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"Authorized Voice-to-Skull Advertising Preparing You for Brain-Chipped Hive –

Happy Habitats and Concentration-Slum Areas (Camps)"

May 3, 2007


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 3, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)




Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt, and this is and on May 3rd, 2007.


Today I was at the Post Office, which is a grocery store and a hardware store, and I noticed the newspaper from the local city – the Sudbury Star – talking about a big conference to be held there on “sustainable development”.  Sustainable development is from the United Nations; a term used for the last hundred years, since it was the League of Nations transitioning into the United Nations.  The plan was laid down, a long time ago, to guide the people into allowing themselves to be shepherded into a more efficient way of living.  A way of living where your life would be run by experts, because it was decided that it was just too haphazard and inefficient for individuals to decide on their own future, individually.  It had to be organised and tidied up, you might say.


The old system of picking a mate was to be abolished eventually.  The best way to abolish it was to make it unworkable. Therefore, in the late 1800’s, people like old Thomas Huxley, the professor who championed Darwinism, brought forth the theory that free love could be introduced.  They could end the bonding process because when you could have as many partners as you want, why bother having just one?  And they knew from trial and error and experience, and testing, that the younger they started children in that direction the more successful it would be.  That’s why they tried to introduce it with cocaine and alcohol in the so-called “roaring twenties”.  It didn’t come out too well because of the side-effects such as unwanted children, massive venereal diseases and the building of huge orphanages to deal with the overflow of orphans.  They went back to the drawing board and worked very hard.  It’s easy to guide science when you’re funding it - you tell them what you want done. They found the birth control pill.  They came up with antibiotics to try and treat the more common types of bacterial infections that are caused by promiscuity, and then they came out with the long-term plan to gradually introduce abortion clinics, and make them acceptable to the populace.  To do that they knew they’d have to work over a period of 60 years or so, of steady indoctrination with each intake of schoolchildren until it’s now normal, which it is.  That’s the real type of guidance we live under, by the good shepherds.


H.G. Wells was picked by old professor Huxley to be a propagandist.  He was taught at a special school for a little while by the famous professor, where they all were given red ties – red for the Masonic symbol of revolution.  When they set up the League of Nations they had the plans to make the world scientifically controlled.  They wanted an efficient system with a vastly reduced population for the future.  It was decided that the 21st century would really kick it off.  In the meantime they had to work and market ideas to the general population, generation by generation, to get them to accept the final changes.  This has been done successfully, through countless years of propaganda on nature programmes, so-called “debates” which were never free debates, they were planned debates, guided debates, to bring us to conclusions of the fact that there’s too many of us and we can’t go on living like this.


Those at the top use the evolutionist theory of survival of the fittest - something that was designed for psychopaths to feel better about themselves.  They’re well aware they’re different at the top.  They’re well aware of their own aggressive nature to get up to the top.  They’re well aware of their ancestors’ and predecessors’ drive and ruthlessness to get to the top.  They know they’re different.  They believe through evolution, they are the best-suited to govern and to decide our lives for us; you know all the “lesser ones” that are left behind in this evolutionary mud-pool.


To re-iterate about the League of Nations, the pre-cursor of the United Nations, it was to be the “front” to bring in global government, they now call it global governance.  The reason for the slight change, apart from not frightening those who still think they have a nation, it’s also to do with the fact that it’s based on an improved Sovietised system.  Soviet means rule by councils.  That also means non-governmental organisations (NGOs), who pretend to speak for the people.  That’s what we’re run with. They brought in lots of semi-retired single people, and married couples from government agencies, placed them in country and town situations, and had them start up the NGOs.  They’re told what to do.  They’re paid money to do it.  Their job is to meet the fine up-standing ones in their communities, so they go to the lodge, the Masonic lodge – it’s where you find the mayor, the councillors, those on the school board and every other board that runs your little life around you in your little area.  This has been going on for a long, long time, of infiltrating the societies and guiding them. As soon as these fine upstanding, it’s a Masonic term “upstanding”, the standing stone, it’s alive, it’s moved from the dead, it’s upright.  That’s what it means in freemasonry.  That’s why we say “the fine upstanding members of the community”, whereas those who are still not members are “the dead” - you’re laying down.  So they have no problem in getting exposure in the local media, since your local media man will also be a member of the lodge.  We are living in a guided, shepherded system, which has been going on inter-generationally like a long-term business plan, which it is, which is taking over the entire resources of the world, which is to make you inter-dependent personally, which means you can do nothing independently to sustain yourself.  To try and sustain yourself, independently, is to become anti-social.

In an article from, you will find Mark Baard has done a very good job of helping to expose this system and what’s coming. Before I read it, I should mention that it is good when you find reporters coming on to champion the people, to give some real truth, not just the partial truths we’re given – partial truths that you give to “the children”, as we’re called.  It’s time the people knew what’s coming, why it’s all happening.  When you understand how it all fits together, suddenly things for the first time make sense to you, and you know the agenda.


So on Wednesday May 2nd issue of parallelnormal, I’ll read what Mark has written.  It says:


Prepare to be “transitioned” into your new “habitat”.


Alan:  Below is a photograph of Paul Raskin Ph.D., President Tellus Institute, Director, Great Transition Initiative.  This is the Agenda 21 initiative, or one of the parts of the many branches of it, which are leading us into the new sustainable development, where the big corporations who also own the politicians, will be your new feudal overlords, who will tax you into the ground for every morsel of food you eat, for every drop of water you drink, for every BTU of heat you create and for everything you need to live.  Now Agenda 21, with all its wonderful little marketing ploys, remember, has a nefarious side to it because the gongs have been bashing for a long time, from the top ones who run the system, about the vast reduction of population necessary for a sustainable world.  Beneath the photograph of Paul Raskin, it says:


Paul has a plan for you. It may require ‘a vast array of policies and regulations,’ and heavy taxes.  However, one of the backers of smart growth”--


Alan:  I love that “smart growth”, intelligent growth.


plans for major cities envisions a global ‘Great Transition’ of humans into concentrated population centers.”


Alan:  Which I call “concentration camps”, personally.  Transition is one of these fuzzy words, which came out in the ‘60’s when families were breaking up, and the government gave out these “families in transition” organisations to help them break up.  ‘Transit’ remembers means to convey, to move something from where it is to somewhere else.  So ‘the great transition’ means changing and conveying us from one grazing field to the concentrated grazing field, really, that’s what it means.  To continue with the article:

Paul D. Raskin, director of the Boston-based Tellus Institute”--

Alan:  “Tellus” is interesting isn’t it - "tell us."  There’s also the Tellus phone system, which listens to all your conversations.  That’s why it’s called Tellus, you tell them.

Tellus Institute expects people to resist the Great Transition.”

Alan:  Yes, they know there’s going to be resistance - when all the great forces of law are unleashed on the public to force us into it.  To continue:

That’s why intergovernmental organizations and transnational corporations must create a marketing campaign “to inspire people [and] to seize the public imagination,” Raskin says in a video at the Tellus website.

Alan:  I believe you can download the video – the propaganda video from Raskin, who’s really a rascal.


The problem of a push-back from a reluctant populace was echoed by Rappaport Institute Director and Harvard economist Ed Glaeser, in a Boston Globe article this week (see excerpt and link, below).


Both Raskin and Glaeser contributed to what is now called MetroFuture”--


Alan:  Ah, metrofuture.


a smart growth initiative for Greater Boston that will “shift growth from remote new suburbs to existing town centers,” according to the Globe.”


Alan:  Now remember the hype has come from the U.N. over the years on the “urban sprawl”.  Urban sprawl, it was just too untidy, they want us all into the, shifting from urban sprawl into the crowded town centres actually, the new slums of the future for the masses of the people.  It won’t last long because once you’re in there, depopulation will start rather quickly, I’m sure.  To get back to the article:

A large group of financiers and institutes, the Kraft family”--

Alan:   The foundations, you see.  This is what even Weishaupt talked about, and the Pope of freemasonry, General Albert Pike talked about, the great foundations would be the leaders.  They’d grab all the money, be the wealthiest institutes on the planet, and they would dictate the policies to the people.  He even said “the great nations will come to us for their kings and queens and leaders.”

the Kraft family and the real estate tycoon Dick DeWolfe”—

Alan:  That makes me feel fuzzy, “DeWolfe.”  They love their names.

are also members of the MetroFuture initiative.”

Alan:  Metrofuture, sounds good, fuzzy, nice, warm, human-friendly, “metrofuture initiatives”.

Similar smart growth plans are underway in Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore, as well as in Utah, Central Florida, and the Midwest. All of the plans are directly linked to the United Nations plan to create “habitat areas” in which human consumption and labor can be more easily controlled.”

Alan:  You thought you lived in democracy, didn’t you?  Ha.  I’ll read that latter part again here.

All of the plans are directly linked to the United Nations ”—

Alan:  You know the United Nations has all the PR jobs; they take photographs of troops handing chocolate and bread out to children, in the countries they’ve just gone in and flattened, and bombed to pieces. You thought it was all to do with creating world peace.

United Nations plan to create “habitat areas” in which human consumption ”--

Alan:  That’s your food and your water, goods, etc.

and labor can be more easily controlled.”

Alan:  The controlling of labor.  Now we’ll jump back to Charles Galton Darwin, the other big psychopath who spoke on behalf of the club of psychopaths, when he said, “we are in the process of creating a more sophisticated form of slavery.”  Read it in his book The Next Million Years.

Alan Watt has recently been discussing the U.N.’s “Agenda 21” – which outlines the plan for human habitats, at Cutting Through The Matrix and Red Ice Creations Radio. You will not read about Agenda 21 in any mainstream article about “smart growth” – for that I recommend listening to Alan’s blurbs at Cutting Through the Matrix, and his interviews at Red Ice.”

Alan:  So, thanks for that, Mark.  It’s good to see people putting out the facts now, because we’ve been fooled for too long, as we were loaded down with indoctrinative propaganda through nature programmes and world leader types, and the big World Wildlife Fund leaders with their nature programmes telling us there’s too many people, too many people.  We’ve had decades and decades of this propaganda, preparing your minds for plans laid down a long time ago, by the very rich men of the world.

Now beneath this is an article from the Boston Globe, , supposedly written by a Sarah Schweitzer, which may be true, I don’t know if it was because there’s a question mark behind the name Globe Staff, because often these papers get given articles sent to them, by these big organisations – the propaganda pieces that the public are supposed to consume, and do consume. This was put out:

‘MetroFuture’ puts focus on suburbs, May 1st 2007

Planners mapping the future of Greater Boston want to encourage people to live and work in suburban town centers, and cut pollution, water usage,”--

Alan:  Remember that, “water usage.”

and traffic to improve the quality of life over the next two decades.

“The plan is fighting against both economic and political factors that will make this difficult,” said Ed Glaeser, economics professor at Harvard University and director of the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston.”

Alan:  So, they have their little spiel, which they’ll work on, but they do expect resistance.


And they’ve been building up internal armies of specially trained police and multi-jurisdictional task forces, that’s troops that work with police, special forces, even the police go abroad and get some practice kicking doors down and killing people, and get put back into the police forces again when they come home.  This has been going on for years and during the ‘90’s it was hotly denied by governments, including Canada, even though an article came about a couple of years ago that a multi-jurisdictional task force was working out in Afghanistan, and you saw them dressed up like ordinary soldiers kicking doors down, and they just happened to be policemen, who will now be back in uniform back home waiting for the resistance they’re talking about.  They mean what they say.


Now they’re on a roll to push the public, to tax the public, to frighten the public, to threaten the public into adopting all the changes from the Agenda 21, and as they implement all of the laws that all countries have signed, all your so-called leaders have signed, to do with the Kyoto Accord, and meet all of their supposed standards.  Not for the reasons they tell you, it’s because they want everyone off the road.  There’s no need for you to travel in a police-type state.  Travel doesn’t help them to control and watch and monitor you.  They’d rather have you all compacted into the cities, kind of like the scenes you’ll see in the movie Soylent Green, with Charlton Heston.  That’s the future; that’s the very, very near future.  The present generation are the ones going through it. I have old Rockefeller talking about that at one of the World Bank meetings, when he said “this generation is unfortunately the cannon-fodder for the plan.”


That’s the world we’re moving into now.  All the building codes have been coming from the United Nations, for many years now, signed into law in all of your countries, and now they will be going after the rural areas, and fining you thousands of bucks if you don’t have that gutter fixed, or that septic system updated, which you could never do because they keep updating it, you see.  It’s not meant that you keep up; it’s meant to get you off the land.  Start thinking. Start thinking.


So they’re going after your water, where less is good - less is good, Orwellian, you see - and you’re going to get taught now to conserve energy, conserve.  Conserve is good, less is better, while they double and triple the cost of that energy, because they always profit from the sheep.  That’s what shepherds have sheep for.  I’ll put up a link to this article on my site, for those who want to check into it.


Recently I talked about the poisoning scare in the dog food business, where they claim that certain dog foods, and cat foods, have been contaminated with a corn that came in from China that was soaked, basically, in rat poison that was killing off the animals.  I’m reading from an older story from, which is a campaign for labelling of genetically-modified foods.  This is an interesting little article, which may tie into it, and this little statement is by David Gutierrez.  That was April 10th 2007.  It says here:


A variety of genetically modified corn, that was approved for human consumption in 2006, caused signs of liver and kidney toxicity as well as hormonal changes in rats in a study performed by researchers from the independent Committee for Independent Research and Genetic Engineering at the University of Caen in France.”


Alan:  Then it says, “What you need to know - Conventional View”.


The corn in question, MON863 --


Alan:  MON - M.O.N. for Monsanto.


MON863 is made by the Monsanto Company and approved for use in Australia, Canada, China, the European Union, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, and the United States. It has had a gene inserted from the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), which causes the plant's cells to produce a pesticide.”


Alan:  It will do a lot more than that, I’m sure, to our minds.  To continue:


Researchers fed rats either unmodified corn or diets containing 11 or 30 percent MON863 for 90 days. The rats who ate modified corn were found to exhibit signs of liver and kidney toxicity, as well as signs of hormonal changes.”


Alan:  Remember that last part, hormonal changes.  Remember what Charles Galton Darwin talked about too, in The Next Million Years, ways to alter the hormones in human beings, to make the men more effeminate, less aggressive, towards the changes that would come, but it would also have an adverse effect on the women.


Male rats lost an average of 3.3 percent of their body weight, and their excretion of phosphorus and sodium decreased. Female rats gained an average of 3.7 percent of their body weight, while their triglyceride levels increased by 24 to 40 percent.


The mechanism that causes the toxicity is not yet known,” --


Alan:  It will be known, by the big boys.


but the researchers say there is evidence that the Bt toxin may cause the perforation of blood cells.”


Alan:  Remember what the stuff coming in from China was doing.  It was causing liver and kidney failure, in the animals, haemorrhaging in the kidneys.  To continue:


They expressed concern that the methods used by Monsanto in initial tests of the corn were statistically flawed and called their own tests "the best mammalian toxicity tests available.” “


Alan:  We’re all mammals now, you see, just animals.

So then they go on about Greenpeace that must get its nose in, because they’re all part of the whole thing.  I won’t quote that.


We’re being lied to from so many sides, because they didn’t go to such incredible secret work in collusion with governments, such as Canada’s government, where they signed deals between Monsanto and the Canadian government to keep the tests secret, including the fact that the Canadians were used as the guinea pigs for all this stuff for ten years!  Ten years that they’ve admitted to.  How long were they working on this and how many genes did they put into each vegetable?  If you think that it was a random effort to make bigger vegetables, think again.   They want to alter the people.  You want a dumb, stupid population that’s not terribly athletic, not very fit when you’re bringing them through the biggest changes in history, into the new system.


To change the topic once again, which is still tied in to scientific techniques which we’re about to become very familiar with in our daily lives, which although portrayed initially to be used to advertising, will eventually be part of the mechanisms to give you and get you used to thoughts coming into your head from somewhere else – an outside source.  No, it’s not science-fiction, its old technology.  Nick Begich showed this on the CBC one day.  Look up the CBC archives (  Look for Begich on the Wendy Mesley show, where he demonstrated old stuff, old technology used by the CIA from the 1950’s, which somehow he’d come into possession of.  He also demonstrated some of this technology to the politicians in the European Parliament, who believed that it was possible that some of them were having it used on them.


Voice-to-skull technology of inducing sound into your head, directly in to your head, is old stuff.  They’ve been locking people up for years, under schizophrenia, who have heard voices, and yet here they are, a parallel technology, which can actually induce it and cause exactly the same effects.  I wonder how many people they’ve put inside, to get them out of the road, perhaps if they were being naughty, or a nuisance to the system.  It’s old, old stuff.


This will train you.  This technology will train you for your chip, your microchip, which will take over from that.  You’ll be used to hearing voices inside your head when you’re shopping. You’ll take your microchip and it’ll continue from there only more so, until you have no thoughts of your own.  Remember that the corporate leaders are all one big company, a society.  The new feudal overlords, as professor Carroll Quigley called them, and he worked for them as their historian for the Council on Foreign Relations.  There are no independent international corporations.  You have the illusion of competition and that’s all it is.


This article is from the Globe.  I think it’s the Boston Globe, but anyway it says “by Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff, April 24, 2007”.  It says “The marketers have your ear”, and it’s really an ad in itself because many ads, you don’t realise this, the public don’t realise it - that paper companies and media companies send journalists to really do a pro positive-type write-up on certain companies, which are in fact a whole page of advertising, under the guise of an article.  This is very common.



The marketers have your ear -

Beam of sound aims its messages”

By Jenn Abelson, Globe Staff, April 24, 2007


Advertisers have a new way to get into your head.


Marketers around the world are using innovative audio technology that sends sound in a narrow beam, just like light, making it possible to direct messages right into consumers' ears while they shop or sit in waiting rooms.


The audio spotlight device, created by Watertown firm Holosonic Research Labs Inc., has been used to hawk everything from cereals in supermarket aisles to glasses at doctor's offices. The messages are often quick and targeted -- and a little creepy to the uninitiated.

Court TV recently installed the audio spotlight in ceilings of bookstores to promote the network's new murder-mystery show. A voice, whispering, "Hey, you, can you hear me? Do you ever think about murder?" was beamed toward customers as they browsed the mystery section in several independent bookstores in New York.


For advertisers, the audio spotlight is a way of marketing to consumers, sending tailored messages without disturbing an entire store with loudspeaker announcements such as Kmart's iconic "Blue Light Special." The flat disk speakers with precision targeting have made sound possible in unlikely places -- from Boston's Museum of Fine Arts to the New York Public Library -- and are increasingly attractive to merchants trying to improve the shopping experience with a peaceful environment.


Major US companies, including Procter & Gamble Co. and Best Buy Co., are testing the device, but it is already being embraced abroad. Some marketers say it is only a matter of time before the technology takes off here.


"Advertisers look to capture people,”--


Alan:  I like how they phrase it; they “capture” people.


“especially when they are in the buying mood," said Tim Bilgor , chief executive of Innovative Media Solutions in London, which has installed the audio spotlight in Istanbul and Madrid airports, in shopping malls in China, and in the showrooms of Fiat car dealerships, where messages about product features are beamed to consumers as they approach the cars.


"There's so many vision technologies it can be overwhelming," Bilgor said. "The audio spotlight can captivate people in new ways."


Unlike traditional speakers, which broadcast sound in every direction, sound from an audio spotlight speaker can be focused directly at one spot, so no one else can hear it, or projected against a surface so that sound appears to come from the surface itself.” --


Alan:  “Doctor, doctor, my table’s talking to me.”

“Well take this pill dear, it’ll work wonders for you.”  

That’s my little quip there, you see.  Because this is the kind of technology, as I say, that covert agencies have had since at least the 1950's  (that we know of).  I’ll continue here. Then again before I continue, remember they can put that right into your head in a crowd, so that only you will hear it, no-one else around you.


For example, a box of Fruity Pebbles can advertise its nutritional content, heard by shoppers only as they walk by boxes in the cereal aisle. The audio spotlight uses ultrasound to stimulate the air into making sound, which is emitted in focused, laser-like beams.


Joseph Pompei, the 33-year-old chief executive of Holosonics, began his career in acoustics while working as an engineer at Bose Corp. in Framingham.” --


Alan:  Bose Corporation makes speakers for audio equipment and has for years.


But as the audio industry became fixated on spreading sound everywhere, Pompei wanted to focus on finding ways to direct sound. He left Bose and developed a prototype of the audio spotlight and started the company in 2000 when he was a doctoral student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”


Alan:  That’s where a lot of government money is put into, is the MIT, and they have in fact whole departments there sponsored by government, which do nothing but monitor all of us on the internet.  It’s a government public-private corporation, and this is where this little fellow, Mr Pompei, who might explode like a volcano at any time, I’m sure that’s where he was given his instructions to go ahead with this - because this is old technology, as I say.  It’s been used by covert agencies for years.  In fact you can trace it all the way back to Alexander Graham Bell’s father, who also was in the same line as Alexander Graham Bell, of working with the deaf. The father was working on means, at that time, to create voice-to-skull messages, by a similar-type technology.


Pompei knows that for some people there is a certain creepy aspect to his technology,” --


Alan:  Which is not his.


and he even delights in making mischief with it. At MIT's Media Lab, Pompei said, he used to stand on a balcony at the top of a five-story atrium and beam sounds of smashing glass to the ground floors as caterers were working at events to make them think they dropped dishes.”


Alan:  Yeah, they love to play with these toys, on the public.


For his first demonstration in the campus theater, Pompei used the speaker to play a John Coltrane album and made it seem as if Coltrane's saxophone were flying over the audience and whooshing by their faces. He saved $2,000 as a graduate student,”


Alan:  Ha.  Yeah, right.


and began building the business after he graduated in 2002. A year later, MIT's magazine, Technology Review, awarded Pompei the Top Young Inventor Award.”


Alan:  His career was picked, I’m sure, many years before that by higher powers.


" “It's a device that preserves the quiet," Pompei said. "There's so much going on, it's sometimes an audio assault. This is like surround silence."


Baba Shetty, director of interactive media at Hill Holliday in Boston, said it is very easy for people to filter out visual messages and advertisements -- you look away or don't pay attention -- but audio is less avoidable. It could be a great way to communicate with customers” --


Alan:  To communicate with customers, eh?  As though it’s two-way, and they communicate with you.


as they shop, he added, but it could also make consumers feel as if their personal space is being invaded.


"It doesn't do your brand any good if you annoy people," Shetty said.”


Alan:  Er, yeah.  Haha.


At T-Mobile dealers in the United Kingdom, the audio spotlight allows consumers to test ring tones without the entire store knowing that they want to download Abba's "Dancing Queen." The Boston marketing firm Digitas hung an audio spotlight over a couch in the lobby so visitors can hear the company's advertisements playing on an LCD screen. But it's pure quiet for the receptionist sitting just a few feet away.


The MFA installed four audio spotlight disks as part of the recent exhibit, "Fashion Show: Paris Collections 2006." Each designer's collection had its soundtrack playing in its own zone, but the technology ensured music from the Chanel collection did not cross over to Dior's.


Hadi Al Bahra , chief executive of TechnoMedia Ltd., said his firm has placed the audio spotlight in supermarkets for Carrefour SA, the world's second largest retailer after  Wal-Mart Stores Inc.. TechnoMedia is also pairing the technology with LCD screens, selling 15-second spots in different aisles for juices, coffee, milk, shampoos, among other products.


"For the first time, you can deliver different audio messages in different aisles at the same time and yet keep the environment noise free, which opened up the possibilities of new ways of marketing and selling air time," Al Bahra said.


Holosonics is also looking to reach consumers at home. The audio spotlight, Pompei says, has the potential to limit long-running feuds over television volume and musical taste.”


Alan:  By that, they mean they can pretty well beam a separate one to each family member’s head, and you won’t squabble over who’s watching what on TV.  You’ll hear exactly what you want to hear, for you.  You’ll be further divided from the person sitting next to you, really.


The rest of it, as I say, is just the “pro” for this thing, the selling part.  The part you’re supposed to think about and want, and think, “oh wow, that’s wonderful.”  They don’t go on about the negatives, and that’s how you write an ad for companies, as an article.  It’s all the positives, positives.  The only little bit they said was some people might object to invasion of their space, basically.


It will get us all used to having no peace, whatsoever.  Your thoughts will be coming from elsewhere as you walk through all the different stores, shortly, getting you trained and used to that happening, because the chip implant will take over from there, where you will have no thoughts of your own.  This is how we’re trained through technology.  Nothing is cleared in this world system, nothing, unless it’s approved by those who already own the world. That was from the Boston Globe,


Slowly, slowly, inter-generationally, we’re being guided along a particular pre-set path, like sheep.  They’ve given us lots of bread and circuses, as Mr Huxley suggested they do, during the process.  We can’t tell fact from fiction any more, because of the incredible amount of entertainment that we watch on a daily basis.  Even the general talkshows, across all nations on the AM radios, with their favourite talkshow hosts, who grab the issues of the day -- which are, in fact, pre-determined by the top boys that give you the agenda, to raise public awareness along certain topics, generally political in nature -- to make you go along with a new set of laws or rules or “something should be done about that”. The public jump in, never knowing they’re being played like fish on a line towards a particular new viewpoint.  Nothing new in this; it’s just the scale of it that is tremendously huge.


The children are indoctrinated with an ongoing upgrade, with each intake at kindergarten, for the changes they’re supposed to expect in their lifetime.  It’s a scientific indoctrination, discussed back in the 1930’s by Beria, the head of the NKVD, at the world Comintern meeting.  I think it was 1934.  He said it used to take 70 years - a generation - of indoctrination and propaganda, to move the public along a certain way of thinking about a certain topic, to change their lives, their lifestyles.  He says, now we have it down that we can upgrade it and implement changes every five years.  This is back in 1934.


Today the child is given his programme or her programme, at kindergarten, when they start. The guy next year will be given a little bit more towards what he’ll experience in life when he starts kindergarten.  It’s a scientific process.  That’s why you have a national education authority, which is part of the international education authority, which is part of UNESCO.  This system that was set up, at the United Nations, to bring in a global culture with a trained populace to go along with it.  Trained through the indoctrination of a common schooling indoctrinative system.  That’s how it’s all tied together, uniformity.  Uniformity, one form, and the high, high masons love to form things.


In the Middle Ages you had plagues sweeping across Europe.  You had, yes you had the Jesuits, creating mayhem wherever they went for uprisings, and to create the backlash from the uprisings to create the solutions.  You also had all the other big parties, the merchants vying for power, at the same time.  You had knights and mercenaries, all employed by the highest bidders.  Whole armies massacring and going through Europe, country after country, for a few centuries, plundering and looting. They came to the understanding a long time ago, just like the various Mafia organisation kingpins, they had to co-operate into one big club.  That meant the merchants, the mercenaries, the lawyers who all worked for them, the bankers, the royalty, the religious leaders, they had to come together to divide the loot and plan the big sheep-pen of the future, because after all, they only live on the sheep.  That’s what good shepherds do.


In the meantime they would keep everyone else fighting everyone else, which is the best technique to stop the people waking up to this big universal, international club of psychopaths at the top, this pathocracy, or psychopathocracy at the top.  They’re all fighting each other.  It’s the greatest technique of division; divide and conquer.  It goes all the way back to Rome, ancient Rome, pre-Christian Rome and beyond that, even.  The trick is to get people to accept a religion, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Moslem, whatever it is, give you the leaders who speak for you, who all eventually if you follow their policies, lead you to another sheep-pen which you never saw coming.  That’s the trick.  The gangsters at the top are one big brotherhood that is many, many centuries old.


In the Middle Ages they called them -- the roaming gangs of mercenaries employed by big merchants and banks, and royalty, the freebooters, because they lived on booty and theft and pillage and rape.  They called them “societies”.  The societies had their fraternity, fraternities. The fraternities had their secret oaths.  Today it’s one big society, with many little branches with different names, but it’s one pyramid with the capstone at the top.  They knew they couldn’t go on forever, fighting each other, because it’s not so profitable when you have to expend money, which should go towards your profit to maintain armies.  They get the taxpayer to do that today, who then plunder and build at taxpayers’ expense railroads, oil refineries and all the rest of it for the private companies, to be given as presents.


The feudal system is well and alive, globally.  This system of Plato and the Republic, the guardian class, are in control. We’ve all been brought up in Disneyland by a controlled media that gives us the Wizard of Oz journey as we go through life.  Most people from birth to death, through all their trials and tribulations, never wisen up to what’s really going on.  They never wisen up.  They believe everything they’re told.  They even fight wars for what they think are the right reasons.  They never benefit personally. They’re always disappointed at politicians who just make the wrong decisions, party after party after party, and they’re squeezed for taxes as taxes increase massively. They never figure it out because they’re kept in ignorance, their entire lives.  A scientific system -  “A more sophisticated form of slavery,” as Galton Darwin said.


It’s here.  It’s on a rush now for the habitat areas for the masses, which are going to be the inner cities, the slums, while they’re advertising for what will be the new feudal overlords’ helpers - all the private bureaucrats that work for the corporations, and the governments.  They’ll have theirs out in the country.  They’re up for sale now.  It’s one of the fastest growing markets on the planet, for the multi-millionaires.  That’s where the helpers of the guardians will live; in their ultra-modern separate homes, with guards around them and nice walks in parks, while you have the type of city you see in Soylent Green, the movie.


I’m not here to give you good news.  I’m here to give you facts.  Change has always come and it’s been implemented by those who work for the tyrants at the top.  When they see their own short-term profit and use to the tyrants come to an end in the near future, they start to realise that they better start saying something else because they become afraid that they won’t be around either – they won’t need all of these helpers with this new system.  That’s what’s happened before, and they start to speak out on behalf of the people, and for the people, and with the people, and to the people, with truths instead of half-truths or happy spins.  That’s how the general media gives us the bad news; they put a happy spin on it, like the fart tax. We all laugh and giggle, not realising they’re going to talk away your protein supply.  Huh?  There’s nothing to laugh about there, is there?  Surrealism works wonders, when you’re conditioning someone through predictive programming.


There will be clashes, and certain people will lead the clashes who are well-known.  They expect them to come.  They’ll come to nothing, eventually.  Except those who try and riot, haphazardly, will be ploughed down and used as an excuse to the public “see, see, there’s crazy people living amongst you.  We have to implement all of these totalitarian rules to protect you.”  And that will come.


At the moment they’re trying to stir up tension, massive tension between the Mexicans coming in and other Latin-American countries into the southern US, and spreading northward, and getting residents of the US to become antagonistic and worried and afraid, which they are, of the changes they see coming. As the little people battle each other, the big boys will let it go on for a while, until there’s utter chaos, and then come in with the solutions, which will be a better monitoring of every single individual. They’ll say, “Look, you can’t trust yourselves.  We have to ensure that no-one can do harm to anyone else.”


Every piece of chaos has a solution pre-determined.  Don’t fall in to the creation of chaos.  Don’t react the way you’re expected to react.  Don’t blindly follow leaders who advocate violence.  That’s what the big boys want and hope for.  Check in to Agenda 21, which all your (hahaha) top politicians signed on (hahaha) your behalf (hahaha) and see that everything you need to live has been taken away from you.  Your right to have access to those things are being taken from you - food, shelter, warmth, clothing, water, etc. – under very good reasons, but not the real reasons.


Thanks for all the letters.  I’m still trying to get around to answering people. For those who have given me donations I thank you very much.   There’s not too many, but I know those who have said who they are.  I will get around, I hope, to answering mail.  I’m very, very busy trying to do what I do.  I don’t have the big teams of staff that some people do.  I don’t carry advertising to sell you fear-based products.  From Hamish and myself, it’s goodnight, and may your God or your Gods go with you.



Zz Top - I'm Bad, I'm Nationwide Lyrics

Well I was rollin' down the road in some cold blue steel,
I had a bluesman in the back, and a beautician at the wheel.
We're going downtown in the middle of the night
We was laughing and I'm jokin' and we feelin' alright.
Oh I'm bad, I'm nationwide.
Yes I'm bad, I'm nationwide.

Easin' down the highway in a new Cadillac,
I had a fine fox in front, I had three more in the back.
They sportin' short dresses, wearin' spike-heeled shoes,
They smokin' lucky strikes, wearing nylon too.
Welcome back, we're nationwide.
Yeah we bad, we're nationwide.

Well I was movin' down the road in my v-8 ford,
I had a shine on my boots, I had my sideburns lowered.
With my New York brim and my gold tooth displayed,
Nobody give me trouble cause they know I got it made.
I'm bad, I'm nationwide.
Girl I'm bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, I'm nationwide.



(Transcribed by Matthew)