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August 23, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – August 23, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)






"They Call it Democracy" by Bruce Cockburn


Padded with power here they come
International loan sharks backed by the guns
Of market hungry military profiteers
Whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared
With the blood of the poor

Who rob life of its quality
Who render rage a necessity
By turning countries into labour camps
Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

Sinister cynical instrument
Who makes the gun into a sacrament --
The only response to the deification
Of tyranny by so-called "developed" nations'
Idolatry of ideology

North South East West
Kill the best and buy the rest
It's just spend a buck to make a buck
You don't really give a flying fuck
About the people in misery

IMF dirty MF
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that there's one thing left
Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

See the paid-off local bottom feeders
Passing themselves off as leaders
Kiss the ladies shake hands with the fellows
Open for business like a cheap bordello

And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy

See the loaded eyes of the children too
Trying to make the best of it the way kids do
One day you're going to rise from your habitual feast
To find yourself staring down the throat of the beast
They call the revolution

IMF dirty MF
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that there's one thing left
Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy
And they call it democracy



Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is You can also find me at It is the 23rd of August 2007.


Watching the latest fracas, need I say farce, concerning the integrations of the Americas, which is going on in Quebec as the leaders of the three main countries, the primary countries, have signed further deals openly, really, semi-openly. Nothing is really open to the public. We get to see the icing outside. We don't see what's inside the cake. We're given pabulum by the media to make us think, or not think at all, but we just think basically that managers are managing us very well, so we don't think much about what they're doing. We get these vague statements you'll hear in the upcoming recordings that were done in 2005, because the 2005 meeting was more openly pronounced as an integration of the Americas. The politicians themselves, and you'll hear this on the tapes coming up, apparently gave one set of facts to the public, as they always do with the media’s cooperation, yet the same media admits that off camera it was far more intense. We get statements like "building on our strengths," which is so vague and nonsensical that we're left hanging in the wind like laundry. That's what it's like. We've got these silly phrases, as the politicians not even nimbly dodge around questions. We get pithy answers by perhaps third-rate politicians.


They don't need first-rate politicians with quick wits anymore. We're so dumbed down and complacent. Now, the way it was presented in Canada in 2005, it started with an announcement on the CBC news of the declaration by The Council on Foreign Relations, concerning the fact that they were supposedly behind all the drafting of the legislation. The Council on Foreign Relations is an unelected body, a non-governmental body of men and women that belongs to The Royal Institute for International Affairs, which again is non-democratic organization set-up a hundred odd years ago to counter what was called democracy. The elites knew the peasants were getting rather uppity now that they had a little bit of learning and access to a few books. They knew they were demanding rights and all this kind of stuff, and the Chartist Movement before that. Therefore, like the good elitists always do, and why shouldn't they? They've always been in charge, they thought they'd give you a show called democracy, where you can pretend to elect people and they'll pretend that you did elect these guys. The agenda steamrolls ahead because The Royal Institute for International Affairs would place their own men at the top. That's all you have to do with any group of people. In fact, they love large groups of people. That way one person at the top can rule over thousands or millions since the millions don't think for themselves.


Never underestimate the vast stupidity of great amounts of people. This trick has been used over and over down through history. The Cecil Rhodes Foundation was another part of the same Royal Institute designed to take over the world's natural resources and train Rhode Scholars from all countries, including the United States, for global citizenship to push the coordinated effort, to bring the world first into big trading blocks like Karl Marx talked about. The three big trading blocks, Europe, the Americas and the Pacific Rim area and even set-up the Pacific Council for Relations, another branch for The Royal Institute for International Affairs, to deal with the Far East. They've been running this show for a long, long time, for over a hundred years and the general public didn't know. Most of them still don't know, and sad to say, most of them will not care until it hits them personally.


You'll hear a statement by William Weld, who's the ex-Massachusetts governor, who chaired this Council on Foreign Relations meeting aired on television as the council for the first time as their own council, and next to him was Manley who was the Deputy Prime Minister. He just left politics and now he's sitting in his other chair as a member of The Council on Foreign Relations, and he wears, in Canada, the Canadian Institute for International Affairs hat. In the States, it's The Council on Foreign Relations. When he goes to Britain, it's The Royal Institute for International Affairs. Every Commonwealth country has this department. If you want to find out who they are, contact the boys at the top, from the Prime Minister down to the top Privy Council, and you'll find them all stacked as members of this great worldwide Institute for International Affairs. They're all working on the same agenda for the same masters, and they lie happily to the public when they go into politics and guide you through the next phase and the next phase, and then back into The Council on Foreign Relations or whatever else they want to call it, because the hats are all really the same. It's the same organization.


You'll hear terms, as I say, that are so vague by the politicians concerning sovereignty. We all want to keep our sovereignty. We heard all this as the United Europe and the guys who kept signing the agreements would deny to the public that this meant complete integration. They have no problem lying, because it's called a noble lie. We're just too dumb and stupid to see what's for your own good. That's what they say amongst themselves. We're treated like children. Even the comments by the reporters to the public, as they reinterpret what they’ve supposed to have said. You'll notice that after every politician speaks. You'll hear them reinterpreting what you just heard yourself. The talk like they're talking down to children, and essentially they are, because the general populace don't really listen consciously to anything, they're so dumbed down and over stuffed with entertainment and noise and media and ethereal voices that come via radio and television. They can't tell the difference between reality and fiction, most of them, and they can't and never will for the vast majority, believe they have such an incredible agenda steamrolling ahead.


I'm not talking just about the integration of the Americas. If you listen to these tapes you'll hear them actually say it's going to be all of the Americas. You'll hear that said if you listen intently.


The first speaker here is William Weld, who is ex-Massachusetts governor. Here he is wearing his other hat for The Council on Foreign Relations turn on a public declaration. The first public declaration that I've seen him as a body ever give, just before they turn to the Waco Conference, these guys were on first to say the necessity of the basic integration of the Americas is the idea.


Beginning of Clip:


            NEIL MacDONALD:  They admit they are removed from power and that their plan in any event tends to ignore political reality.


WILLIAM WELD:  Our self-image is we're truth tellers. Telling the truth to policymakers and we haven't always dallied to count the potential political cost or difficulty.


NEIL MacDONALD:  Still it's a great big radical plan and it's getting some attention at least in Canada. The group of thinkers proposes a North America with unrestricted streamlined freedom of movement across borders for its residents. Integrated trade policy ala European Union and harmonize visa and certain immigration regulations. Merged law enforcement of full sharing of intelligence and information about foreign visitors. NORAD would be expanded beyond missile and air defense to maritime surveillance and a shared energy strategy, a plan guaranteed to anger Canadian and Mexican nationalists if the other proposals don't. The three countries would jointly plan stewardship of fossil fuel reserves. And, for good measure, John Manley added on full mobility of labor.


JOHN MANLEY:  Why would we not in Canada want to invite the best and brightest who want to come and work in our country and contribute to do so?


            NEIL MacDONALD:  The panel acknowledged that public opinion in Canada and Mexico is not overly warm towards the Bush administration, but said Manley.


            JOHN MANLEY:  It is important that we realize where we are located in the world and where our interests are and that we need to pursue what I would call an exercise of mature sovereignty.


            NEIL MacDONALD:  Off-camera the panel used starker logic. If there is ever another catastrophic attack here, and if for some reason Canadian or Mexican security is blamed, the border may slam shut and the economic damage will be incalculable. With a scenario like that one, says the panel, better that everyone's already in bed with one another. Neil MacDonald, CBC News, Washington."


Alan:  Next to William Weld was Mr. Manley, who was the Deputy Prime Minister for Canada and just left politics to wear his other cap for the same Council on Foreign Relations, which is The Royal Institute for International Affairs. The reporter for the CBC was Holton.


            UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER:  A deal that calls for sweeping coordination of security, economic and health issues. Unsealed document. It's a sham there. Mexican counterpart, Vicente Fox. The leaders gathered today for a summit at Bush's Texas ranch. They signed a deal for even closer cooperation then they downplayed their differences. They were also careful to portray themselves on friendly terms, but critics point out the three amigos can at times have competing agendas and that may affect any promises of increased cooperation. This is CBC's David Halton reports.


            DAVID HALTON:  An invitation to the ranch. George Bush's way of showing that his guests are friends. That he holds no grudges over past disagreements. Bush, Paul Martin and Mexican President, Vicente Fox stroll together, lunch together and appeared to get on well enough for Martin to say he's ready to hold their next summit at his farm in Quebec.


Are you inviting the two presidents here?


PRESIDENT BUSH:  I certainly would.


DAVID HALTON:  Earlier at a joint news conference in Waco Bush said the partnership with Canada and Mexico is strong.


PRESIDENT BUSH:  There are going to be disagreements and differences and a fair amount of questions. Do we have the capacity to continue moving forward with the relationship?  The answer is absolutely.


DAVID HALTON:  The proof Bush said is the leaders' agreement today to strengthen the North American economy and tighten border security. Among many commitments the leaders agreed to cut red tape that hurts trade, move people and cargo to their borders more efficiently and coordinate strategies to deal with terrorism.


PRIME MINISTER PAUL MARTIN:  "What we're really talking about here is not a big bang. We're talking about big progress."


DAVID HALTON:  Bush said the agreement won't lead to a European style union that should be expanded into a wider partnership with all of Latin America.


PRESIDENT BUSH:  "I see one based upon free trade that would then entail commitment to markets and democracy, transparency, rule of law."


DAVID HALTON:  For his part Martin was careful to protect his political flanks at home. He complained about hostile U.S. trade actions and said he won't change his mind about staying out of BMD, the U.S. missile defense program.


PRIME MINISTER PAUL MARTIN:  "On BMD the file is closed. But our cooperation, in terms of defense, in terms of our borders, in terms of the defense of our common frontiers, is not only very clear, but it is being accentuated."


DAVID HALTON:  A leader at a news conference Martin said Canadian independence will in no way be compromised by the new agreement.


PRIME MINISTER PAUL MARTIN:  "None of the three countries wants to surrender sovereignty. What we want to do is to build on our existing strengths."


DAVID HALTON:  Martin also dismissed criticism in some Canadian business that today's agreement is too timid and won't be carried through. He said the three leaders have agreed to hold these summits more frequently to ensure that commitments are kept and that the new partnership makes a real difference. David Halton, CBC News in Waco, Texas.



Alan:  This clip is from the same day, CTV News, Tom Clark reporting. You hear the techniques discussed under the integration of various guises and obfuscation. At the end Robert Fife is a reporter who leaves us with the opinions we're supposed to be left with.


            LLOYD ROBERTSON:  In [sealing] border security and trade.


PRIME MINISTER PAUL MARTIN:  "I see one based upon free trade."


LLOYD ROBERTSON:  But what will it mean for this country's sovereignty? Good evening. It seemed like a big job trying to reshape a continent in one day, but tonight the leaders of Canada the U.S. and Mexico claim that's what they've done. Today at a Texas summit they signed a deal on continental cooperation that covers a lot. Everything from border security to food packaging, 13 subjects in all, noting there will always be differences but it is the strength all together that counts. CTV's Washington Bureau Chief Tom Clark is following this story from Waco, Texas tonight. Tom?


TOM CLARK:  Well Lloyd, you could hardly call them the three amigos. These leaders have had problems with one another but they knew that to move forward they'd have to put the past behind them. Eyeball to eyeball for the first time since the fallout of Canada's rejection of missile defense, Martin and Bush tried to diffuse the controversy.


PRESIDENT BUSH:  "I'm amazed that we don't have more sharp, whatever you called it, disagreements. Are there differences of opinion? Of course there have. They have been throughout our history and there will be in the future. On BMD the file is closed."


LLOYD ROBERTSON:  One file firmly closed but another opened, a new North America. Just a few examples. A common policy on border security for aiding in effect fortress North America. Common regulations on goods and products. For example, the same rules on what goes into a frozen pizza in all three countries and even a common policy on how to handle the outbreak of infectious diseases.


TOM CLARK:  How much is this partnership a first step towards continental integration?


PRIME MINISTER PAUL MARTIN:  "What we're really talking about here is not a big thing. We're talking about big progress.


PRESIDENT BUSH: "What kind of union might there be? I see one based upon free trade that would then entail commitment to markets and democracy, transparency, rule of law."


TOM CLARK:  But the very use of the word 'union' had the Prime Minister on the defensive. Later in the day, he denied that the plan means handing powers to Washington.


PRESIDENT BUSH:  "All three sovereign nations and we've made it very clear are very jealous of their sovereignty. But we also recognize that that sovereignty would be much, much stronger if North America is competitive."


UNIDENTIFIED SPEAKER:  A relaxed stroll after lunch at the Bush ranch hides the fact that these are three leaders in a hurry. The European and Asian economies are quickly closing in on North America, and then there is politics. President Fox is soon to retire. President Bush is in his last term and Paul Martin faces an uncertain political future, which is why their officials have been given just three months to draw up a road map.


TOM CLARK:  As he always does when he meets President Bush, Paul Martin brought up the issue of softwood lumber and as always their appears to be no solution on the horizon indicating that perhaps it's a lot easier to talk about visions of the future than it is to deal with the problems of the present. Lloyd?


LLOYD ROBERTSON:  Thank you, Tom. CBC's Tom Clark with me from Waco, Texas tonight where he's been following events of this day. Our Ottawa Bureau Chief, Robert Fife. Bob, let’s you and I move straight to the big picture. What are the advantages for Canada in all of this?


ROBERT FIFE:  Lloyd, I think Canadians have to look at what are the disadvantages of not joining a continental economic union. North America is facing stiff competition from the fast growing economies of China and India as well as the European Union. If we want to maintain our high standard of living, then we have to form a competitive economic bloc. Do Canadians really care for example how much cheese goes into a Canadian frozen pizza? This is about expanding NAFTA, creating prosperity and making us more competitive.


LLOYD ROBERTSON:  But you know there are going to be concerns raised about sovereignty, so how do Canadians maintain independence and go ahead with this?


ROBERT FIFE:  Well, Canada joining NAFTA, our trade doubled, 87 percent of our exports went to the United States, yet we still did not join the war in Iraq. We did not join the U.S. missile defense system. Take the European for example. Great Britain joined the war in Iraq but France didn't. Nobody is suggesting that Great Britain or France lost their sovereignty.


LLOYD ROBERTSON:  Well in any case our North American leaders seemed determined to move quickly. They're asking for responses within 90 days. Thank you, Bob.


End of Clip.



Alan:  To me there is nothing new in this.  I’ve known this before I came to North America, because I’ve read all the books they’ve published about it, I’ve read all the rationalizations that they published, read mainly by the lower helpers in fact and bankers and so on, to justify the need to integrate. You’ll also hear the number 13 points, just like the American Revolution couldn't start till there were 13 states. Unlucky for some, eh? 


Back to the Knights Templars. There's nothing new under the sun, expect that the propaganda is becoming very childish. In fact, I was trying to think where I heard this kind of talk down to child type propaganda, and I realized it was from the Soviet Union. That's exactly how the politburo and the good paternal – paternity at the top talk down to the people as though there's a kind of grandpa talking down to the child. That's how you're treated today. They know at the top they don't have to deal with intellect. They know that most people don't care. They know that people who live and die until they're 80 or 90 today are generally as immature as a person who is 10 years of age. It's a sad comment to make but it's true.


We're being drugged. We're being inoculated. Our food has been so heavily tampered with I'm surprised that any of us are still walking around at all, in whatever shape we're in, never mind thinking clearly at all. We've been under attack for a long time. Now these are the same groups that want to reduce the population. It's the same groups who think, mind you, these workers that you'll hear on the tape, they think they're all going to get saved themselves because they're so important.


Perhaps as you start thinking and re-thinking the agenda because once they start reducing the population and drugging them even more intensely from the air, as they're doing as they whack us with this aerial spraying everyday worldwide, this big Wizard of Oz act in the sky, we won't need all these helpers any more, will we? We won't need the politicians to lie to us and con us, so what good are they going to be to their masters? and they never learn this down through history. They're the first to get wiped out themselves when they have no purpose, because their masters believe in total efficiency.  If we go by the Soviet Union, which is really a model for the whole planet, we find that everybody who worked for the politburo and all the bureaucrats were more heavily spied upon that the average peasant. Nothing has changed. It was the same in the west. Always has been. They've got to know how everyone's thinking that works for them. They have to know how predictable they are. They don't want people with a little bit of knowledge spilling some of those beans down to the public.


These tapes were recorded in March 2005, as I say, opened by a statement when The Council on Foreign Relations with the big CFR banner behind them all, as they sat behind all these desks, came out for the first time as a body. Not just as one person as an adviser to; and most people have seen this on television, a member of Council on Foreign Relations advising someone during a newscast and you're meant to think that this is some kind of official government body, but it's not. It's no more federal than the Federal Bank or Federal Express. It's a non-governmental body but it's a parallel government. This is the parallel government that Margaret Thatcher talked about in her world tour, which is entitled "The New World Order."  To reiterate, they claimed a long time ago that democracy is just too slow for progress, because all these little psychopathic politicians at the bottom couldn't get anything done as their egos clashed and they all tried to get some status over society.


They are right about that at the top. They're better psychopaths and they understand the psychopathic nature. They understand the lesser ones very well. They would do the same themselves if they had to start all over again. However, they do realize that all the bickering and fighting and the scandals that goes on doesn’t help them get their big plan out through. They are the great builders at the top. They've always been into massive building projects, even when the Romans came into Britain and forced their money system on them for a little while before they pulled out again. The whole idea was to tax it all back. I mean use their labor or slave labor to build big cities and roads. Roads are very essential. The Romans built roads everywhere. Huge roads, generally very straight, so they can move their armies very quickly from one place to the next. This is now called the rapid deployment forces, the technique, and they need the big NAFTA highways for what's coming up in the next 20-odd years, according to the Department of Defence.


They know there's going to be riots on a massive scale because the standard of living is to plummet like a stone. That's why the Department of Defence sees nothing but chaos and uprisings and sporadic ‘flashmobs’ as they call them. Probably flashmobs when they're all standing outside the store looking for some kind of brown paper bag of rice, just like the Soviet Union used to do then they found out there's no rice left, and after waiting six or seven hours they close the doors. That's the sort of thing they're envisioning for the coming future.


The idea was to create a European trading block, and at the same time be setting up the Far East to takeover the industry of the west. As that was happening they were to start integrating the Americas. The plan is slightly different for the Americas because we alter it slightly for different cultures and different personality types and histories. In the U.S. especially they give them a slightly higher standard of living for a couple of generations, and then, amongst that standard of living, is the thought that they had rights. They knew there would be resistance if they openly came out and integrated, so they had to couch it in different terms, but mainly they had to get a cause, a big overriding cause that would terrify us so that they could rush ahead and integrate while we're occupied with these other causes, other things called terrorism. That's why it happened in 2001 to kick all of this off.


People think that the "Project for the New American Century" was a new idea dreamed up by the new conservatives, the neo-con. The new CONS as opposed to the old CON. However, that's nonsense, because Kipling, when he read his poem in the Senate, was sent over on behalf of The Royal Institute for International Affairs to tell them that they were taking over. It was their job to take over and push the rest of the agenda through. The U.S. was already chosen to take over and supply the manpower, the financing, the tax base, the weapons base from Britain to be the policemen of the world. This is a hundred years ago.


We must remember that we are being managed. We tend to forget that fact. We give our world to people when we vote for them. You're voting for someone you don't know at all. You're voting for someone who belongs to organizations you never even think to ask of with other agendas. You vote thinking you're going to have something for nothing, which is what socialism has always been about, promises, promises, the poor man's lotto. That's what voting is.  However, it's essential to have the public vote to keep the con game going. In this legal system, this strange psychological prison that we live in of politics and voting, we don't know what to do when we find the leaders take off in some direction, obviously preplanned, because they can't move quickly on anything by themselves.


It takes lots of planning and cooperation and drafting of bills and rules and regulations when they take off in some plan in a coordinated fashion. We don't know what to do about it except just wait till the finish and we'll get the next bunch in and this bunch out. That's what you do in democracy. You vote the present bunch out because you're so sick of them and you try something else. This is so simple and yet these people at the top who are good shepherds and a shepherd is supposed to be friendly to the sheep, so they must be made to appear friendly to the sheep. They will say what you want to hear. Very simple and they promise everything but they don't have people fulfill anything, something that was discussed widely in the 1950s and '60s in various books. They probably don't even need them to fulfill promises anymore, as long as they at least vocalize the fact they understand what your problems are. Of course they understand what your problems are, because their predecessors made it so. They made the problems occur. They're all in this together.


When one leaves, the next one takes over. Jefferson mentioned this, "When you see an agenda unfurl between the different Houses of Congress, parties moving in parties moving out, the same agenda being followed and you will know you are under a secret tyranny." Therefore, our whole lives we have been and so were your parents and so were their parents because we never really had what we thought was anything called democracy. The reason they gave anything to the public on a social basis was partly to contain the problems of this dysfunctional society under some kind of tissue paper or band aid, such giving the disabled the most minimal payment you could possibly imagine. They don't want beggars in the streets. They don't want crippled people in the streets. They need to have some conscience at the bottom, as we kept falling over them, so they tuck them away and give them a pittance to live on and we call this humanity. We're also taught to love this system. They brainwash children at school to sign national anthems and things and put their hand over their heart, just like the Egyptians were trained to do a long time ago.


Yet if you stand back and think about it: What is humane in this system?


We're conned our whole lives long. The media, as they keep telling people, is an essential part of the CON and CONOLOGY. We need the media to give us our opinions. That's their job. They're between the big boys and you. That's why they’re in the middle – middle-men. They peddle you nonsense and you know that they're doing it too. They also, in their own petty fashion at their own level, believe that they are more elite than the general public, because why? They're in the know.


The snobbishness and the egos of the little pretentious people on this planet down through millennia are preposterous. Little strutting beings with their egos and their ambitions as they train us all to compete, compete, compete with each other; and that's why they call it "the human race" and the "races."  We're taught to compete. Competition and the game is rigged. The game is rigged because it's a psychopathic system run by psychopaths who don't blush when they lie to whole populations on television. That's you might call it a strange gift the psychopath has. They don't get embarrassed as we do because their ego is a super-ego and they must save it at all costs.


For the European Union, when the leaders would meet together to sign the next part of the integration and lie to the public, they had the same absurd obfuscating terminology of closer ties and strength through unity and independence through unity and all this nonsense and sovereignty through unity. Same doublespeak that throws the average Joe; and this is true, the average Joe's is trained to accept it this way. It throws him off kilter so he stops thinking at all about it. The topic is out of his mind. It's gone. Whenever those who understand can think through it all, it sounds absurd because it is absurd. It's doublespeak. Then when they build on their strengths they said, well what does that mean? Build on what strengths? Define strengths. They don't define it to you.


You'll hear at the end the reporter from CTV, Robert Fife giving a summary as to why really this is all a good thing. He probably belongs to The Council on Foreign Relations, too, unless he wants a seat on it, because you can't apply for a job there you see for membership. You've got to be asked and you prove your worth. Then they go on about Europe's there and we can't compete with – we've got to compete with Europe and then we have the united Pacific Rim Region under a super parliament, we'll have to compete with them; and it's a race to the bottom of competition as your wages go down and down and down, obviously, obviously because you can't complete and turn out a product the same price as China, so where do you go from there? Downward. There's no other option.


The world is to be standardized in a new global plantation. Then tidy humans live all over the place have got to be herded into the big sheep pens, the habitat areas, which isn't surprising you see because they used the Europeans to clear the Americas and put the American Indians on reservations. Now that the job is done and you have no more purpose coming up shortly, then they herd us all into the new reservations for white people and all other colors; and they're called "habitat areas."  Same thing. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. Just like the American Indians, the conditions will go down and down and down and the death rate will go up, which is all part of the policy because the boys at the top base everything around economics and efficiency. This present society with its glut of credit cards is a temporary little society with its temporary pleasures, so that you'll be stuffed full of playing yourself forever as all this rushes forward before they pull the plug on your fun and games and start pulling in the credit cards and cutting you off.


We're treated like children and we adapt to the treatment intellectually. Those with eyes to see have noticed the building up of massive internal armies in every country under many names and guises for over 20 years, all being prepared for something that's going to come down the pike, something unpleasant. Not because the elite put anything down to chance, far from it. You see they know what they're going to pull step-by-step on the general population of the world in fact, and they know the reactions from the different segments of society and they're all ready for it. That's why they know. That's why the Department of Defence – look at my website under the article section. That's why they mention chaos for the next 25, 30 years.


We're trained to stop our cars with the Mothers Against Drug Driving fiasco. That's how they train you to accept being stopped for no reason by the authorities. Now it's coming up to checkpoints for terrorism and people are accepting that as normal because we adapt very quickly; the most adaptable species on the planet. If there's a prayer that the elite say at all to their deity or themselves, it's that one "thank goodness the people are so adaptable."  The elite will trigger sporadic events when it suits them to get the backlash they want to get the next part of the chess game going forward, because that's all it is. It's a big chess game with the population who don't even know they're on the board.


They are different segments of society and people who are waking up in different stages. Some get stuck at one stage and can't go any further, because to face it is horrific. It's a horrific thing to wake up out of a dream into nightmare for most people. You can't close that box again. That lid you can't close it and it's not easy to become a stranger amongst your own people when you know things and they don't want to know. Many people get stuck on "we can save this. We can save that. We can keep this, keep that." 


The elite gave us cultures that preceded this particular one at the moment, this techno electro culture. They have decided they are changing their system because they have no more use for the old one. They are the master builders because they build societies and cultures and knock them down when they're building a new one. You demolish the old to bring in the new, and demolish means flattening completely. We're hearing terms used today concerning terrorism. Little PR blurbs put out by the Pentagon and other major Department of Defense spokespersons who are trained in parroting what think tanks have dreamed up, and little catch phrases and little statements as they change their sights. Their turn their sights on some other target and we adapt to it so quickly that we forget who we were fighting before. This is what Orwell talked about in "1984", who we're at war with today. It happens so easily and swiftly that most people don't remember who they were initially at war with at all.


When 9/11 happened, the following day, Brzezinski of all people spoke out on national television saying it was Bin Laden, but he was telling that even before the dust settled. It's Bin Laden from Afghanistan so we all went to war supposedly with Afghanistan. The cave man – we're hunting a cave man in Afghanistan. Two years later major polling survey companies released their polls and admitted that the press themselves had done such a good job in convincing the people, mainly Americas, the U.S. citizens, that Saddam Hussein was behind it in Iraq and the public couldn't remember anything about Afghanistan. That's how easy they can move you from one target to the next without you noticing.


Are we fighting East Asia or West Asia today? Perfidious England as Napoleon called them who made treaties and alliances and broke them just as quickly in this strange game called "the balance of power" where they'd build up an inferior country against a superior – they'd arm them to the teeth and have a war going until the inferior country became the superior country. Once that happened they'd find another inferior one and take down the new superior country. That's what he was talking about, and the U.S. has taken over long ago the same formula because all the boys at the top of the U.S. work for the same organization; the same global organization based out of London and New York.


I don't know if there are many pygmies left in the world, but I'm surprised, because if there are, they could make them the deadliest enemy we've ever saw in our whole lives. Quite simple and not even blink when they gave you the propaganda to do with it.  It's sad to say the public would accept it. We have insults to intelligence on a daily basis even in this little tape – tonight's tape from the 2005 integration signing treaty you'll hear Mr. Martin the ex-Prime Minister of Canada – and, by the way, just walked into that job taken over from Chretien who retired, but before he did that Mr. Martin left politics for about eight months. He was a lifelong politician, always knew at top, and that's all they need were the ones at the top, were your men like Professor Carroll Quigley talked about in his book "Tragedy & Hope" and "The Anglo-American Establishment".


Mr. Martin worked for the United Nations during that period and then he walks back from the United Nations and becomes Prime Minister again. You'll hear him saying during this little clip from the conference that Canada had some differences and you'll notice that we are not in Iraq for instance. What he forgot to say, no, because our job is to go into Afghanistan and Canada is still policing Afghanistan. This is how they treat us, like children with pseudo misleading statements, half-truths and big lies and vague comments like "strength from power and power from strength" and all that rubbish. War is peace. Peace is slavery.


We're watching the techniques. We're listening to the techniques. We hear them being dinned into our ears by propagandists. For the average Joe it wouldn't matter what is said around them, as long as they can get up the next day and go to whatever employment they're at and come back and play. The sun is out. It must be normal. They don't notice the big net that's being spread around them and under them and above them that's slowly being tightened. The only antidote to the system is something called "humaneness" as opposed to the psychopathic system we're in, or the one antithesis of it, which would be force, which is what they want because all you get then are the next bunch of psychopaths taking over, always using the same system. Again, you cannot use the monetary system and get anything clean from it. It will always reassert itself into the same corruption of con men and those who wink and joke towards each other in front of the ‘herds of the public’ as they like to call the people.


I told people years ago on the radio that if you are silly enough to vote and give authority over yourself to these people, you better demand and find out who these people are and what organizations they belong to. What organizations they have given oaths to and all the various Masonic institutions that they belong to and secret societies or "societies with secrets" as they like to call them. Not the bottom level characters that really just join a club. Any different from Christians going to church. They want to belong to a social club with similar customs and topics. They go above the level ranks into the higher ones that want ambitions. The ones who make their money and their livelihood through cunning and charging big fees for doing so. You'll find they all belong to these organizations. Empire clubs, round tables. That was the Lord Alfred Milner Society that merged with the Cecil Rhodes Society, which became The Royal Institute for International Affairs and The Council on Foreign Relations.



You must do your homework. It doesn't take much of a search even of our recent history to find out the directions that they characters have been guiding us along for the last hundred-odd years. You can go much, much further back for sure, but at least you know what's been happening in the last century and why. The prospect of the future is not good, should these guys pull off their stunts in this age of chaos, because you bring the biggest changes at the end of an age by causing complete and utter chaos and fear and terror using standard techniques of plague, famine, warfare. Now they've added their machinery to it. They're high-tech weaponry of weather manipulation and warfare and earthquakes and so on. All stuff in the HAARP Treaty. The weather warfare treaty signed at the United Nations in the 1970s. Look it up for yourselves. Don't ask me to do it for you.


At the end of an age they foster something which has worked at the end of every other age, according to the histories, and that's the New Age. What they call the "New Age" is nothing new at all. It's the same old stuff of channeling and narcissistic behavior, and narcissism works very well with a lot of the New Agers or the me generation. They bring in the same old techniques over and over in bizarre, bizarre movements that can actually lead vast bodies of people, those on the fringes into a form of mental collapse eventually as they search for ways out of the predicaments they're in, through either a deity saving them or becoming a god themselves and saving themselves or walking through portals into other dimensions and all the other stuff. That's promoted. The same stuff that's been promoted in the last ages, at the ends of them. Why change the formula when it worked before? There's no need to. In fact, you emulate it, you bring it all back and promote it.


You teach people that nothing at all is real and therefore, just like many of the Hindus of India, they allow things to happen to them, especially the lower orders. If nothing’s real then why worry about it, even when you're being killed off or your families are being killed off? It's all illusions, right? When people’s hearts will fail them. Same old stuff down through the ages for fear. We've been studied like laboratory rats for thousands of years. Everything in life that we think, feel is torn apart and critically analytically analyzed over and over again so that the masters can have understanding of their pray.


I once saw a video of some people who were rounded up by the Nazis on what looked like a factory type of background; muddy field outside factories and this one group were all huddled all together with about two or three soldiers with rifles guarding them. This little officer yelled to them and picked maybe three or four at a time and they told them to run to this trench, where they did, they ran and jumped in the trench where they stood rock still and they were shot in the back of the head. Then they get another three or four or five and tell them to do the same. Now those in the main group saw this happening and yet they obeyed and obeyed and even ran when they were told to run to their deaths. The art of obedience, why does it work so well even when it’s obvious to someone on the sidelines watching they're going to their deaths?


The reason is that the more you're taught that you live in a high advanced society and culture, your mind will be unable to accept that this unthinkable thing is actually happening, right to the bitter last second you will refuse to believe it and that's why you'll run. This was studied even thousands of years ago and that's why they know at the top it works; and these records are kept in archives and taught to the higher psychopaths that like to do the dirty deeds. They get off on this kind of stuff, or as they said in the Communist society, the slaughtering of millions is just historical necessity. That's the same terminology that's used by the present bunch in the parallel government bringing the population down to a manageable level, a necessary level, an efficient level, is just historical necessity.


During this age of chaos when they bring all this stuff on with more shouting at the moment than reality of wolf, wolf that eventually they will bring the realities upon you outside of what they are doing, which is the weather warfare; and that's been obvious for years for anyone who wanted to think at all, they will release a whole arsenal of things on the public and plagues of course is one of their prime topics. Even H.G. Wells and a whole bunch of promoters of this new system that talked about the necessity of bringing back new forms of the Black Death and so on to reduce the population.


Malthus talked about this in the 1700s. It's being reiterated by many of them since then, right down to the present. Even David Suzuki with his open statement on national television, this geneticist who fronts for the World Wildlife Fund talked about the necessity of bringing down the population by three quarters or so to save the earth, you understand. They must doublespeak for themselves because the elite believe they should save all the resources, what's left for themselves and their own offspring, since they are the superior breed. We saw this portrayed through a predictive programming movie amongst many other movies called "Deep Impact."  The scenario there was a big meteorite was flying towards earth and it's going to smash into the earth and kill all life on the planet. So after the usual drama and the hero stuff as they went off to try and break it up into smaller parts, they went through the process, which they will do for plagues et cetera. It's already planned out of who will be saved in underground bunkers and shelters with its own air supplies and filters et cetera. In the movie you see all the essential people were saved first, only logically so. Isn't that right? Eventually the seats that are left in the bunkers we’ll put it to a national lotto for the public. A world lotto, because that's what the public get, lottos and scratch and wins. Then those who didn’t get the lotto, well, they just sat peaceably and combed their hair as they were dying kind of stuff. That's how we're supposed to behave when all this breaks out, on queue of course.


Not easy to understand all of this or accept it, because we are talking about the unthinkable, yet we have to face it. To thwart it and to let these guys know that we know all about them. We know all about their tricks and their plans and agendas. We've read their books. The decision for humanity is up to humans. Many will decide not to know. That is a choice, but in reality, deep down they do know. That is also their choice. These are symptoms talked about thousands of years ago under collective sins and all this kind of stuff. Many different names given to the same phenomena and yet the world has often been guided from disaster by a few who say the right things and do the right things at the right times and point a different way out of it in the dialectic. The problem being the different way out of it is so foreign to our conditioning that most people would never go for it.


Now those who've been following me for a while know that I am not out there to sell, sell, sell all the products made by the hands of men. I sell a few books and a few DVDs and CDs to take over by – I also accept donations which keeps me going too, because I could certainly be writing a lot more if I wasn't doing all the talks.  However, at this time that we're in at the moment it's imperative to spread the word as fast as possible, because any suffering that is happening at the moment is nothing to the suffering that is planned. They have planned to contain it, too, as it all goes down, including the propaganda that will go with it to keep everyone passive as they whimper themselves into the ground.


There's a lot of good people in the world and there's a lot of caring people, but they're outnumbered by the vast majority who don't care. I keep telling people it's not a matter of numbers, as I say, it's a few people who can change the direction that we're going along this dog-eat-dog competitive psychopathic system, which we can either go along with to the bitter end, even though we know the writing on the wall and what the ending is; or we can try and find a better way.  That's a decision we all have at the moment and the better way starts with discussion amongst people and friends. There are many little seminars across the world now bringing this kind of topic out and at least vocalizing it and that's how everything starts is speaking it out into existence and discussions begin.


From myself and Hamish here in Ontario, Canada, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



"The Winner Takes it All" by Abba


I don't wanna talk
About the things we've gone through
Though it's hurting me
Now it's history
I've played all my cards
And that's what you've done too
Nothing more to say
No more ace to play

The winner takes it all
The lose are standing small
Beside the victory
That's their destiny

I was in your arms
Thinking I belonged there
I figured it made sense
Building me a fence
Building me a home
Thinking I'd be strong there
But I was a fool
Playing by the rules

The gods may throw a dice
Their minds as cold as ice
And someone way down here
Loses someone dear
The winner takes it all
The loser has to fall
It's simple and it's plain
Why should I complain.

But tell me does she kiss
Like I used to kiss you?
Does it feel the same
When she calls your name?
Somewhere deep inside
You must know I miss you
But what can I say
Rules must be obeyed

The judges will decide
The likes of me abide
Spectators of the show
Always staying low
The game is on again
A lover or a friend
A big thing or a small
The winner takes it all

I don't wanna talk
If it makes you feel sad
And I understand
You've come to shake my hand
I apologize
If it makes you feel bad
Seeing me so tense
No self-confidence
But you see
The winner takes it all
The winner takes it all...



(Transcribed by Linda)