May 10, 2020 (#1773)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

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The Dark Dominion Disdains Your Opinion:

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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May 10, 2020.  As always, I hope you’re hhhch, pulling through all this craziness we’re going through at the moment as the big agenda rolls forward, in a desperate act really. Not the last of the list, they’ve got a whole list of A, B, C, D, E’s to fall back on because people haven’t really fallen for the whole climate idea, and they’re not cutting back on their consumption of things and so on and going vegan.  And they’re still having children, some of them, believe it or not, in this day and age, people are still having children. I mean, live births, that is, you know, and then taking care of them. 


Then they had to go to the next step obviously, because the exact same agenda is being rammed through by the WEF, the World Economic Forum.  The Forum of course, you find the same big corporations that backed all the sustainability and the greening of society and the post-consumerism. You’d think it’s crazy when big corporations want you to stop consuming so much. Well, they still want you to consume what they own or rule and run, especially the energy sector as well because they benefit from it. Because what they lose through any decision by government, that government pays them the difference, so they don’t lose at all. 


That’s how things really work in this modern society. It’s been like that for quite a long time, ever since it was first announced, the public-private partnership deals that Prince Charles was sent out to proclaim to the general population of the planet. It was on the go even before that had happened of course because they’ve used this in times of wars in fact. World War I and II where the government basically puts majordomo’s in charge of sectors of industry and they have dictatorial powers, to get done whatever they want to get done, regardless of the laws. And they do it that way. Well, it’s the same thing happening right now.


So, the WEF of course last year talked about the sustainability programs and how we just weren’t listening well enough.  And all the terror and fear of us frying to death with the global warming wasn’t really working so they would go the next step. And here you are. The same characters, all the same characters are involved with the Club of Rome, the usual circle of friends that they have, including the ones who are in charge of the supposed health of different countries too, that are all on board with the same thing. The same people.  Many of them are actually openly talking about it, they’ll have a green world when they come out of this, and no business will be allowed to start up if it’s got any adverse effect on the planet or the climate… Or anything at all that’s against… if it’s just profit, it’s taboo, it’s got to be a green profit, you see.   So, they're going to accomplish a whole bunch of agendas here are all at once.


And the public are so mind bombed, I'm sure, with incredible overload of propaganda.  That's what most information is, it's not really truth it's just propaganda.  Including the ones that are the anti-... going to come out supposedly to expose the disinformation sites etc., they're just, they're probably, some of them are the biggest propagandists out there. Propaganda rules the world. It always has ruled the world.  The whole history of Edward Bernays and the books he churned out and many after of course really just verified what he said. They understood human nature very well, before they had all the extra so-called social sciences tacked on to it. 


Nothing, there's really nothing new under the sun as they say. And what works, even thousands of years ago can work again today if you know the formulas to introduce it. The best one as I've said before is fear and terror. Oh my God, this enemy over there is going to come in their chariots and going to kill you, unless you listen to us and do what we say, and pay us for it, and there's going to be a price, mind you, etc. etc.  And we all have to go along with it through fear and terror. It really works awfully well.


We know from this Covid one that it's beyond, it's beyond, what can you call it, it's criminal what's happened. It's criminal what's happened with a consortium of the same people, the exact same people who belong to all the climate agenda groups and the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome, the exact same groups all dictating to us along with the so-called health experts on how...  And the health experts are also part of the WEF and the COR and so on.  You couldn't make this up if you wanted to, it's a big cabal. 


It's big when you look at all the organizations that are ruled. But when you see the ones, the players who are members of all of them, it's a small cadre really.  They have their faces plastered all over televisions across the planet right now with their official prewritten scripts to spiel out to us every day.  It's quite fascinating to watch it all. But I don't really watch TV. I don't watch it at all actually, but I get what I do from the Internet.  That's bad enough. So, I can imagine that the people who have got their TVs turned on all day long, they must be living in absolute freaking land, you know, they're freaked out.  And they can't get their thoughts together.  And they're locked down. They can't get to work. They're all dependent on some kind of income from government handouts.  And they’re given no promise for a future.


It's not intended, they've made it quite plain, you're not going to go back to any kind of normalicy.  The ones who are to take over the new normalicy as they call it, I did shows years ago on new normals and everybody has copied the idea of it.  [Alan chuckles.]   But the thing is, they give you new normals.  They’re quite open about what they're going to bring in right now in fact, very shortly, and at least how it's going to affect you.


What I've noticed is that these new normals are really the old new normals that were put on the shelves for many years when they couldn't ram them through. They, of course, are those who rule the world, the big organizations that literally created bridges over governments. Not just between governments but over them and around them and around the laws too of your nations. The very thing that a member of the CFR mentioned that they would do in the States, years and years ago.  That rather than hit the Constitution head-on, as it had always done and getting rebuffed, they would simply go around it and ignore it and over it. That's what they've done with the whole planet actually.


It's the same agenda. Very old agenda. But yeah, this whole set of new normals that are going to come in, such as children learning from home basically through computers and so on as opposed to going to classrooms, are really old wish lists that they've had for years and years sitting on, you know, in the high, high shelves. Now they just brush off the dust and bring out all their wish lists that they've shelved as well, the same companies, same organizations, same NGOs, same big foundations and away we go of course.  And they have the right fear to do it, the real technique of fear episode to do it. And the folk will comply, because they're given no option basically at the moment.


So, that's how we're really run and ruled.  It's quite fascinating to actually live through it and watch it happening. Where we watch the incredible Malthusian type graphs that...  He was one of the first ones to put graphs out. He was an economist really for the big banks in London at the time and the government of Britain. And of course, we are human capital, we've always been human capital.   We create everything. Marx said the same thing too, everything comes from labor basically. So, you're human capital for those that own the capital.  You buy everything that they make sure that you need, in whatever is the latest modern society you live in. You have to buy new things and new...  Of course, we've gone from cars and TV sets to computers and cell phones and everything else to do with it.  So, they always make sure they're in charge of all the items you'll need.


Including of course the agribusinesses now. They used to have farms. We don't have so many farms now.  They've been put under for many, many years, since about the 40s or 50s really, from the 50s onwards, to make sure that the big Agri farm businesses own everything. They of course, as we all know, old stories, but they all collude of course. They are in bed with the chemical industry that makes the fertilizer and the herbicides and the pesticides. So, it's all, it all goes together, you see, works together.  And the small farms have been getting put under for a long, long, long time. 


Beautiful, really, because if you want survivability, you want lots of small farms. And if you're looking from the other side of the fence, those who want to control everything, and they need a crisis or a wartime scenario, it's a perfect, perfect way to do it is to eliminate ways that people can feed themselves. If you can feed yourself, you've got less worries obviously. If you can't feed yourself, you're dependent on incredible modernistic Soviet type bread lines, when you're lined up outside, and even have as I say, modernized, now it's all tickertape and marked out floors and so on that you're supposed to follow. As though it's going to make any difference at all.


You see, what you've been living through for a long time is something, I've touched on it so many times that folk probably get bored with it. I get bored mentioning it. But the techniques that we're going through today were designed in the 1920s and 30s and 40s by often the same people that gave us a good part of the culture you're now presently in, they designed the culture and the changes. They designed even dances to make people...  copy foreign systems, put it that way, and sexualize everything to a high degree. The same people over and over and over. And the same organizations that they actually were funded by, and who, that they worked with.


Bertrand Russell is a classic example because he loved to boast about it in his own books. Many other ones are involved too and they had books written for them, which is never stops until the present day. Most books you see out there are written for them, and you might be surprised at some of the ones who are even leading the alternative media.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's the same agenda there too, other people write the books for them. And make them stars. For those who don't know that.


Bertrand Russell talked about how you could train people, even, especially with children, if you give them new normal values, new normals, you see, make that normal, whatever the new one is. Bertrand Russell said, you can give them new values, the new values would be set by society and be unquestioned eventually.  But the first thing to do was to break tradition of what words actually meant when you start.   He said, it will be possible eventually, if you had a bunch of children, separated from the rest of the children in the world, in their own schools, you could train them from birth and tell them that that snow is black snow. It's naturally black. They would see the same snow, but they would call it black from then on. So that when they mixed with other people outside their little world, their enclosed little world, they'd have battles over the meanings of things. But to the children brought up to say, yeah that snow, what they see there, which is white to everybody else, is black, and the other people were wrong, you see. You've already started them on the way to changing the meaning of words and what those words eventually mean obviously.


That's what we're living through now too. So, if you can say, well, that's not a tree there and give it a different name altogether, naturally you'll come into conflict. Right? Now, it's even better if you wanted to do cognitive dissonance as they call it where you shock people by scaring them about/with their own sanity by saying, by changing things halfway through normalcy, or your lifespan, put it that way, and suddenly you're to call it something else, which is obviously, which it is not. Once you start that, and everybody is scratching their heads wondering why it was forced down their throats, a lot of this kind of stuff, it's because you're now in the next step of it, you see… having to walk along colored lines and x’s on the floor and things like that. Absolute nonsense.


Do you really think that a virus, that you breathe out, with every breath you exhale, and believe it or not, I mean the whole idea of masks as well, especially the surgical masks, is a joke!  Because you can see the old documentaries from the 70s and 80s where you see surgeons with high special lenses and so on, and you see the stuff getting shot through. You get a higher velocity from the person behind the mask and going outwards, because now it's compressed and it's forced through, a higher pressure through the mask, [Alan chuckles.] and it shoots out and goes further than if you didn't have a mask on at all! 


So, it's, what I'm getting at is I'm not saying don't wear a mask. What I'm saying is, you're being taught the Russell form of insanity.  And you’re taught that this insanity is now normal. Like, your lines and cues and 6 feet apart. Do you really think a virus is from Star Trek or something? Is that what you think? I mean, stop yourselves, even if you're angry at what I'm saying, and what is he talking about here? Do you really think a virus is so programmed intelligently, right, that it says, oh I've gone 6 feet from this person I'd better stop right here? Do you really believe that?  Do you believe that?


If you have the slightest breeze behind you, the slightest, you won't even feel it, it's going to go 100 yards, maybe more. And especially since it doesn't die off quickly.  What on earth has this 6 feet apart thing got to do with anything, in reality?  It's an idea.  It's an idea, that's what it is, 'eh?  But it's training you into a form, a form of absurdity. You have all these professionals coming out trying to tell you that this is quite normal scientifically and they explain it to you, etc. But it's based on ideas, as opposed to reality or factual checking, and counterchecking, etc., etc., etc.


This is the Russell technique basically you're living through.  And from now on, I gave you this talk years ago, something similar. I said, once you accept the new normals like this, years ago, before even the last outbreak in 2009, and long before that too. I said, if you accept them, you have to go through a whole agenda now of everything being made new, every new normal. You see? 


Now, psychology and behaviorism and the neurosciences are all combined and have been for a long, long time studying humans. We are the main sources of study, humans of course and our behavior and our natural responses to things too. There's nothing that really is not known about how we'll react. They also have the percentages down pretty accurately of the majority of the public, they knew it back in the days of Aldous Huxley, who talked about most people being really hypnotizable or suggestible, extra suggestible.  And because they're prone to suggestibility, he said about 60% of the public fall under the spell of a well laid out spiel of propaganda that wants to make them do something or buy something or behave in a different fashion or believe something.  So, 60%, if it's said by professionals, will grab it immediately and just parrot it, you see.  Very similar to what Brzezinski said many, many years later in his own books.


But Aldous Huxley said, and he gave the talk at Berkeley which you can still get, if it's still up on YouTube or somewhere.  He said that another 10%, about another 10%, you see, or even 20% could be done with more, a little bit more pressure and time and patience applied by the person who wants you to do what they want you to do.  He says, you could gradually bring them over.  Oh it didn't work, yeah, try a little bit more of this or a little bit more of that, and give it a bit of time, it will work on that, and sure enough, you can bring them into the belief of it too, whatever it is, with a bit more time. And he says, then you're left with maybe 10% or 15%, and he said, they are harder, these are the hardest ones to bring under. Some can't be brought under at all. 


They are, today that's more of a rarity. Most folk go under the spell of the professional indoctrination that we get fed all the time. Persuading people is a science, I hope you understand that.  It's not just someone yapping. It's a science. They're taught to do it. The teachers are given tool kits to brainwash the children to make sure the children will be true believers it whatever's being taught and come out with it too. It works awfully well.


They know how to as well, just like the person trying to make you believe something you're not supposed to according to Huxley, that perhaps you even shouldn't for your own benefit he said.  He said that with more persuasion a lot more will come under. But the last grouping won't, it won't happen to them. Maybe 93% can go under eventually with a lot more pressure and persuasion. Or even bribery in fact, ah try that, we’ll even pay you to try that and blah blah blah and away they go.  But maybe 7% or so or even less, or can't be brought under, they're not hypnotizable.  That's always been a problem for those who rule. Especially in this day and age when they use sciences very, very efficiently to bring people under the spell of whatever they're trying to push or get them to behave a certain way or do whatever they want them to do.


What I'm saying isn't that far-fetched. I mean, the talks I've given, for instance, over many, many years get condensed, by some people you know awfully well actually, and then they're promoted by higher authorities to push the same stuff.  But I've been giving these talks for years and years and years and I'm not charging for it either so you can go into remember, my own website. Everybody else does that you hear out there.  You can find articles and so on and listen to my talks. Because I go through the art of persuasion in great detail and how it really works.


Now, remember, the art of persuasion does also take into it crisis. If you can't what you want the public to do, then create a crisis, terrify them, and watch them go to it. They've done it before with previous, I'd hardly call them pandemics, but severe flu seasons for instance or novel flus too. It's always going to be a terror and a horror story, etc. I gave the talks last week where I pointed out from the, again, the main sources themselves, sometimes the vaccinations they put out had disastrous consequences on youngsters and adults too, with Guillain Barre syndrome and different kinds of paralysis coming out and neurological problems too. It's just astonishing what's been done and yet the same groups are out there hyping it again for the next round. It's just amazing.


The same techniques tend to work. They know exactly how many women as opposed to men will be for government and authority. Women somehow, and again Hitler said the same thing, it's authority that says come here, come to us and do what we say, we are strong, we're here to help you. They give you faith and confidence, and that's what they use to aim at.  Hitler said, the women come to us during times of crisis for food and everything else, and they bypass their husbands. So, the state becomes the new husband, you see, and the woman goes to the state.  So, they get real adherence to the State, a lot of them. And the children, he says, the children must follow the mother, and then must follow the man... or, therefore must follow the man. So, he's got no choice at the end. That technique works all the time over and over and over again. It's just astonishing to watch it getting played out once more.  They know how many men will go for it too, what economic brackets they come from and social systems and so on, socioeconomic brackets they fall into, they had the percentages down pretty well. 


But they also know that lots and lots of people in the medical profession, who get, you see, they DO see the results of vaccinations, and they're terrified always to lose their jobs by saying anything. Other ones are, don't really care as long as they don't take it themselves. But over the last 2009/10 season when they tried vaccinations and so on, lots of staff medical staff as I mentioned before, covered for each other by falsifying, that's how scared they are of what they see, they falsified that each other, they were giving each other the shots, you see, so that they were covered because they knew a lot of this stuff gives you terrible consequences.  As I say, the German parliament refused to take the stuff which they had mandated for the general population in Germany in 2009/10.  So, you're living through incredible pressures through fear and terror to comply. 


Now, the big boys themselves, and gals, because we have equal opportunity tyrants in this day and age. They're all for rolling out the whole agenda, and lifelong vaccinations. I've got articles from the League of Nations when they set that up in about 1919 or so and they had a department for health in it too. They came out then with their wish list of how they could vaccinate the whole planet for everything under the sun. Most of which you had never heard of then at the time, and you haven't heard of since. It really doesn't matter. But they had all these plans that they would just raise you in a socialistic society of obedience and they could get their wicked way with you. 


Of course, naturally the private corporations that make profits off this were all behind it and helping to [Alan chuckles.] put out the amazing wonderful Utopian propaganda. But that vision has never gone away. When it morphed into the United Nations it was still there, the same panels and all that, right down to the present time. You have the same characters behind it.


We've got to get out of this “utopia”. We've got to get out of it, that we're living in a very real system with caring peoples and institutions, and everything is very Disneyesque, you know, where the people are really nice, and the corporations are nice and their CEOs are nice people.  Everybody's just nice-nice, you see. We've got to go away from that, or we're done for, you understand, you're really done for.


I used to give talks about suspending your disbelief. You know? That's what we're in today. Because you've got to, you've got to say wait a minute here, there really are evil people in this world. EVIL is the word to use, folks.  That's the words to use, is EVIL and DISHONEST and CONNIVING, and COLLUDING with other EVIL people.  And it's not new. 


It's like the ancient times you had it even in religions, the Old Testament had the evil men of the world, the RICH MEN of the world, the leaders, conspiring with each other against their own peoples. Well, that's happened before.  Because those at the top, they do really see themselves as a separate group or race from anyone else. They see themselves as a super intellectual gifted elite. I mean gifted by the fact that they accumulate incredible wealth and can manipulate armies and nations and all the rest of it.  So naturally they used to breed in ancient times with each other quite happily. 


But evil is evil, nonetheless. So much of what's been done in secret is out in the open today. The Internet is an awful problem. Years ago, before I even had an Internet I was on shows, because I didn't want anything to do with computers.  Initially I thought, you know, they couldn't bring this into being without a computer managing a whole planet and spying on everybody and gathering everybody's data and so on. They couldn't bring it to pass without a computer.  Years later in fact I heard a preacher in the States who was a character too himself. He used to come out with a cigar on his stage and he said the same thing.  He said that Satan could never pull off anything for a world type system without the use of computerization. And it's so obvious, isn't it?


Whether you want to believe in religion or not, it's up to you. But the fact is, it always points that things have been done before and before and before going back into the dawn of man no doubt. I'm sure a few cavemen at one time formed a committee to try to take over the caves of everybody on the hillside. That's what happens with human nature. 


The base man, in psychopathy for instance, the base man, the base psychopath is the one whose an habitual criminal who ends up seeing something in a window, I want it now, and he smashes the window, grabs it and ends up gets caught, he's in a prison and so on. But the real intelligent psychopath is up, he gravitates up towards the top on leadership positions where the power is where he can really fill his pockets much better, and get away with it, as opposed to getting caught by police outside a jewelry store.  These psychopaths are the ones who go into business, and really fly up through and become CEOs because they're ruthless. They're very pleasantly ruthless, that's the charm that the psychopath can have. They're like an alien creature to look at them really and how they operate. They've always been a puzzlement to psychiatry. Mind you a lot of things are puzzlement to psychiatry in this day and age because they changed their laws and everything some years ago for political reasons.


So, you end up with the type of psychopath that can be sometimes creative, most of them are not creative.  The creative ones go off into tangents and they're kind of unique in a certain way. But they've got, and often they're driven towards high art or something, but at least they create something and hopefully they're not living off government grants as they are today in most countries in the West anyway.  But the creative ones can often support themselves, but their erratic behavior still is repetitive.


Psychopaths at the lower levels don't learn by mistakes. They'll do the same things over and over again. The higher psychopaths learn to an extent what to avoid. They might want to still do the same things, but they'll try and avoid them if possible, or find ways to get around them and still get what they want.  But they have a great ability for manipulation of other people. They get other people to do all their work for them for instance. And they'll do it gladly, the people around psychopaths often worship them. It's just astonishing. They praise them like a God in fact, they're like gurus. But they're highly dangerous too. If you listen to a psychopath in a higher position of the CEO of some big corporation, when he's not at work for instance, or she, you can get some women too that are just as psychopathic. But they can come out with amazing statements of honesty from their point of view, because they have no reason to hide it at that particular moment.  And they often love to boast about things too, is another trait that they have. 


They can be very blunt about things. Such as, oh yeah, there's just too many people, you know, they're quite open about it, and they should just be eliminated and yada, yada, ya.  Well, the same people, remember, are the people who gravitate up to the World Economic Forum. They have their special clubs there.  I've mentioned before the Lucky Gene Club that some of the well-known people belonged to. It's got other names too naturally.  I'll touch on that tonight.  But that's where they all meet, and then the Club of Rome. Then they can get, persuade governments, they can persuade governments… I think we're so corrupt they probably bribed governments actually, to basically do their bidding at times and get statues and laws passed to do with the agendas that they want to carry through.


The greatest danger in this day and age is the fact that they're really, for a long time they've built these bridges over us and around us and bypassed the laws by creating these supra-national entities that we don't vote for. And because they've been around for maybe 40 years some of them you think they're normal. No, they're not normal. They were created, they're artificial entities created to rule us and to get away from this idea of you electing governments who are responsible to you.  Very dangerous indeed. Because you're now under a system which you can't control. You can't vote people out of office because they won't, they've got nothing to do with it.  It's this agency that's grafted itself on as an auxiliary to government in a sense, you see. That's where we are today with all of this.


What we're living through today as I've said before, is just the same agenda that's been hammering away for many, many years, from the days of, oh, Thomas Malthus.  And Malthus, every first-year social sciences student gets taught about Malthus. Not to denigrate him but to actually applaud him and oh, he's a great man. Malthus as I say was just, he just hated the people, the ordinary folk. To him and his economists you either had a function that suited them, or you were superfluous and you were just, you should be eliminated basically. That was Malthus's idea. 


He came out with these charts and graphs they're still using today. It's very impressive, it shocks people, you know.  It works awfully well. And since most folk never understand them, especially when you present them with about 10 in a half-hour setting, maybe a 15-minute setting, you've totally confused them. But they'll go along with what you say because they don't understand it. You gaslight them in a sense.  They sit back and the brain shuts down and they're just ears listening. You must know what you're talking about, I don't understand you, you're a professional, I'm not, so I'll take your opinion and that's good enough for me. That's how things work. It's very simple.


It's the same technique that preachers used, in America especially because they talk so fast.  It's the first thing that hits people when they come over, when you listen to some of the TV evangelists, especially that are like superstar Hollywood types.  They use the same lighting scenarios as Hollywood. They have massive staffs doing lighting and sound.  It's like a big production, a big, like a rock band would use.  Sometimes more equipment than a rock band would use for the big, big presentations. But they talk so fast and have all the... Jimmy Swaggart was awfully good with the poses he would do. He would pose like Elvis Presley with his legs, the leg split apart, you know, and the microphone stuck outside in that gesture, etc. Everything but the cape of Elvis.


It was very effective for the people who followed. You talk at a rapid, rapid pace, very rapid. So fast, this is the trick to it too, a lot of them, that you can't keep up with it. Your mind doesn't have time to analyze what's being said and so eventually you shut down your critical thinking part that information's going through, it shuts down.  Then you sit back, and you're downloaded by the stuff that's being downloaded because you can't keep up with it and as I say, basically use your censor part to analyze the data as its coming into you.  It works very well. It's kind of a browbeating technique, you see.  Certain ads use the same sort of stuff.


The other way to do it is again by quieter techniques and using more science and the sciences that are persuasion and getting you to come to the proper conclusions about things, the desired conclusions. And you still never understand it, but you have this big impression in your head of these massive graphs, oh, look at that graph and that spike here and blah, blah, blah. Eventually you just listen to what they say, and oh, that's just fantastic, if I invest in this company, I'm going to go up in a spike by the end of about eight months and yada, ya.  Or alternately, we’re all going to die if we don't do this in eight months. That's how presentations are worked out for the public.


There are sciences, there's whole, I mean if you go into the marketing corporations, this stuff is taught to them, how to do this and how to make people, how to persuade people to do what you want them to do or buy what you want them to buy. Bernays went through it all too.  So again, old sciences and perfected by more studies upon human nature.  And techniques of communication where it's all electronic today in fact, it's incredible. Where else can you get the whole world getting the same propaganda from the same sources during a crisis like this is today? It's just astonishing, 'eh, about the Covid.


You'll find that Fauci and the rest of them and Bill Gates aren't just getting hit in America and the West. All over the world the same people are getting it translated to them. That's immense power, isn't it?  Of course, the danger is always, once again, I don't care who is presenting what and how real something may be or may not be.  The danger with, when it's unification of propaganda, then there's no counter to it, there's no other point of view. That's incredibly dangerous. The whole idea of democracy is supposedly based on opposing opinions and debate.  We don't have that now because you're in a post-democratic system. 


The system that's unrolled is your scientific socialism, your scientific elite running the show. Your technocracy. Old idea, very old.  That's what's been unrolled basically.  Even with the League of Nations that was really put out on behalf of the same organizations that ruled the old world and the British Empire at that time, the richest people in London went back to the League of Nations and helped finance it and create it. The Royal Institute of International Affairs set it up and drafted up everything. The Lord Alfred Milner group actually were behind it at that time, then it blossomed into the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they have their branches across the whole planet now.  The whole European Parliament are members of it, for the European Parliament group. The Asian-Pacific group too but based in Japan is still on the go and running Australia and China and other places.  It's incredibly powerful. They've kept it very low-key. But everybody who's anybody in government across these nations are all part of the same organization.  And the US is the Council on Foreign Relations.


So, they set up the whole system. They set up the banking system, the League of Nations that blossomed into the United Nations. They set up the Bank for International Settlements, awfully important, which is coming into its own right now more so than ever before because they are the ones who decide on currencies and the value of every nation's currency according to debts, etc. Remember, it's privately owned, although we fund it at the same time. Beautiful, you got your public/private. They own it, we just fund it and pay for its costs.  You also have the IMF, International Monetary Fund, same group that created that too. They come in as the heavy guys when you can't pay back the loans, and they bring you down to utter austerity to try to pay back the loans by cutting your healthcare and everything else that they can cut back on.  Folk don't even know when Maggie Thatcher was in the IMF came in for a good part of that reign and ran the policies of Britain behind the scenes.  Cut back everything.


These are the same situations all run by a private company, and separate, a private company, who also brought you the European Union. They drafted up the whole idea for the European Union and helped implement it, appointed the people to be leaders.  They drafted up the NAFTA agreement, the North American Free Trade Agreement, that's now morphed into the same deal too. Everybody was talking about NAFTA; it became so common folk knew what it meant so they change the name to the USMCA I think it is called.  But it's the same organization running the show. And of course, the Pacific rim group too, was the next step too after China.


So, we're well on the way to this integrated world run by the same group. Anybody who's anybody has to belong to these groups. Of course, they always pretend that when they go into become prime minister or president that, well, temporarily, it's just, I don't belong to them, temporarily. Who's kidding who?!  What, did they take their, is it taking off your Boy Scout socks or something?  It makes you...? Come on!  Of course, they're still members of it.


Carroll Quigley talked about that, he was so proud of it, the fact that pretty well every country was run by them, and every member of Parliament at the top are all members of it in the old British Commonwealth countries. And in India.  These are the ones who are brought to power by the same financial people. If they've got money, you can bring anybody to power, you can put any dummy you want in the front.  Quite easy to do. 


And they really don't like, they really don't like this idea of democracy. The Club of Rome, I've gone through it ad nauseum, the Club of Rome from their own writings, and Limits to Growth and all the other books they've put out since then.  They go on about this failure of democracy, that they can't get the big agendas through because of folk arguing, they don't want it and they decide no. You see, they don't believe you have the right to say no to anything that they want.  [Alan chuckles.]  It's always been a nuisance to tyrants and nobility. But now it's this big, big group at the top.  It hasn't changed. Once again, they’re out, right now with, oh, this democracy idea is just in the way, we've got to bypass it with a crisis and overrule it with the crisis etc. etc. For the new system. They want it permanent of course.


There's nothing new in this. Democracy was a joke. I read some books put out by acquaintances of Winston Churchill. They all belong to the same private clubs in London, contemporaries and peers of Churchill.  They used to meet even during World War I and discuss, and over their brandies and cigars and so on, but they would discuss, even when they were getting bombed by the zeppelins from World War I they could hear the explosions in the distance. But they were chatting away about the future and all that.  They were talking about this joke, this joke, that they didn't even treat seriously, of democracy. Churchill made quite a few statements about democracy and those behind it and yada, yada, ya.  They would use it, but they knew it was a joke.  Especially in Britain, where the crown, everything was owned by the Crown. The police were owned by the Crown.  The Army and Air Force and the Navy is owned by the Crown. Their post office is owned by the Crown. You know, everything is the Crown.  The Commonwealth countries are the same. Still are by the way. That's where they swear allegiance to. There's never a mention of serving the people, you know, anywhere, it's always to the Crown.  Which is, it makes a whole farce of democracy exactly that, it's a farce.


You find once in a while, you'll see even in recent years, the list of people, even from the Labour Party, it doesn't matter what party they belong to because the whole of politics is a big party from the beginning to end, on our tab.  But even in the Labour Party they all want to get Knighted.  Britain has had top Marxists knighted by the crown. Why do you think the crown would knight Marxists and revolutionaries, that supposedly would be there to tear them down and abolish the crown?  I'll leave you with these little puzzles, 'eh.  [Alan chuckles.] 


That's the reality of what we're living through, is a system, it's the same characters run, have run us for 100 odd years. They were running the world, the Western world, and Europe openly, from about the 1880s right up to... As I say, Carroll Quigley mentioned it in his book in the 1960s. He mentioned that for about the last 80 years every president and prime minister belongs to this organization, in the last 60 years or so, or 80 years. Well, he's going back into the 1880s. 


Then they actually give talks and say that people should be, if you wanted real politics, even though you'd always have to watch everybody like, with incredible...  You'd have to have parties in the civilian populations just to monitor and watch them and rotate them every few weeks before they got bribed and paid off and brought over. That's what you have to really do. But anyone running for politics should put their cards on the table what they belong to, and what organizations they are members of, and who they've sworn allegiance to in the past before you even consider them eligible for politics. That will never happen either but that's what you'd have to, literally have to do.


Because the people are never served, as you know. At the other side of it too, the same group that gave you this form of democracy today, right, the same people who laugh at it, give you the ones who cause dissensions so the people can never unify against anything. They give you all the different race baiting groups and leaders for all these things too. That's all intentional. It's deliberate.  It makes it nonfunctional. Eventually it will collapse as it's meant to do. Until folk will be quite glad to have it taken over by some technocratic system, oh, just take us over and run us properly, we're so sick of this. It's all deliberate, folks.  It doesn't happen by itself.


Now I'll start off with an article from someone that I know who is using a pseudonym, talking about…


Words and Slogans as a Weapon of Mass Servitude / 4 May 2020 / Posted by Helena Handbasket


We’ve all heard of so-called ‘spin doctors’ in the political world and other ‘public relations’ organisations, polling companies and any other entity who works on your psyche to make you to believe in a defined way, for them, in the context that they wish you to accept what they say. Most people don’t know and won’t accept that this is called propaganda.


(Alan:  And it’s true, they don’t. I’ll add to that too, like the previous thing I talked about too with the fast-talking preachers that overload you with their machine gun type rapid-fire speech. But it’s also used by those that run up and down the stage waving their hands a lot, motivational experts, etc. It’s the same techniques that are used on you, to overcome your sensibilities, that’s how it really is.  So, this article here talks about it, it says…)


Most people don’t know and won’t accept that this is called propaganda.  (A:  Even though they are getting it and they’ll prattle it and they’ll repeat it.)  They will blindly accept what they’re told as fact by people who they know to be corrupt liars; primarily in today’s era, politicians.


(A:  And it’s so true, isn’t it?  It’s so sad that folk have fallen right back into parroting politicians. And it’s because the ones who parrot it, who are really pushing it, are all paid by forces behind the scenes. When you hear the people pushing the same, especially in the US, the US literally was, had reached a period before Trump came along in fact, where so many of the people realized that this isn’t working right. I mean, Obama had taken the cudgel, you know, not the baton but the cudgel from the previous parties, the Bush era, and had increased the wars again across the Middle East and the world. So much so that Donald Rumsfeld congratulated him for continuing them, and continuing his, what they called his, or their, policies.)


(A:  So, there was nobody to vote for. There really wasn’t. The people were so… knew it was all corrupt. Then the con came along again that someone else was going to change it make it better. You know, kiss your skinned knee and make it all nice and happy again. When you see people pushing that stuff, you’d better believe, folks, they’re on the payroll, hm? But really, the Americans had nobody to vote for. They still don’t. Neither did Britain really. It was a joke in Britain. The British folks are used to the shoe-ins as they call it, you can pretty well tell what the Masters want. And what the Masters want, the Masters get.  The last one of course was Teresa May. She was so in bed with the City of London, the city itself, and so is Boris Johnson, Mayor of the city and so on, that they represent the City of London. That’s what they are there for, you know. So, this article goes on and it says that…)


They will blindly accept what they’re told as fact by people who they know to be corrupt liars; primarily in today’s era, politicians.   But more so than ever now we see pseudo-scientists, Anthony Fauci, (Dr. Fakey) and ‘philanthropists’, such as Billy the Kid Killer, Gates, spouting drivel as science and theft as charity and a deep concern for humanity.


To listen to Fauci and Gates expressing their ‘expertise’ to a global audience you are supposed to believe that their opinion is the only opinion that matters in a world where mainstream media is utilised to completely control the minds of the vast majority of the public through TV primarily, but also through print and online media, as long as that media is ‘authorised.  (A:  And it’s so true, isn’t it?)   If any media is unauthorised, then by default it is defined as ‘fake news’, because if you don’t agree with a tiny gang of talking heads who are on every TV channel in the world, every single day, simultaneously throwing out the same sound bites, you can’t possibly know better than those ‘experts’, regardless of the fact that the facts negate absolutely everything they say. It does not matter if you use official sources of information or even their own words to counter the propaganda they promote; you cannot possibly be right and will be ridiculed and denigrated to the world as a conspiracy theorist.


Then he goes into conspiracy theory. Of course, that came out after the Kennedy assassination. The CIA came out with the phrase actually of conspiracy theorists.  So, if it’s not authorized it’s got to be conspiracy theory.  It can’t be an alternate opinion about something, that’s conspiracy theory.  That is meant to ridicule anybody that’s not authorized to say anything. This is tyranny, folks. Again, back to democracy, you’re supposed to have opposing viewpoints by various segments of society. Including, which really means the public, right?  [Alan chuckles.] You’re not getting any of that at all. You’re either on board with it or you’re a conspiracy theorist.


When you look at Fauci, and Bill Gates, and the whole bunch, they’re all, it’s one clique, you know, who are in charge of the health systems across America, and a good part of the world now through the WHO and so on. They're in charge of that and they’re in charge as well of the Fort Dietrich place as well.  Fauci’s articles with the Cancer Institute where he joined basically with Fort Dietrich eight years ago, so he’s overseeing all these institutions that are bioweapons labs and so on. You just can’t get away from the association with vaccine companies and big Pharma. It’s impossible to get away from them because so many of the people involved have incredible shares, or they own some of the companies. This is true fascism, folks. It really is, you know. They can’t even go and try and even pretend that they're independent thinkers and scientists. It’s a joke. Because they are certainly not!  Far from it.


But yeah, they use these words and slogans that are repeated and repeated as though it’s all the truth.  Until it becomes the truth because of repetition. It's rather sad what's happening. This article is worth reading. I'll put it up anyway.


Remember, I put all these articles up website.  Some people who put up my talks later don't have room for some of the links I put up. So, remember you can always go into and get the links there. I do the work for a lot of different people that eventually use it and never mentioned me.  [Alan chuckles.]  I do all the work, they have nothing else to do, just go for the links basically.  So, I'll put it up and read it for yourself.


Also, this article here…


Nevada nurse who came to NYC to work on the coronavirus frontlines claims minority patients are being murdered (A:  I think that’s the one I’ve seen too.) by negligent doctors misplacing ventilator tubes and giving unnecessary defibrillation, but 'nobody cares' - / 5 May 2020


I'm sure it's the same one probably. But this isn't the first one to talk about what's happened in New York. They're so freaked out in the hospitals.  They're pretty well putting the ones who come in straight on the ventilators. Which, you got more risk with ventilators than you could ever imagine. Again, there's many people in the medical profession who will say this, it's killing them. It kills a lot of them. Even to use them properly, if you have the proper ones to use in the first place, and it's necessary, you have to know folk who could actually use them properly.


They're very sensitive. Your lung tissue is the most sensitive tissue. They're so thin, the little sacks of alveolar tissue are so thin, it doesn't, especially when it's inflamed, 'eh, it doesn't take much pressure to bust them. Hemorrhaging occurs and then you get clots and all the rest of it. That's all happening. But the staff themselves aren't going in as often as they should to see each patient. They're isolated basically.  And really, they're neglected until a lot of them are dying.  That's the claims that are being made and coming out in New York City. Absolute panic by the staff themselves.  M-hm.


And the thing is too, there's no doubt about it, there's a lot of different groups that are overweight. They have lots of other health problems. Diabetics, you know, very overweight and diabetics, and they also have high blood pressure, and they have a whole bunch of problems. So, they're high, high risk indeed when they get this thing, on top of it all.


Then you really have to have folk that know what they're doing. You might think that folk who are the staff, it doesn't matter if they're doctors or nurses, are all capable of managing this. But they're not. I think some of the staff, or the ones on YouTube actually mentioned that there are good ones and bad ones.  And there are ones who, it's not their own fault, they haven't really had that kind of training, even in their training courses and in their practical courses either. Some nurses go straight into certain areas, and they've never done this kind of stuff before, you know. Then they're plunged into dealing with intubation and all kinds of things and they don't know how to do it.  And a lot of even the medical, male and female doctors are in the same position, you know. 


Anyway, disaster happens. But apart of this terrible chaos that's coming out of New York City at the hospitals there, judging from folk who've come out openly and talk about it, who are involved in it, you know.  So yeah, the one I think with the defibrillation, there's probably other ones getting the same problem.  Because heart block happens and really when you get a problem with the heart, you know, it could be a little infarction or whatever, but when it happens your heart automatically, just like an automaton, goes into beating at 40 beats per minute to keep you going.  It's like a safety thing, a safety program you might say kicks in. What you don't do then is defibrillated at that particular time, you know. There's other ways to get them back up again through medications and stuff, but defibrillation can just stop it altogether. 


But yeah, I know what she's saying here, it would be heartbreaking to watch somebody do this.  And there ya go.  So there you go.


Nevada nurse who came to NYC to work on the coronavirus frontlines claims minority patients are being murdered by negligent doctors misplacing ventilator tubes and giving unnecessary defibrillation, but 'nobody cares' / 5 May 2020


Speaking out in despair 37-year-old Nicole Sirotek described work at the frontline as like 'going into the f***ing twilight zone,' and told of hospital units in such disarray that she was once assigned to care for a patient already in a body bag.


(A:  Completely chaotic.) 


She said, 'They're not dying of COVID. Yes people are going to die of COVID, I know this, I'm not like a new grad student. I am literally saying they're murdering these people.


'And nobody cares because they're all minorities and we're in the f***ing hood and that's not okay.'


(A:  …neighborhood, I guess.)


Remember, you’ve got a lot of folk too, as I say, with massive medical problems.  You've also got people whose immune systems are shot for other reasons, you know. Lots of problems all involved, and this thing is just hitting them fast. But it's also the treatment or the lack of treatment, or the wrong treatment that can help finish it off all the quicker I think actually. Yeah, I think this one or another one said that they're basically ventilating everybody that comes in, and that's the wrong thing to do of course.


Now this other article here, I'm going to go way back to the beginning here, I've got a whole bunch of stuff. This article is called…


COVID–19: The Big Pharma players behind UK Government lockdown / 6 May 2020


"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."

— Dr George Brock Chisholm, who served as the first Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 1948 to 1953


(A:  Awfully important because they haven't changed. I've got quotes actually, the exact same quotes of the ones who are there today saying the exact same things, same quote actually.  Because remember the WHO is part of the United Nations idea set up by the private organization that ran the British Empire at the time.  It hasn't changed. They wanted world government. But again, a managed and expertly run government, and population.  As opposed to democracy. So, I'll say it again...)


"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism, and religious dogmas."

— Dr George Brock Chisholm, who served as the first Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) from 1948 to 1953


In Part One of Who controls the British Government response to Covid–19? I began an investigation into the individuals and entities that are, effectively, driving the UK Government response to Covid–19. In Part Two, I will expand upon the Big Pharma and Artificial Intelligence (AI) links already identified and will introduce new connections that appear to have considerable bearing upon the UK Government's Covid–19 strategy. I will expand upon the Bill Gates connections to the various organisations that are advocating global immunisation.


(A:  If my voice goes out once in a while it’s because it’s so dry.  I’ve got the heating on actually and I’ve been having snow for the last, well since Thursday, last Thursday, Friday, I got a foot of snow. It still on the ground yet up where I am.  This is May we’re in now. And they’re still prattling on about global warming believe it or not, ‘eh.  So, my voice will go out and in once in a while because the air is just so darn dry.  That’s what happens in cold climates.  During global warming.  [Alan laughing.])


The UK Government chief medical adviser and Chief Medical Officer for England, Chris Whitty, is saying that a return to “normal” in the short-term is “wholly unrealistic”.


(A:  That by the way, they're all on board with the same phrases across the world. And from the people in the same positions in the States and Canada and everywhere else, you're hearing the same phrases. It's like weapons of mass destruction.  Because they're all sworn to repeat the same stuff from the WHO, right, and the World Economic Forum.)


Whitty is telling us that the “highly disruptive” social distancing policy will be in place “for really quite a long period of time”. “Highly disruptive” is a euphemism for the devastation of the world economy and the horrifying knock-on effect — an estimated 50% of the world workforce are at risk of losing their livelihood.


(A:  More than that.  Once you can't get food, it's going to be an awful lot worse, folks. That's what they want. I'm not kidding you.)


The UK Government has been promoting the concept of “immunity passports” as a means of loosening the draconian lockdown measures. It is very possible that facial recognition technology may dictate who can exit lockdown and return to work.


(A:  That's what they want. This is, they have the same system set up in China, we’re copying the exact same system here.)


To get a passport, individuals must upload an image of their face to the app along with their ID (passport or driving licence). They are then tested to ascertain if they have had the virus and developed immunity. The app will then generate a QR code, which the employer will use to verify ID and immunity before allowing the employee back to work.


(A:  You're going to get the same thing going into stores. I mentioned this in 1998, alarms will go off if you weren't up to date with all your vaccinations and so on. I did. It's still up there.)


The UK health service’s innovation agency NHSx has called for businesses and technology experts to submit their ideas for providing immunity passports. Companies currently making proposals to the UK Government include Onfido (A: I guess it's quite good. Just like dogs, you're the dog and they whistle for you. On Fido.), Yoti, IDnow, OCL, and iDenfy.


These UK Government “track and trace” plans still face various obstacles — including the questionable accuracy of some of the antibody tests (A:  It doesn't matter about facts, you see, when there's an agenda at work.)   — but the spectre of increased surveillance and government control over the workforce, and many other aspects of civil liberty, looms undeniably on the horizon.


(A:  Well, they've had these plans set to go, they just needed the right crisis to put them into action, you see.)


As I pointed out in Part One, it is no coincidence that the Oxford University start-up, Microsoft-funded facial recognition firm Onfido (A:  Again, [Alan chuckles.] that’s the, you know, usual.) “has recently raised $100 million (now $200m) to boost its ID technology” to enable the creation of immunity passports. According to an interview with Onfido’s CEO, Husayn Kassai, the firm had previously offered a service that “automates background checks on prospective employees before they are accepted for work” …


(A:  Well, they can keep it for themselves because I’m damned if I’d ever use anything like that. I guarantee you. I will not obviously be a slave to their electronic prison.  That's what it is. It's got nothing to do with what they're talking about here. They had this all ready to go regardless of what happens, had it set to go years ago, how to get everybody tracked and traced and going for...  They needed a good crisis.  Well, here it is.  Yep.)


A more recent article proclaims: “Onfido in talks with government about systems to help Britons return to work”. (A:  Yada, yada, ya.) 


The team behind the UK Government Covid–19 response


My focus in Part One was largely on the role of Imperial College and Professor Neil Ferguson


(A: This guy is... [Alan laughing.] I remember when he first got put in there as an advisor to Johnson.  Everybody was shocked because the guy has got an awful record to start with. Far left, like total, well, he's a technocrat.  And technocrats believe in efficiency, and this darn democracy should get thrown out the window. So, a good crisis, he's a crisis man.  He really, he should get awards, Malthusian awards for creating the best graphs ever as pure fiction. It takes amazing imagination to create these kind of graphs that he is so used to doing.)


(A: He's been wrong about so many things in the past, you know, with previous flus in Britain. He was responsible for pretty well the whole animal meat industry of Britain getting slaughtered years ago, really, with the mad cow scare.  I did the talks at the time about it, and it was horrific. They had pyramids of cattle and pigs and all that, pyramids on fire. That's what they did with them, pyramids of these animals.  Millions of them were slaughtered like that.  They just burned them.  Because maybe one or two folk in Britain, maybe, maybe had this disease from meat. The same kind of thing, you know.) 


(A: Don't forget, they've always been, under sustainability, the elimination of animal husbandry, you know. Oh, it will destroy the planet.  Any excuse will do to get … You can't reduce the population if you're eating well and you're healthy, folks. You've got to bring in austerity, down to the brink of literally rationing. Then you watch folk start to die off of diseases you haven't heard of from for an awful long time.  So even when he's wrong this... And he isn't kicked out. He should be kicked out. This is the guy who broke the rules on distancing laws by going to see his mistress, you know, he was married and all that.  He wanted a bit of cohabitation instead of Covid, 'eh, I suppose.  But Neil Ferguson…)


Neil Ferguson defends lockdown policy while conveniently forgetting the failure record of his “model”.


(A: I mean, what an ego.  You know, wouldn't you be hiding your head in shame... if it was all real? He knows what he's doing is a joke.  But that's what his job is, is to help get this agenda going. Otherwise you would, you'd hang your head, you wouldn't want to get seen in public again because of the disgrace you would bring, you know. Nope.)


In a recent interview, Neil Ferguson defended his Covid–19 predictions, which now appear to have been greatly exaggerated.


Ferguson reinforced the message that Britons “cannot go completely back to normal, until we have a vaccine…”


(A: They all say that, they're all on board with the same parroting phrases, the vaccine.  The one from Korea was the same thing, he went through the disease pretty well actually, he was a doctor. But he's in charge of their response team in Korea for the WHO. He’s saying the same.  Oh, it will never be over until we have a vaccine for it.)


(A: Well, none of the vaccines in the past have ever worked, folks.  Hm?  So why do they want to pump something into you? And even though it's spiking and it's starting to disappear, there's some amazing theories about it coming out now. But it's true, it is just suddenly, we had the same kind of spike like they had in China and different places and suddenly it, ffffoom, just going way, way, way down there.  Even the countries that didn't have the lockdowns.  Rather interesting, 'eh?) 


(A: But it doesn't stop guys like Ferguson. Because that's why he's there, folks. He's just for sustainability, population reduction, all the usual stuff. Why would you trust this guy?  Who every time he's been pulled out of the bag, he's just, you know, been completely wrong on everything.  Hm?  Then you have this other guy...)


Ferguson H1N1 case study — Patrick Vallance — GlaxoSmithKline (A:  The big pharma company.)


At this point, I would like to go back in time to 2009 and Ferguson/Imperial College’s analysis of swine flu, (A:  …back then, right…) H1N1: they claimed this virus would take the lives of 65,000 people in the UK. In the end, 457 people died from the virus.


(A:  This is Ferguson along with Patrick Vallance of the company.  There's a bit of a difference here.  This isn't like, oops, you know I ordered two dozen eggs, and I only got 23.  65,000 versus 457!)


In response to the threat of swine flu, Big Pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) developed the Pandemrix vaccine, with disastrous consequences. (A:  There’s a link for it too, what happened. This is official; this isn’t made up theory.)  An alleged sixty patients who suffered brain damage as a result of the vaccine were allocated £60 million (A:  The links are all here, folks.) in compensation by the UK Government. Most of the victims were children. As one report has it: “It was subsequently revealed that the vaccine, Pandemrix, can cause narcolepsy… (A: That's true. It happened in Australia and different countries, New Zealand and parts of Europe.) …narcolepsy and cataplexy in about one in 16,000 people, and many more are expected to come forward with the symptoms.”


(A:  A lot of them actually would just start feeling tired, for the rest of their lives, never figure out why. It doesn't stop Ferguson though, 'eh.  Wouldn't you hide your head in shame, unless you're a real tyrant, 'eh?)


A later British Medical Journal (BMJ) report deemed that GSK and health authorities had failed to warn the public of the vaccine’s alarming “safety signal”.


The vaccine was developed by GSK and patented in September 2006. Pandemrix contained a flu strain recommended by the WHO. After reports of brain damage began to emerge, the WHO revised their advice to urge “restricted use” for people under the age of 20. Pandemrix is no longer licensed for use, but at the time, the Gordon Brown-led Labour government had granted GSK indemnity.


(A: That's so you couldn't sue them. I'll tell you, anybody who's advocating mandatory vaccinations, folks, you must get it in writing from your prime ministers and presidents, and stamped by their governments, that they'll take responsibility for causing the damage to you or your children, and pay massive sums, because they mandated that you take this stuff, so you have the right to sue them and they will agree to it, right. And the same with the company, you sue the companies as well that made the stuff.  Hm?  If you want to go along with it.  Let's see what happens then with their mandatory, 'eh.)


(A: Do you understand, it's not meant, what they're doing is nothing to do with this particular illness that's out right now. They want you to get annual shots and boosters for every disease under the sun. That's in their agreements at the WHO.  And their wish lists. Once you get this immunity passport, they'll go all the way with it. I gave this talk, as I said, back in the late 90s when they were trying to push the same thing with those particular flus then, and then into the 2009 one again, I gave the same talks. Because I've read all their articles. I've got stacks of data from them.  That are not conspiracy theories sites, it's their own sites at the WHO and all the organizations associated with them.)


(A: And here you go with it, folks. You're now going to be the property, like a farm animal, of your betters.  The technocrats you have decided that they own you, you understand? And they'll punish you if you don't go along with it all, hm.  It goes on to talk about other companies and so on.)


While Vallance and the UK Government are favouring AstraZeneca — in partnership with Oxford University — to fast-track vaccine development, GSK is also in the race. 


GSK is working in collaboration with the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), (A: Very important that CEPI, you can look it up yourself. All these organizations are very official. But remember, they're all run by these private corporations and associated groups with them.) “aimed at helping the global effort to develop a vaccine” for Covid–19. The UK Government has invested £50 million (A: They've thrown 50 million pounds…) in CEPI to support the rapid vaccine and immunoprophylactic development against “unknown pathogens” (also referred to as Disease X). Bill Gates was one of the original and most influential sponsors of CEPI; more details later in this article.


So, the UK Government appears to favour AstraZeneca...


(A: It's so in-depth, you understand, that this is not conspiracy stuff. Everything is checkable, you can check it all. It's factual.  It's not from little strange sites or whatever. It just sticks to the basic facts.)


(A: I mentioned before, don't get, don't go off on another tangent here, of other things that could contribute it, they're into the 5G and everything else. Everything has got its own area. When you're threatened with a completely new way of living because of what really hasn't been anything near what they claimed it was going to be, then the big agenda is at work. You have to all come together and work on that one part of the agenda, one thing at a time, 'eh, that's what you do. If you don't, there's counterintelligence involved that's getting you off the topic. And once you're divided, there's no unification and voicing of your protest, to anything.  And that's it.)


(A: This article is pretty good, it's in-depth and it's by someone who does the work, it really goes into it properly with the facts.)


Even Dr Anthony Fauci, Ferguson’s counterpart in the US, has also cast doubt on the efficacy of these models to determine government response to any given virus:


I’ve never seen a model of the diseases I’ve dealt with where the worst case actually came out […] they always overshoot.  (A: know, when they're doing these models and so on.)


The fact that Ferguson ploughs on regardless — and without any reference to his appalling record and disastrous consequences for the British public — suggests that he functions largely as an outreach agent for actors with vested interests who are exploiting him (A:  They’re not exploiting him, he knows what he’s doing.)  to keep the Government on track with their own profit-driven Covid–19 campaigns.


And it's not just profit.  It's for a whole new way of living and being managed by experts for the rest of your lives, from birth to death. That's what it is.  Don't forget that you are also the product for their products for big Pharma, hm, that's how they see you.


Now an article too...


'This is the virus I fear the most': British scientist leading coronavirus fight says (A: Again, this is getting back to Neil Ferguson. This is what he said initially...) it's 'not absurd' to forecast 400,000 UK fatalities as world-wide death toll surges past 1,500 - / 14 Feb 2020


Now we know that even the death toll is often from any other diseases and they're lumping all kinds of things in with it too, without testing. That's factual, that's not conspiracy.  But this is how he went, you know. The Daily Mail Online. How he gave out his terrifying vision.  He's good at terrifying visions.


He actually, I think he really is a secret Nostradamus supporter, where he... he must see something at night, on his way to see his mistress, maybe in the dark, maybe that's when it comes upon him, and he has his ecstatic visions of incredible, incredible emotional turmoil of heaven falling and things like that, 'eh, and folk just dying all over the place. And getting paid to do it. I mean, that's not bad, 'eh?  Over and over even when you're always wrong. It's quite something. 


You mustn't forget too though that he also is involved in a company to do with it.  It isn't just stats, just that. I think they also worked as well with the groups at East Anglia for their computer models to make sure that they have incredibly exaggerated terrible scenarios for the climate if we don't stop breeding and things. The same groups. The same groups over and over and over, folks.  Quite amazing. It really is amazing, isn't it, what we're living through here?  Quite amazing.


Yeah, you've got here…


Ferguson heads the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium at Imperial College


There ya go.  M-hm-hm.  Yep.  I'll put these articles up remember Don't forget too folks you can also order discs and so on Hopefully I'll shortly get the books printed up, if we're allowed out of our cages here.  If they allow us out in fact. You can donate to me as well List the official sites that I have listed there in case anything gets pulled.  You can also see how to donate to me and how to do it using PayPal or cash or whatever.  Even personal checks, I think they're still okay, as long as you can stand outside banks now in long lines, outside the banks  [Alan laughing.] where the one teller is stationed outside the banks in Sudbury apparently, I haven't been yet. 


I stress over and over, make sure that you take a list of the list on the .com site of all my other websites. Because the big boys are at war, as you well know, and they'll get their way one way or another. They're getting more and more ruthless all the time.  They came out with this during the planning of this whole episode with their test down at Johns Hopkins University. They came out even then with the step-by-step-by-step-by-step how they'd manage people who would dissent from it.  How they'd initially just blacklist them and get them off social media. Then they would go to fine them.  Then they'll go and imprison them. That's where it's going. They are determined to make... 


This is their big, big push now. They can't go back to try to persuade you to stop eating and stop buying things and stop, even once in a while the ones who want children, the few that want children, actually having children. They're not going to allow you to have that anymore, you see.


They've been at… You understand, this is a religion. It's beyond religion. It's a fanatical religion for these families that are intergenerational, have been pushing this for, oh, since the days of Thomas Malthus.  When Charles Darwin came along, that was their champion. Because they were trying to, again, put science into why they should start culling off the useless eaters in the population, you see. Darwin with his theories, etc., for the betterment of the race and his theories about what would happen with the wrong types of people coming into the race, he gave them the ammunition, you see, that's why he was their champion.  Even though most of the stuff, as you probably know, was taken from Wallace who was the real guy behind it, and Darwin stole it all.  [Alan chuckles.]  But the Royal Society was quite happy with that.  Big story there too.  But yeah, it's amazing how it goes down through the ages, the same techniques used and employed by the same people, and the descendants of the same people.  That's still have the eugenics society on the go, they've changed the name a few times.  One of the top people at it of course was Julian Huxley who helped found Planned Parenthood and UNESCO.


Anyway, back to what we're talking about here.  Now here it shows you too, this is a big agenda. Again, big agenda, must-be agenda, right. Because they really mean business now as they go forward and unroll each part of the same agenda that they discussed at the meetings, and the practices that they had for coming pandemics.  Until eventually they lock people up for saying something which is unauthorized.


Because we don't live in democracy.  You're not allowed your own opinion today. The last thing they want are for people to listen to all sides of everything and taking all that they hear and can analyze and check out for themselves, they can also use their own abilities of discernment to come to their own conclusion. That's the last thing that those that want to rule you want, literally, like robots, they want you to be robots from birth to death, and you can't have your own opinion on anything. It's just unauthorized and not allowed.


This is big brother on steroids really.  Really, again, under a scientific guise, it's so beautiful, I've said it before, and I mean beautiful in a very evil sort of way, it's sardonic and you've got to appreciate the cunningness of what you're up against here. Because when, with that quote I mentioned earlier where they must get rid of religion, from the WHO, right, it's in the way, hm, it's in the way, you see, and against what? Well, one thing was vaccinations. My body is not yours to do what you want with. Obviously. 


You see, if you use logic and common sense and even say well, you know if a woman has a right to her own body and she can do with it what she wants, you know, and you can't make her do what you want, or TO do if you're some sort of, you know, control freak, then it should be the same for vaccinations or anything else for that matter. You know, if it's good for one thing, it's good for something else. And for people who want to inoculate untried and unproven stuff into your system, ah, and make you, and give immunity to governments and manufacturers for any fallout and disease and ill health or death....  Come on here!  Hm.  Come on.


Once it starts it won't finish. It's going to cause mayhem and disaster for people. I've no doubt at all about that.  So, you've got to think for yourself and don't fall into the traps that they've got you in.  They've got you; you see. Again, getting back to one of the first articles I read tonight to do with language and words. They've got you using their own vocabulary. Once they've taken religion from you, you don't have a God-given right for anything, they laugh at you. So, you're left with what? Trying to debate facts.  Well, it doesn't matter what you debate with the facts, facts don't matter when there is an agenda at play. You're left using their terminology.  And guess what? They'll say, well, there's a professor, who are you?  Hm?  You see, you've already put yourself into an inferior position and they'll simply rule over you in the courts and say, well that's that then.  You know nothing about it, the professionals do.


You can't argue you using their terminology, obviously.  You've got to use your own terminology or God-given terminology, which is NO.  [Alan chuckles.]   NO.  You know, you’re a unique being, a creation in this world and it's not their right to do with you as they wish. For any presumed real or fake reason, you know. So anyway, that's really what it's about at the moment.


And yes, isn't it astonishing how they can keep on hammering folk, calling them anti-vaxxers, when these folk have been damaged before from vaccinations. And it's admitted to in official documents! It's not hidden, you can dig it up quite fast and easily and from the authorities themselves. And yet here they go again, the same kind of thing, 'eh?  There ya go. 


So anyway, that was that article as I say with Mr. Ferguson and his amazing predictions. You know, the guy is an optimist, he believes in big numbers. Both he and Bill Gates have the same thing. Bill Gates is better at it. People have taken all the different lectures and training and the techniques of almost psychodrama, you see, it blends in with different techniques in linguistics, psycholinguistics. They use their arms and wave all over, exaggerated gestures to emphasize every word to make it seem that this person is speaking to you is very important with the big gestures. Everything he says is bigger than real life, you see. And you get sick of looking at this technique really.  I do.  It doesn't impress me at all.


It's kind of like the rap artists.  I mean, he's missed his cue, he should've been a rapper, Bill Gates.  Because the rappers used to fling their arms out in front.  You've probably seen them. They’re filling them out in front there.  People would jump back as they're trying to speak. He's doing the same thing, you know.  We've moved on from rap, folks, and Bill Gates should learn that too. Because we're not impressed. Not impressed. At all really.


Then you go on to this one here and it's...


Before lockdown, (A:  Again, this is not a conspiracy site here, right.)

Britain quietly downgraded status of virus threat (A:  Well, they didn’t tell the public, ‘eh, at the time.) / 26 March 2020


(A:  This happened, again, it DID get downgraded. This is the Washington Times.)


Just days before U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a nationwide lockdown to contain the coronavirus epidemic, health officials in Britain quietly lowered the official threat level for the pandemic, saying the COVID-19 virus did not meet the criteria to qualify as a “high consequence infectious disease” (HCID).


U.K. health officials had tentatively identified COVID-19 as an HCID in late January,


(A: late JANUARY they knew this, but they locked down the country ever since. And the rest of the world has followed suit, right. Because what Britain knew every other country new too, especially the US and Canada.  So, they knew this in January, late January.)


but said in a March 19 statement it was rescinding its interim decision.


(A: So, they waited all that time. Because they wanted a total lockdown, they wanted the pandemic, they wanted to shut down the economy and they wanted a whole new way of … a whole new world order coming out of this.  You understand?  That’s the reason for it, folks. Since they knew it and they reclassified it in January.  Huh!  Are you starting to get the picture here? This is not conspiracy.  This is stuff that’s been admitted to and the documentation is here.)


U.K. health officials had tentatively identified COVID-19 as an HCID in late January


“This was based on consideration of the U.K. HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak,” the statement said.


(A:  I love how they just give you ‘statements’. And no one is going to put their name on the statement [Alan chuckles.] because they’ll… Well, they don’t fire politicians, or bureaucrats, you know that bureaucrats are lifelong, like the Yes Minister series.)  


“Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have … determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.”


The statement said a government body that deals with pathogens agreed the virus did not merit the HCID designation, but also added that the risk to the U.K from the outbreak “has been raised to high.”


Five days later, Mr. Johnson — who critics say was slow to respond the global pandemic — said in a national address that Britons faced “a moment of national emergency” and ordered U.K. residents to stay in their homes and limited public activities and nonessential businesses for the next three weeks at least.


(A:  Well, what’s happened since then?)


Through Wednesday morning, according to government figures, Britain reported 9,529 positive cases of coronavirus out of just over 97,000 people tested and 463 virus-related deaths.


(A:  And again, the SUSPECTED virus deaths and not confirmed, along with confirmed, or blah, blah, blah. It's just a joke. I mean, even the flu ones are getting mixed in with them now too, as you know, as they go into this panic mode and try to jack the figures up.)


Skeptics of the severity of the virus have promoted the March 19 move on Twitter as proof that doomsday scenarios and severe economic measures being implemented worldwide are an overreaction.


(A:  No, it was planned that way, hm. They knew it in January, huh, and then they lockdown after that, they locked them down to get the economy on its knees, and bail out all the big corporations that are part of the WEF, the World Economic Forum that’s all for this new system they’re bringing in.  Don’t you start to get it? And sustainability and austerity and all the…  They even say that at the World Economic Forum, we’ll achieve all our goals that were put down under sustainability through this and so has the Club of Rome.)


“You’d have thought [the change] would be reported!” one British poster tweeted. “I wonder if they’ve agreed not to so that people still take it seriously and comply with lockdown.”


So, it goes on and on and on as I say. But that's, there you go, they knew in January it was way over exaggerated, and still, they locked everybody down afterwards. So, there you go.  N-n-n.


This article is pretty decent actually, this one here. It's...


Is Imperial College Still Open for Business? / 4 May 2020


Back in the 1960s, the British academic establishment was rather excited about the work of Karl Popper, the philosopher who developed the concept of empirical falsification. Popper was keen to define the demarcation between the scientific and that which only mimics empiricism and scientism. A theory, according to Popper, can be considered scientific if, and only if, it is potentially falsifiable by experiments or its predictions. Popper attempted to create criteria that would deny psychoanalysis, Marxism and astrology any scientific status based on the fact that these theories are not falsifiable.


One may wonder what Popper would have to say about the ‘science’ of Neil Ferguson, the man who predicted up to 550.000 Coronavirus dead in the UK and 2.2 million dead in the USA.


On 29 April, Off-Guardian published what I believe to be the most insightful (A:  …and the link is here by the way.) criticism of the lockdown policy so far. In the article Iain Davis digs into the work or shall we say, blunders, he attributes to Ferguson. Davis writes, “both Public Health England (PHE) and the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) were satisfied that COVID-19 (C19) presented a ‘low risk’ of mortality and downgraded it from the status of a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) on March 19th. The ACDP board members include Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College. Presumably Prof. Ferguson was among the dissenting voices on the ACDP board as he completely ignored the majority opinion of his scientific colleagues.”


(A:  Because it’s an agenda, that’s why, he’s paid to do this stuff. He’s a crisis and a chaos creator, so’s it brings in a different system, ’eh.)


There is nothing wrong in holding a dissenting scientific view, however, this specific ‘dissenting view’ and the way it was implemented by the UK and the USA governments appears to have led America, Britain and the rest of the world to respond in a way that created a catastrophe of a previously unknown scale.


“In an interview on 13th February, widely reported by the mainstream media (A:  …and it gives you the links to it too, and I think the actual mainstream media one is the Daily Mail again.),” Davis writes, “he (Ferguson) stated his predictive models were ‘not absurd.’ He said that infection rates of 60% of the population with a 1% mortality rate were possible. Standing by his prediction of 400,000 C19 deaths in the UK. The Imperial College computer model report was released to the public on 16th March, predicting huge numbers of deaths from C19. By the 19th March Prof. Ferguson must have known a majority of his peers disagreed with him.”


(A:  Of course he did! He’s done all this before with other scenarios.)


Davis points out that Ferguson failed to implement the most basic of scientific procedures, namely allowing a peer review of his ‘predictions,’ (A:  Well, how come all the other big organizations jumped on his predictions, ‘eh, and backed him to the hilt without this peer-reviewed system. You see, this is an agenda.)  making sure that one or more people with similar competence in epidemiology evaluate what we now know to have been the grossly exaggerated Imperial College models and predictions.


Davis reveals that “when it comes to wildly inaccurate predictions Prof. Ferguson’s work at Imperial College has a long and distinguished history. In 2002, he said that (up to) 50,000 people in the UK would die from ‘mad cow disease’ (A:  Mm, hey, mad cow disease.), to date less than 200 have passed away (A:  And by the way, it’s the same thing too with the mad cow disease, even that’s very iffy if it was even that much.); he predicted 200 million global deaths from the H5N1 bird flu. (A:  …when that came along, BY GOD, 200 million global.) Currently it is a suspected (A:  …suspected, it’s not even proven of what really happens with the H5N1 bird flu, that he said 200 million would die.) factor in the deaths of 455 people world wide (A:  455 people worldwide, died, suspected of it, maybe, you know, not proven.  But 455 people.  It’s a wee bit of a difference between 200 million, ‘eh, to 455 people.); in 2009 he told the UK Government that 65,000 could die from swine flu in the UK and worked with the World Health Organisation to predict millions of deaths from the H1N1 global flu pandemic*.”


You may ask what kind of scientists are mistaken in their predictions by factors of 200 or more? What kind of an academic institution would provide such a scientist with a platform, let alone having him lead a department? And the questions go far deeper. Davis writes, “while Prof. Ferguson and his Imperial College colleagues have been consistently wrong (A:  Another link to this by the way, [Alan chuckles.] all the different predictions that have been wrong.) they have also been unquestioningly believed by governments and intergovernmental bodies on every occasion.


(A:  What does that tell you again, folks, ‘eh?  A big agenda. Sustainability, yada, yada, ya, you know, a new way of living. Everything’s being brought in with this one.  It’s what they’re boasting, this is accomplishing everything they couldn’t get accomplished before with sustainability and climate change.)


Seemingly without reservation. Despite the clear evidence to the contrary, policy makers from all political parties have shown tremendous loyalty to Imperial College’s silly data models. In doing so, they have not only ignored the researchers’ woeful history of failed predictions but have also denied the scientific evidence which usually contradicts them.”


Davis is not alone. On April 28th F. William Engdahl expressed very similar concerns re Neil Ferguson, his reputation and his past ‘models.’ “In 2005,” Engdahl writes, “Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million (!) people worldwide would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1. By early 2006, the WHO had only linked 78 deaths to the virus.”


(A:  Again, 200 million versus 78 deaths. Are you starting to understand here there’s a bigger agenda here, and they keep using the same character?  It’s the same as the global warming thing, and that failed. And the climate change group, and they said EVERYBODY’S on board with the International Panel on Climate Change.  But no, they’re NOT. Most are not. Most are not on board with them at all.) 


I am not in any position to assess the true danger to us of C19 or our response to it. But simple common sense tells us that the only reliable scientific fact about our British leading epidemiologist team is the uncomfortable fact that it has often been wrong and by a huge margin.


(A: [Alan laughing.]  I’d say huge!  It’s so incredible really, ‘eh.  And it goes on and on. It’s quite a good article here. And he asks the questions, why is it that Britain and academia, why have they lost sight of facts basically.)


One wonders what is it that has led Britain and its academia to lose touch with the core scientific ethos?


As upsetting as it may be for some progressives, even Donald Trump/White House’s Corona model is more reliable and scientific than the numerical exercise produced by Britain’s most prestigious academic institute.


(A:  Yep.  Well, there ya go.  It's astonishing. But he's totally backed by the WHO, World Health Organization, who received billions, or millions it says.  So, Ferguson, right, this is from Engdahl here...)


Engdahl reports that “Neil Ferguson and his modelling group at Imperial College, in addition to being backed by WHO (A:  …right…), receive millions from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


(A:  Everywhere you look there’s Bill Gates, he’s everywhere, folks. He’s a real Spider-Man, he’s in the middle of the spiderweb, and it seems that they go everywhere, into every facet of society.   Hm.) 


Ferguson heads the Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium at Imperial College which lists as its funders the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (A:  …oh, well, it’s just coincidence.) and the Gates-backed GAVI-the vaccine alliance. (A:  …right, to vaccinate the planet, right, GAVI.)


From 2006 through 2018 the Gates Foundation has invested an impressive $184,872,226.99** into Ferguson’s Imperial College modelling operations.”


(A:  Well, is that maybe a conflict there? Are you starting to see that everybody who’s anybody giving us the advice for this big, big societal change agenda for the planet are connected like a little clique to each other here?  Hm?)


In 2002, Arnold S. Relman, then a professor of medicine at Harvard University suggested that ‘’the medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. (A:  …and the link is here too.)  The academic institutions of this country [USA] are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful.’’


Quite amazing really, ‘eh. It really is something else what we're living through right now. It’s just astonishing. And it's in-your-face and open, 'eh.  Another article I want to put up too is the Billionaire Club, that’s what they call themselves. They also called themselves at the time, the Lucky Gene Club. Their genes were lucky, made them billionaires, you know, and they all met in bid to curb overpopulation.  That was in the Sunday Times from Britain quite a few years back.  But it’s interesting, you’ve got to bring this stuff into it. Because they talked about, the biggest problem in the world was there’s too many people, of the wrong kind, you know. So, I’ll put it up there to from the times and also a link to Global Research if you can’t get the Times article up you can read it here.  


Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation – / May 24, 2009


Billionaire club in bid to curb overpopulation / 25 May 2009 / John Harlow, Los Angeles


SOME of America’s leading billionaires have met secretly (A:  And this was 2009 when they brought out the big scary one with the flu then, you know.) to consider how their wealth could be used to slow the growth of the world’s population and speed up improvements in health and education.


(A:  Remember too what Bill Gates said and that’s up there on YouTube and elsewhere, when he gives the talk, where he talks about vaccinating everybody to improve their health and lower the population. You know, [Alan chuckles.] what part of that don’t you understand from this eugenicist?)


The philanthropists who attended a summit convened on the initiative of Bill Gates (A:  Well, that’s just a coincidence again.), the Microsoft co-founder, discussed joining forces to overcome political and religious obstacles to change.


(A:  Again, political and religious obstacles to change, with vaccinations. Don’t ever throw your religion out the window, folks, because you got nothing left to stand on. You can’t argue with their terminology back to them. They’ll say, well we’re the experts, and the judges will tell you that.  You see.)


Described as the Good Club (A:  …the Good Club, and it’s the Lucky Gene Club too…) by one insider it included David Rockefeller Jr (A:  He was there, Jr, right.), the patriarch of America’s wealthiest dynasty, Warren Buffett (A:  Naturally.) and George Soros (A: …who is everywhere too. All unelected people, you know.), the financiers, Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York, and the media moguls Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey.


These members, along with Gates, have given away more than £45 billion since 1996 to causes ranging from health programmes in developing countries to ghetto schools nearer to home.


They gathered at the home of Sir Paul Nurse (A:  That’s an interesting character, Paul Nurse, believe you me.), a British Nobel prize biochemist and president of the private Rockefeller University, in Manhattan on May 5. The informal afternoon session was so discreet that some of the billionaires’ aides were told they were at “security briefings”.


Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, said the summit was unprecedented. “We only learnt about it afterwards, by accident. Normally these people are happy to talk good causes, but this is different – maybe because they don’t want to be seen as a global cabal,” he said.


Some details were emerging this weekend, however. The billionaires were each given 15 minutes to present their favourite cause. Over dinner they discussed how they might settle on an “umbrella cause” that could harness their interests.


(A:  They agreed with Gates...) Taking their cue from Gates they agreed that overpopulation was a priority.


(A:  I hope you’re starting to get things together here, folks. This is not new.  But this is the latest present cabal for this generation that’s dealing with it from the previous generation. This is an ongoing thing.)


This could result in a challenge to some Third World politicians who believe contraception and female education weaken traditional values.


Gates, 53, who is giving away most of his fortune… (A:  Sure.  Sure.  [Alan chuckles.] If you look at the money he makes with the big Pharma’s, with the big vaccine campaigns, it’s just… I’ve got articles on that too, it’s just astonishing. These guys… these guys don’t just give stuff away, you know.)


Everything is so disgusting, isn't it?  An article that ties in incidentally, talking about the guy in the middle of the spider's web, being the spider, 'eh...


Study: Common Core Behind Historic Drop In Student Scores / 29 April 2020


(A:  …a different article about schooling and so on.)


Common Core State Standards curriculum were created and owned by two private non-profit organizations, both of which were heavily funded and influenced by Bill Gates of vaccine fame. CCSS has failed miserably and an entire generation has been mentally crippled. TN Editor


As we approach the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the United States Department of Education in May, shocking trends in student performance should lead us to reconsider the federal role in education and whether the initiative for policymaking should be returned to local schools, communities, and states.


Breaking with decades of slow improvement, U.S. reading and math scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and other assessments have seen historic declines since most states implemented national Common Core English and math curriculum standards six years ago, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.


It goes through it all, what happened. It gives you the stats and so on of what they've dropped, and how they've really plummeted actually.  It's got a link to the whole article there as well in the same paper for those who want to go into it more detail. 


And here we go with the coronavirus apps.  It's a sad thing. I'm sure they have stacks of this news all over the TV to brainwash the really terrified...  The folk are watching it day and night now, of television, and totally programmed under a stampede mentality.


Shaming Stigmatizing Coronavirus app: Why you should download COVIDSafe now / 2 May 2020


(A:  COVIDSafe, isn’t that wonderful? This is Australia, COVIDSafe they’re calling it there. And listen to the way it’s put across. I mentioned before last week about how they can stigmatize segments of society. That’s the first thing tyrants always do.  The communists did it.  The Nazis did it.  They always stigmatize parts of society that they know won’t go along with it and so on.)


(A:  Jordan MP Chris Mullen promotes COVIDSafe apps. And here's the slogan...)


We’re all in this together.


(A:  That’s what you had in Brazil, in the movie, the comedy. Because they always use the same techniques and terminology, we are all in it together. Right.  Really?)


That’s been the message throughout the fight against COVID-19 but now all of us have to lift our finger to help the war effort, (A:  …the war effort… It’s not a war, you know.) far too many appear to be missing in action.


And yet that’s all it takes – just the lifting of a finger. With two or three taps of your phone screen you can download the COVIDSafe tracing app in less time than it takes to spell out coronavirus. In doing so, you’ll help reduce deaths and get us back on the path to economic recovery.


(A:  I would sue them unless they give me proof it would reduce deaths, for false advertising.)


And yet while four million have …


(A:  And here's your shaming part, how they shame you and stigmatize you.  I gave this talk in the 90s, folks, what they would do step-by-step. Because they discussed it, how they would force the public to go along with all these things, that they floated back then.  So here you are...) 


And yet while four million have - millions others haven’t. Whether they’re too selfish, too lazy or too ignorant to do a little research and realise their privacy is not at risk, (A: [Alan laughing.]) they’re compromising all of us by choosing not to be one of the 10 million needed to take up the contact-tracing app for it to be a success.


(A:  So, here’s a private company wanting you to take this, and you should be ASHAMED if you’re not, you know.)


Downloading the app is voluntary, yet nearly a week after it was released only four million people have made it a priority.


(A:  That’s obviously, the rest of the public have got more sense.)


Seriously, what can be more important right now than downloading a technological tool that might save your life or loved one?


(A:  False advertising again.  How could that possibly save anybody, folks?  Hm?)


As Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said, the app is our “ticket” out of lockdown…


 (A:  Because they’re all on board with it across the planet, folks, with Bill Gates, what comes out of his mouth, and the WHO, is what they all… Just like weapons of mass destruction. They’re all, the big gang’s all in it together. They really, really are.  If one country opts out, you see, the rest… it will just fall apart anywhere else. It’s like Britain leaving the EU, the same idea. And by the way, the apps and the whole thing and the lockdowns are bringing Britain right back into the same state, they’re all part of the EU mess.  So…).


…the app is our “ticket” out of lockdown…


(A:  …no kidding. So, you’re not going to get out to shop or anything, or to even work unless you get the apps. It’s your ticket out of lockdown. False advertising again, and that’s very, beyond coercive, you know.)


…and he likens it to wearing sunscreen outside.


(A:  REALLY?!  Really, ‘eh?) 


It’s harmless for the user (A:  That’s not either because they’ve had terrible reports about sunscreen. But here’s your…) but hugely beneficial in our fight against the virus.


(A:  They’re not fighting it; they’re going to make money off it and track and trace you all. Forever. Forever, folks. Nothing to do with the virus. [Alan chuckles.])


Using Bluetooth, the app recognises other devices with the app installed and effectively makes a “digital handshake” (A:  That’s the Internet Of Things, ‘eh, this scattered stuff everywhere.) that records the date and time, distance and duration of the contact. It’s a protective device and it has one purpose: to quickly find and notify people who have been in contact with a person who has tested positive to COVID-19. It doesn’t care if you’re having an affair with your boss, you’ve overstayed your visa, or you’ve been to Dan Murphy’s three times in 24 hours.   (A:  …or you’ve visited your, like Mr. Ferguson there.) 


The data it collects is encrypted, only available to health officers (A:  Oh, that makes it alright then, ‘eh?  [Alan laughing.]) and deleted after 21 days. (A:  What a lie that is, ‘eh.  Can you believe that folks?  Nothing is put out there by government collusion or with the government, with this app, including your income tax, ‘eh, your temporary war taxes, and your victory taxes.)


Any stored data – for instance, that which someone consents to be being uploaded from their app when they test positive – will be destroyed once the pandemic is over.


(A: [Alan laughing.]  No. This is to be for life, folks, for all your vaccinations, and your boosters. That’s what it’s for. I read this years ago and here it is again.)


And yet so many are suspicious and refusing to do the decent thing because of a delusional belief that their privacy may be compromised.


(A:  Can you believe that? So here they are, already calling you a psychiatric term, DELUSIONAL, ‘eh.  If you say, no, your privacy may be compromised, you’re delusional if you think that. This is what they used in the Soviet Union when they locked you up.  If you complained about the system in the Soviet Union, you had to be mad since you’re living in a utopia, the best system in the world.  So, they literally had an illness designated just for you. I’m not kidding you. It’s here now, ‘eh.  The disgusting creatures these characters are that push this kind of stuff, that are going to make millions of money off your tax money to imprison you for life! And they’ve got the neck to try to shame you and call you delusional because you know your privacy WILL be compromised. If you give, when you give your privacy up AT ALL it’s compromised, folks, we know that by now.)


Led by former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, who says he doesn’t want to be tracked by the government, they’re clearly willing to put warped self interest above others’ lives.


(A:  Ohhhh, my God, ‘eh.  That’s it.  And you shame yourself, they should just round them up and lock them away, ‘eh.  That’s coming, folks. I’m not kidding you, if you let them get away with this nonsense.)


These are doubtless the same people who willingly share photos on Facebook, order Uber Eats, set their Tinder profile to connect with potential dates within a 50km radius, use Google Maps to get from one place to another and store their credit card details for ease of use while online shopping. As one app developer has pointed out, Google and Facebook are far more powerful and intrusive than COVIDSafe.


(A:  Of course, they’re not going to combine it all, ‘eh.  [Alan chuckles.])


So, there ya go. This is Australia and they're using the shame technique and calling you delusional if you say no, you don't trust it because of previous experience with all the other apps that you get. And the fact that governments can't even keep the stuff safe from your health records or anything else, it's always getting hacked.


Then you've got, let's see now, this other article here.  There’s another article here to do with Boris, not Boris, although Boris did put Neil Ferguson in this time again as in charge of the health and yada, yada, ya with his faulty models and so on.  There’s lists there of all the things he’s screwed up before, the ones to do with the meat industry and all the poor animals. There were millions of them got slaughtered.  I don’t know if it was 17 million or whatever because of his faulty, faulty stuff there again too and his computer… They’re treating the computer like a God, ‘eh?   The computer predicts… Ooooo.  Oh, we’d better kill all the animals then.  Oooooo, the computer predicts, we’d better kill all the people then, ‘eh.  Is that the next step? Is it? 


Professor who predicted 500,000 Britons could die from coronavirus and prompted Boris Johnson to order lockdown accused of having 'patchy record of modelling pandemics' - / 28 March 2020


Then you get this one too.  As I say, I mentioned the one with Buffett and the rest of them and their secret meeting. I'll put that up again, there's another article from a different site that I'll put up.


Gates, Buffett, Winfrey Attend Secret NYC Population Control Summit - / 25 May 2009


It's really interesting how...  The folk have no idea, they think all this is wonderful how... As I say too, you just hit a certain number of billions, I said that a few weeks ago and other folk have prattled it since. But a certain amount of billions of dollars and then suddenly say, you know something? I'd like to help the world by reducing the population. It just came to me one night.


No, it's all because they're all front people, folks. You live in a very fake world.  They put these people out in front as the leaders, that yes, they equipped them awfully well financially and give them all the massive staffs like you wouldn't believe. Some of them have more staff and bureaucrats working than some small countries have government bureaucracies, especially in the big foundations. Quite something, isn't it? 


You also have another one…


How COVID-19 might help us win the fight against climate change / 29 March 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has elicited a global response unlike anything we've seen before. From government and business taking on new roles to respond to the crisis… (A:  ...blah, blah, blah.)


What happens over the coming months could go one of two ways.


(A:  Then they try to get you used to the idea of it waning and so on.  Other ones too saying, well, you know, it will come back in force if we take the lockdown off too quickly.)


(A: Do you understand that I said this at the start, they'll give you a month at a time.  Oh, we have to expand it for another month, and another month.  And you get used to getting your little handout from your government, your masters, you know, which you're going to pay for dearly, folks, because everything is… It's all your money, you know. You're going to pay it all back one way or another, even from devaluation of the currency.  They're not going to just stop and let it go away unless you make it happen. Unless YOU make it happen, that's the only thing that's going to happen to bring back any kind of reality to anything.)


(A: If you go along with this whole agenda, they're going to bring this into next year. They said that in the beginning. And they never change what they are on about, you see. If they know that they can get this into next year, you're NEVER going to go back to any kind of normalicy. If they can keep you wearing masks for years, they will.  And social distancing, they will. Because they're training you into absurdity. The utter absurdity that the Communists, they used to talk about communist dictators at one time. I think Woody Allen even had it in one of his movies, about where at the end of it... He ends up somehow fighting for a revolutionary cause in Latin America and at the end, as soon as he achieves victory the leader of the revolution ends up ordering the folk to start speaking Swedish and wear their underwear outside their clothing, on top of their clothing.)


(A: That's actually taken from a reality that's happened in the past. Not the exact thing but something similar. This is how they go with absurdity. If they can break your common sense, there's nothing they cannot do. They've given lectures in universities about this in behaviorism and how they can literally do anything with the public if they can break your basic common sense. Until you cannot trust yourself to actually verify what you're seeing in front of you. You start with changing the names of things of what you're seeing and things like that, then you come in to back it up by laws and so on.)


(A: But eventually they're going to stop... The whole technique is not to help anybody or to feel sorry. The whole technique is to change your confidence in your own self discernment and conclusions.  This is a technique that's used in psychological warfare big time, and you're going through it right now.  Right now.  It says here…)


But there is another possibility. While we are reeling in the shock of what is happening around us and coming to terms with our new reality, (A: This is about Korea supposedly.) we could seize this moment as a unique window of opportunity  (A: You see, so here you go with the Council on Foreign Relations stuff.) to re-build our society and economy as we want it. (A: Who is WE, folks, hm?) With scientists warning we have 10 years left to avoid the worst consequences of climate change, this could offer an opportunity to fix the climate crisis before it's too late. 


(A:  Mm.  So, then they... This is from the World Economic Forum, ‘eh.) 


What is the World Economic Forum doing about the coronavirus outbreak?


A new strain (A:  ...blah blah blah...) is spreading around the world causing death and major disruption.  (A:  ...blah blah blah.)


Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic requires global cooperation among governments (A:  World government, you know, that's what it's about.), international organizations and the business community, which is at the centre of the World Economic Forum’s mission as the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.


(A:  No, it's multinational international corporations, not for little private businesses, folks.  You don't get a little grocer going to the World Economic Forum.  This is monopolies of everything you need for living.  Hm.)


The Forum has created the Covid Action Platform.  (A:  You can download that yourself, wow.)  A global platform to convene the business community for collective action, protect people's livelihoods and facilitate business continuity and mobilize support for the Covid 19 response.  


(A:  Hm.)


The platform is created with the support of the World Health Organization and is open to all businesses and industry groups, as well as other stakeholders, (A:  ...except for the public.  You're not a stakeholder. You're a victim.) aiming to integrate and inform joint action.  (A:  ...'eh.  So, there you go.  N-n-n.)


In 2017, at our Annual Meeting, (A:  Right.  This is the WEF, World Economic Forum.) the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) was launched – bringing together experts from government, business, health, academia and civil society to accelerate the development of vaccines.  


(A:   Wow.  Big business, ‘eh, big business. By our masters.  The people who brand us, hm.  Okay.  I’ll put that up too.)


The Lancet, the Lancet Journal, right.  It's interesting this one too because, [Alan chuckles.] I said a while back that if you just watch what's pushed from Fauci and Gates and so on, they'll tell you what medicines they want you to take because everything is a big, multimillion, maybe even into the billions worldwide contracts, you understand, for any medications that's involved, which they will be pushing. And I'm sure too, I'm sure they'll have their little coziness, you know, agreements with the corporation. That's just how things work, folks, you know, when you're run by gangs.  Because they’re all involved with money with the vaccine industry, some of them even have their own vaccine industries that we’re talking about here.  And the World Economic Forum working with them too, right.  It's just all out in the open if you bother to care about it.


So here, I was waiting to see them. Because you have the whole thing about the quinine derivatives too, and the chloroquine’s, things like that all getting pooh-poohed by Fauci and others, 'eh.  Even though it was actually advocated during the SARS thing to be used across the Western world.  [Alan chuckles.]  By the same authorities.  [Alan chuckles.]  But that doesn't matter because this is big money, and in times of crisis you can demand whatever you want, and government will quite happily pay them billions for this thing.  So... this is a study I remember I mentioned it a while back. That was April 29, but I had already read the article from China before that.


Lancet publishes results from inconclusive China study of Gilead's remdesivir / 29 April 2020


The Lancet has published the results from a study in China testing Gilead Sciences' (GILD +4.9%) remdesivir in severely ill hospitalized COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.


237 patients were enrolled across 10 hospitals in Hubei province, 158 received remdesivir and 79 placebo. Patients were allowed concomitant treatment with lopinavir–ritonavir, interferons, and corticosteroids.


The primary endpoint was time to clinical improvement up to day 28 (A: (A:  Trying to find when you started showing improvement basically, to day 28…) defined as the time from randomization to the point of decline of two points on a six-point scale of clinical status (1=discharged to 6=death).


Patients receiving remdesivir within 10 days of symptom onset experienced numerically faster times to clinical improvement but the results were not statistically significant.


What they showed in China, really, you might start getting better one day earlier than if you didn't get it at all. Might, it's very iffy, you know. So, they didn't really see any really significant thing on it at all.


But anyway, I noticed that Mr. Fauci for the first time came out and advocated using that same drug, you see. So, there you go, it's made by the Gilead company, I think.  So, it's pretty well from the start they knew darn well which one they'd eventually advocate to be used. And how come the rest of them are not going to be used?  The other ones they're using in China are not going to get used, even though some of them were made in Cuba apparently, very cheap and it worked too.  So, there you go, it doesn't make any difference.


Everything is so corrupt these days, folks.  You've got to stop thinking of people out there as being some kind of angels in these positions. That's how the media wants to present them to you. But when you dig in and then you find incredible financing they get, all from the same circle, right, and Bill Gates and that, it's just incredible. Small, it's a small, a very small world when it comes to this kind of thing. It really is.  It's really something. Really, really something. And folk never catch on.


But yeah, that was the Lancet one, and the other one where he is actually mentioned it himself, Mr Fauci, what he is advocating to be used.


The Lancet - study in China testing Gilead Sciences' remdesivir in severely ill hospitalized COVID-19 patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome - / 29 April 2020


Dr. Anthony Fauci Praises ‘Important’ Study on Remdesivir’s Effectiveness Against Coronavirus - / 29 April 2020


Remdesivir- the only drug shown to work against coronavirus - could cost up to $4500 per treatment despite costing just $9.32 to make - / 7 May 2020


Another article too…


There is no climate emergency. / 23 Sept 2019


A global network of more than 500 knowledgeable and experienced scientists and professionals in climate and related fields have the honor to address to Your Excellencies the attached European Climate Declaration, for which the signatories to this letter are the national ambassadors.


(A:  This is to António Guterres, Secretary-General, United Nations.  Just to show you all the scientists and professors are NOT all on board with it at all. They always tell you all the scientists are on board. No, they're not.  [Alan chuckles.]  There's a whole bunch of them signed the whole thing.)


There is no climate emergency

A global network of 500 scientists and professionals has prepared this urgent message. Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific.


(A:  It’s all politicized, you see, for agendas.)


Scientists should openly address the uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming (A:  Well, I’ve got snow outside right now.), while politicians should dispassionately count the real benefits as well as the imagined costs of adaptation to global warming, and the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of mitigation.


The fact too there’s natural causes of warming and cooling too. It’s always been that way, that’s why we had ice ages and warming ages. We’ve even had volcanic periods massively and stuff like that, before there was even people, or animals. So, you can’t really blame humans for causing it, could you? But facts don’t matter when there’s big agendas.


And again, they’ve crossed over the agenda into the disease one, oh, crisis, crisis.  Here we go. And I just want to mention too that bird flu hit China about the same time as the coronavirus, not long afterwards at least, you know.  At least they said in February I think they admitted that there was a bird flu out at the same time. An H5N6 strain, and they started killing off the foul and the poultry farming, etc. But anyway, they had other kinds of flus affected humans at the same time, more so than this one. This was hard to get.  But facts don't matter, you know, other facts don't matter, to bump up the figures and so on.


Now, here's the next step too.  You see, they're following the same thing in China.  So much has to be accomplished by this... infection, right. A whole new way of living, a new world order as they call it, right.  It says, you had Cuomo go on about, my God, you know, two thirds of New Yorkers hospitalized...


Coronavirus survey reveals ‘shocking’ stats about hospitalized New Yorkers / 6 May 2020


Two-thirds of New Yorkers hospitalized with the coronavirus were admitted from their homes, (A:  Oh.  Suddenly they're all shocked, 'eh.  After telling everybody to get locked down in their homes.) a “shocking” statistic that defies social-distancing logic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.


The curious conclusion was reached in a three-day survey of patients hospitalized with the bug conducted this week and revealed by Cuomo during his daily press briefing.


“Sixty-six percent of the people were at home, which is shocking to us,” said Cuomo.


(A:  Why is it shocking? Since you told them to stay there.)


The same survey found that 46 percent were unemployed… (A: [Alan chuckles.] Well, I wonder why?  D’you realize, these are the geniuses that are ruling your lives?) 


46 percent were unemployed, and 37 percent retired.


“So, that says they’re not working, they’re not traveling,” said Cuomo.  (A:  This guy is definitely a genius.)  “These people were literally at home.”


(A:  Oh wow.  [Alan chuckles.]  No kidding, ‘eh.)


Despite the twist, Cuomo doubled down on his calls for social distancing and personal responsibility, especially as hospitalizations and deaths continue to trend in the right direction.


“It reinforces what we’ve been saying, which is, much of this comes down to what you do to protect yourself,” Cuomo told reporters at a Long Island hospital. “Everything is closed down, government has done everything it could, society has done everything it could.”


“Now it’s up to you. Are you wearing a mask? Are you doing the hand sanitizer,” he continued.  (A:  This guy has no training in anything, except conology.)  “If you have younger people who are visiting you and maybe be out there and maybe less diligent with the social distancing — are you staying away from older people?”


(A:  Well, maybe they all live in the same darn home!  They can’t afford, like you, maybe three or four homes, and all of the rest of your cronies.  D’you hear this rubbish, ‘eh?  I don’t know how many homes he actually has… Somebody will come back up with an answer.)


And only about 4 percent of respondents — 3 percent among city residents — listed public transportation as their primary way of getting around, though Cuomo noted that 45 percent didn’t respond to that question.


(A:  Good for them!)


You understand, this is all again to push for these tracking apps and so on. Or the manacles and bracelets.  The bracelets, it’s manacles, folks, that’s what they are. They’re electronic manacles. Because you’re all slaves now, you understand.  And the scientists are your majordomos, they are the guys with the whips, you know. They’ll use the brutes, you know, to come and arrest you and drag you off. That’s what tyrants always do.


And believe you me, Bertrand Russell was quite right when he said if there is to be a tyranny he much preferred it would be and he hoped it would be a scientific tyranny, and he said, it would be the worst tyranny of all. Well, that's exactly what you're going to see if you go along with this nonsense. Because what they want to do, you see, with this, oh my God, they're at home and they are ill.  No kidding. They WANT to start coming IN your homes, folks, BY LAW, which does away with the private property rights. I hope you're getting the picture here. 


I was waiting for it coming, this one here, because they were doing that in China, doing spot checks in folks’ homes, no matter who you were, hm.  They're getting you used to the idea, no, no, you have no rights anymore, you see. This is a whole new paradigm.  Property rights and everything... No, no, no.  N-n-n.  And that's why, oh my God they're ill and they're at HOME, 'eh.  What a mystery this is, 'eh, a big mystery.  Maybe it's because they can't get out and exercise and they're all getting sick, folks.  Hm?  And they can't get the decent food, etc. and they're getting sick?  Yada, yada, ya.  Hm?  Perhaps that's what it is.


Everything is just part of this big agenda.  An article here's interesting too, because I was going into finding out, you've got to find who's at the tops of these organizations.  Again, you see the spider’s webs, 'eh.  This one here is…


Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues


The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (the Bioethics Commission) was created by Executive Order 13521 on November 24, 2009.  (A:  …when the last so-called fake thing hit at the time.) The Bioethics Commission advised President Barack Obama on bioethical issues arising from advances in biomedicine and related areas of science and technology. It replaces The President's Council on Bioethics appointed by United States President George W. Bush to advise his administration on bioethics, and the National Bioethics Advisory Commission (1996-2001).


(A: I think it was last week or the week before I put up articles, a whole bunch of stuff, from the Rockefeller Foundation on bioethics, by the way, and all these same characters involved in it.  A new way of looking at human life, you see, and who should die and who should live, and should we save this and save that or whatever, yada, yada, ya.  All that stuff I've been talking about for years.  But this one here's interesting because it goes into bioethics for every generation.)


Bioethics for Every Generation: Deliberation and Education in Health, Science, and Technology, published in May 2016, provides eight recommendations to strengthen and advance deliberation and education to improve policy-making in bioethics, and to create a more democratic and just society.


(A:  I remember too, you probably remember if you listen to any, I do, I listen to speeches, I try to get a hold of them even though they're not on TV. Because when Obama was running the first time, he mentioned that, he gave an example of his grandmother, was it really right to try and keep her alive in the hospitals. He was getting to the point of bioethics, and should we just euthanize people. That's what he was getting to, quite openly.  M-hm.  No, he was their character, he was their lad that they put into office for the globalists. He was, again, as I say, he carried on the wars and expanded the wars and got praise from the neocons that worked with Bush for continuing it.  Here you go, it says bioethics for every generation…)


Anticipate and Communicate: Ethical Management of Incidental and Secondary Findings in the Clinical, Research, (A:  …yada, yada, yada, ya.)


Sam Harris, author of The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values, (A:  Well, there you go, kick religion out the window and science can determine human values. You see. They'll determine what's a good value or a bad value, or… you know.  There ya go.) has publicly noted his discussions with a member of this panel, specifically regarding the hypothesis of a society that blinds every third citizen for religious reasons. The panel member found this unobjectionable for members of this culture, while Harris found this practice objectively wrong.  Harris details a transcript of this conversation in Chapter 2 of his book.


It goes on and on and on. I’m just trying to get to show you the members of them. You’ll see the same characters, members of it, who are listed as parts of the bioethics team.  You'll see articles put out by them and this present virus, little campaign, you see. But you also find too that somebody who's at the head of one of these organizations, and it might even be this very one, is the wife of the person who's on the TV every night apparently, giving advice about how to live and yada, ya, and the disease, the top kind of disease, etc.  It's quite interesting to find the connections of who these particular people actually are.  Now, bioethics, 'eh, bioethics and bioethics commissions. And you get…


Christine Grady


(A:  Who is Christine Grady?...)


Christine Grady is an American nurse and bioethicist who serves as the head of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.


Grady graduated from Livingston High School, after which she earned a BS in nursing and biology from Georgetown University in 1974, (A:  …all the right places, ‘eh.) a Master of Science in Nursing from Boston College in 1978, and a PhD in philosophy and bioethics from Georgetown University in 1993.


(A:  And she worked with the HIV, I guess that’s where she met her husband Mr. Fauci, hm.)


Grady has worked in nursing, clinical research, and clinical care, with a specialization in HIV.  (A:  And then…) She was a Commissioner on the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues from 2010 and 2017.


(A:  Small world, isn’t it, ‘eh?  She’s…)


…a senior fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and a fellow of The Hastings Center and American Academy of Nursing.


(A:  …and so on and so on. And she’s got all these awards, yada, yada. Which naturally if you’re married to Fauci you’re going to have lots of, uh, institutions to be associated with and take awards and yada, yada, ya.  Isn’t that amazing?  So, it's bioethics, you know, who should live and who should die. Well, that kind of stuff, isn't it?  Isn't that something.  Ain't that something.)


Another little article...


LEE CAMP: While Pandemic Destroys So Many Lives, The Surveillance State Celebrates / 11 May 2020


If they’re able to track “violators” who follow within a flying spit particle of someone else, then it stands to reason they could choose to track pretty much any other type of behavior.


(A:  OF COURSE, they will.)


If we don’t fight back against the secretive surveillance state growing steadily around us, your wife/husband may find out you love a Cinnabon more than you love her/him. And that might be just the beginning of it.


While many of us remain quarantined — inexorably welded to our home/apartment/RV in an abandoned Walmart parking lot — the surveillance state is actually stretching its legs, brought out for a run by our friendly neighborhood oligarchs like a young golden retriever let off its leash on a nice day. Unfortunately, in this case what it’s retrieving is all of our information, movements, thoughts and desires.


It's a worthwhile article. These are all worthwhile articles to read that get you off the usual TV version of authorized spieling propaganda.  It really is, you've got to look into other things too.  There's an oddball thing I touched on too when I was going through some stuff today, was, have you heard of…


Timber Sycamore


(A: Its operational scope was weapons sales and training of Syrian rebels’ forces against Assad, [Alan chuckles.] by the West. It's admitted to now, planned by the CIA.  It says…)


Timber Sycamore was a classified weapons supply and training program run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and supported by some Arab intelligence services, such as the security service in Saudi Arabia. Launched in 2012 or 2013, it supplied money, weaponry and training to rebel forces fighting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian Civil War.


(A:  It wasn’t a Civil War at all. It was an outside created war.)


According to US officials, the program was run by the CIA's Special Activities Division and has trained thousands of rebels.  President Barack Obama secretly authorized the CIA to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels in 2013.


(A:  I remember at the time reading articles on the air, and it says...)


The program's existence was suspected after the US Federal Business Opportunities website publicly solicited contract bids to ship tons of weaponry from Eastern Europe to Taşucu, Turkey and Aqaba, Jordan.


(A:  They were also shipping stuff through, I remember reading at the time, Qat’r.  You have to say Qatar now.  That's what they were doing with it too.  It was so obvious to people at the time that whatever...  This is strange CIA organization has been overthrowing governments across the planet since its inception.  And literally it uses the US as its funding mechanism, the taxpayers.  It's an agenda completely alien to the American mentality. They have a different agenda which folk can't really fathom out. And part of the globalization of it, the management of the world society, that's part of it. Of course, it is.  But this is a good enough article here to give you an idea of it too. It gives you some of the history of it.)


Timber Sycamore began in late 2012 or early 2013 and was similar to other Pentagon or CIA-run weapons routing and training programs that were established in previous decades to support foreign rebel forces. Greg Miller and Adam Entous of The Washington Post (A:  The links are all here.) stated that "The operation has served as the centerpiece of the U.S. strategy to press Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside."


The program's principal backers were the United States and Saudi Arabia, but it was also supported by some other regional Arab governments, and by the United Kingdom. While Saudi Arabia provides more money and weaponry, the United States leads training in military equipment. The program was based in Jordan, due to that country's proximity to the battlefields in Syria.


According to The New York Times, the program initially allowed US forces to train Syrian rebels in use of military equipment, but not to directly provide the equipment itself.


(A:  That was… These are all legalities they get around, ‘eh.)


A few months after its creation, it was amended to allow the CIA to both train and equip rebel forces.


That’s why, by the way, one of the reasons they also got Khomeini in Libya out of the way. Apart from grabbing the oil and different stuff too their as well. And, its massive reservoir of freshwater to get piped elsewhere to, you know, another neighboring country.  They’d have stacks of weapons there, the ambassador talking about all this weaponry and these strange foreign fighters were just coming in and just taking the stuff and walking off. These were the armies they were preparing to go in and invade Syria. That’s what all that was about. The American troops were guarding the stuff and they were told to just let these guys go in and take what they wanted basically.


And of course, Europe ends up with the massive, massive overflowing refugee crisis that came out of it, the backlash, the blowback. All predicted, mind you. But they don't stop. And they never will stop. Because the people have no say what governments are up to, and those strange associations that are grafted onto the governments. We're not living in any kind of representative governments. We really aren't at all.  And it wouldn't matter what party you voted for; they'd all go along with it too by the way. 


This other article is quite good too. I've mentioned it before.  John Whitehead’s commentary…


Human Lab Rats: The U.S. Government’s Secret History of Grisly Experiments / 21 April 2020 / John Whitehead


I have never known any government to put the best interests of its people first, and this COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.


Now this isn’t intended to be a debate over whether COVID-19 is a legitimate health crisis or a manufactured threat. Such crises can—and are—manipulated by governments in order to expand their powers. (A:  That’s dead on.) 


While the U.S. government is currently looking into the possibility that the novel coronavirus spread from a Chinese laboratory rather than a market, the virus could just as easily have been created by the U.S. government or one of its allies.


After all, grisly experiments, barbaric behavior and inhumane conditions have become synonymous with the U.S. government, which has meted out untold horrors against humans and animals alike.


For instance, did you know that the U.S. government has been buying (A:  This is interesting.) hundreds of dogs and cats from “Asian meat markets” (A:  Did you know that?  There’s a big program that’s on the go.) as part of a gruesome experiment into food-borne illnesses?


(A:  That’s the excuse that’s given for it.  They buy it from China and everywhere, you know.  M-hm.)


The cannibalistic experiments involve killing cats and dogs purchased from Colombia, Brazil, Vietnam, China and Ethiopia, and then feeding the dead remains to laboratory kittens, bred in government laboratories for the express purpose of being infected with a disease and then killed.  (A:  And then they can analyze it, you see.)


(A: Now, this article, I'm going to read some more, it's pretty gruesome actually. But it's all factual and verifiable and admitted to. Can you imagine what they're not admitting to, 'eh?  But before I go on, I'll just mentioned to you that I have seen the documentary's put out when the Communists were leading the world in the 1930s.  And they were getting financed by the West, and clothed the by the West, and fed by the West. Even as they were starving their own people, especially in places like Ukraine and they were selling the grain off abroad in fact. It was like roundabout of grain; we were feeding Russia as they were killing off their own farmers in the Ukraine and in their Soviet bloc countries.) 


(A: But they put out, they were champions you see of the secular society.  That's really what the West was so enthralled about because they were doing, it was this big experiment using secular, a secular type government and science would rule. Common sense and practicality and science, and technocracy, would rule. You wouldn't have to be bothered with human emotions and things, just get it done. Efficiency, you see.)


(A: They put out this documentation on the experiments. I've mentioned it before. They cut off dogs’ heads, and you can actually see what they gave to Britain as part of an experiment, and the declaration of how advanced they were. Because they kept the head alive by putting blood through it, artificially. It's just a head on a platter and the blood going in and going out.  They would tickle its nose and stuff, and so interestingly, just jot down the reactions of the dog and so on in its nervous tissue and yada, yada, ya, and its reflexes.)


(A: I know they didn't stop there because I've already seen the photographs of much, much earlier where they had prisoners, like little huts of them, one of these Nissen huts.  On either side you had these people with the tops of their skulls removed. They were prisoners.  They were testing them out too. But for the public, for the West, they showed you the dogs' ones.) 


(A: But this is science. Science will go this whole way, the very thing the Bertrand Russell sort of applauded. He said, we absolutely, the tyranny, a really horrific one, but that's the one he preferred. Well, here you are, folks. It's still going on, 'eh.  And this is the one they published for the public here.  So...)


The Department of Veterans Affairs has been removing parts of dogs’ brains to see how it affects their breathing;


(A:  …I wonder what will happen if we take part of this brain out?)


applying electrodes to dogs’ spinal cords (before and after severing them) to see how it impacts their cough reflexes; and implanting pacemakers in dogs’ hearts and then inducing them to have heart attacks (before draining their blood). All of the laboratory dogs are killed during the course of these experiments.


(A:  Maybe it’s big, big business, ‘eh?  Maybe they want to see how they can work it out and they can get better ways to implant pacemakers in humans, by doing the same thing. They kill off our hearts, give us pacemakers and artificial hearts…  [Alan chuckles.] …make a big business out of it. Who knows? Who knows? But this is where your tax money goes.  The Department of Veterans Affairs, ‘eh.)


It’s not just animals that are being treated like lab rats by government agencies.


“We the people” have also become the police state’s guinea pigs: to be caged, branded, experimented upon without our knowledge or consent, and then conveniently discarded and left to suffer from the after-effects.


(A:  There’s links to previous things which they’ve done to the public, like I said before.  Even down to sensual human experiments.)


Back in 2017, FEMA “inadvertently” exposed nearly 10,000 firefighters, paramedics and other responders to a deadly form of ricin during simulated bioterrorism response sessions.


(A:  I wonder how they… Whenever they do these simulated anything the real thing happens, ‘eh?  Isn’t it? How can you… How can you…)


…inadvertently” expose…


10,000 firefighters, paramedics and other responders to a deadly form of ricin…


(A:    Hm?...)


…during simulated bioterrorism


(A:  No, that was bioterrorism, by your own people.)


In 2015, it was discovered that an Army lab had been “mistakenly” shipping deadly anthrax to labs and defense contractors for a decade.


(A:    …a decade. 10 years!  ‘eh.  Anthrax to labs and defense contractors, for 10 years. Mistakenly, ‘eh?)


While these particular incidents have been dismissed as “accidents,” you don’t have to dig very deep or go very back in the nation’s history to uncover numerous cases in which the government deliberately conducted secret experiments on an unsuspecting populace  (A:    I’ve mentioned some of them in the past and the links are here by the way.  It’s got NBC news with the different things that they’ve tried in the past.) —citizens and noncitizens alike—making healthy people sick by spraying them with chemicals, injecting them with infectious diseases and exposing them to airborne toxins.


(A:    You’re supposed to trust your governments, NOW, though, you know.     That’s all of maybe five years ago, I mean, they’re all better now, you know, they’ve improved.  [Alan chuckles.])


At the time, the government reasoned that it was legitimate to experiment on people who did not have full rights in society such as prisoners, mental patients, and poor blacks.


(A:    Now, I’ll add to that list, for that one I read for the kind of promotional thing for that app in Australia, for people who just don’t want to, they’ll be a threat to the rest of society, ‘eh, by not taking the app, for goodness sake… Maybe experiment on them too.)


In Alabama, for example, 600 black men with syphilis were allowed to suffer without proper medical treatment in order to study the natural progression of untreated syphilis. In California, older prisoners had testicles from livestock and from recently executed convicts implanted in them (A:    Can you believe that!  Hm!) to test their virility. (A:    They actually, you know these prisoners would obviously die when they had the foreign, from a different, another body, a foreign body, put into them, ‘eh.  And…) In Connecticut, mental patients were injected with hepatitis.


(A:    …for the big pharma companies and the treatment companies and stuff like that, vaccine companies.)


In Maryland, sleeping prisoners had a pandemic flu virus sprayed up their noses. In Georgia, two dozen “volunteering” prison inmates had gonorrhea bacteria pumped directly into their urinary tracts through the penis. In Michigan, male patients at an insane asylum were exposed to the flu


(A:    You see, they’re using people literally who have no rights, they have no rights really, or even mental abilities often, to know what to do or even sue or whatever. Never to be heard of again, you understand that. And yet they want to do all the things to YOU during a crisis thing, they want to pump stuff into YOU, and using the technique of crisis, and shaming. If you don’t go along with it, you could harm other people. Well if everybody got the vaccine, they’d be safe, wouldn’t they? If it works, ‘eh?  That negates that argument, if you didn’t want to take it.)


after first being injected with an experimental flu vaccine. In Minnesota, 11 public service employee “volunteers” were injected with malaria, then starved for five days.


In New York, dying patients had cancer cells introduced into their systems. In Ohio, over 100 inmates were injected with live cancer cells.


(A:    …and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.)


Just horrible, horrible, horrible.  As they say, they always try to do it with people who can’t get any support or justice done.  But you understand, if it was so, if everything was so open, aboveboard, why would they be doing this in secret with people who can’t fight back?  Hm?  You’d better understand who you’re dealing with here. You’d better understand, folks. 


Who owns the environmentalist movement?  This is a good one too.


Who Owns the Environmentalist Movement? / 15 Jan 2015


This article is adapted from Chapter 10 of the Holes in the Ozone Scare: The Scientific Evidence That the Sky Isn’t Falling, published in June 1992 by 21st Century and now in its second printing.


Twenty-five years ago, those who believed that Mother Nature comes first and humankind second were part of an insignificant fringe, considered radical by most Americans. These environmentalists were visible mostly at the level of the antinuclear street demonstration, where marijuana smoke wafted around “Back To Nature” posters on display. Today, however, what used to be extremist “environmentalist” ideology has become mainstream, permeating American institutions at every level, from corporate boardrooms to the Federal Reserve, the Congress, the White House, the churches, homes and schools.


(A:    Because it’s an official agenda. Yeah, they used the hippies to start it all and carried it on from there. They created the crisis and then they don’t let it go to waste, you see, so this works, and folk follow it, so you can use them. Very efficient from that point of view, that technique.)


Official lore from the environmental movement’s publications asserts that the movement emerged from the grass roots. The truth, however, is that funding and policy lines comes from the most prestigious institutions of the Eastern Liberal Establishment, centered around the New York Council on Foreign Relations, and including the Trilateral commission, the Aspen Institute, and a host of private family foundations.


(A:  All the big ones too, and the Rockefellers too, Ford, Carnegie and the rest of them.)


This network of foundations created environmentalism, moving it from a radical fringe movement into a mass movement to support the institutionalization of anti-science, no-growth policies at all levels of government and public life. As prescribed in the Council on Foreign Relations 1980s Project book series, environmentalism has been used against America’s economy, against such targets as high-technology agriculture and the nuclear power industry. This movement is fundamentally a green pagan religion in its outlook. Unless defeated, it will destroy not only the economy, but also the Judeo-Christian culture of the United States, and has in fact come perilously close to accomplishing this objective already.


(A:  But it’s been used, as I say, by the big ones at the top, the big corporations, you see, to bring in their own forms of energy.  Don’t forget, you can go into austerity as they cutback energy. And you say, why would the corporations that supply the power do that? Because they won’t lose anything if they quadruple and increase the cost of the energy by giving you LESS.. Don’t you get it? It’s quite easy to do. They’re all on board with it. And it’s less work for them to produce much less energy for you, you see. Quite amazing. But the foundations and their funding, it’s quite interesting, this particular article. It gives you a list of their revenues…)


Funding from the Foundations


Table 1 lists the annual revenues of a sampling of 30 environmental groups. These few groups alone had revenues of more than $1.17 billion in 1990. (A:  …when they were starting all of it.)  This list, it must be emphasized, by no means includes all of these enviro businesses. (A:  And they ARE enviro businesses.) It is estimated that there are more than 3,000 so-called nonprofit environmental groups in the United States today, and most of them take in more than a million dollars a year.


(A:  It gives you the names of some of them and what they bring in, for those who care to look at it.)


But again, you'll find this all, they're all connected too, as I say, with the big foundations, with UNESCO, with the World Wildlife Fund, and all the groups that Prince Philip who was involved with. He gave speeches about depopulation, etc. and he's all for it. And quite openly by the way, you know.  And the Sierra Club and many others that he was at the head of, the titular head.  I think one of his other offspring has taken over that position now that he's so old.


USC, Emory Creating Coronavirus Surveillance System Similar to China’s Social Credit Scoring / 4 May 2020


(A:  You understand, it's all the same thing. That's from Breitbart.)


China launched its notorious social credit system last year to watch over its own citizens and mete out punishment based on personal behavior and loyalty to the Communist Party.


Now three prominent U.S. universities are using taxpayer money (A:  …naturally.)


(A: You understand, it’s your fellow people, or citizens that are your own worst enemies. The greed factor, ah, it’s how all tyrannies flourish.  They have no problem getting people to browbeat you or even manacle you or chain you or put you in black holes and close the lid, for money. As I say, filthy lucre. It doesn’t change, folks. I’ve always said that, that no nation in history has been short of thugs they can employ from the base types to club you to death if you don’t comply, or if they want to take taxes off you, which used to be farm animals and wheat and God knows what else. Now it’s money. But they have no…)


(A: And it doesn’t matter how you dress them up to look civilized, in suits, some of the tax collectors, they’re still the same brutes really as well.  They have no conscience at all. And they don’t care who they damage.  And for their own personal profit and their own wealth that they rake in off the taxpayers. But the brutes too that enforce it all, it’s all one big gang. No nation has ever been short of candidates for this. It’s just sad that we’ve got it. It just… It never gets…  It’s like the communist used to say and that part was true, that the capitalists would sell us enough rope to eventually hang them. And your fellow citizens are the ones that do it, folks, they'll hang you for their own, their own well-being, 'eh.  N-n.  Financial well-being.)


(A: So, it says here…)


Tech news outlet dot.LA recently reported that researchers at the University of Southern California, Emory University, and the University of Texas Health Science Center have received a federal grant to create a mobile app for contact tracing the novel coronavirus. (A:  And it’s everything else for, you know darn well, forever and ever, amen, it’s not just for one little thing.) The system will track a person’s real-time location and symptoms and calculate a personal COVID-19 risk score.


(A:  It’s the same thing, ‘eh, as the credit score too, all grouped into one.)


USC’s Cyrus Shahabi, chair of the computer science department, told dot.LA that the universities hope to have a working mobile app by August, in time for the start of the fall semester.


(A: Again, the same rubbish, it will warn you, the public, to avoid hotspots of infection.  [Alan chuckles.])


In other instances, people who have been assigned high personal risk scores might decide to stay home or get tested for COVID-19.


But the project, whose federal grant money comes from the National Science Foundation, has already raised red flags in terms of privacy and the potential for Big Brother-style abuse.


(A: Well, I don’t care what they say or what safeguards they say.  It’s going to be used for the agenda regardless, totally and completely.  M-hm.)


China’s social credit system has blacklisted more than 13 million citizens as “untrustworthy,” (A: That's anyone who questions anything the government is doing, you're untrustworthy...) according to a recent report from the state-run Global Times. The report did not say what these individuals did to land on the list, but the regime has revealed the system assigns a numerical score to every Chinese citizen based on how much the Communist Party approves of his or her behavior.


It’s the same thing you’re getting with Facebook and Twitter and all the rest of it. There’s articles there that Facebook has employed a whole panel of what they call judges, like a star chamber, who decide to either behead you or not behead you according to whatever you dare to say which is politically incorrect and not allowed. It’s VERBOTEN!  There ya go.  And…


“We Need An Army Of Contact Tracers” – Meet The Enforcement Arm Of The “New Normal” / 9 May 2020


(A:  Oooo, wow.  Oooo.)


As the people of the world grapple with a pandemic that is demonstrably less deadly than originally reported, the public is being primed to accept an exponential increase in invasions of personal liberty and privacy. Every day the public grows more weary of lock downs which seem to never end, and the bankrupting of individuals and businesses around the world. Amidst the frustration and protest a solution is being presented.


To return to normal, we are told, we must accept certain changes to how our world operates. Of course, this is actually a push to a “new normal” which will mark the world after COVID-19.


(A:  There ya go, ‘eh.  Hm.)


Just like the attacks of September 11, 2001, there is the world we knew before, and there is the post-9/11 era. We are currently in the middle of the COVID-19 era and a shift to post-COVID19 life will not happen without the completion of local, state, national, and international programs which identify potential infectees, test them, and, if positive, quarantine them in their homes or other government facilities.


You know what's going to happen, folks, is even if you comply with it, you see, you'll never please the masters as they push the next step of what they want, and the next step of what they want and so on.  So if you eventually complain about anything, just like the Chinese credit score, you go into a grocery store and you might show that you're uninfected, but you'll still get a red glaring alarm going off because you said something that's politically incorrect and they're not pleased with you.  In China, you understand, when it goes red, if you're in a store and it goes red for you, your phone, the police will come to your location and grab you. 


It's just a wonderful scenario, 'eh, of democracy and stuff where big international corporations rule our lives in collusion with government. Which they used to just call fascistic and fascism.  There ya go.  It's just astonishing.  And once enough the fools go and get it, you see, the ones who say I'm not going to get that, then they're going to make it compulsory. Well, the rest of them have accepted it, what's wrong with you?  They didn't mind. You see democracy is great for that, that herd mentality, they always take the path of least resistance. And they all want to be good, you understand... I'll be good enough do what I'm told, why aren't you doing what you're told?  You know, well we all took it, you know, what's your problem? That's what government says, well they took it, what's your problem?  [Alan chuckles.]  It's all predictable, isn't it? 


It's all been done before in other ways, you see. Why change methods if they work?


Another one is to do with, well, there's a lot of articles on that very topic, I won't go into any more of them actually.  And…


Coronavirus: WHO Official Floats Removing the Infected from Their Homes to Stop Spread / 7 April 2020


(A:  Like I said too, like the mayor of New York there. He talked about, although they're all, you know, there's more in their homes now got it.  Even though they haven't been out, for goodness sake. You know. Isn't that amazing, it's all a mystery, isn't it? It's a mystery.  So…)


…Removing the Infected from Their Homes to Stop Spread


(A:  You see, the end of private property. This is the next step, folks. They're all, when you hear them all parroting the same lines, exactly, across the world, from the same organizations and departments of government, they're all on board with the one, singular head at the top, folks.  N-n-n.  Weapons of mass destruction.)


Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization’s Health Emergencies Program (A:  …right…), suggested during a March 30 press conference (A:  Remember, the World Health Organization is funded primarily by Bill Gates, the private company.) That individuals infected with the Chinese coronavirus should be removed from their homes to prevent further spread of the deadly disease.


(A:  Well, if you didn’t have it, but they grab you mistakenly, and they put you in a ward with it, you’ll soon have it, I’m telling you.)


The clip, first reported by Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, shows Ryan warning that “most of the transmission that’s actually happening in many countries now is happening in the household at family level” before he speculates on measures to prevent the infection of patients’ relatives.


A transcript is as follows:


DR. MICHAEL RYAN: Just so we get our terms right and we can explain ourselves properly, we tend to use the word isolation for someone who is a case, confirmed. (A:  They TEND to, it doesn’t say they always do but they tended to.)  We tend to use the word quarantine for someone who’s at risk of being a case, usually a contact, so on that basis we advise that all suspect cases are tested, and all suspect cases are isolated in an appropriate medical facility.


(A:  And their tests are all, I’ve got stuff here where a guy was tested twice in the same day, once positive and once negative.  Yep.  It’s a joke, the testing system, folks. It really is.  I’ve done talks on that already, so I won’t go into it all here.  But here they go on with it again too.) 


But they definitely want into your homes now. I hope you’re getting that; I hope you’re getting this picture here, folks. And they will do it. The more you back off and take a step back and a step back, they’ll keep walking forward with the next demand, the next demand. It’s all worked out in advance, you see.


It’s a whole agenda for a whole new world system of managing the people, and you can’t have private property. They said that in the Communist Manifesto.  They said that in the rights of Freemasonry, and Albert Pike. He said, you know, private property, we can't have that. It’s all the same agenda, isn’t it strange, ‘eh? The capitalists say the same thing about you, because they want to own the private property to rent to you, you see. That's the big agenda worldwide.  M-hm. 


And this one here is world depopulation, ‘eh, world depopulation. You go into the Club of Rome and this is their published article that goes on to here, right. So… 


WORLD DEPOPULATION IS TOP NSA AGENDA: CLUB OF ROME - The Haig-Kissinger depopulation policy / 10 March 1981


(A:  …national security agency agenda…)



The Haig-Kissinger depopulation policy

by Lonnie Wolfe

Special Report EIR (Executive Intelligence Review)

March 10, 1981


(A:  They go into this whole idea of reducing the population by 2 billion or whatever…)


Investigations by EIR have uncovered a planning apparatus operating outside the control of the White House whose sole purpose is to reduce the world's population by 2 billion people through war, famine, disease and any other means necessary. This apparatus, which includes various levels of the government is determining U.S. foreign policy. In every political hotspot -- El Salvador, the so-called arc of crisis in the Persian Gulf, Latin America, Southeast Asia and in Africa- the goal of U.S. foreign policy is population reduction. The targeting agency for the operation is the National Security Council's Ad Hoc Group on Population Policy. (A:  …for the NSA.)  Its policy-planning group is in the U.S. State Department's Office of Population Affairs (A:  You know who set these departments up?  It was the Rockefeller group, even for the United Nations one, the population department.), established in 1975 (A:  …this one…) by Henry Kissinger. This group drafted the Carter administration's Global 2000 document, which calls for global population reduction, and the same apparatus is conducting the civil war in El Salvador as a conscious depopulation project.  (A:  As I say, this is 1981.)


"There is a single theme behind all our work (A:  This is the NSA, eh.) -we must reduce population levels," said Thomas Ferguson (A:  …another Ferguson.), the Latin American case officer for the State Department's Office of Population Affairs (OPA). (A:  Did you know you had one?) "Either they [governments] do it our way, through nice clean methods or they will get the kind of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran, or in Beirut. (A:  This is 1981, ‘eh.)  Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it.   (A:  DING, DING, DING, DING, DING!)  "The professionals," said Ferguson, "aren't interested in lowering population for humanitarian reasons. That sounds nice. We look at resources and environmental constraints. We look at our strategic needs, and we say that this country must lower its population-or else we will have trouble.


(A:  And it goes on and on and on.  Old article.  Some people used to complain about the guy who owned the organization, the Executive Intelligence Review, but they put out a lot of good factual information regardless. And that cannot be doubted, you can check it all yourself and see the articles and so on. Quite amazing.  It says here too... So, steps are taken, right, if you don't comply.)


So, steps are taken. El Salvador is an example where our failure to lower population by simple means has created the basis for a national security crisis.


(A: You see, this brings you in to something that George Orwell understood, and he put it in 1984. When you’re going through the book and so on and you think there’s a resistance movement to the order, and you find out, no, it’s been set up by the ones who control the order. They create your opposition. That never changes, folks. The big opposition, you can generally smell the rats and so on.  But they find out too that wars aren't meant, when you get this discourse in the book that Winston's given by O'Brien, whose the high order member, and the book says that, wars aren't meant to win, they're meant to simply just be continued. It does matter who they are continued with, just keep the wars going.)


(A: Well, do you ever think about the depopulation agenda here? And all this stuff all through Latin America with the School of the Americas? Remember, they were training them all and sending them down into these different countries and they would go, they would set up, again, the Hegelian dialectic. So, you get the existing regime, and you create its opposition. That's what Hegelianism is all about, you see.  The thesis. And then you create the antithesis.  Something to go against it and get the strife starting, and out of the strife you get the desired outcome, where you wanted to go to. That's your synthesis.)


(A: That's what the School of the Americas did.  They were all over the place killing and either on behalf of the right-wingers, or even the left-wingers, as long as the wars were kept going and down comes the population. Folk can't farm, starvation sets in, yada, yada, yada, ya. This is a technique; I hope you understand that this.  That's what really runs the world. It's very efficient. It's disguised, it can only operate with the fact that we refuse to accept what we are seeing. We go into disbelief, you know, I don't want to hear that, I don't want to know that, it's too bad, I don't want to hear that, it upsets my paradigm.  That's how it is folks. So, it says…)


Civil wars are somewhat drawn-out ways to reduce population, the OPA official added. "The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa or through disease like the Black Death," all of which might occur in El Salvador. Ferguson's OPA monitors populations in the Third World and maps strategies to reduce them. Its budget for FY 1980 was $190 million;


(A: That was a lot of money back then too, believe you me. You could probably say the billions today because the currency has devalued so much.)


 for FY 198l, it will be $220 million. The Global 2000 report calls for doubling that figure. The sphere of Kissinger In 1975, OPA was brought under a reorganized State Department Bureau of Oceans, International Environmental, and Scientific Affairs (A:  How they disguised it, eh, from depopulation and so on and population control, and let’s call it the State Department Bureau of Oceans, International Environment and Scientific Affairs …) -- a body created by Henry Kissinger.


(A: Remember Henry Kissinger brought out that little bill and he said that, from another one too, and they both agreed, the person in the government along with Kissinger, agreed that the greatest enemy of the state with overpopulation.)


Anyway, it's a long enough article and I won’t read it all here.  You can read it yourself if you want to.  And other folks will do it and put it into shows very quickly, I'm sure.  [Alan chuckles.]   Another article too and it's from Robert F Kennedy Jr.


Does The Coronavirus Pandemic Serve A Global Agenda? - / 23 March 2020


...very interesting article.  They go into it as well too. I’ll put that up.  Again, getting back to what I've done before but from the 21st Century Wire on 23 December 2019, very appropriate time to bring it out coincidental really.  


Bill Gates, MIT Develop New ‘Tattoo ID’ to Check For Vaccinations / 23 Dec 2019 


(A:  I've done this one before too, but you got to keep repeating things occasionally for the people who are overwhelmed with extra stuff. If you keep on the basic stuff, then you can argue back at least when you have an idea of at least five different parts of this big agenda and what's coming along the pike, and what's really important.  Because anybody takes this tattoo ID, I really, it's beyond Brave New World, folks. And it's not going to be anything like Brave New World. You're going to go into real austerity and literally...  At least in 1984 Winston could get a little corner where the camera couldn't see him to write his little diary, you know. With the total monitoring of everywhere that you're going to be at all times, you couldn't even have peace to do that. I hope you understand this.  So's that those, your masters, your owners, can feel safe when you're completely monitored 24 hours a day.  This article goes into the whole idea of it.)


“The invisible “tattoo” accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots — tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light — that glows under infrared light. The pattern — and vaccine — gets delivered into the skin using hi-tech dissolvable microneedles made of a mixture of polymers and sugar.”


(A:  It’s got the links to the publishing of it too in …)


The research groups findings were published this week in the journal Science Translational Medicine.


(A:  It’s put under translational medicine, a tattoo on you.)


“In other words, they’ve found a covert way to embed the record of a vaccination directly in a patient’s skin rather than documenting it electronically or on paper (A:  N-n-n.)


What a hell on earth, 'eh?... a hell on earth they're bringing in under this guise, hm?  I tell ya.


I love too how they suddenly have changed their minds on the source of this thing, this particular disease, as they go forward with their... their business agreements with China and the US in Britain and Europe. It's all business, folks, you know, and who's going to get big lump sums from whoever was responsible as they go along with it. Fauci says, yeah, suddenly, suddenly it just appeared in nature, you know, this thing by itself. After going through all the paraphernalia of, it's a man-made thing and my God.  That's what really terrified the public, it wasn't natural.  That is even more scary if it's made in a lab that deals in sort of biochemistry or biowarfare.  It's all the same thing, folks, when you get gain of function. But it just did it all by itself supposedly, 'eh?  Because of agreed on things, and big lump sums of billions of dollars was to change hands to make them all come to the same conclusion. You can always smell it, you know.  That's how business is really done in the world with big governments and important people.




Trump Speculates That China Released Virus in Lab 'Mistake' / 1 May 2020


The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the clearinghouse for the web of U.S. spy agencies, (A:  They even have a clearing house, right.) said it had ruled out the virus being man-made (A:  …right.  So, this is nothing to do… They’re not scientists there in that area, but THEY’ve ruled out the virus being man-made…) but was still investigating the precise source of the global pandemic, which has killed more than 220,000 people worldwide. 


Hm.  Although, that’s not a lot of people.  And then they’re lumping everybody in with all the other symptoms with it. Dear, I tell ya.  I mean, they’re trying to say that the whole world is locked down forever here? For this?  Hm?  And folk are dying every day of normal things anyway. We all do eventually folks.  Hm?  As I say, that Hancock in Britain, the minister in charge of health supposedly, said that 10,000 folk a month die normally in Britain.  Yep.  Normally.  And they balance it between births and deaths, that's what they always do.


So anyway, as I say, they'll come to agreements and money, big big money and big favors flow back and forth and all that. They'll say, well, it just happen naturally, it was one of these things. A mosquito grabbed it and altered it in its body by mistake, you know, just by pure chance, and then it bit somebody, you know. Yep.  Or maybe a bat ate a mosquito, 'eh!?  And maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe forever, you get degrees in maybes when you go into this particular field and you become an expert in maybes.


Then you go into this article…


The Dubious COVID Models, The Tests and Now the Consequences / 29 April 2020 / F. William Engdahl


Two major models are being used in the West since the alleged spread of coronavirus to Europe and USA to “predict” and respond to the spread of COVID-19 illness. One was developed at Imperial College of London. The second was developed, with emphasis on USA effects, by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) in Seattle, near the home of Microsoft founder Bill Gates. (A: Ha.) What few know is that both groups owe their existence to generous funding by a tax-exempt foundation that stands to make literally billions on purported vaccines and other drugs to treat coronavirus—The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


(A:  Quite a good article this.)


In early March, Prof. Neil Ferguson, head of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London issued a widely-discussed model that forecast possible COVID-19 deaths in the UK as high as 500,000. Ferguson works closely with the WHO. That report was held responsible for a dramatic u-turn by the UK government from a traditional public health policy of isolating at risk patients while allowing society and the economy to function normally. Days after the UK went on lockdown, Ferguson’s institute sheepishly revised downwards his death estimates, several times and dramatically. His dire warnings have not come to pass and the UK economy, like most others around the world, has gone into deep crisis based on inflated estimates.


(A:  But they go into how they use these models, these computer models to give them the outcomes that they want. It’s the same with climate models. What is it you want? Okay, we’ll work on that and program the computer, and we’ll give you all the scary, scary scenarios.)


In 2002 Ferguson predicted that up to 50,000 people in UK would die from variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, “mad cow disease”, possibly to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep. (A:  That was back then, I remember that all happened, how horrible it was.   Oh, yeah, 50,000 people in the UK could die from it he says, Mr. Ferguson.)


…possibly to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep.  A total of 178 people were officially registered dead from vCJD.


(A:  And even at that, it’s very iffy and that they have neurological problems instead.)


In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million (!) people (A:  WOW.)  worldwide would be killed by bird-flu or H5N1.


(A:  This guy should work for horror movies, really.  You can make some great scripts from it, couldn’t you? I mean, you really could.)


By early 2006, the WHO had only linked 78 deaths to the virus.


(A:  A big difference, ‘eh?  200 million to 78.  Hm.)


Then in 2009 Ferguson’s group at Imperial College advised the government that swine flu or H1N1 would probably kill 65,000 people in the UK. In the end, swine flu claimed the lives of 457 people.


Ferguson and his Imperial College group have a notoriously bad track record for predicting disease consequences.


(A:  Hm.  And he hasn’t stopped yet, as we know, ‘eh.  Good article though. And they bring in Dr. Anthony Fauci and his own private group, the NIAID.)


…Dr Anthony Fauci of NIAID reportedly confronted President Trump and pressured him to declare a national health emergency. Much as in the UK, once the damage to the economy was begun, Ferguson’s model later drastically lowered the US fatality estimates to between 100,000 to 200,000 deaths. In both US and UK cases Neil Ferguson relied on data from the Chinese government, data which has been shown as unreliable.


But also, they're all involved as I say with Bill and Melinda Gates, and GAVI, the vaccine alliance. All of them.  All of these people are involved in the same organizations. 


And also, also, also, 'eh...


Never Let a Crisis Go To Waste / 14 April 2020


(A:  M-hm.  It says…)


The coronavirus is spreading and for the first time in history virtually all people on earth are faced with the same, imminent common threat. With multifold stories (A:  … blah, blah, blah…) of individual suffering and an unprecedented global lockdown, there is an intensifying call for an internationally coordinated response; it is in every country’s interest to think and act globally.


(A:  Are you starting to get a sniff of where it’s all from, ‘eh?  Are you?)


The question arises whether global threats like the coronavirus are isolated phenomena (A:  …blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...) … Environmental stress seems to be a common feature associated with our economic system.


Therefore, we can be certain that this will not be the last global crisis…


(A:  This one here goes into what should be done, blah blah blah.)


The first lesson (A:  Again, here’s that term, you know where it comes from, and they always say the same, weapons of mass destruction…) is that we are all in this together.


It is understandable that the domestic debate in the countries currently most affected by the crisis has been almost exclusively focusing on the right approach to reduce immediate harm to their own citizens. But we should be conscious that the necessary actions taken in each country to prevent the virus from spreading – i.e. placing their economic systems into a sort of hibernation – may trigger significant unintended side-effects in poorer countries.


(A:  We’ll all be poorer. It’s what they’re on about you see.)


A global economy in recession …


(A:  No kidding you.  That’s what happens when you lock everybody down and stop them from working and that.  You get a global recession.  Ah, I never would have though, who’d have guessed, ‘eh?  M-hm. Then it goes into the next calamity that might happen during all this. According to The Economist, you know as well, they use The Economist article.  They want…)


…strong multilateral institutions and stronger global governance.


(A:  Ah, I’d never have guessed that’s where they were going with this article.)


As the President of Ethiopia put it in his letter to the G20: “These challenges cannot be adequately addressed (…) by one country; they require a globally coordinated response.


(A:  M-hm.  So, they get their global governance coming out of this whole… And the World Bank response is in here too. Who would’ve guessed the World Bank would’ve got in on this as well, ‘eh?  There ya go.  And the World Bank group, it says…)


The World Bank Group has already prepared a package of support (A:  …of your tax money.) and is inviting other donors to co-finance activities to achieve a massive international coordinated and proven intervention (instead of small donor-driven, potentially non-replicable stand-alone projects).   (A:  Oh, wow.  That’s a mouthful, ‘eh.  and…)


Improving the Multilateral Architecture


(A:  Hm. The UN Security Council, the World Bank group, the International Monetary Fund, all the big group set up, the big club set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that private group, that Council on Foreign Relations.  Hm.     The Biodiversity Conference as well that’s all going to get rammed through it as well.  The Global Public Goods Window. And all the philanthropists are on board with it.  They’re part of governance now, you see. You didn’t notice them getting grafted on, because you don’t vote for them, but they’re part of your governance system. I hope you understand that. Isn’t that just wonderfully utopic?  Isn’t it?  There ya go.)  


You also have all these different, sudden NGO groups, just well-financed ones, just popping out of nowhere.  And with big expensive websites.




(A:  They want to...)


...promote a positive narrative for transitioning to sustainable planetary health...


(A:  During all this crisis, sustainability, you see.)


  ...and to partner with governments, researchers and policymakers... 


(A:  Never mind the public though.) draw on the research available in Australia, as an example, and internationally for this purpose, including partnering with like-minded national and global institutions, to act as a knowledge broker in communicating about threats and solutions.  Develop action on threat reduction and mitigation, adaptation that focus on both selected and combined risks.


(A:  Ah, sustainability, 'eh, climate change, resources, 'eh, human population, that's the numbers, pollution, etc.  I tell ya, this one here is quite something, another roundtable. It just came out of nowhere.  They rose from the ashes of the fires, you know, they recently had there in Australia.  It's called Commission for the Human Future.  Commission for it all. And there's a big city there. And there's the clouds, going away, you see. On the other side, there's blue skies and nice white clouds, fluffy ones. And in the middle, there's the sun behind the big buildings, the rising sun idea, the corona. Isn't that wonderful? The light, a light bringer.  But there it is, right there. And then a big green lawn in front of the big, big city.)


Surviving and thriving in the 21st century. 


A call to action on global catastrophic risks.


Well, my God, if you believed it, if you lived like that, you'd never live at all, very long at all, you'd just die of terror. And believe you me, the money ain't going to help it.  Things that really finish off this world would have nothing to do with what we do.


Again, Gates again, I mentioned before about his involvement in Common Core curriculums in schools. Here's…


New York to Work With Gates Foundation to 'Reimagine' Schools: Governor / 5 May 2020


(Reuters) - New York will work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (A:  Why don’t we just make him emperor of the planet, he seems to have a finger in every pie, ‘eh?) to “reimagine” the state’s school system as part of broader reforms in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, Governor Andrew Cuomo told a daily briefing on Tuesday.


“We have paid a very high price for what we are going through. But the hope is that we learn from it… (A:  And blah, blah, blah.)


(A:  It says he wants to create a new schooling system, I guess it's all to do with the Internet and so on.  Mind you, if you don't have the schools on the go, it's a whole new way of doing...  It will save, all the taxpayers’ money for schools can go into other agendas for the big guys at the top, you understand. [Alan chuckles.] That's what it will be for.  Not to save YOU money. It never does. Your taxes won't go down.  Np.  N-n-n.)


“The old model of everybody goes and sits in a classroom and the teacher is in front of that classroom, and teaches that class, and you do that all across the city, all across the state, all these buildings, all these physical classrooms – why with all the technology you have?” Cuomo asked.


Cuomo is making plans for reopening New York, the worst-hit state by far… (A:  …blah, blah, blah…)


This is the idea that they're pushing forward now, is virtual schools, you see.  Maybe they give you a virtual degree at the end of your college, 'eh.  And we can all be virtual people. I think virtual everything.  Except real-life food, decent food, freedom.  Yeah.  Can you imagine, we get a little virtual figures like they played with on the net years ago, you know, everybody had their little favorite little character. We could all be virtual people living through these little cartoons. Because we won't have any, any life at all in reality the way it's going now.


Offices Will Never Look The Same In Post-COVID World Of Plexiglass and Temperature Checks / 4 May 2020


A recent Bloomberg exploration of just what the typical American office worker can expect imagines the scenario that follows, which seems akin to a strict and exhaustive regimen already a reality in Wuhan and other places in China, forever changing what post-COVID-19 'normal' looks like.


The report is aptly titled, The Office You Left Is Not Going to Be the Office You Return To — because the tragic new regimen for most, especially in urban centers will likely be: Goodbye, open desk plan. Hello, masks, temperature checks, and plexiglass walls.


And in the United States, something akin to this is coming, the report begins:


(A:  And it’s from Bloomberg.)


The Office You Left Is Not Going to Be the Office You Return To - / 1 May 2020


Your first day headed back to the office will likely feel different from the minute you wake up. Imagine the morning begins with a self-administered Covid-19 symptom and temperature check. An app will report the results to your boss. (A:  …and to the police too, I’m sure.)  If all’s well, a low-occupancy company provided shuttle (A:  Here you go, this is the whole Agenda 21 too by the way.) will take you to work. Everyone on it will be wearing a mask.


Once at the office, a second health check. Attendants will strictly control access to doors, elevators and common areas to prevent close contact.


(A:  This is incredible overkill, isn’t it, for something that’s dwindling all the time in numbers. And never achieved anything like the terror, the actual real, you know, deaths and so on that they claimed it would. Nothing like it at all.  No point arguing it because they’re ramming it ahead regardless. This is their whole agenda, sustainability, all-in-one, you understand, and they’re not going to back off.  Unless you MAKE them back off. It’s up to people to say NO to all this nonsense.)


The route around the office will be one-way only. Formerly jammed open desk plans will sit half-empty. You may be encased in a makeshift cubicle made of plexiglass sheets.


To avoid overcrowding, (A:  You’ll be monitored with…) keycards or sensors will monitor your whereabouts throughout the day. Your smartphone may vibrate to alert you to coworker traffic, like Waze for commuting to the copy machine. Lunch will come hermetically sealed. Say goodbye to communal coffee breaks.  (A:  …etc., etc.)


Oh, they're just lapping this up, 'eh, the ones who are churning it out, just wonderful, wonderful, you know, all these little nothings will be obeying us. 


It's all up to you to go along with it. You acquiesce through fear/terror, and believe you me, you're dooming yourself and generations to come into a living hell.


Then this one here too…


'Cancel their contracts, they are a menace to society': Anti-vaxxer NRL stars are slammed as 'entitled' for refusing to get the flu jab - as league gives players 48-hour ultimatum / 7 May 2020 


(A: May 7, the Daily Mail, Australia.)


NRL will grant exemptions to allow anti-vaxxers to play without getting a flu shot


(A:  No one trusts it anymore because folk got sick in previous years too. And they’ve obviously warned, the military has warned, they’ve got this whole flap on the go, that the flu shots make them open to the coronavirus.  [Alan chuckles.]  I’m not kidding you. It’s quite amazing what’s going on right now.)


Frustrated footy fans have slammed reports up to 20 top NRL players are refusing to get a mandatory flu shot as the league prepares to resume its 2020 season.


NRL management has now demanded the players must either get the flu vaccine or sign a waiver in the next 48 hours if they wish to play the game this year.


Those refusing to get the jab reportedly include Canberra players Josh Papalii, Sia Soliola, Joe Tapine, Canterbury's Sione Katoa, Gold Coast's Bryce Cartright, and Manly trio Dylan Walker, Marty Taupau, and Addin Fornua-Blake. 


'The NRL are still to figure out that this self-entitled, better than everyone else attitude needs to stop.'


Well, they got the right to choose. You’re supposed to have the informed CONSENT.  People at the top have this terrible reaction to the word consent now, they’re trying to make everything mandatory. No one sticks anything in your body without your CONSENT. That’s the difference between a tyranny, folks, and a free society.  And there should be no penalties for refusing it in a free society. Folk who are vaccinated should be perfectly safe, shouldn’t you, if you ever had it, you know. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? No, this stigmatization and this shaming of people is a technique that they used in totalitarian tyrannies. That’s a standard technique, stigmatize opposition as terrible, disgusting enemies of humanity, blah, blah, blah.   It’s all been done before. I’ll put that one up anyway for those that want to read it. 


As I say, you're supposed to have informed consent. Consent means you get to say yes or no, right. And you shouldn't be penalized for saying no. What's the difference of getting tortured to do something, if you say no, they keep torturing you, you know?  It's the same kind of idea. This is tyranny when that comes down to that.  Absolutely. Then you have…


Trudeau mulls making coronavirus vaccine mandatory for Canadians - / 30 April 2020


Well really? Is he the top honcho that says that you must allow your body to be pumped full of foreign stuff by private companies and corporations?  That are even terrified to tell the public what’s even in it because it's so disgusting. Really. But then again too, they should also say, fine, we’ll take that if you agree that we can sue you, and I mean completely, when it all goes wrong. And sue the government as well. And the vaccine companies. They should have no protection, these vaccine companies for what they do to the people.


What's the old idea with the covenants that they're supposed to take, you know, do no harm?  What happened to that covenant?  Hm?  Do no harm?  Well the litany of harm is just endless when you go back and read it all. Oh, well these are just aberrant things. Really? Writing off hundreds or maybe even thousands of people across the planet over many years, is just one of these things.  No, no, no, no, no.  Nope.  Not at all.  Especially when there is such a big agenda at stake here, folks, you know.  And…


Facebook names 20 people to its 'Supreme Court' for content moderation / 6 May 2020


Facebook names 20 people to its 'Supreme Court' for content moderation. Facebook on Wednesday appointed 20 people from around the world to serve on what will effectively be the social media network's “Supreme Court” for speech, issuing rulings on what kind of posts will be allowed and what should be taken down.


The list includes nine law professors (A:  …right.), a Nobel Peace Prize laureate from Yemen (A:  Well, that’s very…) and journalists, free speech advocates and a writer from the libertarian Cato Institute.  (A:  Right.)


(A:  So, there’s your star chamber.)


Absent, however, was any prominent expert in studying disinformation. Facebook has struggled to contain state-based manipulation efforts as well as hoaxes on subjects like false cures and gun violence.


Helle Thorning-Schmidt, a former prime minister of Denmark and one of four co-chairs of the board, said they would consider such expertise in recruiting more members.


(A:  Oh, great jobs for people doing nothing, as usual, ‘eh, who sit there with their noses in the air, they’re soo important.)


But again, this is where it's to go with the whole, the whole Google system too which is part of the massive global intelligence system. That's what it is, intelligence agency system. Of course, they are. It's the same with Facebook.  From the very beginning. They always have these fronts. And…


Remdesivir- the only drug shown to work (A:  Again, it’s a PR thing, it’s the only one. No, it’s not the only one shown to work. It’s by Gilead.) against coronavirus - could cost up to $4500 per treatment despite costing just $9.32 to make / 7 May 2020


Gilead has not revealed how much its antiviral drug, remdesivir, which is approved by the FDA to treat coronavirus, will cost


(A:  It’s amazing it got approved though, hey, and it’s the only one that Fauci said, you know, that he would back. Interesting.)


The California-based company drew intense public scrutiny when it priced its hepatitis C treatment at $1,000 per pill in 2013


(A:  …you want it, you need it, we’ve got it.  That’s the whole thing, isn’t it? $1000 per pill.)


A report estimated that it costs $9.32 to manufacture one 10-day course of remdesivir treatment


(A:  It’s interesting too they used, I think they got funding inside the US to test the different stuff out on people. So, all these companies are taxpayer, get massive input from taxpayer money. Incredible really. That’s public/private though, isn’t it?)


The cost watchdog said that, if the drug is proven to save lives, Gilead could charge up to $4,500 per treatment


(A:  Well, there ya go. They’re in the business of helping people. Like everybody else that’s out there on these stages dictating to you. They’re all there to help you. Really. Honestly.)


Now before I get into the last little leg here of my talk for the night, I just have to remind you once again, once again, because we all got short memories, right.  You can help me tick along my donating to me website. Once again, list all the sites listed there, the official sites I have, in case any of them get pulled or go down for any reason hopefully you can still hear me, and as I say, keep up to scratch with what's happening. Help me tick along because it costs cash to keep these sites all going.  And I don't sell T-shirts or herbs to make you live forever or anything like that. I just don't. I leave that to other people.


I just survive on what people send me here and there. Lots of people use my site, believe you me, regardless of what you might see. I've been shadow banned forever.  Definitely since I came out with the whole agenda many years ago and really change the direction it all, at least the so-called alternate media. They had to start following me at the time.  Until the big boys got control of the other ones and shaped it all around me, I suppose. But that's how things happen in real life.  You can't expect that you're living in some kind of fair fight of any kind. Doesn't work that way. It never has.


Everything is always subverted and destroyed. I've seen lots of good radio stations that have been taken down and destroyed because others threatened the people who advertise with them, to stop advertising or else basically.  It's just astonishing the tricks that go on. People have no idea of what they're following.  Even the so-called alternative media often ends up just being a political, an advocate for a political party. All the parties are the same.


Again, going back to Carroll Quigley, he said the same thing back in the 1960s when he published his book.  He said that the parties eventually are all the same, working for the same agendas and promising the same nonsense to the general public.  But serving much higher authorities. He was a technocrat. He believed in technocracy and rule by experts and intelligentsia. He really believed in that, so he was quite honest about it in his books.


So yeah, even what you're following eventually is gradually subverted until you don't realize you've been destroyed or neutralized. And then in comes all the different people who are celebrated at the top as the leaders, the leaders of the alternate media. Then they split up any unified action against anything. That's counterintelligence. Until you can't all collectively advocate against anything to save your lives down the road. That's what happens. That's very successful counterintelligence.


Now you're back to voting.  You'll be voting when you're in chains, with your manacles and so on, you'll still be voting.  They keep telling you so-and-so will make it better, don't worry.  There's nobody to vote for, really.  They're all completely compromised, the whole system is thoroughly crooked in this day and age. Unfortunately.


It's up to the public to start demanding from governments the fact that they don't just get to take rights. They can't take rights from you, remember that. So, you have to start using your rights and asserting natural power once again. It's the only way you can do it.  Or you’re really doomed.


And it really is, if you acquiesce and you go backwards one step, and you do the second step, then before you know what you're going back, you're walking backwards. And they never give up. That's the technique that's being used. The behaviorists, I've prattle on about this for years, they are employed to do this kind of stuff.  And here we are, they're all pushing it forward now. 


So, you can help me as I say tick along.  Go into and look at my site there.  You can find out how to help me tick along too and keep going.


Now, for the last leg here let's just touch on, really, the whole idea of the World Economic Forum. Everything out there is all connected with the same players. Remember, Quigley again said the new system will be run by CEOs of international corporations. He also included the medical industry.  You're seeing it openly today.  They'll be the new feudal overlords.  The new system will be a feudal system and the feudal overlords will be the CEOs of [international] corporations. That's where we are now, isn't it?


You got to it, whether you liked it or not. You weren’t asked about it. You never are. You never will be asked about anything that you really, really need to know or to have an input in.  So, the World Economic Forum, I always say it backwards, it's the FEW, it's for the few.  They have the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Very important because they prattle on about the previous times, you know, of times of industry up to the present, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the new type.  A totally monitored society is all part of their Fourth Industrial Revolution. 


WEF Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


(A:  They go on about how it all works together, for everything you pretty well need, it all goes to computers and black box algorithms and so on and so on. It says…)


Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Internet of Things, Robotics and Smart Cities


(A:  It’s all coming together now, isn’t it?  Under a crisis. They want you into the smart cities where you get totally monitored. And at the same time, if you want to catch something, some disease, I gave this talk years ago, you don’t want to be in the cities because if they release something inadvertently or whatever, [Alan chuckles.] accidentally, or intentionally, then it’s going to swoop right through the city. You’re all packed together, you know.  Look at New York, hm.)


Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Internet of Things, Robotics and Smart Cities


(A:  But they don’t want you driving around, they want you completely locked down in your area.)


There are more connected devices in the world today than there are humans. (A:  …blah blah blah blah blah.)


Internet of Things (IoT), (A:  …yada, yada, ya.)


Shaping the Future of Technology Governance: Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology


(A:  …how wonderful it will all be.  And this is the World Economic Forum, remember, the one... the same…  [Alan chuckles.]  Everybody I've mentioned tonight is a member of it.  Hm.)


Data Policy


Data is the oxygen that fuels the fire of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. More data is being generated than ever before, with the global volume of data predicted to double between 2018 and 2022, and then double again between 2022 and 2025.


(A:  Well, it will once we’re all manacled and got the apps and stuff… and they’ve got chips on you and chips implanted into you and you get your tattoos as well.)


And autonomous urban mobility and so on because obviously they’re going to start…  Do you understand how many car companies are closing down at the present time and have done for the last few weeks? …how much of the Agenda 21 is… The agenda is for the WHOLE 21st-century, that’s what it means, Agenda 21.  For the whole 21st-century. Everything is sectioned into 20, 30-year periods, or even 15-year periods, different parts of it's to be completed.  But ALL of them must be completed by the end of this century, including the fact of no privately owned cars at all.


Well, they are all on board with it too at the World Economic Forum. Do you vote for this organization?  No, you don't. Nope. Do they ask you? No, they don't. But they dictate to you, and they dictate to governments and so on and so on.  It's just amazing, isn't it?   


And then... Drones in Tomorrow's Airspace, all the wonderful things that they're going to give you.  And, Five Ways Collective Intelligence Can Help Beat Coronavirus in Developing Countries.  You see, it's all technology stuff.  Yada, yada, ya. 


No, what you need is treatments for things, folks.  The best policy for treating these kind of diseases is to forbid them to be possibly even worked on in these labs, 'eh, where they do their gain of function, when they make things that are pretty harmless into absolutely lethal things. Like I said, Lipsitch at Harvard University gave the lecture, he is one of many, to his students and says…


Marc Lipsitch--Should we be making potential pandemic pathogens in the lab? - / Feb 24, 2016


Should we? What part of this don't you understand? Should we be making... potentially deadly pandemic diseases in the laboratory? Making.  D'you understand, making?  Hm?  That's what they do.  So that's the best thing is prevention. Just close them all down, 'eh.  Close them all down. And maybe they'll have to get real work and real jobs… and we wouldn't have so much problems with these strange things just suddenly appearing out of nowhere. You know?


And another one is…


Davos Manifesto 1973: (A:  Going back all the way to 1973.)

A Code of Ethics for Business Leaders 

(A:  …never mind the public, but it’s for them, the big corporations, you know.) / 2 Dec 2019


Why we need the 'Davos Manifesto' for a better kind of capitalism


Davos Manifesto 


(A:  I love their manifestoes, that rings bells, manifestoes, you know what I’m saying? I guess that’s the capitalists’ manifesto.  But it’s a combination of them both, because they both believe, the left and right believe in technocratic control of society, expert rules. And no religions, because religions make people think they’ve got rights.  You know, you can’t do that to me, God gave me this life and it’s not yours to take or meddle with, or experiment on.)


Leading by example, all responsibility. The forum commits to being a leader in practicing sustainability.


(A:  Sustainability, there you go.  As they all jet off to their big, their Davos centers and so on.  And they have the best meals on the planet, you know, 20 odd course meals, 24 course meals, etc., etc. And it's all on jet aircraft and just spews out this stuff behind it, but that's all right.  You've got to make allowances for your rulers, for your owners. They own you, you see. You can't be like them. You have to do what you’re told.  The important folk have more rights than ordinary people, for goodness sakes.)


Sustainability strategy for 2021


(A:  …is already put out by them, and their policy, and…)


Sustainable procurement policy


Code of conduct for vendors


(A:  But they’re all, they’re just, oh, they're just in ecstasy, orgasmic ecstasy with all the things they can ram through now, now that they've got this terrible Covid thing to deal with, and how it's going to help society, and it's going to cut back on pollution because no one's driving much these days and stuff like that.  It's just wonderful.)


What can Covid 19 strategies teach us about the climate battle ahead?


(A: They go into...)


What you need to know about the coronavirus pandemic


(A:  ...etc., and the...)


Humanities scholars enlisted to end the coronavirus lockdown. 


The second wave is in our hands, says the WHO, and The Covid 19 Briefing


Oh, my God, 'eh.  Important people. You didn't even know they existed before. Here you are going to work and slaving away and handing over the cash of your taxes and watching a bit of TV and getting zonked out and stuff. And you had no idea all these organizations of VERY important people are managing your life and the planet. You know? You didn't even, you never even had to ask them, they did it all voluntarily.  Wow, 'eh, there ya go.


The Forum commits to being a leader in practicing sustainability. -


But they're ecstatic over what they can do with this crisis.  They can ram sustainability through.  And there's less pollution because no one's driving, eh.  There ya go.  That's going to help the climate they say, 'eh.


Our Members and Partners - World Economic Forum


Our Partners

The World Economic Forum provides a platform for the world’s 1,000 leading companies (A:  Hm.)   to shape a better future. As a membership organization, the Forum engages businesses in projects and initiatives – online and offline – to address industry, regional and systemic issues.


Members and Partners benefit from tailored engagement based on their company strategy. The deeper a company’s engagement, the greater is its ability to shape the Forum agenda.


(A:  And you have to go into their forms to realize about it, what they're really into.)


Platform engagement:


Regional engagement:


Community engagement: The Forum cultivates a network of communities that extend beyond each Member’s immediate peer group to enhance collaboration.


(A:  It's worldwide, you see.  It's all through, industry and so on.)


Industry affiliation


Strategic Partnership (A:  ...and so on.)


…improving the state of the world.


(A: That’s their mission, these selfless CEOs of corporations. They just want to improve the world. That’s why they rake in the cash and stuff. They just want to improve the world for everybody. How can you attack something like that? It’s like mom’s apple pie. You should be ashamed of yourself.)


Strategic Partners enjoy broad experience engaging with a minimum of five platforms.


(A:  All these different platforms, 'eh?  Wow.  Then they partner you up as a strategy partner too.  There ya go.  N-n-n.) 


Strategic Partner Associate


(A:  And they’re…)


Global Innovators


(A:  You see, they actually direct the future of the world. On your behalf. Without you having to even ask them to do it. They're innovators in the community...)


The Global Innovators Community is an invitation-only group of the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups that are at the forefront of technological and business model innovation.


(A:  So, all the artificial intelligence groups are all parts of the intelligence agencies anyway, are on board with it all, all the biggies, you see.  And how they can make new champions…)


New Champions


The World Economic Forum's New Champions community brings together the next-generation enterprises that aspire to be at the leading edge of industry…


(A:  I guess that's the shackles they're going to make, electronic shackles and everything.  And yeah...)


…the Forum engages with the New Champions Community to ensure that the voices of leading Global and Regional companies have a seat at the table


(A:  That’s a lot of money just to make… put you… I can make you a seat for a few pennies actually quite cheaply anyway.  No?  Okay.)


Then you’ve got this other one too, the same again, it’s the World Economic Forum. I’ve even gone into the COR tonight, but…


Our Members and Partners - World Economic Forum


The World Economic Forum provides a platform for the world’s 1,000 leading companies


They shape the future. That's the whole point of control of everything, is to make, you plan what the future you're going to bring in for the peasants to have to rely upon, [Alan chuckles.] right.  That's how you do it.  And guess who’s all part of it? Guess who's all part of this too, 'eh, the World Economic Forum, 'eh?


New paper outlines ways to boost manufacturing and supply systems resilience / 1 May 2020


(A:  Who’s in it?) 


Ajay Banga, Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab urge companies to support the COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator


(A:  Oh, wow, ‘eh. It’s a small world in some ways, isn’t it? The same names just keep popping up everywhere.)


The latest COVID Action Platform virtual meeting


(A:  …virtual meeting they’re having, hm, and stuff like that.)


Blockchain toolkit launched to strengthen supply chains


Isn't it astonishing too, 'eh?  What gets me is, the big corporate chains, even in the supermarkets, are the only ones allowed to stay open.  All the small ones are all closed. They can't, you're not allowed to open. All the biggies are, though. Because the virus is known not to infect anybody in Walmart. They KNOW that.  Hm.  And there's plenty of space there.  Exactly at 5'11" away from you that virus is going to stop dead. It's not going to get through that force field to you.  That's the absurdities of today, for tonight. 


Now, just to show you that hell really is repetition, I'll put up the link to Mike Wallace...


Mike Wallace (CBS '60 Minutes') Investigates Government Propaganda in 1976 Swine Flu Scare - / 28 March 2020


Mike Wallace Investigates Government Propaganda in 1976 Swine Flu Scare - / 4 Oct 2009


The swine flu scare, which caused a lot of damage to the people, who never recovered, a lot of them.  The same kind of hype was hyped up then, out of nothing really at that time, it was much less than it is now. 


And I'm not saying this Covid problem is not real, it is real. It's definitely targeting certain groups of people. But it's nothing like the figures that they claimed initially it was going to be.  In fact, the regular flu would kill a lot more people, or at the very least the same amount of people in the year.  Plus, they're lumping the flu cases in with it too. Rather disgusting really.


But Mike Wallace goes through what happened in 1976 with the same kind of hype then for the swine flu scare and they wanted to vaccinate the entire population, and it caused incredible damage to the people.


I hope I haven't bored you stiff.  I know I haven't for the ones who really listen.  At least it's a way to understand what's really going on. However unpleasant it might be and frightening too.  They want you all to be frightened. You don't have to be frightened. Because you still have power if you only exercise it.


It's quite simple, you can start to… Don't fight them on their own terms, using their own terminology.  That's what they hope you'll do. That's why they want religion out of the way, that gives you rights. Like Julian Huxley said, we must knock humanity off their pedestal thinking it's the supreme being on the planet. We must knock them off it in order to control them, and depopulate, etc.  And they did it all, you know, through science and atheism. Then they come along with their new religion and say, now you must obey us.  We are the priests with the white coats, and this is what you'll do, you see. And you start battling them with their own terminology, of their supposed sciences. Well, are you going to win?  Hm? 


You need your religion. And you should stand by it.  And just tell them where to get off, as they say, you know. It has to be done.


A little light here and a little light there... across the planet, and eventually there's lots and lots of little lights, just light up in the darkness as folk start to reclaim their natural dignity again. 


And the fact that they're not an animal that's owned by anybody.


And no, you're not all in it together. You're not part of a collective. That's what they've been training you to believe, you’re collective, collective, collective. No, you're an individual in society and you have the rights to decide for yourselves what's to be done, especially with your own body. 


Otherwise, as I say, it's a living hell. A living hell is being set up for you. Honestly, I really mean that.  They try to basically sterilize it and sanitize it with terminology, we're here to help you. No, no, no, no. These are Mengele’s out there, folks. These are Mengele's, real Mengele's and they are trying to get you to simply cave-in and allow them to own you now, to OWN you.  O-W-N. 


Again, the terminology you use is simply, it's called N-O, NO!  No.  You see.  That's where you start, with that simple little word NO. 


It's up to you, if you want human dignity of any kind at all.


And any kind of life at all.


Because by the time these characters are through with it, and a living hell...


...people won't want to live.


I really mean that.   I really, really mean that, what they want to bring in, this is not a human system they're bringing in here.  It is for themselves at the top, they'll be allowed all the pleasures and blah, blah, blah, that you are not allowed to have. Including the best of food, and lots of meat by the way.  They always make sure of that.  Even in the book 1984 they had it in there too. The Soviet system, the ones at the top were never short of the best of foods as the peasants starved.  Often to death.


Never forget the past.


Never forget the past, folks.


And take care of each other too in these times of crisis. Don't turn on each other. You've got to help each other out. Because times are going to get even worse.  The economy is not supposed to ever get back to anything that we had before. If they even let you into it, and they might just come out with the next trick of saying, oh my God, it's returned.  If they can keep it going, the lockdown, into the fall, and then say, oh my God, it's the flu season. They'll say, oh it's returned with a vengeance, and get it into next year like they wanted initially anyway.


The reason being, even this Neil Ferguson, he still pushing the same thing. Which tells you, they are not insane.  It's an excuse for the whole agenda, folks, for the true, the true new world order that they prattle on about, that they’re openly proclaiming actually.  It's the excuse to bring it all in, and sustainability, depopulation, austerity, yada, yada, ya.


But remember you’re worth a lot more than that.  Of course, you are.


Don't ever forget it.


And you're not alone either. There are other people in similar boats, and you can all communicate with each other too.  And you should be.


For myself Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, where we've still got snow outside, it's good night and may your God or gods go with you.


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The Forum commits to being a leader in practicing sustainability.


Our Members and Partners - World Economic Forum


New paper outlines ways to boost manufacturing and supply systems resilience / May 2020


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