April 6, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 6, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks.  This is Alan Watt at, .net, .us, .ca, and some mirror sites.  This is April 6, 2007.


And we've had a little bit of snow up my way just to cap off April and although the winter's not entirely gone, the further north you get, but that's all right. It won't last too long.


Last night I talked about the little coterie of global elitists who work for the big foundations, the United Nations just being one of them really. The place where they coalesce their foundations to bring the new fascist socialist communist system into play.  The UN eventually will be the big stick.  In fact it already is, as far as all building laws because they all come from the UN. All the codes for building houses and maintenance of all the different parts of your home and standards, which keep going up and up and up, and the fines of course if you cannot keep up, which are meant to put you out.  That's all coming from the United Nations and implemented down to the lowest level by again the deviants within society, who could be your next-door neighbor because there's always deviants willing to take these nasty jobs of persecuting their fellow man for some status and a higher paycheck.


Before I kick off into this little spontaneous blurb, which I hope doesn't end in spontaneous combustion, I'd like to tell people a little bit about the Green Man of Freemasonry. I've mentioned in a previous talk that in Sudbury where the Knights of Columbus were based.  They've just moved apparently, which I think they have.  There's a photocopy shop in there now. 


They had a big building and they paid some artist to draw a wall mural on the outside wall to paint it and it was the scene of a park with a park bench and a big tree and the green grass and in the tree was a face – the face of the Green Man, the God of nature you might say, because behind the facades, all the mysteries et cetera, they use nature as a term which also on a higher level includes science. They used to say that by understanding nature they would conquer the world and perfect that which was left imperfect.  That means pretty well everything but mainly man and definitely woman because they really have it down for women, even though many of them with side degrees who help them, the Eastern Stars and all the other lodges, aren't really aware of the higher secrets you see and that's what’s called "the useful idiot" in higher Masonic parlance.


Rosslyn Chapel that was built in Scotland by the ones who took over from the Templars, the Sinclair's and others called St. Clair in French and Sinclair in Britain, they have sculptures in there in stone on the walls.  One of them is the Green Man.  The Green Man is often portrayed with a sun burst of hair coming out, which is actually leaves or ivy; also a symbol of Apollo in ancient times and here ever since, nature. Going back to this mural on the Knight of Columbus wall on their building, which everyone passes and probably very few probably understand it.


In the park scene the face and tree was all green of the tree, the God of nature. There's a man there facing the tree, a husband and he reflected the green from the tree so his face was green too.  He was a man of nature and before him was his wife sitting on the park bench holding a baby. The wife's face was not green but the baby's face was, meaning it was a son.  Another indication of intergenerational idea behind Freemasonry.  That's why the Masonic joke about the little green men from Mars was put out and all the papers used to be full of it.  Little green men from Mars. Have you seen one?  Now it's little green reptiles, so it's the same old high Masonic joke and if we understand the big joke all the lower myths that build around them disappear.


You'll notice that people like – let's pick one of them, anyone down through history who has claimed to be Illuminatus, basically anyone. The real ones as I say. Not the alumni. Although 'alumni' in colleges and universities comes from the same idea, the same root. You've been enlightened. You're taking out of the ignorant masses, the profane and you're enlightened and your head is squared, is perfected. You're not natural anymore. You're not a natural fool is what they'd say.


Adam Weishaupt who takes most of the credit for sticking his head up in one time in history and starting off his little group, meant to take over under good guises, mind you. They always had good guises for the new members, the lower members, no different from Communism or any other 'ism'.  There's always two sides.  There's an esoteric and even the lower members exoteric and Weishaupt quite openly explained in his letters, which were all found and seized and published.  Weishaupt said they would use the public. They would bring them onboard into these great ideas to make things better for humanity and then Weishaupt would go on to explain the real intention of using the suckers and for what aims they would use those suckers.


However, not long after him really came the real ones, more official with a better cloak of secrecy. A better cloak of respectability than old Weishaupt had and that was the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  If you take the letters that they abbreviate it with, it's SRFM, and speak it, you have "seraphim," an order of angels.  The Scottish Rite is also called "The Rite of Perfection" because it was the same group who were descended initially from the Perfecti of the Albagensians.


The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry did not originate in Scotland. It came to the United States via the Grand Orient Lodge of France and that's where it was chartered.  All of them though – you can go through their charters and they'll all go back and back and back to the Grand Lodge of England. Albert Pike, the "Pope of Freemasonry" as he was called at the time, put out under his name and I'm sure there were many authors that put the information in different languages, different understandings of different religions of ancient writings and so on.  I'm sure it wasn't just one person and even the name had to be given to Pike at birth or his parents perhaps had changed theirs, some of the Illuminatus families do 


You'll find who they are and what they are by their names because Albert is an abbreviational term for Halbert with an "H".  Halbert [Halberd] was a spear with an axe head as well on the end of it and the spear point just above it. It was a military weapon and a pike was also a long spear.  It's interesting, too, that those two symbols are another form of Jachin and Boaz because the Pike next to the Halbert – they both have wooden shafts but one has also the head on it.  That's the male.


Albert Pike's job was to mystify so much this new tradition, this upgraded tradition, and bring in people by intrigue and mystery.  The very techniques we find that Weishaupt advocated for recruitment purposes.  They brought many, many members in from the Knights of the Golden Circle as well and Pike gave the world revolutionary plan.  Just like Weishaupt, he talked about taking over all areas of finance by using stock markets and everything and rigging them and fleecing people to gain very powerful treasuries.  That was very important. 


Pike said in his own book "the man who climbs up by his pure will by using all means including the stock market" and even inferred by unscrupulous means to gain the wealth for the good cause.  This was all part of the agenda to take over and become the masters over the masters of the world.  Most folk would probably agree with that at that time because the old masters were just another group of psychopaths that had it good too long.  Now you had a new group who thought they had a better way of doing it, for themselves of course, and they thought they had the right to do it since they lead all the intellectual ones. 


However, Pike and others advocated creating massive institutes, foundations, being Masonic they call them "foundations," which would be massively funded with tremendous wealth and power and under the guise of doing good they could take over laws, institutions, create laws and more institutions and by using what ultimately became known as the Soviet System, meaning ruled by councils, really NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) which they would promote, they would rule the world. Sure enough, these big foundations were the ones behind all the educational thrusts, for not just national school systems but international school systems and they would select what would be taught.  Now we know it's all down to social indoctrination for the next ones to be brought up and ready for the system which they will live through, which will be vastly different – social indoctrination.


I can remember this little article came out initially in newspapers back in 1990.  This was sent to me by a listener.  I don't know what this site is like but they've got it there this article about Maurice Strong, the guy I mentioned last night. The tireless, ageless character who runs around the planet doing all the bidding of the world bankers and his big mentor the Rockefeller family, the ones who picked him; and this article goes:


"In 1990, Strong told a reporter a fantasy scenario for the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland where 1,000 diplomats, CEOs and politicians gather to "address global issues."


Alan:  Now it was more than that.  Strong actually said at the time it was an idea for a novel he thought of writing. That was actually the accurate one, but this is what he said this reporter.


             "Strong naturally is on the board of the World Economic Forum and this is what he said. "What if a small group of these world leaders meeting at the forum were to conclude the principle risk to the earth comes from the actions of the rich countries but in order to save the planet the group decides:  Isn't the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse?  Isn't it our responsibility to bring this about? That's Strong talking, but those are Blofeld's words coming out.  But this is no fictitious Bond movie villain speaking -- it is the man who chaired the Rio Earth Summit and who was Kofi Annan's senior adviser.


Alan:  That's when the old Kofi was in power for the United Nations.


             "This group of world leaders forms a secret society to bring about an economic collapse," continued Strong, warming to his fantasy. "It's February. They're all at Davos. These aren't terrorists.  They're world leaders. They have positioned themselves in the world's commodities and stock markets. They've engineered, using their access to stock markets and computers and gold supplies, a panic. Then, they prevent the world's stock markets from closing. They jam the gears. They hire mercenaries who hold the leaders at Davos as hostage. The markets can't close.  And then Maurice Strong caught himself in the middle of his fantasy and said to the reporter:


             "I probably shouldn't be saying things like this."


Alan:  And I remember the time that was reported at the time it happened in some little papers across the planet. This is a fantasy of someone who is involved in all of this with the people who do run the world's stock markets and who can certainly do it, but being the egotist he is, like a good psychopath, they all have a tremendous ego, they do like to brag once in a while and they can be rather vicious at times too, because egotists like that cannot tolerate frustration. That’s another trait of the psychopath and they must project it on to others.  They're very good at getting other people fighting and then they stand back and smile because they're relaxed when they've just got rid of all the frustration onto someone else and watch them through it.  Good trait of the psychopath.


He showed that at that Rio Earth Summit and at the World Bank meeting as well, where he was going on about the rights of all the animals and the insects and the trees and the weeds, et cetera and when someone asked him about – he noticed that in this Rio charter basically there's nothing to say about the rights of humans, just trees, and Strong replied in a very angry manner, "well when we're finished you'll wish you had the rights of a tree."


These are the characters who are unelected by anybody on the planet.  These are the real movers and shakers behind the politicians and above them who run the NGOs of the planet all the greenies and whatever else they are, all the different writers, the ones who want rights for everything except for reptilian people and these people have the power to do what they fantasize about and it's no fantasy.


We live in their world. The stock market is just a big rigged casino. It's been a rigged casino since it was invented. Go back into the history books in the 1800's and look at how three or four people from the Gauld family or Gould and others and Carnegie and others pulled the plug on the United States Stock Market by colluding with each other and reaped the benefits of goodness knows how many millions or billions of dollars in pension funds and everything.  They've done this over and over, and that's why it's set up that way and that's why they don't change it, so it can happen again, so that they can do that when they want to. 


The same with the setting up of the Bank of England.  The Bank of England was not set up by Rothschild. He was just brought in to take it over because if he was not brought in to take it over and he'd scammed the nobility out of their money, Rothschild et al would not have lived very long. They were asked to come in. They were better managers at that.


It was a guy from Scotland that was sent down from Callander I believe from the Masonic institutions to start up the Bank of England and at that time they often called it "The Rosy Cross" and they also sent another one from Scotland to France to do the same there and that led to the French Sea Bubble, the big scam where everybody invested their money. They all lost it of course.  The few that started it up benefited. Even the king's treasury went down and that also helped to lead up to the French Revolution because they could never pay back what they owed and higher taxation came in.  Scam after scam. Old scams, same scams and what I'm telling you all this for is just to show you how long this con-game, this organized crime has gone on down through the present time and it's still going on.


The Rockefeller family control and have controlled more NGO groups and anyone on the planet. I believe the Rockefeller Foundation also looks after the Carnegie Trust now or the Ford Trust, one of them.  Probably Carnegie, so the same board controls both and I don't think there's a university in Canada or the States that does not get a grant from Rockefeller along with a say in the policies of those places.  What should be taught. What should perhaps not be taught and money talks as we all know.


The Green Man.  The Green Man.  The green of the world where they're using sciences over our heads every single day and have been in Canada (at least in Ontario) here steadily since '98.  The weather up until fairly recently was easy to predict when you saw those very dark, dark heavy, almost black clouds appear in the summer, you knew there was a storm coming, you got inside and this is what I did back in '98. I put everything in the little garage I had (this little shed) because it was definitely going to be thunder and lightning and it was definitely going to pour rain, and I went inside and within an hour I could hear aircraft certainly high above.  Within an hour, that massive black cloud had disappeared and all that was left was sort of a hazy polymer blue sky with masses of trails above them from jets.


They can bring on storms easily enough and they can also disperse them easily enough and it's about that time that the farming communities in the west of Canada and the U.S. began to experience tremendous droughts.  Same thing. Heavy spraying. Lots of droughts.  In Alberta they even had a plague of crickets, the nearest thing to locust you can have, growing up or jumping all over fields where corn and wheat used to grow. Now there's only a few stalks every foot or so that were trying to get up through this parched ground, because they want to put the farmers out of business.  No small farms or family farms eventually will be owned.


In fact eventually, nothing private will be owned except for multinational corporations and big agri-food businesses.  That's the agenda. This weather warfare as I say can give you either way, and sure enough, I think Alberta had two or three years of the parched stuff and then they had flooding. Your house is being swept away in some places in the following year and gradually they were drumming the old drums to do with global warming, climate change, gradually, slowly appeared and as it appeared more and more planes were spraying the skies.


When the last flooding seen in Alberta a couple of years ago had the reporter from CBC talking to a woman outside her house, who was afraid it was going to be swept away in a flood and in the sky above them was criss-crossed chemtrails all over the place. No one mentioned that. And it can't be true what you see, unless it's on the news and the news points it out to you.  Otherwise, it can't be relevant.


Yet in the HAARP treaty signed at the United Nations.  That's the weather modification, weather warfare, which they signed back in the '70's; it's discussed there that this technology alone can be used to create earthquakes. It can create the tsunamis of course because it's an earthquake under the sea.  They can create floods and perpetual rain for warfare purposes or create droughts and prolong as long as they wish, so the weather now is a piece of cake as far as management goes. I think it was two years or so ago in the papers there was an article saying a top guy in the Pentagon that "shortly the U.S. Air Force would own the weather".  Well it's been done.


Maurice Strong and Al Gore and Mikhail Gorbachev and many others that were picked long ago for this purpose are coming forward with all their minions, all the little leaders down the road who’ve been brainwashed and believe all this and who are panicking and who probably – a lot of them think they're trying to save the world, but who are oblivious of the science that's being used. They're all coming forward now to demand the governments do something and the governments are saying, "my goodness - thank goodness you asked us. We just happened to have plans drawn up from an entirely new way of living."


Yes, they've got them drawn up. They've had them drawn up for years long ago. Habitat areas, expert managing of every single individual on the planet, that's their answer to it all.  In every country now on the major news there's a section on the global warming crisis and they hype it up in coordination with each other, so whatever you get in one country they're getting exactly the same in another, only a different language. We'll see little politicians looking very self important telling us they're so concerned – so concerned and need more money to fight global warming, even though the same scientific experts they bring forth, who all, by the way, get grants from the big foundations, who say that this warming is actually happening.  They live on grants. The easiest way to control facts or untruths as they say is by controlling the grants for research.


Most of these scientists are not the best. They get their degrees but they count on getting a grant for something. They must keep their masters happy and they know again the good psychopathic ones know what their masters want to hear and they go along with it and so there's plenty of experts that will tell us all on the same payrolls that "yep, the planet's doomed unless we change our ways now and put it into the hands of experts and scientists" like themselves.


Even though many other scientists have come out and said, "wait a minute. This warming isn't just happening here."  They can tell through various means that the poles on Mars and other planets now are heating up as well, which would mean it was the sun that was causing it; and if that's the case, what's that got to do with us and Jimmy on his little moped?  Nothing of course.


However, that type of information will probably be suppressed now because it's counter-productive to the agenda. We've got to be made to believe that we are causing it all. Nasty old us, even though the western countries are almost totally deprived of all industry and have been for a long time, but no that's not good enough. You've got to give up all your ability to sustain yourself. That's the big word, "sustain," sustainability.  All the means to sustain yourself over to the organizations that are expert in these things that will do it efficiently for you, because silly little you with your little brain just can't do it very efficiently.  After all, you're a nobody and this is where they're going with all this nonsense. 


The greening of the Earth, the green and they started this a long time ago with the getting back to nature stuff. They started the movement by different methods and means and you'll find all the greatest "isms" that were created like fascism, Natziism, Communism all had big planks in there to do with "conservation" and "nature," a big part of it because it all goes back to Blavatsky's writings, same stuff.


We look at these characters who are all either involved in industry that was left, definitely all our power, be it gas, electric or whatever, the Al Gore's of this world. These are the guys whose families supposedly polluted all of the planet.  These are the guys who had the big corporations that are gone; actually, they're clear-cut. They don't do that now, at least here in Canada, and suddenly the wolf puts on the sheepskin and becomes your savior.  The same rules -- the same rules, eh? but their tail is sticking out. The wolf's tail is still sticking out to let you know they're still in those big businesses. They control them.


What was it Pike said, "they take over all resources."  All resources.  The UN talks about how they must take over all natural resources and divide them equally.  In other words, they'd be the bosses of who gets what but they must technically own them.  We have watched for years this scam go on of getting us into debt. 


I mean the money system – who wants to even go into it really?  We know it's a total fraud.  It was from its inception. Money is the most corrupt thing on the planet. It's a deviant thing to start with.  It means there's winners and losers, rich and poor, and we're taught eventually to be terrified of poverty, so do what you can to get rich by any means possible and maybe one day you'll get a suit and a tie, not from the cheapo stores either, and a limo and you'll be a somebody and you can exploit others down below you.  That's called "being successful."


Money's the scam that controls all of the world.  Well these families as I say run the money of the world. We’re now paying to all back to them – our labor goes back to them via taxation so they can build all the institutions, which they've done; the military, which they've done; the police forces and all the specialized branches now of police forces, which they've done.


It's done by your tax money.  WE BUILD OUR OWN CHAINS. We build our chains.  We always pay for the executioner's axe in fact. That's the way it's done. Taxpayers do it. We have no say in taxation, what it's used for, where it goes, or even if it should be used for any particular purpose. That's why all government contracts in every country are incredibly extortionate because they triple and quadruple the charge and pocket a lot of the money.  That's their standard business practice.


The workman is worthy of his hire, according to Masonry, so the guy that issues the contract deserves a good split. That's how it goes. This is the real world we live in. Not a nice place. It's very nice if you sit and watch soaps or comedies, which are programmes of course with new ideas and new ways of behaving and thinking about things and this is the real world and it's not that nice.  People really die in this world. Wherever the one—you know the UN, the French word for "one"—sticks its head in, you know lots of people die.


I guess it's different when they're dying when blue helmets kill them as opposed to black or green or whatever, or red in other lodges, and the propaganda wars that we've had on television to do with them handing out bread – every army in every occupied country – every army always comes in and takes PR shots for the people. You're handing out bread to children. The children are smiling because the children don't know any better that that's a bugaboo man.  That's the man that they'd be terrified that would be in their closet at night.  Oh that's in there because he looks so nice and he gives out candy bars and chocolate, and so yes it's very easy to get little children smiling and every country has done this down through the ages.  Propaganda.  Pro-pagan-da - the father, eh? For the pagan father, and it works every time. Can't be that nasty man because, look, they're all smiling. They love children.


That 50-caliber machine gun hiding under his arm there (that wrestler's arm) with that belt of bullets is just an unfortunate thing he has to carry around to protect everybody. Perceptions. Our perceptions can be bent, altered and programmed right into the heads through visual arts and the spoken word projected by professionals who know what they're doing. So the age-old dream of the big high illumined ones written about in the 1500's, poking its head up in the 1700's big time has accomplished most of its mission.  It controls the finances of the world. Has done it very selectively, very cleverly.  It's put most small private business under because as Carroll Quigley said, the new feudal system that they're bringing in, which he was all for, will be run by international corporations.


We saw all this through Europe when the taxes increased, increased, increased until small businesses went under because half their day or more was taken up filling in forms for all the different taxes et cetera.  They couldn't comply with all the regulations and they were put under.  Then came in the big, big stores, again, the big Masonic stores like Wal-Mart with the big five-pointed star there in the middle of the two words and they put all the small storekeepers out too, because no one can compete because the big boys buy in bulk.  They tell the suppliers what they're going to pay for their items and the small storekeepers cannot get those kind of deals when they're buying.  They can't get the bulk deals and under they go, all planned that way.


When Margaret Thatcher was in – oh sorry, sorry. I think it was Dame or Countess or something, her ladyship.  When she was in there were more small businesses went out than any other premiere in history.  She was the one that this right wing, the Tories over there, more conservative, although she was the first to use the term "progressive conservative."  That was the Masonic big byword that came out of London that we were all to follow, the new conservatism, progressive.  As you progress you conserve.  It's an oxymoron but we're not supposed to notice that and of course it means that they are progressing themselves, the ones who run it, while the rest of the stuff is being conserved in banks and big parks where you can't go in anymore, where the trees are all hidden now, natural resources.


Margaret Thatcher was the one who decided to put all the miners out of work and close the mines down all over Britain. Massive union that they had and that was one of her little problems and she did it, this right wing conservative – the first one that used "progressive conservative," they use the term and it caught on quickly in America; they call it "neo-conservative", the new conservatives.  She was the one who put all the miners out and disbanded all the mines, closed them all down permanently by bringing in coal by the shipload from what was at that time still a communist country, that was Poland.  Figure that one out if you think we're all enemies.


That was during the time when millions of youngsters were thrown out of work or didn't have any work and left school and had no work, and Thatcher went on television saying "there's a generation growing up now who will never see work in their lifetime. Get used to it," the arrogant way that she had.  Maggie Thatcher was the one who created the generation-X, you know the children who are written off. "They'll never see work in their lifetime" she said. "Get used to it."


She changed all the opening times for the bars.  At that time, the bars used to open in the morning from about 10 or 10:30 to 2:30 and then reopen about 5:30 until midnight and she changed the laws to allow them to be open all day and deeper into the night.  The reason given by Thatcher was "well it's better to have all the unemployed youth in the bars drinking their unemployment money and their welfare money than demonstrating and demanding things in the street."


Of course the drugs flew in big time, all to help that along and she got her little wish of leading Britain through a war, even though it was a mini one. It was the Falklands War because her hero was Winston Churchill and she said her biggest dream was to lead Britain through war. It was awfully interesting to see the early clips of Margaret Thatcher before they decided to make her the Prime Minister. She had a high-pitched voice, talked quickly. Her hair was a mess and so was she and they sent for the same professional management team that had done Ronald Reagan's election.


They sent them over from the U.S. to do up Maggie Thatcher and television did I think it was "A Man Alive" exposure on it, comparing the old Thatcher to the new Thatcher and out she appeared with this new hairstyle and I don't know if they dyed it or what and they'd given her a special elocution lessons to make her speak slowly and these characters being professional knew that men tend to switch off the high-pitched woman's voice.  That's why most broadcasters on newsreels which are women will talk in a lower voice. They're trained to do that and they're picked for their ability to go low, and no one could go lower than Maggie Thatcher.


Therefore they gave her a whole new brand new image and she spoke so slow and talked like that and even used the royal “we” that royalty used to use, like old Victoria.  "We are not amused" et cetera and it really went to her head, but she did get her wish and she became – she was given this female equivalent of the knighthood and became a member of the House of Lords and had a red and ermine gown given to her, and she beamed as though she had just gone through a course in virginity and had her first organism when she was given that honor you see. She had everything now but the crown.


There's nothing that happens in your lifetime that's not planned before you were born. The taking down of the industry in Britain was planned and the period it would actually work out through it was planned during World War II.  The reconstruction for the whole post-war Europe was done in the U.S., the planning of it all through the Marshall plan and so on and Hopkins was involved big time in a lot of that.  That's when they decided that when they'd won the war, they would put so much money into Japan (post-war Japan), they'd build brand new buildings and cities and they got rid of all that little paper and bamboo stuff called houses, modernize it and make it the electronic capital for the world.


They invested big money into Germany. They rebuilt all the cities that had been flatted because it's a demolition job too, you see, and therefore does the demolition and the big boys back home already have the contracts before the war is over to go in and redo it and build brand new modern cities; and sure enough, Germany became the leader of Europe post-war in the '60's and '70's industry. Britain was being de-industrialized at deals that were made during World War II by old Winnie (Winston) and his other bosses and even had the timescales set down as to when the United Nations would come up to power towards the end of the millennium and right down to where it would eventually take over power. Most of those guys who sat at the meetings in '45 probably all knew that they wouldn't be alive to see it come in.  That's how it works. It's intergenerational planning where their own offspring always take over being born with silver spoons in their mouths and that's the reality of the world.


We are managed in a perfect laboratory. There's been a few generations now of the most indoctrinated people that's ever existed on the planet. The media does a very good job, especially that television and we're programmed through the school system, just like Bertrand Russell said they would do in his book, "Education and the Good Life," followed by "Roads to Freedom," followed by many others including "The Impact of Science on Society" where he also talks about using electronic means and different means to control the minds of the vast populous.


We're going into it now the big, big move. We’ll see storms this year, amazing storms that we've never seen before because they're stepping it up so that we'll beg governments to do something, do something.  Now really if it was all out of our hands you see and if it's all true we've had many ice ages, big ice ages, meaning we've had a global warming periods between the ice ages because otherwise you'd have a continuous ice age – if it's all really true and it's true enough we go around the sun at different distances from the sun. It's never exactly the same and if that's the case, what could politicians really do about it?  Maybe they have so much wind built up in Parliament they could maybe blow all the clouds away.  But no, they come out with pieces of paper and constitutions and earth charters drawn up by the United Nations and we'll hand everything over to the United Nations with its thousands and thousands and its armies of bureaucrats that will then lead us to safety by giving us all the rules on everything that we have to do and we won't have to think about anything at all.  We can go and play between the rules and I'm sure they'll be rules about playing too.


That's the world that was planned. A world to be run completely by your betters, "the experts," the really educated class who are all paid by the big foundations who also own the United Nations and they're all ripping everybody off big time, like the World Bank that supposedly is the big bank for the UN.  It's the same banking families that lent to the families at present, to the countries of the world at present, same families. They don't really lend you anything. That's a scam in itself and we all know it yah-de-yah-de-yah.


They've been doing for a while now this "land for debt swap."  That's why you see all these biospheres everywhere as they take over your countries bit by bit and call it "biosphere".  It's a swap supposedly where they take real estate for a fiction which is their debt.  That’s why they call it real estate.  There's only one real type of estate and that's the land you're sitting on, that could possibly feed you if need be or produce the wood that heats your place.  Life sustainability.  You're not supposed to have personal independence and survivability in this new wonderful socialist order. 


That's the reality of it all and it's time to start telling the people that we know all about their scams.  It's also time to demand that no NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) has any rights over any citizen.  It's also your right by the way if they try to demand to find out where money flows from all the big foundations.  It's also your right to demand to know from your little petty politician, your mayor, your councils around about you, what organizations they already belong to, because that will tell you where you're going before you vote them in. Because if you give power to people who are going to make laws over you, you had better find out behind the PR stunts in the newspaper who they really are and what they really believe in and you'll find that by the organizations they belong to and you'll find out what oaths they've already taken to these organizations and you might even find out what payoffs they've had from them too.


So here we are on a Friday. I'll have a busy weekend because the new site will be going up in Europe, which is going to be eventually down the road an international site, a truly international site, multi-lingual and the start of it will go up this weekend hopefully.


Have a good weekend for Hamish and myself. Try not to look too green around the gills. Look nice and pink rosy cheeks. All the best from me and Hamish.  Good night and may your god or your gods but not the Green Man go with you.



"Green Door"

By Jim Lowe


one more night without sleepin' -
till the morning comes creepin'.
Green door
what's that secret you're keepin'?

There's an old piano and they play it hot behind the green door
Don't know what they're doin'
But they laugh a lot behind the green door.
Wish they'd let me in
So I could find out what's behind the green door.
Knocked once
tried to tell 'em I'd been there

Door slammed
hospitality's thin there.
Wonder just what's goin' on in there.
Saw an eyeball peepin' through a smokey cloud
Behind the green door

When I said
Joe sent me
Someone laughed out loud behind the green door.
All I want to do is join the happy crowd behind the green door.

one more night without sleepin' -
till the morning comes creepin'.
Green door
what's that secret you're keepin'?

Green door
what's that secret you're keepin'?

Green door



(Transcribed by Linda)