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January 5, 2007



Hi folks. This is Alan Watt at and it is January 5th, 2007.

I hope everyone survived their celebrations of making it through to another year. Let's all hope that this year will be no worse than last year, and that's the best we can do at the present. It's also the time to remember, for so many people, why they don't celebrate anything during the year. It takes a full year to forget, and it's only now it comes back to you why you don't celebrate so much. So much so, that even major subway corporations in cities like Toronto and with the TTC for the buses was so short of drivers that there's almost an emergency for people getting to work in the last few days. Of course, the stress builds up in their lives. This will also increase, too. There's ALWAYS FALLOUT, in this system, which is an ARTIFICIAL SYSTEM, to the stresses that are always building up and being sublimated by other means, but they don't go away. They simply mold into another shape and come out elsewhere.


"Say Goodbye To It All"
By Chris DeBurgh

We took a boat over Lake Geneva.
It was raining all night long,
We were lucky and we saw no enemy,
And came from Switzerland poor refugees,
Far from the guns of war,
We said goodbye to it all;

They brought us in to a nurses station,
Half a mile behind the lines,
Oh lord, how my heart was breaking,
To see the children, and the walking wounded,
Hoping for a ticket home,
And say goodbye to it all;

I woke up on a cold blue morning,
To see her there, standing right beside me,
Long years since I left her at the borderline,
And how she found me I'll never know,
But we decided there and then,
To say goodbye to it all;

Say goodbye to it all,
Say goodbye to it all....

I'd also like to mention, right off the bat, before I forget, that everyone I'm sure is noticing the odd weather we're having. I mentioned this would probably happen, before the winter came on. It’s been happening, ever since the Kyoto Conference on the climate change, which is all drama, really. All the meetings that they have are foregone conclusions. It's just a meeting for the public’s benefit, to hear the statements and the plans, which have already been made by very quiet secretive circles. The climate change is going to be the big drastic force, to drive us into the new system, along with all the other wars, rumors of wars, plagues, famines and all the usual stuff that's been used down through the ages.

The United Nations has made no “bones about it” that they want us in habitat areas. The "Agenda 21" plan was drafted up and in place and all signed and on the go, actually. Now, all it needs to do is to get the public convinced that we are polluting the atmosphere so badly that we can't live like this anymore, and we must all crowd into habitat areas, where we're monitored and watched. It all just happens to fit in, of course, with all of the other writings and books churned out by Rockefeller Foundations and all the other foundations. These foundations are all part of the same foundation, really, which guide our lives into the long-term goal of a much REDUCED POPULATION where INDIVIDUALS WILL SERVE THE STATE. THERE WILL BE NO PRIVATE PROPERTY, WHATSOEVER, NO PRIVATE VEHICLES, ONLY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION AND PASSES FOR EVERYTHING, WHEREVER YOU WANT TO GO. IT WILL BE THEIR UTOPIA.


The climate will be used as a great force to bring all of this in. The snow that was here has melted with the rain, and the mild weather, which is unheard of here at this time of year. Sure enough, I was waiting for the drumbeat, starting with the media, which is just an arm of global government, to see when they start pounding the drums on "My goodness! What's happening to the weather?," to bring it all home to the public. You must train the public in what to think, so that they'll come to conclusions, which the experts will bring them to, and everything must be crisis.

This is the age of crisis creation, and it's all done through science. Old stuff, for anyone who wants to look up the treaties, at the United Nations, on weather modification for warfare purposes. All of this stuff is old stuff, including the Star Wars of Ronald Reagan's era, which was to do with satellites, arrays and batteries of them, put up into space, working in unison. Some of them can also interact and interface with the HAARP technologies. Increase them and boost them, and really put them down to a pinpoint anywhere on the planet, or even cover whole continents, if need be, or melt the North Pole.


They NEVER MENTION all of the SPRAYING WE'VE HAD, which really STARTED UP THE GLOBAL WARMING. The ones who are awake, and there aren't too many, really, with a memory of what clouds used to look like, because strange as it may seem, very few people look up. They have no interest in their environment, which is a sign that they're domesticated, for wild animals must take interest in the happenings around them, for survival purposes.

The GLOBAL WARMING HAS REALLY INCREASED SINCE THE SPRAYING. Between all the clouds, you'll see the spraying going on everyday. It happened over Christmas, as well, Christmas Day. It didn't stop. It's so strange, the media doesn't point this out to you isn't it? And they won't either, because The Wizard of Oz, behind the curtain, must scare the hell and the bejesus out of everybody, to get them to go along with this new way of living, which just happens to be all drafted out and needs implementation now.

Wait and see, towards the end of winter, the drumbeat will increase in all media, and all you'll hear is crisis, crisis, crisis and experts, experts, experts. Out will come the conclusions to all of the debates, which will go on. I'm sure the conclusions were drafted up probably 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago. We're just going through a drama, a pre-scripted drama, as we always have gone through down through the ages, by the magi, the High Magi.


I should mention, also, to people who email me asking about what I think of certain authors or current popular people in, say, the New Age movement for instance, who've been promoted up there.  They always ask me what I think about so-and-so. What does it matter what I think, really?  If you're asking the question, you're really answering your question. You don't need me to confirm something that you already suspect.

You cannot get up, in this world, into high stardom status, unless you're made to be that way. You're made by the powers behind the scenes. The stars have always been given to the public to follow. That's why at checkout counters across the planet, you can read all this nonsense about the stars and all the little dramas they're supposed to have. It’s because the public seem to take an incredible interest in those who have been altered, by being placed on the altar – the stage. The stage is a higher point. It's above you and people worship those who are put up on altars. You don't get on the altar unless someone (a professional) puts you there, backed by the big powers, and the doors have been opened for you. You can't get through without the keys.

Booksellers don't come begging for your books. On the contrary, it takes big buckaroos to give off the payola and grease the palms, all the way up; and even then, if the content isn't suitable to an agenda, you won't get published. It's that simple.

All reading material, including novels, are purposely put out there, because everything shapes you into another version of you. Fiction or non-fiction, it doesn't matter. Today, they have taken down the barriers, which used to be there in publishing, for fiction and non-fiction. There are more science fiction writers writing under the guise of non-fiction today, than probably science fiction. That is not by accident, either.

There has never been an age where so much psychological tampering has gone on through promotion, big high promotion, of what used to be called "The Mysteries" in the 1700’s, 1800’s, and it's all been recycled again. All of the nonsense, which was put out then, was by high freemasonry, not the little yo-yos with the beer bellies that we see stumbling in and out of lodges, at the bottom. High freemasonry put out the myths, because religions have always been used, down through the ages, to create mind-sets and control factors over people.  When you're off chasing aliens in space, or whatever it happens to be that they make popular at the time, remember the bulk of the populace will always follow what becomes popular. That's standard. Therefore, whatever is put out there is just re-hashes of old stuff.


It was around the time of Francis Bacon, when the Rosicrucians first emerged publicly in England, that they first mentioned the old stuff from Plato in "Atlantis". Now all that survived, prior to that, were Plato’s writings on it.  He never defined it as a work of fiction or non-fiction, although he did mention his ancestor, Solon. Solon is a play on “the sun,” and also the city of ON, which is Heliopolis in Greek. Again, it's a mystery religion story, and there are always meanings behind the stories, in allegorical forms. We can't take it as face value as a fact. It's up for the wise to discern that through a fiction, a reality is being put across, if you can discern it.  All that really remained was Plato's writings and some stories on ancient Greek, which they weren't sure were either myths or not, to do with an invasion of these people they eventually called "The Atlantians."

However, there was no mention in the writings of the time, of a higher society, an advanced society.  In fact, the remnants of them were defeated, supposedly, by the Spartans. This goes against the grain, because the Spartans, apart from their massive discipline and their ordinary weapons, were just armed the same way as everyone else was, at that time. That, coupled with an earthquake, supposedly helped sink Atlantis. The remnants of the armies, which were already in the fields in battle when it happened, were defeated by the Spartans.

It was resurrected with Rosicrucians in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, and pushed out there, as an ideal for something to work towards. The ideal society, as Bacon himself said.  Bacon wrote "The New Atlantis," where he put all of this in there. It wasn’t a prediction. It was a plan, which I'm sure he didn't invent himself, that a country would arise in the West, and it would be called "The New Atlantis" TO THOSE IN THE BROTHERHOOD.  It would have a superficial government, run like a democratic type government or republic. In reality, it would be run by a secretive counsel of wise men, a superior group of scientists, in all of the sciences, including psychology.

Bacon talked in his book "The New Atlantis," about how this country would be a great trading nation, and yet it would keep itself in a sense isolated for a period. Everyone's heard of the Monroe Doctrine, I'm sure. He wrote how it would run on virtue, all the Masonic virtues, yet the people, the general population, would never know that THEY'RE BEING GUIDED and RUN by A SECRET BROTHERHOOD.  The head of this was called Salamon, which is one of the old versions of Solomon, but it's actually deeper on the esoteric level. Apart from meaning the sun in three different languages, it's also a play (at that time) on salmon, S-A-L-M-O-N, because salmon had the red pinkish flesh (the sea salmon). Red meant the color of revolution towards an ideal. You'll sometimes also see it spelled as solyman and salimon. The Solomon that we have today is a more modern version, and as I say, it's the sun in three different tongues, but much, much deeper meanings, too, which I might go into some day.

This New Atlantis was to control the world by its virtue and its power, but it would keep its sciences secret, even from the public in The New Atlantis.  Very few people would get into the laboratories, which Bacon said "would be three miles inside mountains or else three miles deep, but always hidden from the general populace." That was no exaggeration, because even in Bacon's time, they were keeping the sciences hidden from the public.  Bacon was an advisor.  He tried even harder to be a top advisor, but he couldn't quite make it to kings and queens.  In some of his writings, in his essays, you will find it's the same thing, as you'll find with Machiavelli.  These were resumes on how clever, wise and sly they were, when it came to the understanding of the populations and how to manipulate them.  It's interesting to read his essays and what he thinks of people.  He was a complete elitist, and he had no problem accepting that fact, that there were differences in categories of intellect, intelligence and what he called "stations in life." 

He goes into that, to an extent, in "The New Atlantis." Since that book came out, of course, it fired the imagination.  It was used to promote more secret societies.  Notice, secret societies are all connected at the top; even the ones who think they're fighting each other are connected at the top, because they're specialized. They have specialized functions.  Some of them control Roman Catholics.  Some of them control Protestant sects. Others control Jewish sects, but they're all connected at the top, and they all have to be chartered.  All the charters that have been given go back to Grand Lodge of England, regardless if it's French Grand Lodge, the Grand Orient or whoever.  They're all chartered, one after the other, even the Scottish Rite of Freemasons, which wasn't Scottish to begin with. 


Many Masons don't know their own histories.  If I were to give to a Catholic (person) a Catholic book on doctrine, they will not question it, because they have been conditioned to accept more books on the same subject.  It's no different than those who make money catering to, or at least pretending to cater to, the Protestant sects. You've a ready-made market of people who've been conditioned from birth.  For those who want an easy job, and you're not too bad with words, you can have a good income just catering and churning out books for Christians.

In the 19th century that was big business, right up until then – novels for Christians.  The novels, just like television today, had little dramas and moral codes in it, and changes again along the way to the next step, the next generation.  Just like today, it was predictive programming, written into novels, for an all ready created market. You didn't have to break into the market. You just have to understand the language of the target, and then they go for them.  The New Age phenomena is no different.  It took a long time to get it up to speed, a few generations. The whole New Age movement broke out, like a sea busting through a dam, books suddenly appeared all over the place, on so-called spirituality.

It's snapped up eagerly by a preconditioned people, who've grown up hearing thousands of little quotes and so on, from cartoons onwards, getting them ready for the New Age.  Once again, the language was created for them to fall into.  The New Atlantis ideas had died away, for a while, and then were resuscitated in the 1800’s. In the 1800’s, an awful lot of nonsense was churned out, a purposeful nonsense, intentional nonsense, by (again) the higher sources who give you their thoughts and are authorized to be out there. They pulled the Atlantis out of the bag again, and with a lot of mythology about it, and that stuff about where the birth of it was, or where the Atlantians went to Egypt first and then went to Ireland after that, and on and on and on it goes.


There are techniques to selling the idea, which come from studying philosophy.  If you understand philosophy and the techniques of sophistry, you'll understand how it's being put across.  What they'll do, as a simple example: It’s like Plato, who wants to get an audience for his writings. He will pretend he is having a discussion with a friend, and he'll give a premise to see if the friend agrees with it.  If the premise seems logical and is within the person's experiences, he'll say, "yes I agree with that."  Then Plato will say, "in that case, can we say for sure that there's a category of people who do this or think like this?" and the person agrees. It’s a step-by-step process of getting you to accept, first of all, a premise, which you understand, and then taking you step-by-step, subjectively, into the next premise, and the next premise, until you have a whole formula laid out in front of you and an ending.  You've been brought to a conclusion, which has been a space journey through the planets, in a sense, simply by a person who is guided in the techniques of logic and has guided you along, all starting, really, with a basic premise, which you must swallow.

They'll take sometimes a "suppose."  Now, “supposing this happened,” and once you've agreed to all the supposing, it’s become a concretized fact in your mind. Then he jumps from the next thing, to the next thing, and the next thing. That's how simply this technique is used.  It's a science; but it's taught to certain individuals, and has been in all ages, to control the minds of society and guide them along a particular path, albeit, if necessary, into even more confusion. In a time of great changes, you want confusion, so that again experts can come forward and help you out of the mess.  It's very simple.

It's so interesting to realize that the same old stuff is being rehashed today, as it was put out by Masonry, at that time, mixed with the events of the today, which make it seem more truthful. It's great to add truth into the rest, because you must have bait there, which is the truth. Intelligence works that way.  Then you counter the intelligence by adding the ridiculous, and you discredit the truth.  It's not difficult to understand.  However, a journey through the fantastic is more appealing to people than basic facts, that rather clever people have fooled you, and have fooled previous generations with.  It's much easier to accept that it had to be something that was superhuman, which did so, as though we were sort of innocent bystanders with not much to do, except go along.


That's where the ego comes in.  This all ties in with something I've touched on before, and I've touched lightly on and sometimes with a little more effect, but I've never gone into it too deeply on previous shows.  I should also mention before I forget this one, also. 

Please remember that regardless of the show I'm on, doesn't necessarily mean I agree, with the topics or the answers from callers, or the questions even of the callers.  What many of the shows will actually do, if they're religious, is to show you how narrow the confines of an upbringing in a specific religion, as opposed to a truth, cause people to be blinded in such amazing ways.  One person, recently, talked about how he would go down and basically take on the Masons. What he couldn't see, but he would be able to see if he'd stand outside of himself, is simply someone trying to convert people who have already taken one religion, which is Freemasonry.  (As Albert Pike said "it is a religion.")  This person would try and convert them to his own religion. The one that he'd been brought up in, and that doesn't bring success.  It causes conflict.  That's exactly the techniques we're expected to follow in society, all walks of life, while the big boys are guiding us all, as we fight each other to a preordained conclusion.

You cannot understand the world until you understand yourself.  From the most ancient times, even, above all the great temples and all the countries in the world, there was ALWAYS A LEGAL WARNING and that was "KNOW THYSELF."  If you don't know yourself you'll end up fighting someone. 

We have drives; we’re complex in a sense, and yet normal at the same time.  Everyone has them.  We also have in an artificial system like this, exaggerated needs.  If you suppress something, the drive will become exaggerated and sometimes dangerous to yourself or others. We live in such an artificially created system, that many drives are suppressed and even the drive to be humane to others is suppressed, in this system. 



The ancient days, where people lived in tribes, meant that everyone in the tribe was just as important as everyone else, because the death of one could bring on the death of another.  The tribes survived, because of all the individuals that made it up, so everyone had to be treated the same. Barter, or simply sharing, was normal.  THE CURSE OF INHUMANITY CAME WITH THE CREATION OF MONEY – an artificial idea. That's ALL MONEY IS; It's AN IDEA.  It's not a normal thing, like gravity.  It didn't pre-exist intelligence or intellect.  Money is a dominating force and always has been, since its creation, and since the first countries accepted it and created the first standing army, to go off and conquer other ones and force the same system on them.

Food, shelter, clothing, companionship, the sense of safety at all times, was destroyed with the introduction of money.  Money became the key to food, shelter and clothing and companionship, because no one now wants to know anyone who's poor.  It brings out the worst, the abnormal, which becomes normal in a population that accepts it.  That's the key to that. Natural needs, which are suppressed, become neurotic and eventually psychotic.  Hence, you see the people who will walk over other people and stab everyone on the way up the ladder to get ahead.  Only then, can you get a population that will worship the ultra rich and the stars, because they are the epitome of everything you wish you were. Because, “my goodness, you wouldn't have to worry about bills, getting food or shelter, and your clothing, and you’d be more acceptable; so they'll love you and they wouldn't despise you.”


I mentioned this in talks previously, long ago, and it was on one of the old talk shows I was on.  I was talking to someone who believed in the unification of everyone. The ideal that’s been pushed for so long is the “we're all one” idea.  It's an appealing idea for many people, who don't think too deeply into the effects of oneness. 

There's nothing worse, you can imagine, if everyone is the same.  There's no spontaneity, no creativity.  You'll be robots, no privacy, no more you.  "The Ghost in the Machine” your mind is sometimes called, the psyche. Not psychic, but psyche.  That's means you, the totality of you, as a person.  There would be no more of that.  You wouldn't have peace or privacy.  You'd be plugged in, to the many.  I've mentioned before, about those who really feel and think about the chaos that's always been in the world, when it comes to wars and cruelty and thievery on a massive scale, whether it's called plundering by barbarians or simply bringing civilization by democracies; it's all the same thing.  It's your friends and neighbors, and maybe you yourself, who goes off to do the killing and inflict the suffering on others, while knowing in the back of your mind that you personally will not benefit from this.  You're given a paycheck to do it. 


You know the big corporations will benefit and plunder, under various guises, but it's just the same thing.  Plunder is plunder.  Looting is looting.  The reason the Skull and Bones uses the skull and bones, apart from being HIGH MASONIC, is because THEY ARE PIRATES.  That's what they are. That's what Queen Elizabeth's courts were composed of, pirates who plundered everyone else, every other country of their gold and their silver, and they all belonged to the Rosicrucian Lodge, the higher lodge.  Whereas, the lower characters were getting taught virtues; the bigger boys were plundering, stealing, killing, sinking ships and drowning people to bring up the treasury – their own treasury.  Pike mentions it also,  "To become the masters over the masters of the world, they would use every means possible including the stock market."  He writes this in his own book.

EVERYTHING IS RIGGED but WE ALL GIVE CONSENT TO THE WARS AND PLUNDERING.   From early childhood onward, I've always wondered why even people in my family could watch the same news as me, and then go on to some fiction that would come on.  The horror they'd just seen about a real thing that was happening to others was gone from their minds.  It's then you realize we're not all the same, at all.  In fact, when you go through life, you realize those who care, and I mean caring, not for some other motivation or personal gain.  It's then that you realize that you're vastly different, vastly different. 

I've heard people talking, and many Christians, too, who have a mythological view of the past (their own past, recent past, as well), thinking we're just being taken over by evil people.  Yet, if they went into their own histories, they'd find their own predecessors had fought for the militaries and done all the things which I can't find anywhere in the New Testament.  WE CONSENT TO EVIL DEEDS. Young men used to be the only ones prone to them, because every young man has a tribal instinct and he'd love to be the hero of his tribe.  That's why you always recruit young people for wars.  Older ones have more sense. They've learned something, along the way. Generally, if you look at the wars, there's at least 20 years between them, because in 20 years a new generation has grown up, with no memory of the previous one, and they all want to be heroes, and that's what the military counts on. 


THE MILITARY IS A MASONIC INSTITUTION WITH ALL OF ITS SYMBOLS.  When a Mason shows a sign, a physical gesture, to a brother Mason it's called a "flash".  He flashes the sign.  That's why soldier’s patches, on their shoulders or wherever, on their uniform, are called "flashes."    Everything in the military is purely Masonic.  Look at the SYMBOLS

The patron saint, in ancient times, for merchants, soldiers and thieves was Mercury.  That's why you have merc – merchant – mercury – mercenary, you see.  That was the patron saint for all of them, because they all went together.  They moved together.  Nothing has really changed, except better conditioning on the populace not to recognize the obvious.

Young people who want to go off and fight wars and join the military in peacetime are mercenaries.  They will go wherever they're told and kill whoever they're told to kill.  That's what a mercenary traditionally did.  Prior to the standing armies, before the Bank of England really got up on the go with the Rothschild's (it was already on the go prior to that), they didn't have standing armies, as such.  They’d have a nobility core, the cavalry types, but most of the people were just paid mercenaries. It was a profession.  You brought your own weapons and clothing.  When they brought in the Red Coats, the Red Coats symbolized the Kabbalistic takeover, not by Jews, because the high Christians in England adopted the Kabbalah, as well.  It became part; they called it "The Christian Kabbalah." 

THE ELITE HAVE NO RACES or CREEDS. They put on the show for those who think, “this boy is one of ours. We'll follow him. He has made it.  He's a self-made man.”  That's for the fool below.  The Red Coats also had their belts across their shoulders, crossing in the chest, the white belt – the illumined man. It also made a darn good target, with the cross crossed:  the "X" symbol over the red. 


We've been living through a history, a time ongoing, controlled by what some perceive are conflicting secret societies.  It's only through conflict you can guide societies.  You have no problems if no one’s fighting each other; you must create conflict.  The forces of nature: Cause and effect; Push, counter-push.  That's the history of the world, for a long time, definitely since the creation of money. By money, I mean all of its forms.  Whether they're weighing out silver or gold or it's minted into coinage, it doesn't make any difference.  The only trick is to get the public to accept that as real wealth, as opposed to the bag of oats they used to have, that they'd trade for something else, and that's the trick.

In all ages, the people give consent.  Now we're living in an artificial system, where the money is the important thing, not the food. The money comes before the food, now. Without it, you can't get the food or pay the rent, or whatever else you need.  This creates the psychotic system, in which we live, including gangsterism.  Gangsterism, the “below,” is just the underworld.  We have the over-world and underworld, always controlled, down through history, by the same bunch at the top.  They must have a legal system that appears to give justice.  It's only an appearance, mind you.  It isn't justice. It’s an appearance for the people to believe in. When they can't do something and break the rules of the “above” system, the legal system, they get their other side to do it with the illegal system, by the illegal method.  They work in tandem, always, down through history.

The techniques have always been the same.  If you look at some of the biggest families on the planet (in fact, pretty well all of them), whether it be the British monarchy or the European monarchy, they're all cousins, which you can trace through the families of the Normans (the high Norman families) and all the way back to Venice. Highly symbolic, because even the Phoenicians, who were the world's traders and leaders at the time, in wealth and money and all that went with it, built themselves capitals in either rivers or in big lakes. THEY BUILT THE ISLANDS THEY WOULD LIVE ON, or else they'd move the waters around, a manmade island.  That's where they dwelt, always surrounded by water.

Venice was created by man, by billions of tons of rock and timbers, to create the same system. When the Knights Templars and all the other crusaders went across to invade and loot the Middle East, they had to hire the Venetian ships to take them across.  It was great business for the Venetians.  If we take Phoenician and the Phoenix bird, the symbol of something which dies (approximately 500 years) and is reborn from the ashes, then you take Venice, which is just Phenice – Phoenice, it's from the same root, you see.  The monied people moved down through the ages, and they financed the wars, all wars. They financed the machinations and everything else you need for wars, and they profit highly always. They have MOs (Modus Operandi) of where they live, and the system, which they control. It's all around them.

The ancients had it, even in Babylon. In the great cities of Egypt, you would have the masses of wealth surrounded by incredible poverty, co-existing side by side.  You had a pharmacological industry, even in Egypt. You also had the other drug industries, as well, which you would today call "the illegal ones," prostitution, which was organized by an underground.  They had drugs, prostitution, poverty, squalor, living side by side with incredible riches and wealth.  If you look at the capital cities of the world, you'll find they always have the river going around. 


WE ALWAYS GIVE OUR CONSENT TO THAT WHICH IS EVIL AND WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT US?  What does it say about those who watch the world, in between the ads and the sports, and the people, who starve, and populations dying, and houses being bombed into dust when Air Forces make “mistakes,” and it doesn’t affect them at all? Here is the point of something that I touched on:

For those who really care and are not using this idealism to control other people, for those who really care and it really affects them personally, you have to get away from the “oneness” idea. Someone, recently, said something I've known all along, and it's a hard thing for people to take. He said (which I knew, as a child, by studying people):

"It isn't that 90 percent of the public are good and 10 percent are bad, it's that 10 percent of the public are good and that 90 percent are bad." 

That's something to ponder. What we allow to be done to others can ultimately be done to ourselves, when we don't care.  Is that simply because we're quite happy it's not happening to us, personally?  If we only care about ourselves, we are allowing all this to happen to others.

OUR SILENCE IS CONSENT.  That's legality, you see.  When your own sons and daughters are off killing people under the usual guises, the same old ad hoc reasons that are thrown out there, what does that say about them and us?  What does it say? 

This is not a time for unification of people, because we can see how most people are.  It's a time, for those who understand, to speak out and say the right thing, because now all we have left is the right to shame, by pointing out the obvious.  People who cannot understand what I'm saying have never looked at themselves.  They've never questioned their own motives in anything.  They don't know the dark side of themselves.  They find it easy to jump into a pigeon hole that's pre-made for them and point fingers at the one next door.  That's called "projection."   We project the dark self, within ourselves, on to others, rather than see that what we're saying about others is within ourselves.  "KNOW THYSELF" IS A MUST.


In the old Soviet system (not that old, remember), which was created as an antithesis to the democratic system, by those who gave us the democratic system, as well. Now we've come to "The Third Wave" as Alvin Toffler has talked about and put out in his book, the merging of communism and capital into the third way, which just happens to be the way that Bertrand Russell and others before him had said we would end up.  That was always the plan. 

The old Soviet system used to use the term "self-criticism" on the public. Here are the tenants of the Soviet idea: Question yourself and see if you measure up to it.  That was what they meant by it, because the State, the absolute State, is not there to free people.  The mass State has no intention of promoting mutual understanding or relationship, between person to person.  It strives for the atomization and isolation of the psyche, the mind, "The Ghost in the Machine."  That way, the State becomes total. 

When people are not related to each other, with common natural humanity, the State is total.  When people are related to each other, and in touch and in tune with each other, it's the opposite.  The State loses power.  What I'm talking about isn't that we must be ideal.  That's an impossibility.  Anyone who claims that they are fulfilled completely, or above the rest in an idealistic manner is certainly fooling others, if not themselves.  In fact, that's the way the elite talk about us.  They are the “ideal” and we're just a bunch of little commoners, and because we're commoners and silly and dumb, it's their right to do with us as they see fit.  It’s almost the way people talk about animals, “you don't want to be so obviously cruel to them, but sometimes you have to get the herd and move them, et cetera.” They can polish it up in a way that's acceptable to themselves, and they certainly do believe that they are superior and they are the ideal.  That is impossible.

We can certainly be better than we are. Those who set themselves up to be ideal, or pretend they are, will always fall.  They have the same instincts as everyone else.  In a puritanical type of society, you'll find there's just as much within the New Age movement, who got their ideas really from the puritanical system, where they'll condemn people who smoke as being non-spiritual.  That's a pure carry-over from Protestantism, and they can't see it themselves, because spirituality has nothing to do with eating or smoking or anything else like that.


Before I close for tonight, I'd like to thank everyone, and there's been about a dozen people that have put in donations, which is something I don't generally like to ask for, because I'm not here to ask for money, although money is the key that runs this system, as we all know.  We’re all aware of.  It's unfortunate, but until another system takes its place, hopefully not the one they have scheduled for us, it's necessary to get the world out and to survive.

So I thank those who sent in even 10 bucks, because there's always a thought there, which is always more important than the money. There's always a thought attached to something which is freely given. I thank those who've helped.  I want to tell you I will be getting, next week, a snow blower, even though with this weather we're getting, I'm wondering if I should buy a boat.  It depends on the weather that's being planned for us. 

I was thinking of phoning the military, and asking them what they have planned for the next two or three months, but I doubt if I'd get a response. At least I know when the snow comes, which I think it probably will by the end of this week, or the beginning of next.  I'll be able to get out of here when I have to.  So I thank those people.  I also have to say I can't answer all the emails that come in.  There's just so many.  Some people will pour out their lives to me, and I read them. I understand the times, in which we live, and I understand that people are tremendously isolated from each other, and simply knowing that someone else is there with a similar type of mind, is certainly comforting, at least. It also dispels the myth that you're possibly going crazy, when you watch the robotic actions of those around you, and you listen to their silly conversations, which all are given to them by the media.

You're not crazy at all. I have people in all countries, who get in touch with me, who all have the same problem of isolation. Who do they talk to? There's always an urgency to teach people.  Please, always think before you teach, because it can drain you, and if there's no possibility the person is asking the right questions to begin with, you're draining your own energy, rather than being creative with it. Always work on yourself, in these times.

Once again, let's hope you've all survived the New Year and you're feeling better.  Thanks for those who sent donations in, and we'll talk to you next week.

All the best for now, and may your god go with you.


"A Little Help From My Friends"
By Joe Cocker

What would you do if I sang out of tune,
Would you stand up and walk out on me?
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song
I will try not to sing out of key.

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

What do I do when my love is away
(Does it worry you to be alone?)
How do I feel at the end of the day,
(Are you sad because you're on your own?)

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody?
I need someone to love
Could it be anybody?
All I need is someone to love.

Would you believe in a love at first sight
I'm certain that it happens all the time, yeah
What do you see when you turn out the light
I can't tell you but I know it's mine,

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody
I just need someone to love
Could it be anybody
I want somebody to love.

Oh, I get by with a little help from my friends
With a little help from my friends.