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May 10, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 10, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt and this is and on May 10th, 2007.


Tonight, I'm going to read a little bit from a magazine called, "The Wilson Quarterly."  This is from the Spring 2007 edition. It has to do also with the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.  On the front page here it's called, "The Climate Engineers." 


I should say, first of all, this magazine is published internationally. This is for the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, D.C.  This article is written by James R. Fleming.  I think it also mentions in here of his different affiliations. Those are interesting to look up, always. The affiliations tell you an awful lot about who's who and who's writing what. 


James R. Fleming, the author of this particular article, is a public policy scholar. He's a “public policy scholar,” interesting, at the Wilson Center and holder of the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Roger Revelle Fellowship in Global Environmental Stewardship, he’s a professor of science, technology, and society at Colby College, in Waterville, Maine. It gives you a list of some of his books.  It's written by one of THEM, you know, “those guys”—those guys "in the know" on the big CON that's going on, and so they can't give obviously anything near a fair description.  This article is written almost in a British fashion, where they'll give you little bits of facts mixed with almost comedy and alarm together, which leaves the reader in a limbo land, where the fear gets into you.  You'll think, “My God! There's a bunch of crazy people running this particular system!” which intensifies the fear.  They also give you the disinformation to do with it; in this case, it's global warming.


This article says:


             "The Climate Engineers." 


             "As alarm over global warming spreads, a radical idea is gaining momentum.  Forget cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions, some scientists argue. Find a technological fix. Bounce sunlight back into space by pumping reflective nanoparticles into the atmosphere. Launch mirrors into orbit around the earth. Create a “planetary thermostat.” But what sounds like science fiction is actually an old story.  For more than a century, scientists, soldiers, and charlatans have hatched schemes to manipulate the weather and climate. Like them, today’s aspiring climate engineers wildly exaggerate what is possible, and they scarcely consider political, military, and ethical implications of attempting to manage the world’s climate—with potential consequences far greater than any their predecessors were ever likely to face."


Alan:  My little comment there is: That's how they would present that in Britain, so it doesn't pooh-pooh any evidence against the global warming theory. It doesn't mention, to start off, that we go through all these different cycles continuously: mini-ice ages, mini-global warming ages, back and forth, and some larger ones.  Since this is supposedly a fairly new study in history, since it didn't supposedly take such a test before and accurate records in the late past, how much of the data can even be counted on as reliable?  It doesn't mention that part, so the debate is over. This begins with the debate on global warming being over and that the facts are real; and that's how it's put into your mind.


             "Beyond the security checkpoint at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Ames Research Center at the southern end of San Francisco Bay, a small group gathered in November for a conference on the innocuous topic of “managing solar radiation.” The real subject was much bigger: how to save the planet from the effects of global warming."


Alan:  Again, the debate is over.  It’s not, “Is there global warming?,” but, “The debate is over.”


             "There was little talk among the two dozen scientists and other specialists about carbon taxes, alternative energy sources, or the other usual remedies."


Alan:  “Remedies.”  Once again, that's sunk again as it was supposed to be, remedies.


             "Many of the scientists were impatient with such schemes. Some were simply contemptuous of calls for international cooperation and the policies and lifestyle changes needed to curb greenhouse-gas emissions; others had concluded that the world’s politicians and bureaucrats are not up to the job of agreeing on such reforms or that global warming will come more rapidly, and with more catastrophic consequences, than many models predict. Now, they believe, it is time to consider radical measures: a technological quick fix for global ­warming.


             "Mitigation is not happening and is not going to happen,” physicist Lowell Wood declared at the NASA conference. Wood, the star of the gathering, spent four dec­ades at the University of California’s Law­rence Livermore National Laboratory, where he served as one of the Pentagon’s chief weapon designers and threat analysts."


Alan:  You can trust this guy to tell you the truth (from the Pentagon).


             "(­He reportedly enjoys the “Dr. Evil” nickname bestowed by his critics.) The time has come, he said, for “an intelligent elimination of undesired heat from the biosphere by technical ways and means,” which, he asserted, could be achieved for a tiny fraction of the cost of “the bureaucratic suppression of CO2.” His engineering approach, he boasted, would provide “instant climatic gratification.”


Alan:  This is the guy, remember, who took over from Teller. He was a protégé of Teller, the earlier one; he was Dr. Evil, Part 1. Wood is Part 2.  It was Teller who came up with the whole idea of using metallic particles to intensify or cool, depending on what type they used, the atmosphere for weather warfare purposes; but now they're your saviors.  The war men are now your saviors, remember, and the Pentagon. You can trust the Pentagon.


To continue:


             "Wood advanced several ideas to “fix” the earth’s climate, including building up Arctic sea ice to make it function like a planetary air conditioner to “suck heat in from the ­mid­latitude heat bath.” A “surprisingly practical” way of achieving this, he said, would be to use large artillery pieces to shoot as much as a million tons of highly reflective sulfate aerosols or ­specially ­engineered nanoparticles into the Arctic stratosphere to deflect the sun’s rays."


Alan:  Here they are, as we say, “down on Earth,” trying to eliminate your cars because of all the different sulfur emissions; but they want to spray it above your heads to save you, huh?


             "Delivering up to a million tons of material via artillery would require a constant ­bombardment—­basically declaring war on the strato­sphere. Alternatively, a fleet of B-747 “crop dusters” could deliver the particles by flying continuously around the Arctic Circle. Or a 25-kilometer-­long sky hose could be tethered to a military superblimp high above the planet’s surface to pump reflective particles into the ­atmosphere."


Alan:  We're already being sprayed and we have been for years, so this whole story is a sideline for a different purpose. Remember, quite a few years ago, there was a book came out called, "The Report from Iron Mountain," which was a big think tank that was held on behalf of the Pentagon, some years back, on how society is held together and managed and governed by the system.  They said "it's held together by war or the threat of war" and for a global society they "would have to find a new kind of enemy."  They've found it, you see, they've made it; and like all enemies, they demonize it. 


This article here is part of the CON game, the continuing CON game in almost a light-hearted manner.


             "Far-fetched as Wood’s ideas may sound, his weren’t the only Rube Goldberg proposals aired at the meeting. Even as they joked about a NASA staffer’s apology for her inability to control the temperature in the meeting room, others detailed their own schemes for manipulating earth’s climate. Astronomer J. Roger Angel suggested placing a huge fleet of mirrors in orbit to divert incoming solar radiation, at a cost of “only” several trillion dollars."


Alan:  War must be profitable, you see.


             "Atmospheric scientist John Latham and engineer Stephen Salter hawked their idea of making marine clouds thicker and more reflective by whipping ocean water into a froth with giant pumps and eggbeaters. Most frightening was the science-fiction writer and astrophysicist Gregory Benford’s announcement that he wanted to “cut through red tape and demonstrate what could be done” by finding private sponsors for his plan to inject diatomaceous ­earth—­the ­chalk­like substance used in filtration systems and cat ­litter—­into the Arctic stratosphere. He, like his fellow geoengineers, was largely silent on the possible unintended consequences of his plan."


Alan:  Oops! But there you go, that's the kind of stuff they feed the public, to terrify us that a bunch of mad men are in control that don't know what they're doing. Now all of these characters live on massive grants their whole life long, and these characters do what they're told. They do what they're told.  It is true at the top they make sure that every possibility is covered, so each one is given his specific area of specialty to follow. That's how you always maintain power, down through the ages. You make sure you look at every possibility that could ever possibly happen, and every type of divergence from each possibility and consequences, and you come up with the solutions in advance.


             "The inherent unknowability of what would happen if we tried to tinker with the immensely complex planetary climate system is one reason why climate engineering has until recently been spoken of only sotto voce in the scientific community. Many researchers recognize that even the most brilliant scientists have a history of blindness to the wider ramifications of their work. Imagine, for example, that Wood’s scheme to thicken the Arctic icecap did somehow become possible. While most of the world may want to maintain or increase polar sea ice, Russia and some other nations have historically desired an ­ice-­free Arctic ocean, which would liberate shipping and open potentially vast oil and mineral deposits for exploitation. And an engineered Arctic ice sheet would likely produce shorter growing seasons and harsher winters in Alaska, Siberia, Greenland, and elsewhere, and could generate super winter storms in the midlatitudes. Yet Wood calls his brainstorm a plan for “global climate stabilization,” and hopes to create a sort of “planetary thermostat” to regulate the global ­climate."



Alan:  That's means that someone's in control of the thermostat, and guess who's paying for the fuel?


             "Who would control such a “thermostat,” making ­life-­altering decisions for the planet’s billions?--


Alan:  --The top psychopaths, that's who it would be.


             "What is to prevent other nations from undertaking unilateral climate modification? The United States has no monopoly on such dreams. In November 2005, for example, Yuri Izrael, head of the ­Moscow-­based Institute of Global Climate and Ecology Studies, wrote to Russian president Vladimir Putin to make the case for immediately burning massive amounts of sulfur in the stratosphere to lower the earth’s temperature “a degree or two”—a correction greater than the total warming since ­pre-­industrial ­times.


There is, moreover, a troubling motif of militarization in the history of weather and climate control. Military leaders in the United States and other countries have pondered the possibilities of weaponized weather manipulation for decades. Lowell Wood himself embodies the overlap of civilian and military interests. Now affiliated with the Hoover Institution…"


Alan:  Remember these big think tanks and institutes and foundations?


             "…a think tank at Stanford ­University, Wood was a protégé of the late Edward Teller, the weapons scientist who was credited with developing the hydrogen bomb and was the architect of the ­Reagan-­era Star Wars ­missile ­defense system (which Wood worked on, too)."


Alan:  There's a lot of work to be done in that area, and these guys, being good psychopaths, have a good nose for sniffing it out and getting on the payroll, like all good psychopaths.


             "Like Wood, Teller was known for his advocacy of controversial military and technological solutions to complex problems, including the chimerical “peaceful uses of nuclear weapons.” Teller’s plan to excavate an artificial harbor in Alaska using thermo­nuclear explosives actually came close to receiving government approval. Before his death in 2003, Teller was advocating a climate control scheme similar to what Wood proposed. 


             Despite the large, unanswered questions about the implications of playing God with the elements, climate engineering is now being widely discussed in the scientific community and is taken seriously within the U.S. government. The Bush administration has recommended the addition of this “important strategy” to an upcoming report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,…"


Alan:  Remember what they said for the United Nations to bind the world together, and under world government they'd find crisis after crisis, and create these huge international panels, bringing us all together.  “We are the world. We are the children.”  That's how it goes.


             "…the Panel on Climate Change, the ­UN-­sponsored organization whose February study seemed to persuade even the Bush White House…"


Alan:  Ha, ha, ha.  They persuaded him.


             "…to take global warming more seriously. And climate engineering’s advocates are not confined to the small group that met in California. Last year, for example, Paul J. Crutzen, an atmospheric chemist and Nobel laureate, proposed a scheme similar to Wood’s, and there is a long paper trail of climate and weather modification studies by the Pentagon and other government agencies. As the sole historian at the NASA conference…"


Alan:  NASA is part of the military complex, remember. Yes. You think they were just taking little spiders up into space to see if they could mate, the same way as on earth, when they are in free fall, eh?


             "…I may have been alone in my appreciation of the irony that we were meeting on the site of an old U.S. Navy airfield literally in the shadow of the huge hangar that once housed the ­ill-starred Navy dirigible U.S.S."


Alan:  It's M-A-C-O-N and I think they're using the French spelling or writing of MASON.  That's what it looks like to me. That's how it is, M-A-C-O-N.   U.S.S. Macon (the son's of light). That's what that was all about, in the French.


             "The 785-­foot-­long Macon, a technological wonder of its time, capable of cruising at 87 miles per hour and launching five Navy biplanes, lies at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, brought down in 1935 by strong winds."


Alan:  No wonder they're at war with the weather, after losing all that money; but no problems, lots of taxpayers to make it up.


             "The Navy’s entire rigid-airship program went down with it. Coming on the heels of the crash of its sister ship, the Akron, the Macon’s destruction showed that the design of these technological marvels was fundamentally flawed. The hangar, built by the Navy in 1932, is now both a historic site and a Superfund site, since it has been discovered that its “galbestos” siding is leaching PCBs into the drains. As I reflected on the fate of the Navy dirigible program, the geoengineers around the table were confidently and enthusiastically promoting techniques of climate intervention that were more than several steps beyond what might be called state of the art, with implications not simply for a handful of airship crewmen but for every one of the 6.5 billion inhabitants of the ­planet.


             Ultimate control of the weather and climate excites some of our wildest fantasies and our greatest fears. It is the stuff of age-old myths. Throughout history, we mortals have tried to protect ourselves against harsh weather. But weather control was reserved for the ancient sky gods. Now the power has seemingly devolved to modern Titans. We are undoubtedly facing an uncertain future."



Alan:  Now there's a little slip there, you see.  "We are undoubtedly facing an uncertain future."  See, the future is always uncertain, so is living, in all ages, but he's referring to the really unproven facts that we're actually warming, never mind all the spraying they've been doing for years to increase the temperature, which is happening. It doesn't mention that at all.  Once they start mentioning the fact that these massive spraying operations have been going on for years, daily across the planet, as we're warming, I might start thinking that they might have something to say that's true. Otherwise, we're getting a spin, a divergent way of thinking and looking at things.


Then it goes on about:


             "With rising temperatures, increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, and a growing world population…"


Alan:  See the same old fears that the elite, the psychopaths, have always had.


             "…we may be on the verge of a worldwide climate crisis."


Alan:  “We may be.”


             "What shall we do? Doing nothing or too little is clearly wrong, but so is doing too ­much. Largely unaware of the long and checkered history of weather and climate control and the political and ethical challenges it poses, or somehow considering themselves exempt, the new Titans see themselves as heroic pioneers, the first generation capable of alleviating or averting natural disasters. They are largely oblivious to the history of the charlatans and sincere but deluded scientists and engineers who preceded them. If we fail to heed the lessons of that history, and fail to bring its perspectives to bear in thinking about public policy, we risk repeating the mistakes of the past, in a game with much higher ­stakes.


Alan:  Then it goes on about some of the history of previous scientists who've tried to fiddle with the weather, and it's an old science. It's old stuff really, in all reality. This is for public consumption, this kind of thing. It doesn't pooh-pooh the evidence towards the global warming. It doesn't mention the spraying that has been going on before the public even heard the term "global warming." It doesn't mention the fact there is a UN policy to find some massive world enemy to bring us all together to fight. It doesn't mention the fact that, no; it's not new at all. All the ancient priesthoods used the sun in the sky as a god which they served. Of course, being the priests, they spoke for the god. They always have gods with their spokesmen on earth, because the rest of the people seem to be too stupid to communicate with the god. We need these interpreters who dress in funny clothing, with long dresses and stuff, and have those little rituals where they wave things around, incense, and they burn incense and have little mantras and stuff, and they can sometimes dance nice little pretty dances.


Nowadays, they just put suits and ties on, or white coats, stand there in front of blackboards and squiggle lines, to give us magic formula, which no one can understand or follow, because it's all theory—which is magic formula. This is the technique that's been going on forever.  The ancient priesthoods, too, controlled the people, who, especially after the first generation that's been brainwashed, the second generation believed the priests really do communicate with the sun. They could appease the sun. They could give thanks to the sun. Of course, if you didn't give the gifts and worked for the priesthoods or worked for the king that supposedly represented you all, on behalf of the priesthoods who ran the system, the sun wouldn't even come up in the morning.  Boy, there was a good one. That worked very well indeed, too. It was very profitable for the few at the top.


Nothing really has changed. We're ruled by CONS.  It's the science of CONOLOGY, which has many faces and names. Nothing really changes. You must terrify the public in order to rule them, especially if you're a psychopath and you like to live at a standard of living, stratospheres above the rest of the common people, and you want to make sure your protégé, being superior obviously, are going to pick it all up after you've gone and reign just like you. 


In Egypt they used to say that the pharaoh represented the sun. He was the embodiment on Earth of Ra, the sun.  That's why, today, royalty still reign over us, because the reign was put out there in written verse, in ancient times, as being the fertility, fertilization of the earth by the sun.  (The sperm.)  So the sun ruled over us. They reigned over us. Reign. What's really changed? 


Now I'll tell you another thing, too. You think the ones who have all of the money in the world, at the top, who make, literally make presidents and prime ministers and break them (when required), would allow any boffins, scientific boffins, paid lackeys who live on grants from the foundations that also do what they're told from the top. Do you think they would risk these characters doing something that was going to harm them, themselves?  No, nope.  It wouldn't happen. Therefore, we can tell this is the agenda to completely control everything on this planet, ultimately control it for ultimate control, where your whole life from birth to death (at least for a generation or so) will be guided by experts. Then the next bunch, of course, we know they're going to enhance the next generations to be better slaves, more efficient, while the older types die off. 


In the meanwhile, we older types must believe that we're under tremendous crisis and extinction looms ahead if we don't put our faith and trust and lives in the hands of the paid experts, the front men; because the old way of living is completely to be destroyed, over, done with. There will be no marriage, no growing up looking for a job, no individual decisions to make.  THAT'S THE END OF INDIVIDUALISM for the common people. They declared war on that a long time ago. Many of these same professors and other professors have written books on the death of individualism and why it must be so.  They're talking about the commoners, you see. 


Individuality amongst the commoners has always been a problem to them, down through the ages. It still is, at the moment, but not for long, unless we reclaim our rights and throw off the blinders and tell them, "Hey, we’re not being fooled anymore."   We have to do it soon, because they've got the next few hundred years mapped out, just like the last few hundred years.  We are living through a business plan, a script, and every major change in your life and all the minor ones that come along, which you think is your natural culture that you're born into, we're scripted before we were born in this long term business plan.


We will all be put into these lovely habitat areas where our "betters," our "experts," will take care of us because they love us. They love us so much. In fact, they can't sleep by worrying about us—constant worry.  Therefore, they have "Agenda 21" all wrapped up to move the big sheep herd into the brand new pen, where everything will be taken care of for us, and we won't have to make a single decision for the rest of our lives. That's what it's all about. The sky is falling, which in a sense it is, with all the spraying that's coming down.  The climate is going crazy because of all the HAARP technology in use, as they use it. The big magician, the Wizard of Oz is waving his wands above our heads and through the airwaves; and people are believing the media that doesn't talk about what's above their heads or the little man behind the curtain, the scientist pulling all the levers.


We're not to think for ourselves.  As Brzezinski said, "The public shortly will be unable to reason for themselves. They’ll expect the media to do it for them."  And you do see that everywhere. 



Along this vein is the article from this week's "Parallel".  The headline is "Prepare to be "transitioned" into your new "habitat" and "The Brother is a Brother."  They love “transitioned”: it's a fuzzy word. It's a user-friendly word. It doesn't upset the sheep, “change” might, but transitioned, “harmonized,” is better—harmonized into one homogenous mass. We'll all be very, very happy for us all. We'll all be one.


It continues. This is from Monday, May 7th, 2007.


             "Ride the bus: wireless net to attract commuters."


Alan: I like the photograph that's on it of a lot of people, I think in India, where they crowd them into the buses, and on top of the buses and the trains too, to give us an idea of the reality as opposed to the fantasy.


It says:


             "Buses, at least in Boston, are filthy and grossly inefficient. Accidents and shootings are common, although the police are quick to assure uninjured passengers when they were not targeted in gangster-on-gangster hits."


Alan:  Who gave them their culture, eh?


             "But since buses will be the primary mode of ground transportation in U.N.-defined urban habitats, officials and the media are trying to sweeten the experience for city dwellers.  Motorola, MIT and a supportive Boston Globe (Mark is also a reporter for this Globe) this week made the case for adding wireless internet access and TVs to buses, to lure individuals out of their cars. They claim that wireless connections between bus riders will foster the growth of urban habitat areas, or “urban gardens,” as sociologist Federico Casalegno called them in the Boston Globe on Sunday (link and excerpt, below).  Casalegno, who had just designed a futuristic-looking prototype bus station at MIT, is collaborating with the university’s “Smart Cities” group, which is headed by the architect and urban planner William J. Mitchell."


Alan:  MIT is a big player with government (it always has been) and the CIA. They've more government buildings there, and they get funded from the taxpayers for these covert operations, and even down to the big monitoring of the Internet. They're a big player in doing that. They have a lot of "special rights" that no one else has. I know because my firewall gets hit with them all the time.


             "But Casalegno’s real job (which the Globe article does not mention)…"


Alan:  Isn't that interesting also? This Casalegno, who's really pushing this, "is working for Motorola, where he is a manager." He's a manager for the companies that will do the wireless Internet and cell phone stuff in the buses. There's no conflict of interest here, of course not. It's public/private management isn't it?  It's just a public/private deal: the new feudal system that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about. It was already running back in the '60’s, very well.  In fact, Quigley mentioned back then it had been on the go, this global structure of supra-national governments, for over 50 years, at that time.


             "Motorola’s and Mitchell’s plans do not allow for weekend excursions to the country, let alone opportunities to reside permanently outside the city.  But ubiquitous wireless connections will benefit Motorola, and a Sovietized transportation system will help cities such as Boston comply with the U.N.’s Agenda 21.  In his book, “e-topia,” Mitchell describes future urban centers “characterized by live/work dwellings…"


Alan:  That's called camps, folks: "labor camps."


             "…and 24-hour pedestrian-scale neighborhoods,” according to his publisher.  And Motorola’s current vision, according to Monday’s Financial Times, is “seamless connectivity”:


Alan:  “Seamless connectivity.” Ha, ha.


             "…access to information “at any time, on any device, and anywhere.”


Alan:  So there you go. This is really steamrolling ahead. The plan was laid down before I was born. There were books written about this. We're all now the fish. We're fish in a huge net, and they're pulling the rope now to close the mouth of the net and we're all inside the net. That's what's happening right now; and the "thousand points of light," the big corporations and NGOs are "pulling the strings," the old Masonic term used by Franklin and others and George Bush's father.


Now, reading from William J. Mitchell's book "e-topia". 


You see they are all u-topians, but e-topians for "electronic topians".  This is what the marketers have said.  The whole book, no doubt, was ghost written for them, because these characters at the top don't write their own books, including Al Gore. The experts, basically, get together panels who then write it up for them, and they front for it at shows where they're paid half a million dollars to speak about it to the masses.


It says here:


             "The global digital network is not just a delivery system for e-mail, Web pages and digital television, it is a whole new urban infrastructure one that will change the forms of our cities as dramatically as railroads, highways, electric power supply and telephone networks did in the past. In this lucid invigorating book, William J. Mitchell examines this new infrastructure and it's implications for our future daily lives.


Picking up where his best-selling "City of Bits" left off, Mitchell argues that we must extend the definitions of architecture and urban design to encompass virtual places as well as physical ones, and interconnection by means of telecommunication links as well as by pedestrian circulation and mechanized transportation systems. He proposes strategies for the creation of cities that not only will be sustainable…"



Alan:  “Sustainable development.” There you go, "Agenda 21," you see.


             "…sustainable but will make economic, social and cultural sense in an electronically interconnected and global world. The new settlement patterns of the twenty-first century…"



Alan:  You better think about this really hard: "The new settlement patterns."  That's your big camps, folks.


             "…of the twenty-first century will be characterized by live/work dwellings…"


Alan:  It’s kind of like upstairs/downstairs, you know, where all the servants sleep under the tables, beneath the sugar bins and stuff like that where they work.


             "…it will have 24-hour pedestrian-scale neighborhoods rich in social relationships…"


Alan:  Ha, ha.


             "…and vigorous local community life, complemented by far-flung configurations of electronic meeting places and decentralized production…"


Alan:  That's like work at home, I guess, in your little cell.


             "…marketing and distribution systems neither digiphile nor digaphobe…"


Alan:  I guess that's a little pun.


             "…Mitchell advocates the creation of e-topias cities that work smarter, not harder…"


Alan:  Like "smart bombs" that had the greater destruction. So I guess you're working harder really, not so smarter.


             "William J. Mitchell is the Alexander W. Dreyfus Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences, and directs the Smart Cities research group at MITs media lab. He was formerly Dean of the School of Architecture and head of the program in media arts and sciences at MIT."


Alan:  I think everybody who ever was a professor at MIT was also working for the CIA. This guy also is a manager in one of the companies that will be benefiting Motorola or something like that. This is how they market how wonderful it will all be, as we're stuck like ants crammed together in these Orwellian-type cities. But they won't be living there though, because they will have exemptions. They will be able to have private vehicles, called "essential vehicles" only. They don't mention that in this little marketing spiel here; but for the rest of the public, there's to be no public transportation, quite interesting.



On May 9th, 2007, "Parallel Normal," we have this particular photograph. You should look into it, and it's called, "The Brother is a Brother."
This is a black fellow with his big chain around his neck.


It's says:


Check it, yo: David Johnson calls his silver neckpiece his “Masonic bling”


"NPR this week ran a favorable piece about Freemasonry, and its newest recruits (see link and excerpt, below).  In an audio slideshow at the NPR site, a Mason weeps over the value of a gavel that belonged to George Washington. “If you love history,” he says, “you’ve got to love the Masons.”  Never mind that it’s HIS story we’re talking about here (the white man’s, that is). The NPR piece features Alan Patterson, 39, the first African-American senior officer at the Naval Lodge # 4 in Washington, D.C."



Alan:  He's the right age for getting there, because, of course, they love 3 times 13.


             "Quick to embrace an organization that once excluded blacks, and which eso-researchers say is designed to oppress the masses, Patterson now mocks the conspiracists."


Alan:  Suddenly they're all "conspiracists."  When they get up the ladder, everybody below them is a conspiracist.


             "All the stuff you see on the internet — from devil worship to sacrificing virgins — I joke, ‘You know, we do have a couple of New York Yankees fans, but they’re not really considered Satan,’” Patterson tells NPR."


Alan:  It’s because they actually talk about Lucifer in the Lodge, you see. They don’t talk about Satan. So that's a little bit there you'll find on the "Parallel Normal" website, May 9th, 2007.


It's amazing how people—but again the psychopathic ones, who always end up being leaders of every group and creed—have no problem getting a payoff. See, if you're a psychopath, you can rationalize anything you do to save your own ego, and black will become white, and white will become black, and opposites can change instantly to satisfy the ego.  They say that "everyone has their price."  Old, old saying in ancient times, from the Middle East, everyone had their price. You could always go into a place and buy-off someone, who then would do "the dirty" on their own people, without out any qualm, because we live in a psychopathic structural system of economics and money. So naturally, only the evil vicious ones will claw their way to the top, in any part of this structurized system, and they always become terrified of those they leave behind.




People should try and get a hold of a book put out by "The Club of Rome" in the '90’s. It's called "The First Global Revolution".  It's in a paperback version by Alexander King, who's the author, and Bertrand Schneider, the other author. 


They both worked for The Club of Rome. Alexander King was one of the founders for The Club of Rome. He also, for many years, worked for the United Nations via Britain and France with the Overseas Economic Corporation for Development, which is just where you pay your tax money to the United Nations; that then distributes it to the big international corporations in the poor countries; that goes into lots of pockets of the guys at the top. Every country has a department of this, and has had, since the end of World War II.


In that book they go into methods that they discussed, King and Schneider and others had discussed, about setting up. Actually, it describes a big think tank that comes up with the ideas for shaping the future, The Club of Rome, and they then market those ideas to all the lesser foundations, that then put it into action and implement it through media, which is called "consciousness raising."  They shape the direction you're supposed to think into, and give you your opinions, so you're being shepherded and crafted carefully along a predetermined path, which The Club of Rome and others have shaped for you.


In that book, they talk about ways to unite the planet, and not only unite them to bring in this scientific system, where scientists could bypass governments and do things without asking permission of the people or governments.  It's to be a world of experts, like Bertrand Russell talked about and other ones talked about. The "illumined ones" have to guide us and shape us, because after all, they're brighter than the rest of us, you see, and by social Darwinism and its standards, they're naturally the ones that should be the bosses, according to themselves.  They talked about ways, years ago, to make the public give up all their old habits, their “old habits” like picking a mate and having children willy-nilly and how all the lesser types were breeding, just breeding out of control.  There’d be too many of the lesser types in the future, and they had to find ways of bringing all that population down; but how do you do it?  How do you get them to change their ways and come into habitat areas, where the experts can manage us in a eugenics-type fashion? 


In the book, this book I mentioned, "The First Global Revolution," they say that they hit upon the idea of "environmental crisis," so that the environment and the weather would become the enemy, and we'd all have to be terrified into giving up all our old nasty, little, petty, random ways and be organized properly, as our betters see fit. 


They're using, as we know, as I've said many times, the HAARP-type technology. They have more than one station, not just the one in Alaska.  They’re spraying the entire planet right now, daily, with metallic particles that Teller suggested back in the '50’s. The evidence is above your head. It's all around you.  “A thousand points of light” that George Bush Sr. mentioned when he talked about the New World Order coming into view. He said, "a thousand points of light are working towards this agenda right now." 


These guys are holding the strings of the net as they pull it all together, a thousand big foundations and NGOs with many, many ones beneath them, all working towards this to coordinate this massive interconnected plan, to bring the sheep into the new sheep pen—into our little green folds in the city slums. This new "Soylent Green," where we'll probably have plastic rubber plants, because they'll have to find some way to dispose of all those oil products and plastics made of the byproducts of oil industry. 


That’s why they made it very popular to drink "spring water" from plastic bottles. Not only do you pay for the plastic, they get rid of their waste, just like the aluminum oxide called "fluoride" that's in your toothpaste, they find ways of getting rid of their waste on the sheeple down below; and they tell you it's good for you.  It’s good for you as you take this xeno-estrogen into your system, and again, another thing talked about, a long time ago by Charles Galton Darwin, how to alter the hormonal levels of the public. 


Isn't it just amazing how it all fits together?  I don't, personally, know people in ordinary society that can come up and make "wish lists," and everything happens in sequence to make it happen for them.  Boy, that's luck, isn't it?   Of course, there's no luck involved here. This agenda was on the go, long, long ago.  It was discussed at the time of the French Revolution. People think it was just a Middle Class French Revolution of the people, using the masses to get more power.  In once sense that was true. However, in another sense, it was to do with a planned society. Not only were they chopping off the heads of the useless aristocracies (the lesser types), they were also sinking boatloads in different rivers of ordinary peasants, in certain rural areas, because they claimed there were too many of them. 


How do you eliminate poverty?  You get rid of enough of the poor. That hasn't changed, that whole eugenics philosophy. “After all, if you allow them to live, they'll breed, my goodness.”  H.G. Wells said that.  He said, "What do we do?"  He said, “We give inoculations to the people. We give this and that to the people, better standards of living, more hygiene, and what do they do?  My goodness, they breed!”  And that really upset little H.G. Wells, who thought he was the only person in the world that should run around in a manic frenzy, breeding willy-nilly.  But then, of course, he had superior genes, belonging to the Fabian Society and all, and rubbing shoulders with Lord and Lady Astor, who were sent from the U.S. to help fund the whole Fabian system.


You tie all of the massive propaganda that's marketed to us from so many television programs and media, magazines and wildlife programs, all telling us the same stuff, and how we must go in a certain direction.  Do it for a whole generation, and the public will go into it thinking it's all perfectly natural, especially when you can pull a few switches; and lo and behold, you have storms wherever you want them, mind you, and say, “Look at those storms. Nature is just going berserk. You've got to get rid of that car there and take this bus, which will cost you a fortune, mind you, and you'll have no private property, within that little happy work habitat place.”


Bertrand Russell said in one of his books, as far back as the 1920’s, that the future system will be given a type of credit. Everyone will be allocated X-amount of credits by the government, at the beginning of every week, to pay their rent (there will be no private property) and to pay for your food. Everything will be tracked.  You must use all of them up by the end of the week, because it will start afresh at zero, then added into on the Monday. You can't save up your credits, because we must be all happy little equal commoners at the bottom.


He also said that if we were to disobey "our betters," you know the superior ones, the experts, they will withdraw credits from your account, withhold them and you can't pay your rent or you can't buy your food.  That will be a form of social punishment.  Isn't it amazing how it's all coming to pass?  Now they're going to put all this electronic gear into the buses to entice you out of your cars. They'll go further than that, mind you, and when you're outside driving around, you'll see so many people with cell phones stuck on their ears, as they chat away.  Chat and fail to indicate and almost cut you off, or sometimes they do cut you off, because they're absorbed in their chatting. 


You see how they've all been trained towards the brain chip, ultimately, where many people will want to be interconnected, thinking it will be just wonderful. “A thought will connect me with Aunt Marge. Just a thought and I'll be connected instantly.”  However, they don't tell you the other side of the coin; because once you're chipped there'll be no more you.  You'll be programmed to do a task, a function, to serve "your betters," the altruistic ones at the top, the ones who are your saviors (self-appointed), the god-like ones.


Step-by-step, everything is coming together as planned, but it's easy to do when you have the whole money of the planet, which is just a CON GAME anyway, and you can create it out of thin air, and you've trained populations to believe it's all real.  You can fund as many think tanks as you wish.  This is called "good governance," where the public, as Francis Bacon said in one of his little resumes to the king:


"It is best off that the public do not understand the real motivations of government, but it's best that they think that they understand."


In other words, "For every thing that happens, there's always a good reason, but there's always a real reason behind it." 


That's my blurb for tonight. From Hamish and myself, it's good night, and may your god or your gods and your chatter go with you.



"Dirty Old Town"

By The Dubliners


I met my love by the gas yard wall
Dreamed a dream by the old canal
I kissed my girl by the factory wall
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

I heard a siren from the docks
Saw a train set the night on fire
I smelled the spring on the smoky wind
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

Clouds a drifting across the moon
Cats are prowling on their beat
Spring's a girl on the streets at night
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

I'm going to make a big sharp axe
Shining steel tempered in the fire
I'll chop you down like an old dead tree
Dirty old town
Dirty old town

I met my love by the gas yard wall
Dreamed a dream by the old canal
I kissed my girl by the factory wall
Dirty old town
Dirty old town
Dirty old town
Dirty old town



(Transcribed by Linda)