December 1, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – December 1, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and it is December 1st, 2006.


Outside, there's a winter storm. The snow is coming down, and the wind is howling. It's one of our new storms, because it's stretching all the way from British Columbia on the West Coast, and the jet stream is doing a right-angle turn, and going straight across Canada. That's something that never used to happen, for those who can remember the old weather reports on television from years ago.  It used to be quite interesting to listen to the different weather in different provinces across the country, and now they can standardize it, pretty well, with alternation of the jet stream.


For those who think this cannot be done, check into the treaty on the EMP, and the HAARP treaty, which was signed in the late '70s at the United Nations. It's quite fascinating to see so many people who have swallowed their conditioning completely, will argue that things cannot be as you say, because the mainstream media hasn't told them. They'll stick to that, in their disbelief that things could be so incredibly controlled, and yet what I've said so far is just scratching the surface.


Tonight, listen very carefully, because the evidence has been given out, over the years, by those concerned in the implementation of specific sciences. Sciences, which were understood in ancient times, were simply given different terminology and implemented.  And as I have said many times, that which has been used before, successfully, in society and culture, can be reintroduced at any time in the proper sequence, and it will work the same way as the first, because human nature hasn't really changed.


Back in the 1960’s, going into the '70’s, a new phenomena was diagnosed, you might say, by psychiatrists across the western world, to do with a form of schizophrenia and its manifestation.  Prior to that period, schizophrenia used to take tremendous and always predictable courses to do with paranoia, voices speaking to them, and because the old system of control was religion, very often it took a religious form. The dialogue of the person was often religious in nature, or they'd see angels or demons. They’d go around crossing things, and in hospital wards, crossing televisions, which isn't a bad idea, maybe, or maybe a sledgehammer is even better.


This new phenomena came as science was making its headway through the media, changing us from a black robed priesthood to the white coated priesthood of science, but computers were relatively unknown by the public. They didn't have them, you couldn't go and buy one and take it home with you. But, the odd thing was this new phenomena, this new way of manifesting a particular illness, took everybody by surprise because different people were being diagnosed as having schizophrenia. Those patients were complaining they had chips implanted in them - chips, which were somehow connected to some computer, which was controlling them. Being adaptive, psychiatry across the western world simply accepted this new phenomena.


Psychiatry didn't go too much into the whys or wherefores, and I'm sure there's a reason for that. Psychiatry and psychology, not the lower forms, but the higher forms, have been used intensively for thousands of years, again under different names for control purposes. Many of the big consultants in psychiatric hospitals are members of the controlling organizations. They have memberships in them, and many of them also are connected with countries’ intelligences services.


Experimentation was really taking off in the '40’s and '50’s and '60’s into techniques of mind control by various techniques.  A form of microcosm where you have a closed society, a society within a society, which is left alone - that's the psychiatric hospitals. So much could be done there quietly, on an experimental basis, and we've seen the big one, which blew into the public domain - the MKULTRA experiments carried out in Canada by Ewen Cameron. This was happening across the world in other places too.


This odd phenomena of having "chip implants," before anybody heard of a silicone chip, and the remote control of some computer guiding them, was a strange phenomena. If you dig into the old books, you'll find this being queried by different professionals involved at the time, but not as much query as there should have been. Some of these people had been in the military. Some of them had -- in fact, I think they all had minor operations. Other ones had been in hospitals for minor operations, too young for the military, but there's always a common denominator.  I'm sure if the public had access to more information it would be very evident that chips were being implanted and tested out on the individuals, who eventually were locked up, often for life. They were studied intensively, because this was "a shape of things to come."


This is something which has been openly discussed, at least semi-openly, at world meetings of scientists paid for by government (taxpayers’ money), concerning chipping the entire population of the planet, like the Loyola University meetings they have. You can still find, at least the abbreviated version, of that particular meeting, held there just three or four years ago. They talked about chipping the entire population, and already said that there were regional computers set-up to manage each individual. In other words, these super computers would program each individual to do certain tasks per day, et cetera, monitor your chemical balance, and no doubt you'd have to take certain drugs, and so on. You'd have no say in the matter because you would not be you anymore. You would simply be an automaton, programmed.


Chipping in the brain. Chipping in the spine, generally was the complaint of these patients back in the '60’s and '70’s. That's exactly where they'd interact with your nervous system if there was a chip implant. Messages could be programmed into your hard-wire system, your spinal system, and your nervous system, right into the brain itself - a two-way street.


We also saw the outbreak of certain teenagers who began the first school shootings at the same time. Back in 1979, Brenda Ann Spencer, who was 16 years old, who went to Grover Cleveland Elementary School (this is in California), and she walked into the school and began to shoot people. I think she killed a few, and this stunned the American population at the time as to this senseless act.  What was even more senseless, was the response she had when questioned, as to why she did it. Like all people who are under forms of mind control, which is also similar to schizophrenia, in that the emotions are blunted. The normal responses and the emotional responses, the motive they call it, are blunted. She just said, flatly, that she didn't like Monday's. That's why she did it.



"I Don't Like Mondays"

By Boomtown Rats


The silicon chip inside her head
gets switched to overload
and nobody's gonna go to school today
she's gonna make them stay at home
And Daddy doesn't understand it
He always said she was good as gold
And he can see no reason
’Cause there are no reasons
What reasons do you need to be shown?

Tell me why
I don't like Mondays
I want to shoot
The whole day down


Our thoughts and our opinions, and the direction that we go in, in our lifetime, is always guided by the makers of media, books, movies, and so on. The big foundations are heavily involved, always have been heavily involved, in the direction we take of culture creation and manipulation. These are the same foundations that Mr. Weishaupt talked about, when he said, through creation of very wealthy foundations; they would direct the future of mankind.


These foundations are hand-in-glove with governments, because they all used the SECRET SOCIETIES or "Societies With Secrets" as they like to call themselves, to ensure allegiance to the agenda. Those who have sworn allegiance to these societies -- these are grown men supposedly. Grown men don't take oaths lightly, especially DEATH OATHS, should they break their word.  In the beginning was their word. You can't break it. Only Moses is allowed to break the law, because he threw the first two stones down when he got angry with the people and smashed them. He was the first law-breaker, which is another story again, about the "above and below" system that runs the world.


The foundations guide everything. The Rockefeller Foundation, being one of them, funds hundreds of Non-Governmental Organizations, as they like to call them.  Non-Governmental Organizations, they'd like to make you think they're just grass roots, and just someone in their home, that does something out of a care for mankind or animals or whatever it happens to be, or even the ones into UFO research, et cetera.  The Rockefeller Foundation runs them all, and by running them all, they guide them all. They give out fake news or something to make us fantasize our whole lives away, without realizing what's really going on. They do run our lives, and they have for hundreds and hundreds of years.


They always fund specific authors, both non-fiction and fiction, to give us our thoughts and opinions. So many of the scientific exposés put out into society have a specific slant, you will notice. This began really in earnest in the 1950’s, speeding up to the '60’s and '70’s, about the future of mankind, with bioethics, and how the scientists were going to create this wonderful utopia, where everyone will just be happy.  Happiness apparently is the sole reason for being, they keep telling us, but they would make us all happy with drugs and little things in our brain, and wires coming out, or different techniques, even though the wiring stuff was nonsense.


They'd already done the remote stuff before at the higher levels. On the bottom level, they do research. In our system, we're conditioned to believe everything you buy on the shelves, and even the science magazines and the science programs they give you, that we're on the cutting edge of reality. When you swallow that you'll never think beyond it and say, "My God they've done this long ago."  This is obsolete stuff. Everything new that's given to you is obsolete. That's why you can't figure it out.


And they do fund scientists at the bottom level to do RE-SEARCH.  The searching has already been done. They start from scratch again, and when they discover something they let it out into the newspapers, as though it's the first time, and they believe it themselves at that level. But, these science books are always so optimistic, you see. They come out and point out some of the dangers, but they blithely go over them, and go into what the possibilities of what could be done.


Now, we know the history of human kind, and that power is never shared with the vast populous of any nation or people. It's never happened before. In fact, the sciences in ancient times were how to control the minds of the public back then, so as the dominant minority could live off of them in luxury, without too much trouble. That hasn't changed.


It won't change, and through books as I've mentioned, like Charles Galton Darwin's book "The Next Million Years," he makes it quite clear that the "dominant minority" will stay in control, and so does Aldous Huxley. There are many more of these guys, who are put out there, to almost make us want what they promise us, you see. They always tell us that it's going to be so wonderful.


Now the newspapers in the 1960’s were coming out with all this stuff, that by the year 2000, work will be scarce and it will be a privilege to get a job. The rest of the public would be walking around in Roman togas, and just discussing poetry and astronomy or whatever, just to pass the time. There would be no hunger in the world, and everyone would be just living and walking on clouds. This is the nonsense that they fed the public, to put them to sleep, as the real wolves moved ahead with their agenda.


One of the books, which is very telling, is called "The Second Genesis".  There are different editions of it. It was first published in 1969, with subsequent editions, right through the '70’s, maybe beyond. The author is Albert Rosenfeld and the ISBN number is 0-394-71214-5.  It's well worth looking into. This is the kind of book that was put out for the public, but certainly had lots of input from many, many different major universities and professors who were living on grants, because professors live on various grants for research given to them by governments and the foundations. THAT'S HOW YOU DIRECT SOCIETY INTO SPECIFIC AREAS


When you want something to come to pass, you simply fund the research into it. If you don't want to go into another direction, you withhold funds and it won't happen. It's very easy, really, when you have all the money in the world.  Now, this particular technique that they talk about in bioethics, of controlling each individual, is called "BSP".  In "Life Magazine" in 1965, they published a four-part series called "The Control of Life."  This guy’s version here, of course, he's telling you it was to call the public’s attention to the vast implications of biomedical advance and to get them ready -- give them a sense of urgency because the scientific circles wanted it -- it was almost like confirmation. This is how they do things. They want us to confirm what they want us to do (a legality).


The people who were leading this charge in the '60’s, one of them was [Leterburg]. One was our famous hero, our savior Dr. Salk, very shady guy - the guy that gave us the polio inoculation, who belonged to the eugenics societies. He believed in "population reduction". He put books out, prior to the polio vaccine, on that very subject. He belonged to the biggest research organizations into the ‘alternation and control of all life, but especially human life,’ and then he became our savior. He could not, in any interview, rationalize why he wanted to save society, and yet reduce the population at the same time.


So, BSP and “the case for tomorrow.” What is BSP


One guy who supposedly gave the title of this thing, BSP, was Dr. Richard Farson, Director of Western Behavioral Sciences Institute. The behavioral sciences are one of the most important areas, working hand-in-glove with pharmacological companies, and even electromagnetic-type impulse organizations working for governments on the same thing, controlling the mind. Some people who have become the heroes of the New Age movement, by the way, have degrees in behavioral sciences. That should be a warning sign right there. One lives in the U.S., and is being well funded to put out various books on various kinds of "good vibrations."


BSP according to Webster's Unabridged Dictionary means "anticipation".  The whole word is "Bio-socio-prolepsis: Anticipation. A figure by which objections are anticipated in order to weaken their force."  So, you anticipate, and this is a technique in the chess game they play on the public. They anticipate all objections BEFORE they release the information, and then they have all the answers ready for the objections. It's quite simple really.


"So, the art or science of prognosis. By projecting imaginations ahead into possible choice of social futures, we try to anticipate the dangers inherent in biomedical advance and to forestall them by our foresight.  Prolepsis will here be stretched to mean as well, anticipating the hopes and benefits, in order to foresee ways to take advantage of them. Bio is for biology. Socio for sociology – biosocioprolepsis then, is the anticipation of biology's impact on society. Let's call it BSP for short."


Now, this book is a classic example of how they tell you some of the bad news, but tell you to look on the bright side, because they want your co-operation to go along with this agenda. It's almost a very happy-talk type book as they discuss very horrible things in the nicest possible way, very much like the way Aldous Huxley talks or talked to various audiences.  If you sat back you would think the guy's a very pleasant character, until you really listen to what he is really saying.


We've been taught that guys like Adolph Hitler scream and rant about these things, and so we have that in our mind. When someone is so pleasant and nice, and talks about them and even puts some humor into it, we laugh and think, “what a swell guy.”


Back to the book.  One of the chapters is called "Behavior by Pushbutton". 


This is after he goes through the recreation of life. He goes through the fact that they will create specific humans for specific tasks. That eventually, marriage would be outdated, which they knew they would have to destroy, they knew that before Karl Marx came along and said the same thing, the destruction of the family unit, because the real sciences are much older than what this guy is letting on.


             "The prospect arises then, that we might learn to control human behavior, by learning to change at will the patterns in our brain cells, by learning as it were to untwist the twisted molecules. Untwisting could mean restructuring the cellular molecules in any way, rearranging their constituent atoms, taking away or adding a few ingredients, modifying the chemical or electrical activity. Ultimately chemistry and electricity come down to the same thing - the movements and rearrangements of electrons. Thus, it is proper to think of the electrical chemistry of the brain as an entity, or as a closely related series of processes and events that take place in the real four dimensional physical world, and which are therefore subject to both observation and manipulation. Manipulating electrons of the brain then, would equal manipulating human behavior.


He goes on then to talk about a very interesting character who worked for the CIA. He doesn't mention that in his book, of course, but most of these guys who give us these books, and probably this guy himself, the author, worked for the CIA, but this particular one did leak out eventually and it was declassified.


"Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado of the Yale University Medical School, a pioneer researcher in this area of brain research…"


Well, Delgado worked for the CIA .


"…and found that by remote radio stimulation of certain areas of the brain (whereby the implantation of tiny electrodes surgically implanted), you could set in motion various sequences of activities. Delgado in a lecture at New York's Museum of Natural History described one facet of his work with an experimental monkey named Ludi."



Now, I hope people are not so far gone that they haven't asked themselves the questions. On all these shows that they've watched on television and the Public Broadcasting Services, are some of the worst, with the nature stuff and the animals. Then they go into this scientific part, where they dissect different animals, stimulate them and shock them.  I hope the public doesn’t think that all this research done on frogs, rats, mice and monkeys is because they want to make monkeys, rats and mice a new utopia for themselves. ALL THIS RESEARCH WAS DONE TO BE USED ON HUMAN BEINGS.



"We're the Monkees"

By the Monkees


Here we come, walkin'

Down the street.

We get the funniest looks from

Everyone we meet.


Hey, hey, we're the Monkees

And people say we monkey around.

But we're too busy singing

To put anybody down.


We go wherever we want to,

Do what we like to do

We don't have time to get restless,

There's always something new.


Hey, hey, we're the Monkees

And people say we monkey around.

But we're too busy singing

To put anybody down.


We're just tryin' to be friendly,

Come and watch us sing and play,

We're the young generation,

And we've got something to say.



So when they're sticking implants in these animals and stimulating the areas of the brain, it was all to do with, ultimately, using it on humans, silly.


This is Delgado:


             "After different areas of the brain had been studied under restraint, the radio stimulator was strapped to Ludi, and excitations of the rostral part of the red nucleus were started, with the monkey free in the colony. Stimulation produced the following complex sequence of responses: immediate interruption of spontaneous activities; changes in facial expression; head turning to the right; standing on two feet; circling to the right; walking on two feet with perfect preservation of equilibrium by balancing the arms, touching the walls of the cage, or grasping the swings; climbing a pole on the back wall of the cage; descending to the floor; low tone vocalization; threatening attitude toward subordinate monkeys; changing of attitude and peacefully approaching some other members of the colony, and resumption of the activity interrupted by the stimulation."



Delgado was made famous by another experiment, to do with a bull, where they went into a bull-fighting ring and the bull had been implanted with remote sensors in its brain. As it charged towards him, he flicked a switch and it stopped dead and turned to the right, and then he flicked another switch and it turned to the left. Very, very impressive, you see, how they can manipulate creatures, and a control freaks paradise, really, because he certainly was one of them. These people have no conscience. Personally, I don't think they are human, if we describe what a human is. They're not humane in any way, whatsoever. They're psychopathic.


This book goes into so many areas of society and sexuality. It asks the questions which are being asked now, "What is the purpose of life?"  That's generally how they get you, is to gradually slice away at everything that is the culture, even though that was given to us too, they slice it apart, and we're left like a peeled banana and wondering, “what it's all about?” Their answer to all of this is to almost ascend to godhood by re-arranging matter, by the total control of matter, which they get very excited about. There's so much in this particular book. 


It’s one of many books, not pushed on the mainstream media, because they don't want Joe Average reading this kind of stuff.  It's true enough, the public will only think about what the media tells them to be concerned about. They can tell us horrific things casually, in between sports announcements, and it doesn't stay in memory, but they tell us what to worry about and think about.


These fellows who give us this propaganda, always push first and foremost, how it will benefit specific individuals who have chronic diseases or whatever it happens to be. That's the standard way of getting the public's approval to go ahead into some monstrosity that will affect everyone. It's hard for the average individual to look at some child who's dying of something, but “this will save them.”  This will open up a whole new area of dialogue, because it's against what is accepted as the norm, what it was socially acceptable before, and so on. So they always give us the poor souls first, even though the real agenda is to control all of society.


And here's how he does it here:


             "ESB can reverse the "normal"…"


And puts normal in quotation marks, because he's well aware that "normal" is whatever the culture at the time says is normal. He should know because he works for the culture creators.


             "Control of the brain would also provide control of those primitive areas, which in turn control the basic functions of the body."


Now, the primitive areas, as he calls it, those areas are what give you your survival instincts. That's what he means by "primitive areas" - your fight or flight responses. The same thing that Koestler, who also worked for the big think tanks, said, "we won't need anymore because the state will be making all the decisions for the public."  But he also added "those in control must remain unaltered, because they must have their survival instincts intact, since they will be steering the ship of planet earth."


To continue with the book:


             "Buried at the base of the brain," Dr. Joel Elkes of Johns Hopkins points out, "in the midline, the center of the head, there are old, old regions, concerned clearly with survival. These areas control respiration, pulse rate, and blood pressure; govern salt balance and temperature control; guide certain built-in instinctual responses such as hunger, thirst, fight, flight, play, sleep, wakefulness, and sex. These are the steering centers of the cerebral machinery."


ESB experiments have indeed already shown that an animal can be induced to starve itself (though it has gone hungry for some time) or gorge itself (though it has just eaten), or to perform sexually far beyond its normal capacity. The kinds of controls that can be exerted on animals and men by ESB range all the way from simple muscular movements to fairly complex social behavior. It has been known at least since the nineteenth century that electrical stimulation of the cerebral cortex could produce motor responses in animals. But until recently it was assumed that this could be achieved only with anesthetized animals, and that the movements would be clumsy and imprecise."


And that's a lie, right there, because they were using animals that had not been anesthetized long, long before. He just won't mention the much, much older books.


             "But the newer techniques and miniaturized apparatus that made ESB possible have made it evident, as Delgado says, "that motor performance under electronic command could be as complex and precise as spontaneous behavior." Delgado describes an induced leg movement—the flexing of a hind leg—in a laboratory cat as an example.


Now if they were saying: “in a captive prisoner or a patient”, we'd be horrified, but see they're trying to put it into the animal side and even then, you see, they didn't have the animal movements with open arms like they do today. They were more open by using this technique back then. These guys, really, whether it's animal or human, they just salivate more when they're doing the experiments if they have a real human to experiment on. These characters are totally psychopathic with the things they do to animals, as well.  He goes on to justify how they could move this cat's particular limb, spontaneously, with the push of a button. 


And then he says:


             "Did all of these ESB commands disturb the cat emotionally?"


Here's a cat with all these little wires and electrodes in its brain, right?


             "On the contrary.  The cat was alert and friendly as usual, rubbing its head against the experimenter…"


Probably sparks coming off it.


             "Seeking to be petted, and even purring. However, if we tried to prevent the evoked effect by holding the left hind legs with our hands, the cat stopped purring, and struggled to get free, and shook its leg. Apparently the evoked motility was not unpleasant." 


Oh, it wasn't unpleasant - it was happy, you see.


             "…but attempts to prevent it were disturbing for the animal."


So it had to follow through with its commands or it would be disturbed. It goes on to talk about Delgado's further comment on the cat experiment.


             "The artificial driving of motor activities was accepted in such a natural way by the animal, that often there was spontaneous initiative to cooperate with the electrical command. For example, during a moment of precarious balance when all paws were close together, stimulation produced first a postural adjustment and the cat spread its forelegs to achieve equilibrium by shifting its body weight to the right, and only after this delay did the left hind leg begin to flex.   A variety of motor effects have been evoked in different species, including cat, dog, bull, and monkey. The animals could be induced to move the legs, raise or lower the body, open or close the mouth, walk or lie still, turn around, and perform a variety of responses with predictable reliability, as if they were electronic toys under human control.  Moreover, animals seem to enjoy being stimulated electrically—another disquieting phenomenon if translatable to people.


Oh, really. They enjoy it.


             "Going beyond these simple motor activities and the more complex sequences of activities described earlier, Delgado and others found they could also affect moods, attitudes, and even the basic character of individual animals (which in turn affected the behavior of other animals) by stimulating the appropriate points or regions of the brain. A cat can be induced to start a fight with another cat—or a dog—much larger than itself; or to cringe from a mouse, depending on the brain area getting the signals."



I guess they'll make the military the ones that are aggressive, and the people the ones that are cringing.


             "A peaceful animal can be made to snarl and turn belligerent, while a normally aggressive animal can be rendered docile. Rhesus monkeys, says Delgado, "are destructive and dangerous creatures, which do not hesitate to bite anything within reach…"


I don't blame them.


             "…including leads, instrumentation, and occasionally the experimenter's hands."


Well, I think I would be biting them too.


             "Would it be possible to tame these ferocious animals by means of electrical stimulation? To investigate the question, a monkey was strapped to a chair where it made faces and threatened…"


Oh, it threatened the scientist! I guess he could club it to death maybe, eh?


             "… the investigator until the rostral part of the caudate nucleus was electrically stimulated. At this moment, the monkey lost its aggressive expression and did not try to grab or bite the experimenter, who could safely put a finger in its mouth! As soon as stimulation was discontinued, the monkey was as aggressive as before.


"Later," Delgado goes on, "similar experiments were repeated with the monkeys free inside the colony, and it was evident that their autocratic social structure could be manipulated by radio stimulation." The boss monkey, under ESB, lost his aggressiveness, and the other monkeys crowded him without fear. This went on for about an hour. "About 12 minutes after the stimulation hour ended, the boss had reasserted his authority." In similar experiments at the Yerkes Regional Primate Center, Dr. Bryan W. Robinson noted that, as first one and then another male became dominant, "the female switched her allegiance to the dominant male, and then turned about and attacked the other guy." In an even more interesting version of the experiment, Delgado observed that the other monkeys in the colony "learned to press a lever in the cage which triggered stimulation of the boss monkey in the caudate nucleus, inhibiting his aggressive behavior." Thus one monkey was deliberately controlling the behavior of another by means of ESB—a truly impressive demonstration of how little needs to be understood to exercise quite a lot of control."


Oh boy, these are all sweethearts these guys, eh? Then he goes into the management of aggression.  Remember aggression in its proper setting is a defense -- a survival mechanism, very important to the controllers, as we can see, as they turn countries into armed camps - the kind with the barbed wire facing inwards. Management of aggression.


             "This is not an idle question. The uses of ESB in the control of human aggression has already been convincingly demonstrated at a clinic in Boston, which makes a specialty of studying violent behavior. It was organized in 1967 by a team of medical scientists attached to Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston City Hospital. The group includes two outstanding brain surgeons, Dr. Mark and Dr. Sweet…"


Dr. Sweet, ha, ha, ha!  No sour grapes there, eh?


             "… and its full-time head is a psychiatrist, Dr. Frank R. Ervin. The typical clinic patient has "poor impulse control" with a quick-flaring temper and a history of repeated violent episodes. Many of these patients are incredibly destructive of property, and they may beat their wives, husbands or children with astonishing ferocity. One young wife who came in recently for help said that she had assaulted her husband—fortunately a very large, very tolerant man—537 times in the last six years, with everything from fists to dishes to furniture. Violent people also frequently vent their impulses through sexual assault or multiple automobile accidents."


Aggressive drivers.


             "…Though the violent patient usually has a "reason" for his uncontrollable rages, the reason can be incredibly flimsy:"


Now, what they're doing is putting down, you see, any counter to what they're about to tell you what they do. They go on with – “they help an epileptic.” They don't name the epileptic. I very much doubt if they'll show you one. But they claim they can actually cure an epileptic by implanting a chip in the brain and giving them the switch. So, when they felt it coming on they could flip the switch, and no doubt they had a quiet seizure or something, or maybe they'd have an orgasm, because he goes on about that as well - how they can make you have an orgasm. This guy probably went on to work with the company that makes Viagra.


             "Now sometimes even relatively simple surgery—if any brain surgery can be called simple—can help for a time."


This is to help poor souls with different problems.


             "… At the Indiana University Medical Center, Dr. Robert Heimberger has found that by touching the afflicted area of the brain with a delicate…"


Now here's how they put it here. See, they give you a scientific term for something that's like putting a club with a frozen end of it on your brain itself.


             "…cryosurgical" probe…"


A cryosurgical probe, you see.


             "…(an instrument with a frozen tip)…"


It sounds more impressive, you see. Cryosurgical probe.


             "…he can destroy the diseased tissue."


“Diseased tissue.” There's no visible sign of a disease, but because it's behavior they're talking about, which they don't want in people, they called it "diseased."  See, it's very tricky how they word things, and if you read things casually, you're impressions are being given to you. The impressions they want you to have.


             "…In many of the cases handled by Dr. Sweet and Dr. Mark…"


I guess he “Marked” a lot of brains.


             "…the brain damage is not obvious."


In many of the cases, the brain damage is not “obvious” -- that's to allay your anxiety. Any “many” - that means, not all.


             "…But examinations in depth usually turn up some abnormality in the tissue—damage that is perhaps congenital…"


Perhaps, you have a “congenital” problem - another thing that the behaviorists go on about.


             "…perhaps the result of blows on the head…"


It's probably the scientists that did it as they were drilling into your skull.


             "…or of some viral infection that reached the brain."


In other words, it could be any of these. See, it’s probable, possible theories - theories, theories, guesses, you see.


             "…There has lately been much interest in genetic causes of these abnormalities, too, especially since a recent case in France, where a violent criminal was found to possess an abnormal "XYY" chromosome."


We're always hearing about this one.


             "…The Boston group has already incorporated a cell geneticist into the team to study these latest possibilities.  All this, obviously, has important implications for criminology and penology."


Oh, the cops will love that when they've got everybody chipped. If they see anything, which is out of the norm, they can just switch little gizmos and you'll be a little robot again.


             "…When I earlier cited the imaginary example of a rapist being cured of his tendencies"


An imaginary example - they give you lots of imaginary examples.


             "…transformed by brain surgery from a sadistic brute into a gentleman of sweet disposition, it probably seemed far-fetched. But we can now see that the possibility may be more immediate than anyone imagined. Early in 1968, a British court handed over a young incorrigible—a "compulsive gambler"—to doctors for treatment by a leucotomy operation."


It's interesting that most of the gambling establishments across the country here, and in most countries, are run and sponsored by the government.


             "…After the story appeared in the London Times, the British Medical Journal expressed its qualms about what this sort of procedure might lead to in terms of sentencing criminals to treatment instead of to jail. Yet the precedent is already established: In cases of "insanity," the criminal is often turned over for psychiatric treatment rather than sentenced to prison (though he may spend an equally long time in confinement) on the grounds that it was his mental illness rather than the man himself that was at fault. Will the presence of brain damage or a bad chromosome soon be sufficient to absolve a criminal of guilt on the same grounds?"


He doesn't mention that also gives them the right, to perhaps lobotomize you before you ever did anything at all, if you ever did, that is.


Turning on the pleasure centers for all the happy people, for the optimists out there.


             "Of all ESB experiments…"


This is the happy part you're supposed to think about and remember.


             "…carried out with animals, perhaps none was more astonishing than the series back in 1953 and 1954, in which Dr. Tames Olds (then at McGill University in Montreal) accidentally discovered the brain's pleasure centers. He had just learned how to implant electrodes in rat brains preparatory to studying rat behavior. But he was curious to know if the ESB technique itself might so disturb and distract the rats as to spoil his experiment. "I went up to the lab one Sunday afternoon," he recalls, "and took the first rat I had ever prepared with my own hands. Every time the rat walked into one corner of the testing table, I turned on the electricity to see…"


He turned on the electricity!


             "…to see if he would avoid approaching that spot thereafter. Instead, my rat liked it!" he says. 


This is for the optimists, you see.


             "…Pursuing this windfall instead of his original idea, Olds refined his techniques, found that he could, by ESB…"




             "…ESB, produce, at will, a state of bliss in the rat. Other researchers eagerly followed Olds's lead…"


See the eager part here. They're all eager for their grants, as they go in and implant stuff, and cut, slash, cauterize and shock things.


Coughlan writes:


             "Many sites seem to be identified with specific pleasures, such as those of food, drink, and sex."


(Your basic drives.)


             "…But sometimes ESB sets up a complex, generalized response. This may indicate a higher satisfaction independent of specific pleasures—or possibly, Dr. Olds suspects, that particular pleasure sites are packed close together and several are stimulated by one large dose of ESB. The nature of this feeling of pleasure is scarcely definable: some have guessed that it combines the mystical raptures of the saints with the fleshly raptures of the sinners, in a diffused, ineffable delight."


Well it's a good guess for the optimists.


             "…In any case, animals find the sensation completely irresistible."


Well, so would I if I was getting shocked. “Jump!” “Okay, okay!”


             "…A white rat, if allowed to regulate its own ESB dosage by pressing a lever in its cage, will continue to press it—at the fantastic rate of up to 8,000 times an hour—until hunger, thirst, or exhaustion force an interruption. But the interruption is brief: a sip, a bite or two, a few minutes' nap, and the rat returns to its orgy of pleasures. In an experiment by Dr. Joseph V. Brady at Walter Reed Army Medical Center"


Oh, the army's in it too, eh?


             "…rats went on this way 24 hours a day for three weeks straight. One would expect that such sybaritic rats would eventually wear themselves to a frazzle, burn themselves out before they were 30 days old, but to the contrary the ones at Walter Reed showed no physical or mental damage then or later."


What liars they are, these guys, eh?


             "…And Dr. Olds' rats, after a series of ESB marathons cumulatively totaling hundreds of days, have seemed in better health and fettle than their littermates who were raised in identical conditions but without ESB."


So, “ESB is good for you,” that’s what you’re supposed to remember.



"Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey"

By the Beatles


Take it easy,
Everybody's got something to hide except for me and
my monkey.

So there you are. A perpetual orgasmic episode, without eating or drinking, and getting burned to a frazzle, is good for you. We have the old priesthood that gave us our reality for centuries – they told us we'd go blind if we did that, and we'd grow hair on the palms of our hands. You come to think of it, these new white-coated priesthoods could actually give us hair in the palms of our hands and everywhere else on our body, if they want to. They've actually published that.  Mind you, if they did that we wouldn't need clothing in colder climates and all those factories in China would go out of business, and then the unemployment rate would rise.


What I'm showing you here, is that nothing is new. The little snippets that you're getting in the news today are simply meant to program you into the next phase of acceptance, of what we're supposed to think of as inevitable. Now, no one, in the public sphere, has said that science has the right to do as it wants with people, but this ties in, you see, with this strange saying we have, that you can't stop “progress,” and by that they mean “science.” Well, believe you me, if the dominant minority, in any age, wished science to stop any particular area of experimentation, it would be done immediately. The reason they're going into all of this is for controlling all of society.


On this website, my website, you can find Huxley's speech at Berkeley, and listen to him talk about that too. He said, "Most people you see are unhappy."  This is how he tries to rationalize where we're supposed to go. Therefore, what's the problem about putting things in their brain to change their behavior or their moods?  That's how he rationalizes it to the public.  Mind you, he didn’t talk at any old university.  He talked to the Ivy League ones, in more detail, because those guys were going off into government positions, bureaucracies and scientific establishments, or right to the foundations that pay for all of this.


The foundations themselves don't do anything without permission of the dominant minority. Everything in the pyramid comes from the capstone in this system. We have monsters running the world for us. They had solid-state circuitry -- micro-circuitry, microchips back in the 1950’s, before the public had even heard of a transistor, which changed everything from the old tube system in radios and televisions.  Then came out the transistor radio and different components, which were soldered into circuit boards. Then the next phase was to go in, eventually in the '80s, into solid state gradually, but they had solid state back in the '50’s. The CIA were using it in equipment that Nick Begich showed on television in Canada. Guess what the technology was doing?  These little handheld remotes, they could put thoughts in a person's brain. What a coincidence, eh?


And yet, here's this other character with this book here, not mentioning that aspect of it or the fact that they were even doing that. Maybe, he was unaware of it as his level. Maybe he was in on it, because they must always make the public think, as I say, that you're on the "cutting edge." That's what the news is there to do – to show programs and special documentaries on the “breakthroughs” they're trying to find, and get to, and when we believe that we never figure out, “my God, they're way ahead of all these phases.” That's why you have total control over everything, and power does not share itself. That's why they're so secretive.


Governments across the planet have already admitted they've tested various agents, viral and bacterium, out on their own populations, for warfare purposes and other reasons. Don't think for a minute they did not implant certain people throughout the western world, at least the western world, and tested these chips out long ago, because they did.





That's all for me tonight. I'll continue some more reading with my next talk. May your god go with you.



"Monday, Monday"

By the Mamas and the Papas


Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
That Monday evening you would still be here with me.

Monday Monday, can't trust that day,
Monday Monday, sometimes it just turns out that way
Oh Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be
Oh Monday Monday, how could you leave and not take me.

Every other day, every other day,
Every other day of the week is fine, yeah
But whenever Monday comes, but whenever Monday comes
You can find me cryin' all of the time

Monday Monday, so good to me,
Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be
Oh Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee
That Monday evening you would still be here with me.



(Transcribed by Linda)