"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt
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 25 October 2013 (#1421)



Vinny Eastwood: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Vinny Eastwood show, broadcasting live on AmericanFreedomRadio.com. What weíre doing here, is weíre attempting to add Alan Watt to the call via Skype calling and itís just not working, possibly because, I have found... Iím sorry ladies and gentlemen we have to do some producing on air because weíre having some technical difficulties with the line and weíve got to somehow get Alan connected. He doesnít want to call in because itís a toll call. We canít call him because the call lineís out.  So what Iím trying to do now is call him on the Skype, final solution, you know; thatís what you do, ladies and gentlemen. So if youíre on the phone with him right now trying to convince him to come on and everything like that, just like hang up or add him onto the Skype call.  If itís at all possible that would be quite nice. Iím trying to bring him in through the Skype now, still not working, still not working. Okay. Well, itís been two years trying to contact Alan Watt and have him finally get back to me, and now I canít do it. [Exasperation.]  Youíve got to be kidding meÖ


You know, this happens, ladies and gentlemen, where you, you know, build something up, you promote it all over the place and then at the last minute something devilish and nasty comes in and snatches all your hard work and it fades away from you. You all know what thatís like, donít you? Of course you do. Because youíre a slave to the new world order, just like me. People think that as soon as youíre a radio host fighting against the new world order that youíre suddenly not a slave to it. Iím sorry, at all times, at no point in your life have you actually ever really been truly 100% free. Okay.  Even if youíve had successes in court and so on and so forth exposing scumbaggery, there is no true freedom. Not currently. It is possible to bring it back... if it ever existed in the first place.


Alan should be calling in now, so if youíre on the line there Alan speak up.  [Technical difficulties...]


...All right, all right, all rightÖ let me see if we can list the technical malfunctions on the show so far today, ladies and gentlemen. So firstly, our caller line, for which we call people and then have them on the radio show, is messing up. So we canít call Alan. And then secondly, the Skype wonít call him; it wonít add him to the call, it doesnít matter what we do with a combination of numbers or anything like that. And then thirdly, Alan actually does call in, but you canít actually log in, for some reason it wonít even allow you to click the button log in to the conference room... Okay.


Alan: Hello?


Vinny: Oh, Alan? Weíve heard you.


Alan: You got me?


Vinny: Weíve got you.


Alan: Okay.


Vinny: It is remarkably wonderful and absolutely fabulous to hear your voice at last. Weíve lost 10 minutes of airtime already and I was about to pop my eyeballs out of my skull with frustration.


Alan: Yeah, eventually we got through. But even when I called back, you know, Bell kept saying you were busy.


Vinny: So, thank you very much for being here in the first place. My first question is, what is your website so that people can go and view your material? The second question is, could you actually give us a bit of a background, from you growing up, how you got into these various fields of research, for which you are so noted for today.


Alan: Yes. The website is cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And on that site youíll see all the other sites I have listed, including alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  But I got into it very early on, because growing up in Britain, during the time I grew up, I could sense there were massive changes. I could sense... There was mass unemployment, I think since World War II probably right maybe to the present.  But in the working-class areas I wondered why everyone was fighting about basic money for rent and things like that. Because youíd go round with your pals round to different houses, their mums and dads, and everyone was kind of tense, stressed out. And I realized something was vastly wrong with this system, of something that we were getting taught at school, that was called Great Britain, that had fought all these wars and got a massive Empire, and yet across the country Ė and that was England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well Ė people were on almost fixed incomes. And it really was a fixed type of system, a rigged system, on how much can you pay the average person just to sustain them and no more.  By the way, weíre going back into that; thatís austerity. But it was a rigged system.


Then I found out at school that the history I was being taught there did not tally up with the history that I could find in the big archives, in the big libraries around me. So I used to, I had passes to get in, because I did awfully well in school so I got adult passes even at the age of 5 and 6, you know. So I got into the old books, many of them, by the way, went back to the 1700s, even old newspapers from the 1800s.  And the versions we were given, even about Scotland, were completely different from the modern histories. I realized early on, when I caught on to sociology basically and the writings of big players who attended world meetings, to do with cultural organizations and the future...  They were having lots of world conferences. When you read the books of Bertrand Russell, HG Wells even, who was a propagandist for this organization that really was at the top at that time, then I realized that they wanted a planned society. And thatís what we had, a planned society. 


So, most folk live in their little bubble, and Huxley said this tooÖ and we do, we grow up in a little bubble. Every age group is catered to, right through your life. They know exactly what you want at 5, what you want at 10, or 15, and the sexual changes too, and libido, how to use it, how to keep years of your life wasted in a sense, as you just go around and be a good consumer and producer and a good taxpayer, and thatís what it boiled down to, planned by big forces that were way above anything youíd ever be taught at school.


Eventually of course I got into much, much deeper stuff and I read as many books as I could. And I found out that, sure enough, they had a big world agenda, they always had it.  It was on the go before I was born. You even find the old organizations that became, for instance, the Royal Institute of International Affairs Ė the American branch and other branches are called Council on Foreign Relations.  You found that they were descended from the Alfred Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes, who was his partner and cofounder, and along with Lord Rothschild at that time. They founded what they were going to do with an Empire, create an Empire from Britain, grab the worldís resources for themselves.  They brought in the top eugenicists of their day, the early 20th century.  And even back then, by the way, they had already decided we would have a postindustrial era and they would farm out a lot of the work to different countries where labor was cheap and therefore theyíd have mass unemployment down the road, what to do with the people? They worked it out in think tanks because they own hundreds and hundreds of think tanks working on special areas of society, to advise all governments now across the world. They said they would have to bring in world wars, eliminate cultures, most cultures, and eventually create some form of new culture for the general masses of population. So this was all worked out, but they needed world wars to make it happen.


So World War I, which no one can make any sense of, really, itís such a massive war over an Archduke getting assassinated; it wasnít that at all. But they wanted that war. And you found out that you had the Young Turks involved, they had the Young Italians involved. These were all revolutionary movements that were started up and funded by a group in London, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Rhodes Foundation, to get the young to rebel, within their own countries, to bring in something called Ďdemocracyí. Now, democracy is a very elastic term. Itís never had a fixed definition, by the way; it never will have. Itís a front. But revolutions are awfully necessary to get all this going. And after World War I, and during World War I, they set up the League of Nations as a form, an embryo for a world government, with its own World Health Organization and everything for world vaccinations, all these things, and even a food distribution system, which we still have in the Ministry of Agriculture for the United Nations.  But it wasnít enough.


And HG Wells, who was a propagandist, a paid propagandist by the way, for this organization Ė heís got lots of nonfiction books out there Ė who believed in eugenics and the proles you might say, the proletariat.  He said after World War I in one of his own books, just before he died, he said, we need another world war, the people havenít given up their sovereignty to the global, natural elite, who have the right to lead the world.  So we need another war, he said, so we got one.  And out of that came the United Nations.  And during all the propaganda documentaries put out by Pathe News and many, many other shows that they put out for cinema at that time, and radio, thatís the first time people kept hearing about the United Nations, theyíre moving against the axis powers and so on, and after that of course, it becomes more and more common.


But grabbing the worldís resources, even from the days of Cecil Rhodes, was a primary goal. Thatís why he took over South Africa, and then he got the British government involved as an excuse to troop it and police it, and then the taxpayers of Britain ended up paying for all the railroad lines across there. They already did the same with India. The taxpayers fund all these wars so that the elite who lived at that time in London could become incredibly, incredibly wealthy and have more, further wars for grabbing world resources. Weíre still going through the resource wars today, by the way, right across the Middle East, which were planned, at least published in the 90s by the Project for the New American Century group.  So weíre going through a complete change of everything.  Eventually too, one of the greatest think tanks they have...


Vinny: I just wanted to say, as well, to those who might be a little bit unfamiliar with the Council on Foreign Relations... oh sorry, it was the Project for the New American Century we were talking about. They wanted a new Pearl Harbor. And they got it... on 9/11. Alan Watt is my guest; weíll be right back.


Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to the show that recognizes that things are just a little bit bonkers. Itís the Vinny Eastwood show broadcasting live on American Freedom Radio, from the fabulously fluoridated and Fukushima irradiated island chained nation paradise of New Zealand, where the rad level is so high that everybody now no longer suffers from an economic crisis because of a special part-time job they all have as an incandescent light bulb. And my very special guest is Alan Watt, the illustrious, the famous, from CuttingThroughTheMatrix.com.


Now, one of these perspectives that Iíve often missed out on, Alan, is speaking to the elders whoíve not only seen a lot through their life, but elders like yourself that have actually been aware throughout the entirety of their life Ė Iíve met some people who are only just woken up like about three or four years ago and theyíre pushing 50. And I look at you and I see an entire lifetime of accumulated awareness and knowledge and I think this is part of the reason why your radio show and the subjects that you talk about and the way that you talk about them is in fact so compelling. And if you wouldnít mind, just please continue.


Alan:  Yeah, youíve got to have some background and at least being aware of the changes that weíre living through. I questioned everything. I can remember when I was really small, sort of toddling around, and miniskirts came in for instance. Just a thing like miniskirts, and the BBC, I think it was the only station we had back then, one station, was promoting it on Top of the Pops and things like that. And they would interview the sudden rock stars that came out of nowhere, the pop stars; theyíd interview these guys falling off chairs, really stoned out of their heads. Now, this was at the time too when you had Timothy Leary going around pushing the drugs, and even Aldous Huxley with his Doors of Perception, all aimed at teenagers to try the drugs out. Lots of articles just bust out in the mainstream newspaper, which is all controlled, again, by members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Council on Foreign Relations; they own the cartels, still do. So I thought, why would the establishment at the top, and people on the BBC with Oxford voices, because thatís all they employed at that time, by the way, was only people from Oxford; you had to get that to get in to the BBC to get a job. Why were they promoting what seemed to be the destruction of the culture in society? And I had to dig deeper.  I went back into the Roaring 20s, where the same thing had been tried before, where they brought in the miniskirts. They got the booze cans to be very naughty things to get into for youngsters, with prohibition. We found the big families like the Bronfmans in Canada for instance, ran the booze industry. I mean, they were so wealthy they even had a cruiser that went from Canada with the booze to Cuba and then into the States.  And this was all obviously allowed. You canít get away with this sort of crime, obviously, without permission from a top gang of somebodies.


So I watched the fallout as I was growing up. Naturally, girls got pregnant. In the 20s of course they got pregnant too.  They didnít have the abortionists; they had to pay for abortions. The orphanages got stuffed full of children, unwanted children. And they didnít have antibiotics to kill off the venereal disease that it promoted, with the Charleston dance and all the music that they were shoving out. So they put it on the back burner.  They put our tax money, by the way, back into scientific research to come out with the Pill, just in time for when they reintroduced the whole system in the 60s. The same system by the way, exactly the same system.  If you go back into the 1920s, early 1920s, youíll find HG Wells talking about that, how to make society more promiscuous, to dissolve marriage altogether, which would dissolve the old cultures, to make people more pliable, more easily managed and more easily directed into the new.


Once a culture...  You see, weíre kind of like sheep or cattle grazing in a field Ė thatís how people really are. We like sameness and tradition.  It gives us a form of stability, you see, in our lives and when itís disrupted we start to stampede. When youíre stampeded the big boys at the top, through all the media, and in entertainment too, can guide the direction of the stampede, and youíre in flux. Once youíre in flux youíre easily downloaded with new ideas, which actually arenít yours; they will sound wonderful and so on, most folk will follow it.  And you end up with the planned society that weíre now going dead ahead into, so fast itís just incredible.


Vinny:  And then, once that planned society has come to fruition, then weíre all fluxed.


Alan: Thatís right, we are. Weíre pretty well there today in fact, with the massive outburst of technology Ė people donít notice each other, even on trains or buses.  So much so, that just a few weeks ago in San Francisco I think it was, a gunman got on a coach or train, they actually have the video of him pulling the gun out, going behind different peopleís heads, walking down it, no one looked up from their iPads and their phones and so on. Not a single person. And he shot a person in the back of the head eventually.† Weíre not involved in reality at all. And if you go into the writings of Marshall McLuhan who predicted this phase would come, where weíd simply be voices talking to other voices in the ether without physical contact, itís actually, incrediblyÖ itís here.  Itís here and the changes are taking place.


Vinny: Can I ask, from your perspective, when youíve seen this apparatus start to be set up, youíve seen the deprecation of what it means to be human, youíve seen the morality decay, youíve seen all of these things happen, youíve seen, literally, like in slow motion, your entire species devolving, and youíre actually aware of it, is that awareness inherently traumatic? And if so, how do you deal with it?


Alan: It is traumatic, because I had to understand, once I knew what was happening or understood at least what was happening around me, I had to understand the causes. I looked into previous ages. I realized that big players, like Arnold Toynbee for instance in the 1930s at Oxford, who was a globalist and a world socialist. When they say Ďsocialistí, by the way, they mean an ordered society run by an elite; thatís what they mean by that. And he was all for that, and he taught many of the people who went up into world government areas, or later the United Nations. He talked about the radical changes theyíd have to make. By the way, thatís what all British Commonwealth countries, if you have an NGO, non-governmental organization, after World War II, you would get a grant from the government if you stipulated that you were for radical change, only for it. If you didnít have a radical change in mind you would get no grant. And radical meant complete alteration of your culture, even right down to genders, everything, and so on, and destruction of the family unit, etc., etc., etc. So we pay for our own destruction. The average taxpayer hasnít a clue.


And I found this out just by going through life. I was in the music business, did a lot of session guitar work, I did a lot of solo stuff too in concert and I played with some big bands. And I wrote a lot of songs too and sold them, and they buy everything up, including your copyright by the way. And thatís okay, itís understood, because you donít know if itís going to be a hit or not. But, the fact is, I saw the machinery of the music business. And no one becomes a star without the business, the machinery taking them over and deciding. No one, I mean no one. And if they do pick someone, they can make anybody a star.


Vinny: I interviewed an artist and he said that the music business is not about the music, itís about business.


Alan: Itís about social changing. I can remember, in fact, it came down to all writers of music, and I worked with some big guys who got number ones and so on.  And it came down for the writers, from the top, that you couldnít have any songs from now on with Ďheí or Ďsheí in it; they had to be gender neutral. And that was in the late 70s.  So these things get implemented into the songs, most folk donít think about it at all. But itís all there, all the messages are there. And then weíve seen it plummet right all through the rock era, where lots of guys I knew who were musicians, they couldnít get into certain bands because they wanted the gender-neutral look, which was almost effeminate, you know. So they called it heavy metal, with the tight, tight pants on and all the lipstick and so on. And I refused a few live shows, by the way, big world shows.  I refused to dress up like that, you know, because often I had to stand in for guys on tours and things like that. So I just says no way. So that was what they projected to the young, getting you all ready for the present gender-bending society and so on. It was all done years ago.


We donít realize that... never mind all the movies you watch, that have all the PC stuff in it too and upgrade you. You also get it through a lot of it through the music, until youíre down to rap.  And they love their little jokes at the top, because Ďrapí means you wrap it up, itís ended, thatís it, thatís the bottom. Thatís what it means. So all you have now is women dancing on much music with hardly anything on, with simulated sex. And the youngsters think itís all normal, theyíll emulate it. If adults put it on, and their mums and dads donít disapprove, because they have been contaminated too.  And thatís the term, by the way, that they use at the top, that society must become contaminated. Yuri Bezmenov also called it the same term, the ex-KGB guy who defected, about the contamination of the West. Their parents are contaminated so they let the children watch it even more so, always pushing the envelope.


Vinny:  Thatís true. You see on television in New Zealand at 3, 4 oíclock in the afternoon, when the 5 all the way through to 16-year-olds are coming home from school turning on the television, and there we have rap videos with strippers simulating sex the entirety of the time. So not only, and I want to get your perspective on this Alan, not only are we being hypersexualized and gender-bent, but also I start to see a sexualization or early sexual indoctrination of children. Do you think this is in preparation for a pedophilia-friendly elite-controlled future?


Alan:  Oh absolutely. Understand, the boys who are behind this have been involved, down through the different centuries prior to this, in creating revolutions. Most folk havenít a clue about the revolutions throughout Britain. Youíve got to remember too, Britain was one of the first countries that had a revolution. Most folk forget that. Every major country that had a revolution for total change, to get a small dominant minority to manage its affairs, including all its wealth and money, they always give you red, white and blue. You had France, the US, and so on, and Britain. So, they always give you the same colors, because these are very ancient colors and coding that go back all the way to Pythagoras.  So they give you these little jokes amongst themselves and so on. 


But theyíve had so many revolutions. They know how to use them down through the ages. The reason they bring in the Toynbeeís and professors of history and philosophies, like Professor Carroll Quigley who taught the State Department of the US and the diplomatic corps, on cultures and histories and so on, is so important because they go through history and what worked in the past. How do they get big changes through? If rebellions are going to brew, how do you avert rebellions? All of these things.  And the big think tanks take that information and work on it, night and day, 24 hours a day. Before they make any particular change they work out every strategical move like a battle plan. If we do this, how will the public react to that? Certain segments will react A, some B, some C and some D; okay, how can we avert it? Okay. And they find ways to avert it, including sometimes putting your heroes out there before theyíve even made the first move. In other words, when something happens and everyone is complaining about something, oh who can we talk about?  Oh, they launch somebody whoís got it all there for you. And you jump into it, and they lead you in circles for years, or voting for this guy and voting for that guy. Thatís the con that they do. These guys have been at this for centuries.


Vinny:  Theyíve got it down to a fine art.† Manipulating human society is something they have almost perfected.  What strikes me as very interesting though, is some of the things that they do backfire to a degree, wouldnít you say?


Alan:  They expect all these things, actually. And sometimes, just to try, if people are kind of wisening up to something, theyíll give you a temporary backfire, but theyíre going around it in a different direction at the same time, which you wonít notice until itís complete.  Itís like laws that get struck down, and then theyíll go around in a different fashion, put it through an omnibus bill with a different name and you get it all the same. They never change their agenda. And I always say that, you know, if you read the big boysí books and so on, they tell you the whole future and they never change the course that theyíre on. Donít forget too, that Plato, way back in his day, he talked about human behavior; this is what the philosophers were into. Because the elite at that time had a lot of time to chat about why they were the elite and why all the people down below were the people down below. And he said that, if you understand human nature and what worked in the past, he said, everything therefore is a formula, to bring it up, to making it work. So whatís worked with people and they have gone along with, the people have gone along with in the past, if you use the right formula you can change them in that direction again any time down in the future.


Vinny: Does that mean if they can send us down a bad path by manipulating us, does that mean we could manipulate ourselves in order to choosing a good path?


Alan: You can primarily if you understand whatís happening. Most folk donít because nothing is put across as being harmful to anybody, even the big changes. In fact, look at the sexual revolution, itís going to be fun, fun, fun, and drugs and rock Ďn roll. And everybody at that age went for it, because thatís when their hormones were screaming, and it was like getting permission from the authorities and adults to go ahead and do it.  When youngsters hear adults giving permission in such a way, they do it. So, very few folk wake up. Plus, you have to remember, peer pressure... peer pressure is counted on in every generation, again, amongst a particular target group. Weíre all categorized by age by the big boysí plans, just like marketing, which is heavily involved in all of this too.  And Bernays and the guys before Bernays, he didnít get it from Uncle Freudís books; itís old, old stuff.  They categorized what will work on you at 15 and 20 and 25, and 30, or 40. By the time youíre 40 you start to realize you might be mortal, you havenít got the carrot you were promised, as you were told to run, and youíre not going to get it. And all you look forward to then is working towards your pension. So itís always the youth they use.


Vinny: Weíll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, Alan Watt, Cutting Through The Matrix, is my guest.


Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the show that is all about business time.  Itís the Vinny Eastwood show, the lighter side of genocide, because in a world so full of chaos and madness if you lose your sense of humor youíll go freaking nuts.  My very special guest, who has got so many bright ideas, more bright ideas than a hundred watt light bulb, whose ideas will expose the lies and give you the truth that you were never told, Alan Watt from Cutting Through The Matrix.  Welcome back.


Alan: Yes, itís a pleasure to be on.


Vinny: Now, youíve had an extraordinary career in music. I didnít know that.  What I find very interesting about creative people, is itís very unlikely that theyíll actually be a psychopath, like a manipulator or something like that, and also doubly likely that theyíll become victims of them who are trying to steal their good freaking ideas. Iím wondering if youíve had any personal experiences with these types of people?


Alan: Iíve met lots of the psychopaths who are in the higher management of the music industry.  These guys are sharp. They read you before they speak to you, or you speak to them. They read you like aÖ They know you immediately. Iíve seen them go for the young guys. People donít even understand that itís often that they pick the guys out of lineups, they donít even know each other, they make them into a group, they give them a history, which didnít exist, and the songs are all written in advance. Theyíll give them maybe four hits and then they go away. Iíve seen all that happen. Session guys do all the work on the record albums for them.  And thatís the way itís managed.


Itís show business, remember, itís all show business. Thereís nothing out of show business you can believe.   But Iíve seen these sharks, and theyíll get young guys to sign their life away, because theyíll supply them with drugs, theyíll supply them with lots of booze, lots of women, put them up in big hotels, make them feel like theyíre stars. And itís not until the end, of maybe three or four years, that they find out they havenít a penny in the bank that they own; itís all been signed away to others. You only get three dollars, you know, I think itís three dollars per record, for an album. Then they have to have breakage fees come off of that, that can be 1/3 to 2/3, because they always include a breakage fee, even if they donít have any, in it too. Then youíve got other cuts coming off of it until youíre left with almost nothing. The guys who manage you and their cohorts that work in the machinery of the entertainment business, they get most of the loot, you know. Itís only a few guys that have been on the go for a long time, once their contracts are up, if they can last that long and not kill themselves, that eventually get their own contract with their own lawyers for the next go around. Like the Rolling Stones did that in fact. So thatís how itís done.


But these guys are definitely psychopaths. They could charm anybody, make you believe that youíre the best, biggest thing in the world, play on the egos of the young.  And when youíve got all the women furnished to you, all the drugs, all the booze, the big cars Ė nothing is in your name of course Ė theyíll start to believe it. And they are used. They are used. I mean, completely used, then wrung out and thrown away.  Yeah.  Thatís the truth of it.


Vinny: Is that part of a programming for our culture? Because I see now a lot of young former child stars that were kind of beacons of kind of hope and morality, you know, like the early Britney Spears and Katy Perry and so on and so forth. Then they get turned into these almost celebrity super whores overnight for some reason.  And as a result you see all of these very good clean-cut little girls and whatever who look up to these young women, almost overnight, themselves, see a change in their own life and their own morality.


Alan: Yes.  And donít forget too, itís not just the music industry. It works with the fashion industry, the magazine industries, which, again, are heavily into changing culture. Bernays said it too, you know, to change society, and he got it from an old idea; it goes way back, thousands of years actually. But he said that you always aim at the woman, the young female, because they are more able to, more willing, actually, to try something new, anything, experiment in something new, as opposed to men who tend to be more conservative or staid in their ways. So you do it through the women. So back in about the 70s they had about 90% of magazines on the shelves all aimed at women from all ages. Then you had all the specialists in those magazines telling them how to have their sex life, how affairs are good for you, what to do with your life, should you break up, should you have a divorce, all these things. And women lapped that up and believed it. And now you have the Oprahís, etc., simply taken over from there. These are all put out there, these front people, for mass manipulation.


Vinny: Also at the same time I believe, one of the leading feminist magazines of the 70s was directly financed by the CIA.


Alan: Yes it was.


Vinny: And going back to what you said about going after the women, I think it might have been the Romans that said, if you want to control the men you need to control the women, and if you want to control the women threaten the children.


Alan: Thatís correct.  What they did in ancient Greece too, and in Rome, because remember, the aristocracy of Greece actually moved to Rome; they owned all the money and they created Rome, and still ran the money system. But what they said was that they had to, if the guys were refusing to work or were working slow, the slaves and so on, they told the women not to have intercourse with them at all, no sex, etc. So a primary drive was cut off until they complied with their bosses or their managers or their owners. Then they would comply again. They did the same thing, by the way, in so-called democratic Britain and other places during minerís strikes in the 1950s. The government told them, the women, if you want money and bread on the table you tell your men to get back to work and just refuse them all their comforts, they said. This has been used down through history.  Because theyíre all formulas and techniques, which are never forgotten, theyíre always taught to special folk in every generation. So this is old, old, old stuff. Adolf Hitler said weíll bring in a form of totalitarianism because, he says, democracy will never work. And I understand what he meant by that, if you really go into the writings of those who supposedly created democracy, which is a cover.  But Adolf Hitler said, aim all the propaganda at the women, because they want safety and security. Go over the head of the husband, who is the provider and who is normally the strong figure, until the country, those who lead the country are the strong figures, which was himself. He says, She will follow and therefore must follow the child, and therefore must follow the husband.  So these are old techniques used down through the ages that people donít know.


Vinny: What I see now happening in the New Zealand Parliament at least, is a proliferation of these very masculine women who come in and you expect them to be sort of the mother nurturer. But what they are actually really there for is to instill these very ruthless policies that destroy family units, all the while saying, I used to be a single mother who benefited from the system of social catch nets and everything that weíve got, and now Iím going to delete everybodyís social catch net.


Alan: Thatís right.  Well, also remember, donít forget that Lord Bertrand Russell who was given charge of the Macy Group that came in from Europe Ė a lot of them fled from Hitler in fact and set up in the US.   He was also put intoÖ they had the Vienna School that also came over and you had the Frankfurt School. He was working with these globalists to create a brand-new culture for the world and he was given authority by the president of the United States. Because those who had fled Germany and all those countries claimed that they were afraid that the West, especially America, would become fascist or Nazi itself. So they were given complete coverage to do whatever they wanted to do. And they went to work. These boys flooded in from Eastern Europe, went all through universities, right through the 60s, and then they fomented for revolution in the 60s. And thatís when it all broke out in the US especially.


Vinny: And now what you see is that same sort of scheme, like youíll see a number of think tanks, groups, non-governmental organizations, and they all wind up at some point down the chain, have some form of connection.


Alan: Yeah absolutely. 


Vinny: Iíve come up with this theory, Iíd like to get your take on it, probably after the break. You know the fractal universe theory?  ...itís all a hologram and everything that you look into you see the same pattern repeating.† Well, Iíve come to see all of this negativity and all of this, lies, deception, and enslavement of the human race, as a form of scumbaggery. And with each form of scumbaggery, you seem to look into it, one particular scumbag, one particular instance of scumbaggery, then the closer you look the pattern starts to repeat and you see even more scumbaggery branching off to the sides in an infinitely repeating pattern. I call it fractal scumbaggery. And that seems to be the nature of our very reality today, to me.


Alan: It is, but also, the boys in the 20th century, especially, who carried this movement forward from previous generations, and centuries, they got in the top scientists, you see. Science was to replace all gods basically and a form of secular humanism was to get promoted by the United Nations; that all happened as well. They said that eventually, and Lord Bertrand Russell said this, eventually the public will be unable to do anything, even change aÖ he called it nappy, thatís a diaper for a baby, without the expert advice from a professional. Thatís happened in my lifetime. 


Vinny: It seems to be growing in speed, size, and scope. And it makes people very worried that if they donít fight back very, very soon in order to expose what is happening and to teach people the real truth about how the world is really run, we may not get another shot at overthrowing them. Because this could be possibly the worst, most overarching, most incredible scheme of control, global control, ever thought out and implemented. So instead of the normal we beat them, they beat us, and they beat us again and so on and so forth, it might just be them winning forever.


Alan: Thatís their plan.


Vinny: So itís a good idea to fight I think. Weíll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, with Alan Watt.




Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to hour number two of the fastest two hours in talk radio. Itís the Vinny Eastwood Show on AmericanFreedomRadio.com. Five days a week you can listen to the soothing sounds of researchers, doctors and all of those radio show hosts, artists, bloggers, journalists, researchers of all makes and models and political stripes, right here on the Vinny Eastwood show. If you want me to interview somebody you merely need to suggest their name and find me their website or contact details or something of that nature and I will try and get them, without fear or favor. If you come on the air with me I am here to make sure that it is fun, that you get to express your ideas, that you donít get interjected and interrupted. You know, this is kind of like taking a radio holiday if you will, because we all do things very, very seriously. I know the information is important, but sometimes you do just want to take a wee bit of a holiday. So you drink a cocktail and you listen to the Vinny Eastwood show, have a few laughs, and enjoy listening to really good information, from incredible people, like my very special guest from Cutting Through The Matrix, Alan Watt.  Welcome back.


Alan: Itís a pleasure.


Vinny: How long have you been doing your radio show?


Alan: That one, I think seven years straight, that one on RBN. Before that I was on, well, from 1998 till about 2006, with Jackie Patru on Sweet Liberty. And I didnít intend to come onto the radio, actually. I just phoned in and eventually she asked me on, because I went through the ancient histories and techniques and so on, and what was happening today.  Then she says, why donít you write some books?  And I said, well I hadnít even thought about that either. So I rattled a few off, a series called Cutting Through I, II and III.  You can get those separately or in one volume. Then I followed it up with another book too called Waiting for the Miracle. And Iíve got another 3 coming out in the next month or two. So I kind of fell into it.


But I fall into so many things like that too. Because even in music, Iíd always played music from about the age of about 15 and I didnít really take what I did so seriously, even though I was onstage early, and a few big shows. And I sort of drifted into it. ďCould you do some session work?Ē Yeah, okay. ďCould you write this song?Ē Yeah, okay. And I traveled across the world and so on. But I still thought it wasnít real work because there was no sweat to it. You understand? That was the old British system in you too, your indoctrination.  So I kind of fell into things.  But I learned so much because, especially when going across Europe I found out from politicians who would invite you back after a concert, because I did some classical stuff too on guitar. And they would give you a meal, and youíd sit at the dinner table and theyíd chat away to you. And they knew that there was a complete amalgamation coming, I mean, they meant total amalgamation and eradication of the national countries under the EU.


They knew that back in the 70s. I found that out from a top person, who by the way, left high up there, I think she was vice Prime Minister or close to it, in Norway, and then she went to the United Nations, which is what usually happens. And she just told me, as a certainty, a matter of fact. And I noticed too, going through the countries in Europe, they were all passing the same laws from their national governments about the same things, at the same time, but never mentioning these were international laws. So I realized we were already under a global governance, and that tied right in with the writings of Professor Carroll Quigley and others before him, who belonged to these big institutions who worked on this very agenda, global government.


Karl Marx mentioned they would amalgamate Europe, first, into one basic nation, the countries would become provinces and youíd have a government. And there would be three trading blocs. The Americas would be next; we had the NAFTA here, the Free Trade Agreement before NAFTA, and itís still amalgamating, with the whole of the Americas by the way. And then it would be followed by a Far-Eastern/Pacific-Rim region for Australia, New Zealand; China would be the major domo for that region.


By the way, the Royal Institute of International Affairs published a book from their meeting, their world meeting in 1937 in Melbourne, Australia where they held it that year. Itís a fascinating book; itís a memberís copy I think; and they published it the following year after the meeting. In the back it has all the attendees, prime ministers and top honchos from every country involved were all there. The public knew nothing about it. You had all the top parties of even the communist parties in those countries there too. They were all for world government. The top bankers were present. And their quotes of each statement are all throughout the book. And it says at the beginning it was financed and paid for by the Rockefeller foundation, as always, and it went under Chatham House rules, which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Meaning, they could tell so much to the public but not to tell them the greater details of their agendas. They said at that time, in 1937, thereís an upcoming war with Germany, it will happenÖ


Vinny: As you were explaining this kind of paradigm, how you have these people that wind up in positions of power, that wind up going to the UN. Thatís what happened to our former Prime Minister Helen Clark; she became prime minister here and then she got the third highest paying job at the UN.† And then you talked about how laws would be implemented globally but the people wouldnít be told that they have been going on globally. Well, we have this big incident here in New Zealand called the Terror Raids, where the police blocked off a town, they surveilled like 2000 people or something like that.  Itís an absolutely, unbelievably huge story. But it happened in 18 different countries, at the same time.†† And then you talk about how the governance of the European Union would be set up and they knew about this back in the 70s. And then the American governance is going to be set up under NAFTA. And now the Oceania Region is being set up through something called the TPPA, the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.† And then you talked about how finance IS all connected, and at these big meetings that set up and plan and implement this agenda. Well, our current Prime Minister is John Key who used to work on the board of the Federal Reserve in New York for two years as the head of the European bond and derivatives trade. He was actually one of the people who was instrumental in setting up the derivatives trade, which was one of the primary causes of the 2008 financial collapse, the exact same year, by the way, where he was elected in New Zealand, to save us from the financial collapse that he helped cause.


Alan: Yeah, and youíll find most of them too, all have worked and started off with Goldman Sachs; they are the banker to the world.  The governor for the Bank of Canada, Mr Carney, just got put in as the head of the Bank of England; so heís moved over to England now. Itís musical chair time because we are global. A clique owns the money supply of the world. They have the right to print each countryís money up and tax it all back from the public. We are just the guarantors for debt; thatís all we are. Again, a very oldÖ


Donít forget that Charles Galton Darwin, a descendent of Charles Darwin, he was a physicist, worked on the Manhattan Project. In his book in the 1950s, he put out The Next Million Years, by the way, about the future and how these same elite would rule it, and the society theyíd bring in.† Getting back to talking about women looking sometimes masculine, he said, we shall alter the hormonal chemistry in the male to make him more passive and it will have a different effect on the women who will become more assertive and aggressive. And sure enough, in the 1960s in the medical books it came out for the first time, they suddenly noticed Ė now, that doesnít happen in evolution Ė suddenly noticed that womenís hips were getting narrower all the time. Thatís when they started cesarean sections more often.  So physically we were getting reengineered, back then.  And Charles Galton Darwin also says, we can put it in their water supply, in their food, or even inject them with it, inject substances which would alter their hormonal chemistry. This is stuffÖ You donít get this from a top global player like Charles Galton Darwin, high up there in even the physics world. He also said too by the way, WE, we are in the process, and he was talking on behalf of the top elite eugenicists that also have charge of these programs. He said, we are now in the process of creating a new form of slavery. He said, thereís always been slavery in one form or another, we are now in the process of creating a new form of slavery, a more sophisticated form of slavery. This is where it all ends up to be.


But getting back to that book on the future of the British Empire, it was to be taken over by America after this war that was coming up. They said in 1937 in the book, it would be very fortunate if Japan were to attack America and bring them into this war. They knew what was going to happen. They said, down the road we shall build up China to be a main player, and once America is exhausted as the world policeman China will take over. So weíre living through a script, you understand.


Vinny: This is whatís happening today, isnít it? The Chinese hold an enormous amount of US dollars in reserve. They could just dump them and overnight the entire US economy would be worth virtually nothing. And people would be able to come in and buy up the entirety of the United States, for pennies on the dollar, Iíd say.


Alan: Itís actually happening.  Chinaís buying big chunks of the US. And you already had that happening in parts of Latin America where theyíre buying up land-for-debt swaps. That was all originated by the World Bank.  By the way, the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization were all created and run by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a private organization.


Vinny: Well thatís interesting because the Chinese are also buying a large quantity of farmland here in New Zealand as well.† What I found interesting is that the argument for private investment, and that kind of thing, you know, might make sense. The problem is, nations, with criminal bankers, at the behest of them, are buying up the land of other nations. So when you actually start drawing the borders, about who owns what, who controls what, it will actually get to the point where, hmm, there isnít any countries anymore because corporations own everything.


Alan: Well, thatís the whole thing. 


Vinny: ...including the government.


Alan: Getting back to Karl Marx, he said, eventually youíll have the withering away of the state. And this was picked up by the same organization that you thought were fascist or right-wing, that owned all the cash, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  So you find that this one organization created both systems, ran both systems, still do by the way, and they had it all planned. You need the dialectic approach to get change moving. One thing on its own, a culture thatís steady, is called stagnant. If you have opposition to that culture, the dialectic, then you can get negotiations, arguments going, and out of that comes resolution, or change. Thatís how they guide us down through the ages.


Vinny: Itís been happening for a long time now. That begs another question. Bloodlines...  If this agenda has actually been implemented all the way through history, are we talking about a generational sort of family of enslavers, that throughout history have existed in the background?  Or are we talking about a bunch of psychopaths that just figured out what was done in the past in order to control and enslave people, and decided theyíd give it a go over a longer period of time so that theyíd actually be successful, where all the rest of the people failed?


Alan: Well weíve always had, going way back even thousands of years, this problem to do with money, wealth.  And again, they say that all wars basically are economical wars... for power, for a group to have power. You only had one group allowed to use usury all through the Catholic Era, for a long time, except for the Knights Templars. So money is power. You live in a physical world, money is a substitute for many things, as well as a means of exchange. But those who control not just the issuing of money, but what value itís going to have today, tomorrow or next year Ė and these guys do Ė then itís a complete con. Itís a racket. And you canítÖ One day you get a sack of oats weighing a hundredweight for one coin, and the next week it could be ďI want 5 for it today.Ē Well, that makes no sense at all.  I mean, barter, for instance, was always negotiations between two people, for one thing. Today itís out of your hands.


The guys who have created the private reserves, the banks for countries Ė and itís all secret who owns them and so on, the big shareholders Ė they run the world. And they set up their system, because these guys are taught, from childhood, a completely different history from you. They get access to archives IF theyíve been tested and found not to be a blabbermouth, because all the children, by the way, are tested, in the elite groups. And they get a complete overview of how it really is and how it must remain.


Youíll find even with people like Aldous Huxley talking in his documentaries Ė and if you go into the cuttingthroughthematrix.com archives youíll hear the Berkeley talk that he gave, and the Mike Wallace talk as well; the links are there. You could see the man was thinking in two different methods, one for the public and one from what he knew, what he could say and what he couldnít say. But he warned of it. He said, itís not too difficult now for a small scientific elite to take over the whole worldís cultures and run it in their own direction to suit themselves. He was talking from experience, because he took part in these world meetings with his brother Julian Huxley who worked at the United Nations.


So weíre going through, as I say, a very old script.  Itís intergenerational, no doubt about it. If you go into some of the organizations that sprung up and got into the media at least or into books, like the Cecil Rhodes Society for world revolution, for taking over resources, how to cause the revolutions, how to promote something called democracy, then itís very old indeed.  But he also said too, Cecil Rhodes in his own writings, in his will and so on, because he left all his money, by the way, to Lord Rothschild. He said that weíll use techniques and it will be a form of a secret society, much like the Jesuit system. So they copied the techniques of Jesuitism.  And Winston Churchill at one point during World War II was out of the loop, actually, because he was a drunk, he was a front man and all the rest of it, and he liked to yap, you know. He was kind of out of the loop and he found something out and in Parliament he said, we donít know the name of this organization Ė it had different names like Lord Alfred Milner group, the Roundtable society, different names that were going around, but no definitive group.  He said, Iíve just found out they exist.  And he says, not only are they behind many of the wars, theyíre also writing the schoolbook histories for the children, with a different account. You see. This is during the war.


And sure enough, that came out with Professor Carroll Quigley, who was the personal historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, the American branch. He got into the archives. He took over from Alfred Zimmerman. Alfred Zimmerman, by the way, was the communist leader.  So they donít care about communism.  And he actually says that in the book, we donít care who we bring in. Because they run them all, you see, dictators, communists, fascists, right-wing, whatever.


Vinny: See, they pull the wool over the eyes of everybody, even the people that work for them that know whatís going on. Itís like thereís no loyalty, only betrayal and scumbaggery. I remember Winston Churchill was drunk walking through the streets one night and an old lady says, Mister Churchill youíre drunk. And he says, yes Madam, but youíre ugly and tomorrow I will be sober.† And weíll be right back after the break. 


Weíre back on AmericanFreedomRadio.com.  My very special guest is Alan Watt, brighter than a hundred watts, and he has shed some light indeed on some very, very strange scumbaggery. Now, I wanted to turn the conversation, if I might be so forward, towards the elite breeding programs. This is a topic that Iíve only heard you speak about a couple of times. I havenít been able to research further up on it. But when I say the words, elite breeding programs, to the layman, what are they?


Alan:  Well basically you have to go into history again, of all cultures.  Youíll find that when you come into this thing called Ďcivilizationí Ė this is the key to it, Ďcivilizationí Ė which is a system with writing, money, in some form or another thereís money, which is not easy for the average person to get ahold of in its raw form, like gold, silver, or whatever, combined. In other words, the mind expands with education.  So you need a leisure class to begin with. So you get a leisure class either at the very beginning by conquering other peoples, living like a king and then you get your advisors who have nothing to do except study, learn and advise. So thatís how it really starts off; you bring in the money with it, and of course to maintain their system they must force everyone else to use their money. This goes way back even to the Spartan wars that went on for about a hundred years. The Phoenicians had been taking over country after country, and the Phoenicians had different names down through time. But they were forcing at that time silver, their silver standard coin on to other countries. If they didnít accept it theyíd get another country, a powerful one, into debt, part of paying off the debt was to go to war with the country that wouldnít accept your money. They also, by the way, in their treaties that they made, acquired all their slaves for their mines. They had mines as far as the Ural Mountains by the way. They worked it out that the average slave could work, a life would get at least a quarter to a gram of gold and then theyíd die. Because they went through so many; there were no safety standards in those days.


But getting back to the point, they had war after war. They were taking over the ancient world, big time, and using other countries to do it. And lending, themselves, to those countries to keep a wealthy elite living in luxury who would always back them. The elite, by the way, always worked with these wealthy merchants and lenders, always, right down through the Middle Ages by the way, in all the European countries right up to the present.  It was the ordinary peasants that would seem to become a different species to both. And they still talk about this today.


Now, power marries money. You donít want a wife who is scrubbing the floors if youíre multimillionaire with a lot of status and so on. So a man would marry, or get an arranged marriage, through the priesthoods of all kinds by the way, in all countries. They would match up someone with appropriate wealth from a dynasty that had men in it who fought and were generally pretty cruel, tyrants if you like, and out of that youíd have another class of children. Pretty well like their parents, theyíd have the traits of psychopathy in a sense, ruthlessness, determination, incredible greed, etc. But what you also created too, to take care of this, from the money perspective, because you were really on top Ė the money boys are always on top Ė is you would supply their advisors, because the Kings and Queens never knew a darn thing without advisors.


Today we have the same thing around prime ministers. Prime ministers or any politician, they know nothing, any more than the average person in the street about politics, until they get into it. Even then, they are made Minister of Finance, Minister of Housing, theyíve been lawyers in some other capacity before, generally, and so they are dependent on the bureaucrats who are specially selected.  And theyíve been there for years, they know, each one knows theirÖ They write all their scripts up for them along with the scriptwriters, etc. The scriptwriters, who are international now, know the international agenda. Many of them work in all countries in fact, or some of the countries, not just the country that you think theyíre in, and theyíre writing the global agenda; they have been for years and years and years. So information is power. You make sure that everything that comes out must come through the scriptwriters. Presidents and prime ministers have been puppets for a hundred years now. Thatís all they are. Theyíre front men. They take the rotten tomatoes when itís time for them to get them out and you get the new guys in, and they stick to their scripts. Thatís what theyíre told to do. Photo-ops sell them, and fake domestic stories and nice family photographs that they fake up. We donít know them at all. But they play the game and theyíre well rewarded for it, for sure.


So these are really old, old techniques, you understand. But money is power. Some peoples, remember, in the past, and Iím talking about arranged families, etc., to make sure your offspring are the same. If youíre Rothschild youíre pretty well guaranteed that your child is going to be a banker too, an international banker, on a big scale. So youíre pretty well secure in that. Whereas most European people, for instance, youíll find, or British people even, the parents donít do a high investment in the education of their children. The elite do.  They make sure theyíve got the best education money can buy, special schooling, and they get side schooling as well into the real world, how it really works, by private tuitions, private tutors.


So getting back to Lord Bertrand Russell, the guy who was given permission to work with all these top groups like the Frankfurt school, to change, destroy culture, bring in the new global society.  He said that eventually the ruling elite Ė and I think he actually meant it was already there when he said it Ė will become a separate species from the rest. I think thatís happened.  Itís been here for a long time like this. So we are given one reality. We grow up trying to get by. We think weíve had a good education. We run for the carrot when we leave school or college or whatever, and you find youíre not going to get it. Because things donít work that way. The psychopathic types run up the ladder. Theyíre noticed by the big organizations. They pluck them out and use them. And thatís how itís really always been, unfortunately, in a monetary system, where money is the reward, money gives you security.  Because we all have fear of things, the same things, poverty, no shelter, no clothing, no heat, no food, sickness, without friends. Money buys all of that. So all your basic fears are gone.


Now, you can imagine being born into a family were youíve never had even the thought of those basic problems. They have a completely different overview of themselves, their families, the world, how it really runs. And your mind can really expand when all these worries have gone from you. You donít have them anymore. They donít care about who theyíre going to get matched up with, by the way, for weddings, as long as they have the child as an offspring. The guy can have his little affairs on the side, so can the women by the way as long as she doesnít have a child by someone unauthorized, outside the marriage. Thatís why youíve always had Royal abortionists, right to the present time by the way. Not just for the main royalty, but all the cousins and queens because they all have titles to the throne if so many of them would die.  They all have the Royal abortionists go around and take care of all the little problems they have. And thatís in all cultures as well.


Today you have an international elite. They have seated themselves around the world, for a long time. They run China; they run all the countries. Donít think that China is taking over this country or that country. China is also financed by the same financiers, who also run all their bookkeeping systems for them and their management systems, because the Chinese didnít know how to do it at all. And under the guise of Ďoh itís China, itís a nation thatís buying this,í there are big private corporations, international corporations who are really behind it and who own the big plants and so on in China, just as it happened in the Soviet Union; it was exactly the same. Everything is a fraud out there basically.


Vinny: I see no difference. And why donít people wake up to this? Well, because theyíve still got those same brilliant techniques of making sure that youíre educated to believe contrary to anything that is the truth.


Alan:  Theyíve done many studies, Iíve read them on the air in fact when they come out of Harvard or wherever, and they found out that the higher education that you have, especially if you come from a higher middle-class family, the peer pressure to belong to the status group you are in, the higher you are, overcomes any thinking against the negative or the negativity you see against your own indoctrination. So they are the least likely people to ever look at the truth, or at least question it. You also find that not only will they not question the truth, they really so much want to belong, the greatest shame for them is to be tossed out or ignored from that particular peer group. In fact, again, Lord Bertrand Russell said, and this is where I fell into a lot of things. He said, the brightest children, even from the schools from the proles you might say.  He said, we can pick some of them out that have promise, through testing Ė itís all fed into a centralized system, and this is way back in the 30s and 40s. He said, the brightest of them must be recruited and taken from their background and their families, so their cultureís forgotten, brought into the hallowed halls of Eton or Cambridge or somewhere, and he said, and become one of us and do our bidding, and really approve, but never have contact with where he came from and so on. He said, if such a child exists where it has the ability to figure such a thing out, he may become a spokesperson with the gifts and abilities in the future that will go against us, therefore, he said, we must eliminate him. Thatís in his own book by the way.


Vinny: So let me get this straight. They want the best and the brightest to work for them, but not bright enough so that they can figure out who they are really working for.


Alan: In fact, even the Royal Institute of International Affairs has an outer party and an inner party. Thatís what George Orwell was talking about in his book 1984.  And professor Carroll Quigley goes through this, the outer party is all built on faith. Youíll get up the ladder, do what youíre told, it is the system, it is good, and never ask any questions from a superior, if you donít understand something, simply obey. Very much like Freemasonry in fact. You find that the upper party belongs to All Souls College, for life, in Oxford; thatís called the inner party. And Lord Alfred Milner planned the Boer wars and the Rhodesian wars and the takeovers. They also planned for many years in the late 1800s for World War I there too.  Quigley, remember, he was their personal historian. He said that theyíve been behind all the wars in the 20th century and still ones to come. So he said, it was time that the public knew this. And he actually thought the public were so dumbed down by then and would accept being run by experts and authoritarians, that he said it was time that they could publish this. But he was mistaken because they published his books and then they broke his plates when they realized he said too much.  The Anglo-American Establishment is a fantastic book to read.


Vinny: Iím sorry, have any of these people actually been brought to justice before? I mean, letís say a member of a large, very highly involved family, being exposed for some sort of crime and the family being shunned in the media or something of that nature?


Alan: The only one youíve actually had was King Edward that abdicated in England and married the American woman, multimillionairess. It wasnít just because of her, actually; that was a good cover story and so on. Itís because he had shared ideas with Germany, at least the ideas of the world was being taken over by what he called communist revolutionaries, which were working for a much higher power. The top communist revolutionaries, by the way, way above Lenin and all those guys, who planned it all and so on, are all multimillionaires, right down to the present day, or billionaires, multibillionaires, maybe even more. So thatís why he got out. In a way it was being shunned, but a deal was struck. If heíd said any more heíd have beenÖ he wouldíve had an accident, you know.


Vinny: Accidents happen more often than not I found.


Alan: Thereís no doubt about that. No doubt whatsoever about that. I mean, when Bill Clinton was in people were dying all around him.


Vinny: Really?


Alan: Oh yeah. Oh yeah, people were dying all around.  They were even found in the grounds, dead and so on. Bill Clinton was put in by the big boys. I mean, Arkansas was famous for the drugs getting brought in, and by the planeloads, and he was in on that deal when he was the governor. Many good videos have been put out there, exposťs about it and investigations.  Not conspiracy stuff, itís validated fact. And they put the right man in the job. You know, he would do what he was told, he enjoyed the role-playing. He was a good psychopath, definitely a good psychopath, absolutely; he could lie to the public without a blink, you know.  And he had no conscience whatsoever. And a bit of an actor. All psychopaths are a bit of an actor. In fact, the best ones are awfully charming, incredibly charming.  Thatís their gift. Itís a gift that they have, because they donít feel the same emotions, but they watch and study other peopleís emotions in different situations so they know how to put it on, and really put it on too, lavishly.


Vinny: Itís kind of like youíre dealing with a creature that only sees through, letís say, a beam of light. So what you do, in order to ensure that that creature canít even see you, is you put a mirror in front of you and every time the creature moves its head, you move the mirror with it. All that creature starts to see is the mirror. You use itself to deceive itself. Then you get to use the creature for whatever means you want.


Alan: Pretty much so.


Vinny: Youíre a human being, youíre the creature, they are the one with the mirror.


Alan: And Iíve heard people before...  Iíve met psychopaths, as I say, in the different businesses and so on. And they are awfully good. Iíve seen them work on people, and that person will tell you itís as though when you were voicing your concerns to them, you felt like you were the only person in the world and this personís complete attention was all about you and around you. Thatís how you come away from them, the experience with them. They are like different creatures, actually. I mean, the manipulative psychopath is incredible. And thatís an awful gift they have. They donít have to sit and work out a plan to work on you. They read you, almost by telepathy you might say.  Iím kind of joking there, but maybe not, who knows?  But they can read you, and all your body gestures, or anything on your face at all, like a book. They know you.


Vinny: Which is why theyíre so good at swiping your ideas, starting defamation campaigns and destroying peopleís lives, to protect themselves from exposure. Weíll be right back.


Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen. It is now the final segment, displeasing as it might be for me. I think itís been like nearly 2 years trying to get you on the show, Alan. You have been a very, very busy man.


Alan: On RBN I was doing a one-man band basically; and you had to cover the whole worldís news. Iíd get 500 links a day. Iíd start early in the morning. Iíd rush through the whole day, pretty well stuck to the chair, right through into the show starting at 8 PM Eastern and finishing at 9, and then, after it was broadcast, Iíd also upload it to my site because I had to cut out the commercials and so on. And upload that by satellite, slow. So Iíd get to bed at 2 in the morning, thatís when I was finished. So I had no time. I had to eventually cut out all other shows. And Iíve got hundreds of guest shows that I shelved; Iíve got back to them now. And this way Iíll have more time to finish off the things I should be doing anyway.  Because you can read the daily news, it simply reinforces everything you already know. The agenda is well underway. We are already completely global. Society is now brought to a stage where a lot of it, more so in other countries, some countries more than others, is completely dysfunctional.  The big boys can then point round Ė which theyíre doing under the guise and the use of anti-terrorism too, everywhere Ė they point out you have murder, mayhem, rape, pillage and plunder, all over the place in some countries, you canít handle it yourself, you need an authoritative system. Iíve been saying this for years. Iím glad mainstream talk show hosts have caught on to that and are using it all.


This falls right into the system. Because the Club of Rome, which is one of the top think tanks for the big boys, came out in the 1970s with the book on the future and the plan for the United Nations and the world, and the World Bank and so on. They said that democracy would never work. Now, they knew that before they gave us the term democracy; people think itís always been here, but no it hasnít. Up to World War I the average man in Britain didnít have the vote, by the way, never mind woman. He didnít have the vote if he didnít own property. So I meanÖ And even then, what do you do?  They give you the guys to vote for, you donít know them, youíll never meet them. They belong to a party, and then they say, we canít represent you...  Well, we canít do what our constituents want, I have to go with the party. So whatís the point in having one?


But again, the Club of Rome said, therefore, because there are so many conflicting and competing special interest groups today Ė and they made sure we got them all by the way Ė they said democracy would never work, therefore we have to train the public into an authoritarian system. And thatís what youíve been trained with today, and especially with the use of antiterrorism and so on. Youíre noticing just authoritative measures being rolled out like crazy, and the people are adapting.  Like you know, Darwin said, to survive you adapt. Most folk adapt without even consciously thinking through things, they just simply accept it. And weíre adapting. Weíve already adapted through all the airport ridiculousness nonsense traveling and all that; thatís all normal now. Everything thatís weird, that we object about, becomes normalized quite quickly.


Everyone, by the way, in a totalitarian type system, which this must be, an authoritative system under the Club of Romeís rules, the United Nations rules and so on, everyone must be completely predictable. And that means complete data collection daily. And they have it all now. Itís all here.


Vinny: Itís like weíre reactingÖ Is it a Pavlovian response, you know, stimulus and then an action?


Alan: Thatís partly it too. You can do the most drastic things to societies with the most pleasant face, you know. Or the most reasonable sounding, if itís marketed properly to you, reasons for doing it. And we adapt to that too. Fear is a fantastic method of taking all rights away. Every tyrant in Rome used that, weíve got to protect you. And then you end up getting searched and groped and all the rest of it at airports. So yeah, people will give up pretty well everything. And by the way, after 9/11, that was the first thing all major media and newscasters were doing, going around the streets, selecting certain people Ė you only get the selected ones that they want shown on television Ė are you willing to give up your freedom for security? ...the oldest thing in the book, as they were doing all these world surveys. And most folk were, oh yeah, okay, okay. You know. 


So here you are. What can you do? Youíre locked in. People adapt to it. No one wants to stick their head up. It is true, that some people say Ė and I understand this optimistic part Ė if we all just stopped going to work tomorrow, if we all just stopped for a week using gasoline, youíd see the prices plummet, for instance.  And the big boys would have to turn around and take note of you and say, what on earth do you want? But you can never Ė and they know this too Ė you can never get the public to come together for something major together. It doesnít happen. You find that with unions too, you get the scabs going through and breaking it.  Youíll never get the public. They count on that. In fact, they sew the dissension amongst the people at decision-making time. These are old, old arts, very well understood and used.


Vinny: What if your entire campaign was predicated upon explaining the system that theyíre going to discredit and derail you with, so that any attempt to discredit or to derail you is something everybody can easily identify and ignore?


Alan:  Well once again, you wonít get the commonality amongst the public.


Vinny: Thatís the education element I mentioned, Alan, if the whole world listened to your radio show for a couple of years...


Alan: You see, hereís the thing again, the big boys donít sit back and let anything happen by itself. They give you the heroes to follow, by the way, down through history. And they make sure thereís someone to speak for you. Just like a politician, thatís all he is, someone they put in front of, pretending to speak for you, the same thing. He talks the language, you understand that heís my guy, and thatís how it works. So they understand human nature perfectly, perfectly well. Again, Orwell put that out in his book, 1984, where Winston, the guy is set up by the very guy who ends up torturing him, to join a resistance movement.


Theyíve been at it forever. And power must be maintained. Itís maintained by fear, and finding out who is questioning the system. And they give you the leads to follow. You follow the leads, you join the agencies or you think youíre joining some rebellious movement, and in fact youíre being led up the garden path. They donít let things happen. The world is so well infiltrated by thousands of people, now you have all the data collection characters. People canít talk on the phone, you know, today. It doesnít matter how many times you tell them, it doesnít matter how many shows theyíve listened to, they canít talk on the phone to you, if they phone you or email you, without saying things that perhaps they shouldnít say, just a personal detail.  They donít think. Oh, itís not happening to me. Yeah, itís happening to everybody, folks. You know. We are all profiled. The Pentagon, and Iíve read the article on the air, they have a virtual everybody in a computer at the Pentagon. They collect the data daily from all your Facebook, your emails, your chats, everything, and your phone calls, and they add that daily to the virtual you. They then run programs on the virtual you to see how youíd respond in different situations. And they say itís pretty well 100% accurate, thatís how it will work in real life. They have us, everyoneís pegged.


Vinny: Does this mean the situation is hopeless?


Alan: Itís almost hopeless. What you used to haveÖ See, oneís culture is something to hold. Thatís why people used to have rebellions in the past. It wasnít for a revolution for something new. Rebellions are protesting a sudden change in custom. The King would put more taxes out in a direction or something, and you would rebel against that, because you wanted to go back to the way it was. Thatís what rebellions are. But even for rebellion you needed a common culture. Common cultures are pretty well, for most folk, not for all, have been destroyed. You see. And so you donít have as much in common with the people next door as you thought you might have in fact.


At one time, HG Wells said it and different ones said it too, theyíve got to destroy the family unit.  Marx said it as well and so did Lenin. And so, by the way, did Albert Pike and many others. Destroy the family unit.  Because in the past the average guy and woman would be married, at one time, they would have children; that was the purpose of it all, for perpetuity of the species and all that. And you would have things in common with all those around you. And when things were going to hit the family, for instance, they would stand together in masses. Thatís what came against local councils and national governments and so on, is when you had that kind of commonality. When you destroy the commonality, you canít get that kind of support from people to stay together for something thatís going to help them. It just doesnít happen.


Vinny: Is that why they always kill the people, and tell everybody to live together in peace and harmony?


Alan: Thatís correct.  Absolutely.  I mean, donít forget, thereís a Doublespeak here that works awfully well; itís part of the technique. Many folk think the United Nations is a wonderful organization. They donít realize the United Nations ran the Cold War. It was a referee between the NATO countries Ė which they drafted the charter up for and thatís their military wing Ė and the Warsaw Pact countries. Neither side could do anything to the other without the UNís permission. It ran both sides. It was all fake.


Vinny: Itís all a very rational plan if youíre a completely insane psychopath, wouldnít you agree? Suddenly, the world being crazy doesnít seem so crazy at all. Itís just the world being run by crazy people, actually. Everybody else, like you and me, we might be just as sane as anybody that could ever be qualified as sane as a spectrum of normality. But at the end of the day it ainít us that really make all the decisions. It ainít us that kill all the good people in society. Itís them, and they must be exposed. There must be a glimmer of hope. Alan Watt, thank you so much for your time. I hope weíll do it again in another two years.


Alan:  Itís been a pleasure being on;† thanks very much.


Vinny:  Check it out ladies and gentlemen, Cutting Through The Matrix. Thank you very much, weíll see you again sometime.