May 18, 2007 Alan Watt        Blurb (i.e. Educational Talk)

"Your Thoughts are Not Your Own –

They're Just a-passin' Through –

It's the Elite's New Science, Electronic Voodoo"


Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – May 18, 2007 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)



Hi folks.  I’m Alan Watt and this is and . This is May 18th, 2007.


Tonight, I'm going to go into a complicated field of political control, which is based on very high modern weaponry. This weaponry has been around for a while, actually, and been tried and tested. They know that it works, at the top, developed by the military industrial complex, used on large areas of populations, where the effects were really backed through government agencies through doctors offices, social work departments, police, ambulance, so many services, which gave the data on human behaviour, as it changed. Types of pulsed energy were released in directed areas, over populations, using different frequencies to see what the different mental effects would be on those peoples.  Old stuff really, which was used, at least on a smaller scale, back in the 1950’s, by some of the departments within the CIA and MI6, who already had micro-circuitry before the public even heard of a transistor for the old circuit boards.  They had portable ones, back then.


Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote about some of this briefly, at least touched on it, in a book called "Between Two Ages," in the section entitled "The Technetronic Era."  Technetronics was the term he used. It has other names, as well - "Biotronics," and others, beyond that. Various branches of sciences coming together, medicine, electronics, specialized weapons companies and computers to bring all this into fruition on a larger scale; a more predictable scale, predictable outcome.  It was based on what the elite saw as a need to control a world population. Control them down to their moods and behaviour, and even the ability to give them thoughts, directly into their minds, which the person (the subject) wouldn't be aware it was coming from elsewhere. They'd simply follow what they thought were their own thoughts.


The simplest method was to put over a secondary wave onto a carrier wave of electromagnetic radiation, especially in ELF (Extremely Low Frequency). It's the low frequencies that affect human behaviour the most, because every cell in our body has its own electrical frequency of vibration. This was known, over 100 years ago.  All the various nutrients you pick up are picked up, are used by certain and different cells in the body, according to the frequency. We need a frequency match. One is absorbed into the other. They both vibrate at the same time.  These are old, old theories, going back through holy books, even, and written about by the Greek philosophers, who often mention Pythagoras and the whole art of sympathetic vibration. This is where a stringed instrument, placed across the room from another stringed instrument, tuned at the same keys or pitch, and when that pitch was struck on one, it would eventually cause the other to vibrate the sound.  This is very similar to this particular science.


When the human body is ill in some way, the frequencies don't match. Nutrients are not taken up. That kind of thing, and therefore, by stimulation of the correct frequencies, they can hope to heal or get over the problem, and get the cells reprogrammed, in a sense. This is what's pushed as they push this kind of technology forward.  They always tell you all the health benefits and how wonderful it will be. Remember, they were first created by the military-industrial complex for a system and a hierarchy, which wants to depopulate the planet and ultimately control 100 percent of everyone, 100 percent of the time.  There are also charlatans put out there, who get in on the know of this technology and start shouting about "good vibrations," and using the New Age to mislead them into it and actually wanting it to happen.  The tremendous psychological programs, underway, always guide the public into mysticism, which is a great way to disable their minds from rational thought. 


The human body responds to very small energies, so that little power is needed to operate this kind of high technology.  Brzezinski said himself, and to paraphrase basically, shortly this technology will be used on whole populations without their being aware of it. Without their knowing their thoughts were not theirs or their ideas, and that which they were compelled to do, were not theirs. They would simply obey and be oblivious to it. It's very easy to make them placid, happy, excited or angry, depending on the frequency used.


In "New World Vistas," which is a report by the United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, "Air and Space Power for the 21st Century, Ancillary Volume, 1996, pages 89-90."  It stated right here:


             "One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscle movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory"


Alan:  Sounds familiar, eh?


             "produce an experience set, and delete an experience set."


Alan:  They're talking about deleting memory engrams, or inserting them. This is not only possible; it's here.


Part of the manipulation of the weather and the spraying of the skies is to do with this, also. They're using this HAARP technology type equipment in conjunction with metallic particles, to make the atmosphere more conducive, as an electromagnetic circuit directly to the targets. People all over the world, a lot of people, talk to me by phone, and I'll find on certain days everyone is tired, and certain days everyone has got thought blocking, where they can't remember simple things. They'll be making a statement, and they forget what they're talking about. That’ll happen, one after the other.  The equipment is being used.  And from an elite’s point of view, since the war is on the populations of the entire planet, as they bring us through the greatest changes, perhaps in history – the complete reorganisation of the planet and everything in it – you would use every weapon in your arsenal to make it so.


In the Spring of 1998, an edition of "Parameters" U.S. Army War College quarterly magazine they put an article out by Timothy L. Thomas called "The Mind Has No Firewall".  It went on to explain what people could experience in the very near future. It says:


             "A recent Russian military article offered a slightly different slant to the problem, declaring that "humanity stands on the brink of a psychotronic war" with the mind and body as the focus. That article discussed Russian and international attempts to control the psycho-physical condition of man and his decision making processes by the use of VHF-generators"


Alan:  That's Very High Frequency generators.


             "noiseless cassettes,"


Alan:  "Noiseless cassettes," as they call it.


             "and other technologies."


Alan:  This was meant to influence human behaviour, and human health, too. In other words, they could attack it. It's easier to attack the human body than to help it, at least for those at the top.  In that article from the Army War College, it continues to describe the aims of these weapons, and say that they can confuse or destroy the signals, which are going on inside your body that keep you alive and functioning properly. They put it down to "information warfare."  Who would have thought that "information warfare" would actually also mean it's the information passed by minute electric currents, in your own body, from molecules to subatomic molecules almost, to keep you healthy? That's what they've been working on, destroying or/and controlling.


They can also put a voice right into your head. They can do it now, by using, as it was proven in Finland, by using and targeting a specific individual if they're in reach of a cell phone tower, because they can narrow the beam to such a small frequency. They can target you as you drive past, from miles away.


To continue with "The Mind Has No Firewall," it goes on to say:


"The body is capable not only of being deceived, manipulated, or misinformed, but also shut down or destroyed--just as any other data-processing system. The "data" the body receives from external sources--such as electromagnetic, vortex, or acoustic energy waves--or creates through its own electrical or chemical stimuli can be manipulated or changed just as the data (information) in any hardware system can be altered."


Alan:  This is all to be used on humans. What they will talk about and prattle on about, is how they could confuse you or over stimulate you so that you would make misjudgements, and they could also effect your motor activity, psychomotor activity, your walking.  They could immobilize you.  These are weapons, which can be used at certain frequencies and energy strengths to either immobilize or kill. It's the old Star Trek stuff.  If you think the Star Trek authors had great imaginations or used crystal balls, think again, because that was predictive programming. Gene Roddenberry was a member of NASA. He sat in on their meetings, and he knew about these sciences. They knew where they were going.


A good article to read, also, was put out in "The Economist". That was May 2002. The headline was "The Future of Mind Control." It’s well worth reading.  They do put it out there, as though they were objects to be used. We guzzle our information or entertainment or sports, and all of the other rubbish they give us, to keep us occupied, thinking, "we know what they're saying, but we don't believe them. They'd never do that to us."  We’ve been conditioned to believe that somehow those in higher authorities are “special people," more altruistic than even we are, when the opposite is true. The psychopaths climb to the top, and they will do what you would think of as being "the unthinkable."  They have no problems doing that. That's why they get away with it.


Some years ago, a booklet appeared out of no-where, which was called "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars."  Whoever did write it - whether it was for a joke or a spoof or information, coupled perhaps with disinformation, or perhaps someone from inside trying to get something out anonymously - the documents certainly did contain information on what the U.S. Military, and other militaries across the world, were working on, with advanced technologies.  What has been verified since, through different publications, little snippets coming out in magazines and newspapers over the years, is that great huge panels, international bodies of scientists, along with foundations that work alongside them, which again and is pyramidal and it truly is a pyramid structure. They’re all predicting the future, what they see coming along the road and how society will alter and adapt, or not adapt, to the changes, because the premise is, we must always adapt, man being the most adaptable species on the planet, supposedly.  We certainly do; we adapt to the technology that is presented to us. We adapt very quickly, especially when it's promoted to us and it becomes even a method for almost survival, in a system such as the electronic age, where computers are almost a necessity. They have to be a necessity, not for long term full goal, but as a part term project to get us used to being "all hooked up," basically, before we go towards the next step of virtual reality. Then it will be very simple to accept a chip in your head.  We’re being trained to accept, step-by-step, the end product, which is already designed.  Everything along the way is just another mouse-trap to get us further along into the big mouse-trap, the goal.


In the last '90s, I was working under a truck, in the summer, when I saw something -- and it was a really beautiful sunny day. It was like a strobe effect that you see in a nightclub or somewhere, or on stage, and I thought, “boy, I've been under this truck too long,” so I got out stood up, and I felt fine. It was still going on. It seemed to be all around. I went into the house, turned on immediately a radio, and I got along with the strobe that I could see, I heard this crackling on the radio. There was a powerful signal coming through the spectrum of radio frequencies, into the visual arena. I turned on the television, which was also hooked up to an external antenna, and sure enough that also synced with a flash across the screen, with every crack on the radio, which synchronized with the flashes I could see. This went on for 20 minutes or so, and I talked about it in later shows. What I found that night was, a few people phoned me from different parts of the States and Canada, and I knew they had something to tell me and I had to almost pry out of them what they had experienced, and they had experienced the same thing. They'd seen the strobe. Some of them or described it as though they'd walked out the door and someone was flashing a camera - those multiple flashes that you can have on the modern cameras - at their face.  Another person was lying on his bed, with the window next to him, and the whole room seemed to flash, as a strobe would do.  I realized there was a huge test going on. No, it wasn't supernatural; unless you understand that supernatural is simply beyond the knowledge the public are given.  Magic is simply science which is not explained yet to the public.

They have these particular weapons, and they've had them for years. However, to have hooked up all of this, it had to be arrayed by satellite, I'd imagine, to cover such a vast area. That can be done in coordination with HAARP-type technology, which bounces and concentrates on the ionosphere, and bounces down to targeted areas.  The HAARP-type technologies exist in different countries, and they can act in sequence and cover a whole continent, if need be. They can also do that with the Star Wars technology, with batteries of satellites hooked together, electronically.  This is actually called "photic driving" in the higher military establishments. What they'd use is a visible light, pulsed, and the frequencies will affect the brain and parts of the brain.  Some people within a certain range will have epileptic seizures. Even watching a television, with some people, the flicker rate will put them into seizures. There was a big test that went on in Japan, a few years ago, with one of the games for children. When it was released, or it was shown on television, hundreds of children across the country, and it got to a thousand, suddenly went down with seizures. However, it can be done remotely, also. 


In 1987, out from the “Attorney General's Conference on Less-Than-Lethal Weapons" put out by Sheri Sweetman, this appeared in the document:


             "There is some evidence and a good deal of supposition that sustained extremely low frequency ELF radiation can produce nausea or disorientation. One researcher has subjected animals to ELF (electromagnetic radiation) through electrode implants and feels that similar results could be produced from afar without electrodes.  One participant suggested that ideally, one might like to develop the ability to design these electromagnetic fields for specialized use, for instance, to produce sleep or confusion.  It is known that sleep can be induced by electrodes in the brain, and Russian scientists claim to be able to produce sleep from afar."


Alan:  They now call that "electro sleep." 


This is published, you see, this sort of documentation.  This is still low level, because whatever is published is lower level, still almost within security reach. In the higher levels, everything is always top secret. They're always way ahead of whatever is published, and you can be sure that in 1987 they'd already tried this on human participants, whether they knew it or not. They always test on the public.


In the "Microwave News, May/June issue 1988, this appeared. 


"The "US Army has its Own Product - a Radio Frequency Weapon. In August 24, 1987 issue of "Defense News," John Rosado of Harry Diamond Labs in Adelphia, Maryland is quoted as saying that the nature of warfare will be completely changed by the use of RF weapons. Rosado also noted that RF radiation could be used over a wide battlefields with phased arrays."


Alan:  If you've ever seen the aerial photographs of the Alaska HAARP facility  (which is only one of many), those antennas are arranged in such a way it's called "phased array" - each one amplifies the other.  They work in a sequence and amplify each other.  It’s kind of like putting whole bunches of batteries together to get a brighter, stronger current.


Now the future they envisage - they plan the future, you see, at the top. They don't sit and wait for things to happen. Think tanks and people who are paid multi-thousands of dollars a year (maybe millions, some of them), have to come up with what they see and forecast for the future, the way things are going, and where they elite themselves wish to go. We know by the constant drumbeat for over a hundred years in all the books that have been churned out from the top, they want to reduce the population in a post-industrial era to a manageable level - manageable for them. They want a more efficient workforce, a new type of workforce. That’s the reason for the tremendous drive towards genetic engineering. It's not to help infertile women or men; it's to create new types of humans.  The old man, you might say, at the bottom, is obsolete. His time is over, according to the big boys. The road, really since the end of the industrial age, to where they're going, is the fallout phase where the old system goes and the work is gone. All the factory workers can't suddenly go in and learn computers and be geniuses, especially when you don't need so many people on modern computers working them. One operator can now do the work of many that used to be employed, even in the computer field 20 or 30 years ago.


Therefore, what do you do with the surplus population who are consuming your world?  They're consuming it, you see. What do you do?  Well, you cull the population. How do you cull it gradually?  There are many ways to do it, and of course, the easiest way is to make them infertile and wait as they start all dying off eventually, and eventually the last ones go, over an 80-year period.  Or, you're always planning the future to get them into habitat areas first, or during the process, where you can manage them more easily and control them. There will be riots eventually, according to the Ministry of Defence from Britain and the article from "The Guardian" a few weeks ago, what they perceive for the future.  They see mayhem and chaos in the Western Hemisphere and spontaneous riots, et cetera.  Well, what would cause Joe Six Pack and Jane Soap Opera to suddenly revolt or protest or whatever?  It's because big changes are coming, and the lifestyle they're used to is to be gradually taken away, maybe not so gradually, in fact.


People think, “they'd never do that. They need the money for the oil. They've got to keep gasoline going. They need cars.” If you believe that, you've swallowed the old story that there's actually competition at the top.  You have to go into the history to find out how corporations started. Corporations and international corporations began publicly, at least in Britain, with the British East India Company, which really was an arm of government at the same time. Some of the largest companies in the U.S. in the fields of technology are actually CIA owned.  You don't allow competition at the top.  If you did allow competition at the top, you'd lose control of the direction you wished to take society, if your competitor came out with some kind of computer that could outpace anything that you produced, and run on an easy program, and was vastly superior. That's why they pick their favourites, their front men, like Bill Gates. The CIA decided long ago they needed one system for the world and all the doors opened for Bill Gates. He walks through door after door after door, and you think it's because of hard work and free enterprise and all that. That's nonsense. You don't lose control of power by allowing competition. You'll find the same thing with the big companies that run the ID cards, and the companies that are going with the Digital Angel chip implant. They're all owned by the "supra-government" at the top, and they have access to the advanced technology because their department, which is the military-industrial-complex, is all part of it. They know advanced sciences, but they don't allow competition. That's the illusion that the public must believe in; that everything is separate and we're just evolving.


Years ago, when the projected the future that they would bring to be, they began preparing for it at all western government levels, high levels. Cameras started to go in, not just a few here and there, but masses of them. We saw the integration of military technology, advanced technology, and the military industry combining with police forces worldwide. The military establishments sign the United Nations treaties not to use this kind of technology on other countries, or signatory countries, which means anyone who’s not in that is fair game.  However, for everything that they've banned from use against each other, there's a loophole where they're allowed to use it on their own people. That loophole is not there by accident. That's why western countries still must use full metal jacket bullets, which rip through a person but don't expand so much like a hollow point would do, which causes massive haemorrhaging and shock - impact shock and damage. However, they're allowed to use the hollow points on their own peoples at home.  The same goes for these technologies, the so-called "lethal to non-lethal weapons."  In the old Star Trek series, people thought, “Oh, they're so far ahead with their phaser guns, and stun and stun longer, and kill settings,” and you see this is all this technology here I'm talking about today. They didn't have great imaginations at all. The writers of those series were in with the high military establishments, giving you predictive programming to accept the stuff that would come down the road, right down to the silly term "non-lethal," which makes you say, "Well, if your cops have it, it's not that bad. It’s non-lethal."  Yes it can kill you, all right, and they knew this from the beginning. They call this "dual use technology".  Dual use is for military and for crowd or people control, public control.


In 1994, the "Department of Defense Directive Policy for Non-Lethal Weapons" from Office of Assistant Secretary of Defense draft (July 21, 1994) had this in it. 


             "The term "adversary" is used above"


Alan:  This is part of this whole thing.


             "in its broadest sense, including those who are not declared enemies but who are engaged in activities we wish to stop."


Alan:  They’re talking about whom it can be used on.  They’re not declared enemies, but who are engaged in activities “we wish to stop.”


             "This policy does not preclude legally authorized domestic use of non-lethal weapons by U.S. military forces in support of law enforcement."


Alan:  That part is very important.


They were projecting scenarios of the coming future back in '94, where the military would be working with high-tech weaponry, alongside domestic police. It could be used on people who "THEY DECLARE" are engaged in activities they wish to stop. Speaking out about something would come under that category, an activity they wish to stop.  They couldn’t get you legally on something or declare you an enemy – at least not publicly, on a security level they might – but they can use it on you if you’re just in the way or you’re being a nuisance.  You could be a "speech criminal" or a "thought criminal," and this could be used on you, and you wouldn't know it. You’d just come down with strange illnesses or you go crazy. You’d hear voices all day and night in your head, or you'd have physical aliments and you'd suddenly be anaemic. A vast array of things could be caused as your biochemistry goes haywire, or your brain simply goes off in billions of directions, as though you were on hallucinogenic drugs.  It could permanently disable you, physically, or mentally, or both.  These things are not discussed in this way, this format, unless they’re intended to be used in scenarios that are projected. They're projected because they understand the agenda – the future that's being brought upon us. It’s here.


These reports go on to add that the term "non-lethal" doesn’t necessarily mean that it won't be deadly. It's kind of double-speak, Orwellian, and they put it down as "collateral damage" if it actually kills people. “Collateral,” you see, you're a unit of production for labour or tax.


For those people who wish to know more, they can really research into what's been allowed out into the public realm through little pieces here and there. There are books out there on the subject. The problem is most of the people who come out with the books are members of the United Nations, and they're object really is to get the United Nations to get more power over all of this, which is exactly what the big boys want, since the UN fronts for them in the first place. It was set-up to be global government but the government will serve a master, as all governments have in the past.


It's a complex world, and what a tangled web they weave. The heroes on all fronts are always given to us, especially if they become tremendously famous, or they have an awful lot of money backing them. I've been on many shows, as you know. The popular ones have been on the go for years, some of them, and the hosts know that I don't necessarily go along with the format or the take on things as they're happening, or even go along with the products that are sold, which are tremendously fear-based products for all possible catastrophes. I know many people, over the years, who’ve bought into all of this.  They've bought all this stuff they were supposed to have for every possible and impending disaster, and they're living in fear with all this junk that they'll never use, and stacks and stacks and hoards of stuff to get them through years, if necessary, of hardship.  It never dawns on them that the kinds of catastrophes they're looking at are probably not the ones that will happen. The ones that can be brought on, judging from the big boys themselves, they want us all to start moving towards the cities and that will be done through the power of the purse mainly, as they increase gasoline and start upping taxes in rural areas. Then all the UN inspectors come in, which they're already doing through treaties in all the countries, to inspect your water, your septic, your building codes, yada ya, until you can't comply anymore, you're bankrupt. You move into the cities, so you can't take all that stuff you're buying with you. Another scenario that they give you, which they can do, are floods and earthquakes et cetera.  You can't cart all that stuff out, tonnes of stuff you've saved up, out with you.


 There are other people who are terrified of dying, by any method, whether it's old age or anything else. There are some people out there who live on capsules from health stores, and powders and mixes.  They're not living; really, they're emaciated and very ill. They listen to every single show that's out there with every possible cure there is, and there's a new cure every week, and they're always terribly expensive.  I also talked to many of the people who have tried the whole thing, or mortgaged their homes to buy all this stuff, and try to cure loved ones, who are dying.  You have to use your common sense, with everything around you, because we live in a world of commerce where money rules. If you don't have money you’re terrified of all the things, all the negative things which happen. You can't just pitch a tent somewhere. You'll be kicked off it by some forest ranger, or in Canada or other countries of the Commonwealth, the Crown Agents will do it, kick you off the land. You can't go out there and live like a wild man, at least not within the general range of where you are right now.


You’re forced into a system that uses nothing but money. Whatever they want to use for money, it doesn't matter. It really doesn't matter. When you buy any other type of commodity, you're looking at barter - if times got rough.  Gold and silver are always pushed as the alternative. What does it matter?  You see, if I have a loaf of bread and you have a gold sovereign, I'll tell you how much the gold is worth: it's whatever I say I want for that loaf of bread. That's the reality of it.


People should always be prepared for the smaller emergencies, with enough dried food to get them through any bad weather, since they're bringing the bad weather on. It's all under the Air Force's control now, and as they've admitted themselves, in a newspaper article a few years ago, when the closest they came to an admission was to say they'd shortly own the weather. Well they do own it, you see, now.  Anyone who looks up and sees the skies being sprayed will know that for themselves, they can see it everyday. People with the bronchial problems, the new normal now is for adults to suddenly get allergies or asthma. Never had it in their lives before now they suddenly get it - the new normal. That's what they teach the next medical bunch coming out of universities; it’s the new normal. They won't know the previous normal, you see. That's not even under their control. They don't know. It's quite easy to control people when you make up the curriculums for every intake and output. They don't know any better. They don't their sciences history or the previous generation’s history within the same field.  They're easily misled.  Just as now it's normal for 1 in 2 to have cancer, and that's what they're taught in medical school. They’re not taught that it wasn’t always this way.


In ancient times, much was written about tyrants. “Tyrants” really didn't have the connotations it does today, because the people lived under the same kind of rule, really no matter what they called their form of government. A tyrant was just a dictator with all powers, which is no different from a bunch at the top all working towards the same agenda. Then you had autocracies and aristocracies and even theocracies; it doesn't matter if it’s a group or one person. They simply called this one person, the one with full power over the public, a tyrant. His word was law. He went back what he said that day, that was law that day, and if he changed his mind the next day that was now law. Whereas, the formal types of governments they introduced gave as a semblance of rules of law, which supposedly they wouldn’t change, except in emergency. Then, in came the dictator and it was always under the guise of keeping safety and security going.  You can't have both, you see, you either have one or the other. Therefore, the greatest trick with all tyrants was to create riots or terrorism, blame the public or blame terrorists within the public realm, even when they paid the army to do it, and then say they’d take your freedoms away, for security reasons. It's still used today, hasn’t changed.


For those who wish to look further into the technologies of mind control, you can do your own searches. There's a lot of little snippets being given out, over the years. One of the spiels about it was given through a magazine called "The Economist" - May issue, 2002. It was on the front page. It was called "The Future of Mind Control."  It should be understood that there are many of these facilities worldwide. Some are the ones that the public have been given information about, such as the one in Alaska owned by the U.S.; the other two owned by the U.S.; one is in Norway, one is in Greenland.  I believe they have another one in Australia and no doubt many more.  I believe they also have portable ones. I've seen some set-ups, odd set-ups, set up in fields in the past, definitely military type trailers with all kinds of strange arrays on top of them, so they can move them around. This is all to do with ultimate control - ultimate control of the entire planet.


The trick for a long, long time has been to use "patriotism" and "nationalism" to further their research and development, and to gather the taxes into the development of these weapons. And yet all along, there are so many branches of the covert agencies, which are often isolated from each other. It's like a pyramid structure, and the ones at the top serve the establishment. The establishment has always been there - the dominant minority. The ones who hide behind nationalism and patriotism control the finances, own the wealth, and they are internationalists and always were internationalists. These are the people who own the biggest shares of all the international companies. These are the people who own, and are going for the last vestiges of natural resources worldwide. It's not a new story. It's an old story. We can see that down through the ages, through the kings and queens of Europe, since the Norman invasion came into Europe and the subsequent wars between themselves, as the different psychopathic families seemed to vie for power. Often, England was owned by the same king that owned France and England, and often it would be the other way, the King of France would own it, and vice versa. People don't know their histories. They don't know that the Court of England, for a long time, spoke French and so did all the advisers. Down through the ages, even when English crept in, or was modified or updated, they would speak Latin amongst themselves, for a while, so the public wouldn't understand them. They always have a separate language to communicate their thoughts and actions to each other.


At the end of George Orwell's "1984," he asks O'Brien why they did this. Why, when they had everything, why they have to torture people and break the people to make everyone accept slavery?  O'Brien told Winston, he said, "power."  It's impossible for an ordinary person to imagine - or try to come close to imaging - a total addiction to total power. It's something where the psychopath makes up for, it's like a gap in their brain is being filled by this need. The part that should have humanity and humanitarian feelings, which they don’t have, is filled with this aberration; this is lust for power, where the end justifies the means, and by any means to attain it. Our tax monies have been used, through a so-called Cold War, with the intention of amalgamating the knowledge gained through unlimited financing, under war footing. The public don't object, because they always tell you they're going to protect you and they've got to get more money to protect you, always ongoing, continuously. There has to be an enemy. Really, they're looking forward to amalgamation of all the scientific knowledge for the total domination of a "Brave New World."  A Brave New World where that which was left imperfect - which is man himself, according to the high freemasonry and the occult sciences - will be perfected by the gods who rule the world.  It's hidden in every religion in esoteric language, and yet it's still in plain view, if you just look over the stuff from every religion.


There has never been a time where it’s by no chance the people are so entertained in circuses where anything imaginable, even that which you can't imagine, is supplied instantly through cable or satellite television, anywhere in the world. Every part of a fantasia, every little part of the mosaic can be supplied instantly, to titillate you, mind bomb you, drive your senses wild in one direction or another. It's not by chance it's being given to the public for the last 30, 40, 50 years and getting worse all the time, because people must not think as we're going through this phase of it. They must be completely absorbed by trivia and addictions of some form or another.


The "Brave New World" of Huxley wasn't his idea; it's a very old plan. The problem of all ruling elites, in all ages, has been how to dominate the public and to keep them subdued. For a long time in the scientific age, even in the 1700’s, they discussed the fact that science would eventually be used to do that job. To do that job completely is the goal.  Eventually, there'll be no need for a media, so all the talking heads that have terrified the life out of you with all the drug wars and crimes and coming plagues and yada yada ya - because that's what the media's main job is (apart from filling your head with irrelevancies) is to make you afraid until you're scared to walk out your door. That's why the law enforcement agencies and military agencies, which are all combined now anyway, love it. It's the stuff they thrive on to expand their forces and powers.


Polls are constantly taken when there's even a shooting in Toronto, to see what the public think, and the media goes into overdrive. One of them, when one shooting occurred, and Toronto doesn't have that many (it gets the occasional outburst, basically through gang members on gang members), but one of the polls they took when one person was shot, interviewed people, and I'm sure they selected who they interviewed, at least the ones they kept to record and play back to the public. It was mainly elderly women who said they were terrified now to go out the door. They had done it everyday of their lives and nothing ever happened, but suddenly they were terrified, because the media created an impression; everything was so awfully unsafe.  Power, as it has been known to exist by a dominant elite, demands enemies to keep you safe. Impression of enemies everywhere is easily given to the public through media overdrive.


We know the massive problems caused by drugs were no coincidence, whatsoever. The media drove the drug use beginnings, back in the '60’s. The military had already been practicing with it testing it on members, just to see how it affected their behaviour. Did it make them docile? That's what they were really after. LSD flooded countries, the western countries, almost instantly. It was all planned that way. Students used to report sacks of garbage bags full of pills being thrown over the walls, from limos, over the university walls. The BBC (that's part of the British government) in all their musical shows, beginning with “Top of the Pops” and all of this stuff, interviewed people who were absolutely stoned on camera and then giggled about it, like “aren't we naughty,” to encourage the young to get into all this.


If you go back in the old books of the military and the higher elite of the CIA, they discussed doing that very thing, how to get the public, first on drugs, and then later on, control them electronically.  Whistleblowers have come out in the past from "Special Forces" and have talked about the fact that some of the "Special Forces" are working to bring the drugs in. Other ones who don't know about are working to try and keep them out.  The music industry was used to bring in hashish to get that popularised. One stoned pop star after another was interviewed ad nauseam, on television in these silly shows just to get it all going to make it all the rage, because as Huxley and others said, "the young mimic what they see."


I've known various people over the years who have gone round giving talks on what they understood was coming on the world, trying to warn people about what was really happening.  Some of them burned themselves out doing it.  Some became disgusted at the public, who would hear them, understand on some level, and then turn back to their little addictions.  Everyone has them, whether it's switching on the television and zonking out or whatever. Everything's that’s been given for circuses attracts people back in.  They want to belong to what seems to be a safer world, because they believe it's being controlled by experts. They want to believe that so badly and they've heard all the excuses, "well what can I do?"  It reminds me of, once again, what Orwell's character Winston said. "It's not so much trying to get through every day pretending to be one of them, one of the mind controlled ones,” he says, "it's trying to hold on to your humanity that's the hardest."


For those who are still going out there to try and inform people about what's going on and what shortly to come, what is coming, what's happening, in fact, is on an ongoing process.  I tell them to try not to blame the public. There are those who will simply never understand because they're beyond help, they can't understand. The control and indoctrination is too complete for them. It's better to take your energy and your knowledge and try and educate those who are asking questions, who are trying by their own to get out of the loop. They know something is wrong.


What is human life worth today?  How far have we come in 40 years, from the dehumanising process of abortion, to now selling body parts to the highest bidders, to euthanasia?  MORALS CAN BE GIVEN OR TAKEN AWAY OR REPLACED.  Morals are simply the codes given to a generation, at a particular time, by an elite. Plato discussed that thousands of years ago. It's the instincts within, which is your voice of conscience, which tells you really what's right or wrong, no matter who or what expert tries to build you up to accept something to make you do something. Conscience can't be totally destroyed as long as we are still human.  How much is life worth today?  At one time, it was held to be sacred.  This little article comes from the Des Moines Sunday Register, Iowa, March 25, 2007. It's typical of the presentation of the paper, and the front page is typical of most papers today; the surrealistic way that things are presented, with a picture of some guy clapping at the top, and some jock about sports, then below it's about implants, of course, which are going to help people. Here it's the deaf people giving you a chip implant inside the inner ear. At the bottom of the page, tucked away next to a joke (Junk in the Trunk joke), is this little article by Thomas Zambido, from the New York Daily News.  The article reads at the bottom left hand corner of the page, next to the joke, the cartoon:


             "New York: The pulverized remains of bodies from the World Trade Center disaster site were used by city workers to fill ruts and potholes, a city contractor says in a sworn affidavit filed Friday in Manhattan Federal Court. Eric Beck says debris powders - known as fines - were put in a pothole-fill mixture by crews at the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island, N.Y., where World Trade Center debris was deposited after the Sept. 11 attacks. "I observed the New York City Department of Sanitation taking these fines from the conveyor belts of our machines, loading it onto tractors and using it to pave roads and fill in potholes."


Alan:  Then on page 10(a) they have more to do with remains et cetera. There it is, with a cartoon next to it, the happy stuff - happy again with a double meaning, because the chip implants are going to be promoted as being good for you as they promote into cyborg time. Science is good, you see, science is the answer to all ills. Then above the headlines at the very top of the page there's the jock with the sports stuff flapping his hand with a big, odd grin on his face.


Surrealism and the news are presented the same way on television, every night. They keep the main anchor people there for years and years so that you grow up with them. Would father ever lie to you, or have an ulterior motive in the way he parrots the news he's given to tell you, as though he'd done it all himself, or herself?  Fear alters perception. That's all you get pulverized with, by the media, impending disasters: real, fake, possible, future, to keep you on edge and to obey everything in the system, as the following song will show.


From Hamish and myself, it's good night, and may your god or your gods, and some humanitarian ideals, go with you.



Evolution Control Committee

Rocked By Rape

This is the CBS evening news
with Dan Rather reporting from
CBS news headquarters in New York

good evening

danger war killer fraud
CIA mayhem crisis horrible
inflation military threat
flaming debris fatal heart attack
stress injuries prison disaster
economic collapse dangerous radiation
a tide of violence and human misery
a liar and an unremorseful killer
communist international smuggling pipeline
starving victims and how they died
chemical weapons carpet bomb deaths
tough FBI killed and injured children
police conspiracy negative attacks
discipline sex and drinking binges
dying of a heart attack dying of breast cancer
dying of a Japanese nuclear bomb
mountains of credit card debt
a mountain of cocaine tons of cocaine
atomic bomb radiation experiments
unwitting test subjects dangerous radiation
marijuana abuse hooked on drugs
time for us to bug out

rocked rocked rocked by rape
rocked rocked rocked by rape
rocked rocked rocked by rape
sex drugs and rocked by rape

NAZI war criminals cancer garbage
murder caution terrorists castigation
police conspiracy dramatic urban torture
drunk driving hostage siege
government shutdown collapses
desperation despair deep into debt
criminal persecuted semi-automatic handgun
explosive gunman killed a tourist
funeral victims racists a massive lawsuit
hostage ethnic war
cancer death rate fleeing for their lives
CIA narcotics operations
hungry homeless frustrated terrorists
spoiled unsanitary hard-hitting losers
brutal bizarre critical bombing
the gangs rule
criminal anti-government love triangle
deeper and deeper into damage even debt
anti-drug DEA worldwide ban
time for us to bug out

rocked rocked rocked by rape
rocked rocked rocked by rape
rocked rocked rocked by rape
sex drugs and rocked by rape

disgruntled conspirator attack killed
US warplane went down in flames crash
gunned down shooting death blood drops murderer
desperate tragedy isn't he dead?
death penalty ransom note forbidding notorious
overwhelming communist urban punishment
low ethics extortion and murder
a plane crash set an entire neighborhood on fire
international smuggling pipeline
make it faster better cheaper
health risk criminal murdering a man
tough diplomatic hell on earth
magnetic radiation fraudulent assassins
mysterious murder chemical terrorism
military targets fatal crash danger
a freak accident no known survivors
wild and wooly semi-automatic truck bomb
emergency anti-fatal shooting rampage
notorious negative police brutality
fear the hidden NAZIs next door
Marxist rebels serious murderer
accidents problems punitive damages
like that negative heartwrenching controversy
time for us to bug out

rocked rocked rocked by rape
rocked rocked rocked by rape
rocked rocked rocked by rape
sex drugs and rocked by rape

bug out bug out bug out
bug bug

and that's part of our world tonight
for the CBS evening news Dan Rather reporting
good night and have a great weekend


(Transcribed by Matthew)