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June 27, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is You can also find me at on June 27th, 2007.


I don't know if the people out there have noticed, but the spraying is still going on, a lot at night, too. Night spraying is going on with the trails underneath the moon.  You wake up in the morning to this mushy haze, with lots of rainbow effects around the sun. A couple of weeks ago, in fact, there was a huge ring around the sun, which I understand some of the weather forecasters in the States claimed it was caused by ice crystals. Yes, sure. We certainly get fed a lot of “mushroom fodder” and are kept in the dark.  Everything is science today. The science is what most people's reality is composed of—scientific expert opinions, scientifically produced. Talk shows on television, with famous people, who give them their opinions, ideas to emulate, things to rebel against and things to look forward to.


In the old Greek days, when they ruled Egypt, after the Ptolemaists moved in one of Alexander's generals and became the pharaoh, and whole lineages of the Ptolemaists came out of them, right down to Cleopatra and her son. They called the figure of the young Horus (with the short legs): Baby Horus.  You walk careful like a baby, but you think like a man, with his finger in front of his lips, surrounded by the wings of the big hawk, behind him. The meaning of that was: Harpocrates.  Harpocrates is what they called the young Osiris in that position—secrecy.  The thing that the lips signified: “shhh,” which we still use—the old mystery religion.  That's the kind of characters that Harpo Productions gives you to emulate on television.


The Matrix” movie 1, 2 & 3, wasn't really science fiction at all. There are always allegories or levels of reality. Up until this point, our indoctrination has been scientifically induced, as I say, through techniques in school, and really from kindergarten onwards augmented by media -- taken over by media and entertainment working together.  However, there is such a thing, coming up shortly, as a real virtual—you might say a virtual, not quite real, but virtual (it will seem real to everyone in it) reality.


This has been pushed in workplaces, of how you'll have simulated people (after plowing yourself into a computer) and assimilation of you will be there. You'll have sentient feelings to an extent. You'll have some sort of a sense of touch or presence of people near you, other computer generated images.  That is the world that’s been planned for total domination of the mind. There's no battle left when the mind goes. It's all over. Someone else makes the program; and like the later Matrix movie, everything Neo could do was only a matter of choices between different programs, as he saw when he met the Great Architect of the Universe, as the Masons call him.


Mark Baard, who reports for different magazines and papers (and I've quoted before from him), also does "The Register."  He puts comments and columns in "The Register."  People should look up this one here from Mark Baard, "The Register," published on Saturday, 23rd of June, 2007 and it's called:


"Sentient World: War Games on the Grandest Scale."


             "Perhaps your real life is so rich you don't have time for another. Even so, the US Department of Defense (DOD) may already be creating a copy of you in an alternate reality to see how long you can go without food or water, or how you will respond to televised propaganda. The DOD is developing a parallel to Planet Earth, with billions of individual "nodes" to reflect every man, woman, and child this side of the dividing line between reality and AR (alternate reality)."


Alan:  Alternate reality is abbreviated to AR, which is RA, backwards.


             "Called the Sentient World Simulation (SWS), it will be a "synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information", according to a concept paper for the project. "SWS provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOP)," the paper reads, so that military leaders can "develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners".


Alan:  I'll just go over that last part again. They're going "to test Psychological Operations so the military can develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors…"


Alan:  To shape behaviors.


             "…of adversaries, neutrals, and partners". SWS also replicates financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers believe they can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors. Yank a country's water supply. Stage a military coup. SWS will tell you what happens next. The idea is to generate alternative futures with outcomes based on interactions between multiple sides," said Purdue University professor Alok Chaturvedi, co-author of the SWS concept paper.  Chaturvedi directs Purdue's laboratories for Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations, or SEAS…"


Alan:  “S-E-A-S,” they love these little terms, don't they? (Neologisms.)


             "…the platform underlying SWS. Chaturvedi also makes a commercial version of SEAS available through his company, Simulex, Inc.  SEAS users can visualise the nodes and scenarios in text boxes and graphs, or as icons set against geographical maps. Corporations can use SEAS to test the market for new products, said Chaturvedi. Simulex lists the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly…"


Alan:  What a surprise.


             "…and defense contractor Lockheed Martin among its private sector clients.


Alan:  You see there are no [competitors].  The military industrial complex is a complex, singular, a ‘complex’: all the little characters put together like a jigsaw puzzle.  That's why the CEOs can move from one to the other. It's all part of the giant CIA.


             "The US government appears to be Simulex's number one customer…"


Alan:  What a surprise.


             "…however. And Chaturvedi has received millions of dollars in grants from the military…"


Alan:  Your tax money.


             "…and the National Science Foundation…"


Alan:  Your tax money from the other foundations.


             "…to develop SEAS."


Alan:  You think the science foundations are there to just help humanity, don't you?


             "Chaturvedi is now pitching SWS to DARPA…"


Alan:  Ha, ha.


             "…and discussing it with officials at the US Department of Homeland Security, where he said the idea has been well received, despite the thorny privacy issues for…"


             "…US citizens.


Alan:  Quite something isn't it?  Yes, those citizens are such a nuisance—all the little people to the big boys.


Here's page 2, from "The Register" by Mark Baard, from Saturday, 23rd of June 2007.



It says:


             "In fact, Homeland Security and the Defense Department are already using SEAS to simulate crises on the US mainland.  The Joint Innovation and Experimentation Directorate…"


Alan:  They love these long-winded words.


             "…of the US Joint Forces Command (JFCOM-J9) in April began working with Homeland Security and multinational forces over "Noble Resolve 07"…"


Alan:  Interesting term for the high knights.


             "…a homeland defense experiment. In August, the agencies will shift their crises scenarios from the East Coast to the Pacific theatre."


Alan:  Everything's a theatre and all these characters are but the players. Mind you, we'll all be the players if they get their way with this matrix system.


             "JFCOM-J9 completed another test of SEAS last year called Urban Resolve. The experiment projected warfare scenarios for Baghdad in 2015, eight years from now."


Alan:  “Yep, they're going to be home by Christmas, folks.”  They knew all of this before they went in.


             "JFCOM-9 is now capable of running real-time simulations for up to 62 nations, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and China. The simulations gobble up breaking news, census data, economic indicators, and climactic events in the real world, along with proprietary information such as military intelligence. Military and intel officials can introduce fictitious agents into the simulations (such as a spike in unemployment, for example) to gauge their destabilising effects on a population."


Alan:  All of the games that they've actually done in real life, over the years, which were planned that way, they're now going to give us and wean us off into another fake reality, which we won't be able to even detect.  At least, most people won't even detect they're in it. They'll think it all a continuation.


             "Officials can also "inject an earthquake or a tsunami…"


Alan:  Well, gee whiz, they can make that happen anyway with HAARP. They have since the '70’s.


             "…and observe their impacts (on a society)", Chaturvedi added."


Alan:  This Chaturvedi is a great character, great guy. He obviously is a really good psychopath that wants a good pat on the head from his bosses. It's very obvious he's a people pleaser, a boss pleaser. He's been working hard to create this deviant abnormal, sadistic, mind-stealing system that we've all to bee shoved into; and getting paid by your tax money, to make your chains, as always.


             "Jim Blank…"


Alan:  Ha, “Blank.”


             "…modeling and simulation division chief at JFCOM-J9, declined to discuss the specific routines military commanders are running in the Iraq and Afghanistan computer models. He did say SEAS…"


Alan:  S-E-A-S.


             "…might help officers determine where to position snipers in a city square, or to envision scenarios that might emerge from widespread civil unrest."


Alan:  He doesn't specify where that would bethe civil unrest.


             "…SEAS helps commanders consider the multitude of variables and outcomes possible in urban warfare, said Blank. Future wars will be asymetric in nature. They will be more non-kinetic, with the center of gravity being a population."


Alan:  Do you hear the terminologies of these guys?  These guys have been stuck in their little ivory towers too long, their little tower of Babel. It's time that they came crumbling down.


             "Future wars will be asymetric in nature. They will be more non-kinetic, with the center of gravity being a population. The Iraq and Afghanistan computer models are the most highly developed and complex of the 62 available to JFCOM-J9."


             "Each has about five million individual nodes representing things such as hospitals, mosques, pipelines, and people. The other SEAS models are far less detailed, encompassing only a few thousand nodes altogether…"


Alan: Now, these nodes are supposed to be people. You came from a number to a node.  I guess we're nematodes or something like that, but here's the nodes here.


             "Feeding a whole-Earth simulation will be a colossal challenge."


Alan:  Oh boy! What a challenge for a psychopath, eh? They love these little games.


             "(SWS) is a hungry beast," Blank said."


Alan:  We could say a lot of blank stuff about this fellow too.


             "A lot of data will be required to make this thing even credible."


Alan:  This is the stuff we're getting fed. Not that most people will believe it, because they're already half gone anyway, or three quarters gone, just by the scientific indoctrination and the constant entertainment. This is the next step into the artificial reality to perfect it.


Now here's the third page.


             "Alok Chaturvedi wants SWS to match every person on the planet, one-to-one. Right now, the 62 simulated nations in SEAS depict humans as composites, at a 100-to-1 ratio. One organisation has achieved a one-to-one level of granularity for its simulations, according to Chaturvedi: the US Army, which is using SEAS to identify potential recruits."


Alan:  Isn't that amazing, eh? Which means they're using real data about real people in all of this.  This is a little giveaway here, too.


             "Chaturvedi insists his goal for SWS is to have a depersonalised likeness for each individual, rather than an immediately identifiable duplicate. If your town census records your birthdate, job title, and whether you own a dog, SWS will generate what Chaturvedi calls a "like someone…"


Alan:  A “like someone.


             "…with the same stats, but not the same name."


Alan:  Oh, who's kidding who? Who's kidding who? We're really stupid at this level, down here, you know.


             "Of course, government agencies and corporations can add to SWS whatever personally-identifiable information they choose from their own databases…"


Alan:  There’s how they get around that.


             "…and for their own purposes. And with consumers already giving up their personal information regularly…"


Alan:  I'll repeat that part.


             " And with consumers already giving up their personal information regularly to websites such as MySpace and Twitter…"


Alan:  That's well named; “Twit”, I can tell you.


             "…it is not a stretch to imagine SWS doing the same thing."


Alan:  It's true. They've trained the consumers since they came out with the shopping cards for shops and groceries and so on.   I'll tell you a little story here, before I continue with this last page here.


In the '90s, I hadn't been into a huge grocery store, ever.  Zehrs Supermarket opened up this gigantic place in Ontario, and I went in there. I'd heard about it. I only went in because I had to go in.  It was huge. You almost need roller skates to get around in the place, as they takeover and put all the little guys out of business, so there's no competition, which is what they'll do with everything else, too.


I wanted some vegetables so I went up to the store. This is after television programs on the genetically modified food that was on the national television.  I went up to the place where they had all the vegetables, and I asked this little girl, "Do you have any non-modified vegetables? Can you tell me which is which?"  She gave me that sort of click, click robotic look; and she was nice enough. She went and got the manager. Well the manager, this massive monstrosity, came over.  I asked him the same question. I said, "Can you tell me what's non-modified?" And he looked really stunned. I'm sure he was genuine, and he says, "I don't know."  I said, "You don't know?"  He says, "No, I guess we’d have to ask the purchasers. Those are the guys who might know" and he says, "To be honest with you, you’re the only person who’s ever asked."  That's what stunned me.


You see, we had all been given the same information over a span of a year or two, because Canada (we found out later) had been under a secret testing program with Monsanto and the Canadian government, to test us as the guinea pigs for the modified foods.  It only slipped out because they were discussing this in Britain making it mandatory to bring this stuff into Britain, the modified vegetables.  That's when we found out they were already using it for 10 years. This was all over the papers and everything.  No one, a year or two years later had ever asked. No one had asked. That's what was scary. That's what's really scary.


However, in that same store, I looked at all the checkout counters, and it's just like experiments I'd seen for rats at school, where they put them through little channels and they'd pull levers and things.  There’s all these people, one after the other, pulling out cards and swiping it; and at first, from a distance, I thought, "Why are they putting their hand past that little scanner?"  Because that's what they’re being trained to do. The card was almost irrelevant. It was a training procedure to get them used to just passing their hand, which one day have a chip in it. They're already getting trained to do the motion, and so it will become easy, you see, quite a natural thing for them. Everything is training, step by step; but I digress from my story here.


Of course, they give up all their data and ID, even to people who phone them up—all these sales people that phone up for surveys and all the rest of it. They just give up their data. They blab off all their data. It's incredible.



I'll read that last part again from "The Register". 


"Of course, government agencies and corporations can add to SWS whatever personally-identifiable information they choose from their own databases and for their own purposes. And with consumers already giving up their personal information regularly to websites such as MySpace and Twitter…"


Alan:  (And also to a whole host of other agencies.)


             "…it is not a stretch to imagine SWS doing the same thing."


Alan:  See, we're all trained step by step.


             "There may be hooks through which individuals may voluntarily contribute information to SWS," Chaturvedi said."


Alan:  “Hooks,” hear the terminology, "There may hooks which may contribute voluntarily."  In other words, you're being conned by some polling system or something like that.


             "SEAS bases its Al thinking …"


Alan:  Or A-1 thinking. It could be Al, too.


             "…"thinking" on the theories of cognitive psychologists and the work of Princeton University professor Daniel Kahneman, one of the fathers of behavioural economics."


Alan:  Oh, ho, here we go. This guy works with the Pentagon, obviously. Princeton Department of Psychology et cetera worked hand in glove, since the 1930’s, with psychological warfare games, including the big scam they had with the fear and terror of the Wells talk (or play) that they used in "War of the Worlds" over the radio back yonder.  Then the people panicked, and even cities and towns were thinking, “the aliens were invading.” That's been admitted, it was a psychological operation. 


Here's Princeton again:


             "…and Daniel Kahneman, one of the fathers of behavioural economics."


Alan:  If you understand that, you can make people do anything. They'll beg you, like turn off their water or control all their food. It takes geniuses to develop that, you know, even though they were using it in ancient times when they took over cities.  They cut off their water into the city and they also cut off their food supply, and sit back and watch them starve and die of thirst. Nothing changes.


             "Chaturvedi, as do many AR developers, also cites the work of positive psychology guru Martin Seligman (known, too, for his concept of "learned hopelessness") as an influence on SEAS human behaviour models. The Simulex website says, if a bit vaguely, SEAS similarly incorporates predictive models based upon production, marketing, finance and other fields. But SWS may never be smart enough to anticipate every possibility, or predict how people will react under stress, said Philip Lieberman, professor of cognitive and linguistic studies at Brown University.  Experts make 'correct' decisions under time pressure and extreme stress that are not necessarily optimum but work, said Lieberman, who nevertheless said the simulations might be useful for anticipating some scenarios. JFCOM's Blank…"


Alan:  There's Mr. Blank there. I don't know if it’s secret or really called Blank. Maybe it's his expression. Maybe he's a simulation.


             "…agreed that SWS, which is using computers and code to do cultural anthropology…"


Alan:  Cultural anthropology—very important for controlling huge populations.


             "…does not include any "hard science at this point. Ultimately," said Blank, "the guy to make decision is the commander."


AlanThe commander, ooh, spooky, spooky.  So there you are.  That's the matrix system, which is not in its working phase, its trial phase. It's all ready; this stuff is old. Everything we're given and that's come out and released to the public, is actually old stuff.  The public are kept thinking they're on the cutting edge, by press releases and media; releases in scientific newspapers and magazines. That's how you control people’s thoughts, by giving them the impression that they're on the cutting edge, while, in actuality, whatever is released to us was known about a long time ago. That's why they could always plan each stage of the future.


You should also check in to Mark Baard's other websites. He does "" for information which you don't generally get in other quarters.


Here is another piece of information, which is aimed at the young, and it's from "The Economic Times".  It's from "The India Times," actually, part of the Times News Group, and this part is The Economic Times" -- India Times. This part from Shelley Singh, "Time News Network", Sunday, June 24th, 2007.   This is your typical hurrah type, really an ad, how they promote science. There's never an ulterior position or stance to take on it. It's always a hurrah type deal. That's just "a hand-out," it's called, from the scientific communities that's given to newspapers.


It says:


             "Care to eat chips — not the potato ones in colourful packaging and different flavours, but the digital ones, info rich variety! For starters, swallow this: If you happen to be among the select VIP members…"


Alan:  There's your little snob appeal.


             "…the VIP members of the Baja Beach Club, one of Barcelona’s hottest night spots, you’ll not only be in the company of some very exclusive people, but also among the few with an implantable microchip. The chip was club owner Conrad Chase’s idea of offering a unique identity to the club’s VIP patrons."


Alan:  I think they've also opened one in Holland, the same group, this Baja group. Baja Beach Club, BBC—Ha, ha.  What they don't tell you, in this blurb I'm giving out here, is that Mr. Chase, of course, belonged to the National Security Agency. He worked for that, for years, the NSA, the ones that monitor all our conversations worldwide and have been doing it for a long, long time. This is obviously an experiment. It's not new, really. It was out a year ago, this information with this character Conrad Chase and his BBC clubs, who are promoting chips to the young to get into hot nightclubs. Sex sells, you see, and young fellows, full of hormones, follow their noses to where they're told the hottest babes will be; and it's so trendy and so chic to be in with the VIP crowd, as they give it snob appeal.


It says:


"Slightly larger than a grain of rice, the chip is used to identify people when they enter and pay for drinks. It is injected by a nurse under a local anesthetic. It is an RFID tag — radio frequency identification. RFID tags are miniscule microchips which listen for a radio query and respond by transmitting their unique ID code. Most RFID tags have no batteries:"


Alan: Now listen: It says, “Most RFID tags have no batteries.”


Alan:  It doesn't say all.


             "They use the power from the initial radio signal to transmit their response."


Alan:  In other words, they're passive supposedly. However, what they don't tell you is that they also can generate their own power from energy—the energy of heat; and it's called 'body heat'.


             "At the Baja Club if a special tag-reader is waved near the arm, a radio signal prompts the chip to transmit an identification number which is used to access information about the wearer from a database. Otherwise the chip is dormant. But its applications are wider."


Alan:  You can also have this chip loaded with credits to buy drinks and so on, as they then deduct it each time you swipe your arm (when you collect the drink), from your account, which the chip keeps track of.  This is what the young fellows are trying to impress the young girls with—these lovely chips. They even have nurses in special vans outside these clubs to give them the chip, the injectable chip.  They're being monitored for much, much more and they don't know it, of course, because anything the NSA is involved in is very nefarious indeed.  However, as I say, sex overcomes common sense, and sex sells.  These guys will keep swiping their arm and impress the young girls there, until the chip doesn't read anymore, and then they've “had their chips,” when the account’s closed; and the girls will walk off to someone else, whose chip is working.


It says here:


             "The Baja club members are not the only users of such geeky stuff.  Very soon most people might have some kind of a chip implanted in them…"


Alan:  “Most people,” yes they will, too.


             "…as a means to identify, deliver medicines, monitor health…"


Alan:  Oh, here we go again. It's all for your own good.


             "…give access to secure areas and also functions as digital door locks."


Alan:  Ha, ha, ha.


             "Just recently, Kodak filed a patent for edible RFID chips. They’re designed for monitoring a patient’s gastric tract. The chips are covered in a harmless gelatin, which eventually dissolves. These RFID chips embed deep in the body and can be read by a scanner."


Alan:  They had all that stuff in the movie, "Fortress," with Christopher Lambert, where he swallowed this thing; it went in and they could actually induce pain in you, too, when required.  Don't think they haven't thought of all that, since the military industrial complex are the ones behind it all.  The VeriChip really, just as far as I'm concerned, is like all these big military industrial complexes—they're just a front for the military industrial complex. They advance all technologies; and then, of course, they set-up their own international corporations to make sure they guide the technology. You can't give technology to just anyone, so you make sure you guide where it goes, which is where exactly they planned it to go.


             "Kodak says that similar radio tags could also be embedded in an artificial knee or hip joint in such a way that they disintegrate as the joint does, warning of the need for surgery."


Alan:  Why not just give them the surgery?


             "Attaching tags to ordinary pills could also help nurses confirm that a patient has really taken their medicine as ordered."


Alan:  Do you hear that? "They took their medicine as ordered."  The nurse in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" –excellent movie, well worth watching—would love this. It's right up her alley.


             "VeriChip, another American company…"


Alan:  That's what I'm talking about, CIA backed.


             "…provides chips to hospitals to manage patients. It also provided chips to the Baja Club."


Alan:  What a coincidence eh? The CIA-backed VeriChip just happens to be testing it out on teenagers, through what they claim is a private club (the BBC, the Baja Beach Club).


It says:


             "An Israeli company called Given…"


Alan:  G-I-V-E-N.




Alan:  Very similar, almost the same as GRAVEN image, isn't it?


             "…Given Imaging…"


Alan:  How have the mighty fallen, eh?


             "…has developed PillCam, a tiny two-sided camera the size of a large pill which patients swallow. It has been used for gastro-intestinal endoscopy tests to diagnose disorders of the esophagus and the small intestine. It takes pictures and sends them wirelessly to a recorder worn on the patient’s waist. The images are downloaded to a computer for diagnosis."


Alan:  Each capsule costs $450.


             "All this is part of what experts like to call “intra-body wireless communications”. In this, more than one chip could be embedded in humans and these chips relay information to each other or to a receiver without interference, just as a radio can be tuned to different stations. So in diabetics, for example…"


Alan:  They use the unfortunate to sell their gimmickry.


             "…an implanted glucose-level reader in one part of the body can communicate with an implanted insulin-pump elsewhere. With such new innovations it will be more common in future to have some wireless devices which are ingested, implanted or simply attached to the body and linked to a network. It is still early days…"


Alan:  Ha, ha, ha.


             "…but a wireless future with edible chips is clearly looming large on the horizon."


Alan:  Oh boy, oh boy. So it goes on and on, as we all get programmed.  That part there is an old handout. This is a paper handout to newspapers. They just parrot what they're given by the big future think tanks; and that's how we're conditioned—a sort of “rah-rah”, excited, “let's be for it all” deal; without us thinking, “wait a minute. What are the consequences of this?”  We are always the last to know the real reason, of course. That's the world in which we do live. It's quite something. It's not nice. It's not a nice world at all.


The world that the big control freaks are creating is a hell. The loss of sentience, and even the choice of having it, being taken from you—is a form of murder. It's murder, in fact. This great Brave New World of Huxley, you can see where it's all going, with parallel and virtual realities by the military industrial complex.


Huxley was intensely involved with all of this stuff at Tavistock Institute. He did an awful lot of experimentation with people’s brains. Literally, they stuck wires in them and did Delgado type experiments on them, back in the '50’s and '60’s; they could make them stand up, talk, walk, sit down.  It's all well documented material. 


In Huxley's speech at Berkeley (which is on my site), you should listen to it.  Listen to how this man has an audience chuckling—an ivy school audience, of course, who are all going on to these particular different areas. He says, "most people aren't really happy anyway, so what's wrong, what's wrong in using drugs on them or different kinds of realities? What's wrong with it?"  What he's saying, in other words, “from our elitist point of view, we're humane. We're putting you out of your misery by giving you fake realities.” That's what he's really saying, and in the most pleasant way, almost in a 19th century old English accent of the elite.  We're well under way now to this.


As I say, the last 50 years, especially, of accelerating cultural chaos as they breakdown the old culture and brought in the new atheistic type, to make us all think that we have no other thing beyond us than just science, and life and death, and Darwinism. We dehumanize ourselves by accepting all their propaganda and their expert testimonies that “we're just animals.”


The whole idea, and it's always been corrupted once they start, but the whole idea of initial religions was always taken to free mankind, and to do so, at least, after hundreds or maybe thousands of years of tyranny under old empires, old ruling families.  Religion, initially, was to give the individual a choice between obeying the ruthless elitists of their day or obeying the rules of what they thought was their deity. That was the first time that happened in history, especially with Christianity in its early, early phase. First time when people had a choice of obeying ruthless leaders and evil tyranny or saying, "wait a minute now. What does my conscience say to my deity?"  That's what it initially did. That's why it was taken over so quickly by the authorities and used against the public. Every religion is the same.


That's been successfully removed and you have a New Age wishy-washy religion given by the elite, who promoted it from the beginning, so that you don't want to look at the negative at all. Psychologically, you're already disarmed. You're told to be “happy, happy, happy,” like little children, your whole life long; and you'll pay anything for an experience of the supernatural.  Those are the candidates who will go into the great claims that are made when the chips come out for brain implants, and no doubt, they'll be an Oprah to promote it as a great thing.


Things are very predictable, but the only ones who are not predictable (according to the first article I read) are few, but they are not quite predictable. There are random factors in all of this brave new matrix world coming up. Random factors, which they can't foresee, which will come to the fore; but really, we shouldn't get into it. We shouldn't get that far.  The biggest problem is not just the elite, it's the bulk of the population—that you know support the elite, because whatever the elite do, they will go along with it. That's what's called democracy. The mob can be counted on to do what the elite want them to do. It's only the individuals that cause the problems.


In fact, the elite couldn't survive at all, with their corrupt monetary and commercial system, never could for thousands of years, without the quiet consent of the majority.  The majority are just as much of a problem as the elite.  When you really look at the whole scenario, there are too few good people, too few normal people left in this world. That's the big problem. There are many happy psychopaths, in all strata, right down to the bottom of society, who'll go along for self-gain with the whole agenda. They have no problems recruiting the monsters to work all over their camps, across the planet, for torturing people. Where do you think these creatures come from? They're bred by the ordinary people, and found to be psychopathic. That's where you find them.


There are too few good people alive today. By being good, I don't mean you obey the rules. Everyone who is classified as “good” obeys the rules, even if the rules are terrible. You’ll still be called good, because culture is flexible. It's moldable and shapeable and can be directed, which the culture creators are well aware of. Being good, in the sense that I'm talking about, is having a conscience—a conscience upon which you must act.


So there you have it. You have and you all know the agenda. You all know you have choices, as to whether to go along with this agenda.  Is life so bad that we'll be so happy to just jump head-long into this virtual reality, this fake system, where we'll have a utopia—A seeming world of bathing in cotton wool, while all the time we're really a form of energy, like the Matrix movie, doing all kinds of monotonous jobs but not knowing it. Like Huxley said, "most people aren't happy anyway. What's wrong with altering their perceptions?"



That’s very humane of him and his kind. Of course, what he didn't say was—since he and his kind had always been in charge—they've never given us any peace to be happy, to be content, for any length of time. This system isn't designed to give you peace. Just the opposite, it's meant to keep you on edge, never knowing if you'll be sick tomorrow and lose your home because you can't pay a mortgage (the gage until death, or the measure until you die), and the banks flip it again, or lose your home that you're renting.  You lose your job or have economic depression or war, or the usual plethora of fear factors that are thrown at every single generation, because they haven't given a single generation any peace. It's not designed to allow you to have peace.  Yet, by the building up of tension and uncertainty in this world, we have changed so drastically. Many times they can get us to adapt step-by-step into their big mouse trap, where we will be so happy to grab the cheese, when it promises us such relief from all our worldly cares.


Youngsters are already being trained that this is a great thing. All their heroes, all their superheroes in the comic books have chips in them. They're all part cyborg.  There's no parent there to tell them that it is a complete fantasy.  It's a planned fiction.  The parents don't know themselves. There's not enough wise older people to pass on the wisdom. If the parents don't know, the children certainly won't know.  Fantasy is a great method, one of the best methods, to indoctrinate into adaptation of a world that has been planned, by people who know the sciences. Those who know the sciences work for the military industrial complex of the world. There is only one.


Many people will love this new form of socialism, this upgraded, updated form of socialism, where it will seem that all your cares are being taken care of for you, by the experts, and you can play forever; but nothing will be real. On the other hand, we have uncertainty if we live in the real world, that we're in charge of our own thoughts, hopefully, because many people don't want to be in charge of their own thoughts. That's why they're addicted to fantasy.  It never occurs to them—what is entertainment is actually their programming. Silence and their own thoughts can make them panic, because they're not used to it.


For those who can handle thinking, and the enjoyment of being able to reason and think, the time is running short, because the war, really, is stepping up on them. The ones who are awake, and I don't mean just awake to their part in the system, their time period changing. I mean those who understand the overall picture—past, present and future. There's a joy in being awake. There's a joy in breaking free from all the indoctrination. There's a joy in understanding the esoteric side of things and being able to apply them to what is happening.



Just a quick note here:


I've had lots of people asking where they can find the article I read from "The Guardian", the complete article; the 90-page document from the Department of Defence, the UK Division.  You'll find it in my "Article section”. I've made sure you'll see what it is. It was listed under the DCDC, which is Department of Concepts and Doctrine Center, which is the think thank for the Department of Defence. In addition, it is the one, really, that gives out the big future scenarios for the NATO group of countries. I'm adding “UK Department of Defence” to it, to make it more clear to people what it is.  Look into the "Article Section," and you'll find it on my website.



It's funny how synchronicities work.  People who wakeup and go beyond the fear stage of: “my goodness, it's just my little world that's changing suddenly. My normal is moving on to something else.” They've got beyond that phase, and realized your normal was just what was approved, by the elite, for a time now gone by. For those, you'll find that synchronicities do occur.


The other day, I was thinking about mobs, and I was thinking about how, down through history, you have one mob being stirred up by a psychopathic elite, who understand the sciences of sociology and mob rule.  Therefore, they stir up mobs to fight other mobs; and those who were part of a mob, what they're really doing is projecting all the terror or fear within themselves, and hatred, and projecting it on to others, who are just the same as themselves, generally. It's like two military groups doing battle. The ordinary people on the battlefield are just the ordinary people, from either side, who are told to kill each other and who are fed propaganda to make them do it. They don't profit from it themselves. In fact, their whole society is always changed, regardless of who appears to win; and yet it continues. The same scenario continues over and over. Revolution is the same way, where the big mob, who often have lots of grievances, genuine ones, think that this is going to create a utopia for them and all their fears will disappear in a just society. They forget that their leaders, generally, will be the psychopaths who will then have power over them, even more so. One tyranny for another—the frying pan into the fire.


It reminded me of an old poem written by Yeats, because sometimes poetry or even song (which is just poetry in song, if it's done properly), is an easy, quick, effective way to get a complex message across in few words. That's the best kind of teaching.  Yeats, I think he called it, "The Great Day," and (if I remember) he said:


"HURRAH for revolution and more cannon-shot!

     A beggar upon horseback lashes a beggar on foot.

     Hurrah for revolution and cannon come again!

     The beggars have changed places, but the lash goes on."



In other words, it’s a new day—same shit, same thing; new boss, same shit, because the psychopaths are always in control, and they always say and do the right things until they're in power.  Afterwards, I was thinking about that, and Yeats came back to me, I got a letter from someone who emails me, someone with a few dogs, in the States.  She was telling me about a poignant thing, which obviously would stick with anyone.


She said, “There was a sad summer story that occurred here on the main streets of New Jersey, towards the end of the raging Vietnam era. The terrible event definitely depicts the scarring of America that was planned, and you have mentioned. A young woman of 18 years was rapped by about 30 men on the streets of Mantoukin (or possibly Metuchen), but it's New Jersey where she lived. (I remember when that happened. I was really young at the time.) Then gasoline was used and she was immolated (she was set on fire).  She was murdered by a mob because she had a boyfriend, a marine who was in Vietnam.  I'm sure Moloch was well fed."


She goes on to say, "I was 14 years old, living near Napo Mountains, where I read about it in the newspaper while home on vacation. The dead girl was a classmate attending the same school that I was in, in Massachusetts. We knew each other and were the only two from New Jersey. I remember calling the headmaster and telling him of the news."


She goes on to tell me about some (just a few) of this elite crew (because they were an elite bunch) of the left-wingers, who thought they were left-wingers, I'm sure, opposing it all; because mobs are mobs, you see, either side. Their thoughts are never their own; and they project their hate onto others. She said at the end, "My friend's name was Margo. She was tall and pretty and she could write. I wanted to be like her. There was a beauty in her sadness. She loved Yeats. (That, somehow, is synchronicities.) She was elegant with a neck like a swan, and yet she was sacrificed in futility by the mob because they projected their hate of something else onto her."


That's the problem with mob rule.  The mob, as the high Masons have said, can always be counted on to do their dirty work for them, because the mob are indeed, truly, the profane—in all ages.


It's interesting, I think that Yeats himself was a Mason, probably a lower Mason, because everyone who's anyone, in the last couple of hundred years, that's put out there, is generally a Freemason. Not that they understand an awful lot at that level.  Yeats did wear a ring.  He had a ring with a hawk and a butterfly on it. The hawk is a predator, and people love predators, at least the psychopathic crowd does. That's why they have them on their Coats of Arms. If you go into ancient, ancient history, even in Sumer, and they uncovered buildings with the frescos on them, and the elite of all ages, down through the ages (because it's the same elite, really), you'll find pictures of them, drawings on their horses with their hawks on their arms. You see the hawk around Horus, as he sits in the position of secrecy, or Harpocrates. Yeats wore the ring with a hawk and a butterfly, because, you see, we humans have different sides to us. We have emotion and we have logic. This is an old battle, which is often epitomized for the exoteric crew into left-brain/right-brain, male/female.


However, you see, completion of the perfected person used to (at least in ancient times) mean someone who didn't deny either. They didn't let either rule. Those psychopaths use what they think is logic. Emotion is simply a tool to be used on people beneath, the ordinary people; but they themselves do not feel those emotions. They feel excitement and the power of conquering. That's how they get off in life—domination. They’re sadistic. The lesser psychopaths are sadomasochists, who worship the sadists above them, wishing they were up there. They love the predator.  The hawk symbolizes logic: straight to its target. The butterfly, though, symbolizes, as Yeats knew, a crooked road of intuition; and he said himself, that "wisdom is a butterfly and not a gloomy bird of prey."


Our lives are not meant to be some format—some computer format, from birth to death, where: You're born. You go to kindergarten. You go to school. You go into a job. You get trained. You work. You may or may not breed. You pay taxes. You buy and consume. You buy insurance for your burial. You're a good citizen.  Now that is a systems format. That's not living. That's not called living. That is the land of the dead. That's the land that the psychopath has created. It's also the system which many people will fight to keep, never realizing it was never theirs. We're supposed to have time in life to be like the butterfly, which goes all over the place, but it knows where it’s going.  Intuition pulls it on.


INTUITION is your link to something higher and beyond this.  We've got to stop projecting our own fears and worries and hatreds onto those people "over there," whoever the new target may be, at any time, in any era. The mob wants everyone to be the same as themselves. They have a control freak mentality within them. They don't want someone being different, dressing differently, looking different, speaking differently or having different customs. That is also the MR. (modus operandi) of those who want a global rigid structured planned society.


What we need is a new way, a different way—one way which is out of the control of the elite. It's outside their formatted think tank projections of the future, where they project our reactions to everything we plan to do. We must not react the way they expect. We must go past them, beyond them, over them and around them; and eventually we have to push them all out of the picture.  We can't go on in this way of predator worship and inhumanness to others, because they have told us where they're going to take us, into a matrix where there'll be no more you.


I don't speak for the majority of the people, because I know the majority will like socialism in a fantasy reality, where even the programs are made by others for them, and they won't have to worry their pretty little heads, but it's not for everyone.  The ones outside of that are the ones to whom I speak. The ELITE couldn't do anything WITHOUT the CONSENT of the MAJORITY. They count on it. They're symbiotic; but there are many people, too, outside of that, who know there must be another way—and our intuition guides us.


From Hamish and myself, it's a very hot day here, very muggy, very hot; and with the rain that was here last week, the mosquitoes are all cheering like crazy, because they breed like crazy when it's wet. Now it's humid and hot. So, from Hamish and myself, we're going to try and keep cool. It's good night, and may your god or your gods, and your intuition go with you.



"Eleanor Rigby" by the Beatles


Ah, look at all the lonely people
Ah, look at all the lonely people

Eleanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been
Lives in a dream
Waits at the window, wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door
Who is it for?

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from ?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong ?

Father McKenzie writing the words of a sermon that no one will hear
No one comes near.
Look at him working. Ironing his socks in the night when there's nobody there
What does he care?

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?


Ah, look at all the lonely people
Ah, look at all the lonely people

Eleanor Rigby died in the church and was buried along with her name
Nobody came
Father McKenzie wiping the dirt from his hands as he walks from the grave
No one was saved

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?



(Transcribed by Linda)