(Second Hour)

November 2, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – November 2, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hello, this is Alan Watt at  This is November 2nd, 2006.


This is another part of the same series I've been doing on the intervention and superimposition of scientific socialistic psychological techniques which are used upon the peoples of the world, of male and female and the different age groups, all the way up from childhood into old age, and how we're manipulated heavily and how our beliefs, our understandings are not really ours at all. They're induced. They're marketed to us, so here's the next part of it.



"American Pie"

By Don McLean


A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How that music used to make me smile.
And I knew if I had my chance
That I could make those people dance
And, maybe they’d be happy for a while.

But February made me shiver
With every paper I’d deliver.
Bad news on the doorstep
I couldn’t take one more step.

I can’t remember if I cried
When I read about his widowed bride,
But something touched me deep inside
The day the music died.

So bye-bye, Miss American pie.
Drove my Chevy to the levee,
But the levee was dry.
And them good old boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, "this’ll be the day that I die.
"this’ll be the day that I die."



The makers of this culture often show us how their system works through movies because you must mock the victim and there's no better movie put out on the condition of the modern male than "American Beauty" the movie. Well worth seeing and you'll see how the daughter grows up emulating the mother's response to the father, which is total disgust and disdain, and the daughter watches the mother almost salivating over very successful men that she works with or the men around her.  The daughter then looks for someone who is powerful, in charge, in control, and very often it's one of the criminal mindset.  This is well understood.


The political correctness of today does not change human nature. Nature can be sublimated but it cannot be destroyed simply through indoctrinations. It shifts around in the subconscious and will show itself in other ways. What is interesting, too, is the role model of the father has come down again primarily through media and through entertainment which we emulate. Monkey see, monkey do. That's what has always been known since before the days of Plato.


Women still need the powerful male. That's why they can get lost in fantasy and carried away through movies and drama and that's why Harlequin romance books, which are really a form of written porn, today's variety anyway, are the most widely read books and re-circulated books in second-hand stores, next to the Bible for consumption. There's a tremendous need there because you cannot get rid of drives. You can sublimate them according to cultural custom, even when the cultural custom is being altered and updated. 


As the father comes down on the scale of things with power – girls at schools often fall headlong over the teacher figure who has authority and who is given authority over them and they have these crushes. This headlong dive into almost anonymity, quiet, silent anonymity of the male has been helped through inoculations, which has definitely affected the hormonal output of the male.


This is studied every year. The sperm count is disclosed every year by the United Nations. The reason for the United Nations being so interested in this phenomena is because they have a "Department of Population Control" and we've all been tampered with, male and female, with our hormones and through inoculations and xenoestrogens as well added to the water and so on, through plastic pipes, plastic bottles, which were made popular for that reason.


We've been heavily scientifically tampered with and this was done because the male natural response is to protect the tribe and protect the family. In the changes which are coming up, you must destroy that bond. You must destroy any power the male has in society and replace it with TV, fake ones, hyper-politicians who always seem to know what they want even if it's mass slaughter.  It's a symbol of a man with power.


Between ages and the mysteries always have categories of ages where they uses the zodiacal dominance of a particular member of the zodiac to predominate for the 2,500 years and Aquarius is their utopia. Not the utopia for the people, although all the New Agers have been taught that it is. Somehow they'll all become one – and they will, it will be the brain chip.  They'll all be one all right, but they won't be individuals any more.  This is the other side of totalitarianism and tyranny.


People can submit like slaves rather than face the world with the added burden of being an individual in a changing world.  In the mysteries, which match up perfectly with fascism and communism, you'll find that the sun and the moon are other emblems of the same two things.  You'll also find that the scythe of Saturn, Kronos (Cronus) in the Greek, is called "the scythe-wielder" that cuts the link or the chain between two ages; and during this transitory period he is called "the master of misrule" or "the lord of misrule." 


It's when the old culture seems to be falling apart and it does because it's made to fall apart as role reversal, cultural reversal, things which were taught as truth for thousands of years are suddenly reversed or exposed and there's a period of chaos of misrule.  It's a time when people who are "in the know" in the understanding can rise to the top if they're in the right families and taught the mysteries. For most people it's chaos. They have nothing to hold on to.  It's like ships without anchors.  They're just tossed around on the waves, hence the massive indoctrination through magazines and television with specialists supposedly in psychology to tell you what to think, what to do, how to behave. In reality, you're being used.  It's motivational behavior modification that you're submitting yourself to, and it's not for your own good. It's for those who rule you.


Along with all the New Age bookshelves, you'll see all the motivational techniques in the same books of what you can be. You're being altered. Your thoughts are being altered. Your motivations are being guided by someone else and you'll find that you're all going a path already laid out for you, promising you one end, but you don't see the end of it and you won't even when you hit it.  This is masterful control.  It was many, many centuries in the making and you can see the beginnings of this sudden outburst of the sciences.


In the 1500's in the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England, where it was the first openly Rosicrucian Court in history, everyone around Queen Elizabeth I, all the famous players you'll find mentioned in her era were all members of the same Rosicrucian Lodge in London.  The outburst of the sciences is what is so interesting with John Dee and Francis Bacon and many others because they knew they had 500 years to use sciences, make the public work and create an industrial era and then all of the things that would come from that industrial era, such as bigger and greater wars to dominate the whole planet and create a world empire and always fooling the people who fought those wars.  Always fooling them with a different reason, a different outcome, such as the First World War – the war they said through, and it was H.G. Wells the propagandist for the British government who coined the term, "the war to end all wars."  What a joke that was.


It's the last vestige of a tribal system.  In a well-bonded family they can be very formidable and will stand up for each other against all odds.  In this system, the New World Order, where it's not just family planning on a small scale, it's global planning on a similar type of agenda scale that's going to be implemented.  You can have no families as we have known them and that's why every family around is basically today dysfunctional.  Dysfunctional because it's been made that way as the "culture creators" and the "manipulators" have altered it.


The biggest and most frequently spoken about problem in therapy and counseling for couples today is when the man says that he's not allowed by his wife to be a man. That means you see she's learned from her mother who was the dominant one in the family and with an ineffectual father. She's learned to emulate the mother and even if she were to meet someone who she could respect, if she would allow herself to, she can't take it. She emulates the mother. She's grown up and copied it.  This is a form of "imprinting" which the big boys understand perfectly well and this talk is not meant to upset people.  THE TRUTH CANNOT UPSET MATURE MINDS who have made the same observations themselves, who are honest with themselves.  In an indoctrinated culture, it's difficult for the average person to be honest with themselves. They're full of stereotyped responses, conditioned reflexes, which are marketed into their heads by popular media and popular culture from a thousand different areas and places.


The elite who gave us marriage in the first place, as I've said many times before, never followed any idea or notion of romantic love between themselves. In fact, the high priesthoods which really ran Babylon were more interested in men themselves being men, as it's always been the same in fact in all high priesthoods in every culture.  Women are disliked and sometimes hated by them as almost irrelevant, but it's more than just that. It's to do with again the sadomasochistic streak which they have themselves going up through an order of deviancy, which they then promote on general culture at the right time.


The reason they hate women is because—and every study has shown this up-to-date and reproved it, and reproved it and reproved it, and all sociologists know this—women are the easier ones to manipulate into trying or going along with something new. The "culture creationists" love this because they can then introduce fads and modes of thinking which will alter the culture. Women who have their own needs, you're born with needs, when the needs are understood they can be so easily manipulated.


When you look just at the women of the early 1900's, the great grandmothers and grandmothers of the girls who suddenly were given the miniskirt in the '60's and compare the two, they're both women and yet one would never have dared to put on something which just barely covered the body. It isn't that the grandmother or great grandmother would never have done that.  It's just that through her culture and her period she was indoctrinated not to do that.  Whereas the granddaughter was not only encouraged, it was made the social norm and not to stand out to be accepted by the peer group – another facet of understanding which the big boys have. A natural trait could be exploited because young people are run by hormones and attraction and they want to be looked at and admired and so on. This is reality.


The male and the female is set at war with each other on purpose. A war which was covered and subdued during the period where marriage was encouraged in the Middle Ages and onwards to work for the system. Now the reversal, like Plato said, "you can reverse the culture and those that go through the changes are the last ones to notice."  That should be quite amazing to a thinking person, but it's true.


In the 1960's, the sciences of all entertainments were heightened and let loose upon the peoples of the world, the young people. Children and toddlers will hear the catchy part of songs, which they used to call "choruses" at one time, and you always get an intro into songs. Songs last about 2-1/2 minutes. You might wonder why, it's because of economic reasons because they're meant to sell and so they have the intro then they have the catchy part, which people hum like ads on television and children will do it automatically; and yet whatever you say automatically is already registered within your consciousness. It's working on you in ways which you don't understand and there is an unconscious. This is something alluded to by Carl Jung. It's "the sea of all knowing." It's "the primeval chaos," all knowledge within the mind, the brain.  Something that Plato again and others touched on and Pythagoras.


When you understand something it's because the knowledge is really already within you. You have to formulate it in the proper sequence, but the understanding means that you know far more on the subject than you thought you did. In the sea of the unconscious, it's the depth of all bits of information all arriving about. There's no cultural control over the unconscious as such; but in the subconscious, the part-way where the censorship kicks in and out, you can actually pass things on into the unconscious and the unconscious can be motivated because it doesn't have inhibitions of the culture. That's why in your dreams you could do the weirdest, wildest things which you'd never do in real life and you wake up with the manifest content. Sure, you'll remember this strange dream you had and within a minute or two you have latent content which is scrambled. Your subconscious has kicked in to censor it because it doesn't want you to see what you're possibly, possibly capable of.


These techniques are exact sciences and in the '60's, as I say, one song came out amongst many. A very, very catchy tune, deliberately so, to get teenagers right down to toddlers chanting and those who ever went to dances or the later discos will remember when the favorite songs would come on and they'd sort of murmur and hum along to the verses but they'd all jump into the choruses and yet they never thought about the words of the choruses. This particular song was supposedly written in a way of a father talking to his son. Listen to the words and listen to the voices to see how you are manipulated in ways you don't understand



"Walk Like a Man"

By Frankie Vallie


Walk like a man

Oh how you tried to cut me down to size
Telling dirty lies to my friends
But my own father said give her up don't bother
The world isn't coming to an end

(he said just) Walk like a man
Talk like a man
Walk like a man my son
No woman's worth
Crawling on the earth
Just walk like a man my son

Good-bye baby, I don't mean maybe
I'm gonna get along somehow
Soon you'll be cryin' on account of all your lying
Oh yeah just look who's laughing now

(I'm gonna) walk like a man
Fast as I can
Walk like a man from you
I'll tell the world to forget about it girl
And walk like a man from you



It was later on in the '60's where the "culture creation industry" passed down to the employees below, the actors and actresses, directors, producers, songwriters et cetera, to try and write things about gender-neutral subjects, songs – unknown to the public because the public don't know these things. They don't analyze. You think culture is there and it's part of you. You think it is your culture but it's not. It's a stranger, an exact scientific stranger, and the music industry were told, if they wanted hits, don't say "he" or "she" in the song, and they all went into action. Thank goodness Charles Aznavour from France at least wrote a song called "She," but the French are that way. They don't go along with so much political correctness that the rest of the world goes along with.


Changes are always going on around you, which end up within you, and you are unaware of them. Very, very powerful influences, scientifically created with exactness, and we are the puppets and the hidden puppeteers pull the strings. We think when we are communicating and interacting with each other that we are real individuals doing so. Nothing is further from the truth. These are accepted norms, even when they're changing, they're updated like programs in a computer and the people are updated with precision. Their topics of conversation are given to them. Their way of responding to topics are given to them; and those who get upset when you tell people the truth, it's generally because you're touching on something which they are guilty of themselves and their ego won't allow them to see it as the truth.


There's NOTHING on television that's real. There's NOTHING that is spontaneous on television. Everything down—and I've talked to many producers in the past—everything down to even a third-rate play for your main television station, like CBC in Canada, every part of the set including the type of flower in a little glass vase and the color and the positioning is discussed by panels of people—everything—for its psychological impact. There isn't a phrase which comes out spontaneously out of the person's head.


The newscasters read dummy boards but they look at you with authority. In a world where we find we're floating helplessly individually, we create that authority and that is again the sadomasochistic tendency. Those who are pushed down in society crave the power of those who do the pushing. The abused person can become the abuser so easily. The divisions of people are almost perfect now. It's the rare individual that has maturity that can overcome their conditioning. It's the rare couple who can go through a lifetime together with respect for each other unaffected and certainly not acting out all of the ways you're supposed to behave according to television, which of course would bring on the chaos. It's the rare individual who understands that in this day and age.


Most people are simply full of their conditioned responses and reflexes. They're unanchored in a rough sea and that's all intentional. That's why the booming industry in psychology, psychiatry, therapy, groups of all kinds, cults, and yet they're all being led on the same path because you're going to find the same teachings today throughout therapy as you will in the New Age because everything comes from the same capstone in culture creation. Cause the problems, guide them into the solutions. These are ancient sciences at work.


The rule books, as I say, are in all holy books. They are the holy books, for those who understand them; and if we take passages in the Old Testament, you'll see older echoes of the new. In Revelations, the revealing of the system, they say that "man would be turned against woman, woman against her husband, children against their parents" and we tend to think how could that be?  How could any power cause that to happen?  And the answer is: easily, because they understood the sciences thousands of years ago just as well as they do today. The mainstream characters they let loose on the public like Freud and others were giving you kindergarten reality, which still astounded many people at the time, but they only give you enough to alter the culture towards the agenda. They don't give you all of the sciences which they have.




When we look at the tremendous amount, never mind the propaganda given to the homosexual movement and lesbian movement and as I say there's nothing in society in social movements that isn't approved and CREATED FROM THE TOP DOWN AT THE RIGHT TIME.  If it didn't suit the purpose it wouldn't happen. There'd be no funding. Even if there was a demonstration, you would never hear about it on the news; but women have been emulating dominant mothers and since survival instincts will look for a partner with dominance, many of the women look towards other females.


Many of the males see the mother as dominant and the father is absent today—gone, divorced, kicked out, whatever—and the mother is dominant so they emulate the mother. These were all known responses to the induced situations. As I say, those who created marriage for a purpose and marriage for life have reversed all the structures that kept it in place for the New Age, and I'm simply the messenger on this topic.


When the elite had their arranged marriages, it was for progeny only. They'd appear on the balcony, the king and queen, the fairy tale, and the people would emulate what they saw. "Aren't they a loving couple?" but in reality, they didn't have to even like each other. Their houses and castles were so big they could live in either end and never see other except for the balcony appearances, if need be, and the male was free to do what he wanted to do and so was the woman, and they did. 


In the 20th Century, really, that's when they gave us "romantic love" and encouraged it big time to keep it going, to keep the marriage system going for World War I and II and then start to dismantle it after the United Nations was officially in power. The acceptance of another person for life takes tremendous maturity and self-understanding. Few people have the ability to critically look at themselves and decipher themselves. We're very good at picking apart other people, but because of ego we tend to ignore ourselves.


The bonding process of a male and a female takes time and maturity, and trials and tribulations, but most importantly it takes understanding of each individual by the individual concerned. The media constantly gives us a barrage of fiction and drama with even the ideal partner, always fictionalized to the extreme with the chiseled features and the perfect body. They don't show you them with their personal trainers, the actors and actresses, and all the stuff they have to go through to keep their weight down and all the rest of it, and their liposuction and their jaw implants and cheek implants for the men and all the other implants for the woman, to give you this perfect, perfect picture of the perfect male or female. This is to make Joe Average and Jill Average unhappy with the one they have in life. It's intentional and as I say it's a rare person of either gender who understands this and accepts the one they're with as being basically human and natural.


We chase after and we're taught to chase after by the media and entertainment media, all of the fantasies which always lead to ruin because they are fantasy. There is no self-satisfaction to follow fantasy. It's the will-of-the-wisp, such stuff are dreams made of, yet everyone's encouraged to chase after the dreams. Who gives us the dreams? Very few people understand that they simply are the dreamers, but who gives them the dreams? For what purpose? And the same media that gives you the dreams loves to point out how dysfunctional society has become. "Just look at it. It's in chaos," as they give you more and more porn for entertainment and porn now isn't even porn. It’s deviant. It's got to be more and more deviant you see. Like any addiction, you have get more and more of it and wilder stuff to get the high.


This is intentional and then out come the governments with all of its agencies. They breed faster than anyone I know. Governments are always having offspring of new departments to deal with the new parts of the chaos always and this again is what Carl Jung envisaged in his last book. It wasn't just an Iron Curtain across the world of communism versus fascism. It was a slowly expanding Iron Curtain across the whole planet of dictatorial bureaucracies until there was no freedom left for the individual. He was well aware that you can dissect society into the individual and those that we would say are the mass.


The war that's on today is not so much a war on the masses. The masses are downloaded with everything and they question it not. The war is on the individual, the occasional thinker, because it's the occasional thinker who can communicate who can affect many other people, who then understand and they go running with information. That's why I don't pretend to be a patriot cheerleader for some old world order. I don't give you the Hollywood slogans or the John Wayne clichés which you've been taught to stand to attention with. I don't wave flags because flags symbolize the hyper-Masonic system under which we live.


They gave us the "Order of the Bee," the BORDER, BEE-ORDER. It served their purpose up until now because borders are just imaginary lines drawn across maps, which enabled members of an elite who lived with their offsprings in all countries to wage war upon their neighbors, never participating themselves, but benefiting from the changes that war brings for more control and taxations and it keeps the people in fear of "those guys over there."  So they need you, you see. Another technique of the bully, the sadist, and they teach the people to be masochists who also would like to really, really adapt to the system and possibly get up the ladder and become one of the sadists themselves with the power. Sadism and masochism go together in this particular scientifically created system.


Many years ago, I heard a top psychiatrist in England discuss the traits of the psychopath, a fascinating study, and as an example of the psychopath he mentioned the character of "James Bond," someone who could obey his paymaster. That's how he gave his allegiance was his paycheck and the status he derived from his position. A status, too, that he could do amazing things in society and get away with it, tremendous destruction, because he was authorized to do so, as long as he got the job done. He could have as many women as wanted in bed, one after another. He could see some of them being killed in the movies. He could kill, himself – he could kill other people and then that night sleep with another one or two females. It was someone with no conscience. That's what a psychopath is and psychopaths can be found through special tests. We know that Special Forces in every country uses these tests to select them for the really bad boy groups that they have, the dirty squads, that go out and assassinate people and kill whoever they're told to kill. They can go home at night and they don't need sleeping pills or they don't need to get drunk to sleep because they have no conscience. These people have always, always been used by the controllers; as they give one culture to the people to be ruled, they also select the deviant from that culture to enforce the rules when need be.


This talk is encompassing so much, I don't write down anything in advance. I just talk as to what comes to the top of my head and if it seems a bit haphazard it's because I don't put it out in a particular format and I've been chopping wood all day as I prepare for the white stuff to fall from the skies, which it already did actually.


I'd like to take this opportunity to mention to those who will maybe get this passed on a tape or a disc to them, to look into the website at and see what there is for sale there, because I certainly could use the money to pay for the site and for the help I've got from one person to keep it going – while we can keep it going.


As I say, I'm not one of the authorized ones who are put there with the clichés you've been conditioned to respond to. I say what I know and if I can continue for a longer period of time, I could certainly teach you much, much more to do with the system. I could give you the higher meanings in the occultic movements, not the ones that are put out there just for the Christians to grab and be scared of, because these are all sciences you see.


It's up to you the listener to support me and as I come out with this information. In the winter when I'm snowed in, I hope to give you an awful lot more. I should also say that you can also tell various talk show hosts that you'd like to have me on as a guest. I don't call them myself. I never have called them and said put me on. It's the listeners who have done this and if you like what you're hearing, or even if you dislike what you're hearing, phone up your radio talk show hosts and have them put me on. That way I can reach more people. I don't create a movement as such of following what I say. I ask you to analyze everything I say and check it out for yourself.


I'm not pushing some covert religion, as you might be surprised others are doing and that's another story.  I am just telling you of the various things that I know to do with the system, to do with why you feel so alienated – those who think and those who aren't even certain of why they feel that way.  I'm explaining it to you and this series of talks has been to do with how everything is controlled – gender, the generations, the so-called races, the colors, and you should think about that in itself because it is no coincidence it's called "the human race." 




We know that those at the top put lists out through or by their main economists in the 1700's onwards to do with those who would be useful in a future upcoming society based on economics and efficiency, and those who would be eliminated. NOTHING HAPPENS IN THE SYSTEM BY CHANCE. 


There are no sudden transmutations, spontaneous, of diseases. Diseases and the transmutation of a virus or a bacterium is a fine and "old science" by now. We live as I say in a world of DIS-INFORMATION.  We have been trained to listen to no one except "THE EXPERTS" and this is something that I should really touch on now because we have a tribal craving for the leader.


Albert Pike and others in the high Masonic movement wrote about the creation of leaders.  They always give the public their leaders at the right time. When they go over the future chessboard, which they set up, they look at every possible opposition that will come from different factions and different personality types in society. Before they make their first move, they have thought out ways and trained people to become leaders when the time arises to lead the different factions apparently against them, but always leading them up the garden path, the Pied Piper. This is an ancient technique again, well understood in this system.


It's interesting to look at how the communists used and helped create and push lower Masonic groups throughout the pre-Soviet system and then used them for the revolution; and at the end, once it was all won and over, they knew who to round up – people who knew too much, who thought they were fighting for some other kind of freedom. They had the lists of their names and all their lodges and they killed them all, while the Soviet leadership and the politburo kept their own private lodges. This again is standard, done over and over again through history. The French Revolution worked on the same basis. Same technique. They pushed the idea of revolution through what was the "coffee shops" at the time for France and these coffee shops doubled as Masonic temples at night, where they laid out all their "jewels on the floor" as they call it, and had their little parades and all the rest of it and then had their talks on the coming revolution.


Then once it was after, you'll notice that the few moderates in the revolution like Danton and others were executed. The same thing happened with the Soviet system when Lenin got in. We're taught that the Soviet system went sour when Stalin took over; but Lenin, the lion (which is what the name comes from), used the terror techniques to perfection. Trotsky wrote about it. He was all for it in fact and Lenin told groups to go out into the peasant areas where they had these communal farms and just to round up dozens here and dozens there, hang them from trees, leave them there to rot and it would terrify the peasantry into obeying and it would terrify those very small farmers into giving everything up. Because through these great leaders, whether it's a Hitler or a Lenin or Napoleon, or any other countless names of famous players, the masses are the masses. The science of control is the same science and the "little people" don't count.


Again, George Orwell put that very well in his book "1984".  "The proles don't count. They're animals," he said.  We suspend our incredulity when we hear famous people saying things which are horrible. We actually make excuses. "I hear what he says. He said it but I guess he didn't really mean it."  That's how they get away with it. 


NEVER IN THE HISTORY we have been given, ancient to modern, have all of the people understood what was happening to them – the whys, the wherefores, the hows.


HISTORY HAS ALWAYS BEEN ALTERED, really directed by the elite themselves, but sometimes deflected and slightly delayed by the few who understand. However, they also understand, and let no one fool you, they've always understood that THE BULK OF THE POPULACE ARE NEVER TRULY CONSCIOUS. They are hypnotic subjects. Their beliefs are truly induced beliefs. Their reality is induced and marketed to them and it's reinforced through the schooling system, through drama and fiction and through the role models we're given, fictionalized though they may be. The bulk of the populace have never ever been capable of consciously working out the fine details of their indoctrinations, manipulations and the psychodynamics of their own social structure. They don't know.


This isn't just a matter of waking up more people. You cannot wake someone up who isn't ready to do so, or you can't wake someone up who isn't able to do so. In many and maybe most of the populations of today's world, we have been so chemically attacked and biological warfare has been used through inoculations to attack specific parts of the brain, like Arthur Koestler said in his book, "The Ghost in the Machine," and he worked with UN departments to find ways to do this efficiently and he thought it was just swell. 


Many people cannot wake up.  They don't have the ability. The part that makes you a creative individual, of any age, any gender, is the part which has been under most of the attack for the last hundred years or more. It's been stated in Koestler's book and others, that if they can destroy that part of the brain, "The Ghost in the Machine" as they call it, that makes you truly uniquely you, then they will have conquered the world and they can bring in THEIR UTOPIA.  Their utopia—which many New Agers have all been taught to look forward to—is the elimination of conscious individualistic thought.


The manipulation of weather is going on at a daily basis now. A few years ago in major newspapers the American Air Force said "it would shortly own the weather."  Well you see it does already. It does. We're being sprayed every day and night like bugs. Most people cannot see it because they can only see or hear or know about that which is told to them by the media.  If the media doesn't mention it, you are talking a different language when you point it out to them. It cannot be important or the media would tell them. Their reasoning is done for them by the media and they've come to accept that.  In the race to destroy individuality, the majority of the public have already succumbed.


Brzezinski said, "they would be unable to reason for themselves." He said it with conviction; he wrote about it. He talked about the Technetronic Era of beaming out signals, which is passé now, it's old stuff, which they've even allowed the public to know if you want to go and find out about it. They can change the moods and emotions of whole continents, make you passive, almost drugged, carefree, or make you angry and aggressive or irritable.  For those who are conscious and you feel a little of this coming on, and you're at work or you're out amongst other people, you'll observe the same emotions in them too. It's being used on a daily basis, the psychotronic/technetronic weaponry. Scalar technology in unison with the spraying of the air, which makes it far more effective, creating a heavy atmospheric electrical circuitry and we ourselves in the physical world are run through biochemical and bioelectrical impulses.


I'll leave you tonight with the introductions to these topics and just general coverings of each part of them. I hope to go into them in far more detail in the future for those who don't take offense at what I say.  I personally have no prejudice about any of the things I talk about or the people I talk about.  I just state what is. Those who are offended must look to themselves and ask why.  If they tell you, like again Orwell's "1984," that there is no gravity and you can float away and you're all part of the same thing, if someone says "oh no you can't" and just states what is, don't kill the messenger. Don't kill the one who says "the king has no clothes."  However, the herd, unfortunately, "the mob" as the Masons say, because of their very intense conditioning which has taken very well, will turn on the messengers as they always have in history.


It's Halloween time. There are many plays on the words within Halloween.  Hallow also comes from the sun, HAL, but it also is a play on hollow. "Een" is the old English for EYE. The eye of the sun, the S-U-N.  It’s also the hollow eye which you would see in the skull.  Everything has many meanings. The elite are taught them. You are not. I'm trying to teach you them and I hope to continue.


Good night for now. Peace to you and may your god or your gods, or your favorite tree or your best pet, go with you.



"Don't Dream It's Over

By Crowded House

There is freedom within, there is freedom without
Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup
There's a battle ahead, many battles are lost
But you'll never see the end of the road
While you're traveling with me

Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won't win

Now I'm towing my car, there's a hole in the roof
My possessions are causing me suspicion but there's no proof
In the paper today, tales of war and of waste
But you turn right over to the T.V. page

Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won't win

Now I'm walking again to the beat of a drum
And I'm counting the steps to the door of your heart
Only shadows ahead barely clearing the roof
Get to know the feeling of liberation and relief

Hey now, hey now
Don't dream it's over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
Don't ever let them win



(Transcribed by Linda)