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July 12, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is You can also find me at  It's July 12th, 2007.


Sometimes when you are a one-man band you have to reflect back to where you plan to take things within your own life, which affects the lives of other people.  It's so easy today in this present phase of massive change, very quick progression along this preplanned route. We call it civilization towards the great society. Now it's called a global society. Many names down through the ages for the same thing that rather than simply discuss the trivia that the media dose out to us every day, so we all talk like little rats in a laboratory wondering what the technicians will do to them when they come in to work in the morning. Will they inject us? Will they put electrodes in our brains and shock us? (And all this kind of thing.) That's all we’re really given from the media. It's stuff to occupy our minds so we chatter, and when we chatter, we lose touch with our deeper selves, where your intuition lies and where information of all kinds is stored deep, deep within the mind. The mind itself has barriers. People in the past have tried to give words to these barriers, to make it more understandable in conversation, so we have subconscious and we have unconscious and at different stages in between even those.


The conscious mind, which is still a mystery to many of those who wish to control us—and that's the reason they're trying to bypass the usual techniques of simple indoctrination and repetition. They're trying to bypass it by literally taking over your mind directly, via the coming brain chip technology interfacing with a computer—the initial reason that they gave us the computer in the first place. We're being trained to go from one mouse-trap to the next and to the next, very simply in fact, as it appears to the public. However, much planning and discussion went into all of this technology, long before the public heard the word computer. When they showed the public giant computers in governmental agencies, with the big, big machines the size of Coca-Cola machines and tapes whirling round and round—that was to mislead you. The people in those offices also thought they were using the latest technology, but technology always has different layers and levels into high secretive levels, ongoing in parallel, in tandem, side-by-side at the same time. The trick is to make you believe that you're being told all there is to know. In reality, you're being told all you need to know and that being decided by those that say they are your betters.


They gave us the computer and made sure that everyone knew from the very first computer sold to the public there would be porn on it—lots of pornography. That was the bait to get everyone into it, of all ages and genders, and it's worked very well. It was an imperative to get everyone hooked on it. Then to the iPod, then the combination of the iPod, cell phone, et cetera, right down to the next step, which is you know what? It's a brain chip. Why bother having a cumbersome thing stuck to your ear when you can have a chip and interface. It's so convenient; and through convenience, we shall give up our last vestige of our own ability to even be an individual. Most have really already given it up and didn't know it.


Most people truly are composites of all their indoctrinations and downloading of opinions by experts and educational authorities. The same educational authorities that at one time would condemn you and ridicule you if you said the world was round.  We know they told people that the world was flat because it said so in the Bible, in the four corners of the world et cetera, et cetera.  You couldn't contradict that, even though those same people in the Vatican had the archives of even the ancient Greek philosophers who discussed that the world was round; and then they got it from the Egyptians who also knew that.  Yes, they can tuck away reality and change it for one era to the next, by hiding truth and giving out a new truth. That's what science does today. Science gives us new truths all the time, which means they’re obviously contradicting their previous truths, and people can't quite catch on to that.


We know the world is round because NASA said so and it's on television. We see pictures. It's terribly easy to control a world population by ensuring that all information is coming from the same source. All you have to do is to employ thousands of people to write the same stuff and parrot the same stuff, from media to professors all the way down, and there's no one to contradict them with a voice. To get a voice you have to have big money.  Those who give us our opinions—I'm talking about above even the media—the ones who decide our opinions for us create the money, the big con-game.


This morning I was on an AM station in Montana called KGEZ, hosted by John Stokes who runs the station.  We to got talking about the big global elite. I mentioned that there's always been a global elite down through the ages. This is not the first so-called civilization we live in today. If you go back as far as money goes, you'll find the same hereditary families running different countries with their headquarters in different cities across the world at different times, because they built empires up and lived in them. When an empire had served its purpose, they would move on to somewhere else and another empire arose; because all armies that conquer anyone need money, and who runs the money but the same bankers.


You'll find global bankers were working in the ancient world in the writings of the ancient Greeks. You'll find that some of the top philosophers like Aristotle happened to be married to a daughter from one of them from the Middle East. There's nothing new under the sun as they say. The only difference being we're at a stage of a global empire—the culmination of all these takeovers called empire building, and takeovers of other countries and nations. They absorb countries into them down through the ages. Very often, the same families would split and live in different countries from each other and fund those countries as they had war with each other, because war is a method of necessitating the very existence of government. This is part of their ploy; and who owns the government but the same people, because everyone runs on money in the system, everyone down through the ages.


It's interesting if you look at ancient Babylon.  There are many levels of meaning to Babylon. It wasn't just a place. It was a system, and Babylon can move down through the ages.  What's important to know is that with the higher belief system that runs the occult societies at the top -- the higher occult. Not the nonsense that everyone at the bottom pay their way into and get a few passwords, and they learn to sit on their backsides and meditate and all this stuff, or find their spirit guide, or whatever, but the real stuff at the top, and those characters talk about circles. One of the most ancient symbols being the one of the serpent eating its tail. Again, many different levels of meaning, which I can't go into right here.  When ancient Egyptian nobility wore the Uraeus (the serpent in front of their skull), their head as a third eye almost, it was in a band round their head, the circle representing the same thing of completion. It meant the universe was contained within the mind of the person who had been taught, who was "Wise as a serpent," and who also guarded his mind from extraneous nonsense. The extraneous nonsense was only for the public because they would be given a different reality from those “in the know.”  Circles are very important since they studied the ancient stars.  The ancient Brotherhoods studied the movements of the moon, the sun, the stars and they grafted it all. They drew it all out in charts. Circles are important. Everything does travel in a complete circle.  Circles are important to do with time.


Getting back to Babylon being a system: They say that everything starts with a point, to start a circle, straight line, whatever, a journey, they’ll have completed a circle. It's interesting to see that Halliburton Corporation, the official, obviously it's an official authorized massive planning corporation that deals with receiving the massive grants from the military industrial complex to build things across the world, mainly through subcontractors, but they oversee it. You'll find certain members of the present Bush New American Century Team were employees of the Halliburton Corporation. Surprise, surprise, eh? Ha, ha, ha. Like corruption is only at the street level? No, peanuts are at the street level, and that's the way it's always been. We find Halliburton moving out of Texas and is off to Bahrain, setting up there.  We find the same thing with some of the big art foundations. The Louvre in Paris is making a duplicate also in Bahrain, as they get closer and closer to their goal. Eventually after this planned war or threat of war, which might come down to a compromise and then amalgamation and standardization into the system, whichever way it goes, Babylon will be restored as it was in the beginning. The completion of a circle that took thousands of years to fulfill.


That's why H.G. Wells could write in "The Shape of Things to Come" about the world wars. The three major ones, remembering that he was an officially authorized propagandist who was given facts and told to write stories around them, by the British Crown and those around it. He talked about how the British troops would be in Basra in Iraq at the beginning of it and that's exactly where they did go. The U.S. went to the north. Britain went around and maintained Basra. It would also be in "The Shape of Things to Come," the base of the New World Order where the scientists of the air, the freemasonry of the air, the great brotherhood; "scientific brotherhood," as Wells called it, would be based. That's what history has always been about, are takeovers and takeovers.  The countries who were taken over one by one are standardized and brought under a monetary system, the same type of system. We also find they're upgraded like a computer program at the same time. Even the languages are upgraded.


Our life spans being so short, it's tremendously easy to alter pretty well everything for a generation, especially when you separate those who had a bit of wisdom in the past, the elderly, when the elderly were respected and elevated for their wisdom and their knowledge. They could pass on information, which they did in extended families, which was the norm. Very important function because parents were so busy to teach the children these kind of things. That has been destroyed. That was an imperative for an elite to do. They wrote about they had to destroy that; and they demonized the elderly. Now it's you’re a geriatric if you get older. My goodness, you're a geriatric. Your obviously senile and you've got odd opinions and you don't go along quietly. You might object about being put into (I call them) "exit homes" or old age homes. You might object to being put there; and once you're there, you might object about being stuck in a chair all day with something in front of you that you can't get past. You'll be called "agitated." 


Now a younger person might be able to vocalize and be respected, but an elder person saying the same thing is automatically discounted.  Everyone has been indoctrinated that the elderly somehow don't know—they're not rational. There's something not rational, you see. Indoctrination mainly, again, through fiction and repetitive propaganda from the media and science magazines and so on.  The wisdom isn't passed down to one, two, three generations as it used to be. Now it's terribly easy to allow the State to bring your child up, which it does and which has been written about by those who planned the present system, at least that part of it the educational system. They published their own books long ago and how they scientifically indoctrinate the children, so that if there was any parental input in the evenings it would be canceled out, like a firewall you might say, by the child's conditioning; and that's happened.


We also think in our short model lives that major changes, major planning is impossible. We think that if we manage to get a house and pay for it in a lifetime we've done well. We’re short-term planners because we don't have long-range plans personally. The elite who run the world do; and the information is all recorded and written down and passed on to the next generation of the elite, who continue the big building projects of the builders—the real builders of society, the real Masons. The structure of society which we all take for granted as being normal because you're born into it. It must be normal. How else could it be? Never dawning on us that there are a thousand directions that humanity could live in, a thousand different systems.


Lenin said it and all the big boys knew it because they were all trained by the same teachers from the same archives of information. It was only the public that couldn't be allowed to know there are other ways of living. This buying, selling, producing and consuming thing is fairly recent, yet we all think it's normal. Like trained rats, we work and put up with jobs we wouldn't normally do if we had a choice, only because we can reward ourselves with some toy or some pleasurable thing at the end of the month. A simple reward, very Pavlovian. Simple to do, and everyone has been trained that this is normal.


Do any of you have the ability to say my great, great grandchild will be running the bank of whatever-it's-called in 100, 200 years time? No. It wouldn't even dawn on you. You'll be lucky to have your child resemble you in any way at all today, because they are scientifically indoctrinated through their education and through the media. Once again, modern books will tell you, "Oh that's normal. It's normal that the child will go off in their own direction." 


You have to go back before the Industrial Era, and for centuries, people lived on the land. Each generation grew up singing the same songs that had been in existence for hundreds of years. Liking them, enjoying them, identifying with them. They'd adopt the same clothing as their parents on the land. They didn't have a fashion industry then, at least in those countries in the West, not for the ordinary people. Those who create the muses, that's why the muses are so important. Create the culture. They shape the culture and culture is plastic. It can be shaped in any direction that the culture creationists decide that it will be shaped into.  It will be adopted by those who are downloaded with the marketing techniques that we're all exposed to; and ultimately, as I say, the lights go off one day in the mind as an artificial one takes over.  That will be the end of the ability to even think and work out even the most profound problems that humanity has ever, ever faced—that of existence itself, the worth of existence, the purpose of existence. You won't even have the ability to think it out at all.


Most folk (as you've noticed, I'm sure) around you have already lost that ability. They give you cliché answers written by other people because it's too much of a chore to do the thinking themselves. Life is not a bowl of cherries. It was never intended to be, but certainly in this artificial system that's been here and is spread out for thousands of years and taken over, there's nothing nice about it. There's no contentment and no lasting pleasure in it. Therefore, those who wish to stop time and just leave it as it is with all of its corruption. All of its lying from the top. All of its manipulation, just stop it right now. Don’t let it get worse. They think they can cope with that.


How could you cope forever holding up a tower that's held together with Band-Aids and glue and splints? You can't. Yet most people think what I'm talking about is very foreign to them. They can't imagine a world where they couldn't go out and reward themselves with some thing that's been advertised on television or through magazines, because all the smiling faces tell you that that's what happiness is—buying something, especially this item. I've never seen a glum face in an ad, unless they've just bought Brand X; but Brand A is wonderful. It's the ultimate experience and it's going to make you tremendously happy; yet we think this is normal, and people believe in it. We believe in this strange double-think that a thing, an inanimate inorganic thing is going to make them happy.  In the pursuit of this deviant culture, they will destroy those around them to get those inorganic dead things. They'd rather destroy people and each other than their ideas. Their deviant ideas must be deleted like a virus in a computer, if there is to be survival at all.


You can't decide to fight something or save something unless you know what you're fighting to save.  If it's simply a time period of part of a plan that wasn't yours or your grandparents either, you can't save it. It belonged to the elite long ago. You can't save it; therefore the whole deck of cards comes crashing down. If there's some miracle and if anyone who survives this with an intact sentient mind and memory, then they would know. They could never, ever emulate or go back to the system again because there's nothing humane in it. It's a cold-blooded system. It's one huge business that exploits everyone in it. It's a business which makes everyone in the business exploit someone else below, until we have a whole bunch at the bottom that can't survive in it, they’re called “useless eaters”, and not wasters, because they can't produce, only consume.


Is that the function of life?


Someone in this system high above has decided that's what it is. They also have been writing about it in their top economic books, since the 1700’s, that they wouldn't tolerate extra useless mouths to feed. Look at the mess society is in. Everyone is isolated from everyone else, except when they're drunk and in the flesh markets or nightclubs or whatever they go to, but when sober they can't communicate. They act like robots towards each other—separated. We have a culture which promotes all kinds of deviancies and crime. When I say crime, I mean that which hurts other people around them. The elite like this because they can use that excuse to hire armies, basically, of which they call police forces today to control everyone else. That's the real reason they’re allowed to go on and encourage it in fact, this merry-go-round of the legal business in society.


They knew thousands of years ago you couldn't cram people into a city, an artificial structure where they can't produce or feed themselves, and expect sanity. You can't have it in the city. It's artificial. It's unnatural. Yet that's the very project which they plan to use for thousands of years to get us all into, ultimately, now they call them "habitat areas".  All species, every species of animal becomes deviant when you cram it into confined areas and the population meets a certain level. They turn on each other. That has always been known.


Why are they doing it?


Their plan through science was always to dominate and conquer through science, until they wouldn't need all of those people or their labor or their energy to bring about their ultimate goal, their plan to dominate a planet. They'll eradicate them eventually, under the guise of “there's too many of them,” and it certainly will appear that way when they're all crowded into confined areas called "habitat areas."  The elite of course won't live in the same habitat areas, and there will be exemptions also for the higher bureaucrats all serving this system. In fact, that was done already on the Soviet model, basically the same system. It was done that way, too, in the Soviet regime where the bureaucrats could have the use of dachas in the country and servants; whereas the peasant class were in the cities, overcrowded in decrepit, cheaply built buildings. Not much different really than the West.


It's odd isn't it that they can always find trillions of dollars of whatever currency, whatever con-game they use in whatever country?  They can find it in times of war; when right up to the war, they're always broke and they can't put out money for the essential things for the people. Isn't that odd? It happens all the time. All the time down through history and no one wonders why. It is often difficult for people to understand that an elite would appear to make the whole system completely dysfunctional if they wanted to conquer us all. They don't realize or understand the nature of generational and intergenerational or psychological and PSYOP operations. They certainly don't understand or know their histories of Order out of Chaos—the time between ages they just brought about to bring in a new system.  That's precisely what you do, is to break all bonds, to break the traditions that you're used to. That's why, in all modern towns and cities, buildings don't last very long.


At one time, you could grow up in a city and walk past the same buildings that your great grandparents walk passed when they were children. It gave a sense of continuity and belonging. When they can sever that continuity, they sever a hold that a reality has upon you, a natural phenomena has upon you. When they create a loss of roots and the lack of tradition, people become neurotic. The masses become neurotic; and that in turn will prepare them for collective hysteria. We already see this happening with all bizarre stories about "the aliens are coming and it's written in the stars." They're bringing back all the old stuff. In ancient times, it was the Gods returning and it was written in the stars; and it's all being recycled once more as the people are ready for it. It wouldn't have worked 100 years ago or 200 years ago. They had to prepare the minds and generations to accept it, and that creates the possibility to believe in it.


Sure enough, those are sent out there to propagate this stuff over again and mislead the people; and it works at the end of an age. They become hysterical and a collective hysteria really calls for collective therapies. That's why we have a massive business taken over from the old religions. This business is psychotherapy, psychiatry, Yoga, a million meditation schools. All these Band-Aids to try and cope and all these self-improvement things and coping with stress that they get taught in business now. They don't say, “let's decrease the stress.” No. You're supposed to “upgrade” yourself to cope with more stress, all the while knowing at the top there's only so far you can go before you can break. A collective therapy always takes away your rights. It abolishes rights and freedoms. That's always the therapy that's given when society becomes neurotic, neuroticized and hysterical.


With the abolition of liberty comes the terrorization of the public. That's what develops out of it. The modern society resembles a lunatic asylum and it's going to get worse. What I'm saying here is known and it has always been known in the higher quarters. It's known by those who are bringing it about. If they decided to save their system for some strange reason—and it certainly would be strange if they did want to save it as it is—they'd revert you back to 1950’s level of culture, a bit more feeling of stability and belonging, but they're going the whole way now. There's nothing new under the sun with the techniques that are being used. The only difference is being the immediate propaganda that comes into your habitat, your little room or your house everyday by the media instantly.


Whether it's men with spears and armor wearing the same colored cloaks that they wear on behalf of Caesar, or black military outfits with machine guns and some print on their sleeve—It makes no difference. It's all the same techniques.  The cry of terror, terror from the top down and imminent gloom and doom from the top down, these have all been used before.  While all this chaos is going on, which they are creating to bring out a new order at the end of it, no matter how long it takes, you'll find the same bizarre manifestations amongst the public, or even your nearest friends will tell you that it's written in the stars. See, “it's the law” or “it's in this book. It's the Bible.”  It's a book they don't understand because it's written in such a way that the exoteric is meant for the profane—those who do not understand, "those in the darkness."


The exoteric stories are written in such a way they captivate the mind. You picture the people that you imagine are being discussed. They're written in such a wonderful way, great science absolutely, to captivate you, but it's not meant to give you a truth unless you have the ability to see deeper. It's all predictive programming, whether it's written in the Holy Book or scientists are telling you it's the end of the world as you know it, or various card sharks come out and play their games with you that it's fate. It's all prewritten. That's psychological warfare. Therefore, if you're not in control of yourself, since you're just an object of forces and it's game over; and that's what you think. It's game over. I can't do a thing. You're beaten already before you start. All are sciences which are understood at the top. All symptoms of the age, which is promoted by the top—and by the top, I'm not talking about the guys you vote into office.


To say that we simply have many families of power and influence running the world, and to say that they're just psychopathic—is putting it mildly.  There are also archives of material stretching back for thousands of years, which the regular public are never given access to; and they don't even know they exist, in fact. Everything that makes you who you think you are, including your language and the spell cast by spelling is coded. That's how far and deep it goes, and much deeper.


To program a computer you must know its language. You must know its logic. In fact, you create the language to suit the logic, and you can also alter perception. In other words, in a human being, by the same process by what you feed in and the language which you use. Many things influence people on a subconscious level, because the subconscious is able to see beyond your regular organ feedback and store that to the side. The conscious mind wants things in a hurry. We want everything, especially today, to be quick and easy and spelled right out for them; and it certainly is, in more ways than they know.


In all ages, the symbols of saviors have been pretty well the same. The symbols of life itself, mean more than just the physical realm, have been the same; and from the world tree too, the savior that's nailed on a tree. A savior who is both the horizontal and the vertical. The vertical being that which climbs towards higher thoughts and spirit you might say, and the horizontal being the world of matter. The outstretchedness of all extremities means to the four corners of the globe. It's the same in all ancient religions in the symbologies, in all times and ages and places. It doesn't matter if it's Brahma or a Messiah. It's the same thing because they always meant the inner man. The inner man that has to go through stages, because inner man is all things and you experience in all things, including all the mistakes that you make, too, which are all learning experiences as long as you do learn from them. Many decide not to.  Yet without knowing yourself you will never understand anything else. You will not understand anything else; and neither is it necessary to become a judge on others who have been through what you have done in the past when you decided you would no longer do.


The original religions were given as a starting place. It's always the same starting place that's always immediately corrupted by the elite in order to gain power and control, or retain power and control over the people.  Towards the end of an age, the exoteric is concretized. That's why it makes no sense to lots of people, except those who dogmatically cling to the exoteric believing that somehow they are superior. Really through fear they cling to it. Anyone who truly needs to be told week-after-week of how to be good to other people has a problem if they need a book to read it from.  It means they have not progressed themselves as individuals, not because it's written somewhere.


We're at a stage where people have to decide what life truly is about. We know what the elite have chosen. We know what all their masses of bureaucracy has concluded in that they have the right to plan our lives for us. They've decided what our purpose is or is not—and the servants have become the masters. The servants who become masters are always control freaks dedicated to their positions and status and what they see is a cause, their own cause. Collective cause, of course, because bureaucrats lose their individuality in their work. They become neuroticized and plan very crazy things, which they will speak about with straight faces to each other and repeat their neologisms, because they always dream up new terminology like any new religion.  They're discussing amongst themselves for an elite.  No matter how preposterous their new ideas are—if anyone were to laugh, they'd be demoted or fired. It's insanity.


Things are not meant to go on like this much longer. They're not planned to go on like this much longer. Mayhem, that's predicted by the Department of Defence in Britain. Remember, that's only part of NATO, all NATO countries, this chaos that they see coming because they're making it happen to a timetable. After all, it's one huge business world and they must stick to their timetables. They're going to make it all happen. They have daily reports on all these different agencies and sub-agencies and specialized think tanks on the pulse of the people. They know what's happening at every level to the people. They get constant feedback and prepare always to maintain control over the people, under every possible foreseeable circumstance.


We're well on our way to this crazy roller coaster ride towards the end of an age.  It truly is up to every person out there to start taking back the right to decide for themselves what life is all about. What it should be all about and what it could be all about, because it's never been discussed amongst society. All the big questions have always been answered by an elite, be it a priesthood or a scientific bureaucracy. The elites are always terrified of the masses. Paranoia is built into their structure. The reality they keep hyping about and the fear mongering they're constantly causing is psychotic.  They intend to get the world's population into the same psychotic state and frame of mind—if we allow it.


There is so much to do and so little time. We better start all making ripples fast—every single one of us while we can. From myself and Hamish the dog, it's good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



"By The Rivers Dark" by Leonard Cohen


By the rivers dark
I wandered on.
I lived my life
in Babylon.

And I did forget
My holy song:
And I had no strength
In Babylon.

By the rivers dark
Where I could not see
Who was waiting there
Who was hunting me.

And he cut my lip
And he cut my heart.
So I could not drink
From the rivers dark.

And he covered me,
And I saw within,
My lawless heart
And my wedding ring,

I did not know
And I could not see
Who was waiting there,
Who was hunting me.

By the rivers dark
I panicked on.
I belonged at last
to Babylon.

Then he struck my heart
With a deadly force,
And he said, ‘This heart:
It is not yours.’

And he gave the wind
My wedding ring;
And he circled us
With everything.

By the rivers dark
In a wounded dawn,
I live my life
In Babylon.

Though I take my song
From a withered limb,
Both song and tree,
They sing for him.

Be the truth unsaid
And the blessing gone,
If I forget
My Babylon.

I did not know
And I could not see
Who was waiting there,
Who was hunting me.

By the rivers dark,
Where it all goes on;
By the rivers dark
In Babylon.



(Transcribed by Linda)