March 28, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – March 28, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hello. This is Alan Watt at  It is the 28th of March 2007.


Where I live, things never are still for very long. There's so much to do with so many calls coming in, so many emails to answer and even these blurbs, although they're spontaneous, just putting them together with a few primitive things and tools can take a long time because even tonight the mike wouldn't work, which meant checking everything all the way to the recording gear and so on, just to find out that the cable had basically formed a bad connection within the cable itself inside the cable and after going through all that process then you have to swap your cheapo mike for another el-cheapo. Things don't ever go smoothly.


In fact, I think in this world if you're doing all the right things the harder it's going to be. That's what I've found from experience and I'm sure others out there have found the same. It's just the way it is and it's quite comical too. Some of the shows I go on if they're using voice over Internet to talk to me, I often don't hear everything that they say and since it's live, and that in a sense is the beauty of live broadcasting, you must go along. You don't want to stop partway through and have the host readjust all their dials or re-phone and get a better connection, so you try to get your way through as best you can, but the last show I did and it was Feet to the Fire, I heard parts of sentences and have to guess at the rest, so I hoped my answers would match the questions that I thought would be missed and so it's quite comical at times how things work out, but they generally do work out.


Another thing I found too and you probably noticed this pathocracy that runs the world that basically gives us our ideas, our terminology, the phrases, the catch words that people unwittingly start to parrot, they gave to the world the term "conspiracy theory" and "conspiracy theorist," as though it's a brand new kind of hobby for crazy people. You'll find even some hosts will introduce me as a conspiracy theorist, even though I try and stick to the facts put out there and published by those big players at the top, the ones who have the power and have the money and the standing in their own class to bring about that which they write about. Apart from that, when you've read their books and you experience the changes they're talking about bringing on down through the years, you know they're doing it of course, so there's no real theory about it.


In fact, H.G. Wells, one of the propagandists for this whole movement and one of the founders of the Fabian Society paid for by the British Secret Service, actually called one of his books, "The Open Conspiracy," one of his writings anyway. He said, "every thing is out there if the public want to find it."  And it's true enough. It's out there, it's just not highly publicized by the best seller book clubs that get you interested in drama and the latest written porn, which they used to call love stories, now they're calling them something else, romance stories. However, they certainly won't publicize the fact that there are books out there where you can find so much information on this whole agenda.


I've mentioned before about the Royal Institute of International Affairs which was set up to bring about global government and to bring into it (and it's a secret society as far as how they bring their members in) mainly journalists and movers and shakers, people who form the opinions of the people and create the opinions of the people. The talking heads on television and in major newspapers generally are members of the Council on Foreign Relations in America and the Canadian Institute of International Affairs for Canada, the Australian Institute for International Affairs in Australia, same with New Zealand. They've even got one in India and a few other ones across the planet.


You don't apply for membership. You are approached to become a member and in the United States of America they even put out their own journal, which is available to the public. This is public info but it's still enlightening, whereas they have their own private ones too for members and private books. I noticed one; it's out for March-April. I didn't buy it because it was exorbitantly expensive and after flipping through it there wasn't much I wasn't expecting anyway, because they tell you what's coming next in the Foreign Affairs magazine, the mouthpiece for the public of the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs. They even had one of their topics was "The New World Order". That's what it was entitled and it was to do with Africa, I believe, what they see as happening to Africa and what must be done et cetera and what they say in that will be done regardless of how long it takes.


Getting back to some of the shows I go on. Sometimes after I've been on and introduced as a "conspiracy theorist," which is always said at the beginning of a show, in the last Toronto show I was on that's how I was introduced and that's the host putting into the public's mind a pigeon hole for the coming guest, so you're already labeled and almost diffused before you open your mouth. These techniques are well understood and interesting to actually have them happen on you as an individual.


Some of the shows after I go off, they bring on the next guest who will go into the Bible or Revelations and even bring name in saying I'd probably agree with them, which is nonsense because I explain things like Revelations in my third book. The real meanings, not the usual stuff which is meant to condition you into giving up, "It's all preordained and God says so." It's quite amazing how all games are played by different people who will use names to try and backup the particular spin on things.


It's very similar to the ancient priest who used to pray for the sun coming up, and after a generation those who'd grown up thinking "well I guess if they don't pray for that sun coming up it won't happen," and eventually the priests ask for certain donations and gifts and all this kind of stuff. Since the priests had access to thousands of years of knowledge of studying stars and comets and rotations and the different appearances of comets and when they were scheduled to appear, and they did have that even 25,000 years ago, then they could predict that something ominous was going to happen to the earth and only they could save it from happening. People would go into frenzies of panic and fear, thinking it was the end of the world and those priests would pray and pray when the eclipses came and when comets would come near. It would go away again and out would come the sun and everything would seem all right and those priests became incredibly wealthy, and it's not bad work if you can get it. Now they use psychologists and psychiatrists and scientists to the same kind of thing, who project into the future what they see with their limited knowledge and always gain power for making statements and they get grants for doing so to give more statements.


Back in the 1970's for the first time, I remember a Parliament in Britain that spoke up and said, "you know, we might get hit with a comet or an asteroid and we should make some new kind of category of defense to protect ourselves against it," and this was the beginning of what they'd been talking about, "a threat from out there."  Most folk think it was the alien invasion type stuff they were going to give us and they tried that for a while to see if we'd all fall for it.


However, it takes an awful lot of novels and sci-fi's to make us believe in that and if you don't keep pushing out new amazing sci-fi’s all the time, it starts to winnow away again because most people don't see aliens. Alien, by the way, comes from the root word, it means "stranger," but they've tried all kind of con jobs to get us terrified because the government must terrify its subjects in order to maintain order over those subjects, and not only to maintain order, but to guide them along a planned path. If there's no danger from anything or we have no enemies over there or there, or across that pond, or across that river there, then people tend to go their own way, their own direction. They don't like paying taxes and keeping big militaries together and massive police forces that seem to breed almost amongst themselves. Therefore they always have to have new fears and they knew back in the 1800's when they discussed the possibility of creating global government – it was discussed before that, in fact, and you'll find that in the writings of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.


They knew why government existed. They knew why it would need to create fears, new fears in a peaceful society. It would have to find some enemy and that's why George Orwell eventually brought out "1984" where you have a world system with three blocks, trading blocks you know that were to come into view, that would have wars between each other and alliances that kept changing, just to keep perpetual war going so that the subjects, the citizens (which are just subjects), will obey their superiors, the government, the pathocracy, this interbred permanent political dynasties we seem to elect over and over, with all the other dynasties that are the top-level bureaucrats too. They’re all interbred as well. They live in a world of their own.


I was pondering that today after making up a few books on the floor here, and that's where I do it. I generally do that when I burn my breakfast because it's go, go, go just doing the little that I do. At least it's not a productive thing. Put it that way. There's a lot I do but it's so productive as most people would define it, which generally means in your wallet.


I was thinking about that and I got up and I took Hamish out and I looked at the skies, and there they were with their crisscrossing with their big chemtrails and new polymers – the polymer type that spreads fast. The kind that intensifies heat you know because they must create global heat to justify global warming and when they make the polymers it's like putting a plastic over the world. It intensifies the heat. It builds it up inside and reflects it back and forth from all these metal particles like mirrors, billions of mirrors, and you get very, very warm. Out of that, they'll also have storms, all kinds of storms and then they'll point to the people and say, "you're causing this with that little moped you're driving. You must change your ways and we’re going to ban them and you must live in habitat areas where we can all watch you," and we'll have the little psychiatric association and local psychological association and all kinds of experts taking care of us and evaluating us daily. We will all be very good little citizens who don't have much chance to do anything else because we'll be watched and chipped and monitored and evaluated all through our lives, as we go towards the next step and the next step and the next step, which is all formatted out before us.


This year we will definitely see an intensity of the heat buildup with their beautiful polymers like magnifying glasses above our heads. The media will go into overdrive and then out will come the Kyoto experts to tell us why it's happening with all their vast knowledge and abilities to predict the future and all the NGOs, which it's called the "Earth Army" by the way. 


NASA was the first to talk about the creation of an "Earth Army" and what it was is millions of people who are brainwashed belong to NGO groups following their leaders who are all paid for by the big foundations. They'll demand that laws be made to change everything so that we live in harmony with nature and how we're destroying the planet – we are destroying the planet and the boys who own the big foundations that pay for these NGOs own all the companies and mining companies across the planet. Quite an interesting thing, isn't it?


Yes, I saw all these chemtrails this morning all over the place and you won't see that mentioned on your local news, but they will mention the global warming and all that stuff.


People are also telling me through emails that they are losing their memory. Young people too. They are going to do things and when they're there they forget why they're there and what they're doing. It's transitory so it’s very possible that there's other chemicals within this mix. It would make sense to me actually that there would be some kind of tranquilizers. Rumsfeld admitted they have that ability to spray whole cities with aerosolized Valium and Prozac in case of emergencies, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they've been doing it.


The long-term effects of these things are transient memory losses and some permanent memory losses because your body gets used to certain does and as it wanes on certain days or during the evening and it gets a low dose, your body cannot kick in and take over, your own natural chemistry can't kick in so fast and take it over, so you'll have these little transitory losses.


Quite the world we live in, so I was looking at these trails and I was thinking – I've mentioned it before about H.G. Wells the propagandist talking about all the things they would do, these scientific elite and how science should rule the people for their own good. Then I thought about the movie, "1984," and how they all tie in together on the same themes of totalitarianism. Only with H.G. Wells, he was an advocate for the elite running the show. He didn't think the common person had the abilities to direct or plan their own life or even be safe to be left alone to plan it and carry it through.


Wells wrote "The Shape of Things to Come" and I came back in the house after dwindling about this in my head. My head goes into strange places you know, so much so, it surprises me and when I punched up the emails here's your synchronicity kicking in. I got one from a Tulip in Amsterdam with some of the words from the movie, the 1936 H.G. Wells movie, the old black and white version, and she'd written down what the Black Intruder named ‘Wings Over the World’ says. This is the Air Force that basically sprays all this stuff over the people to gas them into submission, what a coincidence.  This is what he says. Think of this when you look at the world around you today and all the laws and all the control freaks that are all over the place now who are running our lives.


This is what the guy says, the head of the Wings over the World.


             "We have the air-ways. We have the seas. We have ideas in common; the brotherhood of efficiency; the freemasonry of science. We are the last trustees of civilization when everything else has failed. We shall come here and clean things up. We go on. That's how things are. We are taking hold of things with science and government. In the long run no man is indispensable and the human things go on. We forever."


The great John Cabal changed the course of the world. We're living through those times where sciences like Lord Bertrand Russell said are controlling our lives; the experts are controlling our lives from cradle to grave. We're like cattle or sheep that are being weighed or measured, tested, blood drawn to test it, IQ levels, done just like a good farmer would do with his best stock to make sure he understands it perfectly. That's what's happening to the human race the world over.


The pathocracy that runs the world who are psychopaths hire the lesser psychopaths. That means those who don't have – they're not born into power and money or position, who are the ones who will go into uniform or get a suit and tie and become a bureaucrat to persecute the people below them. They hire those ones to enforce all these things and make sure everything works for them. This runs along the lines of Plato and "The Republic," based on Plato's own aristocracy of his day, when he talked about the perfect society, the guardian class at the top that would have a council, but he said and people miss this part. He also said that they'd have the nocturnal council, the night council, the ones who don't play by general rules which most folk would understand. "As above, so below" as they say.


Plato also talked about they would bring in people from the lesser classes for the upper strata to do all their work for them. Bureaucrats basically and the military class that would eventually be inbred, because he knew like animals you can breed qualities in or out of any species. When you really look at the history of the world, we've had a horror show really.


Something that's making some psychologists edgy today just going over history, because very gradually it's dawning on some of them and has been since the '70's that the ones who end up ruling societies and all societies generally are psychopathic in nature. This doesn't surprise me because in a monetary system when you deal with profit and wealth, exaggerated wealth, a morbid need for extraneous wealth, then obviously those who accumulate the most in that society will be worshiped by those who do not acquire all of the same goods.


The wealth buys the armies. It creates them. It keeps them together. I'd like to see you try to keep an army together if you gave them a bag of rice every day and kept them away from home for too long. I think nature would take over and certain natural instincts would have to be fulfilled with young guys.


Money is a deviancy and it's a deviancy created by very clever psychopaths. There can be no happiness in this world and no peace in a monetary system. When you turn on television, which now is just a bizarre psychodrama of horror and people getting blown up or shot down somewhere, sometimes by mistake they tell us, like wedding parties, over there (you know, "over there," as the song goes) mixed in with Hollywood stars, Hollywood murders. The black and the white of the high lodge's sacrifice and all the things the public don't understand but which are actually spells being cast over them.


You're living in a surrealistic world where your mind drops out and downloading drops in. You're being programmed and you're losing your compassion and your ability to reason. These techniques are well understood within psychological warfare and military organizations and strategists. Surrealism is a form of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia, like other ones, other problems, are affective and cognitive disorders. This can be brought about what we're being downloaded with and desensitized with and it isn't by chance.


Media wasn't always like this by the way. At one time you didn't get sports or Hollywood or what the rich and famous were doing. That's been only the last 15, 20 years. Before it would have been a crime in fact to show you some horror of people getting blown up and lying all over the place and then switching to someone's latest breast implants glittering with jewelry on the stage getting an award.


Neither would you have advertising stuck in between it because that also makes everything surrealistic and non-realistic. These are techniques, Pavlovian-type techniques. Eventually the mind will switch off and anything could be shown, but the subconscious takes it in and you become dehumanized and desensitized.  That way when you see people being carted off down from your street by our modern version of the KGB called the "multi-jurisdictional task forces," the combination of military police et cetera, which are operational now within all western countries, we won't be so shocked about it. In fact, we'll probably witness it and go back in and watch TV.


This is the bizarre world that scientists – and it's true, it's scientists that have created this. It was discussed in writings back in the '40's and '50's. Some people have asked me for book lists. In fact, I used to get nothing but phone calls where people would just pump me for hours asking about books and I eventually realized I couldn't be used as a reference library for people, especially when you only have so much time in the day, every day.


However, I will be putting out book lists in the next work I get printed up and that way at least I'll get something back for my time, but for those who want to look into things for themselves, they can't go far wrong by checking the books I've told them about already on my talks. You can also check into the techniques of persuasion. They're in your libraries. People who can't remember what a library is, it's a place where you go and you join and you get a little card and you get these things called books, which are made of paper and you can take them with you anywhere and read them even when the power goes out, if you've got a light you can read them and some of them are really informative. There's no flashing lights. There's no moving ads. Nothing like that and no funny sounds comes off them.


And I say this because some people (and some older people too) have told me they can't read books anymore. They can't concentrate long enough to read through a paper book. Something happens to the mind when you've been so long on computer and Internet. There's no doubt about that. There's no doubt whatsoever.


There was a song a while back called "Getting Physical" I think it was or "Going Physical" and I sing "I think I'm going digital" because that's more appropriate today. I used to wonder why the old hippies always said, "dig it". Well dig it is "digit" you see. D-I-G-I-T.  All these little phrases that are put in there before the events somehow make sense later on.


Going back to talk shows. Now one of the biggest businesses today, which ties in with the whole New Age thing, you have a ready-made market now of people who've been bombarded with the New Age religion. You have all the talk shows to cash in on it. They call them "Art Bell clones" in the business and there's a business on them because you have a ready-made market. You don't have to create a market and they're all doing tremendously well because it's limitless. It's all imagination and limitless and thousands of people are guaranteed to call in and tell you their ghost experiences and dreams and little fascinating stories, and then they have all the latest hucksters with their gimmickry as well coming in, authorized hucksters, to spin us off into further la-la land.  "La" is one note above the sun, sol, s-o-l on the music scale.


When people are going through incredible changes and fear and worry, there's no doubt about it, uncertainty, they look for something to save them because people have always been terrified of dying. One guy wrote into me and he says, "do you mean we're all going to die?"  And I thought well of course we are. Go in any graveyard and you'll find that that's what's happened to everybody before you. All I hope for is that we don't all die at the same time. Maybe it will go on as it has in the past. Here today, gone tomorrow.


People are afraid of dying because they're afraid of everything. If you're afraid of everything you will be terrified of dying. That means you're not living now.  Those who are rigid people and terrified of death cling either to established religions and they cling to the formulas and they try and make sure their children cling to them, and they were rather stern in times gone by.  Their own fears are projected on to their children.


Now it's the New Age who project all their fears onto children. Not that there's any families left, mind you, to hold on to, but single parents still project their fears on to their children. Everyone's running looking for an experience that will guarantee them something beyond this and there's another thing in the human psyche – normal and there's a difference here because, see, most the people in the world, even though we live in a great variety of personalities, most peoples in that massive variety are normal, even with their little squabbles and their little fights and pettiness and all the rest of it, they're normal people.  They don't seek power over large quantities of others.  It's the psychopath who craves that.  They live, they dream about that.  That's what their fantasies are.


A psychopath who's born into rich, wealthy families with traditions of rulership, dreams of conquest and a common enemy to fight.  That was Margaret Thatcher's wish and she even admitted that on the BBC that her greatest fantasy was to have a war and lead Britain through it like Winston Churchill had done.  That's a psychopath speaking because the people below them are just toys.  We're just toys to them – toy soldiers, toy people.


When 9/11 happened, by pure coincidence of course, after they'd written about the necessity of a Pearl Harbor type event to get this whole agenda underway with the Middle East, and bingo, they drew the right card and it happened, what luck.  All the psychopaths went into gear.  These guys sit and dream about this stuff.  They fantasize about it in little clubs of other psychopaths and they can recognize each other.  Psychopaths know they're different but they can recognize each other and they can cooperate with each other in a common cause, especially when it's benefiting their fantasies.


However, the history of this world seems to be – especially since money came along and armies were created and held together by money and conquerors – the conquering of nations began and the empire building and the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the psychopaths.  We have a deviancy within us, existing within us, around us and the psychopaths rise to the top.  The ones who brutalize their fellow man for paychecks are just the lower grade forms of psychopaths.  They're the ones who put you in trenches and shoot you in the back of the head, and yes, they have those guys in every generation too.  They're psychopaths.


It was interesting to read the histories of executions and the effects it had on soldiers who were carrying out executions in some of the major wars of the past.  When Germany was killing off the "undesirables" as they called it, various groups of them, they had a hard time keeping firing squads together for three days because on the third day they found that the average young soldier began to break down.  They couldn't stand straight. They couldn't aim straight.  They were shaking and this is because of the inner fight of the normal person within them fighting with their indoctrination and their indoctrination hadn't suppressed their own natural humanity, so they had to keep replacing these guys every three days maximum.


The Soviets had the same problem and the Soviets killed an awful lot more during their term, but of course, they had a different term for all that.  It was to kill them for "historical necessity" they called it, the same term by the way that people like Bertrand Russell used for the supposed capitalist West when he talked about his idea of his utopia.  He also mentioned the need to take children away from their parents due to "contamination of ideas" from their parents, from old moral standards et cetera, old customs. Then he found out of course through experimentation you could put them in kindergarten and scientifically indoctrinate the children and leave those children with the parents, but before that he'd always thought like the others in the elite of Britain they'd have to take them from the parents completely, just like Plato in "The Republic" suggested.  And you think this is all new.  Brotherhoods, eh?


One of the earlier books on persuading people in the marketing industry, at least made available to the public, was called "The Hidden Persuaders".  I think it was Vance Packard but you can check it out for yourselves and he wrote a couple of books on techniques that you don't even realize are used in all the supermarkets and all the stores and how even your pupil dilation is monitored by little cameras to see what colors the customer likes when you go up the aisles looking at various products.  I think it was back in the '50's that even made that book, the '50's or '60's.  There's nothing new here.  It's done surreptitiously, covertly and then it's used by governments too, all this information, because governments must always control.  That's their job.  They want to control.  That's why it attracts the type of personality that needs to control. You need data on how to be more efficient in control – control freakdom, planet earth.


Nothing is ever as it seems, especially when you turn on the magic box called television.  There's not an item in a picture, even a still, that lasts two seconds, to the side of a foot, to the side of an arm, wherever, that isn't debated and psychologically prepared to project a permanent photograph deep within your subconscious.  That's why so much money, so much money goes into advertising.  It works and there is nothing they would not stoop to if allowed which they wouldn't use.


The terminology they use concerning the public or the customer is degrading, but to them it's efficient and it's practical. The terms like "mousetrap" – they build a better mousetrap to bring you in, whether it's a credit card or whatever.  A better mousetrap and all these kind of terms.  They even have categories in investing called "wolves" for themselves and then the lesser breeds below them, down to the sheep at the bottom that reads the newspaper and follows the major investors.  These are the terms that they use because the ones at the top are psychopathic you see.  A psychopath lives on pure ego.  They are what they believe.  They believe they are winners.  They must be winners.  They're very bad losers, very bad.  They'll take the whole world with them if they could.


These traits are well known to psychopaths – I mean to psychologists.  I was going to say that there's many psychologists who are also psychopaths and that's true.  You have the ones at the bottom beginning to recognize the psychopathy within our society which runs society and they're only starting to realize that the big boys at the top hire psychopathic psychologists to explain how to control the people down below them, so there's no doubt about it.  There are many psychopaths in different areas of control and it's only natural they would use those who study people in order to utilize techniques to control people on a grand scale.


What a wonderful world we live in.  I hope you excuse this rushed blurb but it's been a very rushed day.  There's so many things to remember, do and it's not so easy when you're making up books yourself.  You're burning discs yourself. Sticking on the labels yourself. Answering the phone. Doing all the email and then uploading this kind of stuff, but this is our window of opportunity before that slams shut too.  I'd rather have an open window then a chip in my brain and that will never happen, I can guarantee you that, no matter how bad things are made to be. 


We must hang on to that which is human in a world which is tried to dehumanize us all. When we're all dehumanized, we'll fight each other. Those people in the chat rooms I'm sure are experiencing that.  I've never looked into them because I know why they're set up.  I know what they do and there's more disinformation there and slandering of each other than anything else under the sun.  It's dehumanizing and all the egos clash with egos.  The same will happen in general society if we allow it. 


We must reclaim that which we have the potential to be and which we once were and we have to start pointing out those deviants who are planning this whole world.  We've got to point out, too, all the helpers they have, right down to your local level, top to bottom.  We've got to expose all of the secret societies that hide them because that's where they get their start and then the good ones are picked to go higher, off into other degrees and other orders.  It's a sifting mechanism – freemasonry and the Eastern Star and all of the other branches they call themselves and hide under. They all know to start to get up there they've got to join these groups, then join the charities, get on the boards and start answering doors and become little political helpers and maybe one day they become a politician, the psychopathic personality.


They can lie to the public and tell them all the things they want to hear and never fulfill the promises and they sleep well at night because psychopaths have no conscience.  They're very good actors.  They're the best in fact.  They do it naturally.  A part of their brain simply isn't there.  Plato's old technique of breeding things out has been very successful. Yes, they would like us all to be living in a disassociated state, the schizoid state, coupled with emotional disorder that [Creplin] talked about.  They're doing a darn good job and now they're going after the last of the children who can still understand and ask questions naturally, to drug them to make sure they don't become leaders for another generation. They want them all to have the dull eyes that you see all around you in young children today.


We must regain our humanity and truly this is the last step because the younger generation won't have the chance. People should not feel so overwhelmed because in times gone by the psychopaths have accumulated at the top and caused a tremendous evil and worked it on the general public to the latter's detriment, but the people rally eventually and rectify the situation; something that psychopaths are well aware of because they hire the best historians and have lectures by them on this very topic, how to maintain control; but we shouldn't feel overwhelmed because that which is human must always triumph, if we want it to. We haven't with all the work that's been done on us, we haven't all succumbed to the dehumanizing program of indoctrinations we've had since childhood.


Some people deal with it in their own special way.  I know one fellow who gets out in the morning and when there's no one around he does what the Sufi's do, which is a dance where they twirl around in circles – spin, just to clear his mind.  For me, that wouldn't do it, I'd get dizzy.


I think I'll take it slow.  I think Hamish and I will just go out right now in fact and start off slow, which is the best way to do it, and have this little dance and I'll stand on the ridge out there.  There's a big rock out there where there's no one.  Well there's no one to watch me anyway so I can do what I want, except for those satellites up there, but who cares. They know I'm nuts anyway, right?


I think I'll start off slow like the guy in this particular movie "Zorba."  Yeah, I feel like a Greek dance tonight, so for me and Hamish, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



"Zorba's Dance"

by Mikis Theodorakis (Instrumental)





(Transcribed by Linda)