DECEMBER 21, 2006



Hi, folks. This is Alan Watt and it is the 21st of December 2006, and how this year has flown in and so much has happened, but things are speeding up now as we go into a new era. The 21st Century was kicked off with a bang and we know that many books have been published by those 'up in the know' concerning the 21st Century and where they would take us, and by god have they taken us there so far, even starting with 2001, the real beginning of the 21st Century.

In a sense that's why Arthur C. Clarke's movie was put out called "2001" back in the 1960's to be a celebration of that which was to come and in the movie they go through a space journey. They show their religion, of course, based on evolution through species, it's all at the beginning of the movie and in the book, until you have humans who are traveling in space who are now up against their next big challenge, which is artificial intelligence, where the computer Hal takes over and starts killing off the crew and the one male who overcomes Hal becomes a god because that's the mystery religion all tied up in a story form. They could have put the same story out at sea or on the earth somewhere but they put it in space, but it's the same esoteric meaning behind it, where he who overcomes all, including the Grand Architect himself, becomes God.

The 21st Century also is to be a time of complete reorganization of a whole way of living. All that was (in high freemasonry) must perish, be destroyed, torn down, demolished to make way for that which is new – the New Age.  Just like in the olden times when they would build cathedrals next to existing churches, they would be dismantling the old church as they built the new right next to it. A traditional method of the mystery religion and they're really referring to not only the physical world but also in the spiritual world and in their religion based on a form of evolution and interbreeding, special breeding, specialized selective breeding.

Charles Darwin did not originate a theory of "Origin of the Species". He simply reiterated what his father had already done and his grandfather before him in their publications because it's a religion of the esoteric higher freemasonry, not the little stuff at the bottom that people join in the Blue Lodge.

The blue stands for the open sky. All that is seen for the profane of intelligence is blue – the blue sky. However, the real work is done in the dark, and the light that shines within the darkness are the luminaries who guide our cultures, the planet and the future. There's also the higher lodges, too, coming out of there with their different colors of purple. That's royalty. The dawn is purple, the purple dawn. Then you have the red lodge, of course, which is revolutionary lodges, always have been; and he who changes the world and gives his life for the world, streaks across the sky, gives brilliant white light then turning gradually to red, shedding the blood, the light of the world or for the world. This is the standard mystery religion which most religions, the exoteric, are based upon.

We've been guided for thousands of years and definitely with the inception of some definition of wealth. Most natural tribes don't even have terms for wealth or personal possessions even, because they live naturally. They didn't live in an acquiring economic system where the goods themselves have importance.

MONEY IS THE KEY OF ALL DOMINATION. It doesn't matter what it's called or what's used for money, as long as a few people at the top have the right to say what it is, how much it's worth and how much you'll be taxed back because that's your labor going back in taxes. The upper crust then use those taxes to have standing armies and police forces and bureaucracies to dominate you, so money makes this world go around indeed.


"When the Lights Go Down In The City"
By Journey

When the lights go down in the city,
And the sun shines on the bay,
Do I want to be there in my city,

ooh ooh

So you say you're lonely
Well my friend I'm lonely too
I want to get back, to my city by the bay,

ooh ooh.

Alan: It's interesting to see some of the emails which come in concerning the people's views and one person wrote recently that he didn't quite agree with my take on money and I think he was pushing the usual things. A novice learns about the gold and silver from the patriot movement and how it's lawful currency, and that's the stage this particular last person who emailed was stuck at. He doesn’t realize that the same people who run the system today with paper money and IOUs and all the rest of it, regardless of the Bretton Woods Agreement and all the other agreements that went through, still, they ran the gold standard too. They still do. They own the gold mines in fact.

Therefore, to go back to the lawful money, you've got the same bunch in charge and it just wears out your pockets faster, there's quite a weight in that lawful money, and they again will tell you what it's worth, you see.

People who still think that the government can take control of the corrupt money supply in a system by following the laws that were laid down really haven't got it at all. They haven't understood what's going on because the exoteric – even the constitution of any country is the exoteric – it's for the public consumption of how things are supposed to be, and never is and never was.

For those who want to know how the system works, go beyond Bretton Woods. Go into the 1800's and see the big boys crash the gold standard three times in the late 1800's, raking millions and millions of dollars in the U.S. alone by doing so. Three depressions in the latter part of the 1800's and they were brought on by three bankers who planned it that way. It doesn't matter what you're using, as long as they are in charge of it, as long as they put up a debt system. Floating a big casino called "the debt system," this casino of stocks and bonds where people buy your debt and THEY WANT A PROFIT FROM THE DEBT, guaranteed to them by governments that buy this debt. It's a big casino which is totally rigged.

Who owned all the gold mines in the 17, 1800's, 1900's, 20th Century, 21st Century? It's the same people. Look who put Cecil Rhodes in Africa to take over the diamond and gold mines, to find them all and claim them and stake them. It's the same people and these are the same people who now issue checks to governments to print money and then demand real wealth back in return.


It's a substitute for everything else.

You must believe in the substitute. In fact, you must believe that it’s more important than food or anything else that you could barter, and once you believe that you've had it. Whether it's porcupine quills, seashells, quartz stones, gold, silver or tin, it doesn't matter because you don't have a say in how much the value is.


We think they're real and concrete somehow, as though it's natural. If a completely different society had been designed for the people, the people would grow up into it thinking it was quite natural, you see, it has ALWAYS been this way.

The children growing up today and getting put into kindergarten today are being conditioned already for brain chips in their own lifetime, which they will look forward to because the PR to sell the idea to them is going to promise them all the beautiful things in the world, all the fantastic powers and joys and experiences.

If we haven't learned that WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN LIED TO BY THE ELITE then we'll NEVER learn anything at all.

In the 1960's, the futurist think tanks were putting up massive propaganda because at that time the income taxes started to really escalate as government began to duplicate and triplicate bureaucracies, tier upon tier upon tier of bureaucracies. Therefore, to tell the public why it was happening and to promise them a rosy future you see at the end of it all, they said that all this money was going to create a system where very few people would have to work, it would be a privilege to have a job to serve the people. They even had sketchings all done in newspapers about this, massive publicity stunt by the big futurists think tanks employed by the elite.

They said we'd be walking around with Roman togas and just floating all over the place discussing philosophy and passing time, and how we'd have to find new ways to pass the time, we'd be so bored, you see. Well, that hasn't happened. If anything – yes, the taxes all went up to work towards this system, but we didn't see the end result. We didn't see any income from it for the public.

We see the system of totalitarianism being set up. We've seen massive police organizations being set up. We have seen children's aids become basically an army, another arm of government, a huge army with all its rules, regulations, which they don't have to pass into law. They just write it themselves and it becomes law. It's quite amazing to watch this totalitarianism system using our money – our labor, really, because we don't work for anything except the money that we've been taught to accept to work for. It's amazing to watch it all come to pass.

WE BUY OUR CHAINS. WE MAKE AND BUY OUR CHAINS OURSELVES and all the time we're being told it's for our own good, or it's for a happy future, or it's for the children, and on and on it goes.

With last night's talk, I mentioned the brain chip and where that really is meant to go, which is TOTAL CONTROL. There'll be NO FREE THOUGHT, NO INDIVIDUALITY AT ALL. In fact, you won't even be an individual sentient creature. You'll just be something which is programmed on a daily basis. A far cry from this Roman toga stuff floating around discussing philosophy, as they told us, as they raked in all the cash and jacked up all the taxes back from the 60's onwards.

MONEY IS THE KEY TO EVERYTHING. He who has the gold makes the rules. Now it's just a checkbook and the right to issue those checks. We have never been told and never will be told by a couple of handfuls of these families have the right to decide for the rest of us what money is or what it's worth.

We watch land being taken over across the planet that governments first put into national parks. If you notice, at the end of every year, the governments will announce how many hundreds of national parks they created that year. Then all this is given off to the big bankers or the United Nations for debt relief as they swap land for – remember the old oil for food scandal, this con game that we saw, who raked in the money there at the top of the United Nations, who's still there, by the way, because they're pirates at the top. It's the same thing with the land for debt swap. That's what's been happening for years now, U.N. biospheres.


The PUBLIC were NEVER ASKED FOR ANY INPUT. The politicians never asked for the right to do so. It was just done.

THAT'S DEMOCRACY FOR YOU because DEMOCRACY HAS NEVER EXISTED on the exoteric level and never will exist on the exoteric level.

However, for donkey's years on shortwave and other U.S. stations, there were authorized patriot stations going on about all this stuff, decade after decade after decade, and who were always being funded by gold and silver and selling gold and silver without telling the people the rest of the story as to who owns the mines and who sets the price of gold.

See the Rothschild's ALWAYS SET THE PRICE OF GOLD EVERY MORNING, and because something is declared lawful money means nothing at all; because what is law? Law is an instant rule given out by a superior. There is no vote taken again by any citizen whether a law should be passed or not, and there's no input from any citizen as to how a system should be set up and run. It doesn't work that way.

In ancient times in the Middle East they counted their slaves. They had a head count and we have words which come from that count – "Many" is one, "Mony" is from the same root. Mon is "Man" – Money, because it's the output of labor that creates anything real in this world. Labor is the only thing which does it.

Karl Marx did it right because he was taught by the bankers themselves who were the only ones who understood economics. With those who control money and who have gotten people to accept that money is a natural thing—which is most people on the planet today, it wasn't always that way—comes another parallel idea of theirs. It's called "progress." Now progress can never be allowed to happen willy-nilly or by mayhem or chance. Power always looks towards the maintenance of itself down through time; so all big changes which come along are planned that way. The direction you grow up in and live through your life, and your parents before you and your children after you, all of that's directed very carefully by those in combination with those who have money, the powerful, the elite, the old families; they direct the direction of the world and the major wars in the world are all planned that way. They're necessary to get a change in direction and to amalgamate countries and nations into blocks, which then become united into bigger blocks and empires, which then are united into a global society run by a few; and the few are the elite in every country, every nation. They're all part of the club. Anyone who refuses to join is simply bombed out of existence under some pretext or another.


WAR IS AN EXTENSION OF BUSINESS.  Every war is an economic war and it also is a takeover, a business takeover by force, but it's just business.  Under all the guise of glory and patriotism and justice, all this superficial camouflage that's meant to get the public "on board" as pirates would have you say (very common term today), all that's just meant to con you and most people are conned very easily because THE ELITE HAVE ARCHIVES OF KNOWLEDGE going BACK MANY thousands OF YEARS.  When you want the public to go along with anything at all, any direction or change, whatever, any moral change, whatever, it's just a matter of looking up the right mathematical sequence, the formula.  If you introduce the formula as it's been introduced before, and if it worked before in society, as the ancients including Plato said, it can be done again, whenever they want to, down through time. Just formulas and so they use tribal instincts in time of war to goad us into fighting their wars for them, their business takeovers, their projects, their well laid out plans.

There were writers in the 1800's writing about the future wars to come which were necessary to get a world empire underway and they knew who they'd have to take on. They also knew the countries which could be bought off and brought under the wing by simply paying off the established elite in those countries, but they also knew there were other countries which couldn't be so easily bought off and they have no hesitation about creating the circumstances for war.

Sometimes they had to agree between the elite of two countries to have the war, because although they would be onboard on either country, the populations wouldn't be, so the wars were really to convince the populations that change was necessary to get them out of their old way of living into a new way, an amalgamated new way.

We are run scientifically. Nothing is left to chance. Anything that was left to chance could run amok and have a roller coaster effect which couldn't be controlled, so every major event on the planet has to be run that way, organized and planned and carried out that way.

Some authors have tried to warn us, a very few, and they were persecuted, the ones who tried to warn us. I've said many times that those who come out of the FBI or CIA or MI6 or whatever and just blithely go on TV and radio shows discussing everything are talking all wet because you cannot do that. They've all signed an official secrets act, which generally continues for 30 years after they retire and they know the consequences if they break the rules. Apart from Kelly who was killed in England, the best example we have is Peter Wright who wrote "Spy Catcher" because Maggie Thatcher had him up in court, the high court of London. The highest court in the land and she seized the second book he put out, "The A to Z of Spy Catching," but in the first book, which did get out there and he was charged for that too, he gave you all the clues you needed. He couldn't say it any more clearly without really being put up against a wall and shot with a blindfold on.

He tells you he worked inside MI5 and worked with MI6, and during the 60's when some major British agents defected to Russia, which no one has come out and told us why, so far, and I know why, but he clued into who was doing it. At the end of the night in MI5, two boxes were prepared. One went, these steel boxes with information on top intelligence, one went to royalty, to the queen, and one went to the head of all British security. The one main suspect who was the head of the British security at the end of Peter Wright's term at MI5 was the main suspect and that was Victor Rothschild of the banking family. There's a book called "The Fifth Man," very interesting read.

Wright in his book "Spy Catcher" tells you so much about the Rothschild's and what Wright was cluing in on was there was another group above the Soviets and above MI5 running both sides; and that's when it dawned that the whole thing was a con game and even those involved in the lower levels, and he classed MI5 as one of the lower levels, they had to believe it was real, the agents themselves. Those in the Cold War had to believe it was all real, just as the KGB agents in Russia had to believe it was real.

It's amazing to see how we're all manipulated from a capstone and when you're on one side of the pyramid you don't see the other sides. You don't see them. Wars have to be real to those who fight them, so they have real blood, real disasters, real slaughter, which convinces those who survive that all the changes that come out of the wars, "well, it's necessary, we can't have that again."

Conflict. Progress as it's defined is the outcome of conflict. In the mystery religion they used the seasons to describe the whole, the one. The one year consisted of seasons, which were opposites, so you hade summer for heat and winter for cold, and you had spring for birth and fall or autumn for the death or dying. Yet out of all of the conflicts comes the next year and the next and the next and the next – an ongoing process of continued ongoing creation.

"For every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction". If you understand the sciences of it and the Hegelian dialectic of it and you've studied Nietzsche and others, you'll understand the religion a lot better and how it works, and then it makes sense to you how the dialectic process works and how the world is steered and guided down through time to a predetermined goal.

It's fascinating to me to watch those who break through the religion and glimpse the otherness of all of this, and some of them have a hard time, too, breaking away from religion, saying, "wow, my goodness, Revelations predicted the "Mark of the Beast" and how no one could buy or sell without the mark. How could that have been done? It's supernatural. That's how these revelations came." Really?

When a system had been on the go already for thousands of years, an intense mystery religion, it was no big deal to have someone write down when Revelations was eventually put out there; and that's debatable when it was put out there actually. I think the Vatican didn't add it in until about AD 500 or even later, and it was taken out after that and put back in again and updated. However, that's how you con whole peoples into "well, there's nothing you can do because you see big Yahweh planned that way. It's God's plan."

It's very easy to plan a future when you understand you've already got a good part of the world under your thumb and you control the money, because money creates this type of society you will live in, the totality of that society, that then runs all the power structures underneath you to control that society. It controls everybody within that society and you can hire standing armies, which you couldn't have before if there was no money. The boys would all go home when they were bored. With standing armies you can conquer other countries and rob them, too, and FORCE THEM TO USE THE SAME MONEY SYSTEM.  As I say, it doesn't matter what the money happens to be. POWER DICTATES what it is going to be.

We fail to realize how artificial our system is. It's COMPLETELY ARTIFICIAL. We don't even know what normal was anymore. It's so far removed from it. We have no records of normalcy. We can watch so-called 'primitive tribes,' those that still survive in little isolated places in Borneo or the Amazon, WHO ARE TOTALLY SELF-SUFFICIENT and who don't need anybody's system to help them out.

The world could fall apart tomorrow, as far as the financial system goes, and they would carry on like every other day. They wouldn't lack for anything since they weren't dependent on anything outside of what they could make themselves or gather themselves. Yet we have been told they are primitive, prime, prime, and we are advanced, supposedly; we are civilized. We are totally dependent on a system. The word now is "interdependent" and they want us right down into more interdependency, right down to the personal level. Not just national levels or regional levels but personal levels SO WE CANNOT SURVIVE IN ANY AREA OUTSIDE OF THEIR SYSTEM.

That will come down to your garden and what you grow to eat. That will be anti-social in the very near future. We've watched them take over and create the artificial system to warm your houses and oil and electricity and the con games they've pulled there.  I watched this growing up in the UK where we started off with coal, that was traditional, since most of the population were down in the mines before I was born, to keep the big industries going. Everything was fueled by coal and even the ships were fueled by coal for the war machines, the battleships, when Britain ruled the world.

Coal was plentiful, although it was still expensive for the guy who dug it from under the ground, the miner. Then the governments came in and said, "We're going to make it more improved. We’re going to put in coke," which is like sucked-out coal. They suck all the stuff out of it and give you this dried-out cinder back, and all the fireplaces throughout Britain had to be remade by the taxpayer, and sometimes you had to put in cash as well on the personal level, to have these special fireplaces inserted to burn the coke, which burned differently from coal, and how much cheaper it was going to be.

Well, in it came and it was about 1-1/2 times more expensive per ton and you went through more of it – it gave off a nice glow, mind you, but didn't give any flames off and you needed a special huge thing like a massive hair-dryer made out of steel which sat on a stand to get the thing going. This was the new improved one and then after about five years of this farce and big companies that are all Masonic companies – that's how governments give out their contracts. You see, it's big Masonic contractors that get these big jobs right down to your local level for putting the tarmac on the road. IT'S ALL MASONS.

Big companies came along and said "we can make it even better. We can give you gas."  Before that was electricity. Electricity was going to be so cheap with all the nuclear plants and then, sure enough, everybody said, "gee, they're giving us these prices. It's going to be cheaper," so everybody converted to electric heating and were told to get off-peak electric heating; so you had these big things in your living rooms about six feet long, these big boxes, tin boxes filled with water or oil and they had bricks in them to maintain, hold heat; so it would heat up during the night and hopefully it would give off a little bit of warmth all through the day. That was your off-peak, until that doubled in price after about three, four, five years after it was installed; then went to the next move, which was going to be natural gas. Once again, everything is stripped out once again nationwide. This is in almost every house on government decisions and in came the natural gas, and boom, up went the prices again once it was in.

WE ALWAYS SEEM TO FALL FOR THE SAME LINE. WE BELIEVE THESE GUYS, and we get you-know-what every time.  Now the same farce has been going on through North America. We watched the same farce here, what's going to be the next fuel and what's better and better; but the fact is they've got us all off wood, almost, and coal, which is plentiful in the coal bearing areas, until we're on their system of oil, gas and they're trying to pass laws so you can't burn wood fires anymore because you're little wood fire is polluting the earth.

However, what’s amazing is there's a lack of consistency in their arguments, because when the governments change the laws for the Forestry Departments, who used to put out fires in forests, two or three years ago the new law is for them to set fires, which are good apparently. When they set fires and the whole forest blazing, which is supposed to be undergrowth, it always gets out of hand and we see that through British Columbia and different places, but that's the new policy. OVERNIGHT THEY CHANGE THE LAW. You don't stop fires. You start fires if you work for the Ministry or Forestry.

You see these thousands of acres going up in smoke, black smoke, but the government when it does it, it's good smoke. When your little chimney does it to heat yourself, that's bad smoke. This is what they try to give us as logic. You see, when there's no logic there, there's another reason, always, always, always. THEY DON'T WANT YOU DEPENDENT IN ANY AREA OF LIVING WHATSOEVER.

Being independent makes you a little bit – well, you don't want to go along with everything all the time. You get used to having a little bit of independence in particular areas and that makes you a problem. They want everyone to be passive and go along and do what you're told and never complain and just plead all the time for whatever you need. Just plead to your local politician or whoever. Plead like good little slaves should do. As the ancients said in Greece, "the higher the civilization which becomes dependent on the system it has created the easier it is to destroy it, to make it fall."

We have seen glimpses of this when we saw the ice storm in Quebec a few years ago where places in Montreal came to a total standstill. Power lines all came down. Many people were heating by electricity only, and thousands of generators were donated by the public and everybody kicked in and food and everything was sent; and yet only 50 years before that if that had happened they'd have been quite able to survive themselves, because at that time most of them still burned wood and could keep themselves afloat and alive through an ice storm. Not anymore. Being interdependent makes you more prone to – when a crisis occurs you'll be down on your knees pleading for help, a hopeless case.

Most folk when their good times are rolling don't mind this at all. The conditioned consumer out there. They can just rush back and forth in different shops and buy, buy, buy. Credit cards galore as though there's no tomorrow because they have no memory of not so long ago when you couldn't get a credit card without collateral to back it up. Today, they're thrown at you to get everybody enslaved into a system, which they have no control over, and also used to just getting whatever they want when they want it. Not so much need it but when they want it. If it came to the crunch they'd be helpless in any natural survival situation.


By Petula Clark

When you're alone
And life is making you lonely,
You can always go downtown

When you've got worries,
All the noise and the hurry
Seems to help, I know, downtown

Just listen to the music of the traffic in the city
Linger on the sidewalk where the neon signs are pretty
How can you lose?

The lights are much brighter there
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go
Downtown, things'll be great when you're
Downtown, no finer place for sure,
Downtown, everything's waiting for you

Alan: That's where the elite want you. Cities are at the mercy of the system and that is why the biggest proponents of the system are those who live in cities. They will stand up for that system as long as that system is taking extra care of them. The history of cities, which are called "the beehives" according to Plato, where they would create an unnatural system and then use those people within that unnatural system to control the rest of the world. It's been going on for a long, long time.

Ancient Rome didn't just fall with the various Vandals and the Goths and the Visigoths and et cetera, et cetera plundering them. There was also a massive uprising by the rural PEOPLE WHO WERE BEING TAXED OUT OF EXISTENCE to pay for the luxuries of those within Rome and all the publicly funded events, the daily events like bread and circuses to keep them all happy, as they went down the tubes in their perversions and deviances. The rural folk had had enough and that's not the first time that's happened in empires in histories.

Today, the cities – in the city-states, really, it's a new form of city-state we have. A few years ago the United Nations declared the creation of "super cities," these massive amalgamated cities which will be the new city-states. Sure enough, in the provinces, which are just states in Canada, we're taxed mainly to pay for all those who live in the cities and all the things they need in the cities and all their infrastructure and all their massive sewer systems and water supplies and filtrations they have to keep updating all the time. They can't pay for it themselves because they're paying so much money in taxes in cities already for all the other things they really don't need, like new government buildings et cetera and statues and events, so they have to tax all the rural people to pay for it all.

In the last week or two there have been articles in the newspapers in Canada, which is staged again. The articles are staged at the right time and spoken by the right people, but they're about the new poverty in the rural areas because the high cost of living and taxations, and also over the many years they've been closing down little hospitals from the 1980's onwards. All the small hospitals that used to service rural areas have been closed quietly down. In Canada, Bob Rae was in, in Ontario, when he started doing it. He led it; he kicked off the ball to start that for Ontario. This great hero of the working poor who's now running for the liberal candidate, for the head of that, but he would wear any stripe he was told to.

They want everyone into the cities because the cities are the new habitat areas, the new up-and-coming slums for everyone to be crammed into for this beautiful New World Order, where you're observed, controlled and so on. It's very much like parts of Hong Kong. They had high-rises and they had all these shacks built on top – the poor were living on the top and always were being burned out because of the shanty towns that they had on top of these big high-rises squeezed together like sardines.

China has put up massive cities for industries to be populated by the rising middle classes in the management system and the rural areas there are being squeezed there like crazy, too, and put under. Same old story, always.


They say that one thing that we do which makes us different from other creatures is that we use tools. Some other creatures do use tools as well. However, we certainly need them to survive on the planet, yet progress is being defined now not so much that we use tools but WE MUST ADAPT TO THE TOOLS THEMSELVES – the TOOLS THAT WE MAKE, the creation that we make, the creature or creation we make must now dominate us. We MUST ADAPT to it. That's an interesting twist on it.

Who says we must?  Why must we?  Well, we must because the elite have planned it that way because we will become more efficient tools – the tools for them. That's why you must adapt to the other tools. WE ARE TOOLS. WE WILL BECOME PERFECT TOOLS to be used as we ALWAYS have been. That's our function according to the elite.

Those who have no minds of their own and no awareness of reality of their own are simply there to be used by those who understand. That's part of their system, always has been. It's very much like General Albert Pike when he mentioned that it was not necessary that the lower orders of Masons understand the signs and symbols they would see during their rituals, their low down degrees. It was only necessary that they think they understood the means of them.

We are being asked now – not asked, we're being told we're going to and gradually coerced until we think it's all natural, that implants in our bodies are simply a natural part of the evolution. This great religion of evolution, which is an exoteric for the public and an esoteric for the elite, really based on Hinduism, where we come out of the slime and just evolve bit-by-bit by some unified intelligence. What’s funny is that other ones who have evolved along with them but haven't the intelligence, isn't it?

The reason that awareness is not present so much today is through massive, massive scientific indoctrination and massive propaganda. The television has been the greatest tool. We have the ra-dio, the god of Ra, and te-levi-sion, great tools. The trick of the elect, Electric, which has worked wonders on the minds of Joe Blow.

There are some excellent books out there on studies that have been done mainly in the 60's and 70's on the effects of television on youngsters. Psychologists were observing this very closely to see the zombied look on the children as their mouth drops open and they stare at this thing for ages and emulate what they see without thinking about it. All these studies were done and many books were published at the time. Now they don't put so much out, because that part was really a learning experience and observing experience for the elite themselves. That's why these studies were done, to see if they were working well and how they could even further the techniques of indoctrinations. Tremendous tool, tremendous power when television became the babysitter and you become the passive observer being downloaded. Tremendous sciences that were well understood before they were presented to the public.

In Britain in the 50's when many people couldn't afford televisions, in the late 50's, they started dumping on the market, bringing shiploads in from the United States, which were reconditioned and going cheap, because they wanted a TV in every home, just like a computer in every home today – NEVER FOR OUR BENEFIT, BUT FOR THEIR BENEFIT.  The company that was putting them out across the country was called "DER" – DER, which is RED backwards, of course, for the revolutionary part.  Sure enough, we started getting the first reruns of older American TV shows, law and order type things, courtroom dramas, Perry Mason – Perry Mason, the lawyer series. Then hospitals which would then indoctrinate us that injections were good and put yourself in their hands because they know what they're doing and you can't question medicine, it's an ongoing perfect science and could direct our lives for us. It's all part of the propaganda: law, courtroom dramas and hospital dramas; that's how we're indoctrinated. Add in a little human-interest thing that sucks us into the story and we forget we're being downloaded with propaganda.


As this particular time progresses that we're living in, the speeding up process towards their goal, which is "a window of opportunity," as Mr. Rockefeller says himself. A window, remember, can close and so they must always stay on their target time, their dates, or they start to lose control. Everything is coordinated: the public opinion, the indoctrination of the public, are the polls showing we're all onboard for this? Are we on track for that?  That's the technique that's being used on us, always, but everything meshes so perfectly together that if one thing is out at any particular time, that window can slam shut, and so you see the need for them – you can see that it's not a panic but it's definitely the big iron – the velvet glove is off the fist. That's what we're seeing today with the police forces, militaries, all getting ready to control public crowds, mobs, in case there's some kind of riot because of whatever; who knows what they've got planned?   That's all part of this process. Everything must come off on the dates that they have ready for them coming off or they might start losing control. All the speeches that will be given to the public for every possible scenario, which will be given over radio and television, have already been written for every possible scenario. Most won't ever be used but they've covered every base because every move on the chessboard is planned before we even see the chessboard. That's how power keeps control of itself and keeps a hold over you.

We must always be aware of this system and how perfected it is. Thousands of think tanks are employed on a daily, ongoing, full-time, yearly basis going over everything that could go wrong with this agenda, this plan, and ways to counteract it. All possible scenarios, like a battle that's never taken place yet, are gone over. All reactions are gone over to make sure they never lose control, and that's not a big deal when you control all the money. Money is nothing. They make it out of thin air. It's not hard to do when you control the whole system and you've got everyone's energy taken from them and put into a thing called "money".

Now on a brighter note to end this particular little spontaneous talk, which didn't quite go into spontaneous combustion, the weather has been amazing for the last week or so. The snow vanished after about a week of rain. There was fog every day and I hear it's the same in Sweden right now, so I guess the Northern Hemisphere is getting the same weather pretty well and I'm sure if they give us a real whack of cold to follow, the media will go into action with its what's happening to the weather conversation type thing that they get into. They started that big time last year to get us all thinking about the effects of global warming, but they'll never mention the constant aerial spraying that's going on every single day and night and which anyone who wants to can look up see. It never ceases but at least the weather has given some of us a chance to get more wood in and the ground has frozen sufficiently after all the rain to at least keep it kind of firm.

Tomorrow night, I think I'll talk a little bit about Christmas, a little bit about the mystery religion behind it and also some of the truths contained within the mystery religion because there are always truths in everything, as well as many lies.

For me, it's good night and may your god and sunny days maybe go with you.


"Up On The Roof"
By The Drifters

When this old world starts getting me down
And people are just too much for me to face
I climb way up to the top of the stairs
And all my cares just drift right into space
On the roof, it's peaceful as can be
And there the world below can't bother me
Let me tell you now

When I come home feelin' tired and beat
I go up where the air is fresh and sweet (up on the roof)
I get away from the hustling crowd
And all that rat-race noise down in the street (up on the roof)
On the roof, the only place I know
Where you just have to wish to make it so
Let's go up on the roof (up on the roof)

At night the stars put on a show for free
And, darling, you can share it all with me

I keep a-tellin' you

Right smack dab in the middle of town
I've found a paradise that's trouble proof (up on the roof)
And if this world starts getting you down
There's room enough for two
Up on the roof (up on the roof)
Up on the roo-oo-oof (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, baby (up on the roof)
Oh, come on, honey (up on the roof)
Everything is all right (up on the roof)


(Transcribed by Linda)