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July 11, 2007


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Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt and this is and you will also find me at on the 11th of July, 2007.


I had to go into town this week to collect some things which are essential for these talks I do. It's a strange experience when you're going into a town. Sudbury's classed as a city, but it's really a big mining town. That's the main industry there. There are no real high-rise type skyscrapers or any of that kind of thing. For me, it's a city, I suppose, as people hurry, scurry and do all the things that everyone else does everywhere else. We live in a television age. Years ago the big boys in Britain declared on BBC talks that a world culture would be created because of television. Even satellite television would be introduced to the remotest parts of the world, so that children would watch the same things and have the same type of culture being generated, regardless of how remote they happen to be. This has been pretty well achieved.


I watched a woman today push her child, in one of these child chairs with wheels, across the street and cars were stopping to which she was oblivious as she walked across pushing this and another child behind, a toddler. She had the cell phone stuck to her ear oblivious of what was happening around her. The more you see, the more you take for granted the less you see. What I mean by that is those who are seeing this everyday will take it all for granted and not think of the consequences or the training that goes into getting us all step-by-step once into the computer, then the iPods, then the cell phones stuck to the ear and then a brain chip, which will come out of it.  They're just training the public to live in a world where physical contact will be unnecessary. You'll have what the masters have deemed correct for you as being a “virtual” reality. It's virtually good enough for you, in other words.


The other thing that's happening in the world, big time, is the feeling of inevitability of war coming up with other people that are outside the nations; although, the war is going on within all nations from governments and government agencies down on the people. That war has been going on for a long time and it's been stepping up and increasing every day, every week and every month, because wars are intended to change societies involved. All sides of all conflicts are changed and guided into the change and through the changes.


When you read various authors who were around just prior to World War I and II, they also talked about the feeling of inevitability. “It was in the air,” they’d say, as it is today. Of course the reason it's in the air today (and then) is because the same media journalists are the guys who make sure that we all know about this coming and the preparation for it all, which is also to get the public to go along with it or at least be very passive towards it. No objections put forth. Perhaps the rising incidence of more and more horrific and larger wars, during the 20th century up to the present, has made us immune to the realization of exactly what war is all about and what it does to people on all sides.


It's meant to create something new. All conflicts in nature you see are either resolved by one dominating the other, or taking over from the other, in reality. When it’s pure conflict, then those will guide us out of this Hegelian dialectic by giving us a new synthesis, a new beginning (ORDO AB CHAO), which is already preplanned.  We’re living through it in fact. Whether you know it or not, you're living through, and you have been all your life, the speed up of the chaos part of it. Children today and teenagers don't know anything about recent history. It's been eradicated from the books. The strikes and workers unions that sprung up in the early 1900’s to try and get decent wages for workers and decent conditions have been abolished primarily or most of all.


Bertrand Russell wrote about this, years ago. You see all the Western countries adopted the same Soviet strategies of giving compensation, workers unemployment money, insurance money or welfare money. Before Communism came along that did not exist. The charities were the ones that were given the burden of taking the "poor unfortunates", as they used to call them, and looking after them and giving them their bread for the day. The only reason that these things were brought into the West was to say, “What's the difference really between the great Soviet system and us?” We're doing all that, too, and more. We're doing more than the Soviets are doing. Look how happy we are. They gave us drugs, rock and roll and free love; and it was all managed. All the culture creation industries were all financed by the big budgets from the CIA, emulating and running what appear to be left wing and socialistic groups. The best way to defeat an enemy is to mirror that enemy and it was very successful.


Now the Soviet Union is gone, that part’s over, and the world has changed. You've got a glut of credit cards to fill the chasm left as jobs have gone abroad under big, big deals like GATT. The GATT Treaty, when your industry was moved to China, was all run by the same high powers. They never lost control over anything, with vast military planning and projection ahead on a global level. Now they no longer need a Soviet Union, so they dismantle it, because the West has adopted too many of the policies into it—which was intended in the first place. We're now in the third way, where capitalism and communism (or collectivism really) is joined and the new system comes out of it.


They decided long ago in the West that collectivism was the easiest way to manage vast populations and keep them under control. Yet, it's not over, you see. It never is over. There is always a next part of this Never Ending Story, the ongoing plan. They don't allow themselves to stagnate, in case they lose control, so they're always planning future strategies. The biggest one we're seeing rear its head is terrorism. Terrorism everywhere, in every country and all over the place, and the States will supply the necessary terror, as once the fear of God supposedly supplied it. The State is so happy to take over that responsibility in an atheistic scientific culture and age.


In times gone by, gods were chiseled in stone. They were generally massive statues of residing kings, sometimes queens. If you look at the ones they made for the Aswan area in Egypt, which they eventually took out piece-meal and put back together elsewhere. When they made the Aswan Dam, gigantic carvings in rock as they deified a walking man and others of his family. This had a tremendous psychological effect on the uneducated classes. Then, down through mythology, there were giants in those days.  That's how you would see them if you came in as a people who didn't have images and you saw these huge massive statues everywhere. The belief or the need to believe in the latter explanation that there were real giants, massive people, is very appealing to the subconscious and to the fantasy within the mind, as all exoteric material is. The esoteric is always much simpler, yet more profound when you break through and understand the simplicity.


Religions themselves have always been used to control mass populations. If a people were going to invade another country in ancient times, they would study the cultures before an invasion. They would see the level of violence or peace within that type of society and they would create a religion to suit. You can read about that with some of the writings from India, when the Aryan or Hurrian race went in and studied the peoples. Tailor made religions for different peoples. If the people were barbaric themselves, in the sense that they were violent or prone to violence, they would have a very severe deity put in charge of them. If it was a more passive and thoughtful culture that was being taken over, they'd give them a religion that was suited to that kind of people with deeper meanings, which would then reinforce the culture they already had and their sense of peace or getting along in a functional manor. It was always to do with serving the new elite that came in.


Religion is never the same as the founders intended, whether it was Buddha, who was simply brought into the pantheon of Hinduism, even though he himself was speaking out against what he called the internal hell of this recurring reincarnation, which everyone had been taught was true. Where everyone was in their place because of past crimes, you might say, and you couldn't complain about it. Therefore, the top caste was perfect in their reincarnations and incarnations, as above so below. They kept genealogies straight and therefore they had the right spirit, purified and perfect and that was nature's way they said to the peasant classes. The reason you're peasants is because you were bad in previous lives and the accountant has demanded the due. That's all it is.


Buddha himself never started off to promote that, whatsoever. In fact, he wouldn't even go near metaphysics. Some of his students complained about it and wrote it down. Whenever Buddha was asked what he was, and he was asked everything, was he a God, an angel, a saint? He'd say "no."  Then they'd ask, "What are you?"  He would always answer, "I'm awake", because that's what Buddha means. It means to be awake. I am awake. It also means to know. Understand. The legends always come afterward as old religions are tacked upon a new once the founder or the teacher is dead. The same holds true for basically any of the other main religions. Dogma takes over in no time at all. Formalities become solidified into laws and customs. Controls established over the people by a hierarchy, who pretend to retain the secrets themselves of higher understanding, keep the people in ignorance from then on. It's always the very opposite of what founders intended to do.


Yet there's no doubt at all that down through time a certain few here and there in all generations can see beyond the dogma and the control factors and have something touch them, which lifts them up beyond the average crowd. One thing that religion did give, which could not be completely controlled, was a sense of connection to a higher moral standard for those who followed. This often gave trouble to the ruling elite, who used religion against the people; because when you have rules about moral ways of behavior, and those at the top were breaking the rules, the public could always ask, “should they obey their creator or should they obey the earthly overlords?”


That was decided to be done away with and a new scientific era where the State would be supreme and scientists and technologists would be their new priesthood. That's been here for a long time now; and because it has no higher authority to compare itself to, they did the same thing that's happened before. They become God-like in their statements. They are the ultimate. There's no one for them to answer to, and nothing to answer to. That's bad enough; but when the public start to believe them, then you're always in trouble. You're into an era of impending destruction in one form or another. There's many ways of destruction. People always think of great cataclysms, something which has been encouraged in previous times at certain stages of the big boy’s plans. When they're planning big wars and so on out come their paid prophets to hype it all up and prepare the minds for something which always ends up something different in fact for other purposes.


Science has run the West in its present form for quite a long time. Really, World War I and II were rehearsals in a way, although they did accomplish much of the unification through that method. Europe would never have come to be united today if it hadn't been because of World War II, which we find was also a secret wish of Winston Churchill in the "Downing Street Diaries," written by his secretary at the time. Wars fulfill many functions and plans. They fulfill the schemes of high players—a big chessboard. You must always train the public into a war. It takes a lot of preparation. A lot of time goes into it.  It can take years to ready a public for total war. That's why the media, Hollywood, all the other programs and programming that we get are so essential in all of this.


I've said many times that the preparation for a generation to wear the military outfits was begun long ago. They always give at least 20 years of preparation, from toddlers up through adulthood, if they decided that generation are the ones who will go to war eventually. The cannon fodder that will win and take the resources that the big boys want command of. Sure enough, they give the video games out to train the population. They made sure the families were breaking apart, so the State was giving them their education.  They trained them in group-think. It's very good for the military, where you become one—in uniform. They give them a terrible music to match it, nihilistic, took the beauty out of it. They give them heroes that were simply manufactured virtuality, all those cartoons on screens to emulate, get from here to there and kill as many people as you can and you have won the game. That's what you create when you want all out war and that's what you want when you have a very long extended war. The signs are all there. It's all a science. Some of it has been published in the past. Not a lot for a long time, mind you, so that the public don't know anymore. They must think it's just evolving as we go along through the universe spinning and wobbling our strange little way around the sun, yet nothing is further from the truth. We've been under attack for a long time.


The spraying in the skies is going on as usual, if not stepping up in fact. They must convince you of the global warming and this freaky weather, which is all written down in their weather warfare treaties at the United Nations that they can use HAARP along with the spraying in the sky and bring all this to be. Lo and behold, we see it happening, but people are so ignorant and the media doesn’t tell them to wise up by giving them any facts about it, so, naturally, it's quite easy to do what you want with them.


We've been under war for a long time. Wars on the family. Wars on the individual. War after war after war. For wars you must have combatants, so you must always prepare sides to combat in a war, whether it's intra-family struggle or parents-to-children struggle.  You must prepare the war by giving indoctrinations to the two different sides; different indoctrinations to make sure the conflict will arise. Quite simple to do, only now it's done on a mass scale, much easier than ever before in history, through television, drama and fiction. They can get all so exciting; and when you get hooked on something emotionally, you're being brainwashed. When you're hooked on the story, there's always a hook in the story to make you follow it along and before you know it, you're being downloaded with little alterations in your perceptions of events or realities. Then, the next day, you’re parroting them as though they were your opinions—all trained through fiction.


In the Star Trek series, they had all the different alerts with their yellow, orange, red and all the rest of it. Now it's the normal. Here they are doing it in reality and it seems quite natural, just like Pavlovian training where you ring a bell and you react. Your nervous system goes into overdrive at the response or by the response or as a response to the sound; and the sound is simply a statement. Orange alert, orange alert or red alert, red alert, quite simple; and the more they do it, the more we’re being conditioned, even those who think “nothing will happen”; and they're generally right. It gets them ready for something. It conditions you. It pumps out the adrenaline, even when you think it's not affecting you. This makes it much easier to control you when you're living in a state of fear. That is the prime motive of governments with this kind of training. We've had Rumsfeld and others before spew out “coming and impending gloom” and then later admit that it was all just tests or frauds on the public.


They're on a roll and they can't stop now. If they need something real to happen, they will make it happen and point a finger somewhere else. Nothing new in that either. Read Machiavelli. He wasn't an inventor of these techniques either; he simply was trained in it. Much older archives existed than the people realized, archives of information on all these techniques going back at least thousands of years. They love to train children, prepare them and separate them from others who might have other conflicting opinions of other things. “Contaminated opinions,” as the Communists called them (and the capitalists in Britain, such as Bertrand Russell, called them), that would contaminate the children's minds with antiquated moralistic ideas, which would be detrimental to the State's ambitions.


Here's a letter I got from Barbara in the U.S.


             "Dear Alan: I've learned a lot listening to you and others through Red Ice Creations and other sites including yours. I have a 15-year old grandson who lives with me here in California. He's always been a logical and critical thinker. Since I have been learning about the propaganda matrix, I sometimes discuss things with him as they come up. Sometimes he thinks I’m out there too far, but mostly we agree. Last night he went to a movie called "Transformers", based on the action cartoons he watched as a child. Now I understand these transformer cartoons were where people or the heroes could turn their arms into machine guns or a bus or whatever tool you happened to need, and then they sold toys to back up the movie or the cartoons; and now they've made a movie, which is to make it more realistic. So the generations that were brought up with the cartoons can now see the movie. (She's talking about her 15-year old grandson).  Today we were driving and he said to me, "I think they're getting us ready for war with Iran by the Transformer movie." Apparently the settings are a superior militarized society. There's something about bringing a lot of ships into the Persian Gulf to fight the bad guys. This is, of course, actually happening. I don't know the details but I get the picture. He's caught on to the way the movies prepare us for things; and I thought of you."


Then she talks about some other things and thanks me for the work. This is a 15-year old coming to this conclusion by himself and perhaps with a little education from his grandmother. That's why they had to separate the grandparents from the child, because the grandparents had more time to teach the children of things of the past. If you know the past, you know the con games that can be pulled off again. If you don't know the past, they can pull off the exact same con games with no modification.  There is hope out there for some, because some are thinking. We're talking about the diabolical lengths with planners in high places. It's not difficult at all. They don't need aliens to tell them what to do. Evil people do exist in every generation. The psychopaths, who've been inbred for hundreds if not thousands of years, hire massive thinks tanks to find ways to manipulate each generation from kindergarten onward for their own purposes.


There has never been a time when the ability to give out so much information to the general public worldwide has existed, until now. Long before the public were given the Internet, many of the big boys published their own books on this coming technology; and, as always, since they belong to the military industrial complex, they always think in warfare terminology. They foresaw an information battle coming, because they work for the boys who control populations. They control history, the lords of time. It’s quite easy to be a lord of time when you can always rewrite history every generation. Not so difficult at all, is it? Yet they foresaw with this Internet, which is only a stepping stone to brainwashing us further and managing us all through this new change to their New World Order, an information war which is constantly ongoing. They foresaw not just an information war, because information simply is a method to get data into your mind; it's a war of the mind and a war for your mind. That's what it's all about.


The reality creators are the same people who decide what fiction you shall watch. The fiction becomes your reality, as you see the characters in Ninja outfits and detectives wearing SWAT team outfits storm places to save the public and children. Then you see it in your life and think it's quite natural. That prepares your mind for what comes as they upgrade you; and, yes, they are upgrading you just like a computer. Just like a computer program is updated every so often. It's not difficult at all to do this kind of thing worldwide when you control vast amounts of networks or information outlets, especially the official ones. The official ones which you've been brought up to watch on your 6 o'clock news since you were a child.


The general public can't imagine anyone going to such lengths as to even kill their own people if need be and blame someone else. They can't imagine real people, human beings, doing that. That's why they get away with it. This is the oldest ploy in history, being pulled off once again. They are upgrading us into their next stage of the New World Order to bring us through a period of incredible intensified intergenerational crisis, so at the end of it we emerge as a completely new type of society with new morals and new normals, which are given to us by the State. In their mind: a society which is more efficient. Not only will no independent thinking be allowed, it will be impossible to have independent thoughts because they're going to brain chip you. That's what it's all about.


Once you raise a single generation from birth into ongoing “wolf, wolf, everywhere there's a wolf” and the boy cries wolf and the military occupations of your country become normal. This police state worldwide becomes the normal. They’re brought up with video games and their heroes are all the guys in black outfits. Then you are in hell. Then the generation after them is fixed in that and they'll think it's always been like that. There will be no one to tell them there was a time when people had rights. There was a time when they couldn't lock you up without charge. There was a time when they couldn't come after you without a warrant, which they had to justify to the public when asked. A generation brought up from birth into constant terrorism and police state will be ruthless; and he will serve his boss, his paymaster, with ruthless efficiency believing he is doing the normal right thing by obeying any order given to him.


I've talked before of how Professor Carroll Quigley, the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, kept their records. They keep their own histories. They always have a historian, an official one at the Pratt Center in New York. They are the American wing of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a Crown chartered organization which really serves the parallel government of the elite. They don't have to do anything through Parliament. They bypass it. Many of their members are in Parliaments and governments in high civil service positions. They have no one to answer to, because in reality, we don't have a democracy anywhere. You have a show. It was more of a show during the Cold War because they had to emulate some of the social values of the Soviet Union. Now that it's over, they take all those social values away, which was always their intent because we're looking at the ongoing feudal system that's been here for a long, long time of very, very rich and wealthy families owning the world.


Countless generations of people have been born, lived and died never knowing a reality but the one given to them, officially stamped by the State. Never knowing why their lives were always up and down like a yo-yo. Never knowing that all the wars that countries were involved in were planned ahead of time, often before they were even born. Never knowing that the depressions and recessions, inflations and deflations and all this rubbish was a ploy to keep them all off balance, nervous and fearful. What was the outcome of all of that? It was the destruction of family units; because when times get tough and people are under pressure, arguments begin. Accusations begin. It's always someone else's fault because the real people keep silent and don't point out the facts to the ordinary person of what's really behind it.


It's no different from the cloud spraying we see going on every day, week after week, month after month, year after year, across the world and the storms that are being created. It’s weather warfare. Above all the hype from the media on global warming, global warming, you're the problem, you're the problem, is weather warfare by a combined elite of the planet using science. They've signed treaties at the United Nations about weather warfare. Do your own work. Search them out. You'll get all the data you want, including earthquakes with HAARP combined with the spraying. Having created tsunamis and patented bombs as early as 1945, bombs which were to be dropped and drilled by submarine into crevices deep under the water to begin tsunamis. They were going to use them on Japan before they dropped the A-bomb.


The weather warfare you'll find in the treaties at the United Nations. Look into the HAARP technologies H-A-A-R-P because the HAARP has intensified in its efficiency when the air is saturated with metallic particles and that's partly what's coming down apart from I'm sure drugs which dope the people from the aerial spraying that's going on. Then you have the battle for the mind continuing with all kinds of weird and bizarre propaganda from all sides because we are at the end of an age and these are the keepers of the histories of the world and the ages.


At the end of an age, they have ORDO, a new ORDO, Order Out of Chaos (ORDO AB CHAO). That is what they're doing. Complete chaos until the person is dizzy, not knowing who to believe or what to believe; but the last thing that they've been trained to believe in is themself. “Don't think for yourself, whatever you do.”  They cling to the experts. Experts from religion to science, to whatever, will have you running in circles and fascinating you, but never, ever giving you answers or the truth. That's the battle for the mind. That's chaos, it's intentional and it's happening now.


In any detective story, the evidence is gathered by collecting clues. Look into what's being published by the big players, the famous names who work for the World Organizations. Look into their own books and see for yourself what they've said. If you can't do it for yourself, you'll be happily misled by all other counter-experts who work for the same side. Some are working for them, while others are simply misled themselves, so you have the blind leading the blind. That's where we stand today with all of this. We're going into chaos time, but the main danger, apart from the fact we're all under war right now, is warfare being used against the population. It's in your food. It's in your water. It has been for a long time. It's in the inoculations. It's in the spraying from the skies. It's in all the propaganda; but the main threat, once that is discussed, will definitely be the fact that you cannot allow a generation to grow up from birth into a world where terrorism, terrorism everywhere is the normal.


A good movie to watch is called "Brazil" by Terry Gilliam, one of the Monty Python writers. It's a comedy, reality sketch because he knows what's going on. Behind the comedy, you'll see the reality of a world where the largest building is called the Department of Information, for information on every subject on the planet. Down below that and all the forces that take care of the population is a massive bureaucracy dealing with all of this in a socialistic fashion. SWAT teams that come through people’s roofs, cart them off and kill them as an everyday occurrence. Even when names are wrong or spelled wrong and the wrong people are killed, it's just "oops, how do we cover our tracks?"  It's all done in a comedy format because comedy can bypass arguments and get to the point through humor. Check into this. See that movie. You'll find in this movie, which is bizarre at times with its comedy, bombs go off in shopping malls and in restaurants as a daily occurrence. No one ever sees a terrorist, mind you, but that's the justification for having this monolithic system; and that is exactly what we're going into right now. The end justifies the means and they will use whatever means necessary to have their way. It's up to the people to decide now which way this world will go.


For those who are completely selfish, I've got nothing to say to you. For those who care, you have to start getting active now because time is running short, and shortly no one will be able to speak at all. When the end of sentient thought and even confused thought exists no more, you'll have a very, very dark planet. For those who hear my talks, please help out with donations because this is a one-man band, pretty well. I have some help from people that I don't even see, who help me occasionally with the Internet and stuff. This is a hectic life, which I would never choose, but I know there is no option to this when you understand there's no option. You must do what you must do while there is time.


From Hamish and myself, it's good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



"Teach Your Children Well" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young


You who are on the road
Must have a code that you can live by
And so become yourself
Because the past is just a good bye.

Teach your children well,
Their father's hell did slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked, the one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.

And you, of tender years,
Can't know the fears that your elders grew by,
And so please help them with your youth,
They seek the truth before they can die.

Teach your parents well,
Their children's hell will slowly go by,
And feed them on your dreams
The one they picked, the one you'll know by.

Don't you ever ask them why, if they told you, you would cry,
So just look at them and sigh and know they love you.



(Transcribed by Linda)