it becomes routine, so their perceptions now have been altered. They don't think, "maybe I'm being a bully here."  That now is not on their mind whatsoever.  They enjoy the authority. Some people enjoy the smell of fear of others. They get off on it really and we find that all through the deviancy, where those who wish to dominate others, the more they dominate, the more they get off on the smell of fear, the more they need because that's what deviancy is.


It's well understood that in nature and it's taught now as fact. It doesn't mean it is fact or much of it is fact, but it's well understood that in every generation there are those who don't fit in. They're on the fringes and various fringes. Most teenagers will go through it as they try to establish an identity for themselves because they don't really know who they are and that's part of growing up, is to find out who you are.


In a world where they make sure that you're uncertain and that's actually promoted through the culture organizers and creators and manipulators, they can keep people very unsure of who they are for many, many years after their teenage years. They're much easier to control or direct in a certain direction.


In all ages you always have the psychopathic ones, too, who can be more intelligent in certain respects. It's more of a gift of intuition they have. They have instincts because they're really creatures of instinct like sharks. They can smell blood a long ways off and they can manipulate others and become tyrants and lead a culture off in a different direction. Yet, since about the 1700's and definitely the 1800's and the early birth of psychology and psychiatry, it's been taught almost as a normal thing that it's the certain deviant types with an intelligence who have little empathy—that's the tradeoff—for others, for the ordinary people, who will lead society off in these directions.


That's why people like Bertrand Russell could talk so matter-of-factly about the need to cull off vast quantities of "useless eaters", ordinary people, for a post-industrial era.  A man just like Aldous Huxley who could give talks at universities and have the Ivy League students chuckle. It isn't until you play back something in your mind and analyze what's actually being said you realize that a monster, something at one time was called "a Satan," had just enthralled you and said the most awful things, unthinkable things, in the most jovial and pleasant way. These are the ones who can become too numerous and powerful and lead a whole world along a path, which is going to be for a time a living hell, and like Huxley and all the rest of them, we know their names.


Some of them are still going on today advising presidents and prime ministers and they plan to get away with it by using a 'scientifically induced dictatorship' and this is already been happening before I was born. When I was small I used to wonder why when the television came in, in our areas, we didn't have them in mining areas, when they came in all these second-hand TV sets that they brought in en masse from the US to make sure that everybody in Britain could get their propaganda down feed. Some of the biggest programs well financed from the very beginning were nature shows and this was all the technique to subtly make the average individual think that we have so much in common with the animals. We are just another animal and not only that, there's too many of us, so to devalue human life was part of it.


Now the terrible fear that they're drumming up is that all this "excess population" is going to kill everybody off through pollution and global warming and we get all our solutions. They're on their way to creating part-way, because they do things intergenerationally. They've all the time in the world. All the time in the world. Song for the devil, eh? "Time is on My Side."


Step by step they program each one, often many steps during one lifetime, along a path of culture alteration and indoctrination till the people will be ready to accept willingly sterilization and much, much worse. Even a type of "Logan's Run," the movie, well worth seeing, presenting a scenario where people are born and brought up in an underground city, where no one is under 32, I think. An interesting number and once you hit a certain age the little chip in your hand starts to glow and everyone knows and you must go to the next step of your existence, which is in another world. It's a form of heaven and everyone thinks it's wonderful because you can under a scientific conditioning make people believe anything, anything.


Much of this is to do with understanding of archetypal symbols. How they operate the world, the universe in which we live. How that affects us. Basic human behavior, especially the group, the village, the tribe, the town, the norm, and once you understand the norm you can start shifting it from where it was to where you want it to be.


Sciences discussed long ago by writers in Greece and Egypt and in various Middle Eastern countries and even China, ancient China and of course India, because under all the religions the techniques are imbedded within – for those with eyes to see, ears to hear and an understanding and education which is generally not taught.


We'll find, and we always do, that people turn towards government for every problem that arises, even though the governments generally are the ones who cause the problem and that's exactly the technique they expect. That's what they want. Cause a problem. People demand help and rectification and governments are only too happy to oblige.


Today, we have the new Soviet system. The new Soviet is the combination of all the techniques used in that great laboratory of the USSR merging with the capitalism and the old regime of the West for their planned society, which we're now entering into. All the techniques used in the Soviet Union are upgraded and even perfected but still depending on the same basic understanding of human nature to get us to accept what an elite wants us to accept.


The Soviet system had hundreds of front groups called Non-Governmental Organizations, which pretended to speak for the foundry workers, for one; the woodworkers, for another; rights for a family. All the stuff we know here now in fact, all the different groups. The difference being of course the Soviet system gave the nod for them to be set up and appointed someone to be the head pretending to speak for the people. Then those NGOs, the Soviet, the councils, would demand from the government they listen. It was a right under the charter and the government would hear the complaint, which they'd already drawn up and made happen, and they'd give the solution, so that's how it worked. For the Joe Average at the very bottom, he wouldn't understand this: that everything these little NGOs were appointed over him, to speak for him, and demanded, were actually given to the NGO leaders by the politburo and that's what we have here in the West too now you see.


The great foundations are the ones who fund all of the groups who demand the biggest changes. I know this because I know some people within the Rockefeller Foundation, one of whom just writes checks to them on a daily basis.


Interesting that Adam Weishaupt, being only one member of an organization of many faces, but who always gets the attention, it is interesting – I think he gets the attention really because he was a bit to cocksure of himself and said a bit too much in his arrogance, which was lifting the light on other organizations of the same group in different countries.


He did say that the creation of foundations would be their way of accumulating wealth – vast wealth and power. This was reiterated by Albert Pike who wrote "Morals & Dogma" who said the same thing. "We shall become the masters over the masters of the world," and they were to accumulate money by any means possible, including robbery if need be; and many of the robbers who became famous were famous because they were Freemasons, like Jessie James who hid money all over the place for the movement. They also had their own men in the stock exchanges accumulating and acquiring massive wealth, because as I say money makes the world go around. It makes their world go around and if you dominate it you dominate the people, who are all trained to leave homes for so many hours per day, getting to school and come back, then go to work, same thing, and you earn money. Then the money that you pay back, which is just your labor, can be used for research and development to build things like chips that will be implanted in your brain.


We pay for our own chains ultimately, but that's always how the people have done it. They've always paid for their own chains. Almost a legality that we must go into, this format of allowing ourselves to be abused so much, including the extent to where taxation has gone. Wars were created over taxation at one time. Taxation without representation. Now everyone's expected to simply get their SIN number – it's called a SIN number not by accident, it's very deliberate, Social Insurance Number – and have no say in where their money is going. They're not asked do you mind if your money goes here or there? Is this immoral or you don't like this?  No, you're just told to divvy up and that's it or else, so we buy the chains that bind us ultimately.


We buy the black hood that puts our lights out eventually. The forms of legality that are used, through threat of force, to overt force to make us comply, is standard and since most people are basically cowards they allow it to happen, not just to themselves but to everyone else. Something that the big boys at the top count on. You've had societies in the past that were not so cowardly because they didn't have all the scientific indoctrination stuffed into their heads from childhood and people fought dearly to hold on to values which modern psychologists would say was obsolete.  As I say, you can rationalize anything when you prefer to believe of yourself as an elitist belonging to a science, which is more varied individual theories making it up than any religion ever did, but as I say psychopaths like to rationalize what they do.


It's sad to think that the whole New Age movement was created and planned a long, long time ago as a part-way measure towards controlling a whole world which would allow each individual to give up independence.  A perennial religion, always the exoteric, even though people pay vast sums of money to be taught what they think is metaphysics and given their own language so they can all communicate and swap past life experiences and hypnotists and pay big bucks to hypnotists to find out the best past life experience, similar to Hollywood talking about their plastic surgeons.


It's all mental masturbation because it's not meant to free anyone. It's meant to cause a narcissistic society where each individual is naval gazing at themselves as the only person who matters. There's no cohesion amongst people to help others. It was designed that way and unfortunately, like always, it hides a higher truth – the real higher system, which few get a chance to attain.


This is it for Friday. I generally don't get too much mail on the weekend. It peters off as people relax, I suppose, and get busy doing their shopping for stocking up on groceries and so on.  I don't want to keep complaining about what's happening with little slimy toads I talked about, but I do need assistance for those who spot them in their slinky little holes so that I can continue and go much further than has been done so far.


Most people as I say in the crowds of today allow so many injustices to occur and say they don't want to be involved. Those people who do that are already condemning themselves to what's coming down the pike in this world. Some may differ as much as they wish, but if you wake up as you everyday and no one else but you, then you are you, hopefully. You're in this physical body, the world where spirit meets matter. Most of them turn into matter and become very, very heavy.


Once in a lifetime you live and die – at least with the physical, eh? Therefore, living is for living and people shouldn't be walking around as though they were dead and afraid or pretending you're alive because they belong to the right groups. Once in a lifetime. That's your chance to make a difference.


From me and Hamish, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



"Protect and Survive"

By Runrig


The red hot sun burns up the hill
The winter's bride, the summer's king
I tramp these acres and I feel
Once upon a time

Then it seemed that everything
You saw and touched and felt was real
You turned the tap and you turned the wheel
Breathing free


Once in a lifetime
You live and love
Once in a lifetime
You die
Once in a moment
The sun goes down
Protect and survive

Now you search the open evening sky
Trace the memory in your eyes
For the prophet's hard rain and the deluge
Lie in tears around your door
Once there were trees and livestock here
A mother's love, the warnings clear
But you chose to turn away from fear
Breathing free


Once in a lifetime
You live and love
Once in a lifetime
You die
Once in a moment
The sun goes down
Protect and survive

Now there's a faceless cross on a distant hill
A wasted voice, a silent scream
Where the lovers love and the dreamers dream
You stand and dream alone
You took your sacrifice to the gods of war
Traded your children's lives for a mess of gold
And you beat your ploughshares into swords
Breathing free

Once in a lifetime
You live and love
Once in a lifetime
You die
Once in a moment
The sun goes down
Protect and survive



(Transcribed by Linda)