December 7, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – December 7, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and this is December 7th, 2006.


It's been a freezing day here in Ontario.  I was outside grinding valves, putting in an engine back together, in 20 below (degrees Celsius). It wasn't a pleasant experience, but that's what you sometimes have to put up with, if you happen to be me.


There were jets in the sky doing their spraying in the morning. There was polymer coming in. The polymer-type clouds are the undefined clouds, no real edges on them, which you see coming in on the horizon. That means they've been spraying, off beyond your area, and the wind brings it in. This is a popular method now, because too many people were noticing them spraying directly overhead. When they do this, it really alters the weather patterns; and depending on the types of sprays they're using, it can get either very warm or very cold. This morning, some of the clouds as they passed underneath the sun, you could see them changing color, like little prisms of rainbow colors. That's the polymer. That's the clue. Little bursts around the sun, which stay there, for maybe 30 seconds to a minute each. Sometimes you'll have four or five different ones around the sun - these bursts of polymer rainbow colors. Quite nice, if it was natural, but it's not natural. The problem today, is everyone is so busy in the “hurry and scurry” world, that they don't look up, for most of their lives. In fact, people who are alive today, especially in the cities - there's not much point in looking up in the city because of all the tall buildings. They forget what an actual sky is supposed to look like.


We’re on the roll to changing our whole way of living. That's going to be the mantra for next year, “sustainable development.” They must cause the problems to give us the solutions, and we must accept what they tell us (through the media, through the pounding of propaganda and repetition), that we are causing the problem.  Rather odd, because the scientists, not long ago, when they came out with the Kyoto conference (the last one), it was also announced  (about the same time), they believed there was weather or climatic changes taking place on Mars and other planets, and they were warming up and it was due to solar activity.


Well, they can't blame that on our automobiles down here on earth, I'm sure. If they could they would, but that would be far fetched, even for us, to swallow and that says a lot. But, the weather here has been unnaturally cold for this time of year, way too cold.  Snow, about four or five good falls of snow so far.  A bit early for that to stay, but it is staying because of the cold temperatures. Everything is being altered gradually. So, if I sound a bit stuffy, it's because I've been in and out of the warmth and the cold, many times over, to get this job done. It's not quite finished, but hopefully tomorrow it will be.


Tonight, I'd like to talk a little bit about the subject we've been on, which is a form of mind control leading to ultimate mind control; where eventually everyone will have implants in the brain - the cyborg.  That's why the big science fiction writers were bringing this stuff out in the early '50’s about the “cyborg.” Specific science fiction writers were designated this assignment; to put the idea into the public’s mind, that this would be an inevitable progress, so that we would accept it eventually.


And yet, control of the mind is ancient. We find that food has always been used as a weapon and still is. It still continues to be used as a weapon. We found that after Gulf War I, where the UN embargo and the countries all combined into the United Nations (UN - "one" in French, we're all ONE), embargoed medical supplies and food into Iraq. Thousands and thousands of people died, adults and children, it didn't matter, and even Madeline Albright, when she was asked if this costs of life was worth the goal, said, "Yes."  Quite simply, that was it, "Yes."  No elaboration, and you don't need elaboration, if you have the mind of a psychopath. To a psychopath, this makes common sense.



"Food Glorious Food" - Oliver Soundtrack


Is it worth the waiting for?
If we live 'til eighty-four
All we ever get is gruel!
Every day we say our prayer --
Will they change the bill of fare?
Still we get the same old gruel!
There is not a crust, not a crumb can we find,
Can we beg, can we borrow, or cadge,
But there's nothing to stop us from getting a thrill
When we all close our eyes and imagine

Food, glorious food!
Hot sausage and mustard!
While we're in the mood --
Cold jelly and custard!
Pease pudding and saveloys!
What next is the question?
Rich gentlemen have it, boys --

Food, glorious food!
We're anxious to try it.
Three banquets a day --
Our favourite diet!

Just picture a great big steak --
Fried, roasted or stewed.
Oh, food,
Wonderful food,
Marvelous food,
Glorious food.



In ancient times the Egyptians experimented, and I'm sure long before they were on the go, other more ancient peoples did the same thing. They experimented on the slaves by restricting specific types of food in the diet. They tried minimalizing the daily quantity of food, but they also withheld various types of vegetables, and so on, to see what effects it would have. The priests took note of the effects on the population, until it was down to a fine art. They could breed generations of slaves -- generation after generation of slaves. Remember, Egypt was on the go, for thousands of years, as a dominant nation. They never lost control, for thousands of years, because THEY BRED THE SLAVES


Like Plato eventually said about people, you could breed them like animals, for specific traits, and by the experimentation of diet, they found they could create people who could still get through the day's work - not too energetically, but enough to get by. They were too weak to walk off and they weren't too bright, because you need the nourishment in your early years. That's the key to health.  It's not just a matter of having plenty of food. It's a variety of the right kinds of food and the right quantity, while you're growing up. That sets you for life. If certain things have been missing, you will suffer in later life. That's inevitable. You can supplement them all, after you have grown up, and defray the damage. It can't be done. It may be slowed a little bit, but it can't be reversed. When your bones are set they're set.


If you look at some of the older farmers, that are left from generations of farmers, which were rather typical of people not so long ago that lived on the land, you'll see they're big-boned, generally taller, well built and more muscular. They have bigger frames, because they had a good intake, during their early years growing up, of all the right nutrition and calcium.


There's nothing new in what I've been saying. As I say, they've done this in ancient times too, in ancient Babylon, Sumeria, Egypt and all down through the ages.  In Europe, in the Industrial Revolution, when they dumped foreign corn and produce onto countries like Britain, and put the farmers under (and especially the small farmers), to move them all into the cities, to get their labor needed for manning the factories. The height in each generation of the people began to diminish. So did the IQ and the elite had lots of jokes about the "little people" as they called them. That's what the "little people" really mean.  It's not the elves or pixies. It's the jokes about the ordinary "little people," the malnourished ones, which were in the majority that did all the work, all the labor.  That's what fairies, elves and pixies did you see. They did the work. That's what that's really all about. The little people do the work. The nobility and aristocracy in all ages were taller because they had good nourishment.


Malthus, who did his treatise on population management and control, during the 1700’s, wrote extensively on the use of food to be used in this manner - on slaves on plantations owned by Britain, France, Holland and other countries. They worked out diets for the slaves. They didn't want them fit enough to walk away from the plantation. They wanted them to just carry out enough work in a day and be exhausted at night. They also had agreements between plantation owners, that a set distance would be between plantations, so that slaves couldn't walk from one to the other. When they abolished slavery, they didn't abolish the system. It was the same system, still in place, and then the slave had to purchase his own food, clothing and shoes. Again, with nothing left at the end and just as tired as ever, he couldn't walk away, because the diet stayed the same, restricted diet. They also had the sluggishness of mind. Malthus wrote about this extensively, because it was very helpful for the elite not to have “rebels” and people who could figure out what was going on, and nothing has really changed. 


When you look at some of the books, which are out on the shelves - some of them are quite good. One was done by a dentist in the 1930’s. He went all across the planet, he and his wife, and they photographed the mouths of native peoples who were in contact with the white man (in all countries). Those who lived further away from the white man, and those who were completely remote from the white man; they did not have the crimped teeth - the teeth that are squashed together. The small mouths. The small nasal passages, and so on. He photographed the children, next to their parents, so he could see the difference in bone structure, between the offspring that had been fed with the white man’s diet and the parents who had not. Although, the parents were generally on the white man’s diet, by then. It was the formative years, the young years, growing up, where the natives had ate their natural everyday foods.


The processed food of the white man is not simply processed for mass consumption, or for ease of manufacture. It's not that, at all. The goodness is taken out of everything for other reasons. No matter what they try and tell you, this is an old, old ancient science of control. They've tampered now with the vegetables - not only the vegetables, they’ve gone after the main things, which people take on a daily basis, popular things such as coffee. 


About eight or nine years ago, it was in the Canadian newspapers, a little paragraph, stating that the coffee purchasers who have the power (that's where the power is - in the purchasers), had demanded that the producers in all the countries change to the modified plants for their coffee, or they wouldn't buy it.  Now why was that so important, when the producers could produce enough?  They weren't running short of coffee. They didn't have to up their costs massively or anything, so what was the real point of this ORDER by the purchasers?


The reason being, back into Carroll Quigley's book, "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment", in two books he tells you, that the corporations are comprising the new feudal system, which would eventually run the world. It is running the world already. They're dictating to growers, across the planet, what they'll buy and what they won't buy. Money makes the world go around. Money is the greatest method of blackmail.


The WITHDRAWAL of MONEY is the fastest way to STARVATION in this system, because NO ONE IN THE SYSTEM IS ALLOWED TO BE COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT IN ANY SINGLE AREA and that's what "interdependence" really means.



It’s not just nations being interdependent, locked in together, where no one country will manufacture anything from scratch to the finished item. They're all interlinked, interwoven, and interdependent.  Well, it's the same with the individual.


Not too far in the future, it will be a CRIME TO GROW VEGETABLES WITHOUT A LICENSE, in the first step. Then that will come down to: it's a crime, simply to grow them yourself. The scientists will come on and tell us why we can't do it. Lots of experts will come on in the regular media - across the world, the AM stations with their talking heads, will come on and get the audiences involved, and, “What do you think? Are you for or against?” And they fall into the routine, like trained animals, and get all emotional about it, and forget logic, purpose or reason. Very simple, and we've all been brought up in this system like this.


Now, people ask me, "What's next?" 


They think they understand the process but there's far, far more to it.  It's not a matter of simply understanding. You have to understand yourself. That's the hard part.




And that is true. Until you realize, not only the amount of information stored all over your mind, much of it useless, little bits of very important stuff, which you might find difficult to remember, that pops out once in a blue moon, by itself, spontaneously - you also have to work on yourself. What are your motives for wanting to do, or wanting to change the direction we're going in?  Is it simply because you're afraid of the changes as they are?  You've become familiar with the world as you've grown up into it and you notice it changing, or is it for a higher motive?  Is it for those other people across the planet?  Is it for those still to be born, if they get a chance to be born?


You have to really go further, than just being afraid of the changes in the system, because the system was not yours, to begin with. You had no say in the creation of this system. Neither did you parents, in fact, or even the grandparents. WE'VE BEEN CONNED FOR A VERY LONG TIME BY PROFESSIONALS WHO ARE TRAINED IN THIS ART. THEY HAVE ACCESS TO THE ARCHIVES OF THE AGES.


You won't get it from public libraries, all of these arts, these techniques of control, but it certainly is STORED IN ARCHIVES AND HAS NEVER BEEN LOST. For those who think it might have been, read "Machiavelli: The Prince". Well worth the read. And Machiavelli sort of fell out of favor as a person of the court, an adviser. He and others (even Francis Bacon), to get into the court, would write these books on little wise sayings to impress the king, queen or whoever the hierarchy happened to be, on their wisdom in controlling and manipulating populations, by understanding the mind (not of the whole population), but the minds of each person - because each person generally goes through the same process and they're pretty similar to other people.  Understand one man in a particular class and you understand them all. Same with the woman.


People like Machiavelli, Bacon and others were masters at this. They were trained in this art, of how to be so cunning, how to motivate populations, in certain directions, by the use of what today we call "propaganda," GIVEN OUT AS FACTUAL STATEMENT. No different, only it's done on a much larger scale today, and it's almost like a sequence of mathematics. You know if you implement the beginning properly, and the subsequent ones properly, you will have the end result that you desire. It's been so studied, for thousands of years; it’s perfected.  We always come to conclusions we're expected, and actually led, to come to. We think we're arriving at them ourselves but we're not.


People like Bacon, Machiavelli, Moore and others; and their Utopias, New Atlantis and The Prince; these people had no problem, since they were writing for the elite. They had no problem in stating plain fact, as it was. They didn't try to camouflage it, as they do today, and pretend that we're all equal. They never even came anywhere near that. They just stated things as they were. They called the commoners, "commoners" and the managers, "managers" and the elite, "the elite."  They had no problems, whatsoever, on advising and writing about it; on how to motive people into forming armies, and going off to wars, to exploit someone else somewhere, for the elites’ benefit. These advisers would come up with great plans of propaganda, to give an opposite reason, so that the people would join the armies and go off and fight, thinking they had to do it to defend their country. But, this has always been for exploitation. 


There's a very good movie, which shows you the class system at the beginning of the movie, and it's based on a true story. A lot of stories out there, which say, "based on a true story," take tremendous liberties, generally with a political bent on them, eventually to guide you into a new way of thinking or the politically correct way of thinking. 


However, some, a few of them, stay close to the facts and one is called "Ghost in the Darkness." It’s about the British Army being put into Africa, funded by the taxpayers, to benefit a few corporations that would get the minerals, the gold and the diamonds. But the taxpayers funded the military expeditions - The surveying, the laying down of railway tracks - The employment of native labor and importing labor.  It's interesting that Britain -- each country that they've gone into to exploit, would always take others out of there, the lower classes, move them to another country, like Africa, and use them as overseers over the native Africans, and that is in that movie.


What is also in the movie is, when the young engineer, who was brought in to the home office (that's like your foreign affairs department) and meets the big-wig, who was very presentable, very nice and charming to this young army engineer (for about two or three minutes) as he puts the guy off-guard, and then he tells him what he's really for. The young engineer says, "Well, yes sir, I will definitely do this. I'll do my best because I want to get back and get married and have children. I've got a wife now." And the bigwig says to him, "I don't care a damn about your brood," he said, "I just want you to get the job done and you'd better get it done."


So, armies will be used just as a part of business, by the elite and by the parliaments, which serve the elite, and nothing has changed there, either. Karl Marx wasn't the first to say it, but he is well known for saying it, "All wars are economic wars."  Nothing has changed. They're always fused with propaganda for other reasons. "For humane reasons", or "to bring civilization to barbarians," the Romans said, as they conquered and slaughtered their way through Europe. Or, over there to Iraq to bring “peace and stability” to the country, which they had just destabilized, by attacking it and wiping out its former system. Don't kid yourself that they're in trouble, and don't listen to the propaganda that comes out that, “Oh they're talking, themselves, about possibly being in trouble and being there for years.”


Britain was in Iraq for 40 years, shortly after they drew it up, because it was Britain who drew up the borders. Winston Churchill helped do it after World War I when he was head of the admiralty. They drew lines in the sand and said, "this is going to be Iran and this is going Iraq," because they always do that to exploit countries. You've got to have two fighting each other, and you change sides every so often, but you always keep it bubbling at the surface. That's how you keep control over them. You always do that. Britain did the same thing with Ireland. You always need someone – with Canada it was Quebec, so you'd always have the occasional threatening of rebellion from Quebec, which would upset the rest of the Canadians, and then the government would come forward with a solution, which always costs billions of dollars, and it would die down again. You always have a people ready to go and fight some other people. That's standard. Divide and conquer.


Is it all bad news?


At the moment, it's very, very dark because they are on a “MUST-BE” AGENDA. They have timetables. The world is run as one gigantic business, with its timetables and implementation plans: 5, 10, 15, 20, 100 year plans. That's the key to it. The UN is the same. The communist system was the same with these 5, 10, 15, 100; et cetera year plans because it's all the same system. It always was. It's a long-term, long-range business plan, and they're on a roll now for "the last leg of the race" and they will not let anything stop it.


If they don't complete things on time they would lose control. So they have this ongoing “war of terror” on the world, as they rush to change the whole way of living for billions of people, and to standardize the entire planet, step by step, generation by generation, until they have their happy little utopia, with a much reduced population of happy peasants who can't think of being unhappy - they'll be brain chipped. Probably grown for the job, more perfected. They will no longer need media to control peoples' minds. They will no longer need a massive entertainment industry, and thousands, if not millions, of AM radio stations, with their daily talk shows across the planet, to keep us all talking about the topics they give us to talk about. That's what they're on the roll towards.


And the war on terror will expand, as every law does, once you get it on the books. It's never to do with what they tell you it's supposed to be about. It will expand to include everything, until, if you criticize any government policy, which is almost here if not actually here, you're classed as "anti-government" - a term they borrowed directly from the Soviet Union. So it's not a pretty picture.


Many of those who are on edge because they've read various books, tend to fall into the New Age trap, which is not new at all. It's the same old re-hash of ancient religions, the “perennial religion,” they call the New Age - it's always new. It pops up every so often when it's required. It brainwashes a generation, until they sit and navel gaze, and don't notice what's happening around the world. They’re told not to look at the negative. “Always look at the positive.” “If someone's being negative, walk away,” and that way they stay in ignorance of what's happening. Perfect for the controllers, to have a population like that, and they’ve been trained to be ego-syntonic. They seek pleasure and avoid all pain, even though pain must go hand-in-hand with pleasure. All emotions must go hand-in-hand with its opposite.  To be a fully formed person, a mature thinking individual, you must experience all emotions. Without it -- those who shy away are living in a perpetual childhood, like a Peter Pan, and that is what they call in psychiatry "the Peter Pan Syndrome".  The New Age creates those types of people. It's part of its job. All of the little training schools around the world that promise you the secrets, and the secrets of happiness, and all the mantras to chat away on, and on and on it goes. They are all part of the same system.  “Don't look at the negative. Apply the positive,” and therefore the agenda can steamroll ahead, unopposed completely.


It doesn't mean that everything within the New Age is fake. You must have truths, in any religion, at any time, as the hook to get the people in, because we all go through the same experiences on a certain level as we're growing up and going through life. But that's where we all diverge, eventually, as we mature. That used to be the bliss of life - to meet people so vastly different, in the way they perceived the world, events and outcomes, because they were not indoctrinated by the same propaganda system as you, yourself were.


Years ago, there used to be people, again, rural people, sometimes thought to be a bit eccentric, but they lived on their own and it was a joy to visit them, because you'd get such a different point of view on topics, since they did not listen to regular media. They could immediately cut through the nonsense and give you it straight, logic without any effort, whatsoever.  When you’re tied up in propaganda on a daily basis, which is all media is, it's difficult to break through on your own.


In this system, (based on money, profit and the worship of those, who claw and stab their way up the ladder, and become well known), we have an exploitation system from the top to the bottom. It’s so sad because no one can be completely uncorrupted by it, if you are in the system, which very few people today in this world, except maybe little remnants of tribes in the Amazon and elsewhere, can stay out of it and uncorrupted. Money itself is the control mechanism, which we're all stuck to. We've been given no option, and because of that people will exploit each other. No one wants to drop their standard of living, and so when costs go up, which they go up all the time every year, someone down below you if they're there will get exploited, and so on and so on.




Deviancy is that which is practiced by a minority, generally where there are harmful side effects.


Well, how come there's a small minority running the world, of incredibly wealthy people, who have no problems in doing anti-humane things to other people or nations? They’ve had a complete history of doing these things, down through time, with their ancestors in charge, bringing wars upon peoples. Getting the countries they ruled over to go and fight for them, while they fill their pockets with the proceeds to keep themselves in power. The slaughters, which are ongoing, never get to them. It never gets to their heart, because their heart is disconnected from their brain.


Yet, normal, ordinary people you meet everyday around you, would never think of doing such things to others, for profit. They couldn't imagine it. In fact, they couldn't image living with themselves if they even tried it. Yet, the elite do not have to take sleeping pills, tranquilizers or visit therapists; because of what they've done; because of all their ill-gotten gains and their misdeeds. Therefore, you have deviants in charge of the system, in this world, and I've talked to some of them. I've talked to them, in Britain especially, and across Europe, when I was in the music business, you'd meet some of the higher-uppers in politics or higher bureaucracies. Bureaucracies are more important, in fact, because they're not answerable to the public and they're not elected. They're lifers. They're in their for life. Each department of bureaucracies is told, what its particular role and agenda is, and they do it without question, without flinching and they keep their mouths sealed from the public. They've a world within a world where they only mix with each other.


They used to tell you what was coming in the future. You'd have little hints at things, the way that they phrased things, very much like lawyers. They'll phrase things, in such a way, that you have to think about the meaning behind the meaning, but never something which they could actually be caught on, if they were called to recount it in court. That's how clever they are in this linguistic deception.


But some of the elite that I have met, have told me about the wars and the wars for profit, and they will argue and get very heated about it, because to them it seems quite logical, that if he or his company or his friends needed, under the guise of the nation, they all simply go into a country and take it. It seems quite logical to them, regardless of the cost in life or the destruction of the domestic peoples there of the country you're going into, or anything else. Plus, they also have shares in the companies that supply the arms, once they get the sides formed. They supply them with their armaments.  Britain did this all over India, in order to first get them all fighting, and then to unify India. That was always the purpose, was to unify India.


And under the agenda written even by John Dee, who came up with the British Empire, Free Trade and "Most Favored Nation" status, in the 1500s. We find that he said that, when they go into a country -- and this was also reiterated by other authors, along the centuries, right up to the present time -- and Carroll Quigley put it again in his book, "Tragedy & Hope," "that the occupying superior nation will not withdraw from the occupied country, which is standardizing into the same system, until it is a duplicate of the same system." Only then, when they've setup their agency Masonic institutions -- but that's how it's all run. It's in secrecy and the swearing of oaths, the little brotherhood. Only then, will they think about withdrawing and then withdrawing gradually.


If we look at the history of the United Nations, that's what it's also been doing for the last 50 odd years. Same technique. That's why the troops have been in all these countries, still are, for all these years. It isn't until they have at least one or two generations, growing up under the foreign system of the UN, which it brings in, and a middle class rising, which they then train to take over, coupled with the Masonic institution and the benefits that these people, especially in the governmental sections will get. Only then, did they start to withdraw. They do not go into countries just to sort a quarrel out, and then withdraw, and leave it as it was with its culture. They go into unify it into the same system that we are already in. It's a system they call "democracy," something which has never had a static, stable definition. It constantly changes because it's meant to.


It must give the pretense of giving the public a belief, at least in efficacy of voting, and their rights. But in reality it doesn't exist. That's why we saw lawyers and judges, in the Rwandan trials, African lawyers and judges, dress with the same long black gowns. Little collars and the white wigs that you'll see in the British law establishments. They standardize the countries into the same system, so slickly, that going back to Plato, "the people don't even notice themselves, those who grow through it don't notice it." 


Most people will not think of what's happening in their own life. Now they've been trained - they don't have to think. It's all being done for them. That's what the media that they believe is there to do. Last week, it was some presentation to Dolly Parton, the silicone woman, on major media. On your news, your major news, and it wasn't just on one station. I'm sure it was on them all. This is our major news. The rest is sports.


How many international meetings do you think of NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organization), highly financed NGO meetings were on the go, during that same day and that same week, which you heard nothing about? Never mind the ones, with the elite, which you hear nothing about. You hear about the Bilderbergers. They allow us to hear about that. At least, hear about it. We are told, that the Bilderberg Hotel in Holland is where the first meeting took place of this group in the 1950’s. But what came first, the group or the hotel, as far as its name goes?  Because "Bilder" = the builder. You see, these are the "master builders."  The "berg" is a mountain. The builders of the mountain. What mountain is that?  Society. The world of the future. The signs are always in front of you. You don't have to -- well it's sad to see that we have to be told what it means. If we were sentient beings who had not been programmed in this intense system, all of this would be self-evident, apart from all the symbols in every corporation, on their logos, that you see. It's self-evident.


Albert Pike himself said that their symbols are everywhere. It's a language of symbols, on one level. That is why from the very beginning, in the most ancient, ancient times, it was still a language, because the “brothers” in every country could recognize the symbols of the language. Secrecy is always the step necessary towards deception. That's its purpose, deception. That's the first step, which means that the culture they give, from all of that, by those same people, will be deceptive too. They have no honesty in them. Some of them will talk at the higher echelons, about how it's so fortunate for them to be here, to give us work.  That's sounds like a simple little statement, but it's deeper than I am letting on, because in their religion they say, "MAN MUST WORK."  And they have their own definition of what work is.  WORK IS A SYSTEM, WHICH THEY ENFORCE UPON US.


If you look at natural systems, they don't call going off to hunt or doing what they have to do, as work. It's called, "living," but in the system we work. It's even in the Old Testament. A little allegory is written within there, because that's what the Old Testament is. It's full of the system’s laws. After man and woman were created in the perfect sameness, in the allegorical story (it's just a story of a system), you find that “the maker” looked down, and there's nobody to till the soil, so he then goes and makes Adam then Eve. Adam and Eve were meant to work, which meant that man and woman were not.  IT’S A HIDDEN SYSTEM.


It didn't originate, either, in the Old Testament. It was borrowed from the same elite that ran the older systems. Just written, same stories. Same rules, regulations, laws. Slavery is okay. Deception is fine as long as there is profit.  And the "Godfather," you know, “Yahweh” - the godfather gets his cut, and that's part of it too.  THE RELIGION ITSELF IS COMPLETELY BOUND TO MONEY AND WEALTH.  Completely bound to money and wealth.  IT IS THE SYSTEM.


The exoteric - everyone knows in the western world. They've all been taught it. Just obey, obey, and obey because a big daddy's watching you, and no matter what you do or think even -- The thinking part is good. That's good mind control. God can know what you think, so you use self-censorship, and you grow up full of complexes and fear. That's why it worked so well, for so long. And the promise that all those nasty people, who strut around with their arrogance and their wealth, their ill-gotten gains, will suffer at the end of time; is the only thing that you're given as a form of justification. So you can suffer in this life and every generation, and your own class can suffer in this life, but the elite always get the “chop,” eventually. Which is rather odd, because it's the same families, all down through history, who have been at the top. The nasty ones have always been the same families, and even their advisers come from the same families, interbred families; specialized breeding for cunningness. That's the world we have grown up in, and every other generation has too.


The outlet they've given now, now that the old religion has been taken away, bit by bit, is through the New Age. They bring in the New Age. “Think positive. My goodness, when you all have a chip in your brain you'll be all connected and all one. How happy we will be.” A sad deception, and you know there are many New Agers who are looking forward to that, because they cannot stand the fear of uncertainty. They cannot cope with uncertainty or even individualism that they should have. They're unable to cope with it, so they have fallen for the "oneness" doctrine, and everything that goes with it. The final escape, of course, is “Nothing is real. It's all illusion,” and what they mean by that, is nothing is real, period. Whereas, an illusion is a distortion of reality.  If you wakeup, as you, everyday, and you have pain and you feel it first thing in the morning, you know you're still you. That seems very real.


The way to -- this overblown, overused world, which is covering everything today, called "spirituality," -- the way to it is through yourself. Through a maturing and full recognition of who you are, with all the pluses and minuses, and all the good deeds and bad deeds. It's self-reflection. It's also the ability to empathize with others, so you do not need it explained to you, when you say, "what would I feel if I were in this person's shoes? How would I be?”  It's a getting out of yourself, after looking at yourself.  At those around the world who exist, and those to come, that's the only connection there is. The real connection, and empathy is connection.


How can we possibly call ourselves sane and civilized, while what is happening in the world is going on, and the people are dying of man-made diseases for depopulation control, and people are starving in certain places.  Planned because of wars, which are planned, and civil wars, which are planned. And yet we’re all supposed to just go out and rush off, and pull out the credit cards, and buy all these gifts for Christmas, because we're supposed to, and you can't miss anyone or you'll feel guilty. 


We call ourselves sane and civilized, and we think we have the right to impose this system on other people, called democracy. Bringing democracy to the world. Self-exploration is not a matter of taking drugs, so that the sea of unconsciousness, all the material in the world, can break out into a waking state, a surrealistic daydream.  Greater things can happen. Much, much greater things can happen, if you follow that which is within yourself, and you know yourself. "Know Thyself" is the whole of the law. Not, “do what thou wilt” is the whole of the law. That's for the elite.


We're on a constant growing process as we go through life. How many generations do you realize now, have been born, raised, fought, died, done whatever they've been told to do. Voted -- then they scratched their heads after voting, what they thought was the right person, only to see them go off in different tangents, that have nothing to do with their election promises. But they died never knowing any truth - Countless and countless generations.


This song coming up is for all of the individuals out there.  Good night. Stay warm and may your god go with you.



"Looking For Space"

By John Denver


On the road of experience
I’m trying to find my own way
Sometimes I wish that I could fly away
When I think that I’m moving
Suddenly things stand still
I’m afraid ‘cause I think they always will

And I’m looking for space
And to find out who I am
And I’m looking to know and understand
It’s a sweet sweet dream
Sometimes I’m almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle and
Sometimes I’m deep in despair

All alone in the universe
Sometimes that’s how it seems
I get lost in the sadness and the screams
Then I look in the center
Suddenly everything’s clear
I find myself in the sunshine and my dreams

And I’m looking for space
And to find out who I am
And I’m looking to know and understand
It’s a sweet sweet dream
Sometimes I’m almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle and
Sometimes I’m deep in despair

On the road of experience
Join in the living day
If there’s an answer
It’s just that it’s just that way

When you’re looking for space
And to find out who you are
When you’re looking to try and reach the stars
It’s a sweet sweet sweet dream
Sometimes I’m almost there
Sometimes I fly like an eagle and
Sometimes I’m deep in despair
Sometimes I fly like an eagle
Like an eagle, I go flying high, ooh……



(Transcribed by Linda)