OCTOBER 25, 2006

Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – OCTOBER 25, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes) 




"Rainy Day People"

By Gordon Lightfoot

Rainy day people always seem to know when its time to call
Rainy day people don't talk, they just listen till they've heard it all
Rainy day lovers don't lie when they tell ya they've been down like you
Rainy day people don't mind if you're cry'in a tear or two
If you get lonely, all you really need is that rainy day love
Rainy day people all know there's no sorrow they can't rise above
Rainy day lovers don't love any others, that would not be kind
Rainy day people all know how it hangs on a piece of mind


Alan: And it's October the 25th, 2006. Busy time for people in the country trying to catch up on all the things which have to be done before the snow hits in this part of the country and it's been raining for weeks now, every day, every single day. Pouring rain, so we're living under this weather warfare, which I'm sure will make itself manifest as to its intentions and already the rural roads are getting washed out and full of potholes and all the rest of it. Rather late in the year to fix, of course, as they steam roll ahead with the big NAFTA highways on highway 11 and 69 up through Ontario.

I'd like to remind people who have this talk passed around that you should check up for items they can buy, purchase: DVDs, CDs, books on not just this eternal New World Order because it's always new. Every period in history is part of the New World Order and they can find the history of this on my website.

I'd also like to say that I read all the mail I get written and posted to me or else by the email and I can't honestly answer everyone because I'm not running a business like we're used to from the authorized leaders of this movement against the New World Order. I don't have the financial backing. I don't have any teams working for me to do all the work. It's not a money maker. I have no advertising and so I do other things to survive, never mind the things I must do like splitting the wood, covering it from the rain and all this kind of stuff. This is why I can't get back to every single person who writes to me.

Some people ask me so many questions in a letter, I'd have to write a book just for them and of course I can't take time to do that. There's only one of me, but I do read all the mail and I've gotten to know lots of people just through their mail in fact. I know where they are in their own little life in this great world of ours. I know where they are in their relationships, all of that kind of thing, their worries, and I certainly commiserate with them because we're going through incredible changes, incredible changes.

I think some of the big boys have said themselves the biggest changes since the people were moved off the land into the cities for the industrial revolution. We're going through all of the cultural shocks simply in a different direction with the same types of things, culture shocks as we go into this next phase which is all around us. Every day we can see it. Some of us can smell it almost, but it's all around us and it's on the march.

Yes, it's a nice pouring miserable day here in Ontario and I'm shrinking by the day and eventually I'll be the size of a midget, unless they call that "vertically challenged" today. Maybe that's the politically correct term. Anyway, that's where I am with my little life.

For tonight's talk, I'd like to continue with a sort of follow-up of the last talk I gave, which was to do with power in a sense and the different types of personalities which are attracted or repulsed by power. We have to remember that we are born into a system which we take for granted as being natural simply because it's there when we were born and we grow up in it.

The rights or freedoms we think we have today haven't always been there and we have them and WE NEVER EXERCISE THEM and it isn't until someone comes along and takes them away piece by piece and gets to a point where we can't ignore it that people tend to suddenly notice it and complain; and that's all they do really is complain or they give power to a leader who leads them to destruction. This is the standard technique all down through history.

Prior to the reformation really and prior to the Middle Ages, right up into the Middle Ages in fact, LIFE FOR MOST PEOPLE WAS ORDAINED BY THE CHURCH.  They gave you the reality of the period that you'd live in. The nobility down to sirs and overlords to tenant farmers to tenants to serfs, it was a much simpler life. It was not a nice life for most people, certainly the ones at the bottom of the heap, but they didn't have the questions that we have today, the complexities of questions about what was the meaning of life, purpose of life.

Their whole reality came from the teachings that they were given by the Catholic Church at that time. You didn't have to think about things because all the answers were given to you. You didn't have scientific explanations for anything. Everything was God's will. God had a hierarchy in heaven and a hierarchy here on earth which mirrored it. That's the stellar and the earthly one. That's why they've always used the zodiac and the stars and esoteric groups to explain this. This was always understood by the Catholic Church at the top, by those IN THE KNOW at the top.

You would be born into a family, a group, a village and you would know what your task would be for the rest of your life when you were a child. You didn't complain. If you did, there was no one to complain to – you'd have the devil in you, and you didn't have to wonder about what caused the wind to blow or the rain to fall and the only entertainment you would have really were the occasional—apart from home entertainment and folk songs, which is probably the only true part of culture that anyone really had—were traveling shows, morality plays they called them. The only ones authorized throughout Europe for the church was by the church and these were called "morality plays," little bits out of the Bible that would be enacted over and over monotonously to get the moral point across for control purposes to MAKE PEOPLE OBEY and see the point of obeying in fact through a story form.

The same technique is used today in political correctness and we get the same ideas marketed to us through dramas and even comedies, ancient techniques going all the way back to ancient Greece in fact. In the Middle Ages you didn't have the complexities of worry that we have today. People felt they belonged regardless. You belonged to the class or the social order you were born into. You had a collective mind in a sense. Everything was explained for you and your group, the one that you belonged to and were born into.

It wasn't until the rise of capitalism and enlightenment and all the rest of it came in that gradually a middle class began to emerge and with that came the end of the collective, at least the beginning of the end of the collective, as individuality for the first time was stressed as being important. In fact, all down through history you'll find this gradual push to break out from under the authorized structure of control by various individuals trying to format things to suit their own sensibilities, their own rationale, when the answers you were given no longer fit. They make no sense. They don't explain the whys and wherefores of an injustice, for instance, especially when it's happening to you.

With capitalism came the push for individuality and that was further stressed through Protestantism. The old Catholic Church, although they did say that everyone was born a sinner, still believed that redemption could come to people and to individuals as long as they conformed to the group and did the group thing, and you had your group penitence and that kind of thing. That's how it kind of worked, but you still did not ever dream about leaving your station and moving up. In fact, prior to the introduction of the capital system, really the beginning of the banking structure and merchandising big time, prior to that, to the people in the Middle Ages, making profit for profit sake and acquiring wealth for wealth sake was an alien idea. It would sound silly to them. It would serve no purpose because at that time life only was the only thing that was stressed. Life itself was important, at least on paper and in the speeches and talks and morality plays.

People sometimes become nostalgic for what they see as a simpler time, but really it was a fixed rigid society of "know your place," an expression that survived in the English language and in the English schools right up into the 20th Century. Because we don't think in terms of a dialectic, we see things going one way in one direction. We tend to see effects of things and we adapt to those effects, but we don't analyze the side effects of things; because with the rise of individuality comes a price and the price is that of being separated from a group, the village, the people, the tribe, and this aloneness has been accelerating as the centuries have moved on up to the present time.

People are tremendously isolated and the challenge today, apart from all of the other challenges or the fact that it's already pre-programmed through think tanks and big moneyed powers, the problem is how do we handle and can we handle – can everyone handle the aloneness? The breaking down to the individual where everyone really is living in their little world spaced out from other little worlds, from other people, without real, real contact except for the culturally okay things such as discussing the neighbor's garden or your own or your car or your latest purchase; but really, people are craving a contact.

Now not everyone is at the same stage of development to handle this change. Henceforth they brought forth the New Age movement back in the 1800's really with Madam Blavatsky to handle this, and here's a good point perhaps to make. What's the good of having the ability and the right to think for yourself if you don't? And by that, I mean if people really look at what they fight for or what they complain about, how much of that is really from their own original thinking and how much has been programmed right to them through think tanks, through pressure groups, through slogans?  As Lenin said, "they would conquer by slogans". Slogans go right into the subconscious without question. We just start to repeat them. How much really of your own thinking belongs to you as an individual?

We find again prior to the big push for the New Age movement and into the 20th Century you could find religious bookshelves in every booksellers shop primarily around Christianity and about Christianity or about certain Christians and what they'd done and so on, and everything again was to reinforce the prevalent idea – prevalent up until then, since the days of Luther, on this Christianity, this new type that had been introduced by Luther in the 1500's; which was really made as far as I can see for the industrial revolution for it coming up. They had to create a new work ethic, a Protestant work ethic of just work, work, work and grin and bear it collectively and maybe just maybe you could be redeemed by your works in a sense if you followed the social order that was ordained and preached by the ministers.

Things don't just evolve by themselves. It's more as though when people are ready for a major shift, or at least some are; there's always a vanguard very often unconnected. The think tanks and those in control sense this and prepare for it so that they can give the new types of leadership or religions to take over to keep control of the new, and today you'll find all of the New Age religion in all of its forms. Many guises, different names, it’s all the same thing. It's all the same religion, same pyramid, in every major bookstore. Masses and masses of books just churned out like sausages from the machine, for everything you can think of, to keep you basically from thinking for yourself; and yes, they add certain truths in there but most of it's spin to spin your head until you come out of this dizzy downward spiral and you're thinking exactly the way they want you to think, because these are authorized books and for the price that some of them are sold you can tell they're being backed by bigger powers. Of course we know that foundations like the Rockefeller's do back many, many authors, other foundations do too, to make sure that whatever opinions they're expressing will be the prevalent opinions within society.

Everything that happens today was gone over and predicted by early think tanks over 100 years ago, 150 years ago and they knew at the time that because they understood human nature – they have archives, not public libraries. They have the real thing. They have the real low-down, the histories of peoples and formulas on how to control peoples and they knew that we would get to a stage where the struggle for individuality would reach a certain peak. They also knew that not everybody would want this side effect as I say the loneliness that comes with it and many they knew couldn't handle that. These are the mass people, the mass men and women who want an order of things, an order which gives them answers which don't have to make rational sense even; as long as everyone else is parroting those answers around them they feel secure.

That's how religion in fact tends to work and they came out with the New Age Movement to keep the people in a confused but controllable fashion, where the things which they would be chasing because of this drive, this subconscious drive of individuality, and because of the side effect, the fallout of being unable to handle the aloneness that comes with it, they would be guided into a form of passing their time, a religion which couldn't threaten the authorities. Therefore when everyone's chasing their karma, trying to improve their karma and paying their money and taking their courses and things, they're not being a nuisance, especially when they're being taught that nothing is real anyway. That's the beauty of that one. That's a fantastic move by the chess players and it's working very, very well with many people.

Most people, as I say, have a hard time with reality. They don’t go into books to find histories, to find the causes and effects down through time. They would prefer that Hollywood give them movies about or docu-dramas – remember, drama means fiction. It's a fictionalized account of something, but this is where they get the realities of the past from. It's always slanted one way or another and what they've always understood in sociology is that when a people become nostalgic for the past, then their culture is on the decline. That's why they give you the Anne of Green Gables and these fantasies of some kind of past life that really was only for a very few. Most folk lived in squalor and misery.

Now there's a drive within people that comes forward when they can't handle individuality. A drive kicks in to conform and the danger there is you end up with mass movements, mass armies. That's the type of people who give their all, their life. They submit. They have a longing to submit to power, to be part of the power structure in a small capacity, but to submit to it, so a sado-masochistic tendency comes forward; and the reason you can have sadism and masochism together is that the sadist and the power hungry want to dominate others. The only thing they respect is power, raw power itself, and so their superior is one they will respect and almost drool over in fact and they love to sacrifice themselves for the cause. The cause always appearing to be plain because it's spoken to them directly by their leader, their messiah, their führer, their Lenin, whatever it is. It makes sense to them. It tends to verbalize inner thoughts. It promises to take away fears. It gives a cause to things; so this same person who worships the power structure and wants to serve it, because they want to submit and serve to it, they’re also masochistic. We find in these great movements like the Soviet Era and the Natzi Era, which again, remember, were forms of both socialism. You had the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the word Natzi comes from a social movement as well – National Socialism.

Interestingly, George Orwell in his "1984" called the particular country of residence for Winston, "Ingsoc," which was a play on England socialism or English socialism. Major revolutions, physical revolutions need masses of following and there always has to be a good reason for them to unify so obligingly to overthrow whatever it is they're overthrowing and that's always been the case. Very clever leaders and oligarchies understand this process and so if there's going to be a revolution it's better that they put their own boys into lead it. That way they can guide the outcome of it.

They say all the right things always. The people believe that the leader that they're given is one of them implicitly because he will use the terminology of the tribe or super-tribe: the flag, the symbols, the phrases from national anthems. Today, it's Hollywood actually. The masses help very clever people attain their goals. Even in a so-called democracy we even elect people who say all the right things. That's why they get in. They say all the right things but you can get the tyrant coming in that way, just the same as overthrowing a previous system. It doesn't really matter how they get in. They just get in by any means possible. The Communist system was to get into politics and get to the top by any means possible and lying through your teeth wasn't too difficult for politicians since that's traditional anyway.

However, when you get a true authoritarian type character in power, you must understand the psychology of that person or the group, the coterie around them. They love conditions that limit human freedom and they love to give speeches about fate and destiny. They're fatalists to an extent. To that person who is giving you the speeches on fate you must understand his definition will be different from yours. Soldiers traditionally are like football teams. After games, listen to them, "We'll do better next time. I'm just glad to have served by boys, my team, my fans and we, we, we will be on track next time," and yah-dee yah-dee yah.

It's the same with soldiers when they're interviewed, "Well we did a good job and we hope to do it better and we have some things to clear up but we're on track. We're doing it now." That's the fate of the one who submits to a higher power. A power to him is a physical power embodied by somebody who walks around called his superior. He worships superiority. He submits to it, sadism/masochism together. A small businessman even is the same and his fortunes go up and down with what he will call "economic laws". He'll call it fate, you see, "Well what can you do? It's the economy," and so you get crisis and prosperity to him, which are not really social phenomena at all, which will be changed by human activity, but it's the expression of a higher power to which you have to submit. It's just the way it goes.

The authoritarian in charge of a country will say that wars are just fate. It's the fate of man to have wars and they'll tell you too it's only natural, you see, natural that part of humanity has to be ruled by another part. They'll tell you that the suffering and the starvations across the planet can't be changed. It's just the way it is. It's fate you see. Cripples being born into the world – a lot of the New Agers love to say, "well, they chose to become like that. That's their fate." It's a great way of rationalization.

You also find that those in control in a sense worship the past, at least the past that they have in their imagination. They will tell you and give speeches about what's been and say it will eternally be and to work for something that hasn't existed before is crazy. He can't imagine anything outside of creation as it's been. In a sense that's religion with them as well, Fatalism; and if they cannot accomplish their goals they will say, like Adolph Hitler did, that if Germany was defeated it's better that they all perish together because it would prove—and I guess he was talking about Darwin's theory of evolution—that they were simply not fit to survive and conquer and rule.

The Soviet system was no different. They got the masses to back them. A small elite group promised them equality, you know the equalization of misery, became incredibly authoritarian once they took power and wouldn't tolerate any opinion outside the party line. They got themselves a professional army and became the very thing that they were supposedly fighting against, which was history repeating itself through military power, might; and even under the guise of Sovietism in Moscow they saw it as just another military empire, really, as it always had been in history.

We can always look at the history to learn lessons if we’re willing to learn lessons. Leaders are presented to us and we've watched the ones who are elected do this as well, flying into what seem to be bouts of rage. The leaders that are supplied to fight the New World Order, if they were genuine they wouldn't fly into rages because there's a difference in effect between an impassioned speech and bouts of rage. Rage manifests the very fear in the listener that they perceive and sense coming from their oppressors and it's like being an officer. When an officer loses control, then those who follow are psychologically defeated right there and then.

Adolph Hitler used to fly into tremendous bouts of rage. Those who served Lenin and Stalin also were known for their bouts of fury to their underlings, especially when they come up with defeat in certain areas of a particular sphere. It wasn't tolerated. Opinions were not tolerated outside the party line. There was no such thing as: sorry, I couldn't quite make this quota or wherever it happened to be. Therefore within the authoritarian character is a type of sadism which manifests itself, which will be obvious only to the sadist themselves with the games that they play on the underlings beneath them and they're well aware that people generally submit when they come under attack, an attack especially that's furious and they can't quite understand. They tend to submit to the person doing the attacking. This is an old, old ploy. You'll see it in a lot marriages in fact and it works very well for the bully.

The one being bullied will generally apologize and grovel because they can't imagine such an outburst of fury having no cause; and if you buckle down once, the sadist, an aggressor, an authoritarian figure, will push further and further next time until it's an endless cycle, going round in cycles.

Recently, I got a mail from someone who watches the website who said I generally agree with everything you talk about, but recently they weren't so happy with my comments on the war against the Arabs; and this person who obviously does not think for themselves, because they use slogans which are marketed to them, brought up the fact that the women have to wear veils and so on and that offended this person who mailed me. They were offended by the fact that women had to wear veils and so on, and this of course is the politically correct speech that we hear all over – "well I'm offended by this. This offends me," you see – brought out by Singer and other psychologists. This was the way for motivational changes in people. Behavior modification and people are modified all the time and they don't know it. They just parrot what was given to them.

Well, if your eye offends you because they wear veils, pluck it out. That way there will be far less blood coming from somewhere, which will be you, than there will be from all over the Middle East. That's my simple answer to that. This isn't being callous. You don't go and slaughter people because they won't conform to your wanting – your way that they should behave, dress, act or whatever. We're in the mess we're in up to the present stage because of killing people because they're different and differences in the long haul will sort themselves out as individuality arises, as time goes on, as it has been for centuries. It's only the control freak that could possibly even use that excuse to justify a war against another people and this person who mailed me also mentioned the burning of the flag and how the Arabs were so happy.

Well, CNN and all the big media did eventually admit that those scenes that they showed after 9/11—immediately after 9/11—were taken from years before about some other incident. For someone who just watches the TV, seeing is believing, I can't spend time on educating you because you don't want to think for yourself. You like the ideas being marketed right into your head. You want everybody to be the same as you and yet you haven't come to the realization that what you are is a composite of what's been marketed to you by others. You are not an individual. This is your favorite song.


"I Wanna Be Like You"

By Louis Prima

Now I'm the king of the swingers
Oh, the jungle VIP
I've reached the top and had to stop
And that's what botherin' me
I wanna be a man, mancub
And stroll right into town
And be just like the other men
I'm tired of monkeyin' around!
Oh, oobee doo
I wanna be like you
I wanna walk like you
Talk like you, too
You'll see it's true
An ape like me
Can learn to be human too
Now don't try to kid me, mancub
I made a deal with you
What I desire is man's red fire
To make my dream come true
Now give me the secret, mancub
Clue me what to do
Give me the power of man's red flower
So I can be like you
Oh, oobee doo
I wanna be like you
I wanna talk like you
Walk like you, too
You'll see it's true
An ape like me
Can learn to be human too
Can learn to be human too
Can learn to be human too


Alan: This person also mentioned, as I say, the burning – why not go after everybody who's ever burned a flag in history? That's anti-authoritarian. It's unpatriotic. It's such a joke you know to a person like me to hear these comments because it's like a caveman talking about his skull stuck outside his cave when it comes to flags and tribal symbols. Symbols that those in control have put right into your mind, your brain. You didn't invent those symbols. The esoteric groups know darn well what they really mean and it's nothing to do with what the public thinks. How sad. How sad that we're living in an age that people have the ability to think for themselves but it's too much of a burden. They'd rather the media does it all for them and leads them up the garden path, wherever it's pointed, wherever it ends up; and they'll rationalize like all control freaks do, everything that they do. Every horror that they commit can be rationalized away, only to them, mind you; because for an outsider listening and observing this, the irrationality of it all is obvious. Only the control freak tries to rationalize the impossible.

Psychopaths do it very well. Psychopaths and mass murderers love to boast about how they did it once they're caught. Once they realize they really are caught they like to boast about how clever they were and they can rationalize every piece of their atrocity to the public, who generally are fascinated by this kind of stuff; and once again, if you’re an independent thinker, you can see that they have a gift almost of rationalizing everything that they do. Everything that they do.

The reason that horror shows keep reproducing themselves and becoming more and more horrible as time goes on is due to this problem with the individual versus the masses – the masses who, many of them, don't want individuality. They want sameness. Sameness, uniformity throughout their existence and anyone different will terrify them. It shakes their security, their feeling of security. They will despise that person and try to kill them if possible and if not they'll get the authorities to do it for them, "there should be a law about that," you see, and this is why we're heading towards more and more horror as time progresses and the people are becoming almost immune to it now. They can't tell fact from fiction. There are so many front people out there guiding them, misguiding them, leading them up the garden path as I say. They have their heroes of the physical realm. The have their heroes of the New Age realm who are heavily financed. You can tell just by their websites that it's not a little person sitting there, any more than H.G. Wells was in his day sitting with a typewriter. H.G. Wells had a whole office block to himself and masses of staff working to churn his propaganda out and under the guise of course of fiction, although most of his books were non-fiction.

However, people don't discern. They don't ask the obvious questions and they like to have superstars. They don't ask how they became superstars. You cannot become a superstar in this day and age unless you're made one by others, the professionals, and they get the nod from those above to make this person or that person the spokesman or the superstar. That's how it’s been for a long, long time. You're promoted to the top and people follow the stars. They like the superstars because we're taught in this system that success by any means is all that matters. It doesn't matter how you get there. Just get there. Therefore someone who appears to have their face all over the planet and doors opening for them must surely have the talent and skill to do it on their own; and that's so far removed from the truth in this day and age. It just doesn't happen in any sphere whatsoever.

Many people say to me: why don't you talk everyday? Why don't you give a talk everyday and put it out there? Well I'll tell you, I don't have a staff to help me do anything, whether it's split the wood or fix anything or just basically survive. I would need staff to do that, as all the rest of them have staff. I don't bring in the kind of money or have it come in through the backdoor either to do this every single day of the week and because I don't give them the popular messages – I could give popular messages and say we can get the countries back, but that would be a big lie because we never had them in the first place. We were never in control of our countries.

I've heard people say we can get America back. Well, what period in history are we talking about? Who controlled it then? How did the people live then? And how can you get something back when your whole system is based on an economy and all the manufacturing is out of the country today? It's been set up that way for this to happen. You can't save something that was never yours. What you can do is direct the changes off track into another direction outside of the control of the established elite.

Aldous Huxley himself said there is a dominant minority and I presume there always will be. He never questioned that fact. He should know since he belonged to the lesser orders of those elite families. He was still a member of them. He knew the real histories. He never mentioned politics because he was well aware that politics was irrelevant to the course of the world. It's just a show for the public.

Every political prime minister or president is appointed to that position and given the nod long, long before the public even hear their names. They're vetted throughout their life for their position.

THE ADVISORS are MORE IMPORTANT THAN PRESIDENTS. They work for the real bosses. They know the world agenda. The advisors are in cahoots the advisors across the planet. If you notice, they're all advising their prime ministers or presidents to do the same things and sign the same things at the same time. They are the grey men – they work between the physical realm, the ones that we see and the dark side you might say, the ones that don't become visible to the public, the real powers that be.

THE DOMINANT MINORITY and THEIR DESCENDENTS down through the ages RUN THE SYSTEM, BASED ON WHAT? BASED ON MONEY.  Something that everyone on the planet uses, and because it's there, we think it's normal; even though none of us can tell who or why the banking families, the big international bankers, have the right to even decide what money is. Should we even use money in the first place?  What is money, apart from an idea?  And if there was no money, is there any other way of living?

The elite have already figured that out because the next phase that we have to go through is electronic banking and purchasing, so there will be no other forms of money at all except electronic blips on your card and on a screen. Everything will be tracked and traced, but that's only part-way because they've even worked it out that after that's over and done with, in the new society, the Huxlian world, which will eventually down the road come into existence, everyone will be reared and probably "special purpose made".

ID is not just your identification. ID is "intelligent design" you see. They want to intelligently-design you for your purpose and you will serve the state. You won't need money. You probably won't have the capacity to imagine or even discuss what money is because you'll be more like an efficient robot than a person. This is where ultimately it will go.

The cashless system is only a part-way measure, a stepping-stone towards it. Everything that happens is a stepping-stone to the next step and we adapt being the most adaptable creature on the planet and every child who is born into the next phase thinks it's normal because it all exists the way it is.

There are grandparents alive now who aren't even listened to when they talk about country living, where they had to smash through ice to get water in the winter and that was normal. That kind of thing is absurd to a child of today. Just a blink in the eye of time, really, the different between them, but it's absurd in an age where you just turn a switch and on comes your heating, your lighting and everything else.


And you become more dependent than ever—interdependent on the system—until you will have no independence in any sphere whatsoever, nor any ownership of anything. Something that's taboo in all of the authoritarian dictates of socialism and capitalism, by the way, because CAPITALISM RUNS SOCIALISM. Always did from the beginning.

Now I've taught many, many people over years on different levels of the understanding of all of this, but I only teach the ones who are able to accept the understandings of the higher truths. Those who can't get the higher truths tend to get terribly offended and they turn on the teacher and it isn't my fault that you can't understand. It's a choice they've actually made within themselves. They don't hear what you say. Their greed for the idol blinds them to all the gold dust you've scattered before them in the past. They're oblivious of the gems and that isn't my fault and people like that you can't take any higher, you can't bring into the deeper truths, and apart from that, not everyone can handle them because much of the news is not good news but you have to understand the bad to get beyond it. You have to go through the darkness to see the light. That's always been the way. Always been the way.

Those who can only go so far are not ready for it and possibly they never ever will be ready for it. They’re more composites than of personality: of their training, their culture, their indoctrinations and their own particular bent of personality type. They're not a truly individual free person and you can't teach everyone ultimate truths. They can't handle it.

If I was going on blessing Christianity and pushing that, I'd be on many radio stations as I'm sure the listeners know. It isn't until they find out that I speak out about certain aspects of the religions that I don't get the calls coming in. That's to be expected. It takes a brave person and an honest person to step outside their box and say well he's right on this and he's right on that so I'll have him back, and there aren't too many of those around.

Other ones would have me on the New Age shows because they're really blossoming right now. They're getting pushed big time—the mind control of the present to go into the near future—and they already have their gurus prepared, promoted, out there for the people to follow with the usual fatalist stuff involved once again. The control freaks with the fatalism: "It's in the cards. It's in the stars. It's written here. It's written there. Can't do anything about it. It's fate," you see, and they're already out there and being highly promoted. If I was to go easy on those guys, I'd be on some of the biggest shows as I'm sure some of the listeners have figured out already.

However, I tend to try and tell the truth as I perceive it and I tell the bad news, the dark side of humanity, the stuff that doesn't make you feel too comfortable, but everyone in this world is what I call a "schmeeple". It's a combination of schmuck, sheep and people. Everyone's been fooled. Everyone born has been fooled into this existence from the beginning by very clever techniques and mass marketed from the top to the parents as well. It takes tremendous will power on the individual, tremendous almost heart-breaking searching, a hunger to know truth, to bring them through. Most people don't have that. Some are born that way. Others it will hit later on in life, but a hunger comes upon them and someone who's hungry you can tell right away because they will listen more than talk. Someone who's talking is really telling you what they already believe. They're trying to guide your answers into a certain direction which will make them comfortable. That isn't someone who's truly looking for a truth. They're looking for something which makes them comfortable in the condition that they're already in.

When society has been steered towards a period of great change, there's always tremendous confusion. There's anger. There is also much misdirection of anger as we're told what to be angry about.

H.G. Wells himself said, "many people will die fighting the New World Order, but they'd never know that they're trying to save something which was never theirs." The big boys are updating their system. The changes are underway. They have been all your life. The media simply doesn’t harp on about it. They divert you into trivia. They tell you what's important for you. The changes as I say are on the way. We're going through them. It's more of a matter of deciding can it be thwarted in the direction that it's heading and for maybe the first time can we actually steer it into another direction? That's what's really important right now.

THERE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN CHANGES. The changes have ALWAYS been directed, planned and steered by the "navigators" as they call them in the high societies. We have to take that direction from them and steer it somewhere else, and truly the battle is between those who want uniformity, standardization, and the occasional individual here and there. We know that those who seek uniformity ultimately always conform to the next part of the system which they first opposed. Changes are here. They've been singing about them since the 1960's and you whistle the tunes, you sang the words, but you didn't hear.



By David Bowie

I still don't know what I was waiting for
And my time was running wild
A million dead-end streets
Every time I thought I'd got it made
It seemed the taste was not so sweet
So I turned myself to face me
But I've never caught a glimpse
Of how the others must see the faker
I'm much too fast to take that test

(Turn and face the strain)
Don't want to be a richer man
(Turn and face the strain)
Just gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can't trace time

I watch the ripples change their size
But never leave the stream
Of warm impermanence and
So the days float through my eyes
But still the days seem the same
And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through

(Turn and face the strain)
Don't tell them to grow up and out of it
(Turn and face the strain)
Where's your shame
You've left us up to our necks in it
Time may change me
But you can't trace time

Strange fascination, fascinating me
Changes are taking the pace I'm going through

(Turn and face the strain)
Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers
(Turn and face the strain)
Pretty soon now you're gonna get older
Time may change me
But I can't trace time
I said that time may change me
But I can't trace time



"I'll Be Watching You"

By Sting

Every breath you take
And every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
Ill be watching you

Every single day
And every word you say
Every game you play
Every night you stay
Ill be watching you

Oh, can't you see
You belong to me
Now my poor heart aches
With every step you take

Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
Ill be watching you


Alan: To continue with this talk on the present day situation, which is the same as all time with regards to human nature. That which has worked in the past can be made to work again. The archives where knowledge is stored—real knowledge and observations of peoples, populations, sex, groups, all down through the ages—are available to a small elite, and when you want the public to adopt an attitude, to change their dress modes, to change their behavior, to change whatever, there's a formula already in there. You must find out how to introduce it, how to get the idea across and you will even know by continuous study, repetitive study, empirical proof, that it will work and how long it will take to be implemented and adopted by the general public.

Very few people today in this day and age – very, very few are actually true individuals as such. We see teenagers who go through a stage where they think they want to be an individual and they are in a sense one by one trying to assert their own different personality, but you'll notice to be different they actually join a group; never realizing that the group itself or the fashion that they wear or the symbols that they use and their behavior and their conduct is marketed to them from the top. There's your paradox in trying to be different as a teenager. In reality, they want to be accepted by a peer group and so they conform to that group.

Adults are not too much different. Plato himself said that morality and culture which is given by the top, what's right one day can be made wrong the next and vice versa. He said we can turn it upside down and the last ones to notice is the generation that's going through the changes, they adopt it so easily and casually and they think the idea somehow originated within them.

It's no different when you read books. Again, very few books are put out there with an honest portrayal of an idea or an experience or a lifetime. Very few books are put out without a spin, without trying to get others to believe what the individual believes or the individuals behind them believe. The easiest thing to do is to give part of a reality – the listener thinks that's all of the reality that they've been told and they form a conclusion which they must come to, preordained by the ones who created the story and this goes for everything. It goes for even all the groups who think they're rebelling against society.

We see that with the feminist groups. The bankers doubled their tax base by the introduction of feminism and feminism was not won by women. It was won by scientists in white coats, the white-clad priests, who gave them the pill. That's how it was won. It doubled the tax base for the bankers. The elite that Bertrand Russell was a member of and wrote about wanted to get kindergarten or the state in other words to give the children their early education or their early indoctrination.

Remember the old saying of the Jesuits. "Give me a child before seven and he's mine for life." It's no different. Now they've got them at two years of age in kindergarten.

These things were needed. They had to separate the children from the mother and it's been very successful. In Canada now when there's a national strike of daycare workers and the children's kindergarten workers, the women actually come out with placards and demand that government do something to take care of their children. You can see how quickly this whole idea that the government is really there to take care of their children, how naturally that seems already to these people. They expect it. They adapt so quickly from one lifestyle where the mother wanted no one to interfere or take her child away. She wanted the early years with the child. Now they're demanding the government take over that role so that they can go out and earn money.

As I say, the bankers love this because now they can project bigger debts in the future because there's a bigger population to pay taxes. This is all part of an economic system that we live in. Sociology is used. Psychology is used. The ancient sciences of people are used against the people to further enslave them and by doing so it means it's more efficient when it comes to enslaving the child.

The children are becoming BRAINWASHED much quicker and easier because they're using scientific techniques of indoctrination.

People who are truly in the matrix—and by that, I mean they do believe the reality that's been presented to them since childbirth—when they notice a threat to what they think is their culture, they have to find someone to blame right away and generally what they do is to look around to see who gives them the information about the change. The news media and then it goes on to certain politicians and then they must get an identifiable group, you see, because they truly believe that they've evolved naturally up until that point and that these nasty people are taking away their lifestyle, and the group mentality is so strong within most people who are in the matrix. They are not truly individuals.

Now I'm not talking about do they like chocolate or strawberries, or personal taste. I'm talking about they need to belong to what they see as their identifiable group because they want order within their lives and it seems that the culture of the group has given them order. It never dawns on them that this order was drawn up a long, long time ago for them, ancient in fact, and they simply adopted it. There're familiar with it so they really think it is theirs, but it truly isn't. It truly isn't theirs.

People join churches because they want to belong to something which is the first explanation that they've been given for the meaning of life and it's like politics. If you dad votes this way or that way, then the offspring if they're going to vote generally do the same sort of thing. Well, it's the same with religion, if mom and dad were Catholic or Jewish or Protestant or Hindu or whatever else, then the children are too and they accept that as being normal because each one thinks they're in the right group. Their group has the truth you see.

Even if you went into India and the Westerners have a hard, hard time understanding this religion which is formatted in a different way for a different mentality. Hindus themselves can somehow reconcile all their inconsistencies in their religion, all the opposing stories. They can reconcile all that and to them it makes sense. It gives them a world view but it was made by other people. It wasn't purpose-made just for the individual. It was made for them all by other people long ago.

Now when people start breaking out of the matrix, at least coming to the stage where they want to jump off the bottom floor in the bottom room, because they've been trained to look for order, an order around them, they bring into the next phase the need for that with them; so they look for something that has a similar set of rules and regulations similar to their old religion, the one that gave them all of their answers until they grew up, but they still want order so they join something else.

Some people who need the group mentality so badly will join even more fundamental orders that are far stricter with more rules and more dogmatic and preachers scream at them; and generally when someone screams at you, that means you're receiving abuse and that's what it is. It's abuse. Why do preachers have to scream when there's a microphone in front of their face? Well, you can figure that out. It's because those who attend have grown up generally and they've been abused. Their minds if nothing else have been abused by screaming to overpower, to terrify them with the wrath of god.

In India someone can die at the side of the road and no one goes to help them. The reason being if you interfere with their karma, their fate, again the fate part, then it might rub off on you. So they chose to be poor. They chose to die. They chose to starve to death and you don't lift a finger to help.

Each religion has been formatted for a different culture, a different people, a different mentality. In China the ancient religions dwelt an awful lot on fate again but also on luck and some of the biggest gamblers in the world today are Chinese and that whole idea of luck being a type of force that comes and goes – a 'will-o'-the-wisp,' which sometimes you could predict if you do certain things, you see, this is all the nonsense they go into, they can actually hit the jackpot once in a while. Tremendous gamblers.

In the West because Rome itself was a continuation of the Roman Empire – the pre-Christian Roman Empire. It ruled the ancient world and into the religious empire, this transitory period, they didn't start afresh and say well we've got to understand how people work, how the mind works. They didn't do any of that. They didn't have to because they had the archive that they'd been given from their predecessors of an old empire and those were the Greeks, and many of higher elite classes of ancient Rome were descended from the Greeks who ran ancient Greece. Yet all of the advisors around them when they went through the transitory phase from the old Rome with its armies empire to the religious empire and so they knew how to control populations. They knew the need for psychology, mass psychology, and most of all they knew the need for control purposes of a religion and that is why a particular religion was chosen, one of the better religions that had been done so far, where the people were more obedient than ever to the heads of those religions who also were emperors of the empire.

Prior to that, they had the occasional revolutions pre-Christian Rome because there are so many gods to choose from and there's always the element that one god or another could favor the individual on his quest for dominance over the rest. Whereas Christianity came along and a pope was ordained by god and what he said was really like god speaking and you couldn't argue with it. There was no other way to come at and usurp that power except going through the same means and sometimes in history there were two popes on the go – conflicting popes.

When they lived in France and the Vatican was really there, we find that there was one pope and what they called the anti-pope. They used to excommunicate each other regularly and throw these curses on each other and that's how farcical it got, because at that time the general public were so trained in the whole idea of this pyramid structure of Catholicism that the only way to usurp the power was to appear to be ordained by god, so you either crossed your fingers and hoped the present pope would die (because they didn't advocate generally) or by some miracle you would take his place, because the public had to accept the tradition that had come across of how you became pope.

We know it was corrupt as could be and YOU'LL ALWAYS FIND CORRUPTION AT THE TOP OF ALL THE RELIGIONS because THEY NEVER FOLLOW THE RELIGION THEY IMPOSE ON PEOPLE and today it's a world club of religious leaders that run the show. They understand the necessity of religion.

Michael Gorbachev has written about it – a man who's an atheist and ex-head of the Soviet Union. He's the one who talks about the creation of an earth religion, an earth worship type religion, would be necessary to bring in this new order. They've never ever pooh-poohed the idea of religion, far from it. They use religion.

If we even look at the previous Soviet regime and Communism in itself, it had all the earmarks of a religion and just as intolerant against anyone who complained about it or questioned it. It had its dogma and had all its ritualistic parades and its hierarchies and you might call them their priests—the ones who would bring people in to question them to see they had right-think or wrong-think.

Most people crave a religion which is accepted by others, a peer group, in order to get through life; and down through the ages the big boys when necessary have agreed amongst themselves to stir up trouble. Trouble MAKES PROGRESS happen you see. Progress. It also helps the BANKERS because they will ALWAYS FINANCE BOTH SIDES IN WARS and the tremendous religious wars that went on through the centuries were just incredible. Sometimes where people who were of the same stock and who had opposing religions imposed upon them, which they'd adopted, would slaughter each other for years.

Now this game of divide and conquer is as old as the hills and we see it being used today when tremendous changes are taking place. Different groups are encouraged to look at other groups and they're all fighting each other as the ship goes down. The big changes are coming in that will affect them all. They become oblivious to that. They focus on one thing. "It’s those guys. Those guys are the problem." It's like a whirlpool going round and round and round and sucking down in the middle and everyone is choking each other and throttling each other as they go around in this whirlpool, never knowing how they got there, what they're there for in the first place, or who's orchestrated this.

The targets that occupy a lot of people's minds are the Mexicans and Latin Americans coming up into the United States. The cause is ignored because it's the cause you'd have to question. It's the funding. It's the institutions funded in the United States that fund these groups who start coming across on mass because this is the time it was supposed to happen. The boys who run the world run by a schedule, a time schedule, and they have five-year plans for one particular part, ten for another, fifty for another, a hundred years for another. Same as Communism, same as the United Nations because it's all the same group at the top.

Now as I've said already the mass man, humanity, can go two ways and this whole movement towards the mass population, the mass man, also was recognized at the beginning of the industrial era where they started for the first time talking about the masses. Before that when it was the feudal system they just talked about the herd, but then it became the masses and you've got mass movements. There are two ways they can go today since most of them aren't original people themselves. By that I mean they’re not individuals at all. The knowledge they have has been marketed into them, projected into them. That is the reality but they crave belonging so badly and because of this belonging and the sado-masochistic tendency they tend to have, where they worship power stronger than themselves and they love rules, they will obey rules and they can become automatons – robot-like well behaved, placid, Sovietized type citizens.

This ties in, in fact, it gives me the picture of when Eleanor Roosevelt was over in the Soviet Union where she said in her own writings her first stop was to see Pavlov, her hero. Now Pavlov who used all kinds of motivational behavior modifications through rather nasty techniques was also in charge of implementing all of his research and using it on school children throughout the Soviet Union, and Eleanor was just so enthralled to see all the children walking quietly well behaved towards the school. She said, "there's no spontaneity and laughing and giggling like they have in American schools, but my they're so well behaved".

Being an authoritarian herself and possibly a sadist, she approved of this. This turned her on. The fact that there was no spontaneity of any individual appealed to her nature of creating the mass man predictable people and that really is the point. For total control of society you want predictability in each person. That's why personality profiles have been gathered for many, many years on every single person by police and organizations because they want to know if you are predictable.

If fact, the control freaks cannot stand the possibility of unpredictability and if you are unpredictable—meaning you have a mind of your own and you might not choose the path and a particular walk that they expect you to choose—you could cause problems. In fact, they might have nervous breakdowns that you’re not doing what you're supposed to do. That's what we're seeing here now. We’re seeing those who need the group, wanting to conform, accepting all their ridiculous totalitarian style laws that are coming down and they have. You see them at the airports where they "bend over please" and now they've accepted it. It's a way of life. They've adapted.

As Plato said, "man is the most adaptable species on the planet", meaning they can do with us as they wish. We will accept it eventually until it's normal.

Anything can be made normal, anything by the "culture creators". Culture itself is plastic. It's pliable. It always has been. The ancients wrote about it how they created culture, how they altered it, guided it, reshaped it over and over again and it's never stopped.

Evan Russell talks about bringing in big Madison Avenue and all the big advertisers because they had the sciences of how to make people do things or buy things they didn't really need. They knew the psychology of greed, of envy, of wanting to be noticed. They used all the sciences of human nature and they adopted them right in. Now they market the ideas right into our heads: the slogans, the buzzwords, the "I'm offended" attitude.

People who parrot these slogans are giving themselves away as people who are not thinking for themselves at all. People quite naturally today talk about global warming. We’ve had years and years of propaganda from all the nature shows and public TV stations (which are often the worst ones for it) on this global warming, even though children's books at school 50 years ago had detailed data on the cycles that we'd go through every 500 years or so of warming periods that last maybe a century, two centuries and then goes back again to a colder phase. That was always known.

Today, they just stopped talking about it. You think it's always been like this and you can be conned so easily through ignorance basically and the BIG BOYS are using this to FURTHER THEIR AGENDA TO TAKE OVER ALL OF THE PLANET – all property, all rights of water, food, and even the air itself.  Everything which you need is going to be under the guardianship of Plato's guardians who will not live as you will live. THEY WILL LIVE AS KINGS AND QUEENS HAVE ALWAYS LIVED and YOU WILL ACCEPT THAT.

You can accept those things which cannot be reconciled because it's your nature to accept it, as long as it's marketed to you by faces you know – and would they lie to you? The masses as always will be led by their chosen leaders to vote for another party or another person, as they always are told, you see, and this is always the solution. "If we just get someone else in they could change it all."

THEY'VE LEARNED NOTHING FROM EXPERIENCE, even though they've been told over and over the histories of political parties and the con game they all pull over the public. They pull the wool over your eyes. In fact, they have one hell of a party and it's quite a party together. The parties won't change anything, but that's what's been held out to the general public who think they're awake but in reality are trying to save a system which is familiar to them because they grew up in it. Now it's shifting to another phase, so they look for a hero or heroes to come in like John Wayne and do it all for them, make everything right again, and this will not happen.

In the United States John Kerry and others have said if they get in they will actually further the war on terror and increase the forces in the Middle East. We know the agenda is one way only, regardless of who appears to be in charge of it. IT'S A MUST-BE. It was planned long before September 11, 2001. Long before. All the machinery to bring totalitarianism was hammered out in think tanks and select places like the Pentagon. All the reactions of the public were figured out in advance. All the strategies to deal with complaints from the public, or fears et cetera, were dealt with in advance. All the little buzzwords, the terms that you hear, were all figured out long in advance.

They can't stop now. They must go all the way with this and whatever it takes to pull this off they will do it. Whatever it takes. In ancient times it was no different. They'd terrorize the public of city-states and tyrants would say, "oh my goodness, there's just these evil terrorists everywhere," and the military were let loose on the public. You had the same thing: your check points, your questions on the street, searching for daggers, all that kind of thing. Same old stuff. Why change the formula if it works? Over and over again.

They can panic the people over and over by crying wolf, by telling us ridiculous things to get us all in a panic, as though anybody in this day and age could sneak something that would cause, for instance, atomic explosions, because the intelligence agencies are all completely interwoven worldwide and have been for a long time. The groups who opposed regimes have been lead by the same people from the West: the CIA and so on. They've been leading them all along as well. They supply the leaders to these groups.

We have guys like the one in Korea who can say his oddball things when he's told to say them and the West shakes in their boots. It's a nice little bit of drama to show you how insecure our world is and we've got to change it all and give up all kinds of freedoms because the world is just too unstable.

Last March according to the United Nations we were to get plagues of the bird flu and when it didn't happen they said well it will happen in the fall. That was to be added on top of it all and I've watched the geese going south and I didn't see one of them sneezing or coughing. Hype, hype, hype, terror, terror, terror, uncertainty and fear, and when most people in the matrix are terrified they cling to the coattails of their leaders to save them at any price and this technique is being used to its fullest advantage today.

A long, long time ago THE ELITE THAT RAN THE SECRET SOCIETIES TALKED ABOUT A WORLD SYSTEM. A world global system where THEY WOULD HAVE TO MAKE EVERYONE CONFORM TO A SET BELIEF STRUCTURE through a one single type of economic system and that's what's underway today. This is to be a utopia for an elite, step-by-step, through tyranny, through wars and implementation of their economic system wherever they go. UNESCO following closely behind the World Bank that's shoved up in these countries to make sure that they get the first of the youngest children to indoctrinate them into a way of thinking, a way of viewing life and the world, so that they'll grow up thinking that adaptation to the new style is quite natural and to them it will seem so.

This was planned actually before the United Nations was even set up, because the League of Nations was already there and they had discussed back in the early 1900's where Mr. Rockefeller talked about the globalization and he also mentioned the cannon fodder and the cannon fodder are the general population. He said, "yes, it's a pity that this present generation will be the cannon fodder as we go through this", because everyone's having their ideals shattered. They've been terrified. They're terrified of the changes and they suspect of course that they're not being told all the truth; and the strangest thing is, when they do that, they listen all the more intently to their favorite newscasters hoping to get told the truth, which they never have been before.

The stress level amongst people, the personal stress level, is going sky high. What do people do when they feel terrified? Well, we know the reports right after 9/11 where they said that thousands of people had suddenly returned to churches in the United States, but we're seeing it in all different varieties today, even amongst the New Age movement who really think they're trendy and they're setting the pace for the future; they think it's theirs actually, which is the big joke, they think that they are setting the direction. The neurosis that's going through them, again looking for magical answers, answers of all kinds, to save them personally, from a distance it can be as tragic but it's also laughable: where they're buying all kinds of gimmicks and swallowing all kind of absolute nonsense that's been used down through the ages to clean their house of energies and use colors and yah-dee yah-dee yah because literally these are terrified people who are trying to bring order into their lives again. The order thing by bizarre means and they're swallowing it all.

Again, we have the big books heavily financed, by MI6 of course, shoved out there to guide them into fantastic avenues of thought. A multi-mirrored hall of reflections of bizarro and they can't gobble them up quick enough. There's channelers of all kinds who are channeling the aliens who are talking about the energy coming in that's going to transform us all. There's other ones that are talking about blue beams coming in and blue is a good color, of course it's the United Nations color. It's the Blue Lodge as well.

Everyone's being used and every group has been catered to and no-one's been overlooked; and the individual who seeks truth must go through all of this chaos and weave between it all, knowing what is true and what is false, remembering their own experiences (if they've had them and generally they have) which are not of the norm. They're not dogmatic enough generally to try and figure out or put a definition on them. All they know is that there are things which can happen in life which are outside the norm, the normal experience, which tells you there is a threat out there. The threat comes from those who've had the odd experience that's broken through this fake world of ours.

There are powers indeed at work. Not all of them under the control of this fanatical primitive elite. Once again, those who have broken through the matrix into different levels and hopefully they can get right through all the con games of "buy gold and silver" and "that's going to save you" and they've broken through all the herbal cons. It's a huge industry today run by the big boys, where "chew this type or chew that type of leaf or grass and my god you'll live forever. You can walk through radiation with it."  There's so many cons out there bought by terrified people. Terrified people. They're being exploited to the maximum at the moment by shameless psychopaths. Shameless as never before.

It reminds me of when Rothschild was asked when he made his most money. He said, "when blood is running in the streets".  For those who know how to profit through terror and fear, this is their time.


"I'm Looking Through You"

By The Beatles

I'm looking through you, where did you go
I thought I knew you, what did I know
You don't look different, but you have changed
I'm looking through you, you're not the same

Your lips are moving, I cannot hear
Your voice is soothing, but the words aren't clear
You don't sound different, I've learned the game.
I'm looking through you, you're not the same

Why, tell me why, did you not treat me right?
Love has a nasty habit of disappearing overnight

You're thinking of me, the same old way
You were above me, but not today
The only difference is you're down there
I'm looking through you, any other way


Alan: Fundamentalism is on a roll right now, in the U.S. especially, because of all this terror; and sure enough, the preachers are doing their job. They're telling them "it's god's will. It's all written in the Bible this was going to happen," and they're using Revelations and that was the reason Revelations was actually created all that time ago. It was a plan. A business plan, a step-by-step business plan and it's written in a esoteric form where exoterically-minded people never see the esoteric, which can be explained and it's my third book. Those who have listened over the years to me should try and buy something to keep me going and to inform themselves. [See for ordering information.]

It's vital that people understand now what's going on. A wise man once said that peoples in all ages in all places have been told by their leaders to accept a religion, a proper religion, and a proper religion was introduced by the elite and the people believed properly. It's never changed. The whole talk from the top, even the scientific community, if you listen carefully to their mantras, their chattering, their slogans they chant, the statements they make as though it were absolute proof – true – absolutely true. There's more belief necessary, a faith-based belief necessary to actually believe what they're saying than most existing religions. The evidence they have is so shaky on pretty well everything and we know that at the top THEY'VE AGREED TO TELL THE BIG LIES TO GET US ALL INTO THE COMPACT CITIES – the new habitat areas for the United Nations – where there will be no property eventually at all. No private property. THE UNITED NATIONS HAS STATED THAT. Check out their website.

All resources will be owned by a new feudal overlord system and you'll be interdependent. In fact, you'll be totally dependent on the system for every need that you have. Total conformity: The dream of control freaks all down through the ages. However, to believe the sciences that they pretend to use or pretend are sciences you have to be very, very naïve indeed; because, as I say, they know the earth goes through the changes which it's going right now every few hundred years. Every few hundred years.

We don't go in a circle around the sun like clockwork exactly where we were one year ago in the same position. You'll get to that same exact position – it doesn't work like that. It never did work like that. We go through periods of warming and we go through periods of cooling. Check the old, old, old schoolbooks that children were given and all of that was in it at junior school.

I can remember reading one when I was seven years of age talking about the Middle Ages, for 200 years they didn't build a single house with a chimney because it was so warm, summer and winter. This knowledge is retained. They know this but the way it's hyped out under "ah the planet's all going to hell in a hand basket and we have no control. Be terribly, terribly afraid," this is all meant for a different reason. It's meant for you to give up every right you ever thought you had and put yourself into the hands of your betters, the ones who know better than you do, the guardians you might say, and it's working with a lot of people who parrot the slogans. They parrot it away. "Cars, SUVs are bad, yah-dee yah. Carbon dioxide is bad." Well hey schmuck. The biggest producer of carbon dioxide are people because we breathe it out. We breathe it out, so figure out where that will take you to reduce carbon dioxide.

They don't know. In their ignorance they don't think you see. They are told what to think and they parrot it dogmatically like a religion, and they will turn on people with violence if they think those people are breaking these new rules, these unwritten rules, and not conforming into the big one shapeless mass. The mob are very good at turning on the individual. The mass man. The mob. The high Masons say that. You can always count on the mob to what? To be a mob. One mind. One voice. One action. Ein Volk, Ein Führer, Ein Reich.

Same old thing over and over again, and speaking as an individual it gets terribly monotonous to hear people who should be sentient creatures parroting all this stuff they've been downloaded with on nature shows, TV blurbs and so on, and they've never gone and checked anything out, any of these supposed sciences, for themselves. They have accepted their slavery. They don't need to check it out. They accept that there's a better class out there that know better than they do. They love the powerful and people who love the powerful hate the weak.

When you realize that there is an elite who are descended from an elite, all down through the ages, who understand everything I'm saying, who have access to archives with formulas for human behavior, then everything becomes clear and it doesn't take much thinking for a person—a person who can think for themselves—to reach certain conclusions.

For instance, a simple one is since the elite of every country in all ages make sure that whatever government exists, exists number one primarily to save itself: To perpetuate itself and the status quo and to protect the elite of that country, and that goes for industry, for manufacturing, for everything. Because if there were separate countries, you need manufacturing to make the armaments in time of war: To churn the tanks out, to churn all the things out, everything you need. Today, and it was the same in the Soviet Union, they said that this will be won by high technology. High technology. Advanced technology. Yet they knew many, many years ago they were going to transfer all industry to China the Communist country.

Now Communism in theory is supposed to be there to utterly annihilate capitalism. That's what they had on the baby books. You know the little books, the baby books that people parroted. Yet the highest capitalist countries planned and had meetings and it took donkey's years to prepare all the bureaucratic and legal documentation for the gradual integration with China the Communist country. Now if there were any countries at all and the elite had any, any suspicion whatsoever, even a bad dream that China was a separate nation and would eventually attack them, the elite would never have given what you think is your industry—but it's actually theirs—they would never have placed it within China, never ever. When you hear the saber rattling by China, it's all theater. It's just theatrics for the public consumption. Don't be afraid of it.

China has been throwing up vast cities and roadways, the latest, most advanced road system on the planet. Everything in the cities – everything is new and high-tech and ultra-modern and who's moving into them? Well, you get the rising higher middle class of the Chinese who are busy exploiting their own people beneath them, but also you have very wealthy Westerners moving in. In fact, some of these cities are designed for Western taste and they have all their theaters with operas and everything just like back home where the elite can go and they've all the highest types of restaurants for Western taste. A home from home, that's where the elite are moving today and if they thought there was the slightest possibility of a war with China they'd be splattering their chop-suey and running back home, believe you me.

There is none. There are no nations. Every signatory to the United Nations agreed at the time that this would lead to world government and Alger Hiss helped draft up the charter. Some Canadians with Lester Pearson and a few other ones from Canada did the rest of it and it was to be a totalitarian type system where the lessers, the more feeble-minded, would be ruled by their betters. The "equality part" was the ones who were in the lesser group would be equally poor. They wouldn't need much. They talk about sharing the world resources. It's a race to a bottom equality for the people in all respects of life and at the moment so cleverly they're giving us the greatest gluttonous feast we've ever had before at the bottom of the heap with all the cheap goods from China bought by credit cards. Credit has never been so widely available to make sure that we can go through this and as we gorge ourselves we don't see it coming, but the times will change. Times will change.

The world that's envisaged is to be utilitarian based on economic needs, including the number of people who will serve the world state. Study it up. Look at it. There's lots of books out there put out at the time when they signed the charters. Books written by the people involved and those are the ones you should read. Not the spin books about them but the ones they wrote themselves, the so-called "founding members". It's all laid out there on the line. Read it all. Read between the lines too, because they made it very obvious where they were taking the world and they knew they'd have to do most of it by deception because people who are used to a set way of life naturally object to being moved from one pasture to the next. The one they're familiar with is where they want to stay, but through crisis and continued crisis you get to a breaking point where you can move them anywhere you tell them. They will do anything you tell them because they're essentially broken through psychological warfare, thanks to Pavlov and Skinner and others once again.

This is the real world. This is the real agenda. I hope to talk to you next week about more of this. Good night and may your god or gods, or whatever, go with you.


"Waiting For The Miracle"

By Leonard Cohen

Baby, I've been waiting,
I've been waiting night and day.
I didn't see the time,
I waited half my life away.
There were lots of invitations
And I know you sent me some,
But I was waiting
For the miracle, for the miracle to come.

I know you really loved me.
But you see my hands were tied.
I know it must have hurt you,
It must have hurt your pride
To have to stand beneath my window
With your bugle and your drum,
And me I'm up there waiting
For the miracle, for the miracle to come.

Yeah, I don't believe you'd like it,
You wouldn't like it here.
There ain't no entertainment
And the judgments are severe.
The Maestro says it's Mozart
But it sounds like bubble gum
When you're waiting
For the miracle, for the miracle to come.



(Transcribed by Linda)