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April 27, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 27, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks.  I'm Alan Watt.  Today is Friday, April 27th, 2007.


We're going into the phase of “saving the environment,” in a much bigger way now, because our masters have decided it for us long ago. Bit-by-bit we will be soaked, which means you'll be robbed blind, because whenever there's a crisis or a fake crisis, or whatever, taxations go up to fight the crisis, whether it's a war with another country, a war of the worlds, a war on the environment or of the environment, or whatever.  Money's supposed to cure everything, which is rather amazing, since science supposedly hasn't been into the studying of the gases of the planet (and pretty well anything else), supposedly for more than a couple of hundred years, maximum. Even in the last hundred years, that's when they supposedly got all their data to check things with; to check if we do have increasing CO2; to check to see what is changing in the world, in the environmental area.  A short time-span to be able to compare anything with, especially when the Earth supposedly has had many ice ages with warming periods in between, which melts the ice, then back to ice ages, back and forth like a yo-yo, with many, mini-ice ages in between and many warming periods in between. 


This means that unless you had the records going back for thousands of years, of testing at the time through all of those years, you'd never come out with an accurate conclusion on anything.  This used to be taught in school: that the world goes through all of these phases over many centuries; and that in a period in the Middle Ages, they didn't even bother building chimneys and fires inside the houses, in Britain, because they had about a 200-year stretch of very, very warm weather. They did all their cooking outside. Then it started getting a bit colder again, and then they started building their chimneys; and on it goes, up and down, up and down. 


Therefore, if they take away information, down Orwell's “memory hole,” as they called it in the book "1984," the next generation don't know any better. They have no data, and they believe the experts, the scientists, the rosellian world that they've given us; and we can be convinced of anything.  Now remember, when they sent up the League of Nations, many books were written at the time by members of the League and supporters of the League, who firmly believed that the world should be run by the experts, the intellectuals, on behalf, of course, of the dominant minority, which own all the money and all the wealth and resources. That's never changed, because the League of Nations, simply, like a chameleon, transformed into the United Nations, with the same agenda.  It didn't change, whatsoever, its whole agenda, in fact.


Part of that, the LEAGUE OF NATIONS had BIG DEBATES on POPULATION CONTROL, from the very beginning, and HOW to REDUCE the POPULATION.  That same League of Nations also came out with mandatory inoculation.   What is it this year?  What is it, do they punch you on the left hand of your face and then the right hand, then smooth your face with a cold rag or something, then they punch you again? They want to help you. They want to kill you. They want to help you. They want to kill you. This is what they go back and forth with.  Think about that for a little while.



But of course they wouldn't do that to you, because you wouldn't do that to people, would you?  You couldn't do nasty things and plan the demise of lots of people with nefarious methods, would you?  No, of course you couldn't, because you're naturally human. You're not a psychopath; but the psychopaths have no problem debating these things; but you cannot tell the little children.  You've got to keep them in a fake reality that's planned for them, and the future is planned.  Go into all the plans laid out at the United Nations.  Read through them. They have 50-year plans; 100-year plans; 150-year plans for the next generations that are coming up; and it's always been that way, even before there was a United Nations or the League of Nations.  The same dominant minority were still planning the world like a big business plan, a far ranging business plan.


We know the idea is, as they spray the skies, you know, the sky alchemists, we know that they're causing weather changes.  People who've been noting this over the last few years, and documenting it, have plenty of evidence on it.  I see it myself. I've been doing the same documentation; and, yes, they're causing changes. They do control the weather, as the U.S. Air Force stated about a year or two years ago in the major newspapers; they would shortly own, not just control, but own the weather.  They do, you see, it's done. 


They can stampede the sheep in the fields into any pen, any direction they want them to go, by alchemy, the aerial alchemy.  It goes on everyday across the whole planet; because they must convince us all to change our way of living, into a planned system, like family planning.  You started with family planning, which was a fuzzy term for abortion, by the way.  It sounded very user-friendly, "family planning".  Family is a nice word.  Plan; it's good to plan things, so family planning, together. Who would have thought it meant abortion? 


Now they want global planning and identification cards, I.D.—Ideal Design cards, you see, for you.  They want us to be ideally designed as well, by experts, my goodness, why not?—Because we're just too silly to do it the old fashion way.  They have made the old fashion way rather dysfunctional now, because no one can get along with anyone else.  That's been instilled into the last generation.


How do they get us into the stampede, apart from all the propaganda that comes out from famous players and names? 


Every country is identical in the system that they use to project the ideas to the public.  They always have a famous person, who you grow up with and gives you nature talks, and talks about the nice animals and the fishes in the sea and the birdies in the air, and then gradually they become the vocal expert. They become your national expert on big problems that are coming; and what we should do about it; and how we should behave towards these problems; and how we should react to them; and what has to be done to save us all.


Every country has copied Britain, because they always do it first.  They also do it in culture first, too.  I should go into that in a little bit, maybe, because you have no idea that even the television programs you enjoy were first done in Britain, with different actors, same scripts, slightly altered though.  Same stories in the scripts but slightly altered for each culture, like "Archie Bunker" for the US, started in Britain, long before Archie Bunker came along, with the same format, same family, same son-in-law living at home with the daughter, to get ideas across to you.  It’s preparing you for a world to come, which is now here.  In Britain they called it just "Alf."  It didn't last too long. It didn't go over well with the British public. Then they came out with "Three's Company," which I think in Britain was called "Robin's Nest," initially, with English actors, same script, same stories, same series, just slightly altered for the American culture.  Other countries got their own idea for the same thing, because they all "follow the lead" of London and Tavistock.


We're programmed through fiction.  Yes, we also have the same superstars. They create these superstars; they're really nobody's, except that they belong to all the right organizations and societies. Some of them do have some connections of birth with extreme wealth, and they're either geneticists, like David Suzuki in Canada, and they're also at the same time connected to World Wildlife Funds, which Prince Philip is the head of.  A man who really loves the working class, if you go back through the comments he made about the British public and the working British public, over the last 30 odd years.


We should start getting the message when the wolves pretend they're speaking on our behalf. They want us into these habitat areas, these massive cities actually for the masses of people, while the wealthy and bureaucratic elite will live in the brand new habitat areas with all the high-tech solar, et cetera, and guards around the perimeter.  They already have that in some countries, the guards and all, to keep the riff-raff away, you understand.


If you look at most of the science fiction movies, they have big messages, like "Soylent Green".  That was taken from a book called "Make Room! Make Room!"  That was the first title it had.  It was a pro-depopulation author who wrote the book; but in the story he had a good little titillation of grabbing your attention as to what the elite could do to you, by making you eat each other. A sort of reconstituted meat, which would be taken from the dead and fed back to the people, who are all crammed together in these big habitat areas called "the old cities," living on top of each other almost, and the sky was always dull.  It was smoggy, polluted and they didn't know there was a vast open world out there outside their city. They thought everything was the same. They were taught there was nothing outside there except destruction and dead matter, no living green of any kind or birds, et cetera.


The movies, even when we enjoy them and even when they have good points, also have the predictive programming contained within. There was another movie called "Blade Runner," with Harrison Ford, a very good story, because they always give us a good grabber to get us into the story. You look at most of the stuff that Britain exports, it's primarily silly little BBC productions or Thames television ones on murders. There are more murders committed nightly on the screens of Britain than probably was ever committed in its history; it’s all on television.  The pathetic little stories, really all copying each other, the “who done it?” type thing intrigues the public.  They sit there and watch it, and then get downloaded with all other little things and innuendos, et cetera, along the way without realizing it.  That's why predictive programming works.  The one with Harrison Ford, "Blade Runner," has a future, not too far away, again, of a totalitarian system. 


In every scene in the movie outside, it's always raining. There's never ever a time you see outside where it's not raining. It's always pouring rain. That's getting you used to an idea. Even that movie had to do with a new type of human that was scientifically created, genetically, obviously from original human genes, modified, altered to be superior for the physical strength and all that kind of stuff.


They're predicting and programming us at the same time. They predict our behavior by making it familiar.  The idea is familiar, so when it happens in reality, we sort of accept it because it is familiar to us. The whole idea is familiar, as though it's inevitable. That's the whole thing, to make it seem inevitable to the public, and nothing is inevitable if we participate in our own destinies.  That's the antidote to all of this.  So many movies out there, many movies and novels, it's through everything. I've even heard it's in romance stories, the same kind of thing. Everything is programming us for a near future


Now remember the elite, long ago, even with the Cecil Rhode Foundation that setup the Rhodes Scholarships and joined with the Milner Round Table Group. They're all one now and have been for a long time.  They attend all the United Nations meetings and they sit and have little problems given to each big table, big group, and they debate it.  They're debating our futures.  We elect none of these people.  They even debate how to get the public to go along with it.  The "great unwashed masses," as they're called, "the profane," those who in Freemasonry believe the profane are "those in the darkness," those who swallowed the CON game.  They've swallowed their indoctrination without realizing it, without knowing. Those are supposedly the profane.  They're not quick enough to see through it, according to the higher elite; and it is, certainly, almost all pervasive.


How do you get the public to change their entire way of doing things, of viewing their existence and even thinking about a purpose to existence?


There are many movies out there, churned out all the time. It's one of the biggest exports of the United States of America, because they were chosen by the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations to give the world its culture, at meetings they held in England, back in the '60’s and into the '70’s.  That's why you can go to any country on the planet and watch young lost men with baggy pants, with the crotches at their knees and their hats on sideways or backwards.  It all came from the same culture industry.


How do they get us all into these habitat areas?


It’s mainly the banging of cymbals and the beating of drums; and increasing indoctrination via television and quips from major news people on TV, and experts of course; and all these little documentaries they do on crisis, the coming crisis in the planet, by experts of course, telling you all this stuff that's really all theoretical.  Theories are wonderful things.  You can juggle them like a juggler jugs balls. You can just throw them up in the air and keep tossing them round in circles, until those who listen are completely confused and believe the person, because it's so beyond them that they can't make head nor tail of it, so it must be true, as this man stares at you on television and tells you all these things.  This is the pseudoscientific drama that's played out, everyday now.


Every country is on a roll, they all have departments set-up to sell you this, to market all this to you. They've all signed the Kyoto Agreement. No citizen of any country, by the way, (like the general public), had any vote or say in this.  We have none at all.  It's just that the elite from a long time ago decided, like the Cecil Rhode Foundation, they had to take over the world's natural resources. That's ALL resources.  That's everything which is sustainable for you. It keeps you living. They would take it all over.  You're seeing the method that they're using gradually escalate into existence.


They've had a whole generation growing up with massive propaganda at school.  With children, let's be honest, you parrot things because that's what's expected of you at school. You parrot what you're told and you get a little gold star and a pat on the head.  They don't know anything else. They parrot.  "They mimic" as the big boys say.


Here's an example I'm going to read here of the agenda and how it's put out across to the public. This is from "The Sudbury Star," which, I think, may be a part of the chain of the "Toronto Star" and others.  You always have suns and stars. They don't have any moons, you notice, because that's feminine.  They don't like that (the Masons, that is, that run this whole system).


This is from Friday, April 27th, 2007 (today), front page, Toronto.  It says:


             "The door was firmly closed on the Kyoto treaty Thursday as the Conservative government heralded its own…"


Alan:  That's how you'll get it, too, in Australia, you see. “It's your own,” as well.


             "…its own wide-ranging environmental plan, one that it says will save billions in health costs and only marginally affect the Canadian economy.


Alan:  Ah-ha, ah-ha.


             "Dubbed “Turning the Corner,”…


Alan:  “Turning the corner,” very Masonic, the old right angle there.


             "…the strategy focuses equally on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality – a favourite issue of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who suffered from childhood asthma."


Alan:  Of course, he got that from his inoculations, but he's not supposed to tell you what causes it. He, by the way, will get a higher treatment than the public will ever know about, because they do have them.


             "Everything from the efficiency of household dishwashers to the carbon dioxide emissions of Alberta’s oil sands will fall under new regulations over the next several years."


Alan:  The Kyoto.


             "Canadian households will also get hit in the pocketbook…"


Alan:  Oh there's the bad news, but after all, it’s a war to save us all, isn't it?  It’s a war to save us all, and now that we're all so terrified, running around crazy, terrified that the sky is falling. That's from the aerial spraying, mind you. They don’t mention that part; they can go ahead with it.


             "… will also get hit in the pocketbook with prices for appliances, cars and electricity expected to rise slightly."


Alan:  Now remember the UN habitat agenda, if you look into it, "Agenda 21," look it up, "Agenda 21," and you'll see that these habitat areas will have NO private property and NO private vehicles.  That's the agenda. They have to get all vehicles off the road in a post-industrial era and post-technological era. We're actually, in the west, post-technological.  It's all being done in the east, almost, anyway.  They've got to get us all off the road now. We don't have to travel to work; we don't want “urban sprawl.”  Now if they want to give urban sprawl a nice name, they could have called it something else, just like family planning.


"…cars and electricity expected to rise slightly."


Alan:  “Rise slightly,” what a joke! This is going to terrify you.


             "Still, the government promised the plan would mean only a 0.5 per cent dip in the GDP, would raise gas prices by only six per cent…"


Alan:  Now we're already paying through the nose for this stuff.  Remember the biggest supporters; and this is an interesting point, this is not in the paper here. The biggest supporters of all of this new feudal system, this feudal system that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about, was to be run by these new feudal overlords, who would be the CEOs of the big international corporations.  These corporations are the biggest backers of this whole Kyoto and Green Movement. They give massive funding to it.


It goes on to say:


             "Still, the government promised the plan would mean only a 0.5 per cent dip in the GDP, would raise gas prices by only six per cent and would have a negligible impact on jobs. “Our plan strikes a balance…"


Alan:  He's “strikes” here. Military talk here; oh, I'm impressed. 


             "Our plan strikes a balance between…"


Alan:  Another “balance,” there's the Masonic balancing, too.


             "…between the perfection that some environmentalists might be seeking and the status quo that some in industry seek to protect,” said Environment Minister John Baird."


Alan:  They have a picture of him there; and I think he’s started shaving now. He's got his little green pin on, too.  And it says, "Canadians”-- now here's how it's promoted:  You'll see this in New Zealand, Australia, across Europe. You'll hear “the British demanded it” and you'll hear that everybody demands it, even though you're getting it whether you like it or not; and there's no one to speak for you, except the authorized non-governmental organizations that get funded by the big corporations.


             "Canadians demand leadership from their government for both a clean environment and a growing economy.”


Alan:  They love these little slogans that Lenin talked about.


             "The measures represent months of work by the Tories…"


Alan:  “Months of work,” this is to make them seem that they've actually rolled up their sleeves and done something, and sweated; and that will be the day.


             "…who realized by the end of last year that the environment had exploded in the Canadian consciousness."


Alan:  Did you realize that it just exploded in the Canadian consciousness?  Where would we get that all from?  I wonder where it all came from? 


             "With former environment minister Stephane Dion…"


Alan:  See, they always give you the left/right nonsense, who slug each other because they're allowed to do that.  Again, Carroll Quigley talked about that method. The ones on the different parties on the lower orders are allowed to compete, to a certain extent.  He said that, a certain extent with each other, but the ones at the top who are already approved, all belong to the one main system. They've been vetted. 


Now listen how they word things:


"So Stephane Dion the new Liberal leader (who’s suppose to be in opposition to the present bunch) and figures like Al Gore…"


Alan:  Al Gore, who’s been put up there.


             "…and David Suzuki…"


Alan:  That's our environmentalist. Nobody voted him in, either. He just got that fame by appearing on television every week with a show on nature.  This is the guy who also talked about the need to kill off so many thousands per day, to save the environment and the world.


It says here:


"…and figures like Al Gore and David Suzuki achieving rock star status…"


Alan:  You can make anything a rock star or give anybody status, by just saying so, through the same media, over and over again. That's how it's done.


             "…nothing less than a complete overhaul of their policy was in order.  Their challenge…"


Alan:  “Their challenge,” the challenge, they like challengers and things.


             "Their challenge now is to sell their scheme…"


Alan:  “Sell their scheme,” remember.


             "…as one that is tough enough on polluters."


Alan:  It’s going to be a very big crime now.


             "While the oil and gas industry called the emission targets the “toughest” in the world…"


Alan:  That's your left/right nonsense again; because, as I say, the big companies (corporations) are the biggest funders to the foundations and to these big authorized non-governmental organizations that pretend they're speaking and demanding on your behalf.


             " While the oil and gas industry called the emission targets the “toughest” in the world, the environmental groups and opposition politicians decried the plan as one that failed to deliver on the pressing issue of global warming. "What they have announced today is not a plan, it’s a scam,” said Dion."


Alan:  Anyway, I don't want to go into her diatribe, because if it was the other party, then this guy, Baird, would be saying the same thing, because the same speechwriters write little quotes for them.


It says:


             "The Harper Conservatives will also have to persuade Canadians…"


Alan:  “Persuade” us.


             "…that moving away from the Kyoto treaty was unavoidable given the situation they found on taking office. “What we’re representing today does meet Kyoto, if today was 1997. But the reality is that I didn’t decide to do nothing…"


Alan:  That's good, a double one.  


"I didn't decide to do nothing in 1997,” Baird said. “I can’t take responsibility for 10 lost years.  The strategy has two major components: dealing with the major industrial emitters of greenhouse gases, and clearing the air of smog and other pollutants. See Plan A2.


Alan:  That's for people like me, “see Plan A2,” that's the page they're talking about here.


             PLAN:  Big letters. In big bold letters: P-L-A-N, yep, it's a plan.


             "Predicts billions in health savings."


Alan:  There’s your con, again, we're going to get soaked for trillions, but we'll save billions. You wouldn't know these guys own all the big shops, do you?


             "The government predicts that improving air quality will save the country $6 billion annually in health costs."


Alan:  When have they ever predicted anything and been right on it, when it comes to money?


             "Companies that belch smog-producing pollutants will face tougher regulations than those that emit greenhouse gases. Reductions of sulphur oxide, for example, will have to attain a reduction of 55 per cent by 2015 and the targets will be firm limits. The provinces already largely manage such pollutants. Meanwhile, industries that emit a lot of carbon dioxide will face a reduction of 26 per cent by the same year, and targets will be based on their level of production rather than a firm limit. That so-called intensity target is one, the main differences between what the government proposes and what the opposition and environmentalists have railed against. This means that pollution can go up as long as the intensity goes down,” said Aaron Freeman…"


Alan:  This guy is from environmental defense. That's another "authorized" non-governmental organization that pretends to speak on behalf of the public, while they get funding from the big boys.


             "Well, the environment doesn’t care about intensity, it cares about absolute amounts of pollution.” Dale Marshall of the David Suzuki Foundation…"


Alan:  Foundation, you see.


             "…said the plan…"


Alan:  This guy who gives us all our nature programs is telling us all how we've got to live in the future (and he said it blatantly on television here, how we must all live) has that foundation.


             "…said the plan amounts to Canada reneging on its international commitments."


Alan:  In other words, it's not enough.  It's not tough enough.


             “If this is the plan moving forward, then essentially Canada has abandoned Kyoto,” he said."


Alan:  That's what they always say.


             "Pierre Alvarez, president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, took a decidedly different view.  "These targets are the toughest targets the oil and gas industry is (going to) face anywhere in the world," he said.  The Tories’ promise is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent over 2006 levels by 2020. The Kyoto commitment was to reduce by six per cent over 1990 levels by 2012."


Alan:  2012, from the United Nations Kyoto Agreement. Remember that number: 2012?  The Mayan calendar, eh? What a joke.


             "The gap is between 40 and 50 per cent, according to environmental groups. The government did not endorse those figures."


Alan:  They play the numbers rackets to confuse the public.  Therefore, what you're going to see here is a massive increase, and the public will pay until we can't pay anymore.


Now on the front page, again, going back to it, above this picture of this fellow with his green pin and his black and gold tie (sort of black and yellow). He must belong to two different lodges there, and the green one, because they have all those, plus the Red Lodge. They've got a picture graph of change in energy prices by the Federal Air Emissions Plan, and it starts off at 2010. Ah-ha! 2010, Arthur C. Clarke, you see.  The Nobel winner, the big guy who did 2001, 2010 and another one (I think it's 3000 and something), is giving us our whole future. He’s a very high Mason, though, writes good stories.  He's a better predictive programmer than most.


They have a chart here of a graph up to the year 2020.  So 2010, they're not going to hit us that hard, because we've already had about three or four increases in the last year, in gasoline and heating oil and all the usual stuff and electricity.  By the year 2011, it kind of doubles. It's still just above the zero to one percent.  2012 is about the same. So they're going to give us a big one in 2011 and drag it out over two years. That's what that means, to 2012. 


Between 2012 and 2013 it jumps from almost negligible on the zero percent scale, up to about 1-1/2 percent across the board, on everything. This is the big thing, and then it just escalates from 2013 up, it doubles, pretty well.  It's like looking at a graph of the side of Mount Everest. It just goes way up to a rocket ship by 2020, which means that really no one is going to be driving, or you'll be lucky to heat yourself with a candle; and you may get a SWAT team coming because of the gases you're emitting, by that time, by 2020; and that can be no exaggeration. Anything can be made to be believed, as the big boys keep telling us in their dusty old books in the libraries. And that's basically it. That's "The Sudbury Star," part of a conglomerate, I believe, like the Toronto Star and so on.  I can't see the rest of it because of all the ads, and I can't be bothered looking through it. 


I seldom read a paper. You get all the same data in all the other main media, because they're all connected to the one. It's all from one source. That's why you can flick through television stations, if you have cable; I don't.  At news time you get the same stories and the same format, nothing added, nothing subtracted, to make sure we all get the same propaganda; and that is the world we're living in. 


The drum rolls are on. They're going to really come at it—like “to save us, they have to kill us.”  Shortly, you'll have little children, like Orwell's '84, in fact I think they're already here; but they'll probably give them little uniforms and you'll be a thought criminal, combustion criminal or a candle heater criminal, you see.  They will really think they're doing the right thing, through their brainwashing, their scientific brainwashing at school, when they turn people in.  Maybe daddy will be a secret cigarette smoker and grows his own tobacco; and they'll have SWAT teams for that, too, because nothing, nothing is too fantastic anymore.  Anything could be made to happen.


Who would have thought, really, that you’d get fined for having a cigarette in the open air; yet it's happening in some cities now; a cigarette.  They really had come down on it, again, that was pushed by authorized NGOs that were funded both by the government and the big foundations.  Why is the government funding people to pretend to give a voice to the general public, who initially didn't care at all?  Now they do care, because they've all had so much propaganda on it.  You can make the public react, Pavlovian style, to anything, any topic, any idea.


Orwell talked about a future in "1984," that was published first in 1948. He called the book himself, "The Last Man," meaning the last sentient person that could think and see, see through all the CONOLOGY the pathocracy.  Psycho-pathocracy had created the power freaks, who chuckle as they control masses of people.  He wrote about a time, which was unthinkable, back then in 1948, where women's armies would be created. They'd wear a sash to show that they were complete in their belief, in their indoctrination, and the need to separate males from females on every level.  Breeding had to be authorized by government. Children turned their parents in as thought criminals.  The elite lived with everything at their disposal; they had all the goods they wanted, all the luxuries they wanted. The peasantry lived with perpetual war. That's how you control people—perpetual war. 


We tend to think of war as physical clashes of armies.  Most wars are not. Most revolutions are not, either. It's a revolution in thinking and in doing that must be propagated to the public, and marketed to them incessantly, at least for a generation, for it to take effect.  These have the biggest effects, more so than two, three, four or five year wars.


The United States government, along with Britain and other ones, had wars on crime, war on abuse and wars on etc., etc.  Each war is creating a vast new tier of government from the top, a federal government down to the bottom. More administration, more control freaks to control people’s lives, all the way down the ladder. It’s always under a good guise.  As Baruch said, there's always a very good reason given to the public, he says, but then there's the real reason, which the public are not given, for everything that's introduced.


It’s the same with this Kyoto; and look at the terminologies, always: "Canadians demand."  We've heard that so many times when they want something through: “Canadians demand.”  Britain's heard it. All the European countries have heard it.  It was the same with the European Union, when they gave us a pretense vote and people came back and said, "No, we don't want it."  They just came back again and told you, (this is the same story they left you with the computer, too), “you'd be left behind.” “If your child doesn't get a computer, he'll be left behind.” It was the same little thing they used with the unifications: “If you don't join now, financially your country will go down the tubes and you'll be left behind. You won't be in the free trade zone,” the old John Dee plan from the 1500’s.


They'll come up with the same stuff for the North American Union, which has already actually taken place. They must put on a formality for the public, while they tax you for the present wars abroad, before they grudgingly and calmly, you know, bit-by-bit, feed you a truth getting you used to a new way of living.


Orwell's girlfriend that he met in '84, Julia, luckily, was the last woman who also could see through the cons.  She went along with the uniform of the ultra-radical feminists, because you had to pretend you were robotic, like the rest of the public, to survive. You couldn't have even a smile at the wrong time, because you're all on camera. Wherever you went you were on camera. You were watched and analyzed for little giveaways, you see.  That world is rapidly coming here. It's pretty well here. We're always the last to know, even when they say they're working on something and going to do something, you know they've already done it and have done it, probably quite some time ago. 


Under the ENCHELON programs and all the new programs with total information network, no one has privacy anymore in communications. It isn't there, at all.  I don't care what the little boys think, with their programs, they can hack this and hack that and get around it by encrypting things (you can buy encrypting programs).


Nothing can be sold to the public by law (and I think it's from 1995 onwards): No program can be sold to the public that BLOCKS OUT governmental agencies ACCESS to that communications device: Phone, fax, computer, whatever (maybe even smoke signals).


I've talked to many people from the ex-Soviet countries who came to the west, and now they're all terrified, because they see it all here. The same techniques, the same associations, the same non-governmental organizations with massive funding, are demanding from the government what the government wants them to demand. That's why they're authorized to be your official non-governmental organizations.


There was one of the big meetings to do with the GATT treaty, held, I think, in Latin America somewhere a few years ago, where students went down by buses and everything else to protest it, as always.  We got kind of used to that, as the big cops dressed in all the Ninja outfits and batons, and tear-gas went into the crowds of the children; and we munched away there, thinking, “I guess they’re too radical.”  Inside, it was stated, at the time, they would have to eventually bring in the non-governmental organizations. That was always the plan, of course, and now those big protests have sort of dwindled away, now that the non-governmental organizations are represented alongside the big feudal overlords of our brand new public/private system.


I noticed so much traveling across Europe and other parts of the world, a long time ago. It’s not that long ago really, but I noticed that laws were getting passed in Britain. You went to another country in Europe and found them passing the same laws there, never mentioning that it was happening elsewhere, so people thought it was a local thing, a national thing; and we've been run internationally for a long, long time. That's just a plain fact.


We've been given the same types of superstars to lead us in the Green Movement.  Madeline Albright—some of them called her "half bright", a stony-faced woman, who I think was in when Bill Clinton was in. She's now at the UN, I believe, she was asked on television at the time when they were starving Iraq into submission.  It's a strange thing, that, they’re after one man, supposedly, and his little coterie around him, and so they starved the population. They cut off their food supply and medical care to the whole population to make Saddam, the psychopath, give up.  You think about it, eh?  They killed thousands and thousands of people; men, women and children, never mind all the cruise missiles that Billy boy was having sent over there.  Madeline Albright was asked on television when they quoted the casualty figures through death and starvation and sickness. They couldn't get them antibiotics and stuff.  She was asked if all of this was worth it, to get this country to give up, and she, stone-facedly, said, "Absolutely."  A real psychopath, good credentials for the United Nations, to speak on behalf of the public, definitely.


That's what we live in, the big pathocracies. The psycho-pathocracies come together globally, the big club at the top. Those, who, by the Darwinian standards of social Darwinism, have achieved the highest heights of dominance and prominence, by looting, stealing, and murdering, through generations of accumulation for their own family wealth. That's the reality of it.  That's the sad reality of it all. 


Kings and queens, up until around the 1500’s, and some countries later too, had a romantic history written about them. That was standard in all countries. The historians had to RUB OUT all the BAD BITS of a person's career as a king, and glorify him as being a loveable king by all the people (or a queen, made no difference).  And ALL THE NASTY BITS WERE RUBBED OUT OF HISTORY.


Little bits were left here and there, but most of it was RUBBED OUT and white-washed to make them seem so caring about their position, and worrying about the people and trying to help them.  Nothing was so far from the truth, because they all got their starts with families that killed their neighbors and accumulated more land and territory, until they got up there. That's the social Darwinistic system, which prospers in a monetary system. It can go on no other way.


Money takes over humanity and humanitarian ways of living, which is pre-money.  With money and accumulation of money, you can also starve others to death if you hold the money banks, and you hold all the resources and all the necessities for living.  All that you need to live on is coming under this strange umbrella of the ONE (the U.N.) and the new feudal overlords, the CEOs of international corporations that belong to dozens of boards. Each one sits on dozens of boards, to plan your life and your children's lives.


However, this is only one report that goes through to 2020. They have other plans ranging to 2030, 2050. They don't seem too worried about a comet hitting us or Planet X or rushing through a photon belt; and that's the key to the other disinformation they soak us with, to terrify us.   What they do plan is to have their own families running the show, their own descendents, in the near and distant future. That's how it's always been.


I seldom get people who criticize the topics and the way I present them to the public. I had one, maybe, in the last few months, who had listened to me on a show.  He says, "what a downer. I was so depressed."  I didn't bothering answering, but I could tell him to go back and listen to dreamland, because that's for the New Age that don't want to look at the negative.  When you don't look at the negative, guess what?  It accumulates like debt and one day it hits you.


It’s been a busy week. I'm sure it’s the same with everyone out there. I get to know so many people, through their mail, and it's good to know there are so many people outside this little area that are awake and coming up to speed, very quickly, on other topics as well, and spreading the information they receive to others. This has to be "headed off at the pass," as they say, before it comes down full tilt and we're living in straight-jackets, because that's exactly where we're going. 


This war to “save” the environment is the granddaddy of all wars. It's the big one they've planned for a long, long time, to take over our living, our own decision making, into their own hands, because we're all too silly, little nincompoops, to do it responsibly ourselves. And life isn't always so dull, for me, and I'm sure for you, too.  We've got to keep some sense of humor going and we've got to also enjoy ourselves once in a while.


Tonight, I'm strutting out with Hamish. We're going to a party. Now this is a party in the woods, up here in the boonies, and the party is being held for the old moose. The moose is a big fella, a great big fella who's liked by all the other animals. There's only one time in the year you keep out of his way, he's a bit surly, and that's in the rutting season; but the rest of the time, he's placid as can be, a bit of a loner.  And it's his birthday; so he survived 15 years, without people from the city coming up and shooting him to get his head mounted on their wall; so we're all getting up there to have a little shindig and getting dressed up for it. I pulled out my best jeans. I might even put a crease in them, if I can scrape the rust of my smoothing iron. Well, there is one patch on the back, but no one's going to notice that, right?, and a clean shirt, and I'll even comb my hair, as well, and give Hamish a brush. Got to look good for this one.  And all the other animals come along, you see, and each one sings a song, which is really amusing and entertaining, because each character has got his own type of song.  The moose, being a loner, he's got this deep, deep bass voice, so he sings very low, and it's very melodious, nice it is. Then as different acts come on, you get the rabbits coming along, and they can pound the ground like drums. They're good drummers, and that's entertaining.


And then there's the beaver. There's two beavers, called Mr. & Mrs. Beaver, and they do a sort of flamenco dance.  The male, he starts gnawing around the tree and it sounds just like castanets, as he chomps away there with those big teeth.  His wife dances around, and at the end, she joins him, and they just flick the tree with their tails and it falls right over and lands exactly where they wanted it to land. It's a great act. It's the best act in the forest, actually.


Now there is a little thing we have here too, because we've also got the squirrels. We've got the squirrels, who do a trapeze act above our heads. Really good, the way they can do that and synchronize themselves and catch each other; but when you’re looking up, you know, you be careful, because the squirrels belong to a little fraternity.  They have magpies in this fraternity, too, the birds, and they also have little ferrets, which are really weasels, again in this brotherhood, you see. So we know they're there, and they've got these secrets oaths and stuff.  They hold little secret meetings in the forest and do all silly little things, and jump over goats and all that in their ceremonies; and they have a charitable face to them.  Once in a blue moon, they'll throw some nuts to someone that needs them.  But we know that they're scam artists, too, because while you're watching these squirrels (the fraternity guys) and your head is looking up at them in the trees, and you'll find that these ferrets, they get into your pockets and they loot you; they rob you blind (the other part of this fraternity). 


You've got the ferrets; you've got the squirrels and the magpies.  The ferrets pass on what they steal out of your pockets to the magpies that fly it up to the squirrels, and then dump it into these little holes up in the tree, and squirrel away, yeah.  And I tell you, the last time I went there, you lose all of your valuable possessions, things that guys really need (when they put their hands in their pockets). You know, pieces of string, elastic bands that are falling apart and little pocket-knife that had a broken blade, and one day you were going to fix and grind and shorten. You know, all these little things, nuts and bolts that you'll use one day, again.


But anyway, it’ll be a good shindig.  Hamish and I are leaving shortly, once we're all brushed up and ready to go.  So from two sharp looking guys (Hamish and myself), it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



"Sharp Dressed Man"

By ZZ Top


Clean shirt, new shoes
And I don't know where I am going to.
Silk suit, black tie,
I don't need a reason why.
They come running just as fast as they can
'Cause every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man.

Gold watch, diamond ring,
I ain't missing not a single thing.
And cufflinks, stick pin,
When I step out I'm gonna do you in.
They come running just as fast as they can
'Cause every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man.

Top coat, top hat,
I don't worry 'cause my wallets fat.
Black shades, white gloves,
Looking sharp and looking for love.
They come running just as fast as they can
'Cause every girl crazy about a sharp dressed man.



(Transcribed by Linda)