December 8, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – December 8, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and it is December 8th, 2006.


Last night, it began to warm up to about 15 below centigrade, and then when I woke up this morning, it was 30 below. It plummeted again with a cold front coming in, and these are definitely unusual temperatures for this time of year. It rose up to about 10 below during the day, but at the same time a wind came in and made it feel much colder.



"Cold on the Shoulder"

By Gordon Lightfoot


All you need is time
All you need is time, time, time to make me bend
Give it a try, don't be rude
Put it to the test and I'll give it right back to you

It's cold on the shoulder
And you know that we get a little older every day

Kick it around, take it to town
Try to defy what you feel inside
You better be strong
Your love belongs to us

Its cold on the shoulder
And you know that we get a little older every day

All I need is trust
All I need is trust, trust, trust to make it show
I don't want to know everything you've done
If you get a tip then tell it to the Eskimos

Its cold on the shoulder
And you know that we get a little older every day



However, I have most of the snow blower reassembled; and for those who have done this kind of tinkering, you probably noticed that nothing is made in any practical manner. It isn't that after all this time of engineering and degrees and expertise, they can't design things to be practical and long lasting, or even practical to work on. Everything is deliberately made in this system to be difficult to work on. They’re still using bent wire to move governors for your carburetors on these machines. They haven't changed them in 80 odd years, and nothing of course is made to last. That's the key to it, because the marketing companies and the engineers work hand-in-glove. They build the flaws into them, and they also know how long a particular machine is going to be used, or how many years it will last, and how many parts they can sell for certain parts, over the years. That's how they make a lot more extra money, is by selling parts, which they know will break, you see, after a year or two.





I'd also like to talk now about some of the people who contact me, who are in the process of waking up, in a shock, because they've tuned in to shortwave or some program that goes on about the patriot business, basically. It freaks them out when things start to make sense, because of the information they're hearing, but they get caught up in the hype, as well, of the patriot business - which is a business, first and foremost. Secondly, I think it's designed not to give you the answers or the whole truth.  It's meant to catch those who are trying to wakeup, and get them into a tizzy, a panic tizzy, of consuming and buying all this stuff for survival you could ever imagine.


I know people, who phone me up, and they'll tell me all the different stuff they've got and bought over the years, from AM, shortwave radio, and patriot stations, including underground shelters. They have all the gizmos, all the gold and silver and everything you can imagine, for every possible scenario. At least the scenarios they've been told about.  I would always tell them, “The ones you're not prepared for are the ones which will be used.”  But they have all this stuff, and I've said to them, "How big a truck would it take to move that stuff if you had to move it in a hurry?" and they go into another shock, because they have never thought about it.  Some of them would need a five-ton truck to move all this stuff, and somehow they think they'll be left where they are, as there’s some kind of chaos reigning, and they'll be all set-up to get through anything. It's never dawned on them, that they might have to, or will, get moved off their property, or they'll have to go anyway.


And I tell them, “Whatever you can stick in a big rucksack is all you'll manage to get away with.” That's if you can get gas to go anywhere, or a road that doesn't have checkpoints all along the way. But the panic business, which unfortunately goes hand-in-glove with the patriot business, caters to all this sort of thing. You'll always find all the stuff they sell, like tents and all the “camo” (camouflage) gear, and the boots and the gold and silver, et cetera, and the rations that they sell. They’re probably old rations that they jacked the price up, and they're obsolete, these ones. You can make you're own rations up, by simply looking at old books. Get some beans and put them in jars.


The people truly have been stampeded, for years and years and years, into the only information sources they've been given. Remember the ALL-SEEING EYE DOESN'T MISS ANYTHING.  I tell them, "Why do you think, out of all the controlled media, they would miss the shortwave or the AM stations?"  It hasn't.  What's out there is authorized to be there. As I've said before, and I said the other night, I've talked to very elderly people, who followed this all their lives, and gone on the roller coasters of ups and downs, and learned all the names on a daily basis, of who's passing what bill. Who's doing what to whom, and what country's doing what to what, and on and on it goes. It's just data, data, data. It's irrelevant who they bring forth to pass a bill. If that person wasn't there, someone else would have then been picked to come forth, in his place.


Another thing I would like to warn people about, are famous people, who come on some shows, claiming to belong to specific intelligence agencies. Now for those who want to look into the history of Peter Wright, who belonged to MI5 and worked with MI6, as well, for a while, he did come out with a book. The first one was called, "Spy Catchers." He got that published, under a lot of flack from the British government, because, you see, anyone who works for the governments, of all the countries, swears an official secrets act, not only not to divulge the secrets while they're working, but also not to divulge them after they've left their employment - for up to 30 years. There are penalties if they do, and we know from Kelly, who was scheduled to go to court on what he knew after 9/11 in England, the man who knew that he'd be killed. He was killed and left in the woods (as he said in a letter he would be, he’d be found in the woods, dead).  He was. That's known to all these agents, who are working or have worked, for the government. THEY CANNOT DISCLOSE WHAT THEY HAVE FOR 30 YEARS.


Now, Peter Wright tried to get his second book out, called, "The A to Z of Spy Catching," after "Spy Catchers," and Margaret Thatcher got him into prison. She had him in the high court of England, and they seized all the books, "The A to Z of Spy Catching," because he disclosed names of big players, who were there all through the Cold War. All very famous British people, lords et cetera. Margaret Thatcher also had all his books seized, in that particular publication, the second one, and they were pulped -- they were mushed back into pulp.  You can't just come out and start talking. It doesn’t work that way. 


So, Peter Wright went off to Australia and he was writing there. I know this, he got a lot of material written up and he died. So be careful of those who are presented to you as being big ones up there.  Why are the big ones, up there, coming up on certain shows, which supposedly are exposing the system, when these people are not only dedicated to the system, they are sworn, legally sworn to the system? Just a bit of caution.


As far as actors, et cetera, go, I understand them coming on some shows, because it is understood, that even though they're saying the same thing as the next door plumber or electrician, because people are taught to follow the stars. They listen to the famous star speaking and saying the same things. We’ve been trained that we are nobodies.  That's why we look up to people who are rich and famous.  Rich comes first. That's more important, because you can't be famous, as well, without being rich.  You can be infamous, but you can't be famous, because this system tells us that those who get up the top accumulate the money, they're rich, they're therefore famous. As I say, it's an anti-human system.


So please don't get caught up in the panic which ensues, when you, for the first time, turn on some station you've never listened to before, and hear some truths coming out.  There's no left-wing party. There's no right-wing party. There's no up or down party. There's no Green Party. It's all one big system, and the trick; as Marx and Lenin wrote about, and many others wrote about; the trick to controlling people is to get them to join groups. Put them in a camp, is the first trick of any war, too, before they had standing armies. Get you to join a camp, put the leader in, put your own leader in, and now one person can control thousands or millions. That's the trick of getting you to join parties.


That also goes for the politicians who, lower down on the scale, join the party and get into parliaments or government.  Their job is to applaud, like trained seals in a circus, the head of the party. That's their job. They all know it.  If they want to get on in life, you don’t go against the party leader or your career is doomed. So, no matter what they've told the constituents - that goes out the window. And, they will tell the constituents, "I'm sorry, I can't vote the way you like me to. I must vote with the party."  So, one man at the head of the party can control thousands and thousands of people. That goes with everything. That's why you don't join groups and parties, with their particular agendas, formats and policies, because you're being controlled.


They could not have gone so far, in the system, without the creation of parties. People think that the party that's in the US right now are just the warmongers, and they've let us know they're warmongers. It's no secret, but pirates are warmongers and profiteers. The last party that was in, Bill Clinton and his group, were no different.  People forget that the first thing that Clinton did, when he got in, was to actually tell the FBI to give them all their opponents names - All those who did not want to go along with Clinton and his agenda. They wanted those and they got them. They had access to FBI computers on private information and on private individuals.


And then they put Janet Reno in charge. Strange character, very, very strange character, and we know all about her.  And then they had the war on Waco, the Branch Davidians, where they had a ritual sacrifice, at the end when they burned the whole huge farmhouse down. The SWAT team members in the black-clad outfits were seen, and it's on tape, to be bowing to the flames at the end, as they went down. The worship of fire - that's part of the ritual. That was your sacrifice for the upcoming agreement signed; the historic agreement, because that's the place they chose eventually, for the first open agreement signing on the United Americas. They always have a sacrifice, on the land or the land around it, before they actually make the signature and have the parades.


We're living amongst a religion - a religion that goes all the way back and before the creation of Babylon. Prior to governments, as we know them today, kings and queens were installed and they had to be obedient to the Universal Church, the Catholic Church, at the time. They had priests attached to them who reported right to the Vatican, so the Vatican could then make or break kings and queens.  But you also had other policy makers, advisers, like the Francis Bacon's and Machiavelli's and so on, that I mentioned the other night. Every country in Europe had these advisers.


Yet, a topic that is often left out is that some of the advisers, even to some of the popes, came out with the old trademarks, the M.O.’s (Modus Operandi) of the mystery religion. The mystery religion, all down through the ages, had been into building. They go into countries and they build, either by using the army to conquer first, but they always bring in a system of money then taxation, which then pays the labor, rather than using slaves all the time, and they're the BIG BUILDERS.  They do building projects.  We see them today really going to town, because the only honey pot in any country, is the taxpayers honey pot. They want to get their hands into that. That's where the money is and the MONEY IS NEVER ACCOUNTED FOR.  There's always money that goes missing. We know that. The sharks who get up, know all of this stuff, because they are sharks. Sharks know this type of stuff. They smell it. They smell the opportunities. So that M.O.’s down through the ages are the big building projects.


They create cities where you'll have a small elite, with the masses of wealth, incredible wealth, who will run nations, economically, and trade. But you also have the biggest crime at the bottom, run by the same bunch, because you must control everything. Cause and effect. For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. Pass laws, which they do. That's another M.O. - Making the laws, Systemizing things. Standardizing laws, knowing there will be an opposite reaction, where people go into the “underworld” to survive. The underworld, being crime and petty crime - they run that, too. Again, they put their men in and create an organization of crooks, like the Mafia - they weren’t the first. Then put in your own men as the bosses, and you can run both sides. They also have prostitution, legal drugs and illegal drugs, so they run pharmacology and the illegal drug system. They also run the “alternative” drugs, the herbals. Kings and queens used to also have as advisers, and some popes, as I say, astrologers. That came from Babylon, too, and it’s pre-Babylonian.


THE GREATEST WAY TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE IS THROUGH THEIR IMAGINATION OF WHAT IS TO COME.  Kings and queens, and those in power, are hooked on this kind of thing, because they would love to know the future; to ward off any usurpation of their powers or any overthrow. They'd like to know it happens, so astrologers came in. If you read the history of astrologers in Europe, in the Middle Ages onwards, you'll find out who they were. You'll find out that they all traveled abroad, a lot, to other parts of Europe. These astrologers also met together in Europe. In other words, you had a club of astrologers - a society (is the key), who went back and dictated what was going to happen to the kings and queens and their countries. The kings and queens would follow the suggestions. What you realize that you're up against here is an organization - organized astrologers who are advisers to the highest people in the land, who are then following policy, which the astrologers suggest. Very clever, and it hasn't stopped. If you look at all of the various presidents and prime ministers, down through history, you'll find they've all been gullible to this kind of stuff, and they've called on the advise of this "high astrologers," and they follow the stars - the “astros,” follow it to the letter.


An interesting little blurb put out by Francis Bacon is on this very topic, and he should know. He was talking about prophecies in his time. He said:


             "When I was in France, I heard from one Dr. Penal, that the Queen Mother, who was given to curious arts, caused the King (her husband's nativity) to be calculated under a false name; and the astrologer gave a judgment, that he should be killed in a duel; at which the Queen laughed, thinking her husband to be above challenges and duels: but he was slain upon a course at tilt…"


That's jousting.


             "The splinters of the staff of Montgomery going in at his beaver…"


That's part of the headpiece, the helmet. Hit him in the eye.


             "The trivial prophecy, which I heard when I was a child and Queen Elizabeth was in the flower of her years, was…"


Now listen to this.


             "When hempe is sponne (spun, that is) England's done."


Very interesting, because, you see, spelling had been finalized, at that time, for a few hundred years.  In the late 1800s they began to re-do spelling of the words.  In those days, the spelling was done to the codes of the period. They've been updated, just like you update the programs on a computer. So he spells "hemp" H-E-M-P-E and "spun" is S-P-O-N-N-E.


Now, all of the people at the court of Queen Elizabeth I, interestingly enough, were into cannabis and hemp. Even the members of the Rosicrucian Lodge were in to this. They've always been into drugs, and they gone into one of the houses, I think it was Raleigh, and they'd scraped the beams of historical houses, they scraped the beams and found the residue of this particular drug.


             "When hempe is sponne, England's done."


And he goes on to say:


             "Whereby it was generally conceived, that after the princes had reigned, which had the principal letters of that word hempe (which were Henry, Edward, Mary, Philip, and Elizabeth), England should come to utter confusion; which, thanks be to God, is verified only in the change of the name; for that the King's style, is now no more of England, but of Britain."


Because at the same time, we know in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, John Dee suggested that they should call it Britain and the British Empire. He actually called it "Brytish" B-R-Y.


But going back to this.


"Prophecy just look at it over again…"


And he's tongue and cheek with his little statement here, because knew darn well that the King of France was going to be killed, at joust, and they brought forth Nostradamus to give the prediction. That's what launched him into fame. The King of France's wife was Catherine de Medici, who was steeped up to her eyeballs in potions, astrology and magic. Very interesting family, the Medici, because they had been into lending to countries and empires, as far back as before the Roman Empire. Very, very important. But also the statement to say that this astrologer had given a prediction, or at least Nostradamus did, a prediction that the king would be killed at joust, where a splintered lance would enter, he calls it the “beaver” (you know it went through the eye of the king). 


Now, the guy who did it was Montgomery of Scotland. The Montgomery's and the Sinclair's were the heads of the lodges that took over from the Knights Templars. The Montgomery's and the Sinclair's of Scotland were this sort of Praetorian Guard of the kings and queens of France, for a long, long time. Montgomery did know what he was doing, because when you go into the Tower of London and different places, they have books there under glass, of training manuals of how knights used to train. These guys could literally put the point of a lance, at full gallop, through an apple - they were so accurate. So they knew what they were doing, and that's why Nostradamus could predict what was going to happen, because it was planned that way. That's how clever things are. For Joe Average, who wouldn't ever come to that conclusion, he must think, “My goodness, it's magic! It's a gift!” Nostradamus, we’re told, once again used to take drugs, narcotics, stare at his bowl of water and tell us all about the future. There have been so many books published ever since on the quatrains, as they call them, as a type of poetry - you rhyme them, of the future, the centuries it's called. And yet, all of that is the exoteric because the esoteric -- to get the esoteric you have to have the code, the key, to unlock them, and Nostradamus said that himself.


So the gullible fall for the exoteric, every time, whether it be religion or this other more ancient religion, which has its M.O.’s as I've discussed already, including: astrology, magic, talismans and all ways of predicting the future. You can predict it when you've planned it that way, you see. It's not too difficult. You might say, really -- I would rather say, that England was done when hemp, certainly, was smoked in England back in the '60’s and '70’s, because it really did a big change then. That's when everything changed.


In the so-called New Age movement, many, many books will appear on the shelves to make a quick “buck” on prophecies, and they're full of old stuff that was used over the centuries. But you see, deception is done, not by giving out facts, it’s by withholding other parts or other facts from the pubic, and then it can be very misleading.


Here is one that was used for instance in the 1500s.


"There shall be seen upon a day,

Between the Baugh and the May,

The black fleet of Norway.
When that has come and gone,
England build houses of lime and stone,
For after wars you shall have none."


Now that's been used, even up to present times, talking about the Cold War. The Christian fundamentalists on the shortwave radio stations used to “go to town” on all these little prophecies, and they'd say, "Oh that's the Russian fleet coming over," you see. Now the only Russian fleets I ever saw were fishermen because they use to go all along the coastline of Scotland and do their fishing and some of them would even came in land to the bars and pubs. It was quite a common thing for them to do, and chat with the locals, and up in Stornoway and the [North Seas], they were almost part of the family to the people there, because they would come and go and get well known to the locals. But this particular prophecy, as I say, was used over and over again, and it isn't until you see the rest of the story that it makes sense.


Now Bacon goes on to say:


             "It was generally conceived to be meant, of the Spanish fleet that came in '88: for that the king of Spain's surname, as they say, is Norway."


Then it makes sense you see. And as always, it was written about a year after the Spanish fleet came over. There's nothing new in this, and you'll find the same thing in religion. For instance, it's accepted in Judaic teaching, Rabbinical teaching, that a Rabbi who is well trained, could write in the manner of a famous personage in the Bible. In other words, by knowing that person's mentality, their mind set, their emotional set, their legality set, they could emulate that person and write more, and it was accepted as being written by the original, because it was written in the exact same manner. Today they wouldn't do that. They do channeling instead. The only problem is you'd have to go off at Zeta Reticuli or somewhere to find out what was going on - and there's lots of those too.


Fantasy, as Weishaupt said, is a tremendous tool to draw people in to organizations, and then guide them along a certain way of thinking, behaving and accepting - especially the changes that have been made around them. It's easier to accept the change when you think, “Well, God prophesied it and he going to make it happen, so what can you do?” or else some magic guys are predicting it. They won't tell you what's behind it all, because you can't talk about a god or anything. It's just a prophecy, and the people still fall for it, and they think, “Well I guess there's nothing you can do. It's going to happen.” BUT THIS IS THE OLDEST CON GAME IN THE BOOK.


As I say, it's so easy, a day or so after a newsbreak, on something for people to come out with their prophecies, which two or three years later get written into books, as being prophesied beforehand, before the events. So, sure you can check on the events, they happened, and you say, “my goodness, this guy said that.” Well sure he said it. He said it after the event. This is the CON GAME. There's nothing new. It was actually more common in the past, where they would simply put a false date on the prediction, so it would appear to be written before the event. So simple to do, and yet the gullible want to believe this kind of stuff, so readily.


Now talking about superstition and New Age, theology and so on - take it from an expert, who was Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon was at the court of England. He knew about these characters. He mixed with them and they all belonged to the same lodge. Even here in the Nova Organum (New Organum) - Here’s what he says about it; and remember, nothing has been more studied than man and woman on this planet, for thousands and maybe even millions of years, for all we really know.


             "But the corruption of philosophy by superstition and an admixture of theology is far more widely spread, and does the greatest harm, whether to entire systems or to their parts. For the human understanding is obnoxious to the influence of the imagination, no less than to the influence of common notions. For the contentious and sophistical kind of philosophy ensnares the understanding; but this kind, being fanciful and timid and half poetical, misleads it more by flattery. For there is in man an ambition of the understanding, no less than of the will, especially in high and lofty spirits."


The same technique has been taught or used by gurus, down through thousands of years. Those in the mystery religion of today classify themselves as “gods.”  Those who have achieved the high status, the higher degrees, completed the circle 360 -- 6 and 3 -- 9 is completion in the Kabbalah. They believe themselves to be gods, and here's Bacon, basically talking about it, if you understand what he's really saying. And it appeals to the ego. That's what he's saying here. It appeals to the ego. That's how their enticed into the New Age. You could be new and improved, pretty well, better than the Six Million Dollar Man.


"Of this kind we have among the Greeks a striking example in Pythagoras; though he united with it a coarser and more cumbersome superstition…"


Now to Pythagoras, giving us the tone and the ton; weight and the sound and the shade of color; the tone of color. This all comes from Pythagoras, who got it from the Egyptians, because he studied with the Egyptians most of his life. Then he went off to found a school in Crotona, and he recruited the younger people of nobility, and if you really do your homework you will find it was a secret society. You had a vow of silence, just like later monks, and the monks who came into monasteries in the Christian era adopted all the same stuff, you see. Pythagoras had a vow of secrecy for a year. They couldn't speak for a year or communicate to each other. In fact, I think that Pythagoras, it was up to four years. The Essenes 2,000 years ago in the Middle East, who probably came from Egypt, had the same system.


And back to Pythagoras. Pythagoras was training these young nobility and giving them a fantastic education, mind you, to go off and take over the government, revolutionary, that is. That's why his school was burned down and it's unknown yet, at least to the public, if he was every caught and killed. They speculate about it, but he wasn't the first or the last one to come out of Egypt and do the same kind of thing. Egypt always sent out the high initiates back to their own countries, or at least their own empires (like the Grecian empire), to cause revolutions and to bring in the same system worldwide.


So Bacon says:


"Of this kind, we have among the Greeks a striking example in Pythagoras; though he united with it a coarser and more cumbrous superstition; another in Plato and his school, more dangerous and subtle."


And it's true, because Plato was a student of Socrates. Now, Socrates did the same thing. All of these men had studied in Egypt - all these famous ancient Greek philosophers. Socrates is always played down as a martyr by the mystery schools, which give you your books, but Socrates himself was doing the same thing. He was training the young; the youth of nobility, primarily, including the women, after they went through their vow of secrecy, celibacy and then silence; to go off and marry other upper members of government. Then you could sway the course of government; the direction of government. Socrates was made to drink the hemlock, for doing so, and I must admit there's an awful lot of truth in what Socrates said about the world in general, but what they generally neglect to give you is the rest of the story, as always.


Continue with Bacon, he says:


"It shows itself likewise in parts of other philosophies, in the introduction of abstract forms and final causes and first causes, with the omission in most cases of causes intermediate, and the like. Upon this point the greatest caution should be used. For nothing is so mischievous as the apotheosis of error, and it is a very plague of the understanding for vanity to become the object of veneration. Yet in this vanity some of the moderns have, with extreme levity, indulged so far as to attempt to found a system of natural philosophy on the first chapter of Genesis, in the book of Job, and other parts of the sacred writings; seeking for the dead among the living: which also makes the inhibition and repression of it the more important, because from this unwholesome mixture of things human and divine there arises not only a fantastic philosophy, but also an heretical religion. Very meet it is therefore that we be sober-minded, and give to faith that only which is faith's.


Now here he is speaking very cautiously himself, because a man like Bacon had no real belief, as all nobility have no belief in the religions that are given to the people. They're given a more esoteric understanding, and they're well aware and they're taught that since childhood; that religion is for control to keep the public under control of the dominant minority; and it's the same in every single culture.


People, who point fingers, all over the world, often have lots of material, true material to go by. It's the Jews. It's the Jesuits. It's the fundamental Christians. It's the Muslims. And they’ve got it all partly right, because at the top of all these groups you have the mystery religion running them, and the mystery religion are a brotherhood worldwide and always have been.  That's the trick of it.  That's why Mystery Babylon was called Mystery Babylon.  To try and define it was difficult.  They had many priesthoods, all specialized in particular areas.  They were not only based in Babylon; they were all over the ancient world, even the capital cities.  So some people would say, “oh it's this priesthood or it’s that priesthood” that's behind the turmoil that Babylon also experienced, and they are partly right.  But the rest of it is, as I say, Mystery Babylon was a complete system, where everyone was fighting everyone else and never guessing the real reasons behind their fighting, and who was manipulating both sides or all sides.


Mystery Babylon has a thousand faces.  Isis had a thousand faces. The Mother Lodge is always called "The Mother” Lodge.  The religion itself is "The Mother.” That's what it means.  Osiris is the body - the members of the lodge. That's the part of the esoteric, and it's never ever changed.  Look at the Ishmaelis who ran parts of Afghanistan -- all of Afghanistan at one part, and old Persia, Iraq and Iran as they are now, and other countries. Those guys - and it's written officially they were in cahoots with the Knights Templars who joined them. Personally, I think they were already part of them before they did the official joining. That's how most things work today. The real work goes on quietly, and the public never is told. When something is made official, it's just an exoteric rubber stamp for the public to acquiesce to.


This world is run to an agenda, an actual real agenda, like a long, long range business plan; and it's interesting in the Masonic writings themselves, they love to boast about being full of cunning over the profane. The profane can't figure anything out, but the wise man does, and so, "In the Land of the Blind, the One-eyed Man is King."


"Confusion" is a term often given to Satan or Lucifer, even though these were both (originally) different entities in olden times. The confusion. "An author of confusion" was the term used, because that's what it all leads to, is massive confusion. So, everyone fights everyone else and blames everyone else, always being partly right, because these people do fight each other. You get instigators coming in, from all different peoples, and instigating trouble, et cetera. So, the public see the obvious, but they never see who’s behind it, or the leaders of all these different groups, because the leaders are all part of the same capstone.


That's how you run a world. That's how you maintain power over all of those in the world. And right now, the big brotherhood - not the little lowly guys at the bottom, with their funny hats and their little electric cars (that they go in parades with to impress the children) - and collect a few pennies for charity, most of which, even in their official documentation, never gets to charity. That's the outer portico, the cover for something sinister. Any organization, which must takes oaths of secrecy, in a temple with no windows, cannot be called "a charitable community organization." There is secrecy there, for very good reasons.  And the brotherhood's at the very bottom will take the heat for those further up the pyramid, that they'll never even meet, most of whom they'll never even hear the names of.


Their job at the bottom is to keep the system going. They're all sworn to this particular system. Interestingly, in the 1500’s, 1600’s, and 1700’s, when they came out of the Rosicrucian Lodge, the "underground stream" as they called it - where knowledge flowed down through the ages. It's interesting that at that time the steady drumbeat, which grew louder and louder, was for revolution, and they were sworn to revolution. Once the last major one was over in the United States, they were all told to swear allegiance to the system that was now established. Interesting.


Yet, in the conferences, which were international, before the American War of IN-DEPENDENCE, the elite discussed who would be the country chosen to lead the world empire. They could not use France or Germany or Britain, because they had such a history of pillaging and sucking dry, nations, which they went into. They couldn't suddenly become a good benefactor. That took centuries to give it that image. But at that time they didn't have that kind of image, so they created a knight in shining armor, a new country, with no history of exploitation. The propaganda would go into work, into motion, and convince the world, down through the years to come; that, because it had no previous history of exploitation, it was a knight on a white horse. That's how it was done.


And yet, Washington and all the boys were Freemasons. Benjamin Franklin wrote about it himself. He published Masonic pamphlets in his own printing press. Personally, I think he had someone else doing it for him. I can't see old Ben dirtying his hands, and for all the hogwash they give us about “the poor country boy,” it’s complete propaganda. It's foundation mythology on Ben Franklin. He was a member of the Rosicrucian Lodge. All through his childhood he was sent the “wise sayings,” that he later quoted under his name, or printed under his name, from a source in England, a Masonic source. His uncles came over to visit him. Not the family, but him, when he was a very young boy, because he was the one who was going to be groomed for his position in life.


Going back to the Ishmaelis, who ran the assassins, they had different titles they would give certain members such as "the lamp makers." Even Aladdin, by the way, is connected with that. His name is, part of that - to do with the light - the light bringer. You also have a laden jar; electric, you get light from – a battery.  Benjamin “Franklin” (the “red way”) was also a part of this. His family were candle makers, supposedly, and for a man who did so much in history, as an ambassador, especially, in France for America. You can look at the bill that he was presented with, and the U.S. taxpayer eventually paid or the government paid, for the massive palace that he was given -- he lived in. The wine consumption weekly -- the crates and crates of wine for all the big balls he had (extravaganzas), and all the servants and chefs and food stuffs - this man did not live like any country bumpkin that I've ever met. So, he's a good example of what you might call an "Illuminatus." The Illuminati never began with Weishaupt. It's always been there down through the ages.


In ancient times, they had the titles, too. Ignatius Loyola (loyal fire starter – igniter – fire) was also known for this. He came from Alumnbratos, which was the Spanish Knights Templars. That’s the term they used, after the supposed disbanding of the Knight Templars movement – the Alumnbratos – illumined - light.  That's why you all belong to alumni from university. You're now very bright, you see; hence the statement by Albert Pike, when he talked about everyone in the Western world being a Freemason, without going through the official degrees at the bottom. What he meant, was the whole system that you've been given is Masonic. The rituals you have in any standard church are Freemasonic rituals; including the baptism, the candle placements. Even some religions give a new name, which is kept secret, except from the brothers.


This is all ancient Babylonian mystery religion, going down through the ages, up through the present day. They use a language of symbolism. They use a language of speech, which they give to the public. We were given ours, long ago. It's been updated since, by the same people. It's full of coding, and it's interesting your newspaper headlines, when you understand the codes. In fact, it's very funny at times. Sometimes it's in their names; if they’ve been groomed and reared for a special purpose in life, to do with changing the world or the system; but it's all around you. Everyone is brought up in the school system, which we have, which the nations boast about - they wanted universal education.


Go back to the writings of Webster, in the 1800's, and he tells you that. That they must create a coast-to-coast, universal educational system to produce good, well behaved citizens - compliant citizens. Interesting. When you have a universal system there's no room for individuality. You're being stamped with the same stamp, and you are being classified as one of the herd. If you have originality in school - and I encourage parents this when they notice originality in their children - Teach them. If you have to send them to public school - Teach them, as much as you can, the first few years, because the school system is so scientifically designed, as Bertrand Russell said himself, he helped to design it: That they could completely take over the mind of the child, even with a few hours in school, with three or four hours in school everyday. He said that the parent’s input at night on “morals and obsolete morality” will be of no effect.


So, if you have children that have to go to the schools; and they're very clever and individualistic; tell them to play it down while amongst their classmates in school, and especially in front of the teacher. Otherwise, they'll be picked and put on something like Ritalin. They're trying to find those with leadership abilities, and literally chemically lobotomize them, and Ritalin does shrink the brain. That's fact.


Now this week I've been very, very busy, doing all the emergency stuff that comes with the first fall of snow and the plummeting temperatures. I hope as the winter progresses, to be able, to perhaps go into the mystery religions, in more detail and explain them in a deeper level, than has been done before - way beyond what you've been told by all the authorized ones out there. So, let's all hope I have the time and the ability to do this, because it's been so hectic and busy.  I'm on my own here. I cook for myself. Everything takes time, and living in the country consumes a lot of time, with clearing snow, maintaining your vehicle, and so on.  And that's all for now.


May your god go with you. All the best.



"Magical Mystery Tour"

By the Beatles


Roll up! Roll up for the magical mystery tour!
Step right this way!

Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (And that's an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour
The magical mystery tour is waiting to take you away
Waiting to take you away

Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (We've got everything you need), roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (Satisfaction guaranteed), roll up for the mystery tour
The magical mystery tour is hoping to take you away
Hoping to take you away

Mystery trip

Aaaah... the magical mystery tour
Roll up, roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (And that's an invitation), roll up for the mystery tour
Roll up (To make a reservation), roll up for the mystery tour
The magical mystery tour is coming to take you away
Coming to take you away
The magical mystery tour is dying to take you away
Dying to take you away, take you today



(Transcribed by Linda)