February 28, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – February 28, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi, folks. This is Alan Watt at February 28, 2007.


It started with a beautiful sky this morning, then watched the planes coming in to do their magic act with their crisscrossing massive trails, right across from east to west and north to south, making all kinds of weird and wonderful patterns with chemicals. Some of the planes even did u-turns and partial circles. Quite artistic in a sense. Maybe they're getting more artists than just pilots, unemployed maybe artists, because they're getting more creative with the sky mapping. Big "Xs" as well because "X" marks the spot.


However, we're not supposed to notice all this you see. It's a hush-hush thing. We're supposed to be diverted and look at Iran because well my goodness, who would have thought – who would have thought that all the times that we were growing up in different generations that secretly the Iranians were the masterminds to take over the whole planet, and at least that's what's emerging now from all the propaganda that's coming out of the West as they've got to demonize the enemy. Very old techniques: Terrify the publics of the world into lots of weird and unimaginable crisis caused by these nasty people over there and then go in and do something about it, so much so, that people will eventually breathe a sigh of relief when you go in and blow them all to smithereens. That's the standard techniques of demonization and dehumanization too of the enemy.


We've watched it time after time down through countless centuries. Same techniques, same formula and the drums beat. The newspapers go into action with little snippets of my God, the Iranians are going to destroy the American food crops. They've been secretly – possibly secretly – reengineering all the food plants and it will knock out the crops in the US breadbasket.


Well you see that's nonsense because it's already being done by Monsanto and all the big boys since they've modified everything there is to modify, including some of the insects, but the drum beats go on and after Iran it will be straight through into Syria since that's the agenda. That's the New American Century Plan – the Project for a New American Century all coming to pass and we're supposed to sit back, get terrified of these masterminds over there in Iran who have been secretly planning to take over the whole planet and kept it so secret up until now, we had no idea – no idea.


At one time we thought it was the Soviets that were going to do it and then it was the Chinese, but no, it's the Iranians. That's the real masterminds and who would have thought?  This is the childish propaganda that unfortunately works so well. Why change a formula when it does work. Same old script: Demonize the enemy, terrify your own public until they're relieved when you go in and invade the enemy. Standard tricks.


You know you can condition people to almost expect tragedy. In psychology they know that a person who's afraid of everything secretly in a sense wishes for it and it isn't until their worst fears materialize that they feel a temporary relief, like a phobic person; yet they can train people, normal people to experience this.


We're on a rush now for a new planet, a new way of living, the global community where we live in little communes and this little commune over here will make the soles of the shoes for the planet and this other commune will make the upper tongue for the shoes and another bunch will make the laces for the shoes, and we'll dress with flowers in our hair and beat tambourines doing simple peasant folk dances; while the elite jet-set all over the planet and drop into what were once country areas for the weekend of camping with all their servants from helicopters because there'll be nobody left on the rural areas. They'll all be moved into the habitat areas making the shoes and laces and stuff to be self-supporting. We've got a wonderful plan, eh?


It's like something out of a fairy story and yet that's literally what the "Agenda 21" system from the United Nations is all about, "Agenda 21" where we'll all live in happy little folk-type communes with fixed populations.


I used to wonder about that actually when I first came to Canada and whether you're driving through Canada or the U.S. after you see all the Masonic signs as you're driving into a town you have a big board with all – it's telling you right away this is a Masonically controlled community. Then you'll see a billboard with the population of the town and I used to wonder how could they get it so even because they'd have 2,000 or 2,100 or 2,200, but it was always even figures and I thought, "my goodness, this is awfully good population control." It was never 2,951 or anything like that.  In this upcoming habitat society it will be even more perfect and actual.


You'll have to keep a fixed population because the UN is supposed to dispense all the food ultimately when they are the big stick or benefactors. They'll dish out the food to each country as they've said themselves and it will be up to the elite of each country to keep the population in control because you won't be given extra bread for extra mouths. No doubt once that's on the books and it's working and so many are getting aborted and "we're breeding for our needs" as they say in this practical society that's to come, they'll then readjust it and make it lower and lower until there's only a few peasants making the shoes for the whole planet and the shoe laces and so on. That's what will happen. They don't need such masses of people anymore.


We're all the "useless eaters". You see, if you're not up there by Darwin's standards, the Darwin socialists that run the world, if we haven't made it to the top and stayed there for a few generations, showing we've got good genes, you see, if we haven't made it there, then we're the refuse. We're the "junk genes" that they talk about. We're the junk. We're the left behind amoebas that aren't going to progress any further and become a real person and so we're all failures. That's just it. This is the science – this is all the stuff that comes out of the scientific discussions if you understand what they're saying.


If you listen to the eugenics societies which are now called "Bioethics Committees" – Bioethics Committees. Isn't that nice and warm and fuzzy for the same guys and same offspring actually of the same eugenicists who used to write massive books on the shape of your ear lobe and where your eyebrows were to decide if you had criminal traits. It's the same bunch but they're now called as I say bioethics committees and they have discussed everything under the sun, including who should live and die, all to serve this wonderful upcoming system.


No one voted these guys in. They just appeared one day when they first came out with the "test tube babies."  That was the first rumblings that something was beginning to form to take care of this for the people. For goodness sake, we couldn't let the people get involved in this discussion. No, that would never do, so they gradually had these foundations set up, funded from who knows where, but the bankers will throw their cash in there no doubt. When any major thing has to be decided to do with genetic engineering, reengineering, or euthanasia or any of these problems that they have, we have these bioethics committees that are non-governmental but have governmental input. Isn't that something?


See, our whole lives are run by a new type Soviet and that's what the Soviet meant. It was government by committees. We are living in "The Third Wave" of Alvin Toffler, the title of his book where capitalism and communism comes together to go third way, where the elite will still run the show, a sovietized communistic bureaucracy of those lobsters they call "bureaucrats."  You know the ones that sit there with the steely eyes and don't see you as a person. They're just like a lobster looking at you. Well the bureaucrats will be communized and they will take care of the masses beneath them.  That's what it all about, the third way, the combination of capitalism and communism. All planned in advance, discussed internationally in advance.


Gorbachev wrote about it in his own book, "Towards A New Civilization," the merging of the two systems and they were set up as apparent opposites by the old, old ancient brotherhood who understand all this stuff and are taught this from a very early age. If you want a change to come, you've got to put forth an alteration to get a counter to the alteration and then come to a compromise and the compromise itself is the new way, the change. Thesis, antithesis and synthesis. You control all sides. You can't simply do it by making a move when no one opposes you. Stubborn refusal to be involved doesn't go very well with them. You've got to get involved so they make you involved one way or another and then when you get something coming out of it that you'd never imagined, they can turn around honestly well you voted us in you see.  This is the technique of management of the herd as they say.


Thousands of years ago, they had their little folk sayings, as we always used to have little folk sayings. Little ditties that would make sense like proverbs and they used to say that when an individual child is born your nature was your song and so you'd have songs for so-and-so and you had the Song of Solomon, even though that's esoteric and doesn't mean what you think it does, but you sang your song. That was living your life because the song was your life.


In the old natural systems each person would have their song. Some American Indians would have their particular individual song, like a theme tune. That was their way of communicating with whatever was out beyond them which they sensed. A communication so they communicated by their personal song. Everyone should have their song and what a tragedy to watch people literally mentally and by the destruction of the soul giving up that spark so early on in life and simply living to get old. There's no fire left in them. The song has gone out of them.


I've been involved in music. I know what can be done to a song but also I know what can be done to your own song of life. Then we go through the school system where they pick apart your brain and then reshape it into what's authorized and if you can't conform you’re on Ritalin. I don't think anyone says it better than Melanie who sings it with gusto.



"Look What They've Done to My Song, Ma"

By Melanie


Look what they've done to my song, ma

Look what they've done to my song, ma

It was the only thing I could do half right

And it's turning out all wrong, ma

Look what they've done to my song.


Look what they've done to my brain, ma

Look what they've done to my brain

Well they picked it like a chicken bone

And I think I'm half insane, ma

Look what they've done to my song.


I wish that I could find a good book to live in

Wish I could find a good book

Well if I cold find a real good book

I'd never have to come out and look at

Look what they've done to my song.


Ils ont change ma chanson ma

Ils ont change ma chanson

C'est la seule chose que je peuz faire

Et ce n'est pas bon ma

Ils ont change ma chanson.


Look what they've done to my song, ma

Look what they've done to my song

Well they tied it up in a plastic bag and they turned it upside down, ma

Look what they've done to my song.


Maybe, maybe it'll all be all right ma,

Maybe it'll all be OK

Well if the people are buying tears, I'm going to be a rich girl someday, ma

Look at what they've done to my song.


Look what they've done to my song, ma

Look what they've done to my song

Well they tied it up in a plastic bag and they turned it upside down, ma

Look what they've done

There's nothing, it's turning out all wrong, mama

Look they've done to my song oh yeah, yeah, yeah.



Speaking of songs, back in about 1844 I think it was Hebbel who wrote a ballad called "Der Heideknabe."  It was about a little boy going through his life and every fear that he had that could happen, every nightmare, did happen, a form of fulfillment of your worst fears. What we have in this system, in this world is a perpetual fear mongering from the media because the media is part of government. To control people you've got to enemies. You've got to have a reason for the suits and ties at the top to stand proudly and gesticulate and pose and read the speeches that are written for them, to tell us all how they're going to take care of the problems, even the ones that might be, all the might be's that are out there, all the fears of what could be, to keep us in perpetual childhood.


It's only in childhood that you expect all of your fears and problems to be taken care of by those who are older, and what a nightmare to wake up and find out the ones that are older don't know any better than you do. Boy, that's scary, isn't it?  All that time you looked up to adults who were just as confused as you were. They were just better actors. That's the world we live in and this same technique is used to control the minds of people, especially in this artificial system which runs on what we're told is a big gambling casino called the stock market where everyone's future is gambled away on a roulette table every day, and depending on the outcome of these masters of the game, we either crash or we keep going on and your job is going to be there tomorrow or it could be gone under in the blink of an eye, depending on how that roulette table, that wheel, spins and where it stops.


Thank goodness we have all these masters of things we haven’t a clue of understanding to take care of all of it for us and the reason we can't understand it is because it's all bogus. Whenever you cannot understand how anything works that is vital to your life and your survival and the survival of others, there's a CON GAME going on. You're being fooled deliberately. It's like science. 


You see, science can be applied to anything. You can call anything science. You can create your own sciences if you want to, and put an 'ology' on the end, doctrine, you see, or an 'ism.'  'Ism' also means doctrine so you can create an 'ology' or an 'ism' and tack it on the end of a word and it could be your doctrine and you can give a lot of scientific terms because the first thing you must do with any science is create your own vocabulary, then only those you allow into the little secret club will know the secret meanings. Everyone else will be terribly impressed but completely confused and then you can give degrees out to your own people and then lord over those who are impressed but very confused. That's what sciences are.


You know, psychiatry will be the first to tell you they cannot cure anything. They cannot cure mental illness. In fact, the definition of "mental illness" is very obscure. After all, if the norm is whatever is authorized for the majority at any one period in life or the ages, then anything outside of that is therefore deviant and therefore abnormal and therefore ill.  So the whole idea is to get everyone into the majority thing, which is authorized by the big think at the top, and then you're healthy.


We’re taught to go to school everyday, put in so many hours and go back home at night or evening and to get you prepared for work. That's what it was always for, to get you into a routine where you'd go to work to earn something called "money," which is too mysterious. It's a whole doctrine. There's no point in trying to understand it.


One day these five pennies will buy this much bread. The next day it will be that much bread or less or more or whatever and it's all a "big mystery." It’s all a big mystery. In the old barter days before the CON MAN came along with money got involved, you would have two people who would exchange this for that and they would decide between the two how much of this you'd trade for how much of that. That was it because value and a price is only an idea. That's all it is, someone's idea.


And in come the third party who conned them into using this thing called money, which you can't eat, and silver and gold are pretty useless for most things that you need. They're no use for tools, but here you are.  You’re getting something which is hard to find or harder to find. That's why they picked that. The Phoenicians were using it thousands of years ago. They knew this too. They had miners on the go, all slaves. Slave workers and the con man got in between the two people who bartered, made them believe it was the same value. A bag of oats is worth a bag of wheat and then once he had the whole system under his thumb he says, "oh well, we need 10 bags of that oats to go for that one bag of wheat," and when you ask them why he'd tell you about scarcity of supply and demand and all this kind of stuff and use his new-speak on you and eventually you throw your hands up and say, "geeze, if I have to understand all of this I'll never get any work done," and he says, "that's what I want," and you went back to work and he ran the money.


Nothing has really changed up until the present. This is the CON GAME of money. They used to tell you, too, just work hard and you'll get up there in life. You'll get on in life. You can get out of those scrubby old clothes and just work very, very hard and you'll get noticed at work and you'll even get a suit and tie one day and you'll be up in management positions. It's like pointing to a cave and telling 10 million people to run and try and get in there. It doesn't dawn on everyone that only so many will fit into that cave. You couldn't all get in, so there can only be one or two or three or four or a few at the most, and yet this is the CON GAME that was pulled on everyone. Just work hard and you get up in life.


Isn’t it strange no matter how many generations have worked hard they still really don't have much at all? Really, when you boil it down, they rent a place which they think they've bought. They get demand twice a year at least from different branches of government demanding money for this shell that they have like a tortoise shell, only a tortoise shell is more enduring than little sticky things we have here called houses, but money's demanded from them. They still believe it's theirs and tell you that "well I bought this place" as he pays thousands of dollars for the privilege of owning this place and what you've just got yourself, apart from a lifelong headache of repairing these ticky-tacky houses, which aren't meant to last in the first place and it does keep the lumber business going and all the tool places going, what you've got are four walls really. Four walls containing lots of air.


If you discard all the stuff that's inside, all the things you're supposed to have and all the plastic junk from China and all that stuff that you're supposed to have is authorized that you have it. In fact, they would complain that you were neglecting your children if you don't have all that junk, so you can't win in this system by following the system. All you've done is enclosed a lot of air and you get taxed for the privilege of breathing inside that shell, which you don't own but you've paid for, and when you go bankrupt and kicked off in the street and the bank seized or the government seized it, but one of the two will seize it you see, and there's no mercy anywhere. We wouldn't put an animal out like this but you put humans out like that because others might get the idea that "oh we've got rights." 


They put you out in the street and then the banks flip it again and some other young pair of schmucks buy it and start all over again. It’s a tremendous CON GAME in business and even if you die, if you manage to get through all the battles in life and crawl through battle-scarred to the bitter end and then you die in the place and put it in a Will for relatives, well in they come and take it for death duties. Did you know you had a duty to do with death?  "Death duties" they call it and all those years of frantic worrying and repairing and paying and paying and paying go no where. They'll seize it too if they don't get their cut.


Who introduced this income tax and property tax et cetera and death duties? 


Well, who introduced it in Britain was an organization, non-governmental but with the full backing of the British Crown, the Royal Institute of International Affairs were the first ones to bring the property tax out, demand it, the income tax, death duties and so on; and who did in the USA?  Their brothers. Their brother company, the Council on Foreign Relations brethren and they have that in their own books and they're proud of it.


They should really give prizes to these people for conning generations of people. Now it's true they generally bring a lot of this stuff in when they have major wars and things going, which is fairly common for them, and we don't notice it so much during the crisis periods and immediately after a war people are so war weary they just want some peace. They don't want any more involvement with major problems and decisions and fear et cetera, so they try and push it all out of their mind. The next generation grows up thinking it's always been this way, it must be normal.


Shortly it will be normal to go into get a chip in your brain at a certain age and they'll think it's normal because mom and dad did it, or maybe they won't have mom and dad or maybe mom and dad will be one person. In fact, maybe they'll be cloned from mom and dad in one person. It gets awfully confusing, doesn't it?  This is the Brave New World that we've been led along to.


In the Matrix movie, Morpheus who changes shape in every era, you see, and always says the same thing in every era every time. He says to Neo, he says, "you're a slave Neo." You wouldn't believe the relief that people get when it suddenly hits them they're a slave. All the fears they've had, the worries tend to vanish like a massive weight is taken off your shoulders because suddenly you understand things. You understand why things aren't working out for you. You understand now that you've done all the right things but you haven't got what you were taught you were going to get, this great big award at the end of your life, and stop blaming yourself for not achieving that which you were supposed to achieve and you can throw away that underachiever guilt complex because achievement doesn't come by hard work. It comes by who you know and what societies and organizations you have joined. That's how it comes. That's the real world. That's the real world.


People wonder what can be done on a personal level when they look at this world and feel overwhelmed by all the terror in news, where everything is going to fail and epidemics are coming our way. Oh, we're warming up the planet. Must be all those jet engines from the special aircraft as they spray. El Nino and yah-de-yah-de-yah and this is all techniques of controlling people because government needs panic in order to give out orders for control and to maintain control. That's why in war situations they get away with so much.


People give up everyday rights thinking it's for the greater good and the governments have a field day with that. They love to take away rights to make themselves feel more secure because egotists that crawl to the top and stab their way to the top want power and those who crave power think everyone else must be the same as themselves, so they become ultimately ruthless. Therefore the more panic they can create in order to protect you and justify their reason for being tyrants, the more they will do and that's your history. That's your history in detail in fact. That's all you have to really know.


Same techniques over and over again. Well, the individual can do a lot.  It’s not a matter of going out and evangelizing to those you know best. You'll be looked upon as a space alien or a reptilian person or some nonsense like that because you're talking a language that doesn't come from the six o'clock news. You're giving them details and facts about things which really are foreign content to them. They haven't got it from their newspeak, the television set. If it came on the television set then they would listen and talk and converse about the subject, but if you're telling them things which are not from that six o'clock news you must be talking from another planet. So don't evangelize to those around you unless you want to alienate them from you and why cause trouble for yourself that way when it's pointless anyway.


You must seek out those who are asking questions. It doesn’t mean that you'll end up on the same path necessarily by teaching them or exchanging views, but at least you can get certain topics broached and you can bounce ideas back and forth. When you're up against a system that's thousands of years old, at least thousands of years old, a science, you don't expect to knock it down in one fell swoop. You've got to take time to chip it away and you'd be surprised how the largest object will come down when you just chip away like a beaver. 


I've watched beavers go to work on trees until they have almost a pencil point of a tree trunk balancing on the other point of another pencil. That's what it looks like and they are terrific engineers. They know how long it's going to take to finish this tree. They know where they want it to fall, which direction they want it to fall and when to get out of the way when it starts falling. They know all of that and they have patience. Patience and when you watch a beaver he does it on his own. He doesn’t go around saying, "gee, that's a huge tree. I better get a whole bunch of beaver here and we can all go at it."  He starts his own chipping away. He doesn't look for confirmation. Am I doing a good job? He just knows he is because he's got patience and this big monster of a tree will eventually fall and it will fall exactly where you wanted it to fall and afterwards he doesn't go around for applause. He's done for what was for him "a natural thing."


The largest things can fall by the axe and patience of someone who puts some life into what they're doing. When you realize there's a real war going on, very deceptive, well camouflaged, but you understand what it is, you realize that everything else takes second or third place and then you start putting your life into something that's real and worthwhile.


And just like the beaver, you don't look around for applause at the end of it. The reason there's information to be passed on is because people in past ages, few to be sure but enough to pass on the information did so and that's made all the difference in the world in a very specific way.


The reason the deception is used today to control masses of people is because of the people who were awake in previous ages passing on knowledge. Otherwise, we'd all chipped long ago or lobotomized long ago, completely lobotomized. It's only been the more cautious and devious way of governments way of getting around that that's lead them to create such a system of massive propaganda and indoctrination through television and media and schooling. It wouldn't be necessary except for people who passed on the knowledge and wisdom through countless centuries.


The people who could point to the king and say, "he has no clothes," and break the spell that held the masses. That's what it takes, but it takes life. When you look at what people really are doing with themselves, they're doing what's authorized to be "good citizens," upstanding, upright, all those Masonic terms, all these authorized things and yet they're not alive. They're not living. They’re putting time in. They're killing time really and as they kill time they're killing themselves and there's nothing more worthwhile that brings a flame alive than getting involved, keeping your cool as you do it and passing on just enough information here and there that maybe one day will light the fire in someone else when the words come back to them that you have uttered at the right time. That's how knowledge has been passed on. Otherwise, the whole planet would be watching sports and thank goodness with all the massive indoctrinations they haven't reached that stage yet.


To put so much into a few lines sometimes, you have to check yourself because so much can be contained in a few words, words being a language and the way you put them together must come from your own heart. When it does and there's no show put on, no bluff, no CON GAME at work, you reach people. Simply be sincere but make sure that you believe in what you're saying first and you will find that people come alive because they can't debate or argue when it truly comes from the heart.


I think it was Heine who said, "Aus meinen grossen leiden mach ich die kleinen lieder," which is said, "From my great sorrows, I make small songs."  In other words, the depths of areas you allow yourself to go into with the emotions which are part of being human can bring out tremendous wisdom and yet you can never condense everything you've learned into even a book about it because you personally have learned so much.


You know we live in a world where most people truly are afraid to contact people around them or simply say something they want to say for fear of breaking the silence or shattering an illusion. They want to conform. They want to give up their own personal song and conform to the authorized choir and that's the death of not only individuals, it's the death ultimately of humanity when you're all singing in the same choir, because that means someone's conducting you and someone wrote the song but not you.


What a dull dreary world that would be when there's no possible way to see variation. When there's no point visiting someone because you know what they're going to say. Why go there when you know what they're going to say. People do things through habit nowadays. They even visit each other through habit. Everything becomes habit as they put time in. Just putting in time.


You have a life to live and yet they're putting time in, where their own creativity could be used to the full they switch on televisions and read novels and find ways to pass the time. Ways where experts will write the program for them. You don't participate watching a movie or watching anything for that matter. You're being downloaded by someone who sat down to write something and now it's being downloaded into you, not so much you're interested in it but because you want to pass the time. To pass away the essence that is living.


When children were cooped up at one time before they had computer games and sat and fiddled with their thumbs and fingers with a little plastic thing, they used to go outdoors and burn off their energy. Mind you, they were a bit fitter. They didn't have all the modified food, not as badly anyway that we know of, and they didn't have as many inoculations so they had energy to burn, but they were never bored, never bored.


It’s scary today to talk to a lot of youngsters, the ones who do sit with their games and twiddle their fingers with a plastic thing and their eyes fixed on something on the screen and if they don't have that game or they’ve done it so many times they'll sit there and they'll sigh. If you ask them "what's wrong?" they’ll say "I'm bored."  Here they have a life to live. When you’re young you think you'll live forever. Death is a foreign concept. It's more so today, now that you don't see anyone who's dead. Everything is sanitized and taken care of somewhere else. However, they have one life to live and they're bored already. Bored.


To go somewhere and see things or look or think for themselves is almost a foreign idea to them. They've grown up to believe that you pay for entertainment. You pay money. If you don't pay then it cannot be valuable, so they always want money to go and visit things and see things. It would never occur to them to simply get out in the country and hike through a forest on their own. They're bored. Boredom. 


Their song, if it ever was theirs, now quenched already because the song in a person is your fire. It's the driving force within yourself. It gives you the inquisitiveness. It gives you the yearning to be excited and go and look and see and do. And eventually they'll be world weary, where the cares of this world will be so overwhelming as they go through the years they'll want to switch off themselves because it's all so terrifying to them.


Most of all the fear mongering in all ages is fabricated nonsense. Not all of it but most of it and we cannot allow that to get us down until our fire is quenched. The fact today that there are people who are still awake, can verbalize what's happening, cut through all the illusions, cut through all the propaganda and the counter-intelligence that's put out there to make you drift up into space, chase lizards all over the place, follow gurus who wear funny clothes but look as if they know something, look terribly pious and those ones who I call "the card sharks," who give you futures from a piece of paper or a bunch of paper.


People want predictions only when they're terrified of making their own life because living is a chance. Everything in life is a chance and only those who die internally do so because they won't take chances, until eventually they'll be much older and they'll say "it's too late for me to offer anything."  Why would you choose to live in a life of misery when the fate of the future lies within you, if you care to start utilizing it, if you utilize that drive within you in any way you can.


It doesn’t mean you become famous. It doesn't mean you become rich. You won't become rich if you're doing it the right way, unless you get the backing of governments, but you'll be rich in wisdom and rich in experience, rich in friends. You'll be richer by far than those that chase things of the world, the material stuff, because ultimately all we have really here is each other; and by that, I don't mean the faces we put on, the authorized faces, the pretenses. I'm talking about the real people within. That's what life really is about. The acting, the persona people project is the authorized version that someone somewhere at sometime decided we were all supposed to copy.


I've said many times this is the place, the war zone, where everything meets in the world of matter, the plane of matter. We can't allow ourselves to be psychologically put under by deceptions or worry or stress and fear when you realize we're all going to die.  Hopefully, not all at the same time, but judging from what we've seen with the past, everyone eventually dies. When you realize how precious life itself is and that there's supposed to be a joy in living – a joy – then you have to claim that back again and tell those who are trying to destroy it to get off your back and that as a sovereign being that came into this world like everyone else, by the same methods, we have a right to participate in the decision making that affects us.


We don't need other people to tell us how we should be, how we should live, what we should do, in some authoritarian manner as though they came out of some special birth canal. The pretense has gone on long enough and the elite know this. They know this cannot go on for much longer. That's why the hype to get us dumbed down by every means possible including chemical warfare and the doping from the skies and all the other things they're doing with the food. There's no doubt on that. Food is a weapon. You would alter the food to alter the people and to make the masses more manageable and placid – things which were discussed a long time ago at world meetings.


And yet here we are, there are still people who can think, who can get through the haze and the maze of disinformation and hype and fear mongering and cut to the core. Why?  Because life is not just mine, it's yours too. Life is for those to come as well and life is supposed to be lived, not fretted through and worried through or cried through. It's supposed to be lived, even though you'll do all of those things at some time but not all the time.  Rather than go through life worrying and fuming and fretting of what they will do next, the big THEY, do something with it.


More sites are going up shortly. It's going to take a lot of work to do so, so people who try and phone probably won't get through and I spend so much time on the phone I can't really afford it anymore, now that we’re getting to crucial stages of this global battle, so we'll all have to be patient as I try and get these sites up and get things working and expanding.


To finish up, I'd just like to repeat.  Don't simply put your time in like a prison sentence. Stop passing time and start doing something with your fire, with your own song. Sorry for the rushed blurb but it's been a hectic day.


I hope you're all doing well. From me and Hamish, it's good night and may your gods or god or favorite poem go with you.



"Stealin' Time"

By Gerry Rafferty

Stealin’ time, I’ve been stealin’ time
But I don’t feel guilty, cause the time was mine
I kept down low, kept down low
I walked right out, I had to let it go.

Stealin’ time, I’ve been stealin’ time
Forgot about everything and eased my mind
Stealin’ time, I was stealin’ time
But now I know it’s time to cross that line.

I watched the sky, watched the sky
Every day I let the world roll by
Sun and rain, sun and the rain
It felt so good to know that magic again.

Stealin’ time, I’ve been stealin’ time
Forgot about everything and eased my mind
Stealin’ time, I was stealin’ time
But now I know it’s time to cross that line.

Wait my love, wait my love
We’ll soon be brighter than the sun up above
Wait and see, wait and see
Forget about everything except you and me.

Stealin’ time, I’ve been stealin’ time
Forgot about everything and eased my mind
Stealin’ time, I was stealin’ time
But now I know it’s time to cross that line.

Roll on, cross that line, been so long, stealin’ time
Roll on, cross that line, been so long, stealin’ time.



(Transcribed by Linda)