March 21, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – March 21, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and today on, it is the 21st of March 2007.


I've had a few calls from various people who've come forth to tell me they're sorry for putting up my PDF books for free distribution and actually I've made it quite clear that what I've been aiming at is not the average person who will copy to pass around to a few friends. That's quite understandable when it's altered their consciousness. They immediately want those around them to have the same experience. Generally it doesn't work that way because you've run up against a brick wall and that's pretty well standard in your family, and you're lucky if you can find a friend who can go beyond it, especially, unfortunately, if they're older. Even many of the young have had so much conditioning it's hard for them to look at it from a pessimistic point of view, which you must do. You must see the darkness before you can see the light, and when you're young you look for the happy things and exciting things rather than the bad news. That's when the train hits you from behind because you weren't looking you see.


The people that have been undercutting me generally have put up ads on sites to get my stuff out. Well, that's a different thing than handing it around to a few relatives and it doesn't help because I should make it quite plain, I'm probably the only person out there at this particular stage who has access to different bigger shows who doesn't have—and listen to this—I don't have an agent because I'm not doing this as show business. You'll find the other ones that you generally follow, the ones who are put out there to follow, have agents and booking agents and they get paid for making guest appearances, even though it's advertising them too and what they sell or write.


I don't have an agent. I don't get paid for the shows I go on and so I depend on the little income I do get to come in from the few things I do sell. As far as ego goes, I don't care who uses the information. I know that there's other authors out there who grab it and stick it in their books, even from the blurbs, and I've been told that from people in various authors' clubs, and that's fine too, because in one way or another you find you are influencing people through putting out this kind of information. You cause a change of the thought stream where it's been conditioned to go uni-directionally, which is the big systems way, and suddenly you find there are side streams you could go off into and take different routes, different ways of looking at things and seeing things and especially when you can back it up with facts.



"El Condor Pasa"

by Simon and Garfunkel


I'd rather be a sparrow than a snail
Yes I would, if I could, I surely would
I'd rather be a hammer than a nail
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would

Away, I'd rather sail away
Like a swan that's here and gone
A man gets tied up to the ground
He gives the world its saddest sound
Its saddest sound


I'd rather be a forest than a street
Yes I would, if I could, I surely would
I'd rather feel the earth beneath my feet
Yes I would, if I only could, I surely would



I can't stress enough how the world you're born into is completely controlled. It's not a new science. The people believe what they're told. Every generation is born into a system which they think must be natural because the older ones and the teachers at school accept it. Even the teachers they like. They always make sure they have ones you like and some of them especially in the social sciences are taught techniques to make themselves be liked by the youth so they'll identify with them and then adopt their viewpoints without checking them very deeply. These are techniques which are used and taught.


Back in the 1950's, the "Reece Commission" that was set up to investigate some of the big foundations end up giving out a book called "Foundations: Their Power and Influence" written by I think his name was Wormser.  Yes, it was Wormser. W-O-R-M-S-E-R.


In the book he goes through the Reece Commission with Senator Dodd and others who investigated the big foundations the people think of just being there and existing on charity and also being tax-exempt, but they are huge foundations, multi-billionaire, and some of them trillionaire foundations. The Rockefeller Foundation, Carnegie and many, many others, Ford.  Then they found in this investigation that they were all interlinked and not only were they interlinked, they had massive bureaucracies which were all shaping American and Canadian culture and European cultures because they funded places in Europe too and the educational associations and they were basically forming social policy and direction.


It wasn't happenstance. It wasn't trial and error. It was a science that was being implemented to shape the minds for generations to come, right down to the mission that the average child would become a true believer, a true propagandist for internationalism and a socialist-type internationalism. Behind their breath, of course, they were also hinting that there would be an elite running it and the little people would know nothing about it. They would think the ideas were theirs.


You'll find all countries have these big foundations. Some of them are actually subsidiaries of the American foundations with different names, all pushing the same globalist agenda. They work with UNESCO. In fact, they control UNESCO to create a standardized culture, already made up, remember. You think you are part of a culture. You think you are your culture and yet that culture that you adopt has been made up for you, right down to the big fashionable changes you'll experience in your life and fads and so on. That's part of "culture creation," or the music you listen to, what will be made popular, and I stress 'made'. 


These are sciences well understood and if we even pop back to some of the little people that popped their heads up in history like Weishaupt, who takes all the credit for everything, even though he was a minor player really in one branch, he boasted himself that "they would create foundations – wealthy foundations which would steer and control and direct the world." This has all not only happened, it's ongoing.


When you go to school, if your parents don't know to warn you that a lot of what you're learning is pure - not education but social policy and indoctrination dreamed up by very old people, if you don't know that then you have no reason to suspect what you're being taught could be false. It could be a partial truth and a truth is completely distorted if you simply take part of the rest of the story from that truth. It gives you a different perspective.


Everything we learn is carefully manipulated, sectioned and censored so we will come to the desired conclusions on most topics. The war on the general public of the world was to come right down to the individual because it's the individual and they stated this themselves. They stated that "the individual was the enemy. Amongst the masses individualism must be eradicated."


The masses must be the masses. It's a nuisance to have to find people to go out and eliminate or somehow cut off someone who’s putting out information. It's a nuisance, a detraction from their job, but when you create a mass society where everyone's got the same opinion on everything, or at least one of two opinions. Generally they give us two, the dialectic opposites. It's a nuisance having to go out and deal with this kind of thing. They want efficiency and so they create an efficient society.


Every age group had work done on them, right through your entire life. It isn't just the children they go after, but the children are extremely important always. Many have said that in history including Loyola and Weishaupt and every other tyrant in history, but this is ongoing throughout your life and so the marketing companies which are part of the whole world propagandist industry and culture creation industry, since they tell us what we want to buy next. Using scientific means, we find that they target all age groups, specific ideas for each age group. They know when people get towards their 30's and 40's they can start marketing ideas through the books that then the adults will buy, which are the general ones. You'll see the "Readers Digest" and stuff like this and they're full again of ideas for opinions to make an older generation adjust to what they see in their young, so that they'll never suspect this is an ongoing upgrading of every generation in a specific scientifically designed direction. It's been going on for a long, long time, beginning in fact with compulsory education.


Prior to compulsory education, individuals had to pay individual teachers to teach their children on an individual basis. When you standardize something there is a political purpose always behind it. Under the con game of 'diversity' you're watching a standardized planned society (world society) come into view, where people will think for a while they are free. They already do, many of them, but that won't last too long. The Never Ending Story continues since humankind forms the building material, which can be shaped and reshaped over and over into any direction according to the higher mysteries, and they certainly do know where they want to take the world.


When Dodd went to talk to the Ford Foundation, and it's in that book, "Foundations: Their Power and Influence," he was astounded to hear the head of the foundation calmly tell him that part of their function was to condition the public through education, propaganda, et cetera, social policies, into merging with the Soviet Union (meaning: bringing the two systems together). This was announced as being successful when Newt Gingrich had Alvin Toffler give out his books to the congressmen on the congressional steps. Every congressman got a copy of the book called, "The Third Wave".  That was the official announcement that it was now successful. The combining of what people thought was a form of capitalist West with the Soviet communist system because that's what their plan was all along for those who gave you capitalism, created communism and now you all have a fascist elite at the top riding waves with a massive communistic bureaucracy running the rest of the people. That is here. It just hasn't pulled out the big sticks yet, but all the laws have been passed to allow them to do so.


It’s interesting even going back to the setting up of the CIA. The CIA came into being from the OSS, you know the OZ, the Wizard of OZ, by Donovan sent over from England. Right away, Britain was there steering the set up of the "Seeing Eye of America".  People think it was there to defend them against something, yet they were using an old strategy of ensuring that bringing up a phony Cold War to change societies through fear, plus the massive money they'd rake in through taxation for research and development to defend you, they were making sure that they would keep control of this whole Cold War.


Peter Wright intimated that too, if you read his books carefully, and he worked for MI5 and 6, when he realized that only the top people in MI6 could be the people who were warning the spies they were about to be caught in Britain, the Soviet spies, because no one else had the information except the ones who knew and who were trailing them and those superiors they gave the information to.


The CIA was the same. It wasn't set up to route out communism. It was to protect communism and the agents throughout society and the foundations that would shape our lives, our cultures, our opinions. They'd give us our opinions, which they have, because even the commission had to get money from the U.S. Government to do the inquiry; and when the Revenue Department were asked to show their books they cooperated to an extent, you see, because they were part of this whole thing. This is from the top. It's not a separate entity coming in and taking over.


The top are all part of the same structure and that is when they asked to get for instance the money funding to find out who was pushing various superstars of the time like Kinsey, like the Kinsey report, that the Revenue Department stalled out, wouldn't give out the information, because the Kinsey idea was a "must be" as they call it, to promote a new type of society because people believe what they hear if it's put forth in a certain scientific manner. The report itself combined with the exact period it came out at, which was a combination of "drugs" as they say in rock and roll and free sex, were all related. They were all part of an agenda.


Therefore they couldn’t allow them to get access to who funded (all the foundations who funded), including the names of the people, because they were already on the track of who they suspected who were behind it. It's all the same people who ran every other part of the social agenda, including what kind of social education the children would be given along what lines.


OUR CULTURES ARE CREATED FOR US.  Every part of culture creation is controlled and debated long before, many times over, to suit the agenda before it's implemented. That's what Huxley meant when he was asked if a social dictatorship run by a scientific elite could succeed, and he said he couldn't see any reason why it shouldn't succeed, a scientifically run totalitarian type system.  He meant that if you didn't know that in the first place, that you were already under it, you'd probably never come to the conclusion.


The behavioral sciences, the social sciences were all and still are heavily funded by the same clique of corporations who are all interlinked with a common bureaucracy and the politicians all know this. They know what's politically correct and what little thing to grab a hold of that's sort of popular from these foundations and they run with it, knowing they'll get a little gold star if they do, no matter how bizarre the idea is initially.


If you wonder how people can get away with this, it's very simple. When you understand human nature you can direct and amplify the drives to each particular age group. You can satiate them in particular areas and while you're doing so, they don't notice what's happening around them. They think life is wonderful until they wake up in a cage and then they ask "how did this happen?"


People who wake up to immediate changes around them don't see the whole picture and therefore they come to the conclusion which is common that something which could have fooled them their whole life had to be supernatural, and then they're given the big boys who are put up there to take over from that point and they'll spin you off into circles and orbits round galaxies forever.  


It's the shock of waking up that leaves you wide open to all the other traps that have been made for you. In a multifaceted world of specialties it's quite easy to control the world when the average person has no insight into any of those specialty areas. It's much like medicine today, where a general practitioner will dish out the usual drugs to patients with the usual aliments and when it's beyond that he just passes you on to these specialists in one or other particular field. It's the same with the social and behavioral sciences.


One of the reasons this works, this technique of an ongoing indoctrination works so well, is because when there's a consciousness arising amongst the people which is often unformed. It's not into words but it's felt and those at the top also feel it and they put out their people to lead. That way they can stay in control as they guide part of the New Way along a pre-designed road, rather than take his own route with say natural leaders. This trick with the foundations dictating social policy and pretending to speak for the people using mainly very high degreed people from the university from the bureaucratic positions and very often from the Ivy League universities is nothing new.


Why would those in that social strata be so concerned about the person at the bottom, the reality is they're not, but they are involved in creating social policy to keep a particular type of status quo. That's the double-think that we're involved with here. People would say education is good and it becomes a mantra. It was a mantra when I was small, even though I knew from the beginning and very quickly soon afterwards that what we were being taught was so vastly changed from the previous generation and subsequent generations or prior to that, just by investigation through adult libraries and reference libraries. It was so easy to see how vast chunks of history had been removed when they rewrote the books, the newer versions.


Yet, as I say, we're up against this mantra of "education is good" and we don't question it once we learn the mantra. We take it as a given. It seem it would be crazy to almost speak out against it and yet we don't know the history of it or who was behind it and who still guides it today. When you go back into the massive high Freemasonic Rosicrucian Revolution in France in the late 1700's, you'll find they had already paid their propagandists to write books, many novels too, prior to the revolution, which became very popular, which fired the imagination and geared you in a certain direction, all preparing the minds for the revolution. Then many of these same authors combined shortly after the revolution to form the "Encyclopedists Association," a Freemasonic organization, and once again, education is good. Encyclopedic knowledge is fantastic, but it never dawned on anybody that a lot of what they were teaching might be false.


After all, they were giving you information for the first time that had never been given to the bulk of the populous. Why should you question it and yet knowledge has always been used as power. Even Bible versions are being put out for political tools by groups down through the ages with their own little alterations and decipherments. This was the purpose and it's the same with education.


What comes into your mind shapes your mind. It shapes your opinions. It gives you your opinions. You must come to certain conclusions according to the data that's fed in and that can be counted on to work with most people who will not go and check further. Sometimes it's difficult to check, but generally you can check in to see if the data you've been fed is 100 percent accurate, because the omission of parts of a truth, as I say, will give you a completely different understanding of the reality.


We must ALWAYS QUESTION SOCIAL POLICY especially and this is true for every age group if we like it. If we like it, why are they giving us something we like?  You always find for everything there's a consequence. For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, and it's very often the reaction that they're really after because then they can create the true social policy, the fallout that occurs in society from promoting something which we jump at thinking it's wonderful, especially those things based on natural drives.


This is an ongoing war of propaganda. Propaganda works very effectively with 99 percent of the public in every country. When they get to the stage where individual opinions which are contrary to the bulk, the masses, are come down on by the State, when terms and labels are shouted at a person who might question something quite innocently, you know the society is in trouble. It also confirms the fact there is an agenda and what they say at the top must be believed by everyone. Every opinion created at the top must be absorbed by everyone down below in the strata, every tear, and that is the giveaway. That is the giveaway always because if something is true it can stand up to any kind of scrutiny by anybody.


If you have to pass laws to silence people from even asking a question, then something obviously is being covered up. It's taboo. After some people and some groups better organized than the little Joe Average who’ve been selling my PDFs or giving them out bulk, some of the responses and emails from a few young children are parroting verbatim the propaganda that Al Gore and others has been given out there for the National Education Association and they're telling me it's a revolution. The word "revolution" is your key right there, you see, since the big boys who are leading the present one lead every other one in every country. They truly believe this is an information revolution and I'm talking about children who are still at home. They're living their golden years because they haven't had a bill presented to them for anything yet and therefore they're not just naïve, they're almost disabled from reality by the present lifestyle where they think they have free access to everything and that everything can be gotten for free.


Well try and get the Pentagon's papers or what they're up to today and see how far you get. If that's the case, it would all be free as well for your downloads, wouldn’t it? Or the big foundations, check and see if you can get all the information from them. You can get lots of propaganda that's given out to the public. They give you lots of that for free, but you ask them who are the bosses, who their interconnecting people are, their head people, and you check those families and you'll find some interesting connections. And as long as the parents are paying the bills they don't understand that in this world as it is at the moment, and I'm not saying it's fair at all, it's a corrupt system. A monied system is a corrupt system. It's an inhumane system but it is a means of a few to control; and if you really think they're allowing you to get everything for free for your benefit, then you've been tranquilized so that the next step will hit you and you'll be totally unprepared for it.


The culture you're coming up in now has been made for you. It didn't develop by your parents or anyone else. It was professionally designed. Your catch phrases, your buzz words are marketed to you from the programs you're addicted to and you're being programmed along a road where you've been taught that everything is going to be free. A sort of utopia as the Utopians called it in the 17 - 1800's. The utopia they were creating, or More's Utopia, same thing. Same bunch as Plato's "New Republic" and "New Atlantis" and The Republic.


You give your mind away for free—that's the only thing that's free—or you can fight for it, and if you want to fight for it you better question everyone and then you'll find out who's telling the truth on what matters and you can come to conclusions yourself. Not what's popular or exciting and unfortunately it won't take you off into outer space and roaming galaxies for a while. That's entertainment and diversion and programming. However, you certainly will give yourself an education few have and you will bring yourself to a level that will be hard for you to communicate to those around you if you have the knowledge, but having the knowledge will give you incredible understanding of everything that's happening in the world as it happens, including what you know will happen next because the big boys basically tell us what their agenda is.


It's not a conspiracy. As H.G. Wells called it, it's called "The Open Conspiracy," for those that want to look and plot through some dry but informative books written by those involved, those who are planning your lives for you – your likes, your dislikes, your opinions, your prejudices, everything. Now the price of knowledge initially at this stage will be almost isolation. Some people can remain popular because those around them suspect they have something. They don't know what it is but they want it too, so you'll have some respect perhaps.


You'll also see through the false ones who are put out in every generation to enthrall you and lead you in loops. Nothing will be free. That's the con game. The elite have told us in their own writings what they think about the majority of the public. There's no altruism there. The kindest they can be to the public is to use a type of language as though you were putting down animals that are suffering and must do it painlessly as they pretend to be human.


What they have stated over and over, and this is all part of this free society, and it's taught all through the New Age, "something wonderful is going to happen," because it's all run by the same people. All programming and they have told us that the future society will be one in which everyone who is born will have a duty and the only duty will be to serve the state, and they're talking about the world state.


You won't need money. Money is just a carrot. It's a fiction that we're trained to believe is real and now they're giving you digits on computers. How many digits did you earn this week?  It doesn't matter what they call it. It is a form of reward. Russell said himself the public eventually will be given a form of credits put out to them by government every week and it will be used as a means of control over citizenry. Those who speak out or deviate from the correct system will be punished by having their credits withdrawn and you'll be in this new world where there's no property, you'll be renting, so you'll be out on the street and that will be a big punishment. For minor punishments they'll withdraw credits so you can't buy as much food and so it will be used as always the Pavlovian type of punishment reward. It will not be the utopia you imagine and that's only part-way to the next step to the next step, because this is the ongoing ever-going story, the agenda.


Nothing is free in the meantime, as long as everyone else is forced to use money to survive at whatever level they're surviving at, you've got to help those who are standing up and sticking their head up above the trenches. You don't help to put them under by withdrawing funds that might come their way. That's not the children I'm talking to here.


They say there are many levels of reality and that is certainly true. What we've explained up until now has been basic stuff really on some of the physical psychological types of predictive programming. You could spend a lifetime just giving out that information and all the books that are made available through investigations into those behind it, but that doesn't solve the problem. It doesn't show you another world above that and above that. It doesn't show you the world of language or how thoughts are worked. How words themselves are used to confine you, shape you and bring you to opinions. It doesn't show you the codings used at the top in higher levels or the mathematics. It doesn't show you the religions at the top and you have to understand what a religion is – a belief system based on faith.


Many sciences are really belief systems because theories and the belief in those theories are faith-based. Without all the empirical evidence, they're therefore faith-based and so you do have religions within sciences. There are different levels of sciences which go above the faith-based ones because they do have knowledges or knowledge of other levels on higher levels, which the public don't get access to and many of the common names in the fields don't have access to. There must always be three levels of everything to do with knowledge to keep and maintain control, and we have been under control for an incredibly long time.


Once in a while I get someone sending in ten bucks and I've had a handful of people giving more, and I'll tell you every little bit counts. Thanks to Stephanie I'll probably be able to – well, hopefully be able to get high-speed Internet, which will save me a lot of time with uploading and doing more. I'd also like to thank those who put up the sites for me because there are people who do put their money and generally it's not the people who have the money to spare, really, who do these things because they haven't been completely corrupted yet, as you do as you go up the strata; you tend to become more corrupted and you accept that well life just isn't fair on different levels and you're just happy that you've achieved a higher level.


There are people out there in the world who care and there are also those who will try to exploit. Then there are those certain agencies that work in the shadowy areas that find different ways to put you under and we're up against all of that, but that's to be expected. Many of the youngsters that have called me over the years or written to me know that I've given a lot to them free. They don't have to steal it, and plus, when they get it from me, they know they're getting their original. When they're getting a copy they don't know what's been changed, altered, or anything else.


There's a lot of dirty tricks goes on in the world, which are old techniques and why should they change when it works?  The hope for change in a different direction from the ones we're given lies within people that do come forward to help. It's encouraging. Very encouraging and it also lies within an occasional letter I get from very young people who are asking the right questions and you can tell by the tone of the letter that there's a mind and a heart there and an intelligence that simply needs the information to get working. That's where the hope is and it also tells you that all is not lost, at all.


For all the masses of inoculations, scientific indoctrination, organized coordinated media propaganda on pretty well every topic, there are still people out there who can ask questions and think and care. We haven't been completely lobotomized yet. I've been very weary about putting out deeper understandings of occult and so on, because I don’t want to be overwhelmed by an expected rush of the New Agers who've been to every guru on the planet looking for secrets. Higher truths are only taught to ones who can take them. You don't waste them on those who want them for power and it takes a certain kind of mind or person to really understand what they're being taught in the first place, because you don't really teach them in a sense, you show them and they will come to it themselves.


You don't learn by being a parrot. You have to think as a human being thinks and feel as a human being feels to come through, because there are many, many people who simply want power or the knowledge to impress friends or to get up the degrees in whatever agency they're in by telling their master they understand the secrets and yet all they understand are the lower, the base stuff, very base material.


I am not using hypnosis, as the most of the other ones will use. Aldous Huxley confirms that, that 60 percent of the public are instantly hypnotizable or suggestible. Another 20 percent with a little bit of work can be brought under too, which doesn't leave much you see. Now I think it's higher. I think more people are suggestible today because they have been brought up since childhood with massive indoctrination from school and education and television especially. People are more suggestible to what would at one time be incredulous; and also if you withdraw knowledge and historical facts or the real meanings of things, people are left to be led off into fantasy land by the modern ones who come out and tell you an untruth. Very common.


Know thyself is what was always said. If we use an old Chinese proverb, they say that the softest thing—water—can wear then break the hardest stone. It's a very, very true saying. Patience. The constant knowledge of yourself because you don't want yourself to go off on a tangent, be waylaid, and you must always look at your own ego because once the ego takes over you lose yourself and you're oblivious to truth.


That's it for me tonight. Sorry for the disjointed talk but I've been pretty tired. Lots to do. Spring's a-coming in and when you see what's all under the snow that you never moved last year you see how much you have to do. There's a lot to do. And just like taking the cover of snow off and showing what's there, I think people should get active and start questioning all the theories and propaganda and space adventures and so on who’ve been put out there to keep you very busy. It's time to ask the questions and then you'll find after a little time of asking the right questions to yourself, you'll find you really don't need to ask those questions anymore. You'll have answered them for yourself.


From Hamish and me, and the now melting north as spring comes in slowly, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



"I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire"

by the Ink Spots


I don't want to set the world on fire

I just want to start

A flame in your heart

In my heart I have but one desire

And that one is you

No other will do


I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim

I just want to be the one you love

And with your admission that you feel the same

I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of

Believe me!


I don't want to set the world on fire

I just want to start

A flame in your heart


I don't want to set the world on fire honey

I love you too much

I just want to start a great big

flame down in your heart

You see, way down inside of me

Darling I have one desire

And that one desire is you

And I know nobody else ain't going to do


I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim

I just want to be the one you love

And with your admission that you feel the same

I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of

Believe me!


I don't want to set the world on fire

I just want to start

A flame in your heart



(Transcribed by Linda)