October 4, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – October 4, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes) 








The River of Dreams by Billy Joel

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
From the mountains of faith
To a river so deep

I must be looking for something
Something sacred I lost
But the river is wide
And it's too hard to cross

And even though I know the river is wide
I walk down every evening and I stand on the shore
And try to cross to the opposite side
So I can finally find out what I've been looking for

In the middle of the night
I go walking in my sleep
Through the valley of fear
To a river so deep

I've been searching for something
Taken out of my soul
Something I would never lose
Something somebody stole



Hi. This is Alan and I thought I'd give a little blurb. Some people do blogs, I do blurbs and I think they are a bit more effective than blogs, which blogs seem to be more repetition of what other people are blogging, as opposed to talking, whereas a blurb is more like a good talk.


I'm often asked, “What do you find to talk about?” In this world, there are so many things to talk about, especially the maze of things which flood on us routinely now, daily, by regular media. The format and the content of the downloading we get is becoming like the Soviet style of indoctrination through propaganda.


The Soviet style was differentiated from every other style, such as the British and American, because the Soviet style taught directly to the people as though they were children – very simplistic, simplistic paternal statements which were not to be questioned, even though, when you heard them, the content really made no sense. There was no interaction between words and so on, they were like blanket statements of some law being past because of something which seemed to be totally unrelated, and that's what we have today.


Now supposedly in 2001, although albeit the high Masonic year for the New Age really coming in, long discussed in the occult meetings of the higher lodges and in Arthur C. Clark's movie "2001" done in the 60’s. The whole agenda being already prepared to go ahead with an event which had to happen, a “must be.”


That will be debated forever, because you'll never get the admission that it was done themselves - what happened in 9/11. It will never be given to the public, unless they give it 50 years later when we're all brain chipped and don't care. Generally, under the Official Secrets Act, they stamp it for another 50 years, and even Kennedy's assassination results have been locked up for all that time. That's pretty standard.


This whole New World Order had to go into effect with the cooperation of Britain. Margaret Thatcher gave world tours, and the title of her tour and her lectures was called, "The New World Order," and that was done back in the early 90’s. She talked about the next war being on fundamental religion, and mentioning the Middle East quite a few times, because the world has to be standardized into "ONE SYSTEM OF TOTALITARIAN RULE."  All the little children, of any age group, up to 90 or 100, have to be good parrots and just go along with it, because that's how we're seen – we're little children and we wouldn't understand why these new changes have to come on. A completely new way of living, a whole idea to serve the government, ultimately, for everyone will serve the world state, but that sounds great for the old-time communists. However, in reality, even the higher communists know they had just as much of a class system within communism, with the intelligentsia, and then you have the dominant minority above that. No different than the West, in fact, it's the same bunch that run the West.


We're on this roll towards totalitarianism. It's all on the books. All the laws are there waiting to get used, and the public are still grazing, because they haven't seen them put into effect yet, hundreds and hundreds of laws.  It's quite interesting, even the Constitution and the Bill of Rights took direct quotes from the Magna Carta - that was the first tentative official laws put out on the books for the West and England in 1215, and published in 1216, and added to right up to the year 2025 or so, where everybody was put in their place.


The churches were put in a separate place, royalty and nobility were put in another category, and then they had subcategories down to tenants and subtenants and so on, but it was the first attempt to establish some sort of rights for people. Even though it's harped on today that we're losing all of that, even at the time it was more in writing than enacted, because it's meant more since that era than it was actually meant in that era. It was taken kind of lightly then.


However, at least an attempt was put down to give rights to the individual, and it states right there, too, it would stop, although it didn't, individuals from being snatched by governments and simply imprisoned indefinitely without trial. That was one of the big ones. That's all gone out the window now, because in the U.S., which is the same as Britain and Canada - we're all following the same agenda and format scripted by the same people, they can just grab you on their suspicion, which doesn't have to be admitted as to what their suspicion is, and LOCK YOU UP INDEFINITELY AND TRY YOU SECRETLY with a military court, even though you're a civilian.


Effectively they've tossed even the Magna Carta out the window and reverted back to a thousand years ago, at least officially; and it's always been done unofficially, but now they're making it official they can just do that, so NO ONE HAS ANY RIGHTS ANYMORE.


It's interesting that in the late 90’s, Alan Rock, who was a life-long politician, one of these guys you know is working for the bigger boys, the grey men that go between the real elite and the public. He was made the attorney general for Canada and he came out with this massive bill, which was basically "War Powers Act," where even the local newspapers (which is rare for them to do any inquiry at all) were scratching their heads and saying, "why is this man putting basically a war bill through - marshal law bill through (with the same stuff as came later in the U.S.) Why's he doing that now when nothing's happening?"


The Cold War was supposedly over. We didn't have that during the Cold War. We didn't have the Bill 6166 in the U.S. during the Cold War.  Why are they doing it now?  We never had it during World War II. Why is it all happening now because of one supposed cave man hiding out in the hills between Afghanistan and Pakistan? The real reason, of course, is nothing to do with him.


IT'S AN AGENDA THAT WAS PRE-PLANNED, HAS TO GO AHEAD and through the standard old techniques of totalitarians because THEY ALWAYS THINK THE SAME WAY.


They'll just simply terrorize the public into obeying the new mandates. Shortly it will be time, just like the Soviet Union, where you'll see your neighbors getting snatched in the middle of the night and locked up and you'll say to yourself, "they must have done something wrong or that wouldn't happen to them," because that's how it worked in the Soviet Union.   NOW you're about to see it happen here. You won't even dare inquire. You wouldn't even go and inquire and say "what happen to them?" in case you get locked up next for inquiring, because that also happened in the Soviet Union.


It's the era of control freaks, tyranny. You can go into the ancient tyrants of Rome and they have a category, it was a legal category where they could have a tyrant in power during times of civil unrest or massive corruption of government, which happened every so often. That's traditional, again, with humankind. The nastiest of them and the Caesars and the Caligula and different ones, they did not have the power written in that they've given themselves in the West today.


They've surpassed the worst tyrants in history, where they've actually put down in writing the right to use torture on civilians, on any suspicion, without even the legal necessity of informing the relatives what happened to them or where they are, or even if they are alive or dead, or why they were picked up, or if they've been tortured or not or killed, or even buried or disposed of – thrown up the chimney like Winston in "1984" in a cloud of smoke.


This is supposed to be the pinnacle of civilization, and here we are in the worst horror show coming upon us than Hollywood's ever given us, although they had a lot to do with the preparing of our mindset to accept this stuff.


What's happened to the people - why are they so sure at the top that the public will accept it? Because they are confident the public will accept it; and the reason being is to do with communications and scientific downloading of information to prepare us for it all. We've been getting prepared most of our lives for what's coming. Hollywood has done a great job of TV dramas and has done a fantastic job and today the public can't really tell the difference between fact and fiction. It's all one big mush.


It's hard to differentiate what we're given by the one-eyed monster, ‘Lucifer's eye,’ the Eye of Ra or Horus, the television. It's hard to differentiate what's factual anymore or what's real, especially when you watch so much blood and guts, and even in the dramas they've given you for cops and stuff.  The cops just have to break the law themselves to get the bad guy, and if that means using torture, well that's okay because we're going to save lives by using torture. This is how it's being projected into us and we don't even question that because it comes in a fictional form; and, in a sense, a lot of people will equate torture for a good reason. “It must be for a good reason.”


Here we are with a modern version of an ancient ritual of torture and imprisonment, snatching people out of their homes or off the streets. At one time they called them “dissidents.” Now they're terrorists. If you have a thought that's not politically correct, “my god, you're a terrorist.” You have a thought-crime, Orwell's thought-crime. How do you eliminate thought-crime? You just make sure that most people cannot think and you'll have less thought-crime.


The terms that are used today came out of the big laboratory called the Soviet Union. We have direct translations of phrases used in Communist Russia, and political correctness is one of them, directly translated from Russian.


Anti-government is another one. That's a term that first started to appear in the late 90’s, very subtly at first in the media, ‘anti-government,’ which is an odd phrase when you think about it. It meant now if you criticize government policy, you're anti-government, rather than simply criticizing a particular policy, which makes you wonder if opposition parties are therefore anti-government and they'll lock them up. I somehow doubt it, since they all belong to the same rich boy clubs as the other parties, but that's where your logic would take you if you have it.


We're watching the setting up where they give themselves laws to bring upon us a period of barbarism, instigated from the top, to push a public through into the next part of the system, which will take up to a generation or so. IT'S REALLY THE CHILDREN THEY'RE AFTER and the children, who are weaned on video games to do with killing and slaughtering and torturing and all that kind of stuff, will say to themselves, "There's only two choices to make in life. Either join the "winners," because I don't want to join the "losers.""  They dream of wearing their black outfit and their little submachine gun, and jumping through windows and killing people. They'll be the "good guys" then; and it’s all being done through scientific processes of fiction and drama, where the "good guys," now, used to be called the "bad guys".


People who wore masks in the past used to be called "bandits." Now the guys who wear masks and wear black are the executioners, but they're good guys. They're good guy executioners. Really, this started, this whole format of getting us used to the SWAT team type cop was with that New York NYPD Blue series, where they give every character, even the SWAT team leader, a human characteristic. Eventually you sort of say, "you can understand him. He's not so bad." Then you forget what his real purpose is, because he wouldn't be in that job, which is ultimately to go in and kill people, unless they wanted to be there. It's not a job here you put down on your - you know, what do you like to do? “Well, I like to kill people.”


That's okay for Special Forces. They can always recruit the psychopaths for Special Forces and then lock them up when they’re put into city-street because they kill people at home, unless the government uses them covertly and that's still okay.


We're really going ahead into this and the public are slumbering. They're fast asleep. Those who understand this much of what's happening are naturally afraid and they know they'll be the targets. Those who are asleep have no worries, really, because they'll probably go along with everything and anything, and no matter how ridiculous the reasons are given, they'll do it. That's the history of humankind.


The boys at the top employ think tanks by the thousands to work at all these little snares, problems and snags to make sure they have plain sailing, and they bring in professors of history. They bring in top sociologists and psychologists, not the little guys at the bottom. I'm talking about the BIG BOYS at SPECIFIC UNIVERSITIES.  They always have used these people because they know what's happened in the past - what's worked on the public, in the past, can be repeated if they know the formula how to bring it on; and Plato talked about that in "The Republic." Whatever's been done or people have been encouraged to do in the past and has been successful, can always be reintroduced in the future, as long as you know the format. You do this first. You do this second. You do this third, then the public will respond in kind and do exactly what you want. It's almost a mathematical sequence of various formats.  That's how it works.


Think tanks have this kind of data. They live on data, the information age. It's really information on human behavior. They got this initially from the first big advertising companies that were thrown up, especially in New York, who had to find the weaknesses of people; because advertising wants to make you do something you haven't thought of doing yourself, so that other ones who pay for the advertising are going to profit by it. Therefore, they have to learn the psychology, your weaknesses, basically – male, female, age groups, male and female, right down to teenie boppers.


They even have a different category of advertising now aimed directly at pre-pubertal children, specialized categories, so that those children will nag their parents to get what they want.  It's not really what they want, it's what they've been told they want by the big advertising agencies who understand them very well and put these ads across in a way a person of that age would understand, but they don't understand they're being manipulated, you see.


We live in a world of mass manipulation. It's interesting that even Madame Blavatsky who was a theosophist and gave away some proofs that she was just a front person for the bigger powers. She said in one of her last speeches that she saw a time coming when a science would be used on the public, which could manipulate their very thoughts and the public would be unaware of it, the most powerful tool ever devised. She certainly made enough mistakes in her life even as a front person. It just proves that all she was, was a front person. She didn't understand the whole agenda herself.


As we go through this phase of apparent chaos and crisis, a neurosis builds up amongst the people, and it's encouraged as well, because FEAR MAKES PEOPLE OBEDIENT. Throughout that fear, they turn to all kinds of things to try and find some relief, some escapism. Traditionally the religions, the mainstream religions start to pick up on people coming back or coming into them looking for answers or comfort, or just someone there to say, “there, there, don't worry, god's in control.”


Other ones are being encouraged to go into what's called the "New Age" movement, where they wiggle pendulums before they can make a move or even go to the bathroom, or they'll play with tarot cards or various other things to try and give them a feeling that everything is preordained, and if you just do it the right way, you'll get the right preordination and you'll get the good one not the bad one.


Magic is what they resort to, hope through magic. Hope through the ability to manipulate unseen forces to save them, because, technically, they're right in one sense. They know that there's no complaints department set-up to stop, just through complaining, all that's coming down from happening and they can't handle the stress.


Technically, they're cracking up and they're looking for a relief, because we're going through a period where those who do understand certain things are under more stress in a sense than the general public at the moment. Eventually, that gets reversed as the general public starts to get driven like a herd until they're fully stampeding and the changes come on rapidly, one after another. That's when the public become hyper-neurotic; and, at the moment, ignorance is bliss for those who are asleep, but it's only short-lived.


So, as I say, those who are looking at what's happening are going off into every possible imagination and being encouraged to do so, because the big think tanks make sure that they supply us with – let’s call them the “false prophets, who take us into la-la land and revitalize all the ancient dead works.  Pendulums, formulas, magic rituals which keep you out of the running. It keeps you from seeing anything. It makes you withdraw into a nether-nether world of unreality where you're now safe. You're playing with magic. You're not playing against the government. You're playing with magic and hoping to manipulate little things in your personal immediate environment. That kind of stuff is encouraged during these times.


We even see that going back to the ancient tyrants of Rome when they would turn the armies against the populous. All kinds of little cult groups sprung up all over the place because people couldn't stand the terror that was going on.


In the Soviet Union, although exoterically, the public were supposed to be good atheists. Even when it fell, they found the top generals and it was right amongst the army and bureaucracies. They were right into the "Old Black Magic" stuff, you know, tarot cards again and fortune telling and stuff like that, because those who are in the know get a lot of stress as well, because they could be next too, and look for some sort of magical answers to show them there’s some kind of fate at work.


Fate can be a positive allure in a sense, because you're looking for a promise that you're going to be okay.  A good fakir, you see that's where the word "fake" comes from, a good fakir from India, they would understand you first of all, and your psychology and where you were going with it and what you needed, and they would give you two paths. This is going to happen, but you could either go this way or that way; and so one is good, one is bad, and as long as it gives you a way out or what APPEARS to be a way out, you can go home and follow that route believing you're going to be all right. At least for a little while more, until that date is past, then you have to go back and ask them, "what's the next step? What's going to happen now?" and try to keep ahead of the game by paying for an insight into a possibility of the future. That's what fakirism is all about.


That doesn't mean to say that all psychic ability is fake. Most of it is when it charges money. That's the sad truth here. There's a lot of psychology involved and if you study it yourself, you'll find that for yourself. There's a lot of psychology to do in this whole movement of supposedly the paranormal. Once you start to understand the formulas and techniques that are used, it will dispel some of the myths you might have believed yourself and now it will make sense why they could know this or appear to know it. Most the time they didn't know it, you were jumping on a straw which is painted many colors and sure enough, one of those colors is the one that you thought it was going to be. You just don't happen to see all the rest of the colors because it was painted that way for all the other decisions you could have made. This is a field in itself.


Normal psychic ability should be present in children. That's why the youth are guaranteed ALWAYS to be a ready market for the occult because everyone goes through it. Every teenager is fascinated by that which fascinates them, the "invisible world," the possibilities out there, the possibilities of forces, and so you can always manipulate - it's a good income for those, the same as in religion.  It's a good income, a guaranteed income because all teenagers will go through that phase. We have the same writers or re-writers using the same old stuff from old books, just rehashing it and rehashing it and they'll get a guaranteed audience of those who want to be fascinated, but it NEVER gives them A LASTING TRUTH.  It just fascinates them. It's like an addiction to chocolate or sugar or whatever, for a while, until you grow up; and then, when you grow up, you're into the world system.


Any natural abilities you had generally got lost and any psychic abilities as you start to get worried and you're living a daily strife trying to make marriages work that can't work because the system has made it so.


People get married for hormonal reasons, are still trying to emulate that which was before, but neither male nor female can be at peace with each other anymore. All the rules have gone out the window that made it work before; it was forced before. They no longer apply. When the hormonal haze wears off, then you'll find there's a stranger living with you; and he or she has been conditioned through the media to tell he or she what they want, and this is what you find. It's non-functional. It's dysfunctional now.


We're trying to emulate that which went before and it's now obsolete, and the media and all the magazines and all the dramas et cetera, et cetera are hammering away to ensure it doesn't work. Governments pay organizations to give out propaganda aimed at male or female to make sure it doesn't work, and the couples end up blaming themselves eventually. They don't realize they didn't have a leg to stand on in the first place. This was prepared long ago, this whole phase we've lived through, just like we're going through this phase that's coming, that's starting now – prepared long ago. You can't change an entire system without controlling all of that system and preparing the way.


WE LIVE IN A SYSTEM THAT LIVES ON PUNISHMENT AND REWARD. Punishment is not having that what you're supposed to have, according to the media and all the advertisers. Reward is when you do the right things to get paper or money or whatever you want to call it, to get the reward for self-gratification. So you work for your week or your month then you pay yourself at the end so much out of all that that you owe to get some plastic junk from China which makes you feel good. All that slavery and boring work you put in is paid off if you bought this little plastic junk, which will breakdown shortly, and it doesn't matter because then you have to buy a new one and that's what it's all based on. You’ve got to buy a new one, you good for a little while.


If things that the ADS sold you made YOU HAPPY, you'd HAVE bought EVERYTHING that MADE YOU HAPPY BY NOW.




From toothpaste to toothpicks to whatever, there’s a smiling face there telling you how wonderful this has made their life. It fulfilled it. There's nothing more ridiculous than exercise machines. Anybody who stands and runs on an exercise machine with a big silly grin on their face is crazy. I've never seen it except on television when they're selling them. They're trying to sell you a dream of happiness. They don't sell you a thing. They sell you happiness, an illusion; and that's what our whole system so far has been based on. The way we're going through the next phase, it will come out where everyone is supposed to serve the system. There’d be less personal rewarding. You know the rat won't go to the little thing and pull the lever and get its seed as its reward; you won't do that anymore. You'll simply obey and be fed, very much like ancient Egypt was run.


Egypt was like a socialist system, run by a dominant minority at the top with the priesthood, intelligentsia directing all the affairs of people like bureaucrats, and then all the notches below, tradesmen, right down to ordinary people; and they all got fed by the State for their quota of work. The higher ones, the priesthoods got I think it was two gallons of beer per day personally, per person. So at least they were kind of happy performing their work, and I'm sure it increased the height of the Nile as a side effect.


Anyway, we're going through systems, that's what I'm trying to get across here, prepared in advance on a huge scale by thousands of think tanks who've looked at every possibility of every type of person and personality and how their reactions to each part of this program will be countered or seen by different groups. They've already worked out in advance before they even begin how those different segments of society will oppose them or try to or whatever. They've got their guys up ready to take over what appears to be oppositions who say all the right things and you'll back him to the hilt, then you'll end up exactly where you didn't want to go and you'd wonder why you got there.


This is an old science, which is perpetuated down through the ages, right down, as I say, to the use of religions including what we now call "New Age," which is just the old age stuff rehashed, and people are looking for escapist philosophies.


Psychiatry I'm sure will do a great business and psychology as we go through the next phase where people start to get picked up and simply disappear right out of their homes, all thanks to governments and government policies. Initially, as I say, the neighbors will say, "well they must have done something wrong because the government wouldn't have done it otherwise," until they see too many getting picked up and it might even be themselves you see. We'll all be in the same little cell as Winston was with his next-door neighbor and his next-door neighbor will say, "Stay away, Winston. They caught me. I'm a thought criminal. I didn't know it myself. It was my daughter that found out. Thank goodness you caught me before I got worse."


Then you see that Bush even wants to test for psychological problems amongst the general population, right out of "1984." Right out of "1984." Then they can prevent you - see everybody potentially under the law, and law enforcement can only take you to the same stage eventually, to keep everybody safe you can have no rights whatsoever, obviously, because we're just all too stupid to have rights. There's to be a law about everything and it pretty well is today.


We're getting hemmed in by laws and compliance with laws and the ritual of showing that we're complying with laws, which takes away all rights. All decision-making, in fact, goes out the window under the pretense of keeping you safe; and that's what is taught in law enforcement. It can't go in any other direction in fact. It's only natural in time of control freaks - the main control freaks get to the top. They see other departments using it, from military right through, and then they all go on a row to cash in because they think it's a free-for-all where they can pass any kind of law they want and get their way, which they do for a while. That's traditional too in history. They do until there's so much chaos with all their cross laws and different departments standing on each others’ toes that eventually it starts crumbling and falling apart; and to try and deal with that with even more horror and terror rather than take a good look at themselves causing the problem in the first place.


During the Inquisition, we saw the church, which was a big powerful force at the time, the Roman Catholic Church; we saw that go on the rampage. Whole villages were called out when the Inquisition arrived in Europe and you were given a chance to confess as a whole village. They'd say, "we know there’s people here who have been thinking about or doing Black Magic or practicing Satanism, so if you tell us right now we'll go easy with you. If you don't, we'll have to torture it out of you." Well you'd be damned forever and you might die too.


People would start making up stories, right there and then on the village square and coming out with the most outlandish things, taking their little punishment, a few strokes of the whip and repenting and asking forgiveness and so on. If enough of them did it, it might say to you it's sadism within these inquisitors and they'd hear all the confessions and give them their benedictions and go home or go to the next town or village.


It's a sad, sad state when that happens. You see the American Psychological Association for years has gone on the same path as that, as have the police. The American Psychological Association has been trying to determine who will be a criminal; and that started really with them when they were part of the eugenics movement under the Rockefeller Foundation in the 1920’s. It's now called, "Bio-Ethics Committees." It sounds much more gentler and society oriented, but it's the same thing. If they can just look at someone or look at their blood or their DNA or whatever, they might just be able to tell you how you're going to end up, catch you before it happens and program you and indoctrinate you into who they want you to be, rather than letting you allow yourself to come to what you'd like yourself to be by yourself.


The American Psychological Association has said many times in their publications that "everyone is a potential criminal," which is true if you go straight by legalism and the terms of legalism. If it's a crime to defend yourself if someone is going to try to kill you, and you defended yourself, then technically yes, you're a criminal. Since everything that lives, even mice will scratch the noses of cats if they're cornered - they’ll try to fight to the last - a rat will bite you if you put your hands down its burrow to protect its young, well they're all criminals you see.  YOU CAN MAKE ANY NATURAL ACTION a CRIMINAL ACTION and they have been doing this piece-meal, little by little, for the last 20-odd years.


So until they make you the new world Soviet man, which is just a robot basically who's predictable, then the world can't be safe; and ALL WE HAVE TO GIVE UP IS THE RIGHT TO THINK FOR OURSELVES, REACT AS ANY LIVING CREATURE SHOULD REACT TO SAVE ITS OWN LIFE.


THAT'S ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS GIVE THAT UP and kiss the ring of the king and they'll go easy with us.


Isn't it odd how tyranny and tyrants and megalomaniacs never change, until literally human nature changes by some other means that will always repeat itself in phases, because tyrants always ride to the top.


NORMAL PEOPLE DON'T LOOK FOR POWER. Only the real "criminal class" go into politics. They crave power. They're good liars. They're psychopathic. That's why they lie so readily and easily to people and they don't blush when they're caught in a lie as a normal person would. The superego takes over a psychopath. They run on ego. You can call them the worst possible things and it runs off their backs like water off a duck. That's why they go into politics.


However, as low as they know what the public what to hear they'll tell you what you want to hear. They'll do something differently, but THEY'LL ALWAYS tell you what you want to hear. Those same people fight like cats and dogs amongst themselves in the most sociable way if they have drinky-poos and clink glasses at the cocktail parties and smile and put on all the fakery towards each other, because each one wants to get above the next by crawling over them. They'd love to see their opposition crushed so they can get up there, king tyrant. That's the real world that they live in. There's no compassion of any kind. It's a psychopathic world.


Now how can a psychopath feel safe in a world where he knows he's abused everyone else? The only way you can feel safe is by causing terror on all those beneath him – standard, routine, routine. Perfectly understandable and we're seeing it being enacted now by a small group basically, backed though by the bigger powers, and they're on a roll, 6166. Bill 6166 in the U.S. 6 ones are 6 and then you have the 6 and 6. They love to play these little silly games out of the Cabbala on us all the time because we're such idiots you see. We just don't know what they mean and they love to throw that little religion in our faces.


The time to speak out anywhere is now, while at least you can't technically be locked up for asking a question. That's coming. I mean that's coming. It's on the books. Asking a question eventually will be too dangerous, but now is the time to speak out about this. Some are doing it everywhere they go. There's choices and chances everyday to mention what's coming along here, because the time is shortly here where we'll see all of these laws enacted.


It will be just like the movie, which I have recommend, called, "Brazil," made by the guy who did a lot of Monty Python movies. It's a satirical comedy on the bureaucratic future, where people are assassinated by mistake because of names – names are slightly different or get mixed up in a machine. You'll see these swat teams just cutting holes in the roofs as you're sitting watching TV and come flying down and taking you off and you just disappear from society; and that is coming. That's coming.


They have plenty of “the dead,” you know, recruits from “the dead” to wear the black outfits to come and do it. They've seen it in the movies. Their heroes are dressed like that now. They want to be on the winning team. They want to be able to wield the machine gun and just blow people away, like all their heroes did in the days of Rambo. That's what they've been weaned on, and their parents allowed them to watch this stuff as they're being weaned on it because they're parents were too busy enjoying themselves elsewhere.


What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to speak out now while you've got a chance? and just tell them they can't do what they're doing. As I say, they're putting us back to the Middle Ages. They're putting us back a million years, but at least removing from the exoteric documentation of the possibility of rights of the individual. They're just throwing it out the window and we're going back into the Dark Ages.


A small coterie of fanatics - religious fanatics too, because they have their own inner religion and they're ruthless, who envisage the type of world they want to hammer it into, regardless of the fallout amongst people, the cost of “making it so.”  We've watched all these laws being put on the books - they don't put laws on the books by the thousands so they can sit back and admire them. They do it in preparation of using them.



People often ask, “Is this just a physical thing?” Of course it's not [just] a physical thing. What do you think you're seeing when you're seeing born perpetual liars on television telling you what they're doing and why they're going to do it, from the first appearances of the big boys in 2001 giving us, again, these paternal soviet style speeches and lying their faces off and even being caught in the lies and coming back on the TV the next day and repeating the same lies over and over again, utterly shameless. What do you think you're seeing there?


You see, if you had a person among society at your own level, you'd have to say they’re sick, at the very least. They'd be diagnosed as psychopathic; and here we are, watching this bunch even use the terminology that's meant to throw us off balance. It's almost a pre-Talmudic logic, where they say, “The reason these people want to kill us all (these people, you know the guys that are in the caves over there) is because they hate us.” That's the answer we get. That's the answer. This is the first time in history this type of strange logic has been used as an excuse and repeated; repetition is a big thing with these boys.


They know that it takes eight times at least before the average individual will start to repeat themselves robotically; and so they say it's because they hate us. Now in olden times when the Normans came into England and the Saxons fought them, it wasn't necessarily the Saxons had any personal hate against them. They just naturally fought invaders, as did anybody else who got invaded. That use to be called "normalcy," a normal response to being attacked; and so here we are across the Middle East and the reason those insurgents – they call them insurgents, they first used the term "insurgency" in Vietnam. They don't call them another name because they don't want us to identify with a real physical human being, so they call them this odd, almost cold, clinical term called "insurgents."


These insurgents are fighting them over there because “they hate them.” Well do they want these people to bring out food to them and welcome them as heroes or something, as they takeover the oil and the culture and tell them, “No, you can't live like this. You've got to copy the west. You've got to get strip joints and abortion clinics and drug addicts on the streets and be run by crooked politicians.” Would we love that? Is that what we should love?


It's no coincidence they're using this term "hate" because that been pushed for the last 10 to 15 years through school, because it was that generation who are now in their 20’s and then the armies and so on who never question that word, "hate" – the anti-hate laws, anti-hate. We thought it meant something else; and now it's being broadened to encompass anybody else who doesn't agree with you – “hate.”


As I've studied history, I've never found where someone who was the hero of his nation for defending it was called "a hater." It's a brand new phenomenon. Or would really all the Arabs in the Arab countries, is there something wrong with them for being angry at people who come in taking away their culture? Try to take away their way of life. They've got UNESCO in there to indoctrinate the children and to be the first to westernize Arabs so they can be the ones to grow up and they'll probably run their businesses of the abortion clinics and strip joints and drugs. Yes, shouldn't the people love that?


Therefore, with the use of words - again something else which George Orwell warned us about. When the dictionary gets thinner and thinner every year until ultimately it will be so thin you won't have the words to express yourself and you can't convey a “terrorist thought,” you see - a thought crime, because you won't have the vocabulary to get it across to anybody. That's called, "linguistic minimalism," so they said ‘plus good’ and ‘plus bad,’ good and ‘ungood’ and all that kind of stuff.


We're seeing it being used today.  Orwell wasn't a science fiction writer. ORWELL WORKED FOR THE BIG BOYS.  He worked for the BBC during World War II. He said in his own biography, “I had to lie to the public to make them believe that the cheaper cuts of meat that was available during the war, all the ration stuff - all the stuff they'd normally throw away was actually better for them than the stuff that they had before.” That was the Department of Propaganda, and that's where he realized that by the terminology they were trained to use they could convince the public of anything; and we're seeing that technique used today. At least Orwell got out of it. He didn't agree with it.


Luckily, maybe for us, he could tell us what was going to happen because he was in on it. He was chosen at university - at Cambridge University and trained for his role in life, but he stepped out of it.


Most go along with it. The world they want to create is just another deviation on the deviant society of today. What we think is "normal life" is a deviancy of life, because the cities were the first things that they built that were unnatural. Anything that's unnatural to begin with can only spawn off another generation of more unnaturalness or deviancy; and that's why Plato called them the "beehive", these would be the beehives of the agenda of the plan. You couldn't do it normally.


We're moving from a deviant society, dysfunctional society of today where we're trained like Pavlov's dogs that the only thing in life is to be happy, which equates to buying something at the end do the month and rewarding yourself like a rat trained by Pavlov. That’s supposed to be the meaning of life. That's all we need to know. C’est la vie. The rest of the time they’ll entertain you to death with other people's ideas. You don't even have to participate or think for yourself anymore, it's all done for you, so ultimately there's not a lot to give up really when you think about it.


Most of us have never used our brains to any capacity to figure things out. Most people - I'm talking about most people, seem to be content having everything laid on for them, including their thoughts and their entertainments and past-times. It's all laid out by others - professionals who simply download it into you. Even the jokes are so ridiculously absurd on television you don't have to figure them out. You just laugh when the canned laughter comes on. That's your cue to respond again like Pavlov's creatures. That's the world we're living in at the moment. This is an unnatural system.


We're just moving from one unnatural phase to the next unnatural phase, from one form of deviancy to the next deviancy.


We're so far removed from normalcy we don't know what it is anymore.


Anthropologists and zoologists the big sciences that came in to help manipulate us towards this agenda and they bank their hopes on these people by studying human behavior, how we could manipulate en masse. Look at the so-called arrested cultures that are still quite happy making their own stone axes and living with the materials around them and they don't have a profit system. They make everything they need. They seem to be living quite in harmony with nature. They're not destroying nature in the process, only profit does that and greed.  We called them "arrested civilizations" because they haven't wanted or had that deviant need to go onto any next phase.


They have a full meaning of life which we don't have anymore. They discuss their dreams in the Amazon when they get up in the morning around the fire, and no matter how long it takes - because there's not clock there you see and they don't rush off to the office, they can sit and discuss all the things that come and it always has meaning. They have no psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, Buddhist monasteries where they go ‘om’ or chant to the sun or whatever. They have none of that. They have no need of that. They are living.  They are living with nature and yet we call them "primitive," even though they are probably the only people left in the world who have a full life with full meaning in it.


They don't need to know who discovered the atom, or why, or what to do with it. It's irrelevant; or who are the main composers of the 18th or 19th centuries. It's all irrelevant. They have more going on in their heads than you could ever, ever imagine, and it makes sense to them, and we call them "arrested civilizations."


They don't have to buy steel axes because they can make their own. If they forget to make their own, they're dependent on a system. They know that; and they pass on traditions, oral traditions to each other that give them meaning and makes sense to them. They have no high blood pressure. They live to a good age, full life; and we call them primitive. They don't need computers or electricity.


Yes, this is where we are. They want to destroy the last of all that, those in between and of course the Arab cultures. We've got to standardize everything into the same system. It started with ‘no child left behind.’ It's still that but it's also no nation left behind, no people left behind. We’ve all to get stamped into the same mold and go through this system to wherever it's taking us; and we know really where it is taking us, it’s to be a scientifically controlled society where you won't have to think at all and you won't have the ability to think ultimately, when eventually they chip peoples brains and make us all more efficient.


Hollywood goes out the window. You won't need that anymore, eventually, at the final stage of it; and you'll be programmed. You could be a plumber one day and an electrician the next, and not even remember one or the other.  You’ll go into your little cubicle like Seven-of-Nine of Star Trek and be recharged for the next day.


That's their Brave New World. It's difficult to go further with all of this with people, because most people truly only want the world to stop right now and don't get any worse, with all of its corruption. “Just don't let it get any worse. I don't mind the corruption here. I don't mind the corruption there. I don't mind all the people who are into politics and they've got their hands on the public cookie-jar and they're ripping us off.” They don't mind all this stuff as long as they can continue in their predetermined lives of punishment and reward in that system.


That’s really what people want. The world will not be changed by those people who want to keep the system. It wasn't theirs. The part they've lived through is now obsolete in the eyes of the controllers who gave you the previous system. It's obsolete. They're upgrading us all for the next stage, which is also theirs. We tend to stop and fight to retain that which is familiar; so even though it's familiar to you because you're born into it, it doesn't mean it was right.


The only thing that's right in this world is how you feel to each other, how you react to each other, the natural responses and emotions that they’re still trying to hammer out of us. In fact, you'll see that in the big cities like New York, which is maybe the closest thing to how it was in the Soviet system, where you simply don't look in the eyes of anybody on the street as you pass each other by – no real human contact, depersonalization. That's the ARTIFICIAL SYSTEM.


It doesn't mean that people have to be great eloquent speakers. What it does mean is they must control their tempers as they put this across to people, this information. As they put it across to them what is happening, don't overload them, just tell them where they're going, quietly, calmly and leave it with them. That's all you can do; and through that process eventually you'll hit a person here and there who understands what you're saying, and now you're not so lonely anymore and you'll have people to talk to or phone up at night to converse with. You don't make it a bitching session of exchanging the news that is given out for you to bitch about, just quietly accept that you all understand you're in the know.


Because knowing what's happening, as I say, takes away the old story of ignorance being bliss. You can't have this ignorant bliss anymore and you can't go back to it either when you've opened Pandora's Box.


I'll be doing more talks and a whole series of talks on the site on topics which will interest you. I know they will. I also know there are a lot of other authors out there who will be picking up a lot of this stuff, as they already have been for years, and running with the info, but this is the time to do it. This winter hopefully I'll be able to put out more videos and maybe another one or two books when I'm snowed in and I can't do much else outside, as long as I don't get blizzards everyday and have to shovel the snow everyday, but that’s Que sera, sera.


I'm also coming up on a show in Sweden in the near future, so stay tuned to the site for details when it comes, and I think that's got a lot of listenership, this particular one over in Europe, and you'll be able to get it here too. And I thank those who have given me verbal support in what I'm doing. I know I've helped a lot of people along the way because they're in touch with me and that's what makes it worthwhile. There are those that get beyond the basics. They're beyond the little end fighting of whose doing what today. They're beyond the panicking stage. They've passed that. They've overcome that. They've done their homework and they know what's happening and they're calm enough about it to be able to go out there and put it across to others and help others of our kind, because we are kind you know. WE ARE THE LAST KIND, AND WE MIGHT BE THE LAST OF OUR KIND. This might just be it, the last of this particular type who are able to be cognizant of what's really happening around them.


I think the next generation coming up won't have that. They've had more inoculations than anyone else has ever had and more programming through TV and scientific school programming. They probably won't have so much of a chance to breakout into full understanding, so it's up to us to keep sentience alive and to put the hands out to people who put it up to you to pull them up. It's up to us to do it. The only duty we have to do it is to ourselves and to others. That's it basically.


We have no choice in the matter once you really know what's happening. We have no choice. The reason we have no choice is because WE'RE NOT BRAIN DEAD. If we were brain dead we wouldn't be talking like this right now.


We have no choice but to do what we're doing. We also have to choice but to expose the cons that are being used while they go through all of this. The big distractions are purposely put out there. This winter, as I say, I'll give you far more information on certain aspects of this which we haven't really touched on before.


Thanks for listening in. Please give support to this website and we'll talk to you again.


All the best. Bye.


(Transcribed by Linda)