March 15, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – March 15, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi, folks. I'm Alan Watt at  This is Thursday the 15th of March 2007.


What's been happening?  Well more sites are going up at the moment across the planet and that way I hope to keep information up there should any particular one or any groups of them be pulled down, which is very possible in this day and age, especially when you're touching on topics which are not quite politically correct or at least acceptable by certain high agencies shall we say.


So much happens in this world and people are overloaded with data that they cannot retain important events which happen in their own lifetime and so certain topics have become taboo in political circles to do with things they'd rather we all forget. I suspect strongly that the reason I've been having the hassles with a couple of the sites is because I touched on a topic to do with the old Iran-Contra scandal, where it came out the United States at very high levels and authorized from the top obviously was involved in bringing in cocaine and drugs and having them sold and distributed across the United States and using the money for what they call "Black Budget" and "Covert Actions," the "Quiet Wars" as they say, the funding of little revolutions and counter-revolutions in countries in which they have plans for in the future.


Then it gets even deeper and more mysterious when you get into it because you find that really it's not the United States doing this because at the top there are no countries. We have a continued illusion of countries as long as they keep the present tax system in place. It's hard to tax you and they can't recruit you either for armies if they can't pull out the old patriotic symbols, the tribal flags and all that.


At the top we have internationalists with a global agenda, a global plan worked out in meticulous detail, which is not difficult when you realize the people at the top make money out of nothing so that they have unlimited numbers and zeros behind them. They can hire thousands of think tanks to pour over their plans, their plans for the future and find out ways to implement them through culture creation, indoctrinations, media, entertainment and the public drift along never realizing everything that seems new as it comes along is in fact meticulously planned, including all of the possible reactions against any particular part.


They can actually see how certain individual types of personalities will dig their heels in and complain about certain aspects of it and so they plan it way ahead, including how to overcome those obstacles, even down to training people to become leaders for what appears to be their opposition.


To change topics, I'd like the people to know that a lot of my time is taken up with other kinds of fallout to do with putting out information. It can even be hard to get time sometimes just to put out one hour of spontaneous blurb in a day because you have little emergencies arise which you have to deal with which come out of the blue.


A while back, I had a problem with a site someone had put up and was selling my books off for donations. That I can understand will happen. That kind of a thing will obviously happen because the same crooked mentality you have at the top is found in all strata of society down to the bottom and from the very old at the top to the very young at the bottom too, there's always the odd bad egg as they say who sees an opportunity and grabs it regardless of the consequences to others.


The other day it came to my attention that on a myspace blog, someone was actually giving out free downloads of my books. I don't know for how long. Perhaps since January and that's a different problem again because the person wasn't after financial gain and so it's very possible to conclude that there's a nefarious attempt to pull the rug from under your feet since you're depending on that little income – that little income to keep not only going on the Internet but to keep the bread coming to your mouth everyday.


There are many ways to close a person down and there certainly are dirty trick squadrons out there that specialize in this. Now people who go over all the material on my sites can see for themselves, I give out almost everything for free. I even put up archived information from shows. I give them two weeks generally and then I'll put it up in order to let those who can't afford to join all these groups and to pay the money for archived information so that they can get access to it. Therefore, everyone can get access to information, at least information that I get out through my shows and other shows and I sell very little.


I would love to have more books written and more DVDs done and these are the things which I do sell because that keeps me going and if I can't have the money coming in, I'm gone you see and I don't need much at all. I live – when you compare how I live with other people, most people couldn't live like that or survive like this. They really couldn't.  I don't go after the big things of the world. I live very simply. I heat my place with wood which I cut myself. I boil water on a wood stove because my hot water tank burst last year and I was so busy getting wood in I never replaced it.


I don't have the money to have all the things fixed that most of you would do. You'd pay someone to do it. I don't. Therefore I live as simply as possible and I don't mind that. I can get along with that. Accumulating all the things that people are told to have does not appeal to me and I'm not complaining about my lifestyle. I'm just saying that some people will stoop to no level, nothing is low enough to put you under and if I hadn't had it brought to my attention that someone was giving these books away for free, free downloads, I would have never known except for the fact that the sales of books had plummeted over this last two or three months. And now I know one of the reasons why.


There could be others out there doing this and I depend on people who have the time to perhaps do searches once in a while to see if this is happening elsewhere. Now nothing should be sold in my name. No one else is authorized to sell my material. The few things I sell will be found on my main site and for John in Dublin who brought this to my attention, I'd like to play this song "Carrickfergus," one of the best renditions I've heard sung by Cedric Smith and Loreena McKennitt.



Sung by Cedric Smith and Loreena McKennitt

I wish I was in Carrighfergus,
Only for nights in Bellygrant.
I would swim over the deepest oceans,
Only for nights in Bellygrant.

But the sea is wide, and I can't get over.
Neither have I wings to fly.
Oh, if I could find me a handsome boatsman
To ferry me over to my love and die.

Now in Kilkenny, it is reported,
They've marble stones there as black as ink.
With gold and silver I would transport her
But I'll sing no more now, till I get a drink.

I'm drunk today, but then I'm seldom sober.
A handsome rover from town to town.
Oh, but I am sick now, my days are over,
Come all you young lads and lay me down.

I wish I was in Carrighfergus,
Only for nights in Bellygrant.


We're getting sprayed of course continuously now. Every day as the sun should be shining, and sometimes is in the early morning it starts off nice, then in come the aircraft. This is happening all over, probably the world because I get photographs from Australia as well, and all over the US and Britain and the rest of Europe, and we're not supposed to know, we're not supposed to know.

The reason we know we're not supposed to know is that the major media will not touch this, and a couple of other smaller stations that have touched it, always do it in a tongue-in-cheek way as "what do you think, people, are these people paranoid about these contrails?" (instead of chemtrails) and they leave the audience with a "well this may be crazy" or "maybe it's just jet planes." However, when you've watched the patterns being laid, commercial aircraft never did this.

Last week I watched a bunch of them creating lines across the sky as though they were ploughing a field, as they were all sitting abreast of each other, and do a partial U-turn, all in formation, and left this amazing herring-bone pattern behind them, which eventually began to merge. Before the afternoon came in, the sky was completely overcast and you'd have this metallic smell or taste in your mouth.

A world-wide operation on a gigantic scale, on a true war-scale in fact. This was happening before 9/11, before they were hyping up their new champion which is to be the Kyoto agreements, before Al Gore was moved into his new position that was made for him probably twenty years ago, because anything that's happening today was planned years in advance – they simply implement each part at the right time.

The big enemy that the world will have to face and come together with under a new system is an attack from out there, which is nature. It's global warming. Even though you won't find two scientists, who are not on the payroll of the United Nations (which many of them, in fact most of the big ones are, that's where they get their grants from, to say what they want to hear) but you won't find a couple of scientists agreeing about the history of the world to do with the climate changes. How could you possibly come out with rules and regulations and what are supposed to be facts, when you don't really have the facts.

They're scratching the top of a mountain and expecting to know how it all began and over what period of time. Yes, they know there's been many ice-ages and many warming ages between them. Many, many, and many mini ones in between the big ones. As I say in the Middle Ages for 200 years in parts of Europe they never built fires in their homes because it was so warm. And then in came the colder weather again, and the less hot summers and back in went the fires. And this is quite standard, this is normal.

We shouldn't panic when they try to panic us, and these are attempts to panic us you see. It's not just for power, for scientists who love to push themselves to the top as the new types of Darwinian-type saviours, the atheistic saviours with their new religion of science, which has so many theories it truly is a religion – it takes a lot of belief to go along with them. But, as I say, with scant knowledge and no definite, definitive timescale knowledge or accurate timescale knowledge on many ice-ages, warming ages and so on, to try and pretend they understand it all now and make us all conform to a new panic, or to react to this new panic is simply part of a political, a socio-political agenda.

The old H.G. Wells idea (which he didn't dream up, it was dreamed up by professors working at the Royal Institute of International Affairs) of a threat to bring the world together, to change the whole lifestyle of the little people, so that they'd be better ruled by their betters, counted on convincing the public of an alien threat or something like that. And that was tossed about and discussed in big think-tanks, in psychological warfare format; how to get the people to be terrified enough that they'll give up all of what they once thought was their freedoms their rights, and bring in the new society – the Great society, as they call it.

Now we know it's not the UFOs, they've tried all that for a long period of time but it didn't quite catch on. There was enough people turning towards it as an ultimate religion eventually, but it still didn't convince enough people and so they couldn't use that. It's much easier to use climate control.

Now when the aircraft are spraying heavily, they're using different metallic particulates, dowsing the air with them, and these act like tiny mirrors which reflect light back and forth, therefore the sunlight cannot simply bounce off the earth and bounce back out again. It's trapped, in this massive multi-layered hall of mirrors reflecting back and forth and back and forth, and then it causes the warming. It causes the warming.

Back in the times of Teller, they talked about using this stuff in the 1950's in conjunction with HAARP-type technology. It was talked about at that particular time, in big meetings, that they could if they wished, even melt the polar cap.

Interesting, isn't it, how short our memories are. Major things happen in our lifetimes, and people have no memory of them – the short-term memory – because they count on media to do their thinking, their reasoning, and their recollection for them.

Brzezinski was the first one to openly state this that the public were coming to a stage where they'd be unable to do reasoning for themselves. They would expect the media to do it all for them. Yet this media is in private hands. Some of the big stations, like the BBC, are owned by the government, so it's a propaganda arm, and yet the public trust the media. They've been taught over the last 40 years or so to trust the media, never suspecting there could be agendas here, and never even realizing this is a political and socio-political tool – a very powerful one. If it's not on the media then it can't be true – that 's how the average person thinks.


We are given our worries from the media. You'll notice if you do have cable. I don't but I've been in homes with people who have cable and satellite and they have all of these TV stations and channels all at the same time giving the news and they're giving the same news in the same sequence, in the same format, the same wording and you realize they're all getting it from the same source – an authorized source. They parrot it to make sure we all get the same exact catch phrases and so on and there's no individual analysis by newscasters of information because most media comes from but three major wires as they call it. There's Reuters and a couple of other major ones which are probably all amalgamated into one really at the top to make sure you get standardized news.


Yet here they go again at the beginning of the year when the birds are trying to sing and now they're coughing with the spraying along with the people and the sprayings being stepped up and I pretty well can imagine we're going to see some amazing displays in the skies this year because they're on a roll. They’re well aware that most the public can be made to believe anything because they have no memory and they're not worried about more people looking up and saying, "what on earth is that going on above my head?" 


So they'll go the next step which is a heavier spraying and they're also mixing the sprays with different chemicals as they go along. The great alchemists in the sky.  There will be ongoing fallout – health problems in populations. They are aware of it. They keep their pulse on the doctors' visits and the clinic visits and the hospital visits all the time. All that data gets fed to the capitols of every nation. And Canada did have that done a few years ago when they admitted there was one computer with all information across the country was getting all the data from across the country feed into it and this little hullabaloo about well should any politician have access to such incredible data concerning everybody across Canada. Financial, health, everything all in one and so they solved it and ended the problem by making it two computers and that was for our safety.


This is the way we're treated but this is all in preparation for spraying and other things yet to come because they keep the pulse on the health of the public, the death rates which will be going up because the greatest problem people have today as we have no industry left and we're not polluting all that stuff in the sky and yet they keep happing on about it. The greatest problem we have are people coming down with bronchial problems and various kinds of pneumonias that set in after their lung tissue has been inflamed enough to allow bacterium into it. It will affect the very young and the very old. You can't spray any chemicals which should not be there outside of nature. You can't spray all this stuff into the sky and not expect to have health fallout short-term and long-term that's obvious. So they can't come out now and tell us what they're doing because they're poisoning us regardless of any other motive that they give us. The side effect obviously is detrimental to health.


My dog and I often go and sit on a hill in the morning. I'll take a coffee out there and he looks up when these jets are going back and forth and he watches them. My dog watches them and yet most people don't. They don't notice. That is scary. It's kind of like when you rationalize the excuses we're given or will be given as to why – when eventually they do have to come forth and say something it's kind of like finding a giant crater in a desert caused by a meteorite maybe billions of years ago. We don't even know, but when you find it you say, "well gee whiz, we must have caused that to happen." 


This is the same nonsense we hear about the ozone hole another great one they dreamed up and only ones who can detect the ozone hole are NASA. They're the only ones with the equipment. This supposed ozone hole. Now if you find something for the first time because you've developed equipment that can detect and go beyond previous equipment you say, "my goodness, there's something there."  Why on earth would you suddenly conclude that we caused it?  It could have been there forever for all we know. Now we're told it shifts, it moves. But then they can tell us anything because I don't have the equipment to test it and verify it.


All of these techniques are used to get us to comply really with the loss of all rights to alter the old way, to live in a scientifically run dictated society. The Brave New World of Huxley that's what we're supposed to enter into as they try and panic us one way or another or "my goodness, we're going to get hit with a comet."  They've got all these different scenarios we're supposed to sit and be terrified about and because we're all so petty little ignorant people we have to listen to these gods, these experts, these scientists – these approved ones. The ones that are approved by the UN. We listen to them and to their gobbley gook as they look in the camera and with a straight face and tell us all this magical nonsense. These are the simple techniques being employed to bring this about.


Al Gore was chosen years ago to help lead the new departments in the United Nations on this very topic. They had to give the guy some kind of job because he's not very much good at anything else, but at least he can read his scripts. You always have to find jobs for the boys. So Mr. Gore who might be related – who knows, Mr. Gorbachev who's on the same sort of kick has been given a big position at the UN, unlimited funding for his propaganda departments to scare us like the Wizard of OZ with lots of scientific terms and future projections and yah-de-yah-de-yah.


Make no mistake. The propaganda that's starting to come out is a concentrated coordinated effort to brainwash the population of the world and they're already doing it in school and making sure they grab the children first and brainwash them because they must grow up into a completely changed world run by experts who are there to save us who are going to go off and blast off asteroids just like the movies that gave us to predict us – predictive programming and yes they'll send special A-Teams off to blast theses at these asteroids before they hit earth and save the planet in a thousand different ways and little old you being little old you have no power whatsoever to do anything so sit back. Do what you're told and save old Gaia, Mother Earth.


Massive campaign. Massive campaign. The largest psy-op operation on the planet because that is the threat they've decided upon is to be global climate change. The threat from out there, the sun and we must live in a completely new society. Now within a span of 50 years, they've already turned society upside down. That's nothing at all, 50 years. The blink of an eye and they've been terribly successful in destroying as they say in the occult circles of the high Freemasonry "all that was."  They've destroyed all that was to bring in that which is to be new.


All the planks pretty well of the "Communist Manifesto" have been completely carried out except for the last little part. The last one and that's almost complete too and that's the end of all private property. That was to be done through increasing taxations and fines et cetera and we're seeing it now because now all municipalities and governments are sending out agents all over the place to inspect all buildings, all private premises and you'll be fined daily if you cannot fix whatever they tell you to fix as they keep updating standards every year. This is to be the last part of it.


And then we gradually get herded over the next oh 15, 20 years into habitat areas. You have two classes initially. They're already selling homes for the upper class where you have solar heating and all the modern gizmos.  However, for the lower classes, the majority of people is to be crammed into the cities until we dwindle off through sterilization. Through simple various means which is already happening if you look at the sperm count falling every year since the 1950's.


Eventually their old cities will disappear. Long term planning is the key to everything. You can make the public through a short period of time believe in anything. Barrera who was the head of the NKVD, the early KGB in the Soviet system, talked about the process of indoctrinating the masses to change the culture in a specific direction with a definite goal and he talked in the 1930's about it at the International Communist Meeting, the Comintern.


He said, it used to take us a whole generation around 70 years through massive propaganda and grabbing children and brainwashing them. It used to take 70 years to get one particular change in their way of looking at life, society, marriage and all the rest of it. He says "but now we have it down. We can alter and upgrade society every five years through scientifically induced indoctrination."  And he said, "eventually that will be down to one year or even six months." 


When you understand the art and all that goes into the creation of culture then it's very easy to manipulate it. These are sciences which are well understood and yet now with that "all seeing eye" that television set in everyone's home getting the same information worldwide at the same time everyday it's much easier and quicker to indoctrinate and the television doesn’t leave you to form your own opinions. It gives you your opinions. Slickly, scientifically and that's why they keep news anchor people on until they're very old people because you grow up with them most of your life. That's why they pay big salaries for people who simply read dummy boards and look like their father. That's the idea. The father figure or the mother figure, but mainly father figure.


We grow up with them and it would never occur to you this man – this respectable man as they keep telling us how respectable these ones are. They even have their own promos. Peter Mansbridge, they introduce him everyday as "the most trusted man in Canada."  I don't know anybody that's met the man.  But through television people think they know them, they grew up with them and would that trusted man ever lie to you to deceive you?  Of course not. Well he's like your father. He's a father figure. Very simple and it works very well. Every country has their own version of the same thing.


Hopefully this year, I'll be able to go much further with information that I'd like to put out because really what I'm trying to do is to a type of preliminary education on the sciences and the history behind this world which lead us to where we are at the moment and which has already planned a future for us if we acquiesce to it. Everything that happens in life is much easier for controllers if the public go along willingly and want the next stage of their slavery. Therefore slavery is always dressed up in fancy colors and sold to us. It also helps if you can create many crisis to wear the people down and offer them a type of psychic valium or an electronic one to take away their pain. The kind of stuff we're seeing promoted via movies, cartoons for children with brain chips and all of this kind of stuff.


This is the agenda. There is no doubt about that. For the controllers to run the world remember a world system, a world government to be government to keep and maintain a dominant minority at the top with a dominant bureaucracy running the show they need to try and make it seem to Joe Public that there's a crisis some where so they’ll always create crisis to justify their controlling of you – their governments of you. That's what government is there for. Without crisis they couldn't soak you for pretty well all that you earn and they couldn't dictate to you how you should live and where you should live or what to dress like or what colors your homes should be.


Government depends on crisis. That's why they always have enemies and wars and enemies over there and when they can't get an enemy over there they've got to find an enemy within and that's the whole deal of terrorism, a tactic used in the past – in past ages going all the way to Rome when various Caesar's would find they were losing their grip over the public, their dominance, they'd create a fire in some big building. Blame internal terrorists for it and turn out the Army and all the citizenry would succumb to the authority and obey and become suspicious of each other. That's an ancient tactic. It was used by Stalin in the soviet system because once they'd sealed off their borders of the greater Russia they had to find enemies within, so we're seeing a tactic to be used on a global system where you'll be an approved citizen of the world with either a green strip on your ID card for safety or they'll color code it down to red where you could be an enemy of the world state. You might have dangerous thoughts, for goodness sake.


Now you could still be some person who is young who’s adopted the latest current trend, which they always think is rebellion but it never is, because all current trends and always have been promoted from the top down. Very old professional people sit and design the fashions for the young to follow including the gothic and all the other things and even the Mohawk haircuts the guys had a few years back and the music because fashion industry, music industry, entertainment all go together in novels and so on to create culture. All expert people design it way in advance and the youth are taught it's theirs, so they adopt it simply because they use techniques which appeal to the young and I hope everyone remembers what it's like to be young. I hope everyone does. Many people don't. They can't remember what they went through themselves.


The young love to sit and talk in groups about spooky things and therefore you give them professionally-led spooky shows which intrigues them because their imagination hasn't been put in a box yet through the worries of life, therefore they can get in to all of that because man essentially is a religious being and no matter how you suppress religion it will reemerge in one form or another, which has always been understood.  Therefore, those at the top when they're destroying an old religion always introduce a new one to be followed. That's what's called "The New Age" and all of its facets and forms.


Designed long ago. Called also the "perennial religion," that's why they can keep pulling this one up over many thousands of years when they need it and that's why they have all the data to put out there. They know what works too. They know that the New Age must appeal primarily to the individual ego. The me idea. When you find New Agers pretty well all they can do is talk about themselves. Me, me, me, I, I, I, I, me because it's their own personal what they think is salvation they're desperately hunting for and paying through the nose for to get old rehashed stuff dragged out of old books written by the "dominant minority" a long time ago and a lot more recently too.


They're given their own vocabulary because you must always create a vocabulary. Catch words, buzz words to be trendy so they can exchange with each other as though they know and they smile and they know. They're "in the know" but it leaves them nowhere. It also teaches them a very important thing and that is to not look at anything negative, which is fantastic for a dominant minority as they pull off a world stunt like this, because if you're standing on the train tracks hopefully even if your back is turned to the train you'll hear it coming and get off the tracks. Now here people who have taught to simply not look at all the nasty things in the world. Concentrate on yourself and be happy. Attract positive forces for you, me, I, me, me, me, you and that's all that matters.  So you don't care who gets killed where or slaughtered where or for what even when you go and buy the junk sometimes from the countries that are doing the slaughtering. It doesn't matter.


Somehow they can compromise their karma on certain points. But they're disabled effectively from caring you see about others because truth doesn't come through individual – concentration and search. Only the truth about yourself should emerge from there but from that should come the real truth, which is the caring about other people and those not yet born. There's nothing more selfish than just wanting to get through this world and be happy, as they say, especially if you know what's going on.


The whole New Age movement was in the planning in the 1800's was set in motion. More openly in the 1880's and that's how long it took to gradually snowball up to the present where certain musicians were sent off to India and of course their fans in a sense went with them, at least in spirit, because youngsters follow the stars and if the stars are in to this or that they will follow and do the same. They follow suit. All orchestrated to bring in the blending of East and West. Destroy the old which by the way was the old even though with all of its dogma and corruption as all religions will become rather quickly after their birth, but it was only religion that promoted the care for others outside of yourself.


You see the effects today in a dog-eat-dog society. The modern Babylon using a lot of scientific methods and electronics to promote the Babylon which ancient Babylon didn't have. They simply had lots of priesthoods and experts to deal with the social problems and promotion of ideas amongst the populations, but today we have the technology to bring it into your room everyday or your house right into your mind. A reality. A fake reality. A misperception and as long as everyone is misperceiving and getting the same data they all think they're sane and that everything is normal.


When human life gets devalued to the extent that it already has and accepted by the average person – it's always been accepted by an elite who see peasantry then they see another class which is themselves, but when the average person thinks the same way they have been totally indoctrinated. To hear average people parrot what they get from their wildlife programs and all their superstars who come on reading these wildlife programs and saying there's just too many people and then you hear the average person at the bottom saying the same thing, they have been brainwashed. Completely brainwashed. Their opinions are adopted opinions. They haven't been thought through and the immature personality which never grows and is kept in a form of stasis will simply adopt the opinions of the experts.


That's why we find people today who are elderly and who have no wisdom to pass on. They've been kept in a stasis of bewilderment and after bewilderment with no conclusions drawn out they burn out long before they die and simply live to get a pension, the big carrot, and once they get their pension they drift off and they're gone very quickly generally.


Life was supposed to be to lived and life was supposed to be exciting and you don't have to run around in big fancy cars and go to nightclubs to have excitement. You can have so much excitement within your own mind wherever you are, if your mind is working wherever you are. And when you're not afraid of what is coming down because when you understand how it's all being done the fear tends to evaporate.


We're not evolving daily as the media would have you believe. Politicians are not reacting to sudden crisis on the spot and making decisions on the spot to deal with them. Every major event in life is planned long beforehand. Years beforehand. Sometimes before you're born and this whole global agenda and the new society it would bring in was planned and discussed and written about by those involved back in the early 1900's and even before, but from the League of Nations onwards they became bolder. Once people were more literate and were reading books, apart from novels at the lower levels, they began to be a bit more careful in what they released out into the public realm.


However, they still occasionally do release the occasional book with lots of data that come from the meetings they attend and you might find them in the libraries stuck away some where, but you won't hear about them on the major media because they don't want you to read these books and say, "well wait a minute. How come none of this is mentioned on my six o'clock news?" You don't want people saying, "oh, so to get a global agenda and they have to create world panic to justify the reasons for it happening" or for their perfect population of the world in a post-industrial and technological society they want only so many million people. Then you tie it into the sperm count dropping as the UN keeps announcing every year in a quiet straightforward fashion with no comment following.


When there's comment following something that should be a crisis you know it's part of the plan. As I said before, people are in a sense religiously minded. They're a religious animal in one way or another. It can take many forms because they have – especially when they're younger, just an inner knowing that there's something else beyond all of this. However, unfortunately it's supplied. The answers are always supplied to us by those who end up controlling us and the more exciting they make it for the young people, the more they fall into the trap early and it's hard to get them out of it.


Then they're being guided along for the rest of their lives by the books that appear one after the other on the bookshelves, very cheap generally, which indoctrinate them into the next step and the next step, until they are parroting opinions that were designed for them to parrot in allowing to happen to them and to those around them that which was planned long ago. Predictive programming and the last person to know is the indoctrinated person. Brainwashing works. It works. It's a perfected science.


The "in thing" at the moment is to just think positive and you'll get what you want. Visualize it and you'll get it. I will get what I want. I, me, me, I. This began really years ago with a bunch of Masons this whole idea and Norman Vincent Peale and others were into it. Now they have umpteen different names for the same thing, motivational courses and so on and so on. Now they're at your inner guide and your spirit guide and goodness knows what else to give you more confidence in it and what all they teach people really is to be more aggressive to get what they want, so when people buckle in and give them what they want you think it's a supernatural occurrence. No, they're just becoming a bully, that's all, because most people cave in and want to get rid of an aggressive person who's haggling down the price or whatever it happens to be.


When you have everyone so divided into the "me," it's much easier for a small group to control all of them. The rest of them are navel gazing. They don't notice what's happening around them.  The material world is transitory for everyone because your life is transitory here. And if you haven't noticed, there's nothing that you can work for, lie for, steal for, gather, collect that you cannot lose. There's nothing in the material world really that's yours. The more you possess, the more you worry about losing all your possessions. The more care you have to take to keep working or whatever it is or maintain them or even a place to put them.


That's why thousands of years ago men like Plato wrote about the system they would create: the perfect government for a dominant minority – an aristocracy where technically they would own nothing. As Plato said, why own your house, your big house, then you have to have servants and pay them, then the servants might steal the objects you buy and put in those houses. You have to hire guards to guard and you might get robbed and on and on it went. What he was getting at was the creation of a governmental system where those who ruled the world would technically own nothing, but they, the elite, would have the sole use of those buildings. The public would maintain them for them. Isn't that clever? Isn't that clever?


They could fulfill their wildest dreams in having all those things, but technically they wouldn't own them so when something was stolen they didn't worry. They scrolled a little chitty to their guys below and the object that was broken, smashed or whatever, stolen, would be replaced or today it's their limo would be replaced and serviced and maintained and everyone's paid from the public purse. That's not a bad deal. If you look into the big foundations, you'll find they work the same way. If you look into the biggest families on this planet, technically they own nothing. Everything goes through trusts but they have the sole use of those big buildings in different countries and Lear jets and so on.


Meanwhile, those at the bottom of the ladder are given their daily dose of I don't know how many ads per hour they watch on television anymore and all the things they're supposed to want and all the things they think they're supposed to have backed up with all the magazines they buy and all those fluffy pillows and lace things from Sears, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. All the ways to get that money back from you that you earn because you're supposed to have them, but unlike the big boys, you will have to replace them too or repair them or have them stolen and worry about them and there's no one that you can pass it on to too do it all for you.


We're trained like animals and it works because of the "perfect understanding of human behavior," especially of the mass man. All governments admit that the masses – the crowds who conform – CON-form, are easy to control. What works for one works for the other. It's the occasional individual down through the ages who can shatter their spell and all their hard work with simple speech in pointing out what is that can cause the problem. The one who communicate to those under the spell and watch the big bubble burst. That's the person who becomes the problem and has to be dealt with.


Most of it is to do with perceptions. How you're taught to perceive. Not what you do see, but how you perceive things and I hope to put out a series on perceptions and how they are manipulated and how easy it is to teach people to have these perceptions – these false perceptions for obedience sake.


A simple example is if you're on a highway in any age and a highway man – an armed highway man stops you, demands your money or he won't let you on your way and you refuse he can shoot you or punish you in some way. He'll rob you anyway and people have no problems understanding that as robbery. However, when you have governments depending on tickets being handed out by policemen who sit on the highway they're given a uniform and they have a gun who stop you and write out a ticket for his boss and you can't travel on. You can't bypass him and keep going. He'll shoot you. He'll kill you. What is really the difference?  What is really the difference?  Extortion is extortion. The difference is you’re perceived to see one differently from the other through training and propaganda and yes I know there's lots of arguments come in, well those speeders and yah-de-yah-de-yah. 


However, governments admit and we had that in Toronto not long ago when police went on a work to rule – a kind of strike. They stopped giving out tickets for a week or two and the City Council was howling because they depend on all of those fines as part of their income, which is never big enough as you've noticed. Governments never have enough income since they're always doing new building projects, being all good Masons, but they depend on supposed wrong-doing as part of their income. A certain amount of money or they go under.


Well what would happen if everybody was suddenly good and not break any little rule and no tickets were handed out because they couldn't hand them out? It would be the same thing. They'd have to find another way to get money from you because that's your purpose is to supply your labor via money to the big boys who have all these big building projects where they charge fix or six times the amount of something being built and the big boys at the top pocket the rest. That's the way corruption works only it's legal corruption and the more corrupt we get the more even Joe Average will accept that as the norm.


Where you also toss out the old religions which at least made you think about right and wrong because the western religions had right and wrong in them. The rest of them don't have right and wrong. You end up with the Sovietized system where everything was so incredibly corrupt that to even see a doctor you had to bribe the secretary to get an appointment. You had to go into a hospital to visit a relative who’s lying in urine and bribe the nurses to change the linen because that's what the atheistic me society ends up doing, dog-eat-dog, new Babylon and we're watching the emergence of global Babylon.


That's my quick spontaneous blurb for tonight. I thank those who watch the Internet and let me know when little dirty tricks are being pulled so I can deal with them quickly. I thank you for listening. I hope to put much more material out this year on a much higher – well at least a little bit higher level. You can't give higher truths to people until you lay all the groundwork out first, then when you hear it it's perfectly understandable.


Hope you're all keeping well, and for Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god and your gods or your gods go with you.



"By The Rivers Dark"

By Leonard Cohen


By the rivers dark
I wandered on.
I lived my life
in Babylon.

And I did forget
My holy song:
And I had no strength
in Babylon.

By the rivers dark
Where I could not see
Who was waiting there
Who was hunting me.

And he cut my lip
And he cut my heart.
So I could not drink
From the rivers dark.

And he covered me,
And I saw within,
My lawless heart
And my wedding ring,

I did not know
And I could not see
Who was waiting there,
Who was hunting me.

By the rivers dark
I panicked on.
I belonged at last
to Babylon.

Then he struck my heart
With a deadly force,
And he said, ‘This heart:
It is not yours.’

And he gave the wind
My wedding ring;
And he circled us
With everything.

By the rivers dark,
In a wounded dawn,
I live my life
in Babylon.

Though I take my song
From a withered limb,
Both song and tree,
They sing for him.

Be the truth unsaid
And the blessing gone,
If I forget
My Babylon.

I did not know
And I could not see
Who was waiting there,
Who was hunting me.

By the rivers dark,
Where it all goes on;
By the rivers dark
In Babylon.



(Transcribed by Linda)