ALAN WATT    BLURB (i.e. Educational Talk):

(End Song Dedicated to All New-Agers)

January 17, 2007



Hello folks.  This is Alan Watt, and today it is the 17th of January 2007.


"Shhh Its A Military Secret"

Shhh, shhh
Take a tip – button up your lip
Don't get yourself unstrung
Harm may come
Just from a slip of the tongue

Don't talk about the weather, shhh it's a military secret
Just keep your wits together, shhh
That's the safest way to keep it.
These are critical times
Be careful of espionage
In such critical times
You've got to watch out for sabotage

If you must talk to someone
Shhh, don't give any information
It's smart to be a dumb one
Simply change the conversation
Let's just talk about love
Cause that's what I'm thinking of

A couple of days ago, about four inches of snow fell down in Toronto, along with some ice pellets and freezing weather, and this stretched all the way apparently down to Texas.  I do believe that in many of the U.S. States in the path of this storm, they've declared a state of national emergency, which is something we have to get used to, because we're going to get more and more of this – this crisis management and creation, of course, as time goes on.

Interestingly enough, I had calls from different citizens in the U.S., telling me that the National Guard had been brought in, and who knows what other troops are brought in from where, during this kind of thing. No one asks the questions.  Also MPs (military police) have been brought into some of the larger towns and cities to go door-to-door and supposedly see if everybody's okay, which is a dumb question in major cities; when their power goes out they're stranded, aren't they?  They're pretty well helpless, and that's the beauty, from a controller's point of view, of having people stuck like sardines in the cities. 

The power outages we had two or three years ago throughout Canada down into the States, which apparently they just couldn't trace the cause of how this chain reaction of power outages happened and they have all these fail safes there. That was a test.  That was a test to see how long it would take the public to get edgy, cry for help, and so on, but that was done in the summer months. At that time it was heat build up in big apartments that was causing most of the problems and the illnesses.  This time, it's called "an ice storm;" it brought lots of power lines down.  I noticed this, maybe five, six years ago.  The only time I look at the television is to tune in to see what the weather is supposed to be – “supposed to be.” Five or six years ago, for the first time, I saw the Gulf Stream coming up the West Coast, offshore, and doing a right angle at British Columbia and going straight across Canada from coast to coast. The fellow who was giving the weather was talking as though it was just an everyday occurrence.  It was unheard of – up until then. 

When I saw it at that time, I thought, that’s exactly what is written into the United Nations Charter on Weather Warfare – the treaty on Weather Warfare from the 1970’s. They had the ability, then, and it had obviously been tried and tested, for it to be written into a treaty, apart from the causing of earthquakes, famines and hurricanes and tornadoes, floods or droughts.  They had it written in that they could also cause the major streams, like the jet stream, to be brought down to ground level and directed to a target. We’ve been witnessing it for the last few years, and now it's a normal occurrence.  Everything becomes normal, because we are so adaptable as a species, especially when we are trained to listen to experts. If you flash back even further, and try and dig into a little bit of memory (that some of us still have left), through all the masses of data we're crammed, with mostly irrelevant, on a daily basis.


Towards the start of the mid-1990’s, when the Cold War just happened to be suddenly ended when Russia (the Soviet Union) decided to roll up its borders and its system, and Mr. Gorbachev came over to the U.S., after being introduced and taken on a tour by Margaret Thatcher, this strange combination. The black and the gray or the white of the chessboard all manipulated, of course, because even Lenin said, "that the dictatorship wouldn't last for probably more than 70 years."  It was meant to join, because it was fed by the same hand that fed capitalism.

Supposedly, the Cold War was over in the '90’s, and suddenly little towns across Canada and the States and different places, maybe even Europe too, were so segregated and kept isolated, they won't tell you what's happening even in the next county.  Even though you think you're getting the best news, worldwide news, there is. They can tell you about a little boat in India with 50 people on it sinking in a river, but they can't tell you what's happening in the next county.  That's how micromanaged we are, because all media comes through the same two or three hands, the big companies like Reuters. Good name, you ROUTE the news, eh? 

These emergency preparedness responses that were being carried out, even in small tiny potato villages like Allison, Ontario, and I drove in this particular day.  I drove south and went into Allison, and there's the fire guys there. I think there were some people from the military watching on, and the police were there and they had hired locals to pretend they were all sick and injured and had bandages on them, and stretchers and cars askew, as though they'd been damaged or whatever. In the paper the next day, it said that they'd practiced having cars with bombs in them, dummy bombs.

One of them outside the Baxter's Laboratory, which is one of the big companies that used to belong to – actually part of I.G. Farben, still in the inoculation business of making us “healthy” – and I thought what's all this?  The Cold War is over. Everything is supposed to be peaceful now. From then on, that particular day onwards, we had more and more blurbs across the country given out by the media, and even little special documentaries, maybe 15 minute documentaries, on this network that had “just been created.” Imagine that; bureaucrats take years to plan anything.

They didn't have it during the Cold War, when supposedly we're going to get nuked any time, any day or any night; and it's all over and we're at peace. Suddenly we have to have all these organizations, these emergency preparedness centers, these headquarters for natural disasters (or man made). They were rehearsing. They sent booklets around to the different areas to each person who lived in them.  A little response book on what to do, and what people to obey, in times of national or even local emergency, long before 9/11 happened, but after the Cold War. Getting us all trained to be managed is the point of it all. It's training to be managed. It was rather evident from the 1950’s onwards that weather modification was going to be the big stick to convince the people of the world, by telling them that they were causing the abnormalities, which we're now witnessing. 

They were writing about it back in the 1950’s. Only they got it wrong then; they said it was going to be an Ice Age. The same authors who wrote these books, these front men, on behalf of the big wigs, then a few years later when they realized it was easier to superheat the atmosphere and cause various other phenomena, they said it was going to be "global warming." Then the drumbeat started steadily for global warming.

That in itself was fantastic enough; but it can only work because people have no idea, at all.  I have to say this, how ignorant they are of any facts, regardless of what kind of education they believe they've had or what qualifications they walked out with. 

When I went to what you'd call primary school, I can remember they gave us books, which were passed down through generations, because we had a public service type school in Britain. These books might have been 20 years old; and one of them was to do with geography and the history of geography.  I can still remember it yet, page for page, going through the fact that the climate is always changing.  We don't go around the sun in a perfect circle.

Not only that, the path it took last year is different from the one it will take next year, and there have been many ice ages in previous times. Even at that time, scientific groups had drilled into the Arctic and Antarctic and come across layers upon layers of previous ice ages. They could tell when it had been warming, when it had been cooling, warming and cooling. There was pollen and different stuff mixed in with it at different layers.  What we're going through is a natural phenomena, which at one time was taught to the people when you had a bit better education. You realize there's been, who knows, maybe thousands of ice ages in the past?


Now what happens after an ice age?  It's called an ice age because you're “in the Ice” Age. What happens then is you warm and you're no longer in the Ice Age. Well you don't stop warming. You warm up to a particular level and then you do have various things happening. Some of them are mini-Ice Ages and mini-warming ages. You don't have to go from one extreme to the other. In a natural system, that would be very rare, unless you gave it a little boost with science, which is easy. It's kindergarten stuff today. 

Yes, after an Ice Age you're warm, and that's why we've not been living in an Ice Age for the last few thousand years.  We had a MINI-WARMING AGE in the MIDDLE AGES, when for a couple of hundred years, they didn't build fires in their homes, even to cook. It was just too warm, and that's in Europe. After that, they went back to snow in the winter and so on.

The history, the records of what was at one time observed and recorded, studied, have simply been tucked away and removed from the upgraded books. That's why SCHOOL BOOKS ARE ALWAYS UPGRADED, ALL THE TIME, by maybe two, three COMPANIES, at the most, THAT RUN THE WORLD.


They can keep tabs on what you're being told, and that way YOU CAN WITHDRAW KNOWLEDGE EASILY, and it doesn't dawn from one intake to the next that they're getting taught less than the ones before.

This is an amazing trick. Simply withhold knowledge. Use a bit of science. Have your front groups ready, well-funded front-groups, and then go into action and start hollering, screaming and getting everybody panicked. “Do something, do something!” You'll find that the drum rolls are starting to beat already, as I said they would.  All through this winter we're going to start to get more and more news until it’s a daily thing, a daily event, until they bring up the global warming into the crowns of our minds. It will be there permanently fixed as they lead us on this merry dance to the solution, which will just be unfurled at the next global meeting. The global meeting will go through the routines of pretending that they're deciding things, because this has all been decided long ago, and the resolutions will be unfurled. We'll all breathe a sigh of relief and say, “my goodness, thank God for these experts, who are going to save us all, but we've got to change our entire way of living. We can't go on like this.  Nope.”

We've got to get herded into little habitat areas, like they had in the movie "Soylent Green," where they can monitor us and watch us, and maybe even reduce us. It's much easier when we're all crammed together, especially when you have to be totally interdependent in the city when they turn off the “juice.” Whether the “juice” be food, water, heat, gas, electricity or whatever, they can turn it all off in the city, and you're completely helpless. These are the new habitat areas. This was reinforced a few years ago, when the United Nations UN (one) passed the resolution for the creation of super-cities, and then they started amalgamating all the different suburb cities (all the old cities, the smaller ones) and took the authority from them and put them into the central commands. You know, centralize and conquer, remember the old communist routine, which is just the same as the capitalist routine, since it's the two sides of the same coin.

We're watching it all being used today, and you wait and see. I can remember telling a relative, back when they were bombing the hell out of Yugoslavia and getting them into the World Bank afterwards. They weren’t in on the World Bank, either, and they were also selling oil for $10 to $15 a barrel, and that was a big no-no.  When they were bombing it, I said to this relative, "haven't you noticed that every day on the news now they're mentioning the United Nations to do with this?  And he vaguely said, "yeah," because he used to sit and get hypnotized, like most people do, and his jaw would drop open, and he'd just gaze at it (TV). I said, “in a few months, you're going to be so used to hearing it, you'll think you've always heard the United Nations mentioned on the daily news. It will be a fixture in your mind, as though it was a natural thing. It's now dictating to you and telling you how life must be.” That's the same technique we're seeing happening now, when just amazingly, even local stations and television and radio are having “earth watch” experts come up to keep us informed of all this crisis.

They already have the general public terrified of nature, outside their doors, and the terrifying technique was obvious to me, at least, when they created 24-hour weather stations for television.  I mean, who needs to hear the weather 24 hours per day?  It was obvious that the intent was not to help. Unless you've got some strange illness, where you've got a complete phobia of rain or something, why would you need that? 

It was to change natural weather, rain and wind and so on, the natural things we all experience (if we fly back through our memories) into crisis. Sure enough, in no time at all, maybe about six months once they were up and running, a couple of millimeters of rain was going to be a crisis. “My goodness!” They’ve changed snow from inches to centimeters, and sometimes they'll even use millimeters to really terrify you. “You’re going to get four centimeters, maybe even ten centimeters of snow.” Well, hey, this is Canada! Now they have people terrified when they hear this spoken. Something that you'd think nothing of, and your parents and grandparents would think nothing at all of, is going to be a major crisis:  “crisis creation.”  We always have the natural days in winter, where you have freezing rain, and anybody with a little bit of “gray matter” stays home. You don't want to go running along those roads, with little bits of rubber, spinning away on ice.

You would tell your children not to try and run on it. Why would you try and spin some rubber on it?  It makes no sense at all, but then again, this commercial system wasn't meant to be logical, when it came to obeying your instincts.  You're supposed to be at work by 8:00 o'clock anyway, regardless.  We can see the effects of that, in all the major highways, when you do get snow and freezing rain. You're supposed to be there at the same time, ready to go, regardless of the fact that you've gone through four inches of rain or ten inches of snow, and get there without smashing another vehicle.  What amazes me is that there's not more vehicles smashing up, when you realize how many cars are on the road. That's the miracle. However, everything today now is crisis.  “Thank goodness we have experts to guide us.  What would we do without them?”


A few days before this latest “storm” came in, I saw for the first time a new type of aerial spraying.  I've watched the spraying for years and seen the different types they have.  They've got the polymer type that gets blue and hazy, bluish white and hazy, then the white ones with the herring-bone effect. This new one was black, literally black, like black-sooted clouds, and they spread very quickly. Going across the sky you could see the plane and the spray, and when the sun was trying to shine through it they stood out even more so, like black-sooted clouds.   I knew something was coming, and then I turning on the shortwave, sure enough, there's the woo-woo-woo sound of the HAARP going, so the storm was coming. If you want to know when there's a storm coming, get a shortwave radio, and scan it, and you'll eventually tell if it's going to be safe to go out the door.

A couple of years ago, the American Air Force published in the newspapers the fact that it would shortly own the weather. They do. They do own the weather, and they've been manipulating it for years. 

Many, many years ago, John Dewey was sent to reorganize the school system and dumb everybody down, to a suitable educatable level – it’s called “equality.” Apart from many of the other suggestions he made, regarding removing information from history so there would be no conflict with future generations, to do with the past and their histories, he also mentioned something.  He was the first one to mention something that's been taken up like a banner with many other peoples since, like President Reagan.  John Dewey was the first one to mention, "If we had a threat from outer space – from out there – the world would have to unite against a common threat."  Much has been written on this topic, because they created the whole UFO phenomena.

H.G. Wells with his invasion stuff, a long time ago, was part of the same clique.  It's easier to use that, “just take a little bit of a look, slightly differently than you've been thinking about, and you will see that we're looking at a threat from out there.” That's what it appears to be with the weather you see.  Big bucks have gone into this—of yours, mind you, it's all tax money—to create the systems like HAARP.  They didn't build these massive monstrosities of technology just to take pictures of and admire. They built them to use, and since they've signed treaties not to use them on each other (that's nations) that leaves them free reigns for only one other thing. That's to use them internally, and you'll find that most countries have these stations.

The first time the world was allowed to know that they were up and running, was when we had the “woodpecker effect.”  The “woodpecker effect” was picked up by shortwave radio ham enthusiasts years ago, in the early '70’s, and that was the sound it made over the radio. It blasted every other station off the radio, and that was coming from Riga, which is in Latvia.  It was a Soviet state at the time, and the Russians admitted it, and it was in the newspapers here that this was so. They were using this HAARP type technology.  The next thing we're told is that there's one big one in Alaska. Well, they have them all over the world, and this is going to be the threat from "out there" to get us all to change our entire ways of living and allow the experts to manage us. 

Now that means in every single area of management.  It's not just go here, do this and be safe.  You're well into an agenda, first tested out on smaller scales, on a lesser scale, within the Soviet Union. You're well into this agenda, where they're going to use all that they knew, all they learned, on the whole world. It's happening now through front groups, many of them appearing to be charitable, but they're also getting more and more power as charitable NGOs – all with United Nations affiliations, coming down to what you even say.


It's so clever. This technique, it can never fail.  It's so clever. They start off with a premise, which everyone will agree with. This was the thing to do with the rights of the child, from the United Nations.  Everyone thought, “Yes, that's true. Children should have rights,” and sure there are abused children, absolutely.  Actually, the whole world is being abused, they just don't know by whom. In fact, they run towards their abuser, thinking it's their savior.  That's how clever this system is.

Show me a functional family and then I'll ask you a question.  How come, in this system?  So they come out with the same techniques, “rights of the child,” and then the parents find out once it's all signed and put into law that the parents don't have any rights over the child, at all. Who'd of thought of that one, eh?  That's how it always works.  Hate speech comes out with very good reasons, initially, why they want to bring laws in, but you know it's not going to end there. That's not the intent, either, and it’s not to stop anyone criticizing any other group. That's nothing to do with it. That's only an outside form. 

Eventually, you won't be able to criticize anything, including the government.  In fact, it will be a crime. It will be called "anti-government," right from the Soviet Union, if you even question any policy. You'll be classified as being mentally ill for doing so. You have a whole bunch of psychiatric definitions in the Soviet Union, for those who questioned the system. That's now being introduced here, but first it was brought in under "hate"You “hate” the government.  Technically, that would mean that the opposition parties, in every so-called democracy, are haters, if they criticize their opposition.  How come they don't lock them up?  No, it only applies to the people, you see.


This is a very, very nefarious, deep, clever system you're living in. What's being presented on the media is the lowest level of understanding and most of that is fake. They have you the topics to argue about, to worry about to think about. They call it "raising social consciousness."  That's the term they use when they want to get you to change your ways of thinking and doing. Motivational behavior alternation, conditioned responses, Pavlovian techniques, all are used, until Joe Public babbles all the terms that he hears coming from the media. He babbles them, like a tape recorder, without thinking, because he's never given anything really any conscious thought. They just start babbling them. They repeat their downloads to each other.

Look at these big charitable organizations, and their Masonic logos, of course.  You'll see why Albert Pike talked about the "outer portico" of lower freemasonry.  The outer portico are the guys who are a bit higher than the lodges they initially joined. They wear funny little hats, and they drive around in little dinky toy cars at parades and things, and do the occasional charity. It's hard to go beyond that when investigating that, isn't it?  To investigate a charitable organization, “oh, you must be nasty,” and that's the greatest protection they have for the real plan behind it – for those higher up, who don't wear funny little hats.  Ask those men with funny little hats, how many freebees they've taken that you don't get access to?  How many speeding tickets did they get away with?  How many fast immediate bank loans they get by being good little Masons, hmmm?  Why don't they extend that charity to everybody else? 

It’s because everybody else is the profane. It's hard to attack charitable organizations, at least with the fronts of them, and yet this idea of charity and the front of charitable organizations is very, very old, this technique.  The old man in the mountain, that came up with the whole idea of the Ishmaelis (the assassins), recruited thousands of orphans.  He would take them in and bring them up to his mountain home, and they'd be fed and all the rest of it, and they would initially have charities.  Everyone thought, “How wonderful this fellow is.” He taught these young guys as they grew up, and they used hashish rather liberally.  I don't think the CIA was around then to give it to them, but maybe. Who knows? 

The young guys would grow up into men, thinking this was the nearest thing to heaven, and they were told that it was the nearest thing to heaven.  They were given things and a little lifestyle that the ordinary person was forbidden to live, and they were given women too, growing up that is.  Then they were well educated, and were sent off to be advisers to different heads of state. They could be sleepers, for years, and then when they were told to kill whomever, they simply drew out their dagger and did it.  Instant obeyance, because they were taught if they were killed themselves, they'd go straight to heaven, and heaven to them was something they thought they'd grown up in, or the nearest thing to it.  All this was under the guise, initially, of a charity. It’s hard to attack charities, and yet the secret societies have been hiding behind the veils of them, for thousands of years.


Those who have suddenly looked around them, still standing on the floor on the bottom level of the matrix, generally freak out at the information that hits them, because it's available from some good sources and an awful lot of bad sources.  They panic.  The bad sources that are run by the big boys, because this isn't the first time this technique has been used, will have them spinning off in helter-skelters of the most amazing disinformation ever designed.  They know that the average person, who is, as I say, just woken up to one part of it – that is that his life is changing drastically, rather quickly.  We don't notice when it's done slowly, you see, but they're on a roll now.  They know that the person is freaking out, and the first conclusion they're encouraged to think of, is that this is too diabolical and too overwhelming to be done by humans. This is encouraged through lots of the authorized authors, who are put out there to promote all kinds of things, from space aliens to slimy things that walk around looking like people, and not yet people either. That seems palatable to the average person, who's just, as I say, in the freaking out stage of “how did all this happen”?

They've been living in fairy-land, a dream, up until that point, with their favorite newscasters looking very mature and very fatherly, and staring them in the eye at every six o'clock newscast. “Would he lie to you?  Of course not.”  To you think that whole world is lying to you, would put you into a category, which would make it easy for them to lock you up. So don't freak out. Accept it calmly and quietly. 

Yes, YOU'VE BEEN CONNED BIG TIME, and not just you. Billions of other people to across the planet have been CONNED, because this scientific process has been in operation for an awful long time.  They put out the fake dis-info guys, counterintelligence, who gathers all the intelligence (the facts) that are being passed around, to mix it with the absurd and discredit the facts.

I get that all the time from people who, as I say, they're on roller coasters with all this disinformation, mixed up with real information.  That’s what they always say – "humans could never dreamt this up. It's just too big," and that's because they're still thinking that it's just happened, suddenly.  It's also an egotistical problem, because they can't imagined how they could have been fooled so perfectly, but you've been trained that way since your birth, and your parents didn't know.  Like all mammals, you accept that if the parents don't show danger signals towards a certain area, you'll think everything is quite natural within that area.   That's how simple this is.  You'll see networks of people, generally very old men, who do get life extension, there's no doubt whatsoever.  They get a superior healthcare the public will never be let into, and your science magazines will still keep you living in the cave age, stone age, the era with their latest this and latest that. Everything they tell us is obsolete and very old.

You have a network of old guys, an old boys club, to introduce people who work their way up the pyramid, through many different rituals and proving their worth. "You must be worthy," as they say.  It means you must keep your mouth shut.  You do the dirty deeds on the public and keep you mouth shut, too, and you take your rewards and keep your mouth shut.  The higher they go, the worse they become, until they're really conning in a big way, and they still keep their mouths shut.  That's the system.  They're pulled out of CEO offices, banks or corporations, many of which are just owned by the secret services like the CIA anyway, and moved all over the planet into the United Nations – out of the United Nations into politics – back into CEO job – back into the United Nations – in perpetual circles. They always know their part in the agenda. They're very worthy. They're trustworthy, you see. They can keep their mouths shut.


Recently, I was looking at an old documentary of Saddam Hussein greeting a young Donald Rumsfeld, back in 1974. Here's this geezer, still on the go today, in the same occupation – lifers – absolute lifers – to do with the military side of government, and they're still as active as ever.  I mean, where's his senility?  Where's his old age disease, et cetera?  Why's he still so fervent, he just can't put his feet up with all his millions and just retire and go fishing?  Well they don't, if you notice. They can't stop, because it's a religion. That's why you see that kind of fervor, it's within a religion. That's the only place you'll see it.  They are fanatical.

In the late '80’s, Maurice Strong was pulled out of the United Nations.  This man was picked up as a young guy, by Rockefeller, and groomed to be a front man, which he has been very loyal to, in fact, all these years, and wherever he's gone he's made major changes in the world system. Little Mark Strong, he's a strong man you might say. He was pulled out of the United Nations to come to, of all places, Ontario, Canada, by Bob Rae, the Premier at that time of Ontario. 

He’s got a fascinating story that was printed in the Toronto Sun.  He (Bob Rae) pulled Maurice Strong and he gave him a job as the head of Ontario Hydro.  I said big things are going to happen here, because you don't pull this kind of character, the big gun, to swat a mosquito, so something big was going to happen. He no sooner got to Ontario; then he starts organizing a reorganization to privatize the whole Ontario power system (all the grids, all the companies and so on) from public ownership to private ownership. That was what he was brought in to do, a multi-billion dollar task.  It was found out he was still working for the United Nations, so he kept the job under the tenure of $1.00 a day from Ontario Hydro, just to keep the job until he was finished.

At the time, in the newspapers, it was announced that Strong was putting into motion a plan where public money would finance huge generator systems (diesel, et cetera) to run all government agencies and all major necessary infrastructure, including factories (not that there's many left here).  I thought, “What's going on here?  The Cold War is over.” The oil was pumping away, not too badly at that time.  There seemed to be no crisis; so it told you there was going to be a crisis created in the future. He’d done all the setting up to privatize it, and these deals of who they're going to sell it to are arranged, behind closed doors, years before the public even know it's begun.  EVERYTHING IS PREARRANGED.

Sure enough, once he'd done his job he went back to the United Nations, to the World Bank at that time. Then they sent him to Peking.  It was China they sent him to – to Beijing. ([Peking] It changed from a P to a B.)  Then of course, he had the job to really get the ball going for Chinese commerce, for the rest of the world, and working at a UN building in China. These players are pulled out of the hat, always, same guys over and over. From the time of the Vietnam War to every war since, they're on the move all over the planet and they all know each other very, very well, because they all obey the same boss.  Here they are, bringing us into the global system.  It's already here; we know that.  It’s where you're going to have a completely monitored society, who can't open their mouth in case they're going to be fined, charged or thrown in jail, for uttering something that is incorrect. That's the system we're going into.


Follow the trail of eugenics, and the history of eugenics, if you want to see how many of these guys got their start, because you'll find they all belonged to these societies.  EUGENICS was BROUGHT UP TO CULL OFF THE "USELESS EATERS" which would not be required in a scientifically orientated society.  They're going at it really strong now, and passing all kinds of laws.  They have the cultures in the Western world debased enough that we don't care what happens in medicine, or the fact that there's a whole industry selling body parts – this Frankensteinian monster.  We are debased. 

The same elite, who are guiding us, will mock so-called "primitive societies" that have all kinds of mourning ceremonies for the dead.  They'll mock them, and yet, you see, your respect for the dead gives you respect for the living.  We’ve been knocked down, one stone at a time, until there's no foundation left. 

Maurice Strong's benefactor, the Rockefeller family, were the ones in the U.S. who backed the whole eugenics program, going way back in the 1920’s. Eugenics means "good stock," and the term was first used by Charles Galton Darwin, Darwin’s descendent.  It was all based on their pseudo-science of evolution, which ran in the family lineage of the Darwin family, since Charles Darwin's father and grandfather both wrote books on the same thing that he eventually wrote on. It didn't take off too well until they really publicized it and put it under Charles' name.  This whole idea that races and inferior types die off and they must do, is part of the inner high Masonic tradition.  It's basic Hinduism, actually.

Many thousands of people were sterilized, forcibly, across the Western world, and they had branches in every country.  They were teaching that the inferior types must be killed off.  The U.S. in its own eugenics society, used to put out magazines every month and have photographs of the best families, with their frontal views of their skulls and side views and all this kind of stuff, to show you how superior they were.


"You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby"
By Perry Como

You must have been a beautiful baby,
You must have been a wonderful child . . .
When you were only startin' to go to kindergarten
I bet you drove the little boys wild!
And when it came to winning blue ribbons,
You must have shown the other kids how . . .
I can see the judge's eyes as they handed you the prize
I bet you made the cutest bow!
Oh, you must have been a beautiful baby,
'cause baby look at you now . . .

This is how silly people are when you give them a bit of flattery and you pump up their ego; but not just silly, they become very dangerous when they start to believe it and believe that they have the right to dictate to the “lessers.” 

Herbert Spencer brought out the idea of revolutionary psychology.  This was all tied up with this theory of evolution types, superior types and inferior types. You think Adolph Hitler was the only guy who came up with that? No. There were men behind Hitler, who were on the go before he was born, in the German branch of this, under the guise of science.  They are the white-coated scientists, the new priesthood. That's all they are, with all their theories, and they've been very successful in convincing the world that they know what they're talking about, in so many areas, and we believe them. We've been taught, just like we were taught in the past ages to believe the guys with the black dresses on, to believe these new ones.  We believe them, just as well, because they're experts and “gee, what are we?”

Racial hygiene is nothing new at all, and it wasn't based simply in Germany. The funding came from the big foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation.  People forget that Adolph Hitler was Time-Life Man of the Year, twice, in the 1930’s, when he was going through all this stuff, killing off all of the mentally disabled and the unfit.  It wasn't until he crossed the borders that he became the bad guy. People forget all about that. They forget the tours of the aristocracy, from all the other countries of Europe, including England, went over to have tours of the new Germany. There was this great experiment. You'll find this history books. It means more than you think. You had the United States experiment and the Soviet experiment and the Natzi experiments, all funded by the same big power brokers and foundations, as they studied us all and did with us as they wished, and got us to cheer them on in different countries. That's why the mass man must always be feared. 

INDIVIDUALISM IS THE ONLY ENEMY THEY HAVE TODAY, the thinker, who can explain this and put across to others, so they, in turn, might think.  Monsters and psychopaths are recruited and given their own special education, which enables them to do what they do and feel good about it, and they never retire. They're globetrotting all over the place, from one position to the other, in this massive network, and they all know each other, and they don't have to ask aliens what the next step is.  They don't need LSD or any Peruvian drug to make them turn into reptiles and do a little dance or any of that. They are though, very inbred, and like Plato said, "you can create humans by interbreeding, just like animals, for specific traits." 

If you go back into the Darwinian family, you'll find that was happening with Charles and right back to his grandfather and before, where they only inbred with one other family called the Wedgwood Family (of Wedgwood Pottery), all belonging to this higher Masonic eugenics society. You breed your way into high Masonry, by accepting the spouse as being trained and also reared, and marrying them, and doing what you're told, and then that offspring gets to a higher level.  It is a breeding program, and the little guys at the bottom don't know that, and most of them never will. They don't know much at all, in fact.


People will never conquer this, on a large level, until they demand to know who these characters are, who are on the seats and the chairs of their local counsel, their police forces, their school councils, their local government levels, who fill the bureaucracies and head positions, from local to federal.  They'll never get further until they demand the answers, because you'll be completely utterly shocked. YOU MUST BE in one of these FREEMASONIC ORGANIZATIONS, in this system, in the West, to get "a head," as they say


The Wizard of Oz is very active, the little man behind the curtains with all the technology, and the levers and the buttons. He can terrify you in a thousand ways.  That's what was really written into that movie, and the "yellow brick road," ALL ARE MASONIC TERMS.  OZ is found in the Bible, sometimes under OZ, sometimes under OS, sometimes under US and sometimes under UZ.  It depends on the version.

We live in a very complex system, and yet its complexity can be the Achilles heel for someone who can break through the very basic bottom level, and not get trapped with the people who are deliberately put out there to suck you in, and ride you in circles, until you're even more confused than ever.  They'll use all the materials put out by the small guys, who never had the financing to get the big booksellers on their side. Someone called me, just the other day, and mentioned a particular one, and he says, "do you know that he put in there about the troglodytes, and trog, and trog backwards is gort, and gort is the robot in "The Day the Earth Stood Still."”  You see, I talked about all that stuff, back in the '90’s, and it's all taped, and I've given out lots of them.  These characters, or their teams, just gather it up, put it in their books, spin it into whatever, and they get the publicity and unfortunately mislead people.  What I didn't mention to this fellow, also, is that there was a group called The Troggs. See what song they sung. Add that to your next book.

You're living under control.  Fascination will be the end of you, if you allow yourself to be fascinated by tremendous tales, just as religion has been used for thousands of years very effectively.  In the Middle Ages they had people terrified at one time of even living in the forest they'd been born in, because there was demons everywhere, and shadows suddenly became demons, and oh my goodness, everything became demonic.  The only safe place was the church, and that's where you brought your valuables and gave it to them, and got blessed and protected by little stories, and little spells would be put out there for you, of protection.

I'm running out of time right now. Keep warm. Keep safe. Stock up on basic stuff that you need to live, in case they give you an emergency, just the basic stuff.  Keep warm, that's important, and have some food and some jugs for water, and some candles and you'll be fine. All the best, from me tonight, and Hamish the dog, and may your god go with you.


"I'm Always Chasing Rainbows"
By Perry Como

At the end of the rainbow there's happiness,
And to find it how often I've tried
But my life is a race, just a wild goose chase,
And my dreams have all been denied!

Why have I always been a failure?
What can the reason be?
I wonder if the world's to blame?
I wonder if it could be me?

I'm always chasing rainbows,
watching clouds drifting by!
My schemes are just like all of my dreams,
ending in the sky!

Some fellows look and find the sunshine,
I always look and find the rain!
Some fellows make a winning sometime,
I never even make a gain!

Believe me . . .

I'm always chasing rainbows,
waiting to find a little blue bird in vain!