February 8, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – February 8, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)





Hi folks. I'm Alan Watt. This is Today is February 8th 2007.


We're speeding along here on an agenda, well written about, just not widely publicized on the television set – you know, that deformed piece of you-know-what that sits on the cabinet in everyone's home. The books that published the agenda for reengineering humanity are all over the universities for those in university, but not generally in your public library. Some get through. Some are old and are discarded. People don't read them. They think that anything that's old must be terrible and they've been conditioned to believe this. In fact, that conditioning process has been speeding up more and more. New is good. Old is bad. So we tend not to look into the past too much and that's where most of the answers lay.


Going back to the 1800's even, you can look through books on people within the Rosicrucian and Freemasonic societies, the ones who are a bit higher up, and you can see all the traces of the reengineering process, which they knew eventually they would arrive at through science and medicine.


Mary Shelley the wife of the poet, Shelley, both basically were employed to write stuff about this coming new order of the world, but Mary wrote about Frankenstein and how science would eventually get to the stage where they could cannibalize body parts, trying to create a more perfected, stronger human. They put the twist in the tale to get the viewers watching. They must always write a story of drama in their conditioning, the predictive programming, so that we will follow it to the end, so they added in that everything is perfect except the brain they put in this creature through a mistake, a human folly and deception.


Yet they were well aware back then, those in the know, of where they were going. They knew that science could and would take us to and through a whole bunch of stages of acceptance. It's easy to get people to accept the gradual changes through conditioning them by fear – fear of plagues, disease, all of these things, and then offering them the help, the antidote to the fear.  Who would have believed the way you've been trained in the exoteric world that there could possibly be hidden agendas tucked in to the help package.


Prior to World War II and the advent of penicillin, doctors really weren't of much use really. The antibiotics really are what made the whole medical profession take off and get some respect for the first time. You called doctors in usually towards the end of a life. They didn't know much more than the patient's relatives knew. Keep them warm. Let them sweat it out. They'll either recover or they won't. The signs and symptoms were easy do diagnose, but really they had very few treatments for things.


They were using the same medicines prior to the antibiotics as the veterinarians were using and it was the same deal.  In fact, the vets were more essential in a sense. Probably because they got more truth given to them since animals, especially farming animals in business was more important than people, so they had certain treatments which worked great with sheep and cattle et cetera. However, in the human populations nothing much was done to give people any leg up over disease.


Tuberculosis used to be rampant. What we do know is that the incredibly crowded conditions that emerged out of the industrial era in Europe when they took the people off the land and forced them into the cities to work on mass, and they died on mass too, getting pitiful wages in the 16 hours per day.  They were very prone to all the diseases that were going around at that time because they had no bodily defenses. Their diet was terrible. They couldn't afford the higher quality foods. They were stunted in growth and it was terrible because even Malthus, who wrote the "Essay on Population" for the big companies in the 1700's, commented on the differences between the better farming people and those who worked for their lords. They still had tenant farmers. They still do actually in Britain. Prince Charles owns lots of them. He doesn't do the work. The tenants do the work.  I don't know why it's always TEN-ANTS, but that's the way it is.


You'll find that Malthus talked about the size of those and the robust structure of those who had more access to better foods and the "runt quality," as he described it, of those who are malnourished who are wide open to diseases. The only thing with Malthus, he was advocating that more people were turned into runts so that they'd die off quicker because he had to match his books up. He was a good bookkeeper, as being an economist and too much population equals X-amount of money, it doesn't go, so you get rid of so much of the population. Even in his day Britain had already decided to put the cotton factories elsewhere and put thousands, maybe some millions of people out of work in the big cotton factories in England.


Everything revolves around economics in this system. The human part of it is almost secondary – it is secondary. Well, it used to be secondary. Actually, it's fallen even lower than secondary, it's down there. They don't need all of the human power anymore. We find with the coming of the League of Nations, the LON for the lion, we find they had all the answers to all of this through science and medicine, and that everyone eventually would be inoculated worldwide and every infectious disease would be destroyed. Quite the confident bunch.


Then we find even with the League of Nations prior to the United Nations they had another agenda too, which was the precursor of the World Health Organization and the Population Control Council to bring the populations down. The Population Control Councils even today with the UN don't go around saying, "please don't procreate."  So what do they do?  What do they do?  Do you think they're being paid for sitting there making wish lists of how to drastically reduce the populations? The answer is no. They have their own agenda. That's what they're there for and they must fulfill it silently by various forms of sterilization, which they've been caught at more than once, with for instance the free tetanus shots they gave out to people in India and Africa, where millions of women eventually got sterilized by attaching an upgraded mutated created bacterium onto hormones which went right to the ovaries and caused massive inflammation and fibrosed them.


Where is the kind of World Court that would try these characters?  Well, there isn't one you see. They are the World Court too. In fact, the boys that put them there control the World Court as well. You won't see them up for any kind of war crime. They do it with the cooperation of the big pharmaceutical companies that make the inoculations and the bacterial warfare groups that work for the military in every country, mainly U.S. and Britain. What a sweet bunch. They've been caught so many times doing their nefarious deeds, yet they always just brush it off and come back with propaganda of how they're helping people and the public go back to sleep.


We know for instance that the polio vaccine put out years ago back in the '50's was laced with simian viruses. Live simian viruses and they convinced whole countries to give this to their people to the public and generally it was the mothers that took their children in innocently believing and trustingly believing that the doctor, the God, was going to help the child because that's how you're trained to think. The doctor doesn't know any better because he's been told all that he needs to know as well through his training. Yet even the doctor doesn't have the facilities to check out what's in that vaccine. It's all based on trust and faith, faith-based.


After the Salk vaccines, Dr. Salk, who was into eugenics himself, by the way, this great hero that wanted to eradicate polio and become famous, his prior books that he put out in works and publications were on behalf often of the Eugenicists Society of the U.S.  He believed in drastic population reduction and suddenly he changes his coats and becomes the champion of the people.


Then we see years later the outcome of premature in fact aging diseases. Massive arthritis attacks and people are getting it more and more young as time goes on. Now you have adolescent arthritis, never mind all the autism we see as well. These are designed to attack the human body and disable and eventually kill lots and lots of people, under the guise of helping them.  The double-think that they've created is enormous and the majority of the public through the conditioning, through all the TV dramas and hospitals and how super they are and efficient and they always know what they're doing, like detective stories and medicine, they go all through the stuff and my goodness they will trace down the problem and fix you and we're trained to believe that. Trained, trained, trained.



"Goodness Gracious Me"

By Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren


Her: Oh doctor, I'm in trouble.

Him: Well, goodness gracious me.

Her: For every time a certain man

Is standing next to me.

Him: Mmm?

Her: A flush comes to my face

And my pulse begins to race,

It goes boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom

Boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom-boom-boom,

Him: Oh!

Her: Boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom

Him: Well, goodness gracious me.


Him: How often does this happen?

When did the trouble start?

You see, my stethoscope is bobbing

To the throbbing of your heart.

Her: What kind of man is he

To create this allergy?

It goes boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom

Boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom-boom-boom,

Him: Oh!

Her: Boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom

Him: Well, goodness gracious me.


Him: From New Delhi to Darjeeling

I have done my share of healing,

And I've never yet been beaten or outboxed,

I remember that with one jab

Of my needle in the Punjab

How I cleared up beriberi

And the dreaded dysentery,

But your complaint has got me really foxed.

Her: Oh.


Her: Oh doctor, touch my fingers.

Him: Well, goodness gracious me.

Her: You may be very clever

But however, can't you see,

My heart beats much too much

At a certain tender touch,

It goes boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom

Boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom-boom-boom,

Him: I like it!

Her: Boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom

Him: Well, goodness gracious me.


Him: Can I see your tongue?

Her: Aaah.

Him: Nothing the matter with it, put it away please.

Her: Maybe it's my back.

Him: Maybe it is.

Her: Shall I lie down?

Him: Yes.

Her: Ahhh...


Him: My initial diagnosis

Rules out measles and thrombosis,

Sleeping sickness and, as far as I can tell,

Influenza, inflammation,

Whooping cough and night starvation,

And you'll be so glad to hear

That both your eyeballs are so clear

That I can positively swear that you are well,

Ja-ja, ja-ja-ja-ja.


Her: Put two and two together,

Him: Four,

Her: If you have eyes to see,

The face that makes my pulses race

Is right in front of me.

Him: Oh, there is nothing I can do

For my heart is jumping too.

Both: Oh, we go boom boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom

Boody-boom boody-boom boody-boom-boom-boom,

Her: Goodness gracious,

Him: How audacious!

Her: Goodness gracious,

Him: How flirtatious!

Her: Goodness gracious,

Him: It is me.

Her: It is you?

Him: Ah, I'm sorry, it is us.

Both: Ahhh!



Then the next breakthrough comes through, the great miracle this or miracle that, and people pop pills or take inoculations and you watch the fallout. Prozac was going to be the great thing, the Huxlian medication that was going to make everyone feel happy. They had two-page spreads in newspapers across the planet how wonderful it was going to be and this stuff of course was parroted by every major media, free advertising everywhere.


Do you really think they did it because they wanted to write that or do you think they were told to write that?  They were told obviously. Why else would they put out such glowing reviews on this drug when they hadn't seen the effects of it on the public? and this is the media. The media seems to have no memory either of previous drugs or the addictions to even Valium, but they kept quiet for over 20 years.  Massive addictions.


We're living in a Malthusian run world where the "useless eaters" have to be cut back by all means possible, a war on the public. When Kissinger was in and running the show in the U.S. he put through a bill himself and declared that the biggest threat to the state - "the enemy of the state was overpopulation" and millions of dollars were then sidetracked into ways of reducing it. Then a few years later out comes the AIDS and various other things and then all the disinformation to poo-pooh AIDS even. The double-think again until people don't know what to believe.  Intelligence, counter-intelligence until you're punch drunk.


Well, since it's population control we can get back to this little article by the Associated Press, the AP.  They should put a "T" there, then it would be very APT.  It was updated at 4:52 p.m. Eastern time January 30th, 2007.


                "Austin, Texas. Merck & Co."


That's the Merck as the messenger, as you know. I wonder what it's bringing this time.


                "is helping bankroll efforts to pass state laws requiring girls as young as 11 or 12 to receive the drugmaker’s new vaccine against the sexually transmitted cervical-cancer virus.  Some conservatives and parents’-rights groups say such a requirement would encourage premarital sex and interfere with the way they raise their children"


See, right away they're putting it into a debate of right wing, left wing so you bypass the middle way, which is the real intention.


                "and they say Merck’s push for such laws is underhanded."


My, my, my.


                "But the company said its lobbying efforts have been above-board."


Well they're pirates. That's why they use the terminology I've just read. Above board, below board. It's all the same thing. They want everybody on board and if you do get on board, you're not playing with a full deck, which means you must have a hollow deck near the top.


                "With at least 18 states debating"


Ha, ha. They’ve already been paid off in advance.


                "whether to require Merck’s Gardasil vaccine for schoolgirls"


Gard-US-il.  Where do they make these names up?


                "Merck has funneled money through Women in Government"


Oh, an "advocacy group", an NGO. Here you go.


                "made up of female state legislators around the country."


Legislators, it's the lawyers. Interesting, isn’t it, that they get the lawyers to do it, an advocacy group advocating on behalf of a drug company to mandatorily inject young girls with a brand new vaccine and we'll see the results of it eventually because most people you'll find will take their – or most moms will take their little girls there because they love the medical system. They've been brainwashed more than the men to just love doctors and hospitals and people who know what they're doing who promise them safety and peace and security.


                "A top official from Merck’s vaccine division sits on Women in Government’s business council"


There's no conflict of interest here. I'll read that again.


                "A top official from Merck’s vaccine division sits on Women in Government’s"


That's like WIG, like a wig.


                "Women in Government's business council and many of the bills around the country have been introduced by members of Women in Government. “Cervical cancer is of particular interest to our members because it represents the first opportunity that we have to actually eliminate a cancer,” Women in Government President Susan Crosby said.


Protection against HPV


"Gardasil, approved by the federal government in June"


Boy, there's quick approval.


             "protects girls and women against strains of the human papillomavirus, or HPV, that are responsible for most cases of cervical cancer."


Most cases.


             "A government advisory panel has recommended that all girls get the shots at 11 and 12"


Years of age.


             "before they are likely to be sexually active. But no state has yet to add Gardasil to the list of vaccinations youngsters must have under law to be enrolled in school. Merck spokeswoman Janet Skidmore"


Where did she get a name like Skidmore?


             "would not say how much the company is spending on lobbyists"


No, they wouldn't. They wouldn't do that.


             "or how much it has donated to Women in Government. Crosby also declined to specify how much the drug company gave."


Well that's fascism you see, corporations and governments in bed together. There's nothing new there at all, even when they call it other names, it's still the same thing.


             "But Skidmore said: “We disclosed the fact that we provide funding to this organization. We’re not in any way trying to obscure that.” Laws could mean billions in sales"


Oh, here's the upside of things, sales.


             "The New Jersey-based drug company could generate billions in sales if Gardasil — at $360 for the three-shot regimen — were made mandatory across the country."


Well now they're going from state to country.


             "Most insurance companies now cover the vaccine, which has been shown to have no serious side effects."


No serious side effects. Now the side effects of all these things come out often years later, and here's this thing got pushed through in no time at all and you're expected to believe it's what they tell you it's there for.


             "Cathie Adams, president of the conservative watchdog group Texas Eagle Forum, said the relationship between Merck and Women in Government is too cozy."


I guess they're all in bed together. Who is this Merck?


             "What it does is benefit the pharmaceutical companies, and I don’t want pharmaceutical companies taking precedence over the authorities of parents,” she said. Adams said Merck’s method of lobbying quietly through groups like Women in Government in addition to meeting directly with legislators are common in state government but still should raise eyebrows. “It’s corrupt as far as I’m concerned,” she said."


You know the sad thing is that's a simple statement, "it's corrupt," you see, but we've become so used to corruption, we're trained in fact to accept it. It's gone that far and it's been like that all my life. I can't remember clean governments. There's always scandals where millions of whatever the term they use for your particular money is. The CON GAME of money, but millions go missing and they have these inquiries that go on forever and they come up with, "yep, the millions went missing here or there and everywhere" and no one goes to jail for it. It's business. See, government is business. It's big business. It's the biggest actually.


             "Parents' rights

A mandatory vaccine against a sexually transmitted disease could be a tough sell in the Lone Star State"


You know the big Lucifer State one with the single star, the Prometheus.


             "and other conservative strongholds, where schools preach abstinence and parents’ rights are sacrosanct. But Merck has doubled its spending on lobbyists in Texas this year"


Oh, there it’s like a sports game in other words.


             "they have doubled its spending on lobbyists in Texas this year to between $150,000 and $250,000, as lawmakers consider the vaccine bill for girls entering the sixth grade."


And they'll spend a lot more than that, believe you me. That's nothing at all. That's what they're showing on their books. That's not all the payoffs to private hands.


             "Also, the drugmaker has hired one of the state’s most powerful lobbyists, Mike Toomey, who once served as Republican Gov. Rick Perry’s chief of staff and can influence conservatives who see him as one of their own."


This is all show and dressing because there's not a person in there that hasn't been approved by the system. This is window dressing.


             "What we support are approaches that achieve high immunization rates,” said Skidmore, the Merck spokeswoman. “We’re talking about cervical cancer here, the second-leading cancer among women worldwide.” The legislation already has the enthusiastic support of the conservative governor. “I look at this no different than vaccinating our children for polio,” Perry said. “If there are diseases in our society that are going to cost us large amounts of money, it just makes good economic sense"


Oh, it’s good economic sense. Hmm.


             "not to mention the health and well being of these individuals to have those vaccines available.”


These are the people you know that will be involved with the spraying of the skies and making all these chemicals they're dosing us with because they care about us. You see, they love us so much. That's why they go into these jobs because they want to help people. They just love us.


             "Proposals for mandates have popped up from California to Connecticut since the first piece of legislation was introduced in September in Michigan. Michigan’s bill was narrowly defeated last month. Lawmakers said the requirement would intrude on families’ privacy, even though, as in most states’ proposals, parents could opt out.


Even with such opt-out provisions, mandates take away parents’ rights to make medical decisions for their children, said Linda Klepacki of the Colorado-based evangelical organization Focus on the Family. The group contends the vaccine should be available for parents who want it, but not forced on those who don’t. But Texas Rep. Jessica Farrar said her proposal is aimed at protecting children whose parents are less informed"


Meaning they're a bit dumb. That's what she means. They're less informed.


             "about or less interested in preventive care."


So there you have that nonsense, but it's written so cleverly to get this group against that group and you miss the whole point of the whole thing. The whole point being we know and look through the medical journals of most countries and look at the vaccinations and follow-ups that have been done on vaccinations and it's a horror story from the beginning.


Never mind the fact that what the blazes are drug companies doing pushing laws onto the people. That is, as I say, fascism. In fact, what's government even got all these lobbyists there for?  Well you see, government is almost like a – well, it is a continuation of business. That's what it is. They're trying to tell us that this vaccine – this is meant for the really stupid because that's how the public are seen by these people. They're saying it's no different than the one that protects children against polio. I wonder what that did to the people and many are coming down with all the diseases now, as I say, pre-aging diseases they're having, younger and younger all the time; and the Texas Governor was paid by Merck.


We accept this because, as I say, governments are completely corrupt. Completely and you'll find these characters that you vote into office have worked with many of the companies and most of the companies that lobby governments. They go back and forth from being elected into government and back into the company and then back into government. Back and forth like ping-pong balls.


Carroll Quigley talked about the new system, the New World Order, being a "new type of feudalism where the international corporations will be the new feudal overlords."  Well, guess what?  It's happened.  It's been here for a while.  The whole idea supposedly of what they called "democracy" was you from your area vote the person that you wanted to represent you in your area into government. Then they came up with the party idea and that put paid to that because you didn't belonged to you anymore, he belonged to the party.


Now you had thousands of guys with one head, the boss at the top, and that's who they obey, so democracy was shot down at the beginning. It doesn’t represent you at all and the corruption, as I say, you can't fix something that is broken like this.  It was started on a faulty foundation. It's held together with Band-Aid and tape and glue, and we keep trying to supposedly plug loopholes and fix things.  It's completely utterly corrupt.  It's the biggest gangster business on the whole planet.


And because they stamp it "legal" doesn't mean it's not criminal. It's the same thing. It's the big mafia, government, and the common tie between all of these things is Freemasonry, both the male and female groups, big money, swearing to secrecy and the legal system.  It's very interesting when you look back at how they drummed up the panic and fear over polio and kept showing the same shots of children in the big "iron lungs" they called them, the big machine that kept them breathing.


It terrified the hell out of everybody. Same shots over and over, Pathe news and so on; and lo and behold, polio vaccine was a tremendous success supposedly and they even declared it was eradicated across the planet until it came back again. It comes and goes you see and right after they stopped having polio they started getting meningitis and encephalitis.  Very odd because it's really the same symptoms. We see outbreaks of it all the time. Every year there's a break in schools and things like that with at least the same symptoms too, strangely enough.  In fact, you could almost say it was the same thing.


Well that's the hurried blurb for tonight. Been a busy day. Got lots of email to catch up on over this weekend. I'm doing pretty good otherwise. The computer seems to be doing well. It only takes a couple of gallons of disinfectant and a good scrubbing brush and you can get all those viruses out of it. Maybe they'll come across with inoculation against that one day, hey.


All the best from me and Hamish, and may your god go with you.



"Chanson D'Amour"

By Manhattan Transfer


Chanson d´amour (ra da da da da)
Play encore
Here in my heart (ra da da da da)
More and more
Chanson d´amour (ra da da da da)
Je t'adore
Each time I hear (ra da da da da)
Chanson (chanson) d´amour

(Ra da da da da)

(Ra da da da da)

Chanson d´amour (ra da da da da)
Je t'adore
Each time I hear (ra da da da da)
Chanson (chanson) d´amour
Everytime I hear, chanson, chanson d´amour


Chanson d´amour (ra da da da da)
Je t'adore
Each time I hear (ra da da da da)
Chanson (chanson) d´amour
Everytime I hear, chanson, chanson d´amour



(Transcribed by Linda)