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June 21, 2007


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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is  You can also get me on  Today is the 21st of June, 2007. 


There are so many topics to do, spontaneous blurbs, because we live in a rapidly changing world.  Not in an evolving world, as by chance, but by simply the unfolding of very old, very meticulous and well worked plans into existence.  I doubt anyone’s lived, the last few generations, where the big major changes in their lives weren’t designed long before they were born. 


In the 1700’s they talked, around the time of the French Revolution, about the world they would shape.  These were elitists who employed members of the middle classes, the educated classes, to write these theories out into existence to make it so.  To stir up the people who then rebel and fight for a future which they thought would be a kind of utopia.  For most people back then, any kind of system other than the one they had—had to be a utopia, because it was really coming out of a feudal system.  That actually has never really happened.  The feudal system is still alive and well.  It’s just that the king’s men don’t come out in armor and horses to collect their dues, their fees.  Fee comes from few, feudal.  They simply call it taxes and have governments to collect it for them.  


We’ve lived through the open announcement of public-private partnerships.  Whatever they announce, you always find they’ve been doing for an awful long time.  If you look into all the major corporations - especially the car industries, auto industries, aircraft industries, things like that – it’s commonplace for every few years for them to declare bankruptcy and be given a cash bailout gift.  After all, if they go under, Britain or Canada or the US is going to lose all these jobs.  That’s what we hear.  They get bailed out.  They get a public-private deal made where the public pays for their losses and their maintenance, and the private shareholders reap the benefits, which is all profit.  That’s the real meaning of it. 


The feudal system was based on hereditary blood.  In those days they didn’t say you had better genes, they just said you had better breeding, because they’d always understood for thousands of years that their special traits came from selective, very specially chosen mating, marriages, chosen by priesthoods at that time who kept the genealogies of all royal and aristocratic offspring.  Money and land and property came along with that. 


It’s hard for the average person today who can’t really imagine, unless they see it on television that does all their imagining for them, that not so long ago, whole countries were given over in marriage with a future queen.  Her dowry would be the country or a country or one of their countries.  That was quite common that people had no rights whatsoever; and like peoples in all ages, most of them for a long time thought that was just normal, because it must be that way, since they were born into it.  They couldn’t imagine any other way.  Which is an odd thing really, if you understand that history is knowledge.  True history is knowledge.  Not the whitewashed, diluted, specially selected little bits and bites we get today from history channels and things like that. 


Archives of history have existed in all ages for the elite to read and study.  They ancient Greek philosophers talked about democracies, for instance, and republics and pointed out the benefits and pitfalls of the various kinds of governments.  To the people of the Middle Ages of Europe, who didn’t know any of this stuff, because most of them couldn’t read or write, they never heard the term before.  They all served and were owned by their kings and their queens, who had deified themselves as basically Gods on earth.  You had again in ancient Egypt, too, where pharaohs were representatives of Gods.  The aristocracy of Greece and other countries, through their own myth making, would also have the same stories that you must be a god, descended from Achilles or wherever.   That was quite common, to myth-make a genealogy based on the descendancy from Gods.  Some modern writers, who are well funded to spin you off into the fantasyland, have taken that and pushed the myth until they have all kinds of weird and wonderful things.  In the past, these people were men.  In the past, that’s all they were.   Albeit, primarily psychopathic men, at least from the time of money and commerce. 


The Phoenicians are an interesting people.  They had run the ancient world on the commercial side of things for hundreds and hundreds of years, a couple of thousand odd years ago.  They had brought the tin from Cornwall in England, through the Mediterranean and back to the various countries there, so they’d add with it copper and make bronze for weaponry.  Yet, for hundreds of years they kept it secret, where they got this, because the Venetian sailors were fraternities and they were bonded, they were sworn to keep secrets.  There’s nothing new in the secret societies, whatsoever. 


The profane (in all fraternities) are the general population, who take the world as it’s been indoctrinated or presented to them, via the media or education.  Without question, they take the time period they are living in quite naturally.  It could be bizarre and it is actually bizarre, but it could be even worse.  And yet, a child being born into it, if their parents aren’t hyped up about it, a child will take it for granted that this is the only natural that it could possibly be.  Therefore, it’s not difficult to guide generation after generation along a particular path, towards a destination, if you understand and control societies that keep secrets.  That also includes secret services that work for governments.  It’s very important not to overlook that because they’re also sworn under penalty of imprisonment or death in times of war for disclosing secrets.  That’s why they have official secrets acts.  You can’t just walk away from these organizations and start opening your mouth and telling the public.  It doesn’t happen that way. 


Going back to the times of the French and other revolutions, a world was envisioned where those who were fit to rule and be the overlords of the people, a new intelligentsia, an expert society, was heavily discussed.  Various members of what became known as Freemasonry and Illumined Ones, under many guises, many names, many different lodge names.  It wasn’t just Adam Weishaupt, he just opened his mouth a bit more than the rest, that talked about the society and how the profane, those unenlightened ones, the general public, would be used.  That was a natural state of the world, a natural state, they claimed.  It was the right of the Illumined Ones to feed off and direct the profane, those in the dark.  They have certainly done their best to keep everyone else in the dark.  It’s not difficult when you have a National and International Education Association run by the United Nations.  That’s the function of the United Nations, to direct the world along social policy lines into the new electronic prison.  Once you have the mind electronically controlled, the whole world is therefore a prison—a prison from the prisoners’ point of view, if they could possibly think, which they won’t at the time, once that’s happened.  It’s certainly a utopia for an elite, whose only problem has always been how to keep control of the people, how to give them enough bread and circuses. Lots has been written about it.  Lots has been put out over the centuries on the agenda. 


We find the same thing with Karl Marx and Engels, whose job was really to give the dialectical counter to capitalism, paid by the capitalists to do so.  So that the synthesis, the third wave would come out of it, which was a blend of the fascists at the top with the bureaucratic, massive bureaucracies running a communistic Soviet-type public.  That’s already pretty well here.  We think nothing about it, in fact, because we’re so used to it, some countries more so than others where it’s more prevalent.  You can’t move today or do anything without permission from some government agency.  Whether it’s re-plumbing your house, in Canada it also comes down to having your furnace inspected by a government inspector before they’ll even fill up your oil tank, to a million and one other things.  This is the new normal, because like Carl Jung said, he saw the lights of the world, meaning the individual intellect, being crushed ultimately by walls of bureaucracies.  That’s happened.  Lenin talked about it because he was in on the whole hundred years leading up to the millennium.  He knew that would be the time when these bureaucracies would be so big in the west that they would all stand over on each other’s toes.  They all overlap, there’s so many of them.  That’s already here. 


Eventually there will be fights and arguments and all you creep into the news as one department or social services battles with another one, another rival for the right to dictate or do whatever it is that they do to the public.  It’s to be an age of chaos, purposely designed in the dialectical process, to bring out a new way, a more precise way.  With that comes all the hype about this wonderful world we’re coming into, with electronic monitoring and how safe we will all be. 


Jacques Ellul was a great writer who had tremendous contacts in high governments all over the world, in fact and also at the United Nations.  He laid it on the line to do with the collection of data on the general public.  He was the one who said that everyone, since 1950 onward, has had a complete personality profile kept on them in the western countries, all western countries.  He said that the public don’t know and won’t be told how this information and data is collected.  It started with school.  You didn’t know we were being assessed all through school.  Records are not destroyed.  It’s also done by collecting gossip, because people chat, you see.  What’s the easiest way to collect data on people?   You just find the local gossips and you also put plants into little villages and towns and cities of semi-retired bureaucrats, they’ve been putting them in for years now, who mix with you and lead the little social organizations, the little charitable organizations where they collect all the data.  The Eastern Stars are very good at that.  That’s part of their job.  That goes to police chiefs and they put it in computer banks.  We’ve been under observation for a long time. 


Those who created the revolutions in the 1700’s (and even before) pushed the average person to fight for the revolution by elevating individualism, the rights of the individual over the rest, the freedoms of the individual person.  They had to do that to get everyone to fight for them.  Once they did it and thought they’d succeeded, then of course, it’s reversed and you find they then start teaching their offspring in schools and universities that the individual is the problem.  Therefore, individualism is a dangerous thing and can’t be trusted; and if it’s amongst you in society, it can cause problems.  We have to monitor people.  So it’s left, right, left, right, punch-drunk all down through the ages as the dialectic is played out.  All funded by the same sources, all sides. 


No-one, no generation that has accepted a form of totalitarianism sees anything wrong with it if they’ve had the correct indoctrination early enough.  They will actually fight for the system because they’re being heavily brainwashed and indoctrinated.  Brainwashing does work and scientific indoctrination works very well when it’s done in school. 



This is from the Telegraph Company, UK, from the 2nd of the 9th, 2006 and it says:


“Celebrity children will get database privacy”, by Sarah Womack, Social Affairs Correspondent. 


Alan: It’s interesting we have Social Affairs Correspondents, because Social Worker Correspondent, PR, you know.


             “Children of celebrities will be given special safeguards in a new database that will store details of every child in England and Wales, it was disclosed yesterday.”


 Alan: It doesn’t mention here that it’s also in Australia and New Zealand and everywhere else, and Canada. 


“Ministers said the contentious two-tier level of privacy will protect children of the rich and famous from intrusion.” 


Alan: Again, some are more equal in such utopias than others. 


“Addresses and telephone numbers of celebrities will be removed from the database if, for example, they are deemed at risk of kidnap.  But opponents of the 241 million pound Children’s Index, a supposedly confidential system intended as an early warning system for children at risk of abuse…” 


Alan: This is how they brought it in, they always bring it in with, well, you know, a plausible good reason and then they give you the real reason.  It said:


“The move underlined their concerns about its security.  In further embarrassment to the Government, an independent report commissioned by Parliament’s Information Commissioner and due to be published next month, is understood to warn that the index is causing serious concern and is possibly unlawful.” 


Alan: It’s a bit too late now.  Once they’ve got it on the books, you never see it getting scrubbed off. 


“There are fears that it does not comply with the European Convention on Human Rights and may contravene the Data Protection Act.  The database to be introduced in 2008 follows the death of 8-year-old Victoria Climbie in 2000 as a result of abuse by her great aunt.  Police, doctors, and social workers had contact with Victoria as she suffered 128 injuries, but failed to discuss the case with one another.” 


Alan: They always give you an incident—again, this is a collective punishment—you find for the Sovietized system, they give you one incident in order to make everyone pay.  Everyone is therefore a suspect, and you’re a possible criminal, you see.  Everyone’s a possible criminal according to law. 


“Files are held by many bodies on the 11 million children in England and Wales, but the index will link this sensitive information in one database accessible to hundreds of thousands of officials.” 


Alan: The officials, you see, come out of different wombs than the rest of us.  You can trust them.  I guess that’s what it means in the two-tiered system. 


“Schools, doctors, the police, and private sector bodies will alert the system to such warning signals as low birth weight, poor exam results, and a parent’s depression or addiction.  Two warning flags in a children’s record may trigger an investigation.  Lord Adonis…” 


Alan: I don’t know who this Adonis is, where’d they get Adonis from?  You know the old god Adonis and Adonai; the Hebrews took it as Adonai, meaning “Lord.”  I don’t know if this is a joke or what, but anyway, Adonis was also the Greek one.   Lord “Adonis,” so it’s also a title the guy’s been given with a fake name. 


“…the Education Minister told the House of Lords between 300,000 and 400,000 users will access the index.” 


Alan: That’s an awful lot of people who have access to it. 


“Children who have a reason for not being traced, for example where there’s a threat of domestic violence or where the child has a celebrity status, will be able to have their details concealed.  Robert Whelan, the deputy director of the think-tank Civitas, said Lord Adonis’s remarks showed there were legitimate concerns about the security of the index.  ‘The government is showing it has no confidence in this database’, he said.  ‘There have been all these assurances it is secure, but how can we believe them now?  I will tell you who will be off the register - the Blair’s children, for an example that is.  This is just politicians protecting their own’.” 


Alan: --They do because they’re psychopaths, you see.  They have no shame or guilt or anything.  It’s interesting even with the GMO, the food, the modified food, the genetically stuff, the Monsanto stuff, came an exception for the Parliamentarians’ big, massive what they call a “cafeteria,” which is like a massive rich restaurant.  They can get natural food in there, but the rest of the public must take the modified stuff.  The same with inoculations, by the way, did you know that there are different types of inoculations from different manufacturers that they can order?  It doesn’t give you the problems that the rest of the public have with theirs. 


“How is the government going to define celebrity?”


Alan: I guess they’ll get a think-tank about that and hire about 10,000 bureaucrats to debate this.  It could drag of for 10 years and people could make a whole lifetime’s salary on it. 


“It is a very fluid term, an assembly of high powered clergy, disgraced politicians, topless models, pop singers, and reality TV contestants. An Education Department spokesman said Lord Adonis was making a general statement and that children of violent parents, while their name will still be on the register, may have their address removed or a child of a parent with celebrity status will have their address removed.  The police may decide it is appropriate or the police will decide.” 


Alan: The police are acting as judge and jury here, which is what happens to all control freaks ultimately. 


“There will be extremely strict controls.  No-one other than practitioners will be able to access any information which will be minimal as about allowing practitioners to make contact with each other when necessary.  But in an interview for tomorrow’s Channel 4 program, Your Kids Under Surveillance, Professor Ross Anderson, an author of the report sent to the Information Commissioner, expressed concern about security.  ‘There will always be bent insiders. If you connect all these systems up and if you've got over a million professionals needing to access this every day it will all get out’.” 


Alan: Here they go again –


“Pedophiles for example can use the database to find out which children in their neighborhood are vulnerable and where they live.” 


Alan: See what they’ll find is bureaucrats there who will sell it to them, this information to them. 


It goes on to say:


“Jonathan Bamford, the Assistant Information Commissioner, said the report he received was on children's databases generally, not just the index, but some famous people's details could be excluded if a child is subject to real risk or harm.”


Alan: So there you go, there’s nothing new in this what’s passed off as news.  It’s just the same old scam, con-games as we go into more totalitarianism.  The public get no choice, no chance to debate anything.  The public have no say in anything at all in this system.  We have no say at all on any issue.  Experts take over and do it all for us—that we don’t even elect.  There’s always experts pulled out the hat to tell us what to think. 

We don’t debate it ourselves on any single topic; and of course that will never happen because, you see, you’re not living in a free world.  You never have been living in a free world.  You’ve always been under authority, planned authority, of a system which tries to keep itself fairly quiet as to who is actually leading it.  It’s run by think-tanks, paid by big banks and foundations; and if you want to know what big guys who are heavily involved, just look at the top people in the foundations.  They’re all high ranking Freemasons.  That’s the common link worldwide in every country. You go into the Freemasons’ higher books, see what they forecast, read the writings of the Founding Fathers of the US, you’ll find many of them were up there in Freemasonry and they wanted a confederated world. 


I am amazed at the modern American mind, who’s been brainwashed with really fictional propaganda in school and its history comes from Hollywood; and they never read their Founding Fathers’ books or letters for themselves.  They read about them by some modern author, but they won’t read anything by these people for themselves.  If they did, they’d find out that Franklin and Thomas Jefferson talked about this being the nucleus.  They hoped for a Federated world, a world system, ultimately; ultimately through different phases, ultimately to be led by a council of twelve wise men—all high Freemasonry, all high occultic Masonry. 


It’s beyond the blue sky, where everything’s in the open of the low masonry, that they haven’t a clue.  That’s the world as it really is.  We’re being guided, planned, and regulated and driven.  Long ago, the high “Illumined Ones” decided that the general public in all ages were just sheep who were very base, and therefore must be guided by those who were better equipped with a better brain-box. 


Now I think it’s very sad that the ordinary people who have no concept of continuity of peoples or migrations in history, including their own, don’t see what’s happening today.  All they see really is what affects them personally and then they complain.   I’ve got squirrels that do this in my area.  The squirrels, if you go near their wherever their little home is, they come out there and they chatter away on the branches there and make an awful noise because you’re encroaching on their territory.  Yet we’re all here, whether it’s Europe or the US or wherever, because migrations occurred all down through time.  Especially since money came along and armies and people were thrown off the lands, migrations were very, very common. 


Today the target happens to be the Mexicans.  The Mexicans have been prepared for this and been getting prepared for this by big corporations and high government departments in all countries for the NAFTA deal and so on.  They’ve been getting prepared for this for a hundred-odd years, this union.  Europe was being worked on for that too.  They needed wars to get Europe together.  Winston Churchill talked about it, other ones talked about it; H. G. Wells talked about it.  They had to have wars to make it so—so they created their wars. 


In the United States, early in the 1900’s, they talked about it.  They even had a huge Masonic meeting in Pennsylvania at the Philosophical Society’s main base.  The Rosicrucians held it and all the lodges of Masonry came in to attend it.  They talked about uniting the eagles of America and Mexico back together again.  That’s how it should be, they said.  It didn’t go over too well, all the propaganda and the time and the newspapers, so they went back to the drawing board and occupied us with other affairs for a while.  However, they didn’t stop because they never stop and never change their plans.  That’s one thing you can be sure of.  When you think you’ve fought something and won, you better be watching for the rest of your life because they’ll always come back.  Their business plans are never thrown out the window.  They don’t go back to the drawing board; they simply come at it from a different direction.  Often the one that you attack, in fact, the bill or whatever it happens to be, is a “faint.”  They call it a “faint” in boxing.  It’s a false throw.  You’re not looking at the real punch that’s coming around the side of your head.  Therefore, they’ll often throw you a faint out there, or a trial balloon, while the real one is tucked into some omnibus bill that you don’t even know about until it’s passed. 


Britain, the great worker of lodges, the grand lodge, really is an extension of the British elite establishment, or the real government in Britain.  Everyone swears allegiance to the crown.  Every bureaucrat does, also, in commonwealth countries.  Every politician does, as well, every policeman, every person in the military does.  There are many forms of Masonry, each one with a particular function to accomplish in the higher realms of things. 


Cecil Rhodes, for instance, only one instance, was one person funded from the big banking sources (that also funded and ran the Bank of England) to put up what appeared to be a private organization, with the intent of taking over the wealth of Africa.  They took over the diamonds and the gold and everything else in Africa.  That was the purpose of it.  Yet, because it technically seemed to be a private organization, which Rhodes himself said would have to work along the same principles as the Jesuits, a brotherhood with secrets and passwords and signs and all the rest of it, and the ability really to create tremendous deception.  Deception is the word for them.  The appearance would always be misleading or their direction would always appear to be misleading.  What they did in Africa was to create wars with South Africa with the Boers—and lo and behold, Britain eventually had to go in to save the settlers that were being attacked now that the war had started; a war started by this apparent private organization.  That’s how it was done.  Rather than have Britain overtly come out and declare war on the Boers, they used that excuse to get into the war.  They needed something private or what appeared to be a private organization.  Really they were working for the real elite, the real establishment that really runs England, the ones who are never heard of by the public, the people who are never elected—because democracy is a sham for the public to believe in. 


Part of the offshoot of Cecil Rhodes was to create an organization in the Americas that was the Anglo-American establishment; they called it at the time, which turned out later to be the Council on Foreign Relations.  The British side of it was the Royal Institute of International Affairs, another seemingly private but incredibly well-funded organization that also has members who are politicians and high-level bureaucrats.  They are the ones who have openly stated in the Canadian media that they drew up the plans for the American union.  That was on national television here before Bush and Martin and Fox signed it into law in 2005, at Waco [Texas], before their little PR stroll for the cameras.  That was drafted up by the Council on Foreign Relations, a proud boast.  The first time they came out publicly as a panel representing the Council on Foreign Relations and admitting it, quite the boast.


Before that, it was just referred to quietly as the Anglo-American establishment, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute.  Colonel Mandell House, his title was actually honorary, was the advisor, the main man, the real mover and shaker behind President Wilson, they guy who pushed for the Federal Reserve and everything else.  He worked with the bankers, this whole cooperative private organization.  He was an advisor—advisors are more powerful and more important than Presidents because they’re not elected but they do know their part in the agenda.  Colonel House had brought forth a proposal for a Pan-American union in the early 1900’s. 


--I’ll just grab this book off my shelf; this book is “The Intimate Papers of Colonel House”, arranged as a narrative by Charles Seymour, Professor of History, Yale University, 1926.  This is published by Houghton Mifflin Company.  Page 191 says here:


“Colonel Houses’ conception of such a policy was far reaching.  He believed that the time had passed when the United States could pose effectively as a protector of all the American states and he wanted to bring about a definite friendly understanding with the great South American states upon the basis of an equal partnership.  He realized acutely the feeling in South America hostile to the United States and based upon the consciousness that the Monroe Doctrine, as they interpreted it, was thoroughly one-sided and accordingly distasteful to Latin-American sensibilities.  It if could be transformed into a common policy and a common responsibility in which all American states participated it would, House insisted, benefit the United States no less materially than morally.  Such a partnership, he believed, might develop into a league for the preservation of peace and tranquility in the Americas and would be in the utmost service in handling situations such as had arisen in Mexico.” 


Alan:  That wasn’t the first time it had been brought up by the same people. 


He goes on to say:


“This ambitious plan, reminiscent of Blaine’s Pan-American proposal…”


Alan:  That was much earlier.


“…carried another, even more ambitious as its inevitable consequence. A general Pan-American pact was bound to interest the European powers, some of which, such as the British Empire, we also American powers.  House was one of the few persons in the United States to realize before the war…”


Alan:  That’s World War I.


“… how thoroughly the previous 30 years had altered our relations with Europe and made the United States intellectually and economically one of the family of world powers.”


Alan:  Now going back a little bit:


“Such a partnership, he believed, might develop into a league…”


Alan:  That’s like the League of Nations, the league for Europe, the league for the Americas.  The League of Nations became the United Nations.


“…for the preservation of peace and tranquility in the Americas…”


Alan:  --And would also, it says here the word partnership, “such a partnership”, what was it Bush said recently?  It was a partnership for peace and prosperity.  That’s the part that was missing in Monroe’s; they had the same thing on the books.  They added on prosperity and repeat the same thing.  


It says here:


“Political companionship…”


Alan:  Like the words, the terms they use are so wonderful.


“…he was convinced must follow.  Never lacking in boldness, he was willing to accept the consequences and just as he felt that the mythical protector of the Monroe Doctrine should be transformed into an American partnership, so he believed the legend of the political isolation from Europe was the outworn remnant of an age that was passed.  What he wanted was some sort of cooperative understanding with the great European powers that might help to preserve the peace of the world in which the United States had vital material interest.  This conviction was not lessened by his realization that the European situation was critical and might at any moment result as a general European War.” 


It goes on and on and on.  You should read this book, “Intimate Papers of Colonel House”.  It’s quite fascinating really, but it was when the first time you read it, you know when you are 5 or 6, but it gets kind of boring when you see so many books printed about the same thing by the people who are the actual main players at the time.  The European Union, the American Union, and the Far Eastern Union, and even the African Union are all old plans.  They have never gone away.  They have been worked on by the same organizations, which are all connected for well over a hundred years.  We are simply living through the next phase of it as they actually complete it; and it took wars to get us all to accept it bit-by-bit-by-bit.  If we’d accepted it all back in 1903, they wouldn’t have had the wars, and that’s a fact. 


Remember again what Cecil Rhodes talked about, a society based on the Jesuit structure.  What is it that the Jesuits say? - The end justifies the means.  In other words, you use anything and everything possible to make it so.  Wars are part of it.  Quigley again said that you can get more done in five years of war on a social scale with changes, than you can in fifty years of peace, just with, basically, propaganda.  The main go-between from Britain to the U.S. at that time was via Count Grey, a member of the Milner Group and the Rhodes Society.  His contact in the U.S. was Mandel House, who was advisor to the President.  In other words, he was the boss. 


Lots happened back then to shape where we are today.  These fellows had no problem with devising wars to make things happen if we wouldn’t buckle under.  H. G. Wells, again who was paid to write predictive programming for the public towards the world government, this world government, just before he died, in fact, after World War II, said ‘The people still haven’t submitted to world government.  We need another war.’  He would go on and on if he had his way, if he had more power, because he was a bit nuts anyway. 


However, that’s what we’re dealing with here.  Nothing happens by chance, nothing.  Just like the Twin Towers, which were knocked down.  At a fortunate time for those who’d written before it, they needed something, a Pearl Harbor event type scale to motivate the public into a war.  Boy, these guys are good with their luck.  I bet they’d win the lotto every time they played, because whatever they predict they’d like to happen, their wish list, Bingo!, it happens.  Just like that, and they have their little wars in exactly the countries they said they’d have to have wars with.  That’s luck for you, isn’t it? 


Now we’re under more oppression, at least on the books at the moment, although it’s creeping into reality now.  The more totalitarian style manner than we’ve ever seen in any tyranny in history when you look at all the laws that are on the books.  Something that’s been in the making for centuries and centuries is coming to fruition. 


I always remember Albert Pike, who said, “We never start a premature revolution”.  He’s talking from their point of view, the guys who run this system.  They call what they do “revolutions.”  Most of them are bloodless, but not all.  That’s why you had the cultural revolutions and the sexual revolutions and the feminist revolutions and etc, etc.  These are changes in society to alter society along a particular agenda.  The Club of Rome called their book “The Final Revolution” or “The First Revolution” they called it, I think.  The first global war because this is a war for the globe now, you see, where every country must be standardized along the same way with the same system, with the same culture, as we go into the next phase after that.   All planned, way ahead, generations ahead always. 


That’s what we’re living in.  This is the reality we live in.  For those who watch television it’s “tah-tah,” see you later, goodbye, because their brains are not there.  They’re being scrambled by the television.  They’re being debased and dehumanized by television on a daily basis given as fair with programs and psychological techniques that were designed from big think-tanks like Tavistock.  Your famous 6 o’clock news guy is not going to come out and tell you what I’m telling you.  The time is getting short, we’re on a roll.  When they bring out the big heavy hand, when the velvet glove comes off the fist, we’re going to be in big trouble the world over.  Some parts of the world already are. As we munch away and watch our television and get entertained with our bread and circuses, other countries are going under the hammer, and have been for years, as they get molded into the standardized system.  Their children are taken from them to be educated with UNESCO of the United Nations and a common culture, to break the cycle of parent-to-child oral tradition and history.  That won’t fit in with the necessary gullible, ill-educated society, inoculated society, with a low IQ necessary to bring about all the changes that are going to come down.  You don’t want and intelligent, functioning society during that period. 


They’re already spraying you with chemicals and I’m sure tranquilizers; and sure enough, it’s happened in some countries like Holland, they’ve admitted now, “yeah they’re spraying the skies”, on mainstream media; and which, I expected they’d say, “It’s to stop global warming”.  There’s always a good reason and then a real reason.  However, they won’t tell you the real reason.  It’s odd that they were spraying the skies in the 1990’s before all the hype about global warming came up, before all the Kyoto stuff.   Who would authorize it then, if that was the purpose or the case? —Because it takes “donkey’s years” for bureaucrats and big departments to get working on anything.   They began in earnest in Ontario in 1998, daily, almost.  How many years were they preparing for this spray? —Because they started spraying and have never let up on a worldwide basis.  That’s a lot of stuff to store up and plan.  This was not done for global warming; but it will be good enough for the TV addicts.  After all, the television, like Brzezinski said, is there to do their reasoning for them. 


That’s the real world that we’re living in.  The only ones who are really suffering are those who understand.  They say that ignorance is bliss, but those who are ignorant eventually go the way of the abattoir.  We mustn’t do the predictable reaction in history that’s happened before—because that’s what they want.  They are the masters of war.   Our war must be of a different kind and it must take us off in another direction, not the one or planned synthesis from a general unregulated, uncoordinated rebellion.  We must direct it off into something, which nobody really knows where it’s going to end up, but it will be different from the one planned, which is oblivion of the human mind; because brain implants and chips, as they’ve said themselves, will take away individuality.  You’ll have no ability to recognize yourself or think of even the word “I”.  You will know longer exist as such.  You’ll be the Borg.  That’s a fact, it’s published, it has been discussed in world science meetings.  Where we must go is somewhere unplanned, where a humane system comes in, where the deviants and psychopaths are not in control, where the control freaks are not in control either.  We must find a new way.  Going back to the American Revolution, as I say, prior to that people didn’t know what rights were.  It was a strange thought to have rights, coming out of a feudal type society.  However, it was not supposed to end there.  It was also supposed to go on until people could live together with people to be well-educated, not to have some facts because some facts will give you distorted reasoning.  You need all facts presented to you.  That was the hope then, that one day there’d be a world where individuals could truly be free as individuals and live in harmony without dominating others.  That’s what the hope was, and the American Revolution was really only to be the beginning of that part of it.


It’s not a time to go around like a crazy person and panic in fear.  It’s time to keep cool heads, but for people who understand what is happening in this world to speak out at all levels.  For those who help the pathocrats at the top, remember your families will suffer when this goes any further.  You yourself will suffer.  It’s time to start speaking out and altering the course that we’re on. 


From Hamish and myself, it’s good night, and may your God or your Gods go with you. 


Song: "Changes" by Phil Ochs (Live at Vancouver, 1968)



Sit by my side, come as close as the air,

And share in a memory of gray;

And wander in my words, dream about the pictures

That I play of changes.


Green leaves of summer turn red in the fall

To brown and to yellow they fade.

And then they have to die, trapped within

the circle time parade of changes.


Scenes of my young years were warm in my mind,

Visions of shadows that shine.

'Til one day I returned and found they were the

Victims of the vines of changes.


The world's spinning madly, it drifts in the dark

Swings through a hollow of haze,

A race around the stars, a journey through

The universe ablaze with changes.


Moments of magic will glow in the night

All fears of the forest are gone

But when the morning breaks they're swept away by

Golden drops of dawn, of changes.


Passions will part to a strange melody.

As fires will sometimes burn cold.

Like petals in the wind, we're puppets to the silver

strings of souls, of changes.


Your tears will be trembling, now we're somewhere else,

One last cup of wine we will pour

And I'll kiss you one more time, and leave you on

the rolling river shores of changes.


So sit by my side, come as close as the air,

And share in a memory of gray;

And wander in my words, dream about the pictures

That I play of changes.