ALAN WATT    BLURB (i.e. Educational Talk):


"The Negation of Human Affect

in the Age of Darwinistic Technocracy"


June 15, 2007



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Hi folks, I'm Alan Watt, and this is and on June 15, 2007. For those of you who tuned into RBN for today's broadcast that I was going to be on with Michael Herzog, it seems to have been cancelled because there was a big power outage, after a storm went through their area down south which took down the power lines. These storms are going to be more and more common as the environmental aerial alchemists speed up the process of spraying the skies and causing the warming, combined with the HAARP technologies that I've talked about previously. For those of you who've watched the 'Wizard of Oz', you will see the little men behind the curtain, the professor, can pull so many scientific tricks that to those around it seems to be magic. That's what it is: it's magic – to those who don't know. Magic is just science not explained to the general public. It's an interesting phenomenon too, just to point out the spraying when it's really bad overhead, and you notice their blank stares, because the mind has already been conditioned that anything of importance must be told to them by the news and they will deny their own sensibilities - their own senses – automatically: they're trained to do so.


For me it's interesting to notice when people phone up and there is a television blaring in the background. You'd think you were listening to a zoo at feeding time, with the squeals and howls and weird noises that come from it, but the daily viewer has been gradually brought up to the different levels and through different levels to accept this as normal. Everything becomes normal, given time and repetition. They don't see and can't equate with the past, or even the recent past, two years or three years or four years ago, or even to '99, when they started to do all this flashing advertising that really started to affect people in a big way. Subliminals are just bombarded at them. Their comedies are not even hysterical: they're beyond that, they're bizarre. The canned laughter automatically just makes people join in - that's why canned laughter is there. Sure enough, it's a conditioned response: if they do it often enough then they'll automatically laugh, even if they don't know what they're laughing at. That's how bizarre this thing has got.


However, it's all been designed that way, and all changes on television and formats worldwide happened at the same time on regular across-country, across the world talkshows – FM/AM, which are brought to you daily by your favourite people, of course, because you always get to think that you know your favourite people, they keep them there for years. Would they lie to you? Some of you have grown up with them, so these talk shows give you your thoughts for the day, they give you your arguments for the day. They'll also bring you to your conclusions on those argumentative topics for the day. It's the Delphi Technique, here's what's happening: do you believe on this, or do you believe on that?  Then, sure enough, like trained Pavlovian dogs, the people phone in all heated up and bothered, joining one side or the other. That's how simply it is done; you’re conditioned, conditioned, conditioned; conditioned through various levels of political correctness, without even knowing that's what it is. The new Soviet, the worldwide Soviet, with fascism at the top, above the bureaucrats, above the politicians, and the bureaucracies are run on a communistic style basis, to run the people in a collective at the bottom. The people are there to serve the state, the world state - in actuality it's here, and by 2012 they'll probably announce it openly for those who, the vast majority, have never clued into it. Not that they'll be angry about it, they're ready for it. The public are ready for any change at all, in fact, to be brought down the pike, they are quite happy being socialised into the belief that their betters; those superior people who are invisible to them – they know they're there, up there somewhere – are taking care of all the major problems, while they can play. Work and play. They're quite happy with that: a contented slave population has been the goal of tyrants for thousands of years.


Most of it is illusion, of course, because when people try to find those safety nets that they thought were there to help them in times of need, they find out they're nothing like what they envisaged: they're nothing like the dramas and the soaps on television had given them the impression that they are. When they go for justice into courts, they've no idea what they're walking into. They certainly won't find the lawyers who are dedicated and believe in fighting for a person's rights. It's a big club, it's a Masonic club, and the big club is the gavel which the judge hits on the table, like all Masonic openings. Justice came from the French word 'to joust': the knights would joust on a field in display with an audience, only the nobility were allowed to participate, the commoners trying to do that would be killed by the nobility because you could never pretend to have ‘true blood’ when you're a commoner; it was a form of sacrilege. Once in a blue moon a knight would take on a competition on behalf of some of the commoners. That's where the whole thing of a lawyer standing in between you came from: the solicitor, the sun man, the 'sol', would stand for you. It was judged by the person who was knocked off his horse, being the loser. The one who was still seated was the winner. That was conclusive as to who was right and wrong in the justice system. Power, might, skill won; bad luck, or a wind in the wrong direction, or having the sun in your eyes could mean you were the loser: that's what justice is. Justice today, of course, can be bought. It has always been that way.


Years ago there was a British lord who was caught with a young secretary in his car. He'd hit a lamppost or something, he was behind the wheel, he was charged with being drunk and disorderly. Here he was next on the British newspapers' front page saying that he would buy justice, wait and see, even though all the evidence pointed to him being behind the wheel and drunk. Sure enough, he got off with it - and he came back on the media and he was back on the front pages of the newspapers saying I told you so. Because you see for the nobility there are separate laws, always have been. The whole idea of being judged by your peer group meant that you'd only be judged by the aristocracy, the nobility. Nobility have different rules for themselves with regard to social conduct and social laws. So he was telling the truth, he knew he'd get off with it because commoner laws, the ones meant for the masses, didn't apply to him.


I've talked quite a bit on the coming integration of technology with the humans themselves being integrated into computerised systems of the virtual reality - and from the top think-tanks who know it's feasible, because the top think-tanks have information that it's already been done - they know how to do it, it's all ready to go. The computer was just a step-by-step process of getting you to accept something like this very gradually – gradualism always works in society – while the end product, which was the final goal – was always the goal, from the very beginning, before you even got a computer, before they told you the real intent. Those guys in Hollywood who wrote science fiction knew all this because they were given some of the information to write stories around, to get you familiar with the idea of being integrated into a virtual reality ultimately. That's what they do with Hollywood: it gives you predictive programming. When you get the information you're not aware that you're being downloaded with an idea, and because you think you're being entertained – entertainment is far better than a lecture because the 'sensor', that part which censors what's coming in and out, your shield, is down, you're being entertained, you think.


What I'm about to read is on this very topic of the phasing out of computers as they bring in the rest, and this is from information society technologies, if you look up: web projects

The IST Project fact sheet, which they call 'ambient agoras', ‘agoras’, is a very high occultic word. Like Viagra and 'Gore' and 'Als' of that nature and ilk.



"Dynamic Information Clouds in a Hybrid World (AMBIENT AGORAS)".


This organisation, I believe, is based in Germany in München.


The Project AMBIENT AGORAS aims at providing situated services place-relevant information and feeling of the place, which is called 'genius loci' to users, so that they feel at home in an office.


They’re talking about a virtual office.


This is achieved by using information technology, IT, in an innovative way, combined via ambient displays embedded in the environment and mobile devices that are used in a combined way. 'Ambient agoras' adds a layer of information-based services to the place, enabling the user to communicate for help, guidance, work or fun. It integrates info into the architectural environment by means of smart artifacts.


They’re talking about chips all over your home, all over the streets, and so on.


The computer as a device disappears as the functionality is available in an ubiquitous and invisible fashion. Finally, 'ambient agoras' augment reality by providing better affordances to existing places. It aims at turning everyday places into social marketplaces…


Isn't it going to be wonderful when you walk along one of your favourite little walks and you're being bombarded with hallucinations really – that's how it will appear to some, other ones will think they're having visions as these characters appear out of thin air above your head to sell you something. What fun.


…where people can meet and interact. Project Ambient Agoras aims at providing situated services placing relevant information and feeling of the place, the 'genius loci' to users so that they feel at home in the office.


They keep repeating the same stuff over again. Then it goes on to the objectives:


Ambient Agoras is a project which addresses the office environment as an integrated organisation located in a physical environment and having particular information needs both at a collective level of organisation, and at the personal level of the worker.


The worker will be of the collective, of course.


The project promotes an approach at designing the individual as well as team interaction and physical environments augmented as well as physical artifacts to support collaboration. Information or informal communication, enhanced quality of life –


Oh, enhancing: it's amazing how everything that's being pushed like electronics is going to enhance you, like improve you. Better designed, ideal design: ID.


It will eventually cause a disappearance of computing devices, they'll use sensing technologies such as badges or tags, smart artifacts, ambient displays, mobile devices, tables, walls and emergent functionalities of two or more artifacts working together. During the course of the project these technologies are to be tested for user feedback and evaluated with different methods by setting up pilot installations in the work environment of the partner, EDF. Since the use of sensing technology for the detection of people raises issues of privacy, the project investigates these aspects in parallel to system design and technology development.


In other words, they're finding ways around people's resistance to it before we even get it, which is pretty standard.


Description of work approach: in our approach we're combining two perspectives that can be taken towards the issue of how the computer will disappear. We propose that the disappearance can happen in two ways: via physical disappearance, by becoming very small due to miniaturisation, via the mental disappearance of devises due to becoming invisible because they're integrated, embedded in the physical environment, such as the walls, floors, tables and around us.


Of course what they don't tell you here is: also in us.


They're not considered as computer devices any more, but as augmented elements of the environment.


These guys don't want to change the environment, eh?


In the latter case the resulting artifacts can be even quite large, but their appearance is transformed so that they are perceived as everyday artifacts that are augmented for communicative and cooperative situations, thus people will move the computer device character in the background and the functionality in the foreground. This approach has implications for the design of interacting with computers respectively with resulting compound artifacts, interaction with them becomes more and more implicit and is to a large degree triggered by sensors that detect people and objects in their neighbourhood.


For those who want to check it out, they have a list at the bottom of the page: how long it's been up and running; the costs of this project is 3.28 million Euros. This is only one company and it was started up in 2001. This one, I think, went on until 2003, but no doubt it was transformed to another name. They had 1.64 million euro donated as well, that's probably from the government. The governments are behind this, you'll find. It has been tested out in Germany, France and some other countries. It's also related to the European Commission which helps the funding, and Information Society and Media, DG; the web I'm reading from is the IST web. You can go on from there if you want more details. This is coming up more and more, of course, as even the ones who are enthusiastic about it, meaning those who work in these areas, are pushing more and more and getting more and more funding to implement this. As I say, the funding for research and augmentation and implementation is what determines the direction of society. That's why the big foundations work hand in glove with the governments, often members of governments are also board members of the foundations, or have been, or will be again, etc. That's how you run and shape and direct the future.


This future is to create a world peace where most people can't think for themselves, they will not be able to even perceive of themselves as individuals and for an elite dominant minority at the top you will have in fact a form of world peace. Except the elite, being psychopaths, then won't have much fun - and pulling the wool over people's eyes isn't much fun, if you've broken all the legs of the sheep and they're all down, you can only kick them so long and hear the occasional squeal until you're bored with that. These psychopaths eventually will have to turn on each other, because there's only one throne at the top, and each one of them wants to sit on it as the first ‘king of the world.’


There are those who will always believe in the reality given to them by the newspapers, by the magazines, by television and radio, that we’re just evolving naturally towards a specific goal. Long ago they talked about creating an egosyntonic or egocentric society. An egocentric society is almost a psychopathic society where human values would cease to revolve around the tribe, the people or the nation: you'd become self-centred and the world would revolve around you. Your senses would have to be appeased - for those who understand addictions of all kinds, you realise that it's easy for marketing companies to exploit the senses and you see the effects all over the place, especially with advertising for food and take-out. Just look at the families that crowd in there at weekends to their favourite places and mouths all sit and chew and chew this rubbish that they eat. They're generally very overweight but undernourished, as there's no value of nutrition in what they're eating, however you couldn't stop them going there because it's full of MSG, which makes it addictive. These are little factories, it's like a bunch of chickens all in the coop, just chewing and chewing away. I never go into those places, because it's very depressing to watch.


The people are egocentric; we know that, in fact, from all the studies on muggings and rapes that have happened in broad daylight in some cities over the years, where even people standing at bus stops can see something happening and no one goes to stop it. Mind you, part of that is conditioning too, because they're terrified that the police will arrest them should they injure the nasty character. This is intentional too, to break up natural responses of helping each other, protecting each other – and we saw this very, very well depicted well by the media over and over – they love this repetition of over and over – of emotive pictures with the hurricane, or tornado, that went through New Orleans. People sitting on rooftops and slipping into the water, while those next door were not allowed to go and help them, by FEMA. Now this is intentional and the viewers were put under a spell too, because they kept showing you helicopters flying over and not even dropping anything which was needed to the people; it gives a feeling of helplessness and inevitability - it breaks a form of bond between the natural response, which is really the survival of everyone. It puts you in a category where you're all victims, including the watchers. This is psychological warfare, repeated over and over. They first tried these techniques with racing cars and once in a while the news will bring one up with a “spectacular crash,” which is part of the reason they all go, and literally that same crash over and over and over and over, ad nauseaum. The same technique was well rehearsed, obviously, because every television station, the planet right away went into overdrive in fact. With the twin towers, as we saw, or appeared to see, planes going in – the same plane going in over and over and over for days. That's psychic driving – psychic trauma, which is intentional, because to get a war going that you've planned for years you've got to make the igniting incident overwhelm the viewers, to get them emotionally involved. It's psychological warfare, well-understood in higher military quarters and specialised departments. However, the breaking of the individual from the individual was always the goal of totalitarian governments and systems, the real system is above the government; the government is only part of the system.


It is interesting that really there's nothing real under the sun when it comes to explaining philosophies, or in some cases, new sciences, as it's sometimes called, such as psychiatry or psychology. I've read a piece before from Carl Gustav Jung's book called "The Undiscovered Self". He talks about the shadow side of people. The shadow side is the deep unconscious sea which participates in decision making, because it's through your emotions that it can get its own way over an intellect or rationality, at times. As I say, it's always easier to do the wrong thing than the right thing.


He's talking in this book about some of the things he saw coming back in the 40s and 50s, the old argument was who was more powerful - the individual or the group? We know that everything that has some kind of power today in the authorised structure are authorised groups, affiliated as members with the United Nations.



Carl Jung on p.102 talks about the individual man.


He says:


The individual man knows that as an individual being he is more or less meaningless and feels himself the victim of uncontrollable forces, but, on the other hand, he harbours within himself a dangerous shadow and opponent who is involved as an invisible helper in the dark machinations of the political monster. It is in the nature of political bodies always to see the evil in the opposite group…


The same with people, of course, and tribes.


…just as the individual has an irrevocable tendency to get rid of everything he does not know and does not want to know…


And that's more important:  he doesn't want to know about himself.


…by foisting it off on somebody else.


In other words, take out the big spike in your own eye before you criticise others, or people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones; it’s been said over and over and over again, much more simply.


Nothing has a more divisive and more alienating effect upon society than this moral complacency and lack of responsibility and nothing promotes understanding and rapprochement more than a mutual draw of projections.


We project onto others that which we don't want to see or admit to within ourselves.


This necessarily corrective requires self-criticism, for one cannot just tell the other person to withdraw them. He does not recognise them for what they are any more than one does oneself. We can recognise our prejudices and delusions only when from a broader psychological knowledge of ourselves and others we are prepared to doubt the absolute rightness of our own assumptions and compare them carefully and conscientiously with the objective facts.


We see this with the politicians, with their goals, and the band leaders – Bush and Blair, etc., as they demonise the enemy – the standard strategy to get the public whipped up behind them they always demonise, dehumanise the enemy, while they themselves have done far worse at home – far worse actually, when you're in the know of what's been happening with their own populations over a long period of time – inoculations, autism and debilitating diseases, often which come out of laboratories. But no, they can always point overseas somewhere at someone who's different – dresses differently, talks a different language, has different customs - and that's them projecting their own hatred outside of themselves, onto others.


We can recognise our prejudices and illusions only when from a broader psychological knowledge of ourselves and others we are prepared to doubt the absolute rightness of our assumptions and compare them carefully and conscientiously with objective facts. Funnily enough, self-criticism is an idea much in vogue in Marxist countries, but there they're subordinated to ideological considerations and must serve the state and not truth and justice and men's dealings with one another. The mass state has no intention of promoting mutual understanding in the relationship of man to man – it strives rather from atomisation for the psychic isolation of the individual. The more unrelated individuals are to each other, the more consolidated the state becomes and vice versa.


I'll read that last part again, because it's very pertinent to this topic I'm on about today. That's what we're in today, the collective, they chose the collective society long ago, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Club of Rome, has been the ideal state for managing the populace by a bureaucracy, though above them of course as I've said before are the fascist ones who interbreed, believe in eugenics, believe they are superior. However, all those below are really run by a communistic system of sameness – everyone must be the same, have the same opinions, be politically correct.


The mass state has no intention of promoting mutual understanding and the relationship of man to man. It strives, rather, for atomisation – for the psychic isolation of the individual. The more unrelated individuals are, the more consolidated the state becomes and vice versa.


Then he goes on to say:


There can be no doubt that in democracies too the distance between man and man is much greater than is conducive to public welfare or beneficial to our psychic needs. True, all sorts of attempts are being made to levelling social contrasts by appealing to people's idealism, enthusiasm and ethical conscience, but characteristically one forgets to apply the necessary self-criticism to answer the question of who is making the idealistic demand? Is it perchance someone who jumps over his own shadow, his own unconscious, in order to hurl himself avidly on an idealistic programme that promises him a welcome alibi, an alibi for his real intent.



That, of course, is what the psychopath does. The psychopath smells the crowd – what they want, what they want to hear, and he becomes the champion; it's been used over and over. Once he has authority over the people, he's off on tangents the public never suspected. That is part of the problem today: the public have been trained, and they also have tribal instincts, regardless of the era that we live in, we have natural tribal instincts, where we want to deify almost leaders. At one time the leaders lived like the people, they had no more possessions than the people, but through the introduction of money, which gave them power and more material wealth, and then the standing armies, they placed themselves perpetually – and their offspring – in power.



On page 105 of "The Undiscovered Self", Jung says this:


Reflections of this kind should not be taken as superfluous sentimentalities, the question of human relationship and of the inner cohesion of the society is an urgent one in the view the atomisation of the pent-up mass-man whose personal relationships are undermined by a sense of mistrust. Wherever justice is uncertain…


Now, listen to this:


Wherever justice is uncertain and police spying and terror are at work, human beings fall into isolation, which of course is the aim and purpose of the dictator state, since it is based on the greatest possible accumulation of depotentiated social units. To counter this danger the free society needs a bond of an effective, (emotional – that is), effective nature – a principle of a kind like caritas - the Christian love of your neighbour. But it's just a love for one's fellow man that suffers most of all from the lack of understanding wrought by projection.


This last part is so important:


Wherever justice is uncertain and police spying and terror are at work --


The war on terror is a war of terror, well understood in revolutionary circles for a long, long time – hundreds and hundreds of years.  The double-speak of the psychopath is to project it and distort it until you think it's out there somewhere and you're having a war against it, and in fact the dictator state, which is spying on every individual, is total information network, as it is called now. With the occasional show on television as they take down families or individuals who don't quite comply, or are suspect in some way or other – the exact same techniques used in the Soviet system, which shouldn't surprise us, as they have people who worked for the KGB working now for the Pentagon and for the White House.  The same techniques are in use as they rush forward to the next part of this plan – this revolutionary plan of total domination –


Wherever justice is uncertain and police spying and terror are at work –


– It's to terrorise the public who view this. Human beings fall into isolation, they don't communicate with each other, except on a very superficial, automatic level, such as: 'have a nice day', 'how are you today?', 'the weather is nice', 'the weather could be better', 'how about them Jays, eh?' - or whatever other sports team is in vogue right now. That is all they can say to each other without worrying about saying the wrong thing and being reported. As it says here, the ideal, which never happened of course, because ideals seldom do, but the ideal of Christian love of your neighbour, a form of caritas, should overcome this, but it suffers because we project onto everyone else who's different all of our own fears. When people are being heavily criticised as a group, such as people coming in from other countries, it's because the person who sees them coming in is fearful of them, fearful of losing what he thinks or she thinks is his or her culture being invaded. Things are projected onto them, their own fears are turned around: you project your fears onto those who come in, and yes, there's no doubt about it, when it comes in en masse, as all governments at the top know, you do have culture clashes for a while, because there are great differences within customs, and ways of living. This has also been used to tighten up control over all peoples, including the newcomers, because to those at the top, the white peasant, the yellow peasant, the brown peasant, the black peasant, is still one big group of what they call ‘junk genes.’ Otherwise, you'd be up there with the elite. They think all evolution has been at a stasis for too long and all those very wealthy, rich families, who have held on to power and wealth down through generations, have proven their superiority, is that they've proven their superior genes that they have. The rest of you commoners, well, you're junk genes, and therefore you're fair game to be exploited. The natural way of the predator, you might say, that's how a predator and a psychopath views the people.


The antidote to this, as Jung said, is to extend and put down your shield for a while, and test the waters to see how that works, because people must come together. They must come together, or they're doomed, they're all doomed together if they don't. The global elite have no favourite peoples, no matter what some think.


When global government was planned, a long time ago, not just global government, the real intent of global government, not the intent sold to those who would help them bring it about, the real intent was always to arrive and surpass where we are today, the track we're on, by a small group with a superiority complex. To do so, they lied. They're very good at lying, and they believe they have the right to do it, they call it the ‘noble lie.’ The masses won't understand, poor dears, they're all too stupid, they're in the dark, they are the profane, as they would say, therefore we have to lie to them like children for the greater good of all, you understand. That's how they talk to each other. Therefore they drew up the League of Nations, then the United Nations, with all these high-sounding terms of how it was going to free people to be more individualistic, and how it would bring all peoples together at the same time, and that everyone's culture and way of life would be respected: the big lie, you see. While now we see them bombing their way across the planet and blowing to smithereens all those cultures which are different and yet have survived for thousands of years, and who are pretty well independent, and where the individuals are still pretty independent. They would be bombed and bombed and bombed until they gave up their culture, and they gave up their way of life and they became dominated and interdependent. There's something you can always count on with psychopathy is their ability to always lie to get their way; sad but true.


People have short-term memories, they're overladen on a daily basis with tons of frivolity mixed with horror called “news” and “entertainment” that they can't hold on to the pertinent things that happen in their own lifetime: they forget, they have no memory. Yet, what we allow to happen to others today, much, much worse will therefore come along tomorrow, on those who allow it all to happen and say nothing. Because the end product of democracy is not even a democracy that you thought, that was another noble lie; the democracy was a planned society like planned parenthood, like abortion, forced on the public, forced on societies: an atheistic society for the general populace, ultimately. Maybe a little pantheism dabbed in there, so they go along with helping Mother Earth by sterilising themselves. But really it's for a small group to have peace in their time by lobotomising us in one way or another and using us as the building blocks, the material, to create better, more willing servants, more efficient servants. After all, they keep telling us over and over, we're only animals, we just evolved from the animals. Now ordinary people believe that too, with no proof; what a great way to make people give up their sacredness within each other and towards each other and it's worked very, very well.


In the old Soviet system in the cities, people would walk through the streets with their heads down. They didn't want to make eye contact, you didn't know who was watching you, or what camera was watching you, or what little smile or gesture might be misinterpreted by the police who were looking at you through their screens. Or someone might turn you in as being a form of thought criminal, not quite politically correct, but that's all around you today. The children are all indoctrinated in it. Nothing in this system developed by chance, it was all coordinated this way - the step towards complete annihilation of the conscious mind, of the individual. Remember that the United Nations declared war on individualism. The sameness – to be one, you must all be the same – one, to be one, U.N.: 'un', one. For those who enable this system to come about, their usefulness will eventually be over too. For those who get more material awards, more privileges, it is to be called, in this upcoming society, this utopia, where some are more equal than others, they will be called the new nomads, as they travel from one bureaucratic office across the planet to the next. This was described by Jacques Attali in his book, "Millennium", subtitled, "Winners and losers in the coming new world order". Their life will be full of little rewards but a lot of monotony. Can you imagine travelling across the world and seeing the sameness everywhere to go? Nothing to entreat you, nothing to fascinate you by other cultures. Can you imagine that, how boring it would be? This land of the Borg, the zombie, as they then rush forward to the next part, which is re-creating new types of humans, interfacing with computers and being a battery for energy. Your brain will be used to compute by masters above you, you will never know even exist. In fact, you won't even be sure of your own existence. This is the wonders, because once they displace one god, they simply replace it with another, and science is a very cold, uncaring master.


Sorry for the rushed blurb, but I was going to put on the RBN show, which was cancelled, due to power outages down in the States, because of a big storm they went through. I'd like to remind people that they can donate to me, don't get peeved if I don't respond to you: I'm overworked, overloaded, on my own here, but I do appreciate people who do send the occasional – and there are a few, a very few, who do this – donations to keep me going. I'll keep going as long as I can, and when I can't, I won't, I'll be gone. I know what I say is having an effect, I know there are people using this now in universities and colleges, the various talks I give. I know there are groups from around the world discussing the material, and for that I'm glad I've done something worthwhile. That’s it from me for tonight. It's going to be a busy week: I've got to get wood in and do a whole bunch of things which can't be done too late in the year. With the long winter here, you have to do so much to fix things outside while you do have the weather to do it.  I'll be busy with that, very busy this summer. From Hamish and myself, it's goodnight, and may your god, or your gods, go with you.


DOG EAT DOG - Lyrics by Joni Mitchell


It's dog eat dog--I'm just waking up

The dove is in the dungeon

And the whitewashed hawks pedal hate and call it love

Dog Eat Dog

Holy hope in the hands of

Snakebite evangelists and racketeers

And bigwig financiers


On prime time crime the victim begs

Money is the road to justice

And power walks it on crooked legs


Holy hope in the hands of

Snakebite evangelists and racketeers

And big wig financiers


Where the wealth's displayed

Thieves and sycophants parade

And where it's made--

the slaves will be taken

Some are treated well

In these games of buy and sell

And some like poor beasts

Are burdened down to breaking


It's dog eat dog, ain't it Flim-Flam man

Dog eat dog, you can lie, cheat, skim, scam

Beat'em any way you can

Dog eat Dog

You'll do well in this land of

Snakebite evangelists and racketeers

You could get to be

A big wig financier


Land of snap decisions

Land of short attention spans

Nothing is savored

Long enough to really understand

In every culture in decline

The watchful ones among the slaves

Know all that is genuine will be

Scorned and conned and cast away


Dog eat dog

People looking, seeing nothing

Dog eat dog

People listening, hearing nothing

Dog eat dog

People lusting, loving nothing

Dog eat dog

People stroking, touching nothing

Dog eat dog

Knowing nothing

Dog eat dog