April 12, 2007


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Hi folks. This is Alan Watt at Today is the 12th of April 2007.


It's a damp rainy day up here. It snowed last night and turned to rain early this morning so the roads are all kind of mushy, but that's the tail end of winter and winter likes to gives us a few sprinkles before everything gets going in spring here.


Mind you, in these days it's difficult to know what's normal and what isn't normal because we get new normals all the time. Everything becomes new, with enough propaganda, from enough sources, all saying the same things, especially from experts. We can be convinced of anything until the bizarre is now normal.


We know we are well under the way of weather warfare. It's been on for quite some time now on a daily basis. With high-tech sciences we have the spraying in the skies that go on across the planet daily. We couple that with the HAARP technologies that are being used and sure enough, this is the big thing that H.G. Wells talked about. A threat from "out there," only he put it in an invasion by space aliens. It's really to do with the use of weather.


You must have an enemy to bind the people together in a common cause as old John Dewey said. He was the first one to talk about that in fact. He said, "if only we had a threat from out there somewhere mankind would have to unite in a common cause."  What he really meant was that the experts like himself, for instance, take over and run our lives for us.


H.G. Wells just picked up on it and was told what to write, as all major authors are.  I will be going into a lot of that which the public don't know about, to do with how things really work, as opposed to what you are trained to think how they work. It's not a matter of just doing good stuff, writing, scribbling and sending it in to publishers. It's often the other way around. They will come to some people and tell them what to write because all knowledge is part of control. Knowledge is power.


In the 1800's and early 1900's there was a movement within the followers of Nietzsche and other similar type authors, all involved in the new superman-type, the high intellectual, highly evolved. Evolving neologisms for propaganda.  They brought out “truths and untruths,” “knowing, unknowing.”  Everything was "un".  The opposite was always "un" and this is definitely being used today on a big scale.


Knowledge is power. They would call it "unknowledge," or unknowledge really would be in their terminology nonsensical trivia, or "fake knowledge."  Fake perhaps with a purpose and the purpose is to shape your mind since every conclusion that you will come to depends on the data that you have access to in your life, coupled with your own experiences. You will tend to come to the wrong conclusions if you've been fed nothing but irrelevant or misleading data. I guess they would say "un-data" in that category.


When you realize that sciences, huge think tanks, thousands of them, are used right across the planet, all affiliated by the "great foundations" as they're called, very wealthy foundations where the members of course are all members of freemasonry. They are the biggest corporate leaders who act as the CEOs of these big think tanks and so on. They're all interconnected. They all must shape the minds or the collective mind of the whole planet so we'll all come to the same conclusions at the same time on pretty well every topic that's fed into us from the general media.


That is the scientific technique that's been used consistently since at least the end of World War II that we can document. We can document stuff through intensive research with little bits and pieces in various old books prior to World War II. We do know that the OSS which was a precursor of the CIA which was started off by a British agent basically gave a new culture for the Americas, and they fund all that which gives you your thoughts, which gives you your data and you act like a computer, have a logic and a language, you will therefore work your way like a mathematical sequence to the answer that was predetermined that you reach.


It is not difficult when you're in charge of the entire media. There is no "free media" out there, at least the large stuff and even the alternate stuff too. They covered the bases. Total control means total control. When they said they'd bring out total information network systems of security within the U.S. and Canada and other countries, they meant total information.


We hear things. We don't think about them but we are told total is total. That's why everyone's calls are being monitored. And yes, I know all the little people at the bottom will say, "well I have nothing to hide. I don't care what they know about me." They have no indignation at the loss of personal privacy, because it's not a matter of what they claim they hear you say. It's a matter that they're snooping on you in the first place. You should be indignant, terribly, terribly indignant about that. When you're not indignant you are a "happy slave."


Yes, they've been at this for a long, long time. Britain and the U.S. made a special partnership even before the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was set-up, NATO. NATO is a scrambled ATON, the Egyptian sun god. That's why they called it NATO and if you look carefully at NATO’s symbol it’s actually a very modernized stylized swastika.


Maggie Thatcher and other prime ministers are always giving this tongue-in-cheek quote, "our special relationship," meaning with the U.S. and vice versa. What they're referring to is a "special agenda" that was worked out long ago to bring the world under a common system. A common network of total complete control, with different stages, leading up to their grand finale, which is not just a brain chip, it's the next step. Once you're all chipped you won't care what kind of humans they make from you or from your body even by taking DNA and stem cells and all the rest of it. You won't think at all, you see, so you're out of the picture and they can do what they want. That is the end goal, a world population of all the "lesser beings" who haven't achieved success at the top. That proves to them through their belief in evolution that you simply can't go any further. You've come to the end of your gene pool. That's the kind of world they envisage, as we entertain ourselves to death and mystify ourselves to death with speculation, much fantasy, lots of exoteric nonsense, which is also put out there for you to gobble up.


When I was small, I used to wonder when you'd pass people and listen to all them chattering. You see them chat a lot. You see them talk a lot. Some of the conversations were of import. Others were just irrelevant chatter, which is a human thing where you get all stressed. You allow stress to go off through irrelevant chatter and I thought if all the words that had ever been spoken on the planet could be strung end-to-end, how far out into space and back again would it reach? It would be phenomenal and yet most of it would be irrelevant. But it is a normal trait to let things go by chattering away, you see, and the big boys know that, so they give us the topics to chatter about. They divert us in a thousand different ways.


And now the world is in full swing, creating the whole global warming crisis, which is the real threat from out there, you see. That's what they're creating. Spray the skies. Overheat the atmosphere. Use HAARP technology to superheat it, which is exactly what Tesla talked about. You're watching it happen. You're living as they’re using this technology. You're watching the effects of it. They can make micro-bursts come down from the sky, a new phenomena, a new normal. I'll mention "new normals" quite often because everything is becoming new normal. Like autism. All the vaccinations beginning mainly around the '60's and onwards, the level of autism increased phenomenally. So many are getting autism now after vaccination as they give more and more vaccinations to the young, to even younger children, to their babies in fact, that it has skyrocketed. It's incredible and it sets in, generally two weeks after the inoculations, at two years of age. The new normal you see.


Then it's taught in the medical schools that this is normal and those young ones growing up in the medical schools don't know what the "old normal" was, so they've nothing to compare it to. They come out of these schools chattering about normal, expecting one in five to have some kind of autism, because attention deficit disorder and all these brand new terms that they've tossed around is now normal too. Everyone uses them. They don't realize how recently they all came into fashion. It didn't happen before and they are all degrees of autism in one form or another. That's all they are. They're the side effects of damage that's been done through targeting the brain by certain warfare techniques. The new normal.  With the new normal weather, where my goodness, it's a panic, it's a crisis, and we'll all have to change our entire way of living and doing to survive on this little old planet, we should go into these little habitat areas and live on top of each other, or else if you're very rich you can get into one of the very good habitat areas, where it's guarded, to keep all the little people out and you can live in luxury. It's a class-system habitat area they've got set up already.  What's new in the world, eh?


They used to always refer to the bad side of cities as the "east side". It was always the "east end" of any city; the reason being that the wind blows in all the pollution. In the old days there was a lot of pollution from chimneys, coal-burning chimneys from houses, and it blew it all eastward, where the poor folk lived. That's why they put all the poor folk on the east side.


Thomas Malthus, who came out with his essay on population, was the economist in the 1700’s who advocated culling off “by humane methods.” Humane by his standards, being a good psychopath, that is. Killing them off by putting poor housing on swamp lands and marshlands, where disease would set in and they'd die off. You wonder why the great World Wilderness Federation and all the rest of them got in the act back in the '70's, banging the drums for creating more wetlands and marshlands. Now you have more mosquitoes, which are also, by the way, modified.


There's a laboratory in Bellwood, Ontario, operating since World War II, it makes these big mosquitoes to carry a bigger load. The loading dose of a disease is what's important. That will decide whether it takes off in your system or not, the loading dose. They bred these big mosquitoes in Bellwood laboratories and they take them down to a U.S. one in New York, and they’ve been doing that for a long, long time. One day they'll use them, if they haven't already, and we will have plague, famine, warfare and all the rest of it, and the weather going haywire at the same time. We must get chaos before we can have order – Ordo Ab Chao, as the Masons say.


This is not pleasant news. People have been taught to be egocentric; that was advocated by people like Lord Bertrand Russell, Skinner (the behaviorist) and others. They said they if can create egocentrism within people, they'll avoid that which is painful and look for pleasure, so they give you all the things you pleasure about. You suck the television, like it was some kind of teat, as you take your downloads and your professionally organized data through comedies, movies and what's passed as news. You avoid all the unpleasant things. The unpleasant things, which they'll show occasionally in the media, are wrapped in such surrealism, it doesn't become real anymore. It’s a form of disassociation, it causes, between and fact and fantasy.


Those who seek pleasure, which was the whole New Age movement’s goal, really, are all taught that in all of the groups. It doesn't matter what name it's called of the group or guru, school or whatever, they're all taught, just coincidentally, of course, that they should avoid negativity and avoid negative people. That is the first step towards losing your survival capabilities, because the first thing is to always look around you. It's like being on a train track and playing a Walkman on your headset, and never looking back, until you get hit with the train. Then they'll cry and say, "What happened? Where did this come from?"  That's the technique that's being used. “I don't want to know. What's on television now?”


You have seen warfare carried out. Absolute warfare. The targets don't even know the war was on. When they brought it in gradually, it became, ultimately, a "new normal". 


When you're bringing people through the greatest change in a long period of history, maybe even the greatest change, you don’t want an intelligent, comprehending, thinking, well educated population. You want your enemy to be dumber than the previous generations, less educated in those things that matter. They're not taught logic, reasoning and critical thinking analysis in school. Individualism has been abolished, pretty well, in the classroom, because it's generally the individual that sees a different perspective on things, not the group. Now the group must come to consensus in this classroom, or the individual will be shunned, until he stops being an individual and becomes part of the group. “We are all one.”


Psychological warfare, it's not a new thing. The ancient priesthoods, who studied the movements of comets, used to use them against the populations when the next one was coming or an eclipse was coming. Terrify the public by saying, “my goodness, if you don't pray and pray,” and of course they would take all the offerings that were given, just to keep it for the god, you understand, whatever god it was. Then the sky would get dark and the people would moan and drop to their knees. The priests would do some little dance, wave a bit of incense around, and lo and behold, the sun came out again. The eclipse was over, but the ignorant public thought the priests had done it. Very simple trick.


Knowledge is power. Knowledge is power, and those who have power never really want to share it, you see, so similar tricks can be passed on. We're simply using more advanced technologies now, with the weather control, for instance, to create special effects on the planet. Not difficult to do, when you have such massive Air Forces. They must have been building extra aircraft for a long, long time and must have been making all this stuff they've been spraying heavily, since '98, in Ontario, for instance. I know it's been earlier in some parts of the U.S. They must have been storing this stuff up and making it for years and years, and it must be made by the big chemical companies that we're so familiar with, because of their previous legacies like Agent Orange, et cetera.


I have an email from Phil from Rochester, who was talking about this (the weather) and he said he agrees with me. He also thinks maybe the sun is causing the warming, and he mentions that the experts again are expecting more huge solar flares over the next several months. Now we don't know if that's true or not, because they can tell us anything. Unless you have these telescopes, with welder’s goggles on, you can't really see them. However, if you have shortwave radio, you know when there are solar flares, because you get bad reception. It's a good way to tell if it's really happening or not. I've heard before when they say these solar flares are coming out, and when the shortwave stations are coming in, as clearly as FM radio, you know that they're just playing you along here. He goes on to say:


The sun is a slightly variable star, and it's true, variable stars do give off more flares and some less flares, depending on how it feels at the time. He says another thing that I don't hear anything about these days, is that only 30 years ago all the experts were saying that we were on the verge of plunging into the extreme cold of another ice age, and that's true. In fact, one of the greatest howlers about that back then, who wrote a book about the coming ice age, is now churning out books on global warming and how we're all going to be fried. I don't know if he had any shares in stocks to do with fur back then, because everyone's getting terrified about, “oh my goodness, we're going to get frozen to death,” and they were all buying all the survival stuff and heavy duty parkas, and that to survive all this and it just didn't happen. And now, I guess, the whole thing is to buy fans and things to make ice cubes.


The same crew were shouting and howling about it then. The UN was giving out this stuff too back then 30 years ago. The same experts were telling us we're going to be frozen to death but now it's easier to fry us with the technology, you see. It's much easier to fry us.


Now they knew, back in the 1950's, they could spray the sky.  The inventor of the H-bomb actually was a guy who came forward and first proposed that they spray the sky with certain types of chemicals which would cut sunlight. This is for warfare purposes to be used over entire countries and even continents. After testing it they found out it was easier to build up heat by doing that, because with polymers – that's a kind of almost plasticky barrier film – almost clear barrier film polymer, like they use on insulation for homes. That's how the sky seems, that's the polymer you're seeing from the spraying. It also contains minute particles of metals and metallic particles. They act like billions of mirrors all reflecting the sun back and forth, so they keep the heat in, and people will notice that when they're spraying heavily it gets warmer, and then of course they can blame global warming and our pollution for doing it. It's quite the act, isn't it?  The Wizard of OZ, the little man behind the curtain, the scientist, doing their alchemy in the sky everyday and the media won't even talk about it.


When they won't talk about something that's so obvious to a sentient being, then you know they're up to no good. This should of course be obvious to everyone, and it is a surprise to those who wakeup to find out that very few people ever even glance at the sky, winter or summer. People in rural communities are more apt to do so, because I think living amongst real nature brings back all of those survival capabilities. You want to know what kind of day it is. Now you can't really tell. Well you can actually, you can tell when they’re spraying heavily, with what color of spray or what shade of spray, what they're going to give you that day. Once in a while, when you start with very dark sprays, you'll see lines of the trail coming down through clouds of these darks ones. It cuts right through the clouds and comes downwards. The more of that you see happening in the evening, you know they're making a storm. You'll get high winds coming in, which is now called micro-bursts, these brand new “normal” phenomena, and we adapt to it very quickly.


I listened to the little blurbs on the news a few years ago, when the first micro-downburst came, out of the blue, and demolished the upper floor of a big building in Toronto. They couldn't explain it; it was just a new normal.  Then we got this other one that would cut swaths – a huge straight swath, right through a forest, straight as a dye, and totally unlike a twister, a tornado. Everything in its path would be just flattened, and it would go on for miles sometimes, and that was a new normal too. Now it's normal. These little things are normal. There's no questions about them. We don't have to question them.


Getting back to this little email that Phil sent, from the ice age to the roasting age. He said, "I remember taking a trip down to the Smithsonian Institution back in the spring of 1978, just after we had three of the coldest winters on record. They had a huge wall-size bar chart, showing one and all, how within the next decade or so we were just about ready to plunge over the precipice and fall directly down into the next planetary ice age. It was all there in brilliant colors, in carefully arranged graphics, and the way that they had it shown, well, it made you really believe them. Funny how we don't hear about any of this these days."


That's a fact, because it's easier to create global warming you see. They had to change the direction they were going in. It's good that some people like Phil and others have a memory, because most people do not have a memory. They adapt to the new normals without thinking or questioning. They don't think it odd, that one day you’re going to freeze to death, and the next day you’re going to roast to death. Any excuse for big governments to set in with an agenda of a completely new way of living will be used, and are being used, to shape our minds and bring us to their conclusions.


The children who will grow up through a lot of this are being completely brainwashed in the schools. It's difficult for a child to discern. Young mammals of any kind look towards adults, the older ones, to be giving signs of that which they should be weary, scared, or mistrustful of. If the parents don't know, and most of them don't, that most of what they think is reality is planned fiction.  Children still have respect for teachers. They’re given that at school, for a discipline, albeit it loose. It is generally greater than that which they have at home, nowadays, thanks to Dr. Spock, who after beating the drum on how to let children do whatever they wanted to do for a long time, just before he died he said, "we have risen up a nation of psychopaths."


“Gee, what a surprise.” The teachers still have some authority, so the children who do look towards the older ones for authority and for advice listen to the teachers. It would never dawn on them that they could be lied to, or they're getting brainwashed through propaganda. It doesn't dawn on them at all. They're told what they are told in school, and they take it all factually, believe every little bit. They see all these specially created videos. They play them in school with “crisis, crisis, crisis,” and they'll show you some rotten tree somewhere, just rotting away, and say, “Pollution caused that, people that caused that.” The fact is you can go through any major forest – the people in cities now think that a forest is like their local park, these man-made parks, where you can walk through and there's lot of room. They don't realize if they go into real forests you can't walk through it like that. You'd have to cut your way through, because there's thousands of trees growing up in short areas, all competing to get up there to the light, and they die all the time and new ones are born all the time. That's the way it goes.


You can distort reality by taking them to the local parks where it's well maintained, and they think, “yeah the forest is a beautiful place, you just walk through, you stroll casually through, or ride your bike through.” You can alter perception so easily. As Plato said, it will be the cities, the beehives that would drive the changes, because it's easier to control the minds of those in cities than those scattered around the country.


Mind control. Creating new norms. We have new normal weather, with new normal strange phenomena, which the experts aren't worried about – the downbursts and that. We have the satellite images that used to be very clear showing your countries, your continents, now becoming fuzzy because they've lowered the resolution on them to try and hide all the spraying trails you're going to see. They did first appear, actually, a few years ago when they first showed us the satellite photographs. Now they've lowered the resolution to make it look more like clouds, a new normal – done through science and CON-OLOGY.


After all, as they said in the great movie, fantastic movie that everyone should see. I think if you what to show a good movie in school, show "Wag the Dog" and remember that famous statement as they watched their CON being pulled off on television to millions of viewers, "see, it must be true. It's on TV."  Simple. How simply they guide us all, along a path, predetermined by themselves at the top, to their perfect “Brave New World” – a term coined probably a thousand years ago and then rehashed many times over.


Brave, meaning they would alter the society, and direct and plan society. That's what it really meant initially. THEY, the big elite of the day would do so, rather than have it haphazard, and boy and girl meeting each other and just having offsprings, “willy-nilly.” That was just too messy and too untidy. Not controlled enough. Control.


Going back to being trained to be egosyntonic – look at the positive, deny the negative. Don't look at negative. Ignore it. It's a very good psychological technique of control. People used to say that socialism, ultimately, when you understand what it really is, not what you are trained to think it is, (apart from the fact it's not a separate party from the right wing either). It's a tool of the right wing. The right wing and left wing really belong to the same bird, and the real head of the bird is always behind a shield on their Coats of Arms.


Arnold Toynbee, who took over from this father with the same name, at Oxford University, who advised governments and high think tanks working with government on the law, to mind control, and the future of civilization, and who also taught the Rhodes Scholars. Rhodes Scholars are trained in world government. They have been since Cecil Rhodes died and left the will for the Rhodes Scholarships. Eventually managed by Lord Milner, that came in and joined his Round Table group with them, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is scattered all over the planet, with their CFR branch in the U.S., which every major character is a member, and definitely also in all major media.


If you notice and remember, Bill Clinton after his Lewinsky affair, which was good drama for the public – they like a good sexy thing, good sex drama. You'll notice that he was first called up, not to appear in front of the American people on what was going on with his shenanigans and his cigars, but he was first called to speak to the Council on Foreign Relations on this matter. I thought at the time, isn't that enough to wake people up, to at least the fact. Why would he be going like a schoolboy to the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a non-political organization? That is true. They plan an agenda. They plan your future. They don't play politics. Politics is a lesser part, for the public to gobble up, and to keep them believing that we'll just vote the next bunch in that will be better.


He was called up in front of the Council on Foreign Relations to answer for his “you-know-what” affairs and unique ways of blowing smoke rings. I often wonder if it was Havana cigars he had – they’re banned everywhere else in the U.S. – so it probably was, because of old Castro.


A little article in "The Economist" in the print edition from March 29, 2007, it goes like this:


             "Few people cared about the European Union’s 50th birthday party. But apathy has its consolations


             NOBODY has a good word for apathy. Arnold Toynbee, a historian--"


I like how they just give you a little bit. He was a “historian.” He was the Carroll Quigley of his time. Also, working for the British government, as well as Oxford.


             "thought it defined the penultimate stage of decadence. Civilisations proceed, he said, from bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to apathy; from apathy to dependency;"--


That's where we are now.


             "and from dependency back to bondage."--


We're actually under bondage, too.


             "Apathy is also anti-democratic: democracy requires the informed consent of the governed,"--


It doesn't mean you have to understand it. They've been told, and we are told everything, in such a way, that legally they did tell us. It's just that it's not put in such a fashion that you really necessarily understand it, and it's not put across as something you're supposed to remember. They tell us, by hype, what we're supposed to remember and what is important. They could tell you something very, very important casually, and if they don't stress the importance of it themselves, then we won't reason it out for ourselves. It's as simple as that.


             "Europe's leaders also fret"--


This is the same article from "The Economist" print edition.


             "Europe's leaders also fret that apathy is anti-European. Popular indifference, they fear, leaves the European Union's institutions vulnerable to the gusts of popular indignation. Their worry is understandable. The polling evidence, for what it is worth, shows that people who say they know a lot about the EU"--


“Economic Union.”


             "tend to support it."--


The polls, remember, were first put out by Britain in World War I to CON the public into going along with something. The idea being that the masses tend to go along with what they think is popular. They're not individuals amongst the mass, so they want to go along with what’s popular. They want to, basically, back the winner, so they don't reason things out for themselves and they believe the polls. That's what the polls are for. It's to give you a belief in something, which generally is untrue. They’re used for psychological warfare purposes. There's actually books out on it that you can find in libraries – those old dusty places that no one goes anymore, where books gather dust.


             "Those who know nothing about the EU and care less tend to be Eurosceptics. So governments and public institutions naturally seek to combat Euro-apathy"--


It must be a new flu. “Euro-apathy.”


             "as much as they can: by public-relations campaigns"--


Well, you see here, that's a little bit of truth. They do massive public relations campaigns, of a “rah-rah” thing, and how well we're all doing, you see, being managed by an elite new parliament, which is over there – somewhere away from you. Very far away.


             "and it is by exhortations that Europe must dream (Jacques Delors's admonition against indifference)—or by stunts such as last weekend's birthday bash in Berlin to mark the 50th anniversary of the EU's founding Treaty of Rome.


“Ha, ha, ha.” The Treaty of Rome was only one part of the plan to integrate us all into the system. It was a kind of official double-edged sword, meaning, “we spoke with fork tongue,” as the white man often does. They give one formality to the public without telling them the whole agenda. It was just to be an economic thing, where we just traded better with each other. The Club of Rome that was behind a lot of it, the old Bilderbergers, had set it up, the real agenda up themselves. At least in the initial planning stages they had massive bureaucracies working for them. You'll find they set up the bureaucracies and departments of governments in 1948, although it was really signed back in 1945, this whole part of the agenda. The Club of Rome and the actual Treaty of Rome was a later thing, a later pretense for the public to swallow.


This goes on to say:


             "If apathy were indeed a threat to European integration, there would seem to be much reason to worry. Apathy is lolling about everywhere. Voter turnout has fallen in every election to the European Parliament since the institution was created. In the most recent one, in 2004, it slumped below 50%—a lower rate than India's parliamentary polls. The gap between turnout in national elections and in European ones is widening, so the problem seems especially acute for the EU. Britain's prime minister, Tony Blair, has a website where people can file online petitions."--


That's right. Complain to them.


             "It is an unscientific measure of popular concerns, but intriguing nonetheless. A recent petition asking Britain to hold a referendum on any EU constitution got a few thousand electronic signatures. One opposing road pricing got a few million. It is hard to measure degrees of apathy non-anecdotally because people tend to react badly to polling questions such as “Do you care two hoots about the EU?” But lack of knowledge might be taken as a proxy for lack of concern. Here too the evidence is discouraging. Some three-quarters of Europeans, asked to rate their own knowledge of the EU, say it is modest or non-existent, and this share is rising not falling. Yet is it really true that apathy is an obstacle to European integration? A certain amount of apathy is understandable, perhaps inevitable. The EU's institutions are remote and deliberately complex"--


That is true. It's deliberately complex. That's why you don't understand what's really going on. It says:


             "(deliberately in the sense that they seek to balance pan-European decision-making with national checks and balances)."--


I guess what they really mean by that is your paying the checks and it knocks you off balance.


             "Most voters have no idea who represents them in the European Parliament and would not recognise a European commissioner if one turned up on their doorstep. There are also reasons why apathy might have grown. Historically, the term entered common use after the first world war, when it was associated with shell-shock and depression. The EU is suffering from the bombshell when French and Dutch voters rejected the draft constitution in 2005. It can also be argued that economic sluggishness and high unemployment (at least until the current recovery"--


Ha, ha, ha. Recovery. It's just a mark in a book. We're not recovered.


             "have led to a continent-wide depression. More important, apathy has its compensations, especially for Europhiles."--


Europhile, hmmm. That's a file that diddles with young Euros.


             "Without it, European integration would not have gone as far as it has."--


What a joke. You had no option.


             "There was almost no debate about the content of the constitution in the referendum campaigns in Spain or Luxembourg, which approved it by wide margins. The voters who looked most closely at the text were in France and the Netherlands. Similarly, Britain debated the merits of the single currency more extensively than any other country. But Britain stayed out, while others adopted it without discussion."


That's because the big boys were paid off and were members of certain institutions and organizations.


             "European integration can proceed without popular enthusiasm because of its character: the EU has a large regulatory component and much integration proceeds through rules-based co-operation."--


Isn't that beautiful that term that they come up with? Rules-based co-operation. The rule being, that you don't tell the truth to the public and we'll all cooperate in keeping it secret.


             "Rules and technical standards are peculiarly unsuited to mobilising popular opinion, whether for or against. Most people are content to leave them to experts."--


The experts. Remember the Bertrand Russell experts and the society of experts?


             "Integration by regulation proceeds under the voters' indifferent gaze. In that sense, apathy is the Europhiles' best friend. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, has learned this lesson. The “Berlin declaration” to mark the 50th birthday was written in secret"--


What's new? What's new?


             "and signed only by the EU's own representatives: Ms Merkel as holder of the EU presidency and the heads of the European Commission and Parliament. It seems likely that any revised constitutional treaty will also be cooked up in semi-secret"--


Well, I wonder why they're apathetic about that, eh?


             "with the aim of ratification by national parliaments"--


Who are also paid-off.


             "not referendums. Let sleeping voters lie. But there is a further manifestation of apathy to consider: a behavioural condition associated with it, known as “learned helplessness”.


Learned helplessness, oh.  What are they suffering from?  They have learned helplessness.


             "In 1965 a psychologist, Martin Seligman, subjected two groups of dogs to electric shocks."--


He was a sweetheart this guy Seligman, eh?  Another psychopath.


             "The first group could end the punishment by pressing a lever. These dogs recovered quickly; in a subsequent experiment, they learned to avoid further shocks by jumping a low wall. The second group had a lever that did nothing."--


A placebo lever. “Placebo lever.”


             "They became apathetic and in the subsequent experiment simply cowered on the electrified floor"--


Imagine you couldn't get out of that – an electrified floor, so now, you just got shocked. Ah, disgusting, disgusting creatures these psychopaths are.


             "unable to escape the shocks. They had “learned helplessness”.


You know your tax money funds this kind of stuff, and what they learned is ultimately used on us to control us. Do you realize that? Ah, it's a horror show.


             "In Europe, the treaties of Maastricht and Nice were rejected by Danish and Irish voters, only to be largely implemented later. If the constitution is successfully revived—a big if—it would continue this pattern. Some EU leaders may hope that, if they do this often enough, apathetic voters will learn that they are helpless to stop further integration, even when they want to."


There's your little blurb, which in itself the way it's worded, is a downer. It's meant to make you feel more apathetic because it doesn't give you any answers to it.  In fact, in a sense, it's pointing out between the lines that there are no usual answers to it. The usual answers are gone because this was planned as a "must be" and you're getting it rammed down your throats, regardless.


That's my very rushed blurb tonight. I don't know if you can hear the rain outside, because I'm using a new microphone that was sent to me by James, down in Florida, and I really thank him for this mike. It's very sensitive and it may even pick up my fridge, I don't know – I'll see after this talk tonight, but it's a goodie. It's goodie, goodie and I got to thank him profusely for this microphone working really well.


If it wasn't for friends, what would you do? because we certainly have none in governmental institutions. So from a cold – well not too cold, actually, soggy night in Canada, I hope you all do your studying and you learn something, and you stop allowing yourself to be herded and shepherded into a thousand different diversions, because the move is on. The move is on. People are truly waking up all over the globe. A little light goes on here and there, and somewhere else, and this is how changes begin.


Well, you have to have the real facts to back you up, not all the fake ones, too. There's a lot of fake facts put out for you to jump a hold of and believe that you have leaders leading the opposition. Remember, they always give you the leaders to follow. Don't follow me. I don't know what I'm doing half the time.


I wander around here, and I seldom comb my hair unless I have to go out, and even then I'm halfway down to where I'm going before I remember to do it, but this has to be out now for the younger generation. We can't dump all this on them. They have no chance. We have to alter all this stuff and rethink what life is all about. We've got to rethink all of that. Not the 8 to 5 system we're trained from birth to go into.


From me and Hamish, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you, and all these "new norms" – start remembering what they really are. They're not normal at all. Normal is just what you've been led to recently expect.



"The Trouble With Normal"

by Bruce Cockburn


Strikes across the frontier and strikes for higher wage
Planet lurches to the right as ideologies engage
Suddenly it's repression, moratorium on rights
What did they think the politics of panic would invite?
Person in the street shrugs -- "Security comes first"
But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

Callous men in business costume speak computereze
Play pinball with the Third World trying to keep it on its knees
Their single crop starvation plans put sugar in your tea
And the local Third World's kept on reservations you don't see
"It'll all go back to normal if we put our nation first"
But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

But the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

Fashionable fascism dominates the scene
When ends don't meet it's easier to justify the means
Tenants get the dregs and landlords get the cream
As the grinding devolution of the democratic dream
Brings us men in gas masks dancing while the shells burst
The trouble with normal is it always gets worse
The trouble with normal is it always gets worse

The trouble with normal is it always gets worse

The trouble with normal is it always gets worse



(Transcribed by Linda)