December 6, 2006


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – December 6, 2006 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. This is Alan Watt and this December 6th, 2006.



"Straighten Up and Fly Right"

By Nat King Cole


A buzzard took a monkey for a ride in the air
The monkey thought that everything was on the square
The buzzard tried to throw the monkey off of his back
But the monkey grabbed his neck and said-- Now listen, Jack

Straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and fly right
Cool down, papa, don't you blow your top.
Ain't no use in divin'
What's the use in jivin'
Straighten up and fly right
Cool down, papa, don't you blow your top.

The buzzard told the monkey "You're chokin' me
Release your hold and I will set you free
The monkey looked the buzzard right dead in the eye and said
Your story's so touching but it sounds just like a lie

Straighten up and fly right
Straighten up and stay right
Straighten up and fly right
Cool down, papa, don't you blow your top.



Sure enough, after the freezing rain last week, down came the snow in buckets and it just kept a coming. Masses of spraying in the skies, in between the snow, of course, just to help it along, and they're going at it big time. Very visible to anybody who cares to look up, unfortunately very few people do, or if the media doesn't talk about it, then it cannot be important.  However, this is obviously detrimental to the public because of the complete blackout of major media on this topic. It’s very, very important.


As always, with the first snow, “Murphy's Law” kicks in. Murphy's always all over the place, but you find that in December when the snow comes along. You try and start your snow blower to blow the snow, to get out, and it doesn't work, of course. It worked fine in the summer when you tried it and stored it, and fine in the fall when you're all ready for winter. But, as sure as blazes, the first snow that comes, it won't start. So, I've been dismantling the whole engine, re-lapping the valves and the whole thing for the last couple of days, which isn't nice outside. It's rather freezing and its hit about 20 below at night, getting pretty cold. So that's what I've been up to.


Now, I'm going to continue tonight on mind control and the different techniques of controlling the public’s opinions, and so on.


Before that, I'd like to mention that the whole Unification of the Americas agenda is right on target. They haven't been delayed by anything. Shelley Anne-Clark, who worked in Ottawa, and who worked for her adult life and became the top bureaucrat for her department in Ottawa - the most senior civil servant. She dealt with the drawing up of the Free Trade negotiations. This was more important than NAFTA that came afterwards, because all the preambles and terms are really hidden in the Free Trade negotiations. She came out in the early '90s and told the public -- she tried to tell the public that she went across Canada talking to little groups and saying that we were uniting the whole of the Americas, beginning with Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, to be followed by other countries. It was to be officially signed, to the public, that is, in 2005, and sure enough it was in March 2005, snuck in between sports and the Terri Schiavo case, just a brief mention.


The CFR did come out openly at the time, and they admitted it on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - the national television station owned by the government. The CFR admitted that they had drafted up the plans for the negotiations and this was given to the presidents and prime ministers, and they just went ahead and signed it in March 2005, so a formality was carried out by the prime ministers and the president. This is an ongoing thing, and by 2010, we're to be united. All this rubbish about the borders at the moment, is more to get the whole public I.D.'d (i.e. given I.D. Cards) in all of these nations, just like it's becoming in Europe. That way you can cross, what used to be borders, and they can track you wherever you go. That's the real agenda. So, they give us a bit of nonsense about the border - but the borders will come down by 2010.


For those who write to me or email me, don't worry if I don't get back. It isn't that I don't read the mail, I do, but you wouldn't believe how busy I really am. I read all the mail that comes in. For the few who've actually donated some money, I thank you very much and I will be getting back to you for that. Someone also sent me a pair of gloves -- it's so strange because I really needed this kind of glove, at this time of year, and I was thinking of getting a pair and I got a pair in the mail, so thank you very much.


Now, to get back to last week's topic on who controls us: Who controls the minds of us?


I'll read the following from the same book called, "The Second Genesis, The Coming Control of Life", well worth the read, even though it holds more back from the public than it gives you, but it gives you a little more than most books. In the usual optimistic fashion it tells you how “wonderful” science is and how it's going to be our real “savior.” There’s a truth in there for the elite, for them it will be their savior for controlling the people. The only problem they've really ever had, down through history, is how to control the masses of people and keep them working for you, producing for you, keeping you in an elevated lifestyle and worshipping you. So, check out the book "The Second Genesis, The Coming Control of Life" by Albert Rosenfeld.



And, on to the chapter "Who Controls the Controllers?"  This is meant to put us at ease, you see.


            "The notion of a man controlling his own brain is one thing. But the prospect that a man's brain might be controlled by another man is something else again—not to mention the control of masses of people by a few powerful individuals. Delgado"


Again, the CIA guy.


            "for one, does not take this latter possibility too seriously."


Because he works for the CIA, right.


            "He admits that—through such practices as requiring blood tests before marriage, compulsory smallpox vaccination, and fluoridation and chlorination of our drinking water—governments "have established a precedent of official manipulation of our personal biology."


Now that's a very important admission, because once again children are born into a system. Their parents don't know to tell them there's anything wrong with it and they think it's all quite natural that you get umpteen injections just stuck into you. YOU TAKE IT ALL ON FAITH, because you have no idea of checking what they're actually given you, for yourself. You can't do it.  IT'S PURELY A FAITH-BASED THING.


And here he is admitting -- you see, we've all done it gradually. They've been tampering with our drinking water, giving us injections, putting fluoridation and chlorination into the water and umpteen other things. Now, of course, all the vegetables are modified and we've taken it all as though it was all quite natural.  WE ASK NO QUESTIONS and yet the most important things for life - food, shelter, clothing, and water - they've all been tampered with and we think this is natural. The power goes into the hands of a few people, who own corporations, that we'll never meet in our lifetime and never get near them to even ask them the questions as to why and what are they up to. We take it for granted.


So getting back to Delgado:


            "He sees, too, that "governments could try to control general behavior or to increase the happiness of citizens by electronically influencing their brains."


That's one of the things they can do with HAARP. That's admitted, the easiest thing they can do with HAARP is to influence your mood - either make you very happy, laid back or aggressive, one or the other. The military have been practicing for years on making the troops more aggressive. They've also used test populations, even in the U.S., to make them sort of happy and laid back. That can be done.


Delgado continues:


            "But, "fortunately, this prospect is remote, if not impossible, not only for obvious ethical reasons, but also because of its impracticability. Theoretically, it would be possible to regulate aggressiveness, productivity, or sleep by means of electrodes in the brain, but this technique requires specialized knowledge, refined skills, and a detailed and complex exploration of each individual, because of the existence of anatomical and physiological variability. The feasibility of mass control of behavior by brain stimulation is very unlikely, and the application of intracerebral electrodes in man will probably remain highly individualized and restricted to medical practice."



Well, that's all nonsense now, because they can do all the stuff that he said would be impractical back in the '60s.


"But not all scientists share Delgado's optimism about the remoteness of these prospects, especially since ESB is only in its infancy."


That's what they were telling us then. You can guarantee if this was published and given to the public in the '60s, the higher levels of science had already bypassed all of this.


            "The fact that it might be difficult or troublesome (and it could soon become less difficult and less troublesome) to apply ESB on a large scale would not necessarily deter someone who was sufficiently motivated to do it, and had the power to carry out his will. As for the "obvious ethical reasons," that would depend upon the individual ethics of the persons in power—and would of course carry no weight at all with ruthless types who invent their ethics as they go."


Do we know anyone like that, folks?


"It has been suggested that a dictator might even implant electrodes in the brains of infants a few months after birth—and they would never know that their thoughts, moods, feelings, and all-around behavior were not the results of their own volition. Where then is free will, and individual responsibility? An electrical engineer named Curtis R. Schafer, who made a similar suggestion, added that, "the once-human being thus controlled would be the cheapest of machines to create and operate. The cost of building even a simple robot like the Westinghouse mechanical man is probably 10 times that of bearing and raising a child to the age of 16.


            "What does this imply?” asks Robert Coughlan. "One hypothetical possibility: the 100-socket, 600-electrode human being controlled by a transistor-timed stimulator worn perhaps, in the form of a lapel pin by men and of a jeweled broach by women."


Well really, all they'd have to do today is to put it in a chain that you'd hang from your cheek, your nose or your tongue.


"Each individual's program would be pre-set and tailored to assigned functions and duties, but it could be changed instantly by overriding radio signals sent out by local (75-socket) controllers, who would be controlled by district (50-socket) controllers, who would be controlled by regional (25-socket) controllers, who would be controlled by a Master Controller (no sockets) who, in his wisdom, would control the behavior of everybody."



That's their check and balance mechanism. You're back to the old hyper, high Masonic idea, even pre-Masonic. Masonic is a recent term for the same mystery religion, with the no-nothings at the bottom and the wiser ones at the top. It goes back to the old utopian idea, that they were going to bring in, and have this peace on earth project, where you couldn't be aggressive and nasty towards people trying to abuse you, because you wouldn't know you were being abused. You just grin foolishly and salivate, and dribble, probably, from your mouth. That's what they call "utopia." Peace will come when you're unable to have any other emotion, regardless of how you're being treated. This is their utopia.


            The Potency of Mind Drugs


"So much for the electrical half of the brain's electrochemistry. But the chemical half may turn out to be considerably more than half in terms of its fundamental functional importance. Not that electrochemistry is neatly divisible into halves. But it is feasible to think of the electricity and the chemistry as separate, though interrelated modes of cerebral operation; and certainly to think of electricity (e.g., the application of ESB) and chemistry (e.g., the administration of drugs) as two distinct approaches to the control of the brain. Potent as the electrical approach appears to be, chemistry looks even more promising, hence even more threatening.


"Though neural impulses can be electrically stimulated, their actual transmission along the nerve fibers and across the synapses is achieved—as was demonstrated by Sir John C. Eccles and his colleagues at the Australian National University—by the transport of key chemical substances," the principal transmitter in the central nervous system (CNS) being acetylcholine. And while thoughts and memories may go round and round in their electrical circuits, they appear to be stored chemically in the molecules of the brain—with implications for memory and learning to be discussed shortly.


It has already been amply demonstrated that electricity introduced from the outside can turn on the chemistry in a given area of the brain and stimulate a variety of behavior patterns. In such cases it is the impingement of the electrical current that sets in motion the chemical reactions. Under normal circumstances, though, it works the other way around. The brain's cells are like miniature storage batteries, with an electrical potential that lies latent, stored chemically as positive or negative ions (atoms or molecules with extra electrons or missing electrons), until an appropriate stimulus sparks the electricity into action. This firing of the cells sets in motion the electrical currents that keep the brain and CNS functioning—much as the storage battery in your car.  These weak electrical currents are what the electroencephalograph picks up; it is when they are no longer detectable that most physicians are now willing to consider a patient truly dead.



That used to be the case. They don't do that so much now, because they want to whip out your organs, which they actually sell. They charge the people who are the donors, or at least the taxpayer, for putting them in someone else, but they want live bodies, you see. They don't want the truly dead ones.


            "If the use of a broadside technique like ESB can give its possessor such powers over the brain, think what might be done if we knew how to manipulate the brain's chemistry in all its exquisitely refined detail. "Just as the DNA code determines the color of the eye, the shape of the nose, and the precise operations of such complex organs as the liver," writes Lawrence Leasing in Fortune,"


Magazine I guess.


            "so it also determines the cast of the mind. The new hypothesis is that DNA not only specifies the physical structure of the brain, but it also controls, directly or indirectly, all brain processes and mental activity through a molecular code that may be searched out and finally mastered."


Whenever they tell you that they're working on something and hope to one-day “yadda-yah,” it's been done at a higher level, yet they're not researching at the bottom level again. They've done it long ago. This book also touches on topics, which are current today, as though they’ve just been found out, again, again and again. That's how they do things. We know that the hormonal balance of the public has been tampered with tremendously for years now. We can find in Charles Galton Darwin's book "The Next Million Years," the suggestion that they actually do this for world peace and make the males more effeminate. They also noticed that way back then, that estrogen for instance, excessive doses given early to pre-pubertal females, will actually make them more manly as they get older, and males become effeminate.


Now on page 235 of "The Second Genesis," listen to this.  They're talking about injecting parts of the brain with specific hormones, where they can turn on nest building qualities in rats. I guess they really just want to improve the lives of rats, okay, right. Okay, that's what it's about. No. THIS IS ABOUT PEOPLE, ALWAYS.


            "The effects of hormones used this way can be impressive indeed."


Now listen to this:


"Dr. Elkes, E-L-K-E-S, made clear in a Deerfield Foundation…"


Where do you dream this stuff up?


"Dr. Elkes, Deerfield Foundation lecture in 1965."


He says:


"A small dose of hormone, a steroid entering the central nervous system during an acute developmental phase…"


Now they're talking about in the womb or else pre-puberty.


            "…he said, "will so re-set its responsiveness that the whole program of behavior is one of male rather than female activity."


Now conversely, they can turn it the other way around and make it one of female activity.


"Let me cite another experiment, coming from our own laboratory [at Johns Hopkins]. This was done by Dr. Richard Michael, and concerns adult cats."


Now they want to make cats happy.


            "Dr. Michael implanted a minute quantity of hormone directly into a small area of the posterior hypothalamus. . . . He also implanted, in other animals, dummy material of the same dimension..."


That's to trick the cat, you see.


            "…The cats implanted with small quantities of the hormone (silbesterol dibutyrate), although originally devoid of sexual activity, became sexually very receptive; dummy implanted cats did not show any such effects."


Oh, my God. There’s a blind test for you.


            "With removal of the implants, the susceptibility disappeared." The Johns Hopkins researchers also found that the hormone does not travel very far, that it stays in the immediate vicinity of the implant, and that a few selected cells take up the hormone. "This," says Elkes, "is a remarkable instance of specificity of interaction in the CNS (central nervous system). Let us think this to the end," he then implores…"


Implores, eh?


            "…A small amount of hormone incorporated properly into the membrane of relatively few cells so re-sets the total machinery that it now responds to a male presence with a very specific sexual response—a program that runs down in about eight minutes or so in a cat. Put in another hormone, and this will not happen. Move the hormone a few millimeters away from the susceptible site and again this will not happen. Cells are thus apparently sensitized in a highly specific way. So a surprising lot is getting to be known…"


As I say, this is old stuff even when this was written, because it's bottom level for the public consumption. He goes on to say:


            "We now have methods available," says Elkes, "which enable us to map this chemistry of the brain in great detail, not only in terms of gross, macroscopic structure—shall we say, the geography of the brain itself—but also in terms of the layer by layer geology of the brain; and to determine the concentration of those materials in very thin areas of the brain and show how one area differs from another, only a few millionths of an inch apart. It can be done by elegant microtechniques which enable one to gauge the local concentration of materials; it can also be done by special staining methods which show up these materials in beautiful fluorescent arrays."


Well, it's all so beautiful when they're dealing with picking away at your brain, but then Dr. Elkes is a very dear man, eh?


            "It is quite clear, then, that the brain can be controlled chemically in at least a limited fashion."


Yeah, limited.


            "…And, since all the behavior patterns capable of being set in motion by ESB are based on chemical patterns that are stored and ready-to-go, and are chemically carried out, it follows that anything ESB can do, chemistry can do better—once we learn how."


Well they knew. This stuff is a horror show, and if your realize that billions and billions of dollars are spent, worldwide, in laboratories across the whole planet on this kind of research, to find out ways of control, because that's what it's all about. It's not to cure anything, even though once in a while they'll say, “we could help the occasional epileptic.” Perhaps.  IT'S ACTUALLY FOR CONTROLLING EVERYONE.  That's always been the goal of it.


These scientists -- these researchers come out of university and go and work in little clinics, research facilities and laboratories. They depend upon grants for their entire life's income - one grant after another. When you realize that money, which makes this world go round, this system, is behind it all, it's so easy for a few people to direct ALL investigations. They simply fund the ones that they want to be funded and researched into, and anything that is really for curing or helping the people get no money at all and they go under, or they don't get off the ground in the first place. That's how simple this whole system is, and they always knew where they were heading, always knew.


From More's "Utopia," all the way up to the present day, and before that to Plato's "Republic," they always knew where they wanted to go. They had talks about this, century after century, on how to gain control and keep control of the minds of the public.


You see this nonsense about the "War on Terror." It's the first time they've used this actual terminology -"A War on Terror".  Terror is anything that strikes fear in you and the only one that's striking fear into the public are the ones who are shouting terror, terror from the top. IT'S TO TERRORIZE US.  This is a war of terror.


Interestingly, after the French Revolution they had the "Reign of Terror."  Anyone who looked wrongly at one of the citizen guards was immediately beheaded for looking the wrong way, the wrong look or maybe asking a question. That was to terrorize the public into obeyance to the new system.  We saw the same thing after the Soviet (Bolshevik) Revolution. Lenin, in his own writings, talked about the installation and necessity of terror to destroy the old system, and to get the old peasant farmers off the land and comply into the new system. He sent teams out and he told them, in his own writings, remember, "just pickup a dozen locals here and there at any tiny village. Doesn't matter who they were. Male, female, children whatever, hang them from trees and leave them there to rot to strike terror into the public."


This is the guy who cared about the workers; remember. They're all such hypocrites and liars, because they're all part of the same mystery religion, down through the ages. Here we have the same thing going on again, where everyone's rights (even though you never really had them) -- they had to at least humor us in the past when it came to rights and go through processes to keep us humored. Now they're taking all of that away even, under this guise of a "War on Terror."


We saw the "War on Drugs" and the "War on Crime" and wars and wars and wars, from the U.S. and different countries, through all these different agreements they made. The war on drugs simply made drugs more appealing to people and put the prices up. But, the main reason for the war on drugs was to increase police forces to an incredible size and to give the helicopters, high-tech equipment, SWAT teams and all this stuff. That's what the REAL REASON was for the "War on Drugs," because the big boys if you go into their history have always run the over-world and the underworld.  The over-world is their legal system through the BAR Association and the illegal system is all the different kinds of mafia.


Remember, that the MAFIA is only a PART OF FREEMASONRY. It was authorized by Mazzini.  He gave them the charter to establish themselves as the MAFIA.  It's a MASONIC ORGANIZATION.


The over-world, the underworld, the legal drug system and the illegal drug system, they run both sides. That's how it’s always been. You can go into the Yale University roster there with all their previous people and famous people, famous names and famous families. You'll find the Bush's and different ones and even their opposition. Their families are all tied together and were heavily involved -- made millions of dollars in pushing OPIUM into China in the 1800s, and that's RECORDED HISTORY.


Before that, they were into the free-booters, the piracy going back to Queen Elizabeth I. All the guys are in her court that came around her: Francis Drake, Walter Raleigh, all these boys use to go out and plunder the Spanish galleons that were coming from Latin America -- South America. They'd rob and steal, but that was okay - it was authorized by the Queen, as long as everyone got their cut, right to the top. That's what the pirate flag was - the skull and bones of Masonry – freemasonry - the crossed bones and the skull.


So, we're surprised at the top nothing much has changed. The same pirates are at the top, only now they've shaved off their beards and put on suits and ties. A Masonic outfit, by the way, that's why it's the only AUTHORIZED UNIFORM TO WEAR IN A COURT.  It’s a respectable suit, you see - from a suit of armor to the suit of clothing, with a little collar and tie. The tie is your "tow line" that all Masons have to wear. That's their circle of limitation. If you swing them around with the tie, that's their limitation. That's what it represents, but it also means the "Y" if you look straight on at it. You have the knot over the Adam's apple - the knot - you're bound. You're bound by the system. If you were to see through the collar (put down), you would see it going around the neck, on either side it would be the letter "Y" - "Y", Pythagorean. Very important letter.


Control. Control, total control, has always been the prime goal of the elite. For their perfect peace, everyone on the planet must be perfectly predictable. That could only be done by reengineering every individual, and tracking, tracing and monitoring them, knowing what conclusions they must come to when given any problem. Complete predictability - that's the peace they'll have. It's so interesting, the world meetings, like the Loyola University's meetings on brain implants for everyone, (and notice I've already talked from this book in the 1960’s, where they talk about regional computers, regional controller checks) and at Loyola University they said that regional computers are already installed to do the programming on those who eventually will be chipped.


You'll always find when announcements are made, the machinery for their plan has already been set-up. It's ready. Just as when they say they're working on something and hope one day to “yada-yada-ya.”  It's been done long ago at a much higher level. When Dolly the sheep was coming down or coming along from the bottom “re-ceptors” - that tells you it had already been done at the higher levels. The problems with Dolly with the hyper-allergies, asthmatic problems and so on, had been overcome at the higher levels.


We're kept in the past, always. That's how control never loses power. It's way ahead of us in science. It's way ahead of what we're taught, and the public will always tell you, "They can't do that. They're just working on this thing right now. They could never do this to us. They don't have the ability."  That's how they get away with it.  Yes, they do have the ability. They tell us stuff and make announcements of findings, which are actually obsolete. Whatever the public is given is obsolete. It's been done along ago. Only the bottom researchers, who don't know and they're not in communication with the top ones - they don't know it's already been done themselves. They innocently talk to the public and boast about their discoveries, not knowing it's already done long, long ago by the higher levels.


It's all to keep us living in the past tense. If you think you're on the "cutting edge" of reality, you're done for. You're a walking fool. No one can tell you. No one can show you because you believe you would know what they're up to. You buy the latest science magazines and so on. That's how simply this trick works. We're living in the past.


Now for the rest of the particular talk, I'd like to go back to what Shelley Anne-Clark was talking about, on the amalgamation of the Americas, during the Free Trade negotiations.


2005, sure enough, she was right, it was signed. She said this, years before. I've been saying this for years too, now. Nobody wanted to hear it. In 2010 it will be complete and along with that Canada's healthcare system was to be privatized, to match the U.S., and it's happening. The pension plans would eventually go under, as well. It's happening because everything must be equalized between the U.S. and Canada. Now the laws -- I've noticed for years now the same laws being introduced in one country on any topic are the same in the U.S. being introduced at the same time, which told me they were working “in cahoots”(together) all along. I saw the same process as they were getting Europe ready for amalgamation, while each government, to their own people, were lying their teeth off for 40, 50 years.


Right to the very end they lied, lied, lied.  “No, it's not unification. No, you won't lose sovereignty.  It's just an economic trade deal.” Lie, lie, lie to the very end, because you must always lie to the children. You can't tell the children the truth, ever, if you're part of the controlling mechanism. They wouldn't understand, “poor dears.” So everything has been finalized, standardized and equalized.


Right after 2001, the most fortunate thing that ever happened to get this agenda underway. It was announced here in Canada that the Secret Security Services, like CSIS, which is kind of a play on “Sees Us” (or “Sieze Us”), in a way, but it's also an ancient Greek king. None of these names are there by accident. Here the nickname is "big sis," and this was started up by Pierre Trudeau, who was the Communist leader for Comintern, the young Communists of Canada, back in the 1950s, who later became prime minister of Canada under the liberal government. Not one newspaper in Canada bothered to publish this fact, that he had been a leader of the Comintern, and lead the 1952 delegation from Canada to Moscow. That's a free press. They tell us all we need to know, don't they?


Trudeau brought in CSIS, where they took over from the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) investigations and hired people, generally from upper-crust Ivy League schools, universities. Some of them were professors, in fact. Professors are a favorite for working for these kinds of things, like the CIA. They also do recruitment at universities. They do the personality profiling of candidates; and then approach them to work for these agencies; and then they put them out into society into different positions. Some of them end up in newspapers, and work as editors, even. The CIA has been famous for putting their own people into all news groups and reporters, and Canada is no different, and neither is Britain.


They have them scattered through universities and through all walks of life. Some of them work on a contract basis, in fact. They take small contract jobs on. We are already living, and we have been living, for at least 60 years now, under complete observation. 9/11 gave them official permission, to themselves, to make it open to the public that they can spy on you, but they've been doing this all along.


Alexander Graham Bell, the high freemason, was chosen to get the patent - there was a guy, who really did all the work, and it should have gone to another fellow - but the big Masonic board gave Alexander Graham Bell the patent on the telephone. They've been listening to your telephone calls all along. All along and never telling the public. That was always routine. Now, occasionally on the news they'll show you - even on local news they'll show you - offices of police workers, working on computers, scouring the Internet. This is all for your local area, for you too, to see what you're looking into - and nobody minds. I don't see people saying, "I'm sick of this. I've had enough of this. Who gave them permission to go into my site and open my mail, et cetera?"  Nobody cares anymore; because most of the people have had their instincts for self-preservation destroyed, chemically by inoculations, and by use of viruses and bacterium specifically designed to target areas of the brain.


Get the book, "The Ghost in the Machine," by Arthur Koestler. K-O-E-S-T-L-E-R.  "The Ghost in the Machine".  He worked for the United Nations to find ways to lobotomize the public. He was only one of many, many people working for the United Nations on this problem. In the last chapter, for those who are impatient and can't read, he sums it all up in the last chapter, and he tells you why he is totally for it and believes in it, again, for "world peace". 


It's interesting that even communism, the other hand of capitalism and financed by it - Communism defined peace as "the complete absence of all opposition."  Interesting, eh?


You can see by the reactions of the public today when they have no response. There was no massive outcry when the basic need of food had been tampered with, and they admitted it eventually. There was no outrage. Instead, the media did silly little quips on corn. Do you like this corn or that corn? And, they'd find somebody with an IQ of 5, who'd say, "Well, I don't mind. It tastes the same to me," and that was our opinion given to us, and that’s about it. There was no huge outcry at all.


The population of Canada had been the guinea pigs to test this stuff for ten years, which they admitted to, eventually, when it broke out from Britain, that we had been guinea pigs.  Some NGO’s (Non-Governmental Organizations) in Britain complained, when Tony Blair was trying to make it mandatory there to bring in the GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) foods. That's how it leaked across to Canada that we were the guinea pigs for it. We were being studied, by these scientists and doctors filling reports on different sicknesses and aliments, all getting fed to a central computer in Ottawa, across the whole country.


It was admitted in the papers - there was a central computer that collected all data on every Canadian. They just didn't tell us why they were doing it. Well, it made sense when it broke out about the GMO foods. They were monitoring the health of all age groups from then on. So then the government had to come out and say, “Oh, yeah, yeah, we did make a deal,” and they admitted in the newspapers: THEY MADE A SECRET DEAL WITH MONSANTO AND OTHER COMPANIES TO TEST THIS ON THE PUBLIC.



Now again, by the old myth, of course, we fall into the old myth trap - "the government’s there to serve you", right? NO, no it's not. NEVER WAS. NEVER WAS. Those in the government are authorized to be there, not by you, either. So there they are, calmly testing this, following the health of the public, down through the years, to see what effects it would have on the public, and they know. I'm sure they would know, even before it was given to the public, what findings they would find eventually. But there's no big outcry about it. You're getting fluoridated water. We know what that does to the old “brain-box” and all the other things injected into you, along the Koestler-method of "The Ghost in the Machine." Then you have the spraying in the skies, and the GMO food, and well, people can't figure it out, because most of them are too far-gone now. They have been successfully lobotomized.


Anyone who believes that the media is real, and the six o'clock news is real, has officially been lobotomized. Their critical thinking ability has been compromised or demolished, eliminated - kaput.  All of the testing, from all the years, down the years, on the animals, has been there to be used on man eventually, and it is being used.


The elite in ancient times -- even the United States -- isn't it odd that the U.S. founding fathers said they looted all the histories; of all previous governments, systems and regimes; and they say that of ancient Rome was the best one to choose. Rome had a small elite at the top. Eventually, about three quarters of the population were, officially, slaves, and there was no stigma in those days about having slaves. It was a normal thing to do. It still is normal. It's just that they give you a pittance, and we buy ourselves the clothes, food, the vehicle to get to work and so on. WE'RE SELF-MAINTAINED SLAVES.  WE JUST DON'T KNOW IT, even though, if you stop and think that if you are forced to pay part of your labor back in money to anybody, which is extortion, you see - a different name for extortion. Extortion is a demand for money, estate or something real from you (or your time, even) and if you don't comply, then they will punish you severely.  That's called extortion.


By the use of terminology, they can change the perception of the event. Threat is threat. Force is force. Extortion is extortion. When they first brought in income taxes, it was supposed to be a temporary war tax, and in fact, you would be unpatriotic if you didn’t pay it. That was a CON then.


Ancient Rome was the principle upon, which the U.S. (supposedly) was founded, with its the Senate. A word pinched by the Romans, from the Egyptians, because the Senate in Egyptian meant "the chessboard.”  The chessboard is the tesserated floor of freemasonry. Play two sides of the game. And, the lovely ancient Romans had the same problem about, “How do you keep track of all your slaves?” All these peasants, you see, the "little people."  What they decided was you could brand them. If they ran away, you could brand them, often on the forehead. But, the owners used to also have a little bait - circles of clay or ceramic with a stamp on it, and they'd break it in half and had holes drilled through them, and the slave wore one part as a necklace and the owner had the other, and that way when a slave was found they could always claim the slave, if the two halves met together.


What they used to do, too, like the ancient Greeks, same thing, because it was the same aristocracy that moved from Greece and became Rome, and the same monied system. The same old system, down through the ages, came in and created Rome. Even to the end, some of the elite Romans still talked Greek. They used to cut the thumbs of the male slaves, so they could not hold a sword and retaliate or hold a spear. Control, control, control.  If they could have lobotomized them (back then) and still kept efficiency up, they would have done so.


We are living in a laboratory here. There are no experiments done on the public.  The experimentation was done long ago. We don't react to anything, because like Koestler says, "we shall destroy that part of the brain which is the survival mechanism for individuals" and he said, "The public won't need it because the State would be making all their decisions for them."  That's happening now.


Britain was one of the worst countries for this, even growing up. The news was more like official decrees from Moscow, than anything else. All we had was that the ministry of this has stated that, “yada-yada-ya,” and then the ministry of that has stated, “yada-yada-ya”. These are official decrees from governments.  Even the way it was presented was to make you feel small, insignificant and powerless. That's why it was presented that way. Nothing was done by accident.


We are under a totalitarian-type system. When they were taking all of the industry out of Britain, after World War II, right through the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, generations were growing up without work. Maggie Thatcher came on television and actually stated that when she was in office. "There are generations growing up now that will not see work in their lifetime. Get used to it."  She had the pub hours extended. She says "it was better to have them inside spending welfare money in the pubs all day, than demonstrating on the streets."


On a “Man Alive” program, she was heard to say to the Minister of Education, caught by a boom microphone, in parliament, walking out one of the corridors. She said, "The worst thing we ever gave the poor was education."  And the “Man Alive” team quizzed her on her policies and said to her, "Do you realize you're turning this back into the small aristocratic elites, who live in the big house, and the peasants stand outside the gates doffing their hats and bowing, as the lady passes by in her carriage?"  Maggie Thatcher said, "Yes and so what. What's wrong with that??


These people are not elected by us. They have never represented us. They've always known what they wanted, and for those countries who think, "no, our people aren't like that at the top", well, good luck. Live in your fantasy - because they're all interrelated. They all know each other. They all go to the same lodges. They all get their orders from the same source. They all know the global agenda, from the smallest countries to the largest.


And, like David Rockefeller said, "You can't create an omelet without breaking eggs," when he talked about the massive unemployment, that would come to North America, during the amalgamation. That was the same technique that they used on Britain, and other countries, when they de-industrialized over many years. Bad news, every day, year after year. Factories closing. They never told the public why. They never told them that they set-up a department in 1948, in London, a Department of Government, to work out all the problems and do all the legal paperwork leading up to all the negotiations for the amalgamation of Europe.  They didn't admit that to the public until it was done and the parliament was up and running in Brussels, Belgium. Then they declassified all of this and said, "Yes, we lied to you all along," and it said right in it, that, "THE PUBLIC MUST NOT BE TOLD THE TRUTH UNTIL IT IS COMPLETELY COMPLETED."



We think and we're told we're free. We're always told the same rubbish, generation after generation. Now the whole world is in the grip of this “reign of terror” (by governments on the public), as they broaden terror to include opinions on things - on many other things, on anything. That's where it's expanding into, until you can't express an opinion on anything. That's where it's leading to. 




And, long before 9/11, we saw the massive buildup of SWAT teams from every place, every country – with the same black uniforms. Black signifies death, killer, and the executioner. This is standard. They recruit the psychopaths to do it (with the itchy fingers to pull that trigger) – little, immature people, who still should be watching cartoons.


We watch it all, and only a few people understand what it's all really about. The rest think it's a natural evolution. These internal armies of police will be used on the public at the right time, and it's all coming. It will come. The war on terror will expand to include everything, everything. We're seeing a duplication of the Soviet system, in all of its entirety, with even more sophistication. More laws, rules, regulations, and more money to buy the services, create the services, to enforce it all. We're living through this right now, and because Joe or Jane Average can go from their home to their shopping mall, at the moment, unopposed, they think everything is just rosy and peachy, and buy what they want, as long as the credit cards keep getting thrown out there.


When a country rises to the top, it's not because the workers are any better than the workers in any other country. It's because the bankers have made the availability of credit open and available to everyone. That's standard. Old technique. Plato talked about how easy it was -- so easy to take down an advanced nation. What he meant by that was an "artificial society".  He talked about the beehives.  The cities were to be the beehives, where the agenda of the "Guardian class" would be pushed through.  Nothing is normal in a city.  Nothing can be normal in a city, because of the hype, and so on, but it produces nothing, you see.


The basic needs of life - that's what normal is. When you must have food and everything brought into you, when eventually you must tax the rural areas (as ancient Rome did, as the modern city-states do) to survive, to make the city-states survive themselves - that's not normal. All hell and perversions come out into cities. The city people can be taught anything, to believe anything, too. So, the cities (the beehives) would always be in the lead to change the rest of the world, but he said, they're also the easiest to destroy. The more advanced a society is, the more far removed it is from nature, from agriculture and basic survival - then the faster it will fall. The easier it is to bring down.


When they pull the plug -- when they eventually do, I don't think we'll have one big severe pull. I think they'll give us many crises, along the way, to get to train us to the next step and the next step. You will see your lifestyle being taken away.


Right now, on every politician’s lips -- Now this is another thing I meant to say, before I forget, jumping back to Shelley Anne-Clark and the Free Trade negotiations. It was also discussed during those negotiations, before NAFTA, that they were thinking of making Montreal the new capital, the new “Brussels for the Americas.” She talked about this in the early '90’s. Just last week, the Canadian government, without telling the public, really – (Interesting, when they want the public to get up and hype and respond and get involved, they make sure we all do with hype, hype, hype.) This time, when Quebec was given special status as a nation within a nation, they did it all quietly. They didn't want public involvement because it was a “MUST-BE.” A Masonic “MUST-BE,” you see. They all passed this decision. They voted on it and Quebec now has a nation status. Now, the capital of Quebec is Montreal. What a coincidence. Just in time for the upcoming amalgamations of the Americas, and it will satisfy everyone, you see, logically. They don't want the U.S. to be in charge, and then everybody else will bitch, because the U.S. has the reputation of robbing every other country through its corporations. They don't want Canada to be the boss because we’re supposed to be too “left-wing,” which is nonsense actually. That's the persona they give us.


But here's a new place, that hasn’t had the same history, and, “bingo!” that's where it will be. Of course, you'll find that Montreal will be the head of the banking for the Americas, with its own special rules under the Napoleonic code. That's what they go by.  The corporations based there won't pay the taxes, and so on. It just happens to be set-up that way. What a coincidence. “Montreal” is also the biggest castle the Knights Templars’ had over in the Middle East, but that too must be a coincidence.  The “Real Mountain,” eh? The pyramid.


Well, they always say everything's in front of our faces if we care to look, and sure enough it is. So, we've covered the mind control thing, body tampering, brain tampering, unification of the Americas and the spraying in the skies (they never give up) - the manipulation of the weather. They must make us completely convinced that we are causing the warming, so we give up all our rights, to go into the next phase, which is habitat areas for humans. In other words, ghettos, that we'll all be flooded into, and live like fleas, up on top of each other. What a lovely future, eh?  But then, how many care?


People must be exposed who are doing this. The associations they belong to must be exposed. Until the public does that, they'll be guided, in secrecy and by secrecy.


Well, I'm going to get back out and get frozen, working on the snow blower, and get the cylinder head and the valves back in.  I hope you'll keep safe and well.  For me and Hamish the dog, it's good night and may your god go with you.




By Leonard Cohen


It's coming through a hole in the air,
from those nights in Tiananmen Square.
It's coming from the feel
that this ain't exactly real,
or it's real, but it ain't exactly there.
From the wars against disorder,
from the sirens night and day,
from the fires of the homeless,
from the ashes of the gay:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

It's coming through a crack in the wall;
on a visionary flood of alcohol;
from the staggering account
of the Sermon on the Mount
which I don't pretend to understand at all.
It's coming from the silence
on the dock of the bay,
from the brave, the bold, the battered
heart of Chevrolet:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

It's coming from the sorrow in the street,
the holy places where the races meet;
from the homicidal bitchin'
that goes down in every kitchen
to determine who will serve and who will eat.
From the wells of disappointment
where the women kneel to pray
for the grace of God in the desert here
and the desert far away:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

Sail on, sail on
O mighty Ship of State!
To the Shores of Need
Past the Reefs of Greed
Through the Squalls of Hate
Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on.

It's coming to America first,
the cradle of the best and of the worst.
It's here they got the range
and the machinery for change
and it's here they got the spiritual thirst.
It's here the family's broken
and it's here the lonely say
that the heart has got to open
in a fundamental way:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

It's coming from the women and the men.
O baby, we'll be making love again.
We'll be going down so deep
the river's going to weep,
and the mountain's going to shout Amen!
It's coming like the tidal flood
beneath the lunar sway,
imperial, mysterious,
in amorous array:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.

Sail on, sail on
O mighty Ship of State!
To the Shores of Need
Past the Reefs of Greed
Through the Squalls of Hate
Sail on, sail on, sail on, sail on.


I'm sentimental, if you know what I mean
I love the country but I can't stand the scene.
And I'm neither left or right
I'm just staying home tonight,
getting lost in that hopeless little screen.
But I'm stubborn as those garbage bags
that Time cannot decay,
I'm junk but I'm still holding up
this little wild bouquet:
Democracy is coming to the U.S.A.



(Transcribed by Linda)