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July 26, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 26, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is and It is the 26th of July, 2007.


It's interesting to see the email that I get in, once you've sorted out all the junk stuff that just flows in. It's amazing how we can't stop that, isn't it? It's truly amazing that they can't stop it, isn't it?  However, some of the mail I get in is interesting because people out there are noticing all of the independent or at least seemingly independent pieces of information coming out, which, all like arrows pointing towards a central point in a circle, are showing them the way of the future – the very near future. Seemingly independent organizations, corporations and various governments all point to the same nucleus, the nucleus that we're all supposed to fit into, because bigger powers have planned it that way long ago for “world peace,” you understand. Mind you, it's interesting to see that the elite of the world, the dominant minority have a different definition of peace from the one that the general population would have.


Here's one of these little independent pieces of information from IBM, you know the EYE-BEAM.  It's from Lilly who sends me some stuff now and then. She keeps her eyes open; and this is a propaganda spin to IBM customers, and it said:


            "I'm happy to tell you about our plans to launch a new suite of capabilities that will begin to provide IBMers…"


Alan:  It's just like this car thing that they give you, and you're named after your car or your motorbike or whatever else you drive.


            "…provide IBMers with viable tools to enhance the expertise in careers in a global context. IBM already invests about $600 million a year on employee learning and training. We’re now enhancing that investment and at the same time introducing what we believe to be the first of the kind programs…"


Alan:  Everyone has to be first of kind you see. They're all “leading.”


            "…recalling this new initiative the IBM Global Citizens Portfolio…"


Alan:  Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Global Citizens Portfolio. I wonder what part of democracy IBM comes under in voting and all that stuff. Anyway, back to it.


            "I encourage you to read about it on W3 and use the feedback box at the bottom of the article to tell me your thoughts."


Alan:  I thought IBM would know your thoughts by now, eh?


            "This program is all about IBM’s competitiveness and yours in a very new world."


Alan:  Isn't it though.


            "I'm convinced that the individual success going forward depends above all upon expertise but expertise today isn't acquired or applied in the ways that it used to be…"


Alan:  Oh, no. It's not static.


            "…just as any company community or country has to adapt continuously…"


Alan:  What they mean is adapt or die, you see.


            "…learning new fields and new skills in order to be competitive."


Alan:  They should really put: “living in new fields, bah.”


            "…so too does the individual. The challenge is that it's difficult to do this within the higher article command and control corporate model of the past. People today need the freedom to change their own learning, their own careers, their own expertise."


Alan:  Yes, we've had the choice in the way it's run up to now, haven’t we? We have all that choice individually, haven't we?


            "I believe that helping IBMers in this way will enable us to continue attracting and retaining the world's smartest and most creative workforce."


Alan:  Did you know that all people who have IBMs are creative people? Like they have designed it and you're the purchaser.


            "The Global Citizens Portfolio consists of three programs which will launch around mid-year 2008. They are: Matching Accounts for Learning."


Alan:  I guess that's MAL, meaning not good but bad.


            "The eligible IBMer commits to skills development by investing in this portable account."


Alan:  A portable account.


            "…and IBM will match the individual's contributions up to a set limit. The funds would be available to pay for training classes and education of the employees choice."


Alan:  Out of this fixed list. (I added that part.)


            "We're going to pilot this first in the U.S. and based on what we learn about how employees use the program we'll consider appropriate versions of the idea in other parts of the world."


Alan:  In other words, they're going to match it supposedly. This is the mousetrap part that is taught in marketing. You have a mousetrap like a credit card, free, no interest for so many days and so this one's going to match it dollar for dollar. They don't actually say "dollar for dollar". They say match in their own legal terminology for how they interpret matching. However, as long as your getting anything and you're getting something for free, then you'll fall for it. That's how those mousetraps work. It's all been cited for you. You who are all participating in this: it's all been decided for you. That's how I love this double-speak.


            "The IBM Corporate Service Corp this will create a global training ground in emerging markets of the developing world. At IBM we know how to develop leaders for a multinational but how do we develop people who can truly led global teams and operations. We offer short-term assignments that engage IBMers with communities, governments and non-governmental organizations and expose them to local culture and society. Transition Services."


Alan:  They love transition, changes, changes.


            "A couple of years ago we develop transition to teaching TOT for short…"


Alan:  Maybe short people are to whom he talks.


            "…a program that assists IBMers in moving to a second career in teaching. We also have similar programs to help."


Alan:  It's always to help people you see. That's what corporations are there for. Did you know?


            "…move to jobs with our business partners as part of the Global Citizens Portfolio. We'll be extending this idea to help people move to public service and non-governmental services. As we introduce these programs it will be important for IBMers to tell us what works and what doesn't work. We'll learn and adjust and look at the programs appropriate for other markets around the world. Expect to hear more details about the Global Citizens Portfolio later this fall."


Alan:  That's the repetitive part. You're supposed to repeat that all through something that your right in advertising to sink in like “weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction.” Repetition, takes eight times for the average person to remember the slogans and that's why they keep repeating them.


            "As our most recent corporate results indicate IBM strategy is being well received today by our clients, our investors and beyond. For some organizations that might prompt them to relax and take a victory lap but that's not IBM. Now is the time for a leader to go on the offense to push the boundaries of roll models and show the world what we mean by innovation that matters …"


Alan:  That's the partway one "innovation that matters." They're always using that.


            "…and most importantly now is exactly the right time to enhance…"


Alan:  Enhance. These are the lovely fuzzy words they have.


            "…every IBMers capabilities. Will enhance your capability as a global professional and a global citizen."


Alan: Sam Palmisano: it's kind of a saintly apple, but there you go. That's what it's all about. It even starts:


            "A new set of tools for the globally integrated individual who? You."


It says:


            "Later today, IBM chairman Sam Palmisano will announce a new package of capabilities integrated with existing IBM programs that will provide IBMers will viable tools to enhance their expertise and careers with a globally integrating economy. It's called the Global Citizens Portfolio. Take a moment to share your thoughts on this announcement. Sam Palmisano announcement on the forum of Global Leadership we're engaging some 400 selected leaders…"


Alan:  See how democratic they are. It's already planned.


            "…from across business, government, academia and societal organizations and a conversation on how to enhance American…"


Alan:  Ha, ha. See this word "enhance."


            "…competitiveness to our response to overarching realities innovation and global integration. This event will take place in the United States. It sets the stage for similarly themed events in mature and developing countries around the world. The Global Citizens Portfolio addresses a rapidly integrating world that favors countries, companies and individuals that understand that economics, expertise and open business environment makes work flow…"


Alan:  Yes, it all does to the top.


            "…for individuals the most important factor is expertise but the nature of expertise has changed drastically and continues to change in tandem…"


Alan:  That's an old fashion word "in tandem."


            "…with an ever quickening place of technological advances. People no longer acquire or cultivate expertise in the way they once did. To be competitive, any individual – like any company, community or country for that matter has to adapt continuously, learning new fields and new skills. Companies, communities and countries need to recognize this change as to the individuals that comprise them. The Global Citizens Portfolio lays the groundwork for a new set of tools allowing individuals to take control of their economic future. An individual set of programs from IBM’s Global Citizen Portfolio include:


Matching Accounts for Learning: Fifty percent contributions by employees with at least five years of service. The employee’s contribution, up to $1,000 per year, will reside in an interest-bearing account to be used for their own external living expenses. This program will be piloted in the United States and expanded globally based on local skills, training needs and government support for education."


Alan:  Government’s involved, oh what a surprise.


            "The Corporate Service Corps


Alan:  The Corporate Service Corps: it's very war-like, isn't it? They use to have Peace Corps and Disaster Corps and stuff for the Cold War. You never saw them because they didn't do anything. They didn't have Homeland Security during the Cold War. The Corporate Service Corps. We're supposed to go under tables. That was your shelter if the bombs went off, which they kept telling us was going to happen any day, day after day: the bombs would go off. Go under a kitchen table and you might be saved from the glass. Here you are getting blasted with God only knows radiation, but don't worry, it's the glass that would kill you.


            "This program will provide leadership development for IBMers exposing participants to the 21 century context for business - diverse cultures, policy and environment and societal expectations."


Alan:  You see they have their own bureaucratize lingo (language) for these marketing characters, these creeps. They really are psychopaths. There's no doubt about that. The people who are marketing will admit that to you in fact, because their whole idea is to con and fool you and I, to get you to do something for a corporation. That's what marketing is all about.


            "IBM will team with non-governmental organizations…"


Alan:  That's the new democracies, the new Soviet.


            "…to place small groups of employees from different countries and business units together, outside of the office structure. They will build relationships…"


Alan:  I'm sure they will.


            "…and work on some of the world’s toughest problems, such as enhancing global economic opportunity and access to education resources. The Corporate Service Corp will be global from the outset…"


Alan:  There you are. It's already a done deal.


            "Approximately 600 IBM participants over the first three years will be drawn from all over the world."


Alan:  Give it snob appeal, IBMers.


            "Project destinations will be emerging in developing countries. Enhanced Transition Services. This will create bridges…"


Alan:  They love bridges. It's getting a bit boring, this bridge building and stuff. Bridges to Babylon, the Stones did that. I mean the bridges but Masons love building society.


            "This will create bridges for IBM employees to opportunities in government, non-profits, educational institutions and economic development organizations."


Alan:  Which is part of the United Nations, you see it's all tied together.


            "Building on the success of IBM's Transition to Teaching initiative this new program will create public/private and civil/private partnerships."


Alan:  We've heard all that before, haven’t we? Public/private: The public pays for it all and the private sector reaps the profits.


            "It will identify which skills are needed in high demand areas, and then help IBM employees develop second careers in these fields to contribute to their communities."


Alan:  Communitarianism is the way to go, said George Bush, Sr.. They didn’t want to call it communism. Communitarianism, it sounds better than collectivism.


            "These are the first in a growing set of capabilities that will evolve…"


Alan:  There's a lot of evolution.


            "…over the years and adapt…"


Alan:  That's part of evolution – adaptation.


            "…to the various regulatory, cultural and economic conditions in the markets where IBM does business around the world. IBM and IBMers are renowned for charitable efforts…"



Alan:  Ha, ha, ha. Oh shame, shame.


            "…the Global Citizens Portfolio does not constitute a philanthropic program. IBM fully expects the Global Citizens Portfolio to make us a more competitive and successful business. In fact, we see this as potentially a very powerful 'virtuous circle'…"


Alan:  A virtuous circle, they love virtue in Masonry as well as bridges.


            "…where the benefits to and from empowered…"


Alan:  Empowered. Here we go, empowerment.


            "…individuals stimulate more agile and innovative organizations which in turn create healthier and more vibrant communities."


Alan:  They don't have wellness down there yet. How's your wellness today? My wellness is fine, thank you. How yours?


            "IBM's values remind us that trust…"


Alan:  Ah, ha.


            "…and personal responsibility in all relationships is a core attribute of the IBMer."


Alan:  Otherwise you'd be a bad apple with a bad core.


            "The Global Citizens Portfolio offers us all another chance to make these words reality."


Alan:  That's from "IBM Plan Ties Training and Accounts" by Steve Lohr. I guess it's folklore perhaps. New York Times, July 25, 2007. There you go. It's all about the new global society with the new Nomads you see. The new Nomads to be drawn from the crème de la crème of all countries and they will be serving the world state with a higher pay and benefits and lower fringe benefits, and they'll also get off with certain factions of legal things, depending upon the sexual preferences and age groups because that's always been the way. However, technically they'll have no real homes. They'll go from one to the next as they go across the world to the global cities, the international cities, but they'll have it much better than the peasantry back home. We’re stuck where we are in this wonderful global society because no country will take you in if they don't have a purpose for you to fill.


There's hardly a day goes by that we don't get hit with half a dozen articles on “upgrading our memory.” You'll find the universities that have the grants for this upgrading investigation are all getting grants as well from Homeland Security. They could to be related I wonder as they try to find ways to put nanotechnology into your brain-box. They have a campus to say it needs upgrading, and we shall get upgraded like computers to adapt and survive a predetermined goal.  I'd hardly say that altering ourselves into cyborgs was an intention of mine or my parents or anybody before me. However, it certainly is someone's intention because we've been hit with this predictive programming, mainly through science fiction, which all get their marching orders from The Futurist Society funded by the big foundations to get us to think of the possibilities and the wonder of having all this fantastic wire technology all through our bodies. That's why all the superheroes are part cyborg that have little brain chips. In fact, ultimately all you would need for a head is a pin. You won't need this big head to carry that brain around. They could do it all from the chip the size of a pin; and then, of course, they would actually alter every single part of you to suit a particular purpose.


If they wanted some kind of bureaucrat that can be mobile, they can give him a pinhead. It's not much different from today. They do have a lot of space up there that they're not using. Therefore, you have a pinhead on legs and hands that can go and adapt to keyboards. Things like that or a fish-man that would have a pinhead and have frog’s legs to repair the oil-rigs. He can be a deep-sea diver. Very efficient, plus you could make it so that you'd no longer need a part to entertain themselves – an imaginative part. They don't want imagination in that kind of perfect worker, you want just a perfect worker who can go into a box at night like Seven of Nine; and in fact they could put him in the same box as Seven of Nine and you wouldn't have a single thought as to what to do.  Boy, that's hell isn't it?


You see that's the world that they're planning for everyone, but as always, they must have us all going along chomping the grass, walking forward very slowly, never noticing up that we're ending up in a different field entirely. That's how the process goes step by step by step. It's difficult to move the big herd suddenly and quickly from here over to there, but it's very easy especially when you have patience, all the time in the world to plan things inter-generationally to get them to go from here to there, until they end up being modified on the way and they're eating tree bark instead of grass without noticing. That's called efficiency and good planning.  Someone would get rewarded for that with medals and knighthoods and stuff. That's how the real world works. The sheep must be the last to know, preferably not to know at all.


In times gone by, we used to talk about 'being had' when we'd fallen for the con that did what was expected by using the logic that we have and working our way through a con. A con works because the victim must be presented with a certain amount of information.  The con-man knows that by the logic of that victim, they will arrive at a certain conclusion and make a decision, which will be the right decision if everything were real on the up-and-up, will actually be the wrong decision for the victim.  They don't realize that until the end of the con and they find they've lost everything. That's how the con works. The con-man demands upon knowing the psychology and logic process of the victim, and that's how the whole world works. Same way.


Our reality is marketed to us and indoctrinated to us, mainly by repetition and by people we're trained to believe.  We've been taught to divert something that seemed to be a tribal thing, which was to respect the shaman or the priest, and they simply diverted it to the new one with the white coat on, the scientist or the expert; and everyone buckles under to the expert and believes what they say. Never dawns on them that there's an agenda under foot and you have a slippery slope. Never dawns on you, it's so slick and easy, until you don't think for yourself anymore. There's experts out there to do all your thinking for you. That's what you've been trained to believe.


Mr. Bertrand Russell and others spoke about this and how they would train the public until the public would be useless without experts. They wouldn't think for themselves and we do find that today. It's also reinforced by governments and licensing laws, because now the people who used to makeshift in their home and plumbing in different areas can't do it anymore. They truly are trained that they must have experts to guide them and do it, and certify it and bring it up to code standard and all this stuff that comes from the United Nations. It's to take independence away and discovery, because the best way to learn something is to do it, especially if you thought it was your own property that you're doing it with. However you've been taught that it's really not your own property, you just rent it, because governments have the right to come in and be intrusive, and that's to train you that you really don't have property or rights.


At one time, you could get anybody out of your home or off your land, from government or from wherever, but not now, including a SWAT team if you kick them off and they'll come in anyway.  You see it's all copied from Britain, this whole idea. All previous knowledge and technique is never ever thrown into the wastepaper basket when they upgrade their system. They store all that knowledge of how societies and generations were controlled.  In Britain up until Thatcher's time—you know the “Tiler,” you might say, because another name for a Tiler is a Thatcher—she privatized for sale all the council housing that was supposed to be built by the people for the people by the taxpayers’ money. Even though you rented it, the rents at one time weren't bad. You'd get by with these little boxed houses that were all joined together. She privatized them to sell them off, but the public in Britain had already been trained that inspectors from the council, your own council you paid would go around your houses and inspect things for hygiene and all this kind of stuff just to train you that you’re inferior. They use to jump when these inspectors came around with their noses in the air and they strutted around like royalty had done in previous times gone by to degrade the renters into feeling inferior.


Now the same technique is used for property owners as fire departments demand access to see if your fire detectors are working and all this kind of stuff. They also want powers to fine you. All these power freaks want power to fine you and punish you because they're really sadists. I mean they get off on this kind of thing. The public have been trained that: that which they thought was private property really isn't, and gradually being trained it will be taken from you because of the infringements on land abuse or pollution or a thousand and billion other watershed things and all that kind of nonsense. It's all training. That's the real purpose of it all because the world they are bringing into view is one where you'll have habitats – yes, you'll rent heavily. You'll pay high rents but you have no private property and your lives will be dictated to by committees and inspectors of all kinds, right down to your own personal mental health inspector who will come down with a therapist.  It's really school guidance from birth to grave, ongoing. How are we today sir? Anything on your mind? Any angry dreams lately?, and so on.


The managed society is only a stepping-stone to the next part and next part and the next part, which might take two or three generations. By two or three generations, it's only about 15 years now because they don’t need a lifetime as they used to. They're talking about in the indoctrination process and how they can speed up the changes. They can really do it year by year now for every person born in one year, and the next year and the next year, they're all trained a little differently into the agenda. It's called "scientific indoctrination" according to Bertrand Russell and Beria of the old NKVD and Comintern. “Nothing new under the sun” as they say.


Today we have conflicts: Clashes of interpersonal relations. Clashes of relations with civil societies, meaning services. Clashes with authoritarian societies. Everything happens to be clashes. Clashes of the genders, parents, children and so on because of the forced planned adaptation process brought upon society in a fairly short period of time, with regards to the history and the age of this world.


It is true that in past times societies have had to adapt quickly to tremendous changes and environments. The whole history for instance of Africa or the Middle East is one comprised of adaptation or die, but these processes took such a long period of time as things alter that there's no great sudden change which affected society so greatly as today. Today we live in a planned society. It's the planning of our society which causes the great conflicts because it's run according to man. Man tossed out all of his deities at the top a long time ago and replaced them with his own intellect and science. You might add cunning because those at the top generally are psychopathic of all cultures – the ones who get to the very top.


Out of this comes advanced planning and management. The world is a managed society. According to timetables, all business is formulated too. They stick to their timetables including the alteration of other countries which are radically different from the conglomerate bunch already in the big western side. Therefore, they expect conflict. They expect resistance. They expect a bit of chaos as Mr. Rockefeller said, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."  What he meant was the dysfunctional system and the chaos that would ensue between peoples and families as they went through drastic changes from one system to the next. That's how human deities do things. At least the old deities were pretty quiet. Once in a while, you'd have someone who would claim that the deity had spoken to them. It took a long, long time, sometimes centuries to pass the word around and have it discussed and thought about, and occasionally acted upon in personal lives or their societal lives.


However, today it's almost instant. It's planned and the dates of introduction of every part of the system are planned ahead and made; and they stick to the dates, including wars. Wars that they have to come up and get them over with. They plan this like a long-range business plan. They also plan all the propaganda to be used and perhaps even the incidence that will start those wars, all as I say to achieve a greater end and the noble lie, as they call it at the top, is worth it. Noble-like, being it's for a good cause. You simple people just wouldn't understand it. You're just children. We the intellectual ones understand it and therefore have to lie to you as parents might lie to children about grandma dying. This becomes the natural thing for them to do once it's been done once or twice.


It's the formula and they become very arrogant and give out very simplistic lies, because you can tell even the propaganda pieces and the repetitive pieces are so child-like. They're written for children because that's truly how they start to see the public. They're trained that way. They don't even give you intellectual lies. It's all simplistic lies. The same format as the propagandists of the old Soviet Union who wrote the propaganda. If you ever read the old stuff that was written for Gorbachev when he was the head of the Soviet Union, it's written as a parent talking down to a very young child. That's how it’s presented to us in the west because they're using that same Soviet technique; and they really do think that the average person is dull and stupid. More so as they climb the ladder and get into know the secrets of how society is really run. They become to despise Joe Public. The profane as they call them, those in the darkness, those who don't know. We're supposed to be trained like children and treated like children, and we are.


Part of the problem, too, is that we've given up the rights of learning and becoming wise and wiser as we get older and older. You're trained that you're written off over a certain age. It's getting younger all the time. There are many people who've lost their jobs when they hit 40 or even younger, because the big corporations want younger, cheaper guys coming in. That became part of the norm back in the ‘70’s; they were talking and writing about it then. We are all disposable for the system's agenda and for its sake.


When we forget our instinctual nature, we end up in a conflict between the conscious and the unconscious, also referred to as spirit and nature. Spirit is the life-force you might say in humanity that makes them reflect on themselves. The ways of the world are nature and it can also have survival instincts. Coming to the fore has created a conflict between the ability to look at yourself or simply going on an automatic pilot with survival instincts. You can see where the conflict would arise between the two, because survival instincts can become deviant to themselves if they go on too long and they overcome nature, and then destroy nature and everything and everyone in it. That's part of the psychopathic personality who runs on pure ego. In other words, you cannot tell them any different. They can't handle guilt either. They won't tolerate guilt. They have no guilt. They throw it off like water on a duck.


When you have a split between the two, you've got a pathological problem and consciousness can no longer suppress instinctual sides. You'll find people then begin to congregate into groups and mass movements. This came to the fore at the end really of the industrial era where everything was mass production. You had the mass man. Mass groups, mass organizations and this takes over from the individual and will tend to crush it. It's funny how you always have an opposite. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction or the natural Hegelian technique of the dialectic built in to every problem. Mass movements always come up and say they speak for you and they'll say all the right things, especially initially. You're going to be the champion of the suppressed. The prevailing tendency of consciousness is to seek the source of all the problems and all your ills and the world outside you . People go and cry for political and social change, which they think will save them and solve the deeper problem of the split in the psyche itself.


If a group actually fulfills its goal and the demand is met, the political and social conditions arise to bring the same ills back again in an altered form, because one group that becomes successful then becomes the dominant one and persecutes those who are left behind. It's just changing places you might say in the society; and that's man becoming God, you see. The good ends up being corrupt. It's always been known for thousands and thousands of years that those who start off with the best intentions become the tyrants in the end, until they are overthrown or killed off or they kill each other off for power and more power. Then another group takes over and starts off with all the right intentions again, but then a few generations of them later, they're spoiled, arrogant, dominant and irrational. This is also part of our problem.


However, today, we have the tops of all groups united in a single vision of a future, all working towards global domination of a global society, where they have decided that all conflicts must cease by force. They're going to force you to cease conflicts, not by convincing you through massive propaganda as they've tried in the past, but by making you, by altering you so you cannot have the conflicts. That's what it's all about today and it was agreed upon at the top a long, long time ago. You will not get back what you thought was an era in your history where you think in an infantile form that it was somehow better. That will not come back because all the conditions are gone and altered and changed.


Neither can we afford to go forward on the agenda as it's written, because it means the annihilation of individual personality and thought in the end—the extinction of sentient thought. Thought with an individual who can make choices on his or her own, whether for good or bad. You won't even have that choice anymore. It's not a matter of one singular element in society causing this problem. The elite in all societies, if you study your history, have no problem joining a victor to survive and keep their existing financial and material status. That's the history of the ages. The higher bureaucracies merge very well together when countries are conquered. That's also the histories of the world.


The big problem we've had and we've had for a while is how to get all of the different sheep, all the herds together into this one big conglomerate of servitude and alteration willingly. It's quite the task to bring billions of people together under a common system step-by-step, having them acquiesce to it unwittingly, as long as they do agree to it—that's all that matters. Then the chaos that ensues which is all thought out before hand by big think tanks. That's their job. They're well-paid to think up all the problems which will arise and all the solutions to those problems. It's only bizarre to those who are going through it and don't understand. They're written off technically. Every generation at the moment has been written off. As far as your personal happiness goes, it's irrelevant. You’re part of this omelet that's mushed together in this pan.


You’re going through changes where everything that once was is destroyed. Where families are destroyed. Where personal relationships are destroyed, where science has given you sexual outlets as you'd never ever have dreamed about in the past, until casual sex is just like going around from pubs trying different beer. It's so readily available that there's no lasting relationship and there cannot be any lasting relationship because of fundamental laws of nature. Once broken, you can't piece them together, no matter how many psychologists or Dr. Phil's come out with their teams of producers to tell you otherwise. Everyone is craving some kind of relationship, but what is special about a partner who's had a thousand partners before you, of either gender male or female?  How can one person say, "you're the one"? It's nonsensical and that's what they're craving. Their craving a time gone by which has been taken from them by the same elite with their agenda, who had to destroy the family unit and the two parent family, the husband, the wife, because they had to separate everyone in order to control everyone. Divide and conquer.


Therefore, those who've been brought up enjoying all this don't even realize the consequences. All they know is that they're terribly unhappy and they're seeking all the more for new and better experiences, which are only poor, third rate, fourth rate, fifth rate substitutes for something they now can never have because fundamental laws of nature have been broken. People have a yearning for mythical pasts. Pasts that are really mythologized in movies and fantasies, and yet this part of them tells them that there was something in that past with all of its problems that was better perhaps than it is now. Even the people who love their independence today, what they think is independence: I can shop. I can do this. I can do that. I can do, I, I, I. It's all I, I, I, you and me still have a big gaping hole in their psyche that can't be filled by all the things they buy or watch as a passive recipient of downloading from computer or television; and that is contact with people of similar minds, where people aren't after anything all the time.


People today are very charming, but they're predators. Everywhere you go you're seeing the manifestations of the predatory society, which is corrupt, from the "have a nice day" and "did you find all you were looking for sir?" All these little catch phrases that they parrot to you, dreamed up by marketing institutions that simply want you to spend all that you have. They don't care if you spend your last penny or get into debt as long as you buy from them. That's their job. That's their function. It's the only function they have under "have a nice day" and "can I help you sir?"


That's the real world and people still look for a time of community. Real community that had a lot of autonomy. It didn't have all the bureaucratic and governmental intrusions into their lives. That's really what they're looking for, but they're also looking for relationships that are meaningful. Today, the side effect of total promiscuity is ultimately the meaningless of it all, because what's special about a person that could have your child when any face has been before her could also have been the father of the child? What’s special about the guy as well? What's special about him when he's gone from one to the other? To the next, to the next, to the next. What's special in his eyes about the woman he picks, when he could have picked anyone of a thousands? That's part of it because all of that becomes your past and the partner will never ever feel secure in comparison and that's all it is—a relationship of comparisons from then on.


Bad news, eh? but true; and therefore all of this which I've just discussed has been talked about in big think tanks long ago before they gave you effective contraception. Before even the Industrial Era was over in the west, it was all planned; and all the omelets and broken shells were planned too, has been well unfortunate, but we must move forward for this progress. To fill all of the side effects that come out of this gaping hole that we have, this emptiness within us, they've decided to simply take away the problem, which was the part of the brain where you can think about it.


That's typical of surgery, in a sense. You don't need this anymore. That's an appendage left over from when you were an ape a long time ago. We'll just whip it out. You won't need it. They want to improve you. Make you more improved like the six or seven million dollar man. Now it's a few billion, I guess. Maybe it's cheaper now with nanotechnology and you won't have these problems. You'll be an efficient machine. You can't be a human anymore because we've destroyed human values while we make you a machine; and that's the psychology of the technocrats who help run this system and advise their superiors, the dominant minority. That's what all of this is about as we gorge ourselves on entertainment which just programs us for the next step and the next step, through various subtle insertions and some not so subtle, but they don't fill the void in people.


Some are aware of this. Some are totally aware of it when it's mentioned or verbalized to them, because they find it difficult to put into words, but that's part of the problems today.  It won't last too long because they're telling us now what the next step is going to be, and the next step and the next step and the next step. It's rather boring really, to an end where you just simply won't be happy because happiness and unhappiness will be obsolete terms. You won't have those abilities anymore. You'll just be a good robot.


The dominant minority, as they keep telling us in their own publications, will not have all this tinkering because they have to keep all the survival capabilities intact and steer planet earth for all the things to come; but you won't need all of that because the state will be making all your decisions for you. Now remember, that means ALL your decisions from birth to grave for you, while a robot you see doesn't need to make decisions. It can give preplanned choices of logic when it comes to what it's programmed to do, but it won't have this dilemma of making human decisions because humans need much more to fill our head space with. We have imaginations. We have creative abilities but we have longings as well and drives, drives which unfortunately, according to the elite, get in the way of our efficiency, especially when they destroyed the natural outcome of those drives. That's why they planned the whole society ahead and all this warmongering right now is just for part of the process to bring the rest of the world under the same system. That's how they deem it at the top, is efficiency. Everything must be efficient and all costs and lives and slaughtering, mayhem, crying, funerals and weeping. It's just broken eggs and omelets again. Tough. That's how it's rationalized.


That's the world we live in – not pleasant, not nice. We must find a new way if we're going to survive with our intellect intact, but not the way the elite expect us to oppose them, because they expect us to oppose them as primitives and hit them head-on in traditional fashion. That's what they expect. We must find another way which they haven't planned. We’ve got to find it through what's inside of us, knowing in full knowledge that the majority won't back you up on it because they're quite happy throwing all the garbage into that vast hole in their heads and their hearts, of buying and consuming and throwing away. They're happy doing that as long as they can keep throwing the garbage in. It kind of makes them feel less hungry, but it won't satisfy them, but they're happy at that you see. It's all they know.


For those who do know much more, we must find a new way and this new way can have nothing based on the old way. It can have nothing based on this dog-eat-dog, buy, sell, consume, produce system which is completely unnatural and will end up with our own destruction; because once you have destroyed the mind and the memory of individualism, there's nothing left. When consciousness goes, there's nothing there. You're reduced to a programmed insect and they think that's the ideal worker to come. A programmed insect, programmed during gestation to carry out specific tasks sufficiently. That's what they say is the goal. Wow. Who would want that?


We have pretty well insects at the top because they certainly have very little in common with real people. They don't have the emotions of real people. They're psychopathic. Their families are psychopathic. Their training is psychopathic and they have given us a psychopathic culture. When empathy goes for people who are hurting that you've never met but you're aware of, you're already on the journey to psychopathy if it doesn't affect you. Yet with the laws of nature, "what goes around comes around," and the monster that starts chomping at someone over there will keep chomping in a circle round back to you.


Wars are meant to change societies of all participants because government takes over and pushes agendas you've never thought about, never dreamed about. That's why you push these agendas and you're seeing it now with all the Executive Orders being passed in different countries, and Orders in Council as they call it in the Commonwealth countries, where anyone who speaks out against the wars and their plans is a verbal terrorist and a thought criminal, and their property can be seized by the government. That's our caring and wonderful freedom—the new freedom.  That's what they meant by new freedom. You see, when they said "New Freedom" and it went through everybody's ears, as always, they didn't stop to think. What are they talking about, a new freedom?  He means it's a new definition of freedom. That's what it meant, otherwise it would be freedom as always, and that was the New Freedom. It's a new defined freedom. New definition. A definition where it's got a lot of clauses. You can do this BUT or EXCEPT in et cetera. That's the New Freedom. It's another way of saying you're under totalitarianism. You're under tyranny.


These characters and their predecessors have had wars down through the ages, some lasting 2, 5, 10 years. Sometimes 20 years, sometimes 30 year wars. Sometimes 100 year wars, although the 100 year war is really 115.


How long ago was it that Gulf War I started? Think about it.


You see it never ended.


How long have we been in this war now? Huh? Think about it.


What was it Rumsfeld said and Cheney and others? "This might take a hundred years", and they weren't talking about just the Middle East. They were talking about the whole New World Order agenda. Remember the speech. "I see a New World Order coming into view" et cetera, et cetera by Bush, Sr. A whole new ordered world, right down to you and yours and everyone you know.  The public, which are totally disrupted, disorganized, desensitized, dehumanized, will go along with it as presented to them in all of the right ways of the marketing strategists, with words like 'free' and 'improved' and lots of promises of utopias to come. Happiness, big smiling faces on all the ads as you're plugged into the Matrix. Most don't even know they're going through the most crucial time of decision-making and choice-making that any society has ever had. Most will never know; however, things happen because of minorities who do know.


The choice is: Is humanity, with its potential and all of its contradictions, worth saving?


That means joys and sorrows and all the things that come with it; because that's what life really is, even in a natural setting where you can experience all of the full range of emotions which make one truly human; or, would you prefer to live in a Peter Pan existence, where all the nasty things are taken care of by other people so that you can play and be a child forever?


That's what it's all about. It's happening right now and most folk don't even know how crucial this time is. Wisdom in all ages is accumulated by going the whole gambit of human emotion. Experiencing it. Living it and then coming to have compassion for others and all those around you. That's how you gain it; but at least people are coming forward slowly. Here there and all around the planet, individuals are beginning to sense what I'm talking about now and coming forward.


That's all for tonight. From Hamish and myself, it's good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



"The Willing Conscript" by Tom Paxton


Oh sergeant, I'm a draftee and I've just arrived in camp
I've come to wear the uniform and join the martial tramp
And I want to do my duty, but one thing I do implore
You must give me lessons, sergeant, for I've never killed before

To do my job obediently is all that I desire
To learn my weapon thoroughly and how to aim and fire
To learn to kill the enemy and how to slaughter more
Oh I'll need instructions, Sergeant, for I've never killed before

Now there are rumors in the camp about our enemy
They say that when you see him, he looks just like you and me
But you deny it, Sergeant, and you are a man of war
So you must give me lessons, for I've never killed before

Now there are several lessons that I have not mastered yet
I haven't got the hang of how to use the bayonet
If he doesn't die at once, am I to stick him with it more?
Oh I hope you will be patient, for I've never killed before

And the hand grenade is something that I just don't understand
You've got to throw it quickly or you're apt to lose your hand
Does it blow a man to pieces with its wicked muffled roar?
Oh I've got so much to learn because I've never killed before

Well I want to thank you, Sergeant, for the help you've been to me
You've taught me how to kill and how to hate the enemy
And I know that I'll be ready, when they march me off to war
And I know that it won't matter that I've never killed before

And I know that it won't matter that I've never killed before



(Transcribed by Linda)