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June 7, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. This is and  .net,  and so on.  You can also find me at This is June 7th, 2007.


This week, I had a repeat performance of exceeding the band limit, supposedly, with the .com site, so you're all being transferred to another site. All the information is still up there; and it's rather odd when you exceed it, when you're only about a week and a part of the second week into the month. So who knows? That's just life right now, and a very strange life, indeed.


Today, I'm going to talk a little bit about the RFID chip (Radio Frequency Identification).   Mark Baard at Parallel has a little write-up on this.


It says:


             "RFID will protect you, says industry lawyer."


Alan:  Then below that is a picture of the Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, very macabre looking fellow. He looks like the guy who would oversee mass executions; he has those dark, dark eyes, with a fixed stare that you'll see in movies like "The Exorcist".


It says here:



             "For RFID and public safety, he’s the decider (Secretary of Homeland Security…"


Alan:  --(As to what happens with all this).  We know, for instance, that this is a "must be," this whole chipping business in identification. Before 9/11 happened, Wendy Mesley on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) television did a documentary special on the coming ID cards, which you would need for travel, for passports and so on, with a live ID, I believe, chip in it, in the card.  She went through the process with one of her staff, who applied for the new one, the new passport.  This is before 9/11, remember, and they went through the whole process, plus, she talked to some of the top people at banks who run these companies (chipping companies) and one of them told them, when she asked, "what makes you think the public will accept this?"  This character, with no hesitation, he says, "Because they'll have no option."  If you think 9/11 was happenstance, forget it. This was all planned long ago, before 9/11.  In Britain, remember, they tried to bring in this same identification passport with a chip in it, before 9/11, back in the late '90’s. They even had some riots outside parliament about it, because of all the kind of detail that it contained about the individual on the card.


Getting back to this Parallel article, it says:


             "Major corporations will be able to avoid lawsuits after terrorist attacks–even if they fail to protect consumers–by using RFID tags, according to an attorney who helped craft the law, and now advises RFID companies."


Alan:  This is standard again.  You can get all the little politicians at the bottom who scrabble for their little egos, to get up the ladder and please their bosses, because the only thing a psychopath respects is someone more powerful in a higher position. That's why military organizations work. Yet, all it takes is for the big parallel government to put in one of their men here or there with a major agenda to accomplish, and they sail through—they get it done.  Then they're back out into some other area. Here's a guy who helped craft the law, and now he advises the RFID companies. You see, it's public/private. The whole thing is the new feudal system that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about; it’s here. It's been here for a long, long time. In fact, it's been here since they gave you the term "democracy," just to put you to sleep.


             "The law, the SAFETY Act…"


Alan:  It's called "safety."  See again, they love these, totalitarians love double speak. It's a trait of the psychopath, the terms that they use to lull the sheep down, under good words like "social," the word social or "safe" or safety—so it’s the--


             "… SAFETY Act of 2002, shields companies from liability for damages if they use technologies approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. The SAFETY Act will also help Homeland Security with a longstanding goal–promoting the idea that the remote tracking devices are absolutely necessary to protect the U.S. population."


Alan:  It's to “protect” you. A totalitarian will protect you by putting you in chains. Isn't that wonderful?  We know that most folk will not be indignant about it because they've already been socialized to the extent they are children, perpetual children who are supposed to play, while the experts take care of all their problems. That's how they’ve been raised, brought up and lived through their life, and watched all the propaganda on the fictional stuff on television.




Alan:  I love the Wal-Mart logo, the five-pointed star between Wal and Mart. That tells you all you need to know, apart from the fact they love walls, all down through history, whether it's Hadrian's Wall, the Great Wall of China, Wall Street or a Wailing Wall. They love walls, all over the planet. It's one of the trademarks of the big builders; and WALL IS LAW BACKWARDS.  TRAM is a conveyance.


             "…Procter & Gamble…"


Alan:  Another big company that's been in the business of altering us all, through certain products, for a long, long, long time. Interesting logo, Procter & Gamble, too. You should check into it.  Also--


             "…Tesco and Target are among the companies planning to tag and track individual store items…"


Alan:  I love how they’re “planning”—they've been doing it for a long time. Everything you've bought from Wal-Mart has had a little chip in it somewhere, so they want to--


             "…track individual store items (and shoppers) from the factory floor to the checkout counter and beyond. Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, meanwhile, has said the department can be trusted with the data gathered from RFID reader devices. Homeland Security would mine the data, which includes purchase details and locations where the tags are detected, for suspicious activity.  The RFID attorney…"


Alan:  Lawyers, again.


             "…Ray Biagini, says that RFID is a good candidate for coverage under the SAFETY Act."


Alan:  I guess anything could be put under the SAFETY Act, really, couldn't it? Maybe even shoes. They would sell us shoes with maybe two feet of chain between them, so you can't take too wide a step, in case you hurt yourself and fall.


             "RFID can “improve public health and safety in a number of ways,” writes Biagini in the latest issue of RFID Journal…"


Alan:  They have their own journal, you see.


             "…a trade magazine."


Alan:  In other words, it's a high Masonic "must be" when they have their own magazines out for it.


             "The SAFETY…"


Alan:  This is all in capital letters. They love these terms. It's so comical how these children work. The psychopath has many traits, and when you understand these traits, you always will see who they are; and these terms are so typical of them.


             "…SAFETY (Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technology)…"


Alan:  Oh.


             "…gives the Secretary of Homeland Security full discretion in shielding a company against lawsuits…"


Alan:  It's really a safety act to protect the big corporations.


             "…by certifying it is using technologies meant to protect the nation’s people and resources."


Alan:  I guess the commoners are not people.


             "…Corporate liability lawyers, defense contractors and Homeland Security officials devised the SAFETY Act in a backroom deal…"


Alan:  Oh, they love these backroom deals.


             "…after 9/11, according to one of my sources, a lobbyist…"


Alan:  That's what it's all done through, is lobbyists.


             "…for technology companies in Washington. In fact, Biagini, who works for the law firm McKenna Long & Aldridge, claims that he wrote many of the SAFETY Act’s key provisions himself."


Alan:  Voila. Voila. Isn't it beautiful, if you had a little company that made widgets and here you are, you belong to the right families and you use your family lineages and connections.  You use all the strata of corporations and non-governmental organizations, the official ones that are all associated with the United Nations, and you get a law passed so your product must be sold and bought by the people. Not a bad deal, eh?


             "Trial lawyers say that such tort reform measures are unfair to consumers. For example, imagine if half of your family died after brushing with Procter & Gamble’s Gleem toothpaste, from an arfid-tagged package purchased at a Wal-Mart store. If the government blames terrorists for the poisoning, you may find it impossible to sue the retailer or its suppliers for not taking adequate safety precautions–if their use of the radio tags was Homeland Security-approved. But given their influence at Homeland Security, Biagini (right)…"


Alan:  His picture is there on the right, an up-and-coming young psychopath.


             "…and the RFID industry seem likely to get their way with the SAFETY Act certifications."


Alan:  They're going to get it, because it was on the books a long time ago, it's a "must be" for the world they're going to bring in to existence.


             "Former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge and at least one of his former deputies have gone on to work for the RFID industry…"


Alan:  Oh, surprise, surprise.


             "…along with former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson. So watch as food and pharmaceutical companies begin to seek SAFETY Act protections for their arfid-tagged goods, and use the “DHS certified” seal (left) as a selling point."


Alan:  I can remember when, in Britain, and since the whole world is to be based on the British system (or the London system) and the Commonwealth, which it owns, there’s a bunch of the higher privy cabinet members, because in true democracies like Britain, you have a private council, as well.  It’s a sort of a privy council, of unelected people.  Although, some of the supposedly elected ones go in there, and orders are given, and then laws are passed that affect the whole population. Often, the public aren't told who these private members are. The privy council—the private council.


You've already had a public/private corporation running democracy, for a long time.  A bunch of these people and the politicians, who were in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, came forward with the idea of privatizing the water supply of all the cities and towns in Britain; and the natural gas, that was another thing. As always, the public, through their tax money, had paid for the building of all these great infrastructures of piping gas and water and all the rest that goes into it. They do it all, and then they claim it's not cost-effective.  “My goodness, we’ll have to privatize it.”  These politicians promoted all that.  Then, when they left, and about two years after they passed the acts, they just happened to form the company that got the contracts, so they ended up owning the British water supply and natural gas.


They're also in Canada. I don't know if they got the contracts here, but they were in here about four or five years ago trying to do the same. They probably will get the contracts because they're mandated, no doubt, to take over the world. That's their job. There'll be one corporation that will deal with the world's water supply. You wait and see. Same with everything else, and ultimately when you have all these groups own all the things that you need to live, you'll find they're all one at the top: the big capstone of the pyramid.  Check into Parallel, Thursday, June 7, 2007 and see for yourself.


There's an old statement that if you don't know your history, you're doomed to repeat it. Nothing truer was ever said. When you go back into the movements which brought in democracy, who really began the thrust towards democracy?  Most people live in it. They'll fight for it and die for it, when they're told to or ordered to, yet they never look into its history or even what it means.


We get a sort of kindergarten version of a caring society that just evolved; and people protested, and you had the Chartist movement and all of this kind of thing protested, and passive demonstrations to get the people’s rights. The way to hold power is always to foretell what's coming, by keeping your pulse of the people up-to-date, constantly. You check them, and if you sense something is coming, you institute the organizations first, before they do, and lead the movements. That way, you fool the sheep, once again, into the next phase of control. For people who think that an elite, who’d ruled the world for thousands of years in an economic and monetary system, in a form of feudal serfdom, would just give up because they were fat, lazy and stupid—then you should stick to the kindergarten version, I suppose. Maybe it's all you can handle.


The elite were never stupid. The elite had, for thousands of years, priests who specialized in histories and the psychologies of the people. The techniques are Machiavellian. We were given a form of democracy, because the elite knew—because they guide the future. They guide us to a planned future, always.  The New World Order is always becoming new. It's a never-ending story. The big builders of civilization, with the old allegory of Nimrod, never stopped. They always plan the future. Therefore, they never lose control, because why would you let people take over from you, if you are in the realm (in their own little religion) of the gods? 


The revolutions that were fought were “great experiments.” They called them that in the old history books. They were funded by the big banks from London and New York, but the first revolution was in England—people forget that—and it retained a monarchy: a very, very old monarchy. This strange combination of a monarchical democracy, where everyone who works as a public servant, first and foremost swears allegiance to the royalty, to defect the queen and all her heirs for perpetuity, before they take any oath at all to uphold their position for the community. That goes from the top, right down to the novice policeman on the beat, or the private in the army, and that is the same in all Commonwealth countries.  However, if you look into history the whole idea (on paper, that is, there's always a different idea on paper), of democracy that's supposed to be vastly opposed to the royalty and the aristocracy running the show. It was opposed to feudalism.


We believe the theories and forget get the reality. We live in a double-think, because if you have both co-existing at the same time, you're in double-think. You can't have both co-existing. It's either one or the other; and to think that a very old and clever aristocracy that run the money and commerce and the peoples of the world  (a good part of the world) for thousands of years, would just roll over and say, “Oh well chap, well done. You beat us fair and square. You can have democracy. We’ll just go and enjoy ourselves and play polo.” That's for children. That's a fairy story for children. That's why the terms that have been used to rule the people, like safety acts, public security, social work, etc., all these fuzzy words, which we relate to as a tribal people. People are all tribal, regardless of how many mixes are in the tribe. There’s still a natural tribal setting there, a community type setting where we expect leaders to speak to us (when they pretend to speak to us) and we want to hear those kinds of words.


It’s like “family,” family used to be a nice word, now it's kind of frowned upon. We're now a "global village," coined by Marshall McLuhan. There is a parallel government, always was one. For a long time in Britain it was simply referred to as “the establishment.” People who had tried to investigate the loss of loved ones, who worked in security service et cetera, would always come up to a brick wall; and once in a while, someone would get to meet some of the establishment who would tell them so. “Look sonny, this is how you think the world works, but here's the real one. Now go away and don't be a nuisance.” That's how the real world does work.


The United Nations was just the expansion of a global empire. That's why it was set-up.  Again, the same people who set it up gave us all the previous wars, and then said, “Oh we can't go on with all these terrible wars. You people can't be trusted. We need a world system to thrash all these problems out,” and that sounded reasonable to the ordinary people, who were so sick of all the wars that we forgot this new United Nations, this scrubbed-clean institution that was the League of Nations (which was all set-up, as well, to be world government), was actually there to control us all, with a different agenda, to bring the planned society.


Then you start to get the truth coming out, over many, many years. You see, the cause of wars are not the elite. Oh, no. From their point of view, “It's your fault. It's the peasants’ fault. It's you peasants who are called up and kicked off into the military to go and kill other people—other commoners, over there. You're the problem. There's too many of you and you've always got to be kept distracted, or you’d have mayhem at home, so we have to have wars every so often.  There's too many, so it helps to kill you off, as well.” It’s just the same technique that's being used today.


“Well, global warming, it's because you breathe carbon dioxide. There's too many people breathing.” It's always your fault, you see, unless you're psychopathic. A psychopathic is a pure ego. They are pure ego. Whatever they cause to bring about, they must immediately throw the blame onto others. That's why they have a spotless conscience. They believe their lies. They can rationalize anything.


Some people, years ago, on short-wave radio in the U.S., couldn't get past their own indoctrination of knowing, through their studies, that the founding fathers of the U.S.—many of them are freemasons, which you can find out about. We don't know about the rest, but many of them are verified, in their own writings and in lodge books.  The more that they went into their studies, people like Bill Cooper, for instance, tried to hold on to a double-think, because he'd been brought up on military bases (his father was in the Air Force).  He couldn't get past the stage of letting go of all that he believed in and loved, through his indoctrination, which is God, country, the flag and all that stuff, the American way.  He tried to compromise that these Masons gave the American people a chance, they'd either live in freedom or they'd live in slavery. If they couldn't handle freedom, they'd live in slavery. That's how he rationalized it. He couldn't get past the point, even in his own studies, when he found the deviousness of what was behind freemasonry, he still tried to cling on to it until he couldn't cling on anymore.  That's part of that which brought him down, towards the end, because his whole world was collapsing. That which he'd fought to maintain, he realized he'd never had. It was never his. That's what I gleaned out of listening to some of his talks, at the end.


How can something be both bad and good at the same time?  The old problem in all religions is: what good can come out of evil? Some of the religions claim they solved it and can compromise with that, accept it. The major revolutions were called experiments—great experiments. England, first, but it still ends up with monarchy at the top. It's makes it easier to manage when people think they're freer. They allow some of the lesser up and coming psychopaths to vie for power and get into the public kitty, which is the real goal, to get their hands in the honey pot of the tax money—Jobs for life. —Guaranteed excessive incomes and special benefits.  That's all you can expect in a monetary system of winners and losers—success, failure, same thing. It's a psychopathic system.


So don't be freaked out about it and yet there's people today who've tried for years, on various radio shows, to try and save what's left of the system they were brought up in, as it's changing.  I keep saying, "How can you save something that was never yours in the first place?"   For some people, perhaps your families didn't live as bad as some of the others. Perhaps they did, but that's pure chance. How can you live in a just system when most people are struggling or hurting or even starving at certain times?  Not so long ago and not so late history, the Great Depression put millions on the roads. Millions lost their homes. Millions lost their farms or thousands did. Families were mobile, as the banking system went on as usual, just reclaiming their property, because the ball is in their court. The taxman kept on as usual. That didn't stop, even though the people couldn't earn the money. That can happen again at any time. That's why all that brought it on has never been changed.


George Soros did a mini-plunder of the British system, when he and two friends got together and plundered the so-called Bank of England, forcing the government to borrow millions of pounds from the international bankers that Soros worked for; and he got off with it and boasted about it in the mainstream papers. This system has never been changed. Why hasn't it been changed?  It's so that they can do it again and again, and then give you a grand finale towards what's coming. That is the real world we live in.


Prosperity in a period is allowed. Since the 1960’s and '70’s, generations have been bought-off with credit cards and pensions, which they could have never imagined before, to keep them quiet, placid and stupid, not complaining, to bring them to a point to allow all this to pass, where the next generation gets the rug pulled from underneath them. Not so hard to do when you realize the generations have been so scientifically separated. Selfishness has been encouraged. The “me generation” never really stopped. Material goods have been flooding the market as fairly cheap junk from China, coupled with the multiple credit cards that everyone is using. This feeding frenzy, as massive changes are being made all around you, as the big fences are going up all around you. People are in a frenzy of the material goods. Anything to stop them from thinking about anything that really matters, any diversion will do.


I don't think there's a newspaper in the world that hasn't carried the legalistic statements, to do with chips of all kinds, the totally controlled society and on-and-on it goes. Therefore, technically and legally, the people have been told—whether they remember it or want to remember it, is a different thing. That's a personal choice and it truly, truly is. Everyone is making their own decision as to what happens in the future, and perhaps elsewhere, to themselves, in ways they've never have imagined. The cost of maintaining the large cities, the “super cities,” as the UN has mandated them to be called, and created as they amalgamate all the smaller boroughs around them, the cost of keeping up the infrastructure as millions of people eventually migrate towards them.  That's the plan, as gas prices, gasoline (or petrol in Britain), diesel, everything goes up in price, as they force people off the roads.


Under the Kyoto, they want to eventually eradicate all non-essential vehicles from traveling on roads. Under the habitat area agenda of the United Nations, "Agenda 21," they want everyone living, except for the bureaucratic classes and maybe some of the military classes, they want everyone else living inside the big super cities. The cost of maintaining the structures of the super cities is astronomical. At the moment, when you take all the sewage and systems underground that have to be maintained and rebuilt, because nothing that man makes lasts forever, except, perhaps, evil. The cost of replacing these things is astronomical.


It's not intended that these super cities will go on forever. Eventually, there'll be small cities where the present capitals are, with only an essential population—essential to the elite.  The humanity or whatever remains of what was human; the cloned, genetically modified, enhanced, the ideal design of ID; will live in them; whereas the elite already have their well maintained properties in the country. This is not a new idea. It's an old idea, going back all the way to ancient Egypt; and then Plato, who was taught in Egypt and many of his own kind, Pythagoras, too.


Plato, in "The Republic," which every one of the elite reads, often over and over, as H.G. Wells himself talked about, that was his favorite book, his first and favorite.  Plato talked about the perfect state (he’s talking about the world state), where the guardians run the whole world; the guardians of the world and how they'd modify the working people for specialized tasks. They'd breed them for specific tasks. They didn't know at that time—at least they didn’t talk about genetic modification. He just used the old animal husbandry type techniques of domestication, plus the mental qualities or lack of them, they could breed in or out, by selective breeding.


He also talked about the beauty of having the people pay for the biggest estates, which the elite would live in, in this dialogue type of teaching that he gave, under the cover of dialogues between two people.  He said to this other person, he says, “What's the point of us maintaining our big houses,” and they also had holiday houses, just like the elite have always had, near the coast or the sea somewhere. He says, “the cost is incredible and you're scared of robbery. The staff that you hire will steal from you. You always have to maintain everything and use all your money to do so.” He says, “it's better to get the people to do it all for you in the perfect world state.”  That's what's taxation is for.


If you look at the big trust organizations and who they cater for, the biggest families on the planet technically own nothing. It's all maintained by the public, and it always has been. That's the real world. Meanwhile, as they do that, they give you an alternate reality, where you believe that if you work hard enough, you have to buy your place and it's yours. It never was yours. It can be taken at anytime at all, as we've already seen over the years, and happens still, today. Houses are taken from people every day, all over the world, by government agencies or employees of government working on behalf of the banks, one or the other. That's the real world.


How could you save that? Why would you want to save an illusion? 



What we have to do is look at an alternate way, not their way, but an alternate way of getting through of this. A way, which would, like their way, be vastly different; and it would have to be a humane way, not an inhumane way. However, as far as saving that which we think we have—it's an illusion. You can't save that which was never yours. Why would you save something, when you're worrying, scurrying, tossing two or three jobs around?  If you're married at all, temporarily, as most folk are, you seldom see your partner. You'll seldom see your children.  You'll never really live at ease, because you know you're not far away from the guy on the street, if you lose your health and can't pay a mortgage or the taxes, one or the other.


You can thank the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, because in Britain and the U.S., it was that organization—it's the same one organization. The CFR is just an American branch. They brought in, and they boast about it in their own books, property taxes. They put the bills in, in both countries. It was a “must be.” These are the same guys who work fervently for a century to bring in a United Europe and a United Americas and Pacific Rim conglomerate. Wherever they are, and they're all over the world, they put the same bills in through governments. They’re guaranteed to get them through, because everyone, really, at the tops of these governments, knows who they're really working for; and they'd never say no to their masters.


That's the real world; and we must start looking towards alternate ways, not the inhumane way where everyone is disconnected from everyone else. It doesn't mean you go around loving everybody, because there's a lot of nasty people at the bottom, as you have at the top. Psychopathy isn't confined to a class. However, there are a lot of decent good people. I do think, personally, they are in the minority in this present world.  If that be so, then the majority—which is why they love democracy, it’s not mob rule, it's just that the elite know that the mob will always go the way the elite wants them to go—then the mob will have their way, in a sense.


It’s true, ignorance is different from being stupid. Being ignorant about something, when the information is there, is also a choice. If your IQ is within a certain reach, you have no excuse; and saying it's too difficult for me to stand up to this, or face it, or accept this reality; that's also a choice. This kind of choice-making has split up many, many relationships, when one person wakes up in a relationship and the other doesn't, or the other one can understand to an extent but doesn't want to go any further, because they choose not to. The other person, who has woken up a little bit further beyond that, then has a choice to stifle themselves, which will lead to gastric ulcers and a form of annihilation, or go further with it. It's up to their conscience.


They used to say your conscience was your connection with your deity. That may be so. It might also be so that we're living in an age, where, as I say, the majority don't have it, because the psychopaths at the top give you this pathocracy, also give you the culture you follow, which is inhumane. Therefore, you have a psychopathic culture that's taught as normal, egocentric culture, where people are taught not to look at the bad aspects of life. Look at the positive, which is the psychopathic way, means you're throwing off conscience, because conscience will eventually bring you around to responsibility—if you have a conscience.


What I'm doing is not giving you a sermon of any kind, I hope. I'm just pointing out what is, what will be and what can be.  I don't think there is anyone alive today that can honestly say, at the end of whatever, they really didn't know. Not knowing is a choice, and certainly, not caring is a choice. All down through the ages, there have been people, here and there, who understood the times in which they lived, with clarity. They understood the reality of it. They understood the pace that the world was moving at, with regards to an eventual global structure of domination. They could teach others, and wisdom could be passed on, in the knowledge that there was still lots of time.


However, the Age of Aquarius was the age designed long ago (or picked long ago) to bring in the final solution, as far as the elite were concerned. The trinity of two and one, three, the duad and the one, has always been there in the higher occultic circles, with all its meanings. In the 21st century, two and one, was picked a long, long time ago, as a form of completion of one long part of the plan. Therefore, the time to pass on knowledge is drawing to an end, obviously.


You can look around you today, and with each five years or so that passes, you're into a more bizarre circus of fantasia. Just look at what the children are given and how vastly it's changing, how quickly it's changing. Their world is supra-real. They've already been conditioned for chips and a virtual reality. They're almost there in fact, because when they're really into all these games and such, they're not themselves. They're lost already. They're being prepared for the next step.  The time is running out quickly, very quickly. There are no mass movements out there; and if they were, demonstrating against this, you can guarantee they would be infiltrated and led by those that would bring you into a compromise, which is actually defeat.


There is no great movement against all of this. Because this structure is so multi-faceted, like a massive pincer movement all around you, where you are the hub of a carriage wheel and you see every spoke coming towards you, all around you in a complete circle—that's all the avenues of attack upon you, at the moment.  There are lots of groups specializing with each spoke of this wheel; and no one group could really handle it all. Yet, the answers really are simple. They always have been. Some of them I've mentioned on various talks; I never laid a lot of stress on them, I shouldn't have to; but the answers are contained within.


When you know the blackness of the known, of what is coming, why should you fear the unknown direction of personal choice? You have no option. The sad thing is, most people, who are completely indoctrinated and who live in fear and worry and scurry, will try to hang on to this system, which is taking them to an end, to the very end. That doesn't have to be this way for everyone. Everyone, it is true, on a daily basis, is making a choice and then another choice and then another choice. We have to look at different ways of living, or risk complete oblivion of the conscious mind. All that will be left will be programmed robots. What an ending for being here, for millions of years with the ability to be sentient. The ability to love, to care, to have sorrow, to have all of the emotions to appreciate the world you live in and the nature around you.


Those who are awake and aware, I'm sure know that those around them who don't want to know the deeper issues, are getting certain information from mainstream media, because of the legalistic system, so that future historians and present historians can always say, “The public were told this back in so-and-so and they didn't complain.” In other words, it gives a false version to those who read the histories written in the future. Yet, that part is true.  They acquiesce by their silence. They can't truly say they don't know. It's more true to say they don't care; and yet, if you don't care about those who fall before you, eventually it will be your turn to trip, as well. That's nature's survival. Empathy for others ensures your own survival. That is something which Bertrand Russell and other talked about, when they said they would encourage an egocentric, egosyntonic society that would help separate people from people, the “me type.”


Every religion has said the same things—every religion, at least the parts they’ve been left in and haven't been altered. We've all heard about: treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. Don't treat them the way you don't want to be treated; and that's very, very true; and yet, if you don't care about people as you would care about yourself, then, as I say, who's going to care for you?  You can't save something that was never yours. This agenda is almost at the end of this particular phase of it. It will go on from there. Humanity and the genes that you carry are the genetic material, the building material from which they will select the parts they want for specialized tasks, for purpose-designed people of the future, their servants.  While the elite, as they say, as far as their mentality goes, their brain capacity, their survival instincts—they will remain unchanged. That's been written by Arthur Koestler in "The Ghost in the Machine," and Russell and many, many others, Aldous Huxley and so on.


That's always been the agenda, but for the rest of the population, we will gradually, step-by-step, first be altered; then be chipped; then non-persons, because we can't think individually.   As they're doing that and that's successful, there'll already be making purposely-made people, Ideal Design. Not good news, but no one said it would be easy, eh? 


I always tell people that you are your own champion. Don't look around for heroes. That was fostered by the media and Hollywood. “Everyone needs a hero,” as the song goes. That leads you to your doom, because no one can be a hero for you, except for yourself.


From Hamish and myself, it's good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



"Turn, Turn, Turn"

By Judy Collins


To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time for every purpose, under heaven

A time to be born, a time to die
A time to plant, a time to reap
A time to kill, a time to heal
A time to laugh, a time to weep

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven

A time to build up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to cast away stones, a time to gather stones together

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season
And a time to every purpose, under heaven

A time of love, a time of hate
A time of war, a time of peace
A time you may embrace, a time to refrain from embracing

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven

A time to gain, a time to lose
A time to rend, a time to sew
A time to love, a time to hate
A time of peace, I swear its not too late


To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season
And a time to every purpose, under heaven
And a time to every purpose, under heaven



(Transcribed by Linda)