May 24, 2020 (#1775)

"Cutting Through the Matrix" with Alan Watt

(Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk)

Pilgrim's Process---

"Breaking Commandments We did Flout,

Nervously, One-by-one We Ventured Out,

Clutching Talismans to Ward Off Disaster,

Fauci Amulets, Chants to Gates the Master,

Our Unworthy Faces We Did Cover

Magic Spacing 6 Feet, One From the Other,


Sprinkling Holy Bleach Water on the Hand

We Approached the Barrier, Told to Stand,

The Master's Priest Pointed Wand at Head,

'Temp's O.K. He's Not Yet Quite Dead,'

Each One Passed Through the Ordeal Ritual,

Cell-Phone Showed Happy Green Emoji Virtual,


Almost at the Store Where Food Does Dwell,

Black-Clad Master's Man Brought Down Hell,

After a Solemn Top to Toe Bodily Scan,

He Declared me a Useless Non-Essential Man,


So No Food for Me, Homeward I Did Lean,

Cell Phone Began Blaring 'Quarantine!'

'An Infectee Was in Your Close Vicinity,

Stay Home, Hand Wash to The Corona Divinity' "

© Alan Watt May 24, 2020

*Title & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 24, 2020 (Exempting Music and Literary Quotes)


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Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May 24, 2020.  Once again, as always, I hope that you're all doing as best you can.  What else can I say, as best as you can because that's all any of us can actually do under the circumstances living in this big agenda driven society that we have very little say in, especially when we keep quiet. [Alan chuckles.]  That's the problem with society, that too many folk today just keep quiet and go along with it.  It's not unexpected, that's the way it's pretty well has always been. 


I've mentioned before that Aldous Huxley went through it in a similar form because he talked about suggestible people and the percentages of primary suggestible people who would go under and do what they're told immediately, under the spell of it, and using techniques like Bernays laid out way back in the 1920s and 30s and 40s.  Huxley was giving his talk to Mike Wallace in the 1960s, I think. He mentioned that a certain percentage of the public would go under immediately to suggestion put out by authority.  They would buy whatever they were told buy or behave the way they're supposed to behave, even read what they were supposed to read, magazine wise and so on by advertisers, they fell for it very quickly.


He said that but then there's a percentage that simply don't go under the spell right away. But you can get another 10% under quickly if you give them more and more reinforcement of the suggestion.  Oh, come on now, just try it a bit longer and you'll find that it will work. Just coach them a little bit and sure enough they will eventually succumb to it as well.  That leaves a small percentage that can't be hypnotized and brought under through direct suggestion by authority figures.


That really goes by, in today's society, the behaviorists, they're taught this kind of stuff, how to manipulate us all.  In fact a lot of your tax money goes into funding the big, big paychecks and studies from the neuroscientists and behaviorists and psychologists that make their money like parasites off of us so that they can basically manage the host that they feed off, which is all of us of course.  And we put up with it. We put up with it and that's a sad thing to me, very sad folk aren't ticked... At least ticked off a little bit about how they are managed and manipulated. 


As I say, we pay for all these studies through our tax money so that we can be used basically. We're looked upon as cattle.  And unfortunately, and I've met lots of the people in the sciences of behaviorism and psychology that work in these kind of fields. Like, the behavioral insights teams that work across the Internet managing your thoughts and what you should be looking at and, don't look at this, etc., and even shaming you and all that stuff. All paid by our tax money, big fat salaries. I see them in the same category as the KGB or the Stasi would be. I really do. I lump them all together, these people who are manipulating our minds and our thoughts and using all dirty tricks to try to make us do what they want us to do.  They're disgusting people. They really are, in that society.  So, we shouldn't really put up with it. But again, most folk do.  And they know that too, the exact percentages that go along right away.


We're living through as I say an agenda.  It's an agenda driven society.  I used to give talks on that, how even in the 1800s the big corporations of the day, even before that too, had their hundred-year business plans, sometimes longer than 100 years. They knew exactly where they wanted to be at least 100 years in the future.  Like going back even further to the old East India Trading Company and how they set out there settlements of countries they would take over in fact and use the military in Britain to do the fighting for them. So private corporations always have been in bed with the Bank of England. 


That's what created the British Empire. The bank of course would lend to government to pay for the armies and so on, then the government would quite happily give them the right to tax the public to pay back the loans.  That's never changed to this day. That was the prototype that eventually America too would copy with its Federal Reserve system.  Which again is private banks, it's a collection of private banks.  It's not really national at all.  In fact, foreigners generally run it, [Alan chuckles.] that are not American citizens.  It's quite amazing to...  That's another story altogether.


But anyway, getting back into what I'm saying.  Most folk in today's society, as you know, and I keep mentioning it since this whole thing started, I go back to the idea of terror. We are in a war of terror. This is a reign of terror upon the public. They always use this in a revolutionary time.  They did for the French Revolution.  The Bolshevik revolution also.  They always have a reign of terror to utterly petrify the public into compliance.  That's what you're living through now if you haven't figured it out. 


They also used it with 9/11, the Pearl Harbor event that they just miraculously got for the PNAC group.  So, it's the same thing.  That lost a whole bunch of rights for the American people and the people of the world too that copied and followed suit. This is the Part 2 of that Part 1 again. Part 1, the towers. Part 2 now the Corona.  And here we go again. 


But it's based on terror.  It's like a bad horror movie. You'll still watch and watch it because you're tuned, you're tuned to trying to survive. The primitive part of the brain in the limbic system, that's what your fight or flight system is based upon.  Even though it's a bad movie you will identify with the characters that are getting chased or hunted or about to be eaten or whatever it happens to be.  And if you look away, you see, you miss a clue, you might miss a clue that's going to be vital for your survival, or your failure, so you keep watching it.


That's what they're using daily and have been from the beginning with the complete on board of all media with this whole war of terror, repeating the same horrific things to the public. You're all going to die unless you take a vaccine, etc., etc., etc.  The people who keep tuning in every day to watch, to get their dose of terror, in case again they miss that one bit of information that might one day come across, that's going to be vital for survival, they keep tuning in for the next bit of fear, you see. 


If folk haven't figured out by now, this is all incredibly well coordinated from the very, very top to bring in a new system.  We can quote the facts until the cows come home, if there's any meat left at all or milk to drink by the time this is finished.  But the thing is, facts don't matter. If you haven't noticed, y’know. Unless you really drive them home with something else behind it, you must put demands behind the facts, like, get off our backs and stop this nonsense and let's get on with living, you see. 


Because if you don’t, you're into the whole agenda. The whole agenda was designed, a brand-new type of agenda of the total lockdown of the public, including the healthy people, never been done in history.  It goes against all common sense, even for herd immunities.  Folk who are testing positive for antibodies to this, meaning they've had it, or they could've had... By the way it's so vague now, they're getting so confused with their own studies, and counter studies etc., you might prove positive if you even had flu shots in the past. And these are official, I'll bring out tonight official stuff about this too. So, they can't say it's lies since they put it out themselves in previous years.


But if you prove positive, they've got two choices now you see. They want to lock you down again, you, for testing positive, and then find everybody you've been in contact with. Being positive doesn't mean you still got the darn thing. It's residues to the RNA actually, it's residues, it's fragments of dead viruses and so on that are still around. They're everywhere. That's what these tests for the swabs are designed to pick up on, you see.  It doesn't mean you still got the thing.  If you get a factual, proper...  There isn't even a proper laboratory test really for the antibody, because it doesn't mean it's the antibody for that exact coronavirus. You understand?  They're trying to make it out they're so precise. They're NOT precise at all.


I spent so many years, so many years going over false information that was touted at one time as the holy truth from the very top, only to be discounted years later.  By, oh, subsequent research has found that blah, blah, blah... and they go the opposite direction. And they never go back and say, oh, we're very sorry for giving you all that false data before. That never happens. They never apologize.  Because if they start to apologize, the public might start thinking, well, maybe they're wrong quite a lot of the time. So, they can't go there. They just go on to the new normal and repeat it as though they had never had a previous new normal, you see.  That's really what it's all about.  That's how it's done.


I can remember one of the biggest companies in Canada that took the blood supplies for tests, and sputum and all the different tests they did for all the  different stools and everything else. A massive company.  Again, these companies get BIG contracts put out by the federal and provincial governments, and I think they're all through the States too.  They found out that there were so many scams going on that literally about half of the results were fake, false positives, no matter what they were testing, and false negatives. Meaning, they were just making the darn stuff up as they went along. A lot of them were definitely doing that.


I have no doubt too that the technicians, lab technicians had pressure put on them by their bosses, because it's all bonus time, isn't it? The more you ram through, the better it is for them all, you see. Until credibility goes out the window and honesty with it. And that's pretty common by the way. We live in a very corrupt society. Very corrupt society.  So anyway, they lost the contract and some other big company got it.  I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing is happening now, you see.


But, having a false, or a positive I should say, to an antibody really, an antibody that would fight it you see, is very iffy at the best.  What they say, it might not be the right antibody. Well, what d’you mean? Make your mind up here.  Then they’ll say, well we can't say that it will last very long, this antibody. Well, nobody can, until you study it for years down the road.  I've seen virologists already, or heard virologists, top ones too, some of them saying that if you've got antibodies to this thing, you've got it for life. Other ones will say, are parroting the same phrase, well you might only have it for 2 to 3 years before it dies off, you see.  That's how it goes. 


That's something of course the vaccine companies, massive industry of course, incredibly [Alan chuckles.] lucrative industry, especially right now as they're throwing trillions around the world here and the hands are all out for studies into all oddball kinds of things.  But when you think about it, the whole idea of repeat vaccination is because your antibodies might not last long enough until the next outbreak of whatever it happens to be. But three or four years down the road this particular one won't be around; it won't be something... It will have mutated into some other strain, you see, or many strains. 


Then they go back to the old idea too, well, you might have crossover from, if a vaccination doesn't work, it might be similar enough to give you crossover. This is the, [Alan chuckles.]  this is the trick that they're trying to use for taking vaccines for flu for instance. If that was the case, you had a crossover, well, the original, whatever the real original flu ever was many, many, many years ago, right, then you would still be, you would have a crossover to that one too.  So that doesn't work at all. So, their whole idea of crossover is out the window.  You generally have to have that exact right one or not at all.


Don't forget we have again the flu types every year and most of the time you never know you had it either, it passes through your system. Just like polio passed through the system of most folk in the 1940s and 50s, and folk never knew they had it, unless they had some problem where it would settle into a particular area, and definitely injured areas in the body, it would settle in and cause the problem sometimes.  For the young children, they have never found out why some of them, it stayed with some and not the others of course.  That's very debatable too, that that whole thing.  There's a whole lot more information they have today.


As I say, this is a massive… Haven't you noticed, and this is what really struck me initially, was the all-for-one-and-one-for-all parroting of every supposedly public figure in the health industry that was put on television. I saw it only through the computer, I didn't see TV ones, but it's really taken from TV, all these little clips and so on.  No matter what country it was, the ones who were put in charge of health all, you didn't need them, you didn't need them at all.  It didn't matter what they looked like, they all had Fauci's voice, they all said exactly what he said.  Exactly what he said.  The same as the WHO of course, this big clique at the top that had preplanned this, obviously, their response to this.  Because right off the bat they never went anywhere near, NEVER went anywhere near the fact that your body would probably have or develop an antibody to it.  Didn't even... No.  From the very beginning it was, and it’s still the same by the way, you've got to get a vaccination for this... And then, only then will we let you out of your houses, eh, and only then will we let you go to work.  No, this was right from the beginning, folks.


At the very top you've got a clique here who are so compromised in vaccine industry, and massive handouts and multimillions, even billion-dollar industries when it looks to go worldwide, they're all in it together, aren't they? They really are!  I said too eventually if they don't back off from their threats of what they're going to do the public, I said they'll lose all credibility. And when that starts to happen, when they start losing credibility, tyrants, and this is the key to it, tyrants then get really heavy-handed and nasty and lethal towards the public. That's what you learn through history.  Where especially when they're in the wrong, they won't back off, and they’ll pledge to go ahead with something, because nothing is going to break this agenda, they will get vicious towards the public. That's a dangerous, dangerous thing.


Because they can't ever back off. Because if it comes the information is coming out now, it's got enough to put lots of them on trial already for what's happened.  Now, mistakes can be forgiven.  But when they are complicit and heavily involved, with huge shares and so on and some of them even own vaccine companies, hey wait a minute here, eh?  Wait a minute here, this is looking rather suspicious. And the more suspicious it looks, the more angry the perpetrators become and the more vicious they become to those who are exposing them.  That's the dangerous time.


That goes for the complicity too of those in governments. They know it too. They know it.  That's why they’ll stick together until, like, one-for-all-and-all-for-one until the end, eh.  Because this is...  It isn't just money here.  It's a completely NEW way of living throughout the future.   The high-tech industry, the Rockefeller plans for the future basically, you know, that they came out with, projections for the future, the scientific system of tracking and tracing everybody and a whole new way of living and yada, yada. And the real kibosh on anything to do with any traces still left over of personal freedom and privacy, to completely eliminate that for the average people.  That's what they want to be unfurled of course, the whole futurist phenomenon.  Years ago.


It's boring to me because I did talks on the futurists societies and how they work with the behaviorists on behalf of the master’s that run the world. And yes, you do have masters that run the world. And it isn't just the deep state, you know. That's one term for it. The deep state really is more of the working, the worker bees that make it all happen, the real technocrats.  Fauci technically is a technocrat.  I'm sure he's involved with high decision-making, but he's not the boss at the very top.  He's allowed to take his big fill and take his money back from all the different things he's got his hands into.  But he's not the boss.


I'm sure too, all these characters that you're seeing have got high intelligence clearance, you know, for the agencies, probably the CIA, every one of them.  Because it isn't just the media that they completely took over long ago, the CIA.  It's every main industry in technology, including, especially media.  [Alan chuckles.]  Today, with those in charge of vaccine companies and all the rest of it.  Why do you think they're completely, they've been made, you can't sue them? Why do you think that is... if they were just private corporations?  Hm?


And so far, the presidents and prime ministers come out with declarations that they can't be sued. But they want to stick their stuff into you, hm? Directly into your body? Which is an invasion, anything that goes through the skin is still called an invasive surgery, believe it or not. It's penetration into your bloodstream, even if it goes into the tissue first, the interstitial tissue, it makes no difference, it goes into the bloodstream, and that's the whole point of it.  And the people who, if it's going to get mandated, you'd better believe everyone who is mandating this better have their name on the forms so you can sue them if anything goes wrong.  And it often does go wrong.


But as I say, isn't it astonishing, that from the very beginning...  And that didn't raise the hackles on everybody's, you know, the back of their heads.  When no matter who was telling the public what to do, you've got to get a vaccination, it's the ONLY way you're going to get out of this, it's the  ONLY way you're going to get out and get any freedom and get to work and go outside.  And they made you know it too, with all the different reports of folk getting locked up or arrested for going into their gardens and planting vegetables in the spring.  You can't do this, you can't do that, yada yada, ya.  Meanwhile, there's all these reports, and in every country, of the politicians often in charge of the health parts, going off and doing their own thing and traveling, where they want to go and meeting with other people.


Tonight, too I'll put up some YouTubes, and even Bitchute too, but one of them is a guy in England, who's been dogged about the Bristol Hospital there, he put out some videos before, how empty it was, nothing was happening.  But what’s happening now there, and he's gone and taken his camera with him, is these staged events for the applaud of the nursing staff and the medical teams and first-line responders. In hospitals where literally nothing's happening eh?  In areas where folk are dying, because they can’t get in the hospitals for treatments for other things.


But you've got this big publicity like wartime propaganda nonsense, and he goes there, and you see them all lining up. They come out of the car parks, they all meet in the car parks from different places and come into the hospital, and they're all dressed in uniforms and so on. The police are there. The fire brigade gets there too, with its hoist and all that.  And there's all the teams of folk in uniform, you know.  Uni-form, one form, right.  Applauding themselves. And this guy says, he was across the street filming it, he goes up to the cops and says, how come all of you lot don't do social distancing, but you arrest us for doing it?  Because they're all huddled together having a great ole time, slapping each other on the back sort of thing. 


Complete farce of any logic. It's not meant to be logical.  It really isn't. It really isn't, you know. It's wishful thinking. It's magical thinking that they've given you to believe in here. That if you are 2 meters away from someone, then the virus, it's so intelligent, or it's so taboo, you put a taboo, a force field around you, a black magic, or white magic, depends on what side you're on I guess, and it depends if you made the virus, or you had something to do with making the virus, or making money off it maybe in black magic.  But the white magic is, if I keep them 2 meters away from me or just over six feet, then this virus, that can't get any closer to me.  I mean, phew, it just stops dead in its track, eh?


Especially when you've got your magic amulets with you. Do you have them with you?  You know, you've got your little balls, or your hand sanitizers, eh.  And you've got your mask, and you've gotta have that mask on your face. Because all good voodoo ceremonies have masks on their face. So, does Eyes Wide Shut mind you. But here you are, that's your talismans. These are your magic talismans that you've been taught to have with you.  At all costs. Scrub, scrub, scrub, and stick that thing on your face there.


So once you're protected against the magic out here, right, even though [Alan chuckles.] those facemasks really, the micron size it could catch is inadequate really most of the time, most of those masks that you see, you know, for the size of this particular virus. It will come through regardless. Whether you’re breathing it out or you're breathing it in, it's going to come through it. But they know all this stuff. They know this.  But you've gotta have it with you. Even though you were forbidden to have them initially, right, by the same experts that then demand that you wear them now, or you could get fined, eh. 


You understand, you can't please these characters. It's like having a parent who... who... I can remember they used to say that a lot of guys had problems if especially the mother, you know, the mum's got a very significant role to play in raising children, VERY significant.  She could make or break a child. And the males especially, you know.  So if you get an ambivalent mother, the mother who was often, come here, come here, and then at other times just furious like a manic, and just fury and go away, go away and whack, whack, whack, you know.  That guy is going to be really screwed up with relationships for the rest of his life.  Come here, go away, come here, go away, come here, go away.  You know.


Well, that's what it's like with this whole thing. Wear a mask, don't wear a mask, slap, slap, slap, you know.  And there's the cops ready to jump on people, quite happily and eagerly to jump on folk that are disobeying the magic laws.  Hm? 


And it isn't until I sat and really thought a lot about what was happening, because from the beginning it was all wrong.  You see, you don't, you don't quarantine healthy people. You don't destroy the economy, unless you're going to bring in a whole new system. And bingo, that's exactly what it was for. There's no other reason for this.


Right off the bat too they said, oh, there could be another spike in the late fall when winter is about to come in. Well, they're going to guarantee it's going to happen. Because a lot of folk won't have, had, even knowingly or unknowingly, this virus if they've been locked down. You haven't created the 80% herd immunity that normally would have happened. You've got have at least 80%, they claim, for it to start fading off really big time, like, for good.  Because once folk have had it, they can't pass it on to anybody else. You've got the antibodies, the thing dies off in your body or it goes inactive, and you're not a spreader anymore, you see.


But by locking folk down and keeping the children, who are great spreaders with these things, are separate from people, and again stopping them all from going to school, then you're going to get a spike, you're pretty well guaranteed a spike.  And this is how, I thought about it at the very beginning, I thought, you know, when they played this, this way, and then they come down and say, well we gave you a little bit of temporary freedom in the summer.


That's right up with their playbook too, their manual for how to handle this, right, from their test that they're going to do, Event 201, etc.  That the people would start rebel a bit.  So, loosen up a wee bit, loosen up a little bit and give them a little bit of freedom in the summer. Then of course, if it spikes again in the fall, you're locked down again. And they'll show you even more horrific pictures. I'm sure they've got even better stuff, refined now, now that they've got more con artists on board with them, who can do some amazing stuff with film, you know, and video.


So, we're living through an incredible script. An INCREDIBLE script. There's no doubt about it, when 9/11 happened nothing made sense.  Nothing that was put out made sense. Right off the bat, I mean, the dust hadn't cleared from the towers coming down when the voice went out, it was Osama bin Laden, y'know.  Immediately.  That's who you were told. Meanwhile, you found out, well, you find out afterwards they already had the military ready to go into Afghanistan months before 9/11 happened, hm.  Then as they went through Afghanistan, they were already changing their sites into Iraq, it was Saddam Hussein.  He had nothing to do with it. It didn't make any difference. 


But what you saw then was the same kind of thing. All the same spokespeople on TV every day, and Rumsfeld and Cheney and Bush all repeating the same stuff, and whatever general they brought forward, the same stuff.  Weapons of mass destruction, blah, blah, blah, fuzzy pictures and all the rest of it.  It was incredible. But you saw that complete sworn determination, and I mean SWORN, they put their hands together and the whole thing and they swear on each other's lives to go through with this thing, to the bitter end regardless of what happens.


You're seeing the same thing now from the top health experts, with the heads of even US states, that come out and are just adamant, they're going along with the whole darn thing regardless of herd immunity building up.  That's why the spike dropped off now, right after it. You get a spike now, then it drops right down again. That's the standard. You find that even with flu seasons; that's what happens.  Yep. 


But they still got a lot of people who haven't been exposed yet, I'm pretty sure. And they know it too.  Because this is the first time ever lockdown on the people so they can't get the herd immunity. So, it will spike again come the cooler weather once again.  They'll be quite happy. Then they hope to have the vaccine ready to mandate it into your bloodstream.  I laugh at it too when they say, well it doesn't go into the bloodstream. Well, it's not supposed to go.  But it makes no difference.  If you stick it into your body, I don't care if it goes into interstitial tissue and into the lymphatic fluid, it's going to get in, it's going to get into your bloodstream. That's where it goes, folks. 


So again, it's like a big business plan.  And you're living through one. Your whole life has been living through a big business plan.  9/11 had to happen to bring in the whole martial law type system and end of freedom.  Even freedom of thoughts now, you're completely policed with your thoughts on the Internet now.  Because you put all your thoughts out there, and then on all your chitchat too and your texting and in your phones. EVERYTHING, everything. I mean they've built whole areas like towns, the size of towns in the States and elsewhere to house the data, the trillions and trillions of gigs of data that they collect all the time, every day and week and month and year on all of us.  And this isn't temporary stuff.


I can remember how they launched it when 9/11 happened. Well, you know, we're only going to keep this certain type of data here for maybe a month or so, two months, six months at the most.  As time went on, no we got to keep this longer and longer. Well, nothing gets ditched, folks.  Unfortunately, the people adapt to it. That's what’s so interesting. They know this too. The studies on the public, are you adapt, you adapt. Like Darwinian, adapt or die, eh. That's what they tell you, you've got to adapt to this, and you've got to adapt to having no rights, to no freedoms and beings spied upon and monitored. Then branded with Bill Gates special tattoo, you know, his little luciferase tattoo. Isn't that wonderful?  A complete record of vaccinations. Because you are a product. But they've got other products to pump into you annually. 


And this consent thing is just annoying, isn't it, eh?  Look at Alan Dershowitz, you've all seen, and I'll put up again the clip where he talks about, you're going to get this thing whether you like it or not, and the military is going to force you to do it, yada, yada, ya.


Alan Dershowitz: States Can 'Absolutely' Mandate Vaccinations (video) - / 18 May 2020


Talking like a tyrant. You're looking at people… You'd better stop, you'd better stop and put them in their place right off the bat. You're looking at tyrants here, folks.  You really are.   They're so arrogant in the height of their STATUS, and they've been pampered and spoiled for so long. They really believe that all you little peons are little creatures, you're little farm animals, you know, and guys like him have the right to dictate how you're going to behave, eh.  This is the guy that was allocated to try and get Jeffrey Epstein off, hm?  He has things in common with Bill Clinton you know, they all have, mind you, with Epstein. [Alan chuckles.]  Even Gates apparently knew Epstein as well. Small world isn't it, eh? 


Alan Dershowitz asks judge to dismiss Epstein victim's defamation case - / 25 Sept 2019


But if you think about it, Dershowitz, he also tried to put in a motion to stop the investigation into himself. Because I think it was, was it Miss Roberts is it, one of the people who was getting used as basically a prostitute for the high and mighty by Epstein. I think she had a lawsuit against him too. Or, he was at least mentioned, Dershowitz was mentioned in the same kind of thing for sexual massages. Dershowitz I think said… He was like Bill Clinton.  You see, Bill Clinton was caught in a similar kind of thing in the Oval Office. Oval is rather, maybe a bad word for it.  But he did a thing with cigars apparently, Bill Clinton, with a woman, you know. We all know the story. Bill Clinton smoked marijuana, but he said he didn't inhale, right. And Dershowitz had a massage, you see, but he didn't take his underwear off and didn't have sex. So, they've got things in common, you see, one didn't inhale, one didn't have sex and kept his drawers on.


These are the characters who through some strange way have got incredible power over society, and this, again deep state that's referred to, has the real power behind governments. They really believe they are the kingpins. Even though, as I say, there's people above them too.  The ones above them don't do any work at all. They don't have to.  They make suggestions once in a while, but they don't say how to do things. They just make suggestions and things are done by the peons below them, you see. 


But you better believe it, when you see the faces of these characters, you're looking at, you're beginning to see the faces that you've seen down through the eons, whether it’s a Caligula or a Nero, or folk who are in charge of mass slaughtering, you know.  Down through the ages. Right up through the 20th century. And the Bolshevik revolution as well and incredible slaughtering, 60 to 80 million people during it's time. Slaughtered. Horribly too. It wasn't... it wasn't... Lenin said, don't just kill them, you've got to put a show of horror and terror on to the public. 


That's another thing they always do, they always let prisoners out during their revolution, eh, when they start a revolution.  The French did that with the Bastille. They even let the Marquis de Sade out of course. Before that the Marquis de Sade, d’you know how he talked to them, d'you know how he talked to the people outside the Bastille? It was a tube that he had to, ah, wee-wee in, you see, I'm being very polite here.  But that's what he used to yell down to the public as well, hm.  So even that's highly symbolic, how he got his message to the public. But the Marquis de Sade was let loose too to bring in more chaos if possible. The reason he had been put in prison was his incredible perverted attitude to everything. No one was safe around him, of any gender, or any age for that matter.  But they let him lose. They always do that.


Then the Bolsheviks did the same thing.  They let the murderers and rapists out to cause mayhem. But they also employed a lot of them. They gave them full rein for their rare intent, full rein to do what they want to do.  Lenin had people literally disemboweled, and this is a popular way to do it, especially in the rural areas. He sent these gangs out.  They would take one or two members of say local councils, or people who are just looked up to, like unofficial officials in little towns and villages and so on, to make an example.  It didn't matter if even they were going to comply with you or not, it made no difference, just make examples of the high and mighty. Even if it's just a peasant with less patches on his clothing.  Disembowel them.  Put a part of the intestine around the lamppost, or any post, and make them walk around and disembowel themselves in circles around the post. That's...  I'm not kidding you, there's even photographs that have been done.


These are the wonderful people who brought “civilization”, another great leap forward for humanity, with a new way of living again. They always bring you revolutions, and we’re in one now, folks. You can either nip it in the bud now. Or just comply, just comply.  It's the same characters. The same formula.


Why do you think that they prisoners out?  Hm?  They do this when they're launching revolution. When you look at the whole agenda that the Rockefellers put out, with the Scenarios for the Future, it's a revolution into technology and a new way of living, and experts ruling everything of your life from birth to death. Something we've all talked about for years and years and years, at least I have.  And here it goes. The same thing.  Then of course they want to get let loose create more mayhem in society until the folk demand the police to do something about it. And the police get more new powers, you see.  It's all been done before over and over again.


But when you see the faces, like the Dershowitz's, saying you're going to get it whether you like it or not blah, blah, blah…  and people in Britain are doing the same thing too.  Because they're all going to get mightily, d'you think they're not going to get paid for this in one way or another? Do you really think that? 


I really don't think we've had such blatant corruption showing itself…  almost, not before.  We saw it in 9/11. We saw it with the whole agenda with Bush and the PNAC group.  Before 9/11 and after. [Alan chuckles.]   Yeah.  In fact, Georgie, little Georgie, he said after, once he got out, you know, and Obama got in.  He said, if the public had known what we were up to, they would've chased us down the road with ropes in their hands. That's what he said!  Again, it's in one-for-all, all-for-one, so they could never back down. One cannot break, none of them can break, you see, if anybody breaks confidence, that they've sworn onto these things, their lives are in danger. Absolutely. That's how it works amongst these kind of societies, these groups.   That's how it's done.


So, you let the prisoners go loose. Mayhem is created. You tell the police the same thing by the way, not to go after them. And what were the police told right off the bat, in every country?  Let them out of the prisons, don't bring them to trial, for a lot of the new cases.  Don't even respond to what are now, where even if you catch them, as more minor infractions of crime, just let them go. That's what's happening now, eh?  But the cops are going after you if you if you're not social distancing, or if you stopped longer than five or 10 minutes for a rest on the way to get some groceries.  Etc. etc. etc.


This is a real training exercise on the general public. Nothing to do with what you think it is. Obviously. Because if it was all aboveboard you would not be letting prisoners loose. You would be arresting them for committing crimes in the streets when you catch them. You would not be letting them go.


Another thing too is, you see reinventing government has been talked about years and years and years, of reinventing government. Also, reinventing goverNANCE.  Look at the Council on Foreign Relations. You can look into their Foreign Affairs magazine; they've been telling you for years where they want to take the world. They have a big group in Canada here in Ontario, they've got ex-Prime Minister's working with it too, or ex Deputy Prime Minister's working with them too.  Guys who brought you the Fortress America, we're going to join into one system, you know. To save us all against terrorism, they said.  They didn't tell us that once you're in Fortress America, you're now locked up with the terrorists.  [Alan laughing.]  And the terrorists are the guys that bring you all the agendas and they sign agreements for amalgamating countries, which they drafted up themselves too, just like the European Union. Long story about that.


What I'm saying here is, you've to understand you’re living through just the next part of the agenda. There's no doubt about it. No doubt whatsoever.


There's some comedy there too.  Of course, apart from the folk [Alan chuckles.] that literally think the virus just know to stop, you know, and don't go further than that 6 feet, for goodness sake. It's an intelligent virus. As I say, you're wearing your amulets and your talismans and your facemask there and you've got your hand sanitizer, eh.  Some folks have little spray bottles to take with them too to spray in front of them. It might kill everything before it hits them, it might kill things in the air, you see.  It might be good against mosquitoes, though; I've got them back out here already in Canada where I am here.


But when you look at the comedies, where you were told not to wear masks, eh?  Only doctors, remember that?  You’ve got the same article, they haven’t disappeared yet, that the media was telling you. The same mainstream media that was getting totally ignored for years because they were so corrupt and awful that no one believed them anymore until this happened.  And back again, through horror you tuned in, they might tell us something important for our survival. And they're making hay of it. 


Again, in January it was a small sites that were reporting what was happening in China and say, this is going to come here. Because, d'you know how many Chinese students are all across the universities of the planet?  Huh?  That's just one thing. Never mind all the other traveling back and forth to China, constantly, every week. So, the small sites, this is going to happen here. But the professionals and the media, oh no. Even Fauci said, oh nothing to worry about, in January.  He said Americans don't have to worry about that.  N-n-n.


Then as I say, they told you, well, only doctors, they said, only doctors should wear facemasks.  I guess, you see, again you're back into the world of magic, eh, you see.  Because when the viruses are heading towards that doctor, and they see a mask on his face, they all know that he's a doctor and to go around them and don't go right to the mask, you see. But if you as a peasant wear that mask, you see, it's not going to take any notice of you because you're a peasant. That's what they're telling you. It's magic, you see.  Absolute magic.


Then of course, they mandate, you've got to wear a mask. After you’re almost clubbing to death folk, when the cops find them, that they have masks on.  Now of course they club you to death if you take it off, eh, or you have got it on. Whichever, you can't keep up with it anymore. Should we have it on, or should it be off, eh?  You don't know anymore.  Magic.


The same magic you find with the virologists. Have you noticed that?  It's like Wiccanism. It's like white magic and black magic, you see. Because now you have top, top virologists, and by that, I mean the ones who've actually worked in laboratories.  There's other ones who are top virologists to do with study and the bio effects of it through graphics and so on who do the detailing of it.  Like Neil Ferguson, the guy who...  But again, Neil Ferguson, honestly, if you have got a dispute with the government for back taxes, that they owe you, right, get him. He'll get millions for you.  He doesn't like small numbers.  He'll get millions for you, and you'll be okay there.  Make sure you do that. You put it through his computer program, and that 150 bucks or pounds that you were owed, it's going to turn in the millions. Instantly. Guaranteed. So, you have those guys too, you see, with their computer modeling, with their God, the computer.  And they've trained the public that computers are gods.  A computer can't think. A computer has no common sense.  Hm?  But they've trained you to believe it.  What does the computer say?  Hm?  Astonishing.


So yeah, you've got white magicians and black magicians. Some of them worked in the labs who have come out openly telling you that this thing really is going to die away, like other viruses before, annual viruses, and herd immunity is going to literally take a good hold and it will just die away. You might get a few folk next year that it will make an appearance, but most folk, once you get a certain amount of herd immunity, it can't take hold, you see.  So, they are the good magicians, the ones who are telling you that, you see.


They worked in the labs. That also means they did a lot of testing.  They use animals to test. If they get their hands-on humans they will, with volunteers for vaccines.  But they worked in the labs, and they make these different things, so they know what they're talking about.  I'll put up some YouTubes to that tonight as well where one woman from Ireland worked in some top laboratories, level III and IV, and she knows what she's talking about, and she's more optimistic and so on, and shooting holes through the stuff you're getting fed right now.  Then you get the other ones too that are terrified of, who've also worked in laboratories, but when they cut up animals and things, they do it, they do it with hate in them, you see. The good folk are the white magicians that pat the animals on the head before they dissect them, you see. 


I think the whole field is incredibly corrupt, the modern field, with these laboratories with the gain of functions.  These things started off for the military in the first place combined with vaccine makers. Because they can make a fortune if, if they can start to perhaps... discover, put it that way, discover new types of viruses.  But if they can guarantee annual outbreaks of whatever, then, and get out vaccines for it, then it's big, big, big, big money. BIG money, you know.  Quite something, isn't it?  As I said last week is like, double, double toil and trouble and when you look at the different parts they put into some of these vaccines, it's not much different.  I'm not kidding you. It really, so it again, black magic, white magic, what side are you on. 


You know, Fauci himself, as I say, I'm pretty sure these characters at the top are all connected with the CIA. You have to be. You have to be. You don't get into that field working with these top labs, and he was picked up early on working for them, right out of medical school really, in government financed departments for this kind of thing. Which really was CIA covert operations.  Britain years and years ago, back in maybe the 70s did in an expose on what happened in Britain, with the CIA operatives that had left behind them, had different cages they had vamoosed out of the country of Britain.  But they could tell by the residues and so on they had literally been testing things on rats in London, and in apartments, actually basement apartments which they were renting, and to release things if it ever became, if it became necessary to release things to cause a disease in England.  If the Russians were taking a hold in the country or coming over, they were going to release pandemics or plagues in Britain if they'd eventually hit there.


I'm not kidding you. That was, I don't know if it was a Panorama, it was a special, it was either that or a kind of 60 Minutes type thing, like Man Alive. But yeah, it was done way back then.  They showed you the cages and the debris that had been tested for what the occupants had been and so on and that's what they concluded.  They knew it was like a CIA type thing. So, the CIA has always been involved with biowarfare. Obviously.  From their own writings in the past, down through history. 


You find it with Canada too. Canada was right up there with biowarfare.  Deadly Allies:  Canada's Secret War.  From the 1940s onwards in fact I think at the Connaught Laboratories that eventually went under after it was exposed that they were buying tainted blood, that Clinton allowed to be sold.  They killed off a lot of the hemophiliacs with the blood products, tainted blood products.  They were using prisoners with HIV and everything, and knowingly, and selling it for blood products for hemophiliacs and so on.  So pretty well Connaught Laboratories was behind them at the time. They actually caught them on TV at the time when that happened. I think it was 60 Minutes or maybe the national for CBC or whatever it was, they caught the main purchaser going up the steps to the laboratory I guess it was. They asked him, you know, they said to him, but you knew what you were buying and what it was going to the public. And he says, the man says, this is what did them in, eh, it finished off the laboratory. He says, it's business, it's just business, he says.  That's how a psychopath answers you.  Just business. Never mind all the thousands of folk that dies of the stuff, the tainted blood. 


But you see, from the eugenics point of view, he was a good man for doing what he did because he killed off what they would say were the weak or infirmed.  People with maybe congenital problems and other problems. The unfit, as they like to call them. You'd better, you've got to start seeing things in a different way here, especially when you have the big boys out right now from the eugenics Society and Population Matters openly, openly again, the same groups that go to the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome, who are all mixed with the WHO.  These folk all know each other. They're all part of the same sustainability program.


So, they're going to help you and vaccinate you?  And as Bill Gates said himself, it will bring down the population maybe 10-15%. Wait a minute here, eh!  Gates also said it might kill, this particular vaccine, whenever they get it right, you know, might kill 700,000 people across the world. Really?!  Really?  Hm.  N-n-n.  You'd better start seeing things as they really are here.  Hm? 


The disgusting way that the elderly have been treated during this whole thing is purely eugenics. Canada was more open about it, with bioethics.  You see, bioethics now, and in an atheist society where scientists who are now in charge supposedly and technocrats, it's all dollars and cents and they can't just fork out cash to keep you alive if you're over a certain age and you're not very important, you're not a somebody, you see.  Even though they pretend it's equal for all. NO, it's not equal at all!  


The arrogance of class distinction is incredible. When you go into the scientific communities, the more degrees they've got, the haughtier they are and their noses go higher and higher in the air, you know, as they sniff down at the peasants below them. That's the truth of it, folks. The arrogance in academia is phenomenal. Once you get a group of these people together discussing eugenics, you'll, phew, [Alan chuckles.] you'd better hope that you're a somebody because they have their way, you'll be written off quite simply and easily.


They had it in Canada too, oh, we'll have to, I did the articles, I read them here, I mentioned them, and I've still got them. They said, we have to think now, you see, if the bioethicists were running the show, if this gets really bad, who's going to live and who's going to die and who's going to get allocated the medication, who won't be, etc. It was getting you all ready for it, your life is of less value than this person over here.  That's what runs the countries now, eh, your medical systems.  In the States it's a bit more of an advantage, because even though they want that there, and if you're just the peasants and you have no real insurance, as one of these Medicare aid programs, which the state might sponsor for those at the bottom, they're still going to write you off. But if you've got a good insurance policy, oh, they're going to do all they can to try to keep you alive.  M-hm.


It's just astonishing what's happening and the folk are unaware of it. Because they're not putting that across every day on the television, are they? They're putting Mr. Fauci, you know, who I didn't vote for.  And yet even Canada is following his advice.  Hm?  And the World Health Organization's advice. The most FAR left organization on the planet at the United Nations, the WHO, and it's totally involved with the Department of Population.  It used to be called the Department of Population Control when it was set up by Rockefeller who funded it for the UN by the way, that department.  And here you've got Bill Gates literally running the WHO.


If you can't understand, you've got a cabal of people here who somehow have been very highly organized, and they've got a mandate to work up with each other, and fund everything. And Bill Gates has got a finger in every pie like some strange little, you know, magician.  Anybody who can get bought over has got bought over, pretty well.  That's another thing too, when tyrants, when you start to unpeel all the different blankets off the tyrants, all these sheets off them to see who they are, the more ferocious they'll become. Because it can get to the stage they're so compromised with corruption, they know if it's exposed that they're done for, so they make sure that anybody trying to expose them will be, it will get done first. 


No kidding you. The corruption here is phenomenal.  Everyone is so compromised with each other, as they toss millions and billions around with each other at the top here. It's just disgusting!  It really is.  I'll be going into some of that tonight with some of the evidence to support it.  You've never seen such a tight clique of people running everything. Bill Gates has got reimagining education; it will never be the same again. That's another thing that Fauci said. Well who... Fauci, he's telling us we can ever go back to anything at all, the world will never be the same again. Oh no. No. No, it's never going to go back to any normal, oh no, oh no.  He said that from the very beginning along with his vaccine agenda.  Which means the agenda was planned long before this thing hit.  Of course, it was.


Again, it had not been done before, let's lock down all the healthy people.  Never been done before. Stop herd immunity.  Then ease it up in the summer. The folk will stop being so angry and they'll start to lighten up a bit, you see.  Then you make it appear in the winter because there's not enough herd immunity, because of the lockdown.  You couldn't plan it better. This isn't coincidence. It goes against every, every, every law that they've ever had before in dealing with these things.  M-hm. 


Everything in fact is going to make it worse. What's so interesting, even with the original stuff coming out of Wuhan, where even some of the Chinese, some of the Chinese were admitting, so this must have escaped from the lab there. Scientists who work at it came out and talked about working with bats, that some of them were even bitten with the darn things during the experimentation and so on, yada, yada, ya.  And Fauci kept quiet on that aspect of it, you see. He didn't refute what they were saying.


Then once you start to find out it came out, oh my goodness, you know, Fauci started them off with a $3.5 million grant to the Wuhan lab. Then it went up to about $7.5 - 8 million to do the coronavirus experiments there. They got the virus, to start with, given to them, and Fauci supposedly accommodated that as well.  All the folk who worked at the Wuhan lab, are the ones who work, from China, in Canada too.  They all jump back and forth for different labs, right over to Wuhan, back-and-forth, back-and-forth.  Never mind the ones they caught in the States smuggling vials of the stuff out, going back to China, of different kinds of things [Alan chuckles.] in their socks.  This is all real, folks.


But there's Fauci who knew all this is going on.  And who helped them develop the darn thing. When the Department of Defense says it may not be a great idea to continue with this coronavirus experiments, because with gain of function you're creating something that's lethal. That's what you do with gain of function, you take something that's pretty harmless and make it deadly.  Just in case in a million years it might have developed that way itself. That's what they say, you see.  SO, we're ready for it.  Are they really ready for it? Well, if it's a vaccine they haven’t given the real vaccine to it, eh?  Have they?


So anyway, they gave what they had worked on from North Carolina, it was a University there too, and they give it to Wuhan to continue the work.  So, they could continue, so if anything broke out it would be on their heads, and they would take the brunt of it.  Fauci was again authorizing the transfer of the stuff over to China from the States in 2015-2016. 


Then once that started to come out, you see suddenly Fauci, suddenly he came out with amazing declarations, no proof to back it up...  Ah, this thing probably just evolved by itself. To get the heat off himself, right!  Obviously.  Why else would he say that?  Why else would he suddenly say that?  Hm?  And gave no evidence to back it up. Well, it probably just jumped by itself and evolved by itself.  Just a little statement and everybody parrots what he said. Without saying, wait a minute here, you know, you helped to get this thing over to China, to the Wuhan lab, and giving them a maximum eventually from $3.5 to up to $8 million eventually to kick start it with its gain of function.  But suddenly, that's when, yeah, only then when it starts you, you know, Fauci's name popping up in connection with it.  Oh, it probably just evolved by itself.  And that's good enough for us all to believe, eh.  Is that right?  N-n-n. 


Sad, isn't it? Sad that the media won't do any proper reporting or investigative journalism. It's very, it really is sad, isn't it? But it also tells you that the media is totally bought and paid for. It always was. There were always certain topics even when it was actual newspapers that they'd all know what to leave alone and don't go near, etc.  It got worse and worse over the years right up until they put that British Lord in charge of it, the Leveson Inquiry.  Any little commentary at all about events was stopped dead, and that's when they really died.  Australia did the same thing. Canada did the same thing. Because we're all part of the so-called Commonwealth of Nations, meaning the British Commonwealth.  And that's how it's done.


They were just dying with hands out, hands out, hands out to government to keep ticking along. Because they're mouthpieces for policies by government and the government agencies. Most of the government agencies are privately owned nowadays, for those who haven't figured it out.  The British post office I think was privatized, I don't know if it was totally privatized, a few years ago.  But that was the idea behind that too. Again, I think it was Osborne, [George Osborne] one of his relatives or one of his workers in Parliament got the contracts and pushed it through and end up owning this new company I think in Britain. They're all crooks.


I can remember when they did the same thing in Britain with the water supply in England. Probably for Scotland too at the time I suppose. I even read it at the time on the radio.  It was a group in Parliament and some in the House of Lords that had put forth a bill to privatize the water industry. These were always classed as essentials, you had essentials for not just national security but for your local security, your own water supply, your gas supply, your proper sanitation sewage systems and so on.  Now, these were public utilities. They own the thing, the public supposedly owned them when they were taxpayer funded. 


Then of course Prince Charles and others, he was being a spokesman for the public-private fascist enterprise because that's what it means, you'll pay for it to be privatized.  You'll pay for the upkeep and maintenance, while the private company just rakes in the cash from the taxpayers, it doesn't cost them anything at all to actually run it. That's what public-private really means. You build it for them, if it's not built already, and then you maintain it for them, and, well, they do a little bit of, you know, management perhaps.  And your road systems. So anyway, they did the same thing with the waterworks.  A group of them put a bill through in Parliament to privatize the system.  Then I don't know if it was two or three years later, they privatized it. And guess who happened to own immediately the company that owned the waterways of Britain?  The same politicians that put the bill forth!  Aargh!


You know, why do people vote?!  What's wrong with them?  And we know, we know, because we're so well studied, we really are so well studied, you know.  They've done countless surveys as they break down society and who votes for whom and so on and why did they vote for whatever it is.  It's just astonishing the answers that you get. Generally it's, oh, my dad voted labor or conservative, and yada, yada, ya. Forget these people, they're gone. They probably like football too, or soccer, that's all they watch.  More so actually today as they get less and less rights to be a man.  [Alan chuckles.]  So, they fulfill their fantasies through a tribal display on a field kicking a ball around, by overpaid characters. For a children's game, eh?  Hm?  But it's very important to keep the people happy, you know, so they can live out their fantasies. It's just imagining that they were young again and they were on the battlefield.  Because that's what the field is for sports, a battlefield, it's symbolized.  And your team with your colors is fighting those guys with their colors. So, you get your own little uniform colors and so on.  We are so well managed as I say.


But again, you get the same things.  Do you realize it's all theater? You get the guy who's going to stand for Labour is going to talk about the working class. God knows who they are these days!  You know? Because Britain especially doesn't have much industry left at all.  And they could hardly call the folk working class, really.  Where even the welfare folk now, it depends, mind you, if you've probably been brought up and lived in Britain you won't get welfare, [Alan chuckles.] but other folks certainly do.  So, the person is going to definitely, oh, the working class, the underdog... Then they change the sites onto the female, there's not enough women in the work force. Then that fell apart eventually, when there's more women in the workforce actually and especially in the universities and in the professions than men.  So then they start to go for incoming ethnic groups and so on.  There's nothing much left that they can push.  Because they lost the track of why they existed in the first place.  You see?


Every country followed suit, the same tactic. Divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer, divide/conquer until you have nothing left really that will back you up. And the conservatives are a joke! Absolute joke. What is a conservative?  What’s a progressive conservative?  Progress/conserve, progress/conserve, eh?  It's gone.


In reality as I say, you've been managed by technocracy for a long, long, long time. Experts run it.  The politicians depend on lifetime civil servants in different departments to give them their cues and write their speeches because they know what their departments do. The people appointed to their department temporarily and who often get moved around like musical chairs, like, you know, in charge of health and the next day they're in charge of the military or something.  [Alan chuckles.]  They've got nothing to do, they have no idea, so they depend on the civil servants to do it all for them. They're just figureheads, you know.  And they're allowed to fill their pockets and do their little bit of petty corruptions and things like that as long as they play the game.


But most folk accept it.  Most folk never really catch on, again, that big 80% of the general public that Huxley talked about too, they never catch on, do they, of what's happening.  They believe what they're told immediately. Oh, wow, my God, you know. 


It was a great series, it was called Dad's Army, in Britain.  I never ever watched it at the time, I wasn’t into it or anything like that. But as you get older you start looking at the stuff and you say wait a minute here, you know.  What they're portraying is an older group than yourself, that lived through the war, World War II. But they showed you the rationing, it was all comedy and so on. But they showed you the rationing, it really affected them all.  Where the future, no one would have imagined, most of the folk didn't imagine they'd have much of a future, or one day even own their own car or something, it was just beyond any, [Alan chuckles.] it was science-fiction to them.  What they ate was a starvation diet, y'know.  But every excuse that they had, where they couldn't get something, or couldn't get the food, or they couldn't get parts for anything, was, there's a war on, y'know. 


The same characters who gave you that are trying to bring it all back permanently again. The post consumerist society. I've said before, it's been copied so many times, some you know, within the week he's prattling the same stuff as me.  But as I said a few weeks back, or a month ago too, that the technocrats are going to bring it in. 


It's a post service economy, or, it's a service economy is what the Council on Foreign Relations proudly boasted that they were bringing into the Americas years ago, and that are being accomplished in 2005, the service economy.  They'd already, the same group the CFR had written it up and drafted up the NAFTA agreements for the amalgamation of the Americas.  And they are a private organization. A private club that belongs to the Royal Institute of International Affairs for Britain.  The global, that's the globalists, folks, that run it.  They run it on behalf of the Masters, but they run it all. They drafted up the European Union charter.  You think that came out of thin air by itself?  They drafted up the Far East Pacific Rim group, the Asian group with its members mainly in Japan but also Australia and New Zealand, and eventually they have to be amalgamated into China, in that bloc, you see.


You're living through, your entire life, your parents were, and your grandparents were living through a big, massive plan, that takes sometimes a lifetime for even one part to get fulfilled.  But they publish their goals. It's dry reading, it's not sexy, it's very dry.  It's just that folk can't believe they are actually doing it. They are in disbelief their whole lives. Even things that are straight, right in front of their faces, they stay in disbelief. I don't want to, I can't believe that, they'd never do that. Even when they're doing it, they'd never do that.  [Alan chuckles.]  Why not? Somebody would stop them.  Hm, okay.


These are the guys that brought you also the agenda for the Pacific Rim, all the different treaties, the free-trade treaties.  You were never asked to vote for it. You don't get to vote on it. Anything that really matters in the world that's going to affect you, you get no vote at all. The only right that you have, that they say, they tell you this, in democracy, is to elect someone in to office, to vote.  That's the only right you have. Once they are in, they can do what they want.  And they DO do what they want. Well, they don't really, they follow the agenda because they do have Masters.


The big problem, I've said this from the beginning too, going way back.  You can't be a cheerleader for everybody.  Because I used to give the blatant hard truth, and it's cold, it's cold truth.  It's nasty. When you see how the world is run, and what it's really all about, and how it's managed, and how we are looked upon, and how they manage us too, it could be scary to people, naturally, quite scary.  But I wouldn't make it soft for the people.


I always made it quite clear that it's up to everybody to try and help to bring in a proper, a decent future for themselves and others. It's very important that you actually motivate yourself. If you're waiting for people to do it for you, you end up in hell, a hell on earth. Because it's not going to happen. It's not going to happen. 


I've always said that, at the top you've got a clique at the top that draft up these plans for the Masters, implement  it on the public whether the public know it or not or even like it or not, then you've got the public themselves. The vast majority will go along with anything, the path of least resistance is what they are shown to take. And they do take it. It doesn't take much to prompt them to take the... Well, if I do this I can still go and, you know... if I allow them to search me, and then strip me off and make me walk on my bare feet and take my belt off at the airport, then I might be able to get on the plane.  Utterly humiliated, you know. X-rayed, the whole lot.  Utterly humiliated.


And it doesn't stop, does it?  Oh, now we want you to wear bracelets, eh, for ID.  Oh, you don't have a cell phone, you've got to wear this bracelet then. This manacle, this electronic manacle, which they want to push in Canada, at least Tam wants it, that we wear it all, you see.  And if you prove positive, which just means that you might have had some fragments of dead virus somewhere in your system, in your nasal cavities, you know, that's what it probably will be in fact, then you have to do what you're told and get isolated again. You see? Utter rubbish!  Utter rubbish.  Absolute rubbish.


Because those swab type things are not accurate at all. Honestly, you could be immune to the darn thing and be immune for months and walk into a ward where they have some of the people, and then you will get tested afterwards, you're going to have fragments from them. It's in the air. Folk breath, folks.  [Alan chuckles.]  If they don't breathe, they're all dead.  You know, there's no point in having them in the hospital if they're all dead.  They breathe out, and out comes the dying, it's all dead bits of debris of these viruses and so on.  And you'll test positive if they take the swab. Because the RNA that it responds to is fragments of what they're really testing for.  M-hm.


It's quite amazing that folks just don't go the whole way of logic with it. It's just astonishing. What does the computer say?  Ah, it doesn't say too much, does it?  But yeah, you ARE your own champion. I keep telling people you are your own champion.  It's funny, after my talks I always hear the same people, with big, big shows, you know, because there's authorized alternatives out there, put it that way, and they'll use my stuff even verbatim. It's quite comical.  And they never say where they get it from. If it wasn't for my stuff a lot, some of them you'll know actually, all you'll hear is about voting for Donald Trump. Because that's what they're really supposed to be there to do at the moment.  And as far as I'm concerned Donald Trump is no different than anybody else actually. He's got his job to do, we all know what it is, and it's not for America.  Np.


But you have nobody to vote for because the other side is no better. That's the truth of it, folks. They are all placed there by the ones above them.  And I keep, maybe I heard wrong, but I mean, I heard Donald Trump give the talk that he was going to have millions of the military going around giving doses of the vaccine door-to-door to all the different people, you know.  And m-hm-hm-hm, okay.  He's there to help who?  Okay.


So yeah, as I said, I even gave the talk too last time about, you've got to learn to really say no, and that person from the same show said the same thing a couple days later.  [Alan chuckles.]  But I guess I’m doing an awful lot of work, for nothing, for free for these characters because I don't push the politics and they need other stuff apart from politics to talk about. 


And it is, what it really comes down to, I said this before too, it is a spiritual war. I won't go into it and drag it out in great detail. But I've said before, you see, the characters, and I've read their own quotes to you all as well, from the top in the eugenics movements and so on and from the WHO, where they said that religion is a darn nuisance, it has to get put away. Because in the past it was always religious exemptions that were demanded for vaccinations, or for complying with what they want you to do.  So, if they could knock that away, and what they've given you is an atheistic society, pretty well atheist, for most folk it's atheistic, so all you've got to argue with is the terminology they give you. 


What was it the communists said?  They decide what the terminology and the names that things will be, and then you have to trying to debate it on their turf, you see.  Using their language so that they win. That's why they give you, that's why they're always rephrasing things today as they go.  Progressive as they call it in society with the social programs and social ideologies.  They give you the terminology. And they give you the negative terminology, like 'phobic', something phobic or whatever, or 'deniers', all this kind of stuff to make, to shame you into shutting up, you see.  To end all debate at all.


That's exactly what Peter Hitchens talked about too.  He said when he was trained as a Marxist, and he was, at University, he said he came out not just like a true believer but ready to kill for Marxism and for the communist system. They liked to call it Marxist/Trotskyist at that time.  But that's what he said. He said, the first thing they taught you was how to stop any opposite reaction by stopping all debate from the other side. Just silence them. Well, that's never changed.


But part of it, as I mentioned before, is they give you the terminology. Well once you have knocked your God out of the picture, right, you see, they can't debate you on God.  When you say, well God gave me these rights.  They can't come back with a scientific answer to that, you see.  So, once it's out of the picture, all you've got is THEIR language to argue with. They'll say, oh we're the real experts, you're nobody, so we win, you see.  In the public's eyes, you've always got this passive public that sit and watch it all. In the public's eyes, they'll say, well yeah, I guess so, I guess they win, they're the professionals, they've got...  And that's how it's done. You'll be defeated, for most of the people, before you start.


So, you've got to start saying NO.  And all you have to do, don't go into science, just say I'm a human being. Just like Network the movie where he said in Network, I'm a human being, and I'm not going to take it anymore!  He yells out his window, and he has them all yell out the window every night at the same time.


Maybe when they're all clapping for the National Health Service in Britain, which has been getting destroyed for years before this happened, by many different means actually. But when they're having all their clapping and that and all the cameras turnup for the televisions, and nurses from all around come out, that don't even work in the hospital a lot of them, and they'll take part in this big love-in there and they're not going by social distancing, etc., and laughing and clapping, and they're all getting clapped and stuff...


Maybe all the poor convicts, all the general public, you're all convicts now, you see, locked down in your homes, but maybe you should be worshiping all the folk in uniform now. Worship them. I mean, all fascist societies love you to worship the services as they call it, you know, the police, military and everything else. And teachers by the way. Teachers could get their own uniform.  They could join in on the act because they're getting big bucks too. Like Stalin says, you pay your teachers well because they indoctrinate the next generation of citizenry. 


Exposing Staged NHS Worship Bristol Hospital No Social Distancing - / 23 April 2020


So, you get them altogether in the pictures congratulating each other, and you can applaud them.  Well, that would break the monotony of it, wouldn't it, of being locked down like a convict.  You see? Isn't it wonderful, you get locked down and then you're supposed to praise the people that are going to keep you in line, like the police?  That's really good psychology. It's a great technique, isn't it?  Where the police can join the nurses and everything.  I mean, the police themselves have no problem going right up to folk, less than 6 feet away, in Britain as an example, right in their face, and push them and moving them or arresting them, you see. They're probably spreading it more than anybody else.  Maybe they're doing a good job if it's going to create herd immunity. Maybe they are unwittingly doing a better job of it, you know.


[Alan laughing.]  It's really something.  [Alan laughing.]  Every year I used to think about herd immunity when it came to, when the flu season came around.  Because when nothing much is happening, they've gotta keep training the public to respect police, you know. That's what ride programs are for, it's got nothing to do with catching the drunks. The drunks generally know not to go on the road when they're drunk. Or they know where the side roads are or whatever, you see.  But they’re really a form of exercising control on the public. To keep you in the public... It's public awareness, that the cops are still there to remind you. Because everybody is guilty of something.  You see? Everybody feels… As soon as you see cops... Unless you become a cop, you see, I guess that's why a lot of people become cops because then they don't feel guilty anymore. But whenever you see cops, you always think, my God what are they… You know? You're trained that way. You really are trained that way, aren't you?  It's just quite something how you’ve been trained from birth to be a cowering little animal.  [Alan laughing.]  But that's how it is, how a very naïve people are trained that way.


I used to think during the flu season, because they'd ask you to roll the window down, and down goes the window. They'd stick their face inside of the car to sniff your breath. It's rather insulting. And that's a challenge, it's an aggressive act. It's like dogs, try that with a dog, you know, and you get your nose bitten very quickly. It's meant to be aggressive. Because you're like human animals, your space is important to you.  So, they stick it in your face and then sniffing you, right, to see if you've been drinking. And I thought, you know, that's probably how they're creating herd immunity every flu season, mainly through these ride programs, when you think about it, eh.   Of course if you did that even with the Covid, if they're doing it with Covid or the flu, they'd still say, when they put tracers on you, you've tested positive for this thing, how many folk have you seen in the last week or whatever? And the last person you're going to think of is the cop sticking his face through the window.  [Alan laughing.]  Like he's impervious or something.  But that's probably where you would get it from if that would happen.


So really, you have to examine your life and what you live through.  You have to stand back from it all and see it through different eyes.  It's the same, like an alien creature coming to earth and looking at all. That's when you start to realize what's really going on.  As opposed to how you're trained to believe what's going on. I mean, it's really true.  As I say, Jacques Ellul was a great writer and a great philosopher. He would break so much down in plain speak basically, on how we behave and how we are trained to behave, by the rulers in society.


I'll put up another video by the way where a politician in Italy gets to the point on this.  She gave a little speech during the parliamentary session in Italy, and she brings up Bill Gates and talks about him being really a criminal and he should be tried for the enterprises that he's done in the past. She went through the sterilization with all the different free vaccination programs that he's been doing and bringing polio into India and so on. And that's true. 


That doesn't mean it hasn't been denied. The World Health Organization had to admit it, I remember reading that at the time on the radio too, where they found he was giving a live polio vaccine, he was giving it actually orally, or inhalation, one of the two, and it was live. What happened was they had a massive outbreak of polio, and it mutated, they claim. I often wonder if it was actually in the stuff they were given, if it was already mutated maybe. Because this is another thing, you can't go on like this when you've got folk like that who are eugenicists who don't like too many, he wants to bring the population DOWN. Like his daddy.  You know? 


These are causes for these folk. It's not to help you, you know. They’re true believers in reducing the population.  Big time. Like, by big amounts.  And no one, who gave him permission to do what he's doing across the world?  You understand, there's a bigger governmental system on the go than what you, what you’re about, obviously.  And it's by guys like Gates and the rest of them that are all part of it.  But the vaccine for the polio, they ended up saying, it mutated and caused a new strain of polio, it was sweeping through parts of India.  That was admitted to by the WHO.  N-n-n.  Then the sterilization too with the so-called free tetanus shots.  Lots of stories about it. All can be verified, as they say.


These people are really monsters, that's how I see them. It's only because they still looked partly human like Bill Gates that makes folks think that, well, you know, he could never do anything really awful, you know. He doesn't look like a very strong man, does he?  He flaps his arms around an awful lot.  And those eyes, they're dead, they're steely cold, you know, behind them, there's nothing there.  You know? This is a guy who really is dedicated to these causes of bringing down populations and so on.  You can see it in him, you know. And in his talks, he's been quite open about it.


But that politician in Italy goes through it, the whole list of the agenda in a quite condensed form.  And says it out loud.  Now, this politician in Italy gave her talk, seven minutes I think it was.  It's on YouTube and it's on Bitchute I think too.  She went right to the throat, you know, right for the throat. She demanded the arrest of Bill Gates in her talk in the parliament. Sara Cunial her name is. 


Italian MP Sara Cunial wants Bill Gates arrested in Italy - / 17 May 2020


Italian Member Of Parliament Demands Arrest Of Bill Gates As A “Vaccine Criminal” For Pursuing Crimes Against Humanity / May 19, 2020


Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome denounced Bill Gates as a “vaccine criminal” and urged the Italian President to hand him over to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. She also exposed Bill Gates’ agenda in India and Africa,


(Alan:  That's talking about what they did with the sterilization and also the polio disease that was let loose through his particular brand of vaccination.)


 along with the plans to chip the human race through the digital identification program ID2020.


(A:  I mean, this guy has got his hands, he finances a good chunk of the money to the WHO.  So, everybody's in his pocket there, right. The official ones who are pushing the agenda are in his pocket.  He’s also with reimagining education. So his company, if he can keep all the children at home, from now on, rather than going to school, then his company with his new education system online will be the total indoctrination service for a unified indoctrination, a standardized indoctrination, for the whole planet.  You understand?)


(A: You can't make this stuff up. This is the greatest Bond villain [Alan chuckles.] that you can imagine.  He really is, of our day. He's not the only one.  But he is, he's really got a finger in every pie with this global agenda. So, this politician comes out with it. And then goes... By the way, every minister of health who's on board with this total ID 2020 as well, is all part of the same thing. They've all sworn allegiance to it, there's no doubt about it.)


In 2015 it was the Italians who exposed secret Chinese biological experiments with Coronavirus.


(A:  Back in 2015, eh.  And they show you some of the links they had there at the time.)


In an extraordinary seven-minute speech met with wide applause, Sara Cunial, the Member of Parliament for Rome said that Italy had been subjected to a “Holy Inquisition of false science.”


She roundly criticized the unnecessary lockdown imposed on her fellow Italians in the service of a globalist agenda.


(A:  She also mentioned the deep state, it wasn't just in America. I'll put up the link, you can actually see it like I say on video if you want. But there's also translations elswhere too of her talk. She goes through Hobbes...)


Hobbes said that absolute power does not come from an imposition from above but by the choice of individuals who feel more protected renouncing to their own freedom and granting it to a third party.


(A:  Right.)


With this, you are going on anesthetizing the minds with corrupted Mass Media with Amuchina (a brand of disinfectant promoted by Mass Media) and NLP (A:  That's neurolinguistic programming.), with words like “regime”, “to allow” and “to permit”, to the point of allowing you to regulate our emotional ties and feelings and certify our affects.


So, in this way, Phase 2 is nothing else than the persecution/continuation of Phase 1 – you just changed the name, as you did with the European Stability Mechanism (ESM). We have understood people, for sure, don’t die from the virus alone.


So people will be allowed to die and suffer, thanks to you and your laws, for misery and poverty. And, as in the “best” regimes, the blame will be dropped only on citizens. You take away our freedom and say that we looked for it. Divide et Impera (Divide and Rule).


It is our children who will lose more, who are ‘raped souls’, with the help of the so-called “guarantor of their rights” and of CISMAI (Italian Coordination of Services against Child Abuse).


In this way, the right to school will be granted only with a bracelet to get them used to probation, to get them used to slavery – involuntary treatment and to virtual lager. All this in exchange for a push-scooter (A:  I guess they give them a push scooter.) and a tablet.


(A:  …to the little children, eh.  Get them trained as criminals really, yeah.)


All to satisfy the appetites of a financial capitalism whose driving force is the conflict of interest, conflict well represented by the WHO, whose main financier is the well-known “philanthropist and savior of the world” Bill Gates.


(A:  You wish some of the politicians here would give these talks out, eh, on the air. Mind you, they wouldn't get them out, they would have a sudden interruption of services on the TV. She goes on and says…)


Based on an intercepted human intelligence report, a controversy has erupted in Nigeria whereby Bill Gates is accused of offering Nigerian House of Representatives a $10 million bribe for a speedy passage of a forced Coronavirus vaccination program.


We all know it, now. Bill Gates, already in 2018, predicted a pandemic, simulated in October 2019 at the “Event 201”, together with Davos (Switzerland). For decades, Gates has been working on Depopulation policy and dictatorial control plans on global politics, aiming to obtain the primacy on agriculture, technology and energy.


(A:  And it's true enough, he's trying to do away with the meat supply, he is quite open about it. He's even got patents on certain artificial meat products. And of course, he's right into the different agribusinesses as well. No kidding, this guy is way above, was it Blofeld in the Bond one.  Way above that.  N-n-n.  It also says, she quotes Bill Gates from his speech, and I put up the links before to a YouTube.)


Gates said, I quote exactly from his speech:


“If we do a good job on vaccines, health and reproduction, we can reduce the world population by 10-15%. Only a genocide can save the world”.


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  Really?  Whoa.)


With his vaccines, Gates managed to sterilize millions of women in Africa. Gates caused a polio epidemic that paralyzed 500,000 children in India (A:  The link is here to it as well by the way.) and still today with DTP (A:  …vaccine.), Gates causes more deaths than the disease itself.


And he does the same with GMOs designed by Monsanto and “generously donated” to needy populations.


All this while he is already thinking about distributing the quantum tattoo for vaccination recognition and mRNA vaccines as tools for reprogramming our immune system. In addition, Gates also does business with several multinationals that own 5G facilities in the USA.


(A:  It goes on and on and on, it's quite good. It goes on about the deep state, talks about...)


Hi-Tech multinationals, like the Roman Engineering which is friend of the noble Mantoan, or Bending Spoons, of Pisano, which are there for control and manage our personal health datas in agreement with the European Agenda ID2020 …


(A:  Yeah, your governments are all completely complicit with this exact same agenda. It's all one big agenda worldwide here. And it was drafted up long before you heard of this coronavirus, this Covid 19.  She says...)


The Italian contribution to the International Alliance Against Coronavirus will be of 140 million Euros, of which 120 million Euros will be given to GAVI Alliance, the non-profit by Gates Foundation.


They are just a part of the 7.4 billion Euro fund by the EU to find a vaccine against Coronavirus – vaccines which will be used as I said before.


No money, of course for serotherapy, which has the collateral effect of being super cheap.


No money for prevention, a real prevention, which includes our lifestyles, our food and our relationship with the environment. 


The real goal of all of this is total control. Absolute domination of human beings, transformed into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will.


(A:  Well, that’s a politician that somebody might vote for, eh.  [Alan chuckles.]  Really.  Come on.  But as I say, unfortunately you just can’t get that kind of rhetoric in the West. It's just verboten.  It's as simple as that.  But yeah, she ends it with hoping that the President...)


I ask you, President, to be the spokesperson and give an advice to our President Conte: Dear Mr. President Conte, next time you receive a phone call from the philanthropist Bill Gates forward it directly to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. If you won’t do this, tell us how we should define you, the “friend lawyer” who takes orders from a criminal.


[Alan laughing.]   That's the kind of stuff you want to...  This woman has got more cojones than the guys obviously. But that's what has to be said. This isn't speculation she's giving out here.  Everything she's saying can be confirmed. Including the damage that's being caused by certain vaccines across the world.  And Bill Gates big agenda, he's got his fingers and so many pies, eh.  I-yi-yi.  N-n-n.  Quite something.  I’ll put these ones up tonight and you can go through some of the stuff.


We're run by these criminals.  There's no doubt about it. I mean, suddenly out of the blue Bill Gates is launched and presented as some kind of superstar.  Again, I've mentioned before with some of the characters who literally run big PR companies, who admit their job is to create stars out of scientists. They made Carl Sagan a star, given the same star making machinery as a popstar and actor and actress or whatever, and put out all the guff, all the rubbish about them, how wonderful they are and how intelligent they are.  Then they start telling you how you should live and all the rest of it. And you say, wait a minute here, I thought they were just a guy who liked to look at the stars, you know.  [Alan with a super deep voice, mimicking Carl Sagan.]  There are billions and billions of stars, yes, and you're little nothings, a little midget in amongst them. 


Then they start telling you how you should live or die even.  That's how it's done. They did the same thing with Einstein, eh.  The star making machinery. Most of his speeches by the way were about politics.  Yep.  Oh, I think I'll follow Einstein because he's got good ideas on politics. Well, [Alan chuckles.] there you go, see. That's why I read the articles from the Council on Foreign Relations when they brought in George Clooney and some of the other actors and actresses in that category that were well known [Angelina Jolie]. It said, because people tend to follow them.  They follow the stars. That's what they mean by that.  They didn't used to call these folks ‘stars’, remember, until Hollywood was created, and they took it all over. They introduced you to the 'stars' and you follow the stars, you see. Just like a horoscope or something with the zodiac, you know.  And sure enough, you know, it doesn't matter what kind of bimbo it is, but she's presented as someone that does amazing things.  And woah, well by God, you know, I'll follow that, she knows what she's talking about, I've seen her in that movie where she murdered 10 husbands and... she's awfully good.  That's all it takes.  Actors and actresses generally have nothing to say. They don't know who they are themselves.  They're always acting.  But that's what they give you to follow, you see.


They do the same thing with scientists.  And then Bill Gates.  They made him, because he's got all the money in the world so he can pay for them, make me a star, and they make you a star. Suddenly he is presented on every show as though he's the ultimate authority on... He has no medical training of any kind.  It doesn't matter though eh, that's how it's done.  Oh, he's a rich man you know.  Oh.  M-hm-hm.  Who made him rich?  What made him rich?  Do you really think these are all self-made people? They're all part of the big front. As I say, if they have to appear in front of the public and speak and so on, they're not the top. The top ones don't work at all. For those who don't know it.


I'll put these links up tonight. Remember too, again, I keep stressing this because the way things are going as the big tyrants at the top there who literally have given you the only kind of form of communications left and who are censoring everybody way more than any Stasi operation could ever have dreamed of, you know, as I say it will get worse and worse and worse as this goes on. They're saying that it doesn't matter if what you're saying is true and can be verified, if they want you to shut up, they'll say what you are saying is the wrong information. It doesn't matter how true it is or verifiable it is, they've decided they just want rid of you, you see. This is what tyrants do.  Down through history. Now it's electronic communication and they've made sure that they are in charge of it all.


I've always said before, you're not given more access to more information or more means to communicate. You're getting less.  When they withdraw and eliminate other forms of communication, that they're narrowing your choices, and then they own what's left, right. I told folk back in the 90s what's going to happen. I says, you'll get 20 years out of this Internet, because they've got to get you addicted to it before they start taking away your rights, make you pay for things and so on, and then monitor you yada, yada, ya.  And I said, but by then you've got nothing left. I says, don't get rid of your little printing presses and machines, you might need them again. I really mean that.


Because the tyranny that's coming down the pike is way beyond the old Soviet system. Or the Stasi system. The Stasi was better really where they literally had a fantastic technique of forcing folk to spy on other people.  A good chunk of the population was spying on all the rest of the people, you never knew who was who. But this is more efficient when you're voluntarily putting all your data up on their system, and they tell you that they've got the rights to use all your data.  [Alan chuckles.]  And you've gone along with it too, you see, you update yourself to them, and you do it voluntarily, and they've got all that.  It won't be hard to come and find you, no matter where you are, and just make you disappear at the right time if need be.


You've got to understand something, and I really.... I don't want to lecture people but...  When tyranny takes a real hold and gets going, right now it's not even a fast walk. Once it starts walking quickly, almost at a trot, then you'll see it, you'll see the teeth then.  That's how tyranny really works. You've got a chance to do something before it gets to the trotting phase by saying NO, no way, no way at all.


It's going to take as I say the Gandhi technique of a passive kind of resistance, a nonviolent resistance.  But definitely as people individually, little lights come on across the planet and say no, no, that's it, that's how things have to work. Because the majority of the public will go along with who makes the most noise. But they will follow the lights going on eventually. If they see it's making an effect and possibly going to win, that's when the rest of them just jump on board. That's what they always do down through history.


Because what they're bringing down here in an atheistic society, like Bertrand Russell said, and he was all for it, is a scientific tyranny. It's not even science.  It's bogus science as you know, most of it, but it's under the guise of science.  And they've knocked out all your arguments especially with God and religion.  That's why they're so cocky about it right now. So, you'd better find your Gods back again and bring it back and start putting it up. Because if you don't do it, they're going to walk all over you and destroy you.


This is a hell on earth, the scientific tyranny, as Bertrand Russell said, it will be truly a hell on earth. That's what he said. But that's what he was all for. He said that, I'd rather it be a scientific tyranny, it will be brutal but that's the way.  That's what they’ll do, if you're in the way of the scientific tyranny, you know, you're not a person with rights anymore or even God-given rights or any kind of divine rights at all.  You're just a creature no different than a mouse and they'll squash you, you know, like they squash a bug.  You're just in the way and you're irrelevant. That's where science eventually always goes in the atheistic type system.  I hope you understand that.


So, go into my website Take permanent note of all the sites I have listed on the .com site in case any of them go down. Remember too, you can always download the talk, it's much easier that way, and then listen to it when you want, you can stop and start it, etc., because they're pretty long.  I put the links up to the topics I mention for those that want to use them. A lot of folk do, [Alan chuckles.] that's what they run their shows on.  [Alan chuckles.]   You can help me tick along too by sending some cash my way hopefully and I'll keep going as long as I can.  You can see how to do it on my website Hopefully very shortly we'll get a temporary reprieve to get some stuff maybe printed up shortly, we'll see how it goes, and get some books out that way.  With your support as I say I'll keep ticking along. But I've seen this, what I talk about I've seen personally, and I've had them come AT ME too personally. 


I almost died in the hospital when literally the only thing that was keeping me alive was pulled off me.  The specialist came, I didn't even know who he was at the time, yelling that he was, he said, I'm a very important man, I was coming out of a kind of semi, the first dose I'd had since I'd been in there, had no idea what he was yelling at me, you know.  He said, I can't be sued, he says, I'm a corporation.  No one was saying anything about getting sued or anything.  I knew this guy. I says, why was he so upset? He had been sent in to give me the death sentence, and I was discharged because of him, without the medication I needed to keep me, that would help me and literally clear up, cure me of the problem. I'm not kidding you, that really happened here. That's how the world really works, folks.  So, he had been the guy who had been appointed to do it, and he was in a bit of a panic.  Because I couldn't figure out, why was he saying this, why is he saying he's a corporation and he can't be sued.  Nobody was threatening him with anything. It took me a while to dawn on me, that's exactly what it was.


So, in the real world, believe you me, they're already working fast and furious.  Even the hospitals here anyway say to you, if you go in a second time, by the way, this is bioethics, this is taught in universities now, and bioethics is another thing that should be tossed out and literally burned amongst all the other rubbish that's out there and degrees, and there's an awful lot of trashy degrees out there. But they're dangerous degrees because it's training people who then trained more people in different areas of health on how to look at people and not as really valuable creatures, but as less valuable and even unworthy according to their age and their medical status, etc. etc. That's what it's about, folks.  That's why you've got euthanasia being put, really forced upon people now in Canada and different places. Lifesite News has had quite a lot of articles in the past years about that. So have other sites as well. 


So, it's quite fascinating to actually see it all happening.  Because you don't see any propaganda about marching guys in dark uniforms and jackboots, it doesn't hit home to people. You've been trained that that's what evil is, you see. But the worst evil wears business suits and often casual wear too, the professor class.  They are the characters who are advising a generation who will all, who have been radicalized with Antifa groups and all the rest of it, like an army, a Bolshevik Army ready to get let loose upon older people.  And they will go for you, and they will eliminate you... with... with... GUSTO, believe you me.  That's how they've been trained. You can see it in them.  You're responsible for destroying our world, our future. That's been drummed into them through the education system.


So, as I say,, and help me tick along and you can donate as well. You can see how to do it there. You can even send checks.  Now here's some articles here.  One article here talks about the availability of genetic data to do with the coronavirus has got biologists thinking that it's possible that the virus may have escaped from the lab in Wuhan.  This is what they said initially.


Coronavirus 'did NOT come from animals in Wuhan market', says landmark study / 17 May 2020


The study raises the possibility that the virus may have escaped from a lab in Wuhan, which was known to be studying coronavirus like diseases in bats.


The UK ministers are reportedly "no longer discounting" the possibility the virus escaped from lab.


The link is on the article.  That's from the, the Sun news outfit.  So, they get into it.


Wuhan lab was performing coronavirus experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated - with a £3m grant from the US - / 11 April 2020


Remember that, eventually when the Chinese says, oh it could have been the Americans that did it, and then you thought, well it's because of that sporting thing they had with the US over in Wuhan a few months before that all broke out. But I think what the Chinese were also hinting at is that they were given the basic building block of this particular virus from the US, and from Fauci of course. That has been admitted to, or at least the data has come out about it to confirm it.  And...


SARS-CoV-2 is well adapted for humans. What does this mean for re-emergence?


(A: As they're getting ready for the spike, oh, it will come back in the fall, you know. But, it's well adapted for humans. They go on about…)


In a side-by-side comparison of evolutionary dynamics between the 2019/2020 SARS-CoV-2 and the 2003 SARS-CoV, we were surprised to find that SARS-CoV-2 resembles SARS-CoV in the late phase of the 2003 epidemic after SARS-CoV had developed several advantageous adaptations for human transmission. Our observations suggest that by the time SARS-CoV-2 was first detected in late 2019, it was already pre-adapted to human transmission to an extent similar to late epidemic SARS-CoV. However, no precursors or branches of evolution stemming from a less human-adapted SARS-CoV-2-like virus have been detected.


What they're telling you is that it seemed to be made.  It would have had to.  Some of the top virologists have said it would take about 800 years of any kind of, with a lot, put it that way too, 800 years or so to evolve in so many different stages to be so adaptable for attacking humans in the way it's doing and being awfully successful in what it's doing to humans. It would take 800 years from the old SARS, the last SARS type virus to the present Cov 2, you know.  So that's what they're really getting at here.  It was awfully well, just all ready to go, you might say. Well, that's why other scientists, you know, the white magicians from the laboratories are saying that it had been manipulated to be so potent. Again, they're back into the gain of function. That's what they do in these laboratories.


Don't forget too that Fauci worked, he was one of the overseers for Fort Detrick, eh.  Did you know that? And also over the cancer society. Because cancers are often caused by viruses, eh.  It's a small little world when you get into it really.  He had a finger in lots and lots and lots of pies. But I found that when I was digging through some of the old, old articles from Fort Dietrich.  So, he was a very important guy in that field. Which as I say, at the very least you'd have to be totally, you have to have CIA clearance for many, many things, and maybe even higher than that. 


But this article goes into it, and a little bit, not really much depth. It gives you an idea of what they're thinking about. The PDF is there too if you want to study it and literally look up on what they have found out.  And it is interesting, where they actually admit to certain things in scientific articles without saying it's definitely, they're pointing to the fact that the darn thing had somehow been helped to skip a whole bunch of evolution to do what it's doing. And that's regardless of what Fauci eventually came out and said, oh it probably just did it by itself.  Which he had to do when his name started to come in for having been responsible for giving it to China. 


Then you've got...


Trump’s WARP SPEED vaccine czar oversaw an infamously BOTCHED vaccination. Wonder why a THIRD of Americans want to dodge this one? / 16 May 2020


Nearly a third of Americans might refuse a vaccine for the novel coronavirus, according to a poll conducted earlier this month by Civic Science. The percentage has likely gone up since then, as the 2,900 respondents to that survey gave their answers before Trump announced on Friday that the 12-to-18-month timeline for vaccine development – already unheard-of in the pharmaceutical industry – would be stepped up with an eye toward rolling out a shot by the end of the year.


It’s not just the shockingly abbreviated timetable that has Americans worried about their safety regarding the proposed vaccine – the head of the initiative already has one botched jab under his belt, and he’s invested (literally) in several of the vaccine candidates under development.


(A:  They're all completely, you know, these people are so contaminated with corruption, and they've got fingers in all kinds of pies, that you can't say that they're independent working for any kind of health for the public. They're too compromised, and in so many different areas.)


GlaxoSmithKline vaccine chairman Moncef Slaoui was appointed by Trump on Thursday to run the task force his administration is calling Operation Warp Speed. Slaoui spent 30 years with GSK, which is one of dozens of pharmaceutical companies working on a vaccine; he’s also earned close to half a million dollars as a director of Moderna, currently tapped as one of the leading candidates in the vaccine race.


(A:  I wouldn’t go near them too.)


Watchdog groups like Public Citizen have already raised alarms about his conflicts of interest, but that’s the least of his problems.


(A:  And it's true, they're so glaring they shouldn't be appointed to any of these positions.)


As chief of vaccines at GSK, Slaoui oversaw the development of the disastrous Pandemrix vaccine for swine flu, a shot that was rushed to market without proper testing in the midst of a 2009 epidemic, during which public health officials (A:  Oh, you were all going to die then too, by the way.) were shrieking about enormous death tolls that never materialized, with some claiming the death toll would rival the 1918 influenza pandemic (sound familiar?).


The result of the hasty approval process was an unsafe, ineffective shot that left over a thousand recipients permanently brain-damaged (A:  …oops.), some 80 percent of them children. Forty percent of NHS staffers were vaccinated under false pretenses, told the shot was safe and effective. The UK government was forced to pay out millions of pounds in compensation, as GSK had refused to supply the drug to governments until it was indemnified against lawsuits.  (A:  …meaning impervious to lawsuit, they couldn’t be sued.)


Pandemrix was never approved for use in the US, and it’s possible Trump is unaware his vaccine czar was involved in the sordid debacle.


(A:  Why can you keep making the excuse for Trump?  I mean, the rubbish I've heard for Trump, honestly, is beyond any kind of comprehension.  The man said when he first ran, was it 2016, before he got in, that if he got in he would give pharmaceutical companies and vaccine makers the rights to bypass all kinds of testing on the general public and rush things to market. What part of that don't you understand? Do you think he just was uninformed?  It's just astonishing to me.  Do you hear the rubbish they used to have, oh somebody took away his cell phone because he was Tweeting…?  Do you really believe this tripe?  Huh?  Huh?!  You've never heard any guff like this in your life.  N-n-n.  So here they go again, maybe he doesn't know what this guy was involved in, maybe he doesn't know.  M-hm.  Iiiii.  But as I say, it wouldn't matter who was in because they're all the same, folks. That's the truth of it. They are all the darn same. It goes on to say here...)


GSK’s checkered past isn’t exactly a secret stateside. The firm had the dubious distinction of paying out in 2012 what was the largest fine ever paid by a pharmaceutical firm, after admitting to what the Justice Department called “the biggest healthcare fraud in history,” shelling out $3 billion as punishment (A:  That was a drop in the bucket by the way.) for, among other things, concealing the deadly side effects of its diabetes drug Avandia.


Of course, GSK is hardly the only drug company cutting corners. Moderna, the favorite to “win” Operation Warp Speed, has never brought a vaccine to market before, and the mRNA vaccine it is developing is a type that’s never been approved for use in humans. Worse, the company is actually skipping animal trials completely, with its chief medical officer Tal Zaks insisting that he didn’t think the intermediate step – carried out to avoid subjecting humans to unnecessary harm – was necessary.


(A: Can you believe that?  Hm?  As chief medical officer. I wonder how much he gets for promoting that kind of stuff. It says...)


…he didn’t think the intermediate step – carried out to avoid subjecting humans to unnecessary harm – was necessary.  (A:  Noo…)


It’s a brand-new type, you know, an mRNA type vaccine that will change your cells in your body forever. It’s not the old kind of stuff where you cut bits and pieces of things together in different, and then you grew them on either in eggs, you know, that was the traditional way it was to inject them into eggs, and later on they started to grow them on dog kidneys, that was one as well.  And you were getting massive problems with that one too.


That was the one the Department of Defense talked about before because they tried that with flu shots, on flu shots before and they found out... And I've read the articles by the makers of that particular type, say well it's different, it's much better and they can make it much faster than the old egg way and so on. They always give you glowing reports before they've even used it, they always do that to get their shares up, oh my God, and the money just pours in like you wouldn't believe.  But the Department of Defense had to eventually start warning them to stop giving out the flu shots in 2017/18.  I put up the links to this before from the Department of Defense, I'll try and put it up again tonight. 


Because you had a massive cytokine reaction to it.  Then you have a second wave going into your lungs too of phagocytes.  They eat up all the debris, like a battlefield in a sense, but they can also flood into the lungs and also choke you to death basically and cause hemorrhaging in the process too as it's eating up the dead cells, living on dead cells, that's what happens.  And it will continue until you get resolution, that's what happens. It's like a battlefield where viruses have been battling.  Then bacteria set in, secondary infections, you see, in the lungs on top of the viral infection. So, it's a big battlefield with dying and dead cells all over the place, and income the phagocytes and then eat them all up, etc.  But they cause scarring in the meantime and so on and so on.  But anyway, if you survive that long you're going to be in a bad way for a while.


Well, they found out in 2017/18 that the flu shot that they were giving out, at first, they claimed it will, it gave good antibody response. But here's the thing.  Once they hit the real flu, the REAL, raw flu IN nature, once they hit it, they had a massive overreaction to it with the cytokine storm, and that's what was killing the people. 


We had the same thing in Canada where they panicked at one point, you know, that health group in Canada panicked and the government had to warn people to stop right off the bat, if you've had the, don't take this particular flu shot that year.  I remember reading it on the air at the time as well.  Because they found the same thing, that folk who were getting the flu shot were WAAY more, actually in that one that they gave in Canada, they were way more susceptible to getting the darn flu than they would if they hadn't taken the shot.  There's so much…


You understand, that to write the good success story for these vaccine companies, they spend a lot of big money getting people to make up bogus reports on how wonderful it is. I used to do articles exposing this stuff years ago. They would hire the top guys in the line of virology and bacteriology and so on and have them write glowing reports.  Not that they even checked up to see if the folk often existed.  But that's how you do it, the conology.  Because the rewards are so incredibly lucrative, where you get government signing on every one of their citizens to take shots for whatever it happens to be.  BIG, BIG money, guaranteed to get paid by the government, which is the taxpayers’ money. But guaranteed, eh?!


And then they're made safe from prosecution. So I wouldn't let them put anything in me unless the doctors or the nurses, I would have all their names and addresses, and written that they knowingly gave me the shot, blah, blah, blah, and folk from the government too if it gets mandated by Trudeau or whoever, then their name is on it too so that they are willing to be, handle the lawsuits and deal with the lawsuits if they're found to be negligent and putting people in danger of their lives basically.  How about that?  Isn't that a good way to do it?


As I say, they're already, the top virologists are already out saying this thing is blowing over.  Blowing over.  Meaning, you know, the more lockdown you would take away quickly, you'd get a faster herd immunity to it. But they've done everything to stop the herd immunity, really, to slow it, so that they can get a spike so they can lock you down over the whole winter and into next year. That's what they wanted initially, remember that?  [Alan chuckles.]  And your system will never be the, anywhere near the same again if they get that. You’ll get used to it, yep, folk adapt to it all.


There's an article too that was also put out by Dr Mercola.  He talks about Robert F Kennedy Junior again and how he's been doing some courageous work. He said…


The Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines / 11 May 2020 him/ Joseph Mercola


He co-founded Waterkeeper Alliance — the world’s largest clean water advocacy group — and provides legal counsel for the Natural Resources Defense Council, which help protect organic producers. (A:  …for food and so on.)  He has also fought legal battles on behalf of the Informed Consent Action Network, founded by Del Bigtree, and chairs the board of directors of the Children’s Health Defense.


Kennedy wrote a brilliant foreword to Judy Mikovits’ book “Plague of Corruption”…


While Kennedy was referring to Mikovits’ moral courage, the same can be said for Kennedy himself, whose career as an environmental attorney and activist is built on defending those who cannot defend themselves.


This includes children who are being harmed by vaccines that have yet to be tested for safety, especially when given in combination with other vaccines.


What Happened to Trump’s Vaccine Safety Commission?  (A: Trump was going to get a vaccine safety commission. But he'd say anything to get in, you know what I mean.)  


When President Trump was elected, he contacted Kennedy (A:  …right…) and asked him to run his Vaccine Safety Commission. Unfortunately, the Safety Commission never got off the ground:


(A:  Most of the stuff that Trump talked about never got off the ground.)


“I agreed to do it, but immediately after that, Pfizer (A:  …the big drug company.) wrote a $1 million check to his inauguration committee. He then appointed a Pfizer lobbyist, Alex Azar (A:  He’s big up there and I hear his name everywhere.), to run the HHS, and he handpicked a Pfizer insider, Scott Gottlieb (A:  He’s all over the thing.  It's a small gang, you see.) to run the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As soon as they got in there, they shut down the Vaccine Safety Commission and any other questioning of vaccines,” Kennedy says.


(A:  That's how things work, folks. You're dealing with gangsterism, organized gangsterism. It's the same in every country. It's the same gang, really, different departments of the same gang across the world right now. And they share the loot big time, you know. That's how they do it.  Quite good, eh.  And really, they're bold. They don't give a darn if they get seen or not, they're so cocksure of themselves. But there you go, Kennedy was asked to run the vaccine safety commission for the president, but immediately after that Pfizer…)


…Pfizer (A:  …the big drug company, vaccines...) wrote a $1 million check to his inauguration committee. He then appointed a Pfizer lobbyist, Alex Azar, to run the HHS, and he handpicked a Pfizer insider, Scott Gottlieb to run the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As soon as they got in there, they shut down the Vaccine Safety Commission and any other questioning of vaccines,” Kennedy says.


“I think a lot of people were telling him, ‘You shouldn’t be doing this,’ and [Bill] Gates was one of them. But I think once he took the money from Pfizer and put in their guys, [the commission] was dead in the water.”


(A:  So yeah, Trump knew what was happening. Then they go into the evolution, you know, of viruses.)


How to Accelerate the Evolution of a Virus


As explained by Kennedy, the way they accelerate evolution (A:  This is what the gain of function is.) is by taking the coronavirus from (A:  This is what they take it from, from the bats right.) the anus of the bat and replicate it in animal tissue such as pangolin kidney tissue. Next, the grown viruses are placed on feral monkey kidney cells, followed by mouse brain tissue.


(A: That's by the way, one of the reasons they have this massive cytokine storm.  You see, these animals also have a whole HOST of other viruses in them, humans do too, we carry them all the time, different kinds.  But what they're saying, even with the Department of Defense is because they're using, they're growing it on all these different animals, that have these coronaviruses, all kinds of harmless ones too.  But you get all, what they call, debris in the actual vaccine from all these other viruses, and for some reason when you get hit with a real coronavirus, from outside of the vaccination, from the air, from nature - if they want to call it nature, I'm very skeptical that many of them are just natural these days - but you get this massive cytokine storm that can kill you. And they're putting it down to this, the other coronavirus types that are, because of the different tissues they're growing viruses on from animals. That's one of the main things they're looking at right now.  So, they grow the viruses on, and I think I mentioned last week that there was even an article where one company was trying to grow them in human eye tissue, actually embryos, you know, of aborted fetuses.  [Alan chuckles.]  These are the black magicians obviously.  The white magicians don't do that, they want to do it all for the good of humankind, you understand.)


Each time you transfer the virus to another animal tissue, you increase the risk of zoonotic animal virus contamination (A:  That’s what they call virus contamination, you see.) in addition to mutations. According to Kennedy, six years of evolution can be accomplished in a matter of days using this accelerated evolution process. Through this process, extremely viral forms of the virus can be rapidly created. Typically, milder forms are used to create a vaccine. As explained by Kennedy:


“You can take a mild form and give a person that mild form, and they don’t really get sick. They develop the antibodies, and that’s the theory [behind vaccination]. (A:  That’s the theory, right.)  But there are reasons that they like to create those super viral forms. (A:  …the super type.)  One is, most of the labs where they do it, like Fort Detrick in [the U.S.] and Wuhan lab in China, are not only vaccine labs but they’re also military labs.


(A:  They're biowarfare labs. That's what they're using really.)


So, they want to mess around and look at these viruses that they may be able to weaponize. Not only that, the people who are creating vaccines like to create super viral forms. They give them to mice who have been genetically engineered to have a human immune system, essentially. Then they try to cure them.


(A: They actually, [Alan chuckles.] there was an article last week where they've created another type of super mouse that's even more, has more human genes in it than ever before.  M-hm.  I tell ya.)


Those experiments were going on in the United States until 2014. They were Dr. Anthony Fauci’s projects. President Obama ordered that to stop because they had a lot of lab escape problems (A:  A lot of these creatures escape too, mind you. But they also have the viruses escaping.)

 in 2014 from three different labs


(A: So, they had to put a clamp down at the time for it.)


Instead of stopping as he was ordered, Fauci moved those operations to the Wuhan lab in China


(A: This is what I'm saying, this stinks to high heaven with this Fauci and Bill Gates and the whole thing. It really does. Come on here!)


Instead of stopping as he was ordered, Fauci moved those operations to the Wuhan lab in China and continued to do those experiments right up until the time that the coronavirus [pandemic occurred]. In fact, [infectious disease expert] Ian Lipkin was doing those experiments over there when [COVID-19] exploded. And I’ll tell you exactly what happened because it’s very suspicious.”


Kennedy continues telling the story of how the COVID-19 epidemic may have been generated — by releasing the virus — to ensure that dangerous coronavirus research would continue and receive fresh funding:


(A:  Here’s what happened…)


“When President Trump came in, Obama had an office in the White House for pandemic defense, for pandemic security. They were involved in funding [coronavirus research projects in Wuhan] through Fauci. President Trump ended all funding for that office September 20, 2019.   (A:  It's interesting, the dates, eh?  And when did they have that Event 201?)  So that was the last paycheck any of those scientists got.


On September 30 [2019], a whole lot of scientists were laid off in Wuhan. October 1 is when the first case of [COVID-19 was reported]. So, it’s suspicious because it looks like there’s a possibility — and I’m speculating here; I want to make that clear — but there’s a possibility that somebody who lost their job in that lab … could have released the virus.


(A: It might have been somebody who wasn't even in the lab, folks, who just ordered it released. You know that yourselves, eh.  Because the whole agenda is to come out of this. Your whole way of living is completely altered, folks. And they want this to be permanent. And having you bend over backwards to start with, with lockdowns and social distancing and all this kind of stuff, is just the start of it.  IF you let them get away with it. It's a prewritten script here, and they needed this thing to happen to bring it into being.)


An even broader agenda appears to be the introduction of a far more authoritarian regime, along with the transfer of wealth from average people to the richest through a planned economic collapse.


(A: Of course, that’s happening now with trillions of dollars being dished out.  You're supposed to be in perpetual debt forever, massive debt, worse than before.  You're going into the austerity program that the United Nations had the British sign on to years ago.  I did all the talks at the time and said what do you think austerity means? It means poverty. You're going to be living in poverty, mandated poverty.  Of course, this article ends with a whole, I'm only partway through it but...)


Coronavirus Vaccine May Be a Disaster Waiting to Happen


I'll put the links up anyway for those who want to read it for themselves. And it's good to read, you know. Most folk now are looking for visual, visual little clips, bits and bytes from YouTube or somewhere. But it's good to read stuff. It sticks in your head longer, and better actually, I always find that.


And again…


Influenza Vaccination and Respiratory Virus Interference Among Department of Defense Personnel During the 2017-2018 Influenza Season / Oct 2019


Greg G Wolff

Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch

(A:  It's an official branch of the Air Force and so on.) 

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.



Purpose: Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, (A: Well, they're growing them on animal tissue now, that have different coronaviruses.  And that's what’s called, you end up getting virus interference...) a phenomenon known as virus interference. Test-negative study designs are often utilized to calculate influenza vaccine effectiveness. The virus interference phenomenon goes against the basic assumption of the test-negative vaccine effectiveness study that vaccination does not change the risk of infection with other respiratory illness, thus potentially biasing vaccine effectiveness results in the positive direction. This study aimed to investigate virus interference by comparing respiratory virus status among Department of Defense personnel based on their influenza vaccination status. Furthermore, individual respiratory viruses and their association with influenza vaccination were examined.


Results: We compared vaccination status of 2880 people with non-influenza respiratory viruses to 3240 people with pan-negative results. Comparing vaccinated to non-vaccinated patients, the adjusted odds ratio for non-flu viruses was 0.97 (95% confidence interval (CI): 0.86, 1.09; p = 0.60). Additionally, the vaccination status of 3349 cases of influenza were compared to three different control groups: all controls (N = 6120), non-influenza positive controls (N = 2880), and pan-negative controls (N = 3240). The adjusted ORs for the comparisons among the three control groups did not vary much (range: 0.46-0.51).


Conclusions: Receipt of influenza vaccination was not associated with virus interference among our population. Examining virus interference by specific respiratory viruses showed mixed results. Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus; however, significant protection with vaccination was associated not only with most influenza viruses, but also parainfluenza, RSV, and non-influenza virus coinfections.


What they're telling you here is, where they've initially tested after they've given it to you, you'll get some antibodies. The problem with, the conflict is there when you hit the actual virus that it's supposed to protect you against, in its raw state in nature, you have this massive, massive cytokine storm.  You've been programmed to have it through the contamination of the other viruses in the vaccines, from the animals that they're growing this specific virus on.  It takes other viruses with it. They can't clean it out, you see.


That's what happened even with the polio vaccine, remember, where it had hundreds of animal, they call it Simian, the monkey, viruses.  They were in every single shot; they couldn't take them out.  So, they claim. Including the Simian 40, which was the cancer-causing virus.  Well, that's never been, that's what they're still getting yet.  You're still getting all kinds of viruses from the animal tissue they're growing this particular virus on.


This Flu Shot Is Not Like the Others / 30 Oct 2014


(A:  Now, this article goes back to 2014, right.  This is all connected. It doesn't matter the names or anything they give, they're all different types of vaccines, but they're often connected together by the same companies in fact, many of them. 2014…)


This year Novartis (A:  Novartis, right.) shipped its first full batch of Flucelvax, a new vaccine that was only approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2012. The company made a limited amount of the shot last year, but there are more doses to go around this flu season. And for the first time, the doses were made at the company’s newly approved U.S. plant in Holly Springs, North Carolina.


(A:  Remember where the coronavirus that Fauci sent over to Wuhan, it came from North Carolina too.)


The vaccine is made without growing the influenza virus in eggs (A:  This is how it’s normally done.) chicken, (A: Right, so this new type, they didn't use the chicken eggs.) which is the way that flu shots were made for more than four decades. Instead, Flucelvax is grown in kidney cells from dogs. The technology means that the shot can be made in less time than a traditional flu shot—enough virus can be churned out in about 65 hours to 75 hours, compared to the six months or so it takes to grow in chicken eggs. It also means that people who are allergic to eggs (A:  Oh, they don’t care if you’re allergic to chicken eggs or not, folks.  Look at what they’re going to pump into you anyway.  [Alan chuckles.]  Eh?  They don’t care about the side effects of pumping in stuff from dog, the viruses from dog kidneys and so on, you know.  So that's the excuse they give you, you know, they don't want folk to be allergic to eggs and so on, and now they have a different option...) now have another option for getting immunized against the flu.


(A:  The only thing is, though, if you don't go with the egg type, you're left with the dog type. I can guarantee it, when you walk in a park you'll want, you'll have a strange urge to go up, and you just need to go to every lamppost that you see.  Including the wastepaper bin, you just can't help yourself, right.)


In studies that the FDA reviewed before approving the vaccine, the shot was 84% effective (A:  They always tell you the same thing.) in preventing flu among adults …


(A:  Right.  That they do, that the FDA does, their pals in the FDA...  These people are all, they're like musical chairs moving from these companies and into the FDA and back again into the company. I've done talks on that too, years ago.) 


…in preventing flu among adults who were vaccinated compared to those who received a placebo. People getting Flucelvax produced around the same amount of antibodies to the influenza virus as those who were immunized with a chicken egg-based flu vaccine.


Using animal cells instead of chicken eggs, say Novartis officials, allows them to have more control over the purity of the final vaccine. How well influenza grows in the chicken eggs is variable—some eggs or batches of eggs help the virus grow, while others aren’t as conducive to producing large amounts of influenza.


The cell-based technology is also a plus during a flu pandemic, since the platform can produce more doses quickly to control an outbreak as a particular influenza virus spreads among a population. The company has produced doses of pandemic flu vaccine against H5N1 using the cell technology, and it’s keeping them in deep freeze as part of the U.S. government stockpile in the event of a pandemic.


The FDA has approved seven different types of flu shots—in addition to Flucelvax and the standard vaccine made from chicken eggs that protects against three strains of influenza, there is also a shot that protects against four strains of flu; for the needle-phobic, one with a microneedle injects just into the skin and doesn’t penetrate into the muscle, making it less painful; for the elderly who need more protection, (A:  Right, this is the in thing now, you've got to give the elderly more protection, hm, bigger doses of it.)  there is a high-dose vaccine; …


Now, if the smaller doses are having reactions, with younger people, what do you think, and you're going to give heavier doses to the elderly who have got weakened immune systems?  If you've got a weakened immune system and you're pumping a heavier, more stronger, more virile dose into the elderly, what do you think that's going to do?!  Hm?  It's astonishing. So, it's, again we're back to voodoo again, isn't it? Magical thinking. Well, the elderly, they've got a more weakened immune system, so let's pump more of the stuff into them.  Is that to try to terrify the body - the Lysenko affect, you know - into start to working again, give them a bigger dose of something?  If a small dose isn't going to work very well, why not give them a bigger dose? If their immune system is so compromised and weakened, it can't utilize itself, or the vaccine, and produce antibodies.  In fact, they're going to have a massive reaction to the vaccine. Definitely. And it happens. 


Lysenko by the way was a favorite of Stalin.  He came up with the bright idea, it was to do with communist theory, they could force society to evolve, you see.  Genetically in a way by...  As though... If you brought up the educated classes, from the working class into the educated classes, it would continue and evolve and evolve by itself, like a learned memory, a genetic memory in the cellular structure of everybody.  But he thought that you could do it with wheat, I think it was wheat. It just wouldn't grow in some parts of Siberia.  So, the idea was to try to shock it, freeze it, and bring it back into the warmth. Like a torture system, you know, like kind of like a Pavlovian style but for plants. And by doing so you'd force it to evolve, to adapt to grow in freezing temperatures in Siberia.    


And to show you how terrified and you should be afraid of, a lot of folk who kept studying Lysenko and said, this isn't going to work, you know, other biologists and so on, just, it's not working... They were executed by Stalin. You'd better understand, folk are ruthless at the top when it comes to these ideas. Because they're a bit wonky to start with in their head, you know. There ya go.  So, this article was from Time, when they were bringing out the, let's go back to getting more viruses and coronaviruses from animals by growing it on animals rather than the eggs. Why do you think they did it in the eggs eventually anyway? It's because they were doing it before with animals.  [Alan laughing.]  So, after a while folk forget and, oh, they won't remember, y'know, what happened the last time.


And again…


Flu vaccine grown in dog kidney cells


After that wonderful glowing report there, right?  Okay?  Have you got it?  Or have you already forgotten it?    How they said, their 85% success rate, right. Here's an article, which you always see after these fantastic and of how glowing...


Flu vaccine grown in dog kidney cells another failure


(A:  Oh dear, hey, I thought it was going to be a success and all that stuff.)


A cell-based flu vaccine, Flucelvax, grown in dog kidney cells became available (A:  …again…) during the 2017 to 2018 flu season 


(A:  Right. That’s what the DoD said, that’s what they were giving them to them, right. By the way, that's what they were giving, something similar, in Italy this last winter, eh.  Hm?  A novel type again, eh, hm? So...)


Flucelvax (A:  …this wonderful thing...), made by Seqirus, was supposed to offer advantages over egg-based flu vaccines


A study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed the cell-based vaccine worked only a little bit better than the conventional flu shot in protecting seniors — which isn’t saying much


(A: [Alan chuckles.]  This is what the report says.  [Alan chuckles.])


While flu vaccines overall had only 24 percent effectiveness in preventing flu-related hospitalizations in people aged 65 and older, the Flucelvax vaccine had an effectiveness rate of only 26.5 percent in that population


(A:  Which really is negligible at all. So all that money and these glowing reports, because they always give you, they pay really important, really professional writers to give them glowing reviews, you know, and they always end up with the same thing after it's been pumped into the public.)


Most flu vaccines in the U.S. are grown in chicken eggs, but during the 2017 to 2018 flu season, a cell-based flu vaccine, Flucelvax, grown in dog kidney cells became available. This vaccine was licensed in 2012 and is approved for individuals aged 4 years and over. As the effectiveness of conventional flu shots continues to leave much to be desired, the new Flucelvax vaccine was touted as a new-and-improved version that would protect more people once flu season hit.


In reality, a study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed the shot worked only a little bit better than the conventional flu shot in protecting seniors — which isn’t saying much. While flu vaccines overall had only 24 percent effectiveness in preventing flu-related hospitalizations in people aged 65 and older, the Flucelvax vaccine had an effectiveness rate of only 26.5 percent in that population.


In addition, according to Seqirus, the cell-cultured vaccine is superior because it doesn’t rely on egg availability (A: Like they've got a shortage of eggs or something.), which could be affected by avian flu…


(A:  So, they give you all this guff, you see, as to why they came out in the first place.  N-n-n.  Yeah, they cause problems obviously because you had these terrible cytokine storms after you got the shots, when you hit the actual viruses that were out and around you, around about most of society.  Now this article goes on and eventually gets to the point.  Again, I'll put all these articles up for those that want to look them up. It said that there's more to your immune system and the flu shots than just what they've said before. They keep repeating, a lot of articles today, they'll repeat the same things over and over, almost about five times in five paragraphs saying the same stuff. But eventually it gets to the point. It says…)


Your Immune System’s Response to Flu Vaccine Can Make You More Susceptible to the Flu


(A: Remember, this all comes from the BEST people money can buy in the professions, eh, that bring you this stuff.  And yet all these years later, every year it's an oops, oops, oops, well, oops.)


The flu vaccine is described as the best tool to stay healthy during flu season despite years of dismal failure.


(A: Well, who says it's the best tool?  If you're healthy generally you don't need anything. You wouldn't get, you know, you wouldn't even get the side effects of the flu or even simple effects of the flu.  Most folk who've got the coronavirus or have had it already, didn't know they had it. They're not sick with it, most of them.  It's the same with the flu. A lot of folk, as I say, had the viruses of polio going through them, most folk did and had no symptoms and it left them, it's as simple as that.)


There are many reasons why flu vaccines are often ineffective, starting with vaccine mismatches. Each year, health officials make educated guesses (A: And that's what it is, here you are, right, from the people that want to jab things into your body, from dead tissues and so on of different creatures and animals, they make educated guesses, right...) as to which influenza strains will be circulating in order to include them in that year’s vaccine. Often, the vaccines are not well matched to circulating viruses.


(A: That's generally what happens. They always tell you in the spring, well it was the wrong combination.)


However, there’s more to it than this, in large part due to the complexity of your immune system and how it works. A term known as heterologous immunity describes the memory your immune system has of previous infections,


(A: This is awfully important this part.  So, your immune system has a form, a form of a memory, right, to previous infections…)


which allow it to respond to similar infections later. (A:  You see.)  Sometimes this is a good thing, giving you protection from circulating diseases — but not always. As noted in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology, heterologous immunity has two faces: protection and immunopathology:


“Immunity to previously encountered viruses can alter responses to unrelated pathogens. This phenomenon, which is known as heterologous immunity, has been well established in animal model systems. Heterologous immunity appears to be relatively common and may be beneficial by boosting protective responses. However, heterologous reactivity can also result in severe immunopathology.”  (A:  That’s damage.)


This may help explain why flu vaccine may offer some level (A:  That’s what I was telling you earlier.)


(A: Often the shots, especially when they're grown in, eh, this hodgepodge of animal tissues and so on, with many...  Humans have stacks and stacks of viruses in them at any time.  We do. Often, you're born I think with carrier viruses too, or pigeon viruses, or carrier viruses, I always call them pigeon ones.  You're born with a lot of them too or you get them from your mom and so on, and they're harmless throughout your life. But animals have them too.  Often, they can be similar but not the same. So once you’re putting ones from animals into you, into your bloodstream, especially if there's ones that they've been using for vaccinations, you're having this incredible reaction to it with an overreaction of your entire immune system going on the warpath at once, boomf!, when it hits the real virus that it's supposed to protect you against.)


(A: They know this!  But they don't like to, they don't like the tout it too often when they're trying to force you to take the latest shot. Because big money, every year, you know, big money.  Every year. Millions, maybe billions going across the world in vaccinations, eh.  So, it's not wise for them to, if they want big profits, to tell you the truth.  So here in this article it doesn't go into it too deeply, this one...)


“Immunity to previously encountered viruses can alter responses to unrelated pathogens.


(A: But the pathogens, you see, are related to it because they're in the shots. That's what I was saying. You get all this other, they call it debris, from other viruses from the animals, that they're pumping into you. It doesn't say that in this one but that's what it is.)


This phenomenon, which is known as heterologous immunity, has been well established in animal model systems.


The strategy of annual flu vaccination may, in fact, be backfiring, leaving those who have been vaccinated annually less protected than those with no prior flu vaccination history.


(A:  You see this over and over again in their own writings.)


Research presented at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Diego even revealed that children who get seasonal flu shots are more at risk of hospitalization than children who do not.


(A:  Now, these aren’t conspiracy sites, folks.  And the International Conference of the American Thoracic Society isn't some cloak and dagger thing, you know.  This is what they found.)


Children who had received the flu vaccine had three times the risk of hospitalization as children who had not. Among children with asthma, the risk was even higher.


Despite its questionable effectiveness, we’re likely to see more cell-based flu vaccines rolled out. Already, there’s also a flu vaccine produced using genetically modified insect cells (A: That's for folk who are on drugs and like a good BUZZ.) and one on the horizon manufactured in Nicotiana benthamiana, a type of tobacco plant known for its ability to make proteins at a high rate of speed. Yet, no one knows what the long-term effects of such vaccinations will be, or whether their purported benefits are truly worth the risk.  (A:  Hm.  Well I guess they'll probably take the nicotiana one, along with the insects, and they really do get a buzz then, eh, when they're smoking it.)


The Cochrane Collaboration concluded in 2014 that the NNT (number needed to treat) for the flu vaccine is 71.14 In other words, 71 people have to be vaccinated in order for a single case of influenza to be avoided. (A: [Alan laughing.])  In a 2017 scientific review, on the other hand, (A:  The links are here for it.) the NNT for vitamin D was 33, meaning one person would be spared from acute respiratory infection such as the flu for every 33 people taking a vitamin D supplement.


(A:  No kidding.  I guess if you were to get more sun it would certainly help too. There's no doubt about it.  This article goes on to eventually natural killer cells...)


Natural killer (NK) cells are a specific type of white blood cell. They’re an important component of your cell-mediated (innate) immune system and are involved in both viral diseases and cancer. Researchers recently discovered that with enough NK cells in your system, you will not contract influenza.  (A:  The link is there for that too.)


 KLRD1 is a receptor gene found on the surface of NK cells, and the level of KLRD1 found in a person’s blood prior to exposure to the influenza virus was able to predict with 86 percent accuracy whether that individual would contract the flu.


Anyway, it goes on and on and on.  But don't be scared to look at every sort of article out there.  You get other ones with fanatics that would just tell you garlic, eat garlic, garlic cures everything, all that kind of stuff, you know.  It's fine for people who want to believe it all, but the fact is, you'll find lots of good information that have been taken from official sources on your journeys. You can verify them, this is the whole point, you've got to verify them too. It's amazing what goes on. Here's an update from Florida…


Florida Health Department manager told to delete coronavirus data


Apparently, she designed a program for them, for Florida and the health department, and they didn't like the numbers she was giving them with different things.  I think part of the study that she did was showing you that people had already had, that had been testing positive to the flu before it was supposedly out, or something like that.


But anyway, whatever it was, it just shows you that you can't believe the official stuff they're giving out. Especially during this pandemic, where they're lumping in sick people, sick and dying people with all kinds of things. Like everybody else in society you'll probably find they've got the debris of all these are viruses in their nasal cavities.  But they say, well if they detect that at all they put them down as Covid deaths. That is not science!  That's a political, that's an agenda, a social political and economic agenda at work here.


No doubt about it, folks.  So, they really, you can't believe anything they tell you anymore. So, this particular woman anyway, she was told to delete coronavirus data and was forced to resign.  I'll put that link out there to for folk who want to see it.  Her name is Rebekah Jones.


Florida Health Department manager told to delete coronavirus data forced to resign, she says - / 19 May 2020


Another article here…


How coronavirus hijacks human cells and takes over our genes then turns our immune system against us as virologist says 'It's like nothing I've seen in 20 years' - / 21 May 2020


You'll find other ones too who are still hyping up the terror and terror and terror.  But as I say, you're finding people who have had previous shots, by the way, there's no doubt about it, are having this massive reaction when they actually hit the actual virus itself. And I think this goes to pre-, I suspect like the last article, and many other articles too, and the Department of Defense, it's because you've had shots already that have literally triggered your immune system to go all out, to go into all-out war, like never before, against something that it could deal with if you hadn't had the shots prior to it. I really, that seems to be what's happening.


This article too is another good article.


Harvard Medical School Prof Questions Fauci's "Shading" Vaccine Results / 21 May 2020 / Tyler Durden


(A:  That's what it says here.)


At a moment in time when narrative-following “scientists” are lauded like unquestionably omniscient supreme beings enabling dumb-as-a-rock-partisan-politicians to play omnipotent overlords without fear of blowback, the world needs more people like William Haseltine.


The last two weeks have seen markets and politicians jump exuberantly at the hope of every press release from a biotech firm that proclaims one of their pet rabbits didn't die when they fed it their latest DNA-reshaping test material.


(Thousands of wild and domestic rabbits are being killed off by a deadly virus - / 19 May 2020)


Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy said it right - when did we shift from "flatten the curve, (A: Remember all that false... flatten the curve...) flatten the curve, flatten the curve" to "we have to fund a cure or everyone's going to die."


(A:  Well, they did that from the start, folks, if you listen to Fauci and the WHO, and every health appointee to the government. They've been on board with the EXACT same agenda from the very beginning.  Nothing, your natural immunity is no use, you see. Although it works, you see.  It's no use, no, you've got to get an artificial one, you've got to take their very expensive treatment for it, you see, their vaccination. It's been like that from the beginning.  And again, this whole, you can't get out of your house until you've had your vaccination.  They weren't even carrying it, if you were already immune to it through antibodies, through natural antibodies. It didn't matter.  That's the first time in history too, eh.  Oh, we've got a better type of antibody, it's synthetic, it's scientifically made, it's better than natural. It says…)


And so, that is where we find ourselves... Every talking head proclaiming the same malarkey - we will re-open carefully, with PPE, and social distancing, and whatever else is mandated from on-high "until we find a vaccine in 12-18 months" at which point the world will be made whole again and Kumbaya...


Former Harvard Medical School professor and founder of the university's cancer and HIV/AIDS research departments, William Haseltine dared to speak out today about the high level of (A:  BS. That’s bovine fecal matter…) bulls--- and damage that is being done to "trust" in "scientists" and even dared to break the one holy writ that shall go un-mentioned, throwing some shade on Dr. Fauci.


Reflecting on Moderna's press release this week (which was immediately followed by massive equity raises …


(A: And that's how they do it, like I mentioned before. As soon as they say, oh, my God, this is a great thing we've got here, Moderna's press release...)


Reflecting on Moderna's press release this week (which was immediately followed by massive equity raises across numerous biotech firms and upgrades from the underwriters, surprise), Haseltine said:


"If a CFO had tried to get away with such an opaque and data-less statement it would have been treated with derision and possibly an investigation."


The CNBC anchor desperately tried to guilt him into the official narrative of clinging to any hope as long as it lifts stocks - no matter its utter bulls---iness (A: [Alan chuckles.])- but Haseltine destroyed her naive party line:


"we all know it’s an emergency, and in an emergency it's even more important to be clear on what you know and what you do not know."


Moderna did not follow the process:


"you don't know what happened, we don't know what happened, there is no data."


(A: It's just a wonderful thing we've come up with, this wonderful, wonderful...)


"Whether [Fauci] shaded what should have been done, I think is an important question. He's obviously under enormous pressure for positive results but it was not the right thing to do if you can't see the data."


The full interview below is a must-watch by all who care about their freedom being controlled by a narrative directed by fearmongering elites in the name of "science" when the "science" is a) being ignored, b) being bastardized to meet a political need, c) being treated as if handed down on high from the man himself, or d) being manipulated explicitly.


(A:  And isn't that the truth of it?)


Haseltine’s interview is perfect lead into his opinion piece in todays’ Washington Post:


(A: So, he actually gave his talk in the Washington Post. It says…)


Faith in medicine and science is based on trust. But today, in the rush to share scientific progress in combating covid-19, that trust is being undermined.


(A: I wouldn't even say undermined. I think it's just a massive hole that's in the ground, just gone.)


Private companies, governments and research institutes are holding news conferences to report potential breakthroughs that cannot be verified.


(A: That's because it's so lucrative, right.  It's the Klondike.)


The results are always favorable, but the full data on which the announcements are based are not immediately available for critical review. This is “publication by press release,” and it’s damaging trust in the fundamental methods of science and medicine at a time when we need it most.


(A: You saw the same thing by the way, I was waiting for it, and I knew darn well that Fauci wasn't going to approve any medication or give his go ahead or not to anything until it came from Gilead, the company, I just knew it.  And sure enough, that's what happened. He gave his nod and they had a great write up, again, the same kind of thing, without any real data to back up the claims. Even though, was it Remdesivir, had been tested in China already and they hadn't found any improvement with it at all pretty well. Or negligible or very little. The same with subsequent other tests on it as well. The same kind of thing. But it doesn't matter. Facts don't matter when it comes to making money. You know, just....)


(A: There were con men who used to sell posies, you know, handkerchiefs with rose flowers and petals in them when they thought that the plague, the black death in England was caused by some kind of strange, um, what did they call it? Something in the air, an idea that there was something in the air.  They didn't know what it was back then, but they knew that folk caught it.  So, if they could have a good, nice smell in the thing it would drive away the nasty, the nasty evil magical whatever it was. So, they had these rose scented posies, wrapped inside handkerchiefs, big handkerchiefs to drive it away. At that time, it was the greatest thing since sliced bread too, mind you. Not that they had sliced bread back then, unless you sliced yourself.  But that's what they really touted at one time.)


(A: The other ones too, I won't mention, it was quite fascinating.  The ones who sold these things actually would bring them in even by the shipload at some point in London, and they also told the people it works best if you could find a good outhouse and shock your system somehow, to shock this terrible whatever it was, this miasma in the air, and shock it from your system by having bad foul stuff smell and then to their lovely smell of the posies, eh.  Shock treatment to drive it out. A kind of exorcism. Just like chemotherapy and radiation is medicine's attempt at exercising the disease. That's what it is, it's an exorcism.  Hit it with everything that would terrify you and it should kill everything, because you don't know what else to do.  That's how it works.  Anyway, here we go this article continues that…)


The Moderna announcement described a safety trial of its vaccine based on eight healthy participants. (A:  Eight, right.) The claim was that in all eight people, the vaccine raised the levels of neutralizing antibodies equivalent to those found in convalescent serum of those who recovered from covid-19.


(A: Right.  So, they're trying to say that their vaccine had equivalent antibodies that you would get naturally if you had recovered from it.)


What to make of that claim? Hard to say, because we have no sense of what those levels were. (A:  There ya go, you see.)  This is the equivalent of a chief executive of a public company announcing a favorable earnings report without supplying supporting financial data, which the Securities and Exchange Commission would never allow.


There is a legitimate question regarding what Moderna’s unsupported assertion means. The scientific and medical literature reports that some people who have recovered have little to no detectable neutralizing antibodies. (A: [Alan chuckles.]  And the link is here too by the way.  [Alan chuckles.])  There is even existing scientific literature that suggests it is possible neutralizing antibodies may not protect animals or humans from infection or reinfection by coronaviruses.


Such “publication by press release” (A:  …which is just advertising.) seems to be a standard practice lately.


(A:  It's not just lately, hm.)


The National Institutes of Health announced last month that the drug remdesivir offered a clear benefit to covid-19 patients with moderate disease, shortening the length of their hospital stay by several days. But did it really? Twenty days after the announcement, the supporting data has still not been published. Without the data, no doctor treating a patient can be sure they are doing the right thing.


(A:  Well, they already had studies done in the far east who said they saw no real difference at all with it. But you see, this is... I mean, why would, why would, you know, that be the one that Fauci waited to push?  I knew it was… You'll find they are all in bed together, folks, it's as simple as that, you know, at the top.)


Another paper, published the same day, found that remdesivir had no measurable effect (A: This is an article.)  on patient survival or the amount of virus detectable in nasopharynx and lung secretions. What then should a practicing physician do? Follow the unsupported advice of a news announcement or a medical report published in a leading scientific journal? This is not an idle question: The NIH announcement triggered a global stampede for limited supplies of the drug.


(A: And that's what they do, it's a big, massive sales pitch, you see.   Oh, y'know, oh panic, we've got the, we can treat you and save your lives, oooo.)


To the Jenner Institute’s credit, it does warn visitors to its website that there have been many false reports about the progress of its vaccine trial. (A: [Alan chuckles.])  Still, having a scientist working on the trial paint preliminary results in such a positive manner without having yet released the full data is cause for concern.


The media also bears responsibility.


...not just for lauding each great announcement they give you on the medical field but also for giving you, I'd say for the reign of terror. You couldn’t have the reign of terror without the media ACROSS THE BOARD being complicit in it.  Eh?  Isn't that something?  Another one too is this article here…


The Full Fauci Timeline: Sorting Fact From Fiction / 21 May 2020


Anthony Fauci’s name has become dinner-table familiar as people discuss the doctor’s warnings, his comments, and President Donald Trump’s responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. As usual, a firm line has been drawn between the left and right sides of the aisle: Some blame the president for all the world’s problems and declare Fauci the hero in this crisis; on the flip side, the doctor is the villain and the president has been misled and misinformed.


In truth, the whole Coronavirus fiasco has been a pile of convoluted, wishy-washy, contradictory information since the beginning. The blame game won’t fix anything, but perhaps stepping back to examine a timeline of facts and figures may bring clarity to the epic snarl of today’s social-distancing America.


Who Is Dr. Fauci?


(A:  And it goes through his history, a little bit.) 


In 1962, he graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a Bachelor of Arts in Classics.


(A: But he really went in very quickly into the National Institutes of Health. Very quickly.  He was picked up, became a clinical associate…)


In 1966, he finished first in his class at Cornell University Medical College with a Doctor of Medicine. After completing his residency in internal medicine, he joined the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 1968, becoming a clinical associate in the Laboratory of Clinical Investigation at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). In 1974, he became the head of the Clinical Physiology Section and, by 1980, the chief of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation.


Fauci is no stranger to controversy surrounding his findings and methods. In the 1980s, he was one of the leading researchers during the AIDS epidemic.


(A:  And that was quite a fiasco back then too, folks.  I remember it well.  There was a lot of, again, it wasn't just debate, it was almost fisticuffs with all the different groups fighting for the causes of it and what it actually was. Fauci suddenly started, he appointed Gallo I think to be the head, and his theory became the main one that got pushed ever since.  Even the AIDS one too, they had the articles out from the government, a bill that had been put in years before, for the government to actually, for the Defense Department to come up with a disease or some kind of a weapon which could destroy the immune system of an enemy in any nation.  That circulated.  That was official actually.  It wasn't just paranoid conspiracy stuff. It was official; you could actually trace it and look at it and find it. And bingo, out came the strange AIDS thing, y'know.  M-hm.)


At 79, the doctor has advised six presidents on everything from HIV to biodefense drugs.


(A: I'd say more than biodefense.  I'd say biowarfare and bioattack perhaps. Because all these things could be used either to help, supposedly, by their own words, or as a weapon, when you're into gain of function, you know.)


(A: And don't forget too, that Fauci's wife, I think it is, she's the head of one of the government, or attached to the government sites for bioethics. Which is right up at the top right now, isn't it, who lives, who dies and too many people yada, yada, you know. It's all coincidence though.  Yeah, it is.)


(A: It goes into some of the stuff that we got, like a summary of information from December of coronavirus being confirmed in Wuhan by Health Authorities.  In January, through January, what happens, the releases that were given to the press, or by the press.  It says…)


Jan 21: In an interview, Greg Kelly of Newsmax asked Fauci how serious the virus was. The doctor urged everyone to take the precautions that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put out, “but this is not a major threat for the people in the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.”


(A:  There ya go.  There ya go.)


But yeah, everything that's been done to hype it up and hype it up, happen because of a lack of total or high immunity, it's because it's been caused by the lockdown, otherwise we would have had it well over and gone.  Maybe a little spike in the winter and then that would phase out too. That's generally what happens with this type, with these viruses.


Which terrified the public.  It's because the public, maybe for a lot of the public anyway, for the first time they had no idea that a lot of these viruses DO come out of laboratories and have in the past as well. Including the previous SARS one that they say escaped from laboratories there too in the Far East. So why are people really, you know?  Well they've never heard of this before. They think everything just happens naturally.  M-hm.


By the way, I think it's lauded as a wonderful thing by the Guardian, but it says…


All adults in England to be deemed organ donors in 'opt-out' system


(A:...for those that didn't know it.  I'm not shocked by it because I know in Ontario here in Canada, I put out the article years ago when they suddenly declared that if you go into the hospital here, you're automatically an organ donor.  As I say, you don't know if they're going to euthanize you and kill you for your organs or what they're going to do.  I mean, you've got to start considering reality here, folks. Everything is changed.  Massively.  It's a paradigm change.  Totally.  When these things happen.)


All adults in England to be deemed organ donors in 'opt-out' system / 19 May 2020


(A: So, you're going to be an organ donor, unless, and you die in hospital, right. It says…)


All adults in England will be considered organ donors when they die, after a change to the law this week that will presume consent unless the family intervenes or the individual opts out.


(A:  That's what I'm saying, you definitely need the advocates, you know.)


At present 80% of adults in England say they would consider becoming a donor, but fewer than 40% have signed up to the current register. The change, which comes into effect on 20 May, could save hundreds of lives each year.


(A:  It’s a massive business, organ stuff.  A lot of this stuff is sold out of the country as well.  And they always give you the same kind of story…)


The law is called Max and Keira’s law (A:  To make it more personal, you see.), after a boy whose life was saved when he received the heart of a nine-year-old girl who died in a car crash.  (A:  Hm.  There ya go.)


Family consent will still be required for organs or tissues to be retrieved, both out of consideration for the family, and to make sure additional relevant information is gathered.


(A: They give you a list actually of the stuff they're collecting. It's quite...  It's like a shopping supply, you know. It says…)


While the need for internal organs is the most acute, the need for tissues, particularly corneas, is also urgent. Twenty corneas – 10 donors – are needed every day.


“Last week we had 63 out of 70 so it was a good week. But we have weeks where we might be down to 45,” Gillan told the Guardian earlier this year during a visit to the Liverpool site of NHS Blood and Tissue, the largest tissue and eye bank in Europe.


Heart valves are also in short supply – 60 donations are needed every month, but recent figures suggest only 40 a month are coming in.


In 2019, the volcanic explosion on New Zealand’s White Island resulted in many horrific injuries. Of the survivors taken to hospital in the aftermath, 27 had burns to more than 30% of the body.


Medical authorities said 1.2 million sq cm of skin had been ordered from the US to treat the wounded. The tissue was to be used for temporary dressings until the victims’ skin recovered and could be grafted.


The Liverpool site, which holds human tissues from bone to tendons and corneas, offered skin to New Zealand from its stocks – the bank currently holds 500,000 sq cm of the tissue, with each packet lasting five years.


(A: It goes on and on and on about how they have to work hard to get all these organs and stuff.)


Trained teams have just 24 hours after death in which to retrieve tissues, often from hospital mortuaries.

(A:  Hm.)


This is a nice little article here, [Alan chuckles.] to cheer you up.  [Alan laughing.]   Quite something hey. It's big business though. This isn't free, remember that, it's big, big business.  The top surgeons come in to do it and they get incredible salaries and so on. Again, I remember they used to, years ago it came out that, the Internet back in the 90s even, the older system, they had shopping sites for folk who are putting in bids for them, different organs, eh.  That's where you end up going, everything's...  we're dollars and cents, all of us.  Even after we're dead we're still making money for somebody. Because we're peons, we're little servants, you see. That's what we're here for. We are renewable resources, you see. There you go.  Yep.


Now here's another article…


Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk Of Hospitalization For Flu, Study Suggests / 20 May 2009


(A: Again, I mentioned that before, it was in another article in the same study though. And this article here is Science Daily of course.  So again, it's official sites and so on.)


American Thoracic Society


The inactivated flu vaccine does not appear to be effective in preventing influenza-related hospitalizations in children, especially the ones with asthma. In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than their peers who do not get the vaccine, according to new research.


It goes through the full story of it too with some data to back up what they're talking about, which again isn't that common.  You've got to get the data.  You've got to get data.  M-m-m.  Then this one too is to do with, let's see now here, I mentioned before that some articles in some papers are calling this thing a hoax now. 


COVID-19 turning out to be huge hoax perpetrated by media - / 28 April 2020


It's bigger than hoax perpetrated by the media.  It's an agenda, folks. It's an agenda.  Definitely it's an agenda. And you will see a spike in the fall. They're waiting for it and they're pretty sure it's going to come because not enough folk have been exposed to the darn thing by the lockdown, right.  Pretty well guaranteed it. It will be a miracle actually, maybe on our side, if it doesn't happen the way they want it to happen. Because they said from the beginning, they want everybody vaccinated regardless of if you've got an immune system and you've got antibodies to it that you developed naturally.  They don't care.  Nope, they don't care. 




Early data on Moderna's COVID-19 vaccine insufficient: Stat News / 19 May 2020


(A: Another article saying it's insufficient.  And all they do is repeat the same stuff. And they always give you the same one-liner, you know, at the top, it...)


…produced protective antibodies in a small group of healthy volunteers.


(A:  Right, that’s what they always tell you. And in a month's time, or two months’ time or three months’ time, they'll have a different thing. But at the moment they're making billions, eh.  It says because of the announcement, right, that the stock sale…)


Moderna later announced a stock sale that could raise about $1.5 billion (A:  …right off the bat, in shares.  It’s just whoof, up it goes.  Yep.)


And it will go up higher if they get more data up, right. This is how it's played. Everything's business, eh.  And…


Alan Dershowitz: (A:  Alan Dershowitz of course.) States Can 'Absolutely' Mandate Vaccinations / 19 May 2020


(A: As you know. What a tyrant eh, what a tyrant.  As I say, he had a massage apparently and admitted to that, but he kept his underpants on.  As I say, Bill Clinton smoked marijuana, but he said he never inhaled it.  But they all knew Epstein and [Alan laughing.] you know...  Ah, what a crew, eh?  What a crew.  N-n-n. And Dershowitz is the sort of character that will try to get everybody else put in prison if you don't accept the vaccine. That when he states that he didn't do anything more than just get a massage, that's the gospel truth because he thinks he's God, you see.  He's A god, literally.  I mean that. They've got good reasons for saying that. But he thinks he's a God.  Yeah.  Yeah.  I had a massage with that woman, but I did keep my underwear on. And these characters are going to rule our lives, and threaten us with imprisonment if we don't go along with the companies - that no doubt he knows very well, I'm sure he knows them very well, the people who own them - if we don't take the vaccinations, eh?  Their experimental vaccinations. M-hm.  I tell ya.)


(A: And that's what he said on TV apparently, he said, he put it very clearly, this is Dershowitz...)


"Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public


(A: I love how these characters can destroy nations. I mean, he's destroying a nation here. If you put up with what he’s saying here, he's destroying your constitutional rights.)


"Let me put it very clearly, you have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease, (A:  Eh…)  even if you disagree. You have no right not to be vaccinated, you have no right not to wear a mask, you have no right to open up your business," he said.


(A:  Do you realize what you’re listening to here?  Do you REALIZE it?)


(A:  Under the refugee policies they all signed onto, they're bringing in people who claimed to be refugees.  Most of them are not, they're just economic migrants. [Alan chuckles.] Many of them by the way too are wealthier than some of the folk that are putting them up through their taxes. I'm not kidding you.  But they don't have to even give them, some of them have infectious diseases, and tuberculosis, and NO ONE, they're not stopping them from coming in.  Huh?!)


(A:  Even in Sudbury here they had little warnings a few years ago and billboards up that it's in the area. Well, they were bringing in quite a high migrant population at the time, because Sudbury is scheduled, one of the 12 scheduled places to put them, resettle them, in the rural areas, this is the agenda, that agreed with the United Nations.)


(A:  Yeah, there's diseases out there.  But they're not getting put in prison as they start walking around and coughing, etc.  But hey, Alan Dershowitz, states they can absolutely mandate it because you have no rights, you know, to endanger the public. Do you understand, if something is not solid across the board for everybody, hm, there's something else at play here.  So, you have no right to open up your business he said too. Whoa.   Whoa, whoa, whoa, eh.  M-m-m.)


The show’s interviewer Jason Goodman asked his guest if the government rules "you have to be vaccinated, we have to be vaccinated.”


Dershowitz’s answer, “Absolutely.”


"And if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm,” he added.


(A:  N-n-n.  I-yi.  That’s something, eh.  I-yi-yi.  I-yi-yi.)


Another article too from Forbes says…


More Than Stimulus Checks: How Covid-19 Relief Might Include Mandated Vaccines / 20 May 2020


Should a coronavirus vaccine be developed, students may hesitate to return to campus if their peers refuse to get vaccinated. (A:  That must've been done on the dog kidney I guess, peers refuse.) But refusing a coronavirus vaccine may be illegal.


“If you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor’s office and plunge a needle into your arm,” explained Alan Dershowitz in an interview earlier this week.


Dershowitz’s statement is good news for schools and universities, who could add the coronavirus vaccine to the list of vaccines they require their students to have in order to come to campus. Such a requirement could be enforced at the state level, where exemptions for school vaccination are currently established.


(A:  You see, once you start with them, let them get in, you haven't had the measles one, you know, or you haven't had a chickenpox one, you're going to college, oh well just get this little shot here.  Then you end up with shingles, eh, you get shingles. A lot of folk of got it. I know folks who got it from the shot. It's not disputed by the way. So, once you start something, allowing something, oh they mandated it… well, they spread it.  That's it, get one or two things on the books then you spread it and before you know it, you're getting about two dozen shots pumped into you, you know. This is how they do this.  N-n-n.)


Schools across the country have closed their campuses in response to the pandemic and are scrambling to find solutions for fall semester…


Well, Bill Gates has got this virtual education now.  It's a whole new way of doing it. Just give in and you won't need your shot then, you stay home forever, and ever and ever, and just play on the computer. There you go. I'll put this article up too. 


And let me see now...


COVID-19 data sharing with law enforcement sparks concern / 18 May 2020


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — More than 11 million people have been tested in the U.S. for COVID-19, all with the assurance that their private medical information would remain protected and undisclosed.


Yet, public officials in at least two-thirds of states are sharing the addresses of people who tested positive with first responders — from police officers to firefighters to EMTs. An Associated Press review found that at least 10 of those states also share the patients’ names.


First responders argue the information is vital to helping them take extra precautions to avoid contracting and spreading the coronavirus.


(A: It's got your whole medical history here.  You know that, don't you. Don't you?  Hm?  I think they're doing the same in Canada now too, they're pushing for this. Britain is doing the same thing as well. It's interesting to me too that London for instance, well at least the Alphabet company for Google had made deals with the British government a few years ago to share all the patient's data from different hospitals and in society, and it was to grow from there. Well, this is all, you’re living through the agenda, folks, that's all it is. This is it, because Google was doing that like in 2016/17 onwards, I think it was. Every country is doing the same thing.  Because in the Brave New World the police and the military will know all about you. You cannot have any privacy at all. Of any kind.)


But civil liberty and community activists have expressed concerns of potential profiling in African American and Hispanic communities that already have an uneasy relationship…


(A: It should be… Forget this African American and Hispanic… This is for everybody, folks. EVERYBODY should be up in arms about it and say that's enough, get off our backs. If they're split up into groups, you never get anything done. You've got to ALL come together. Simple. Very simple.)


“The information could actually have a chilling effect that keeps those already distrustful of the government from taking the COVID-19 test …


Don't forget, the tests are mainly junk, folks. Mainly junk. Just impossible.  False positives. False negatives. Etc. etc. And if you get antibody tests it's a bit more accurate, but not always because it can also show that you've got antibodies to a range of different viruses or coronaviruses too. You see?  N-n-n.  So, I'll put this one up too and then this one here...


Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School Offering New Free Online Course To Train COVID-19 Contact Tracers For New York State / 11 May 2020


(A:  Here's your new Stasi!)


BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you’re looking for something to do to help during the coronavirus pandemic, a new online course can train you to become a contact tracer to help stop the spread of the virus.


That's how they're going to stop it, right. Absolute BS!  Absolute rubbish. I'll put up some other links today to other doctors by the way who have quite openly talked about this nonsense of tracing. Because I mean, how many people, one of them actually said this, this doctor. He says, he takes the subway in New York, he says, how many folk has he met on the train station platform, in the carriages, every day? I mean, it's impossible. So, this asking how many folk you've talked to that day... Absolute rubbish!


These tracers are going to be permanent for other reasons, folks. It's a Stasi thing. And here's the cops sharing all the data.  So, here's police, health data, and then contact tracers working with the police. You start thinking...  You'd better start putting it together where this is meant to go. And I mean MEANT to go, right. 


And this doctor said, you'll actually hear him say himself in a little video, if I want to track people who've had sex that week for say sexually-transmitted diseases - now they call them social diseases, there's nothing social about them. But he said, that yeah you can find, the person generally knows how many encounters he's had in a week, right, and with whom.  But he says, but walking in the streets and into subways, you have no idea how many peoples you've met, it's impossible.


Not that it would do any help anyway. Because you want, that's what they say, you want the herd immunity.  You want more folk to...  Most folk never have any symptoms at all, you know. And they can certainly help the people who do, if they were given the right treatments. So yeah, this Stasi is not going to go away. You can tell by the amount of money they’re throwing into this; this is not meant to go away.


Then you've got again…


New York City partners with Salesforce on coronavirus contact tracing program, mayor says / 8 May 2020


(A: So, there's a couple of articles on it. You can read that for yourselves.)


Salesforce will deploy a call center as well as a customer relationship and case management system that will help the city track potential cases …


But there's other ones too across the country where folk are out in the streets tracking folk down, coming to folk's doors by the way.  And they'll come to test you in your home. You can't allow this to go on, this nonsense to go on. 


California biopharmaceutical company claims coronavirus antibody breakthrough / 15 May 2020


(A: Another… You see, they all say, oh, it's wonderful, oh [unintelligible] galore... )


EXCLUSIVE — A California-based biopharmaceutical company claims to have discovered an antibody that could shield the human body from the coronavirus and flush it out of a person’s system within four days, Fox News has exclusively learned.


(A:  Oh, exclusive.)


Later Friday, Sorrento Therapeutics will announce their discovery of the STI-1499 antibody, which the San Diego company said can provide "100% inhibition" of COVID-19, adding that a treatment could be available months before a vaccine hits the market.


"We want to emphasize there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100 percent," Dr. Henry Ji, founder and CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics, told Fox News. "If we have the neutralizing antibody in your body, you don't need the social distancing. You can open up a society without fear."


(A:  Wow.  And it’s got the data on and so on. There’s not much data at all.  But what they are admitting is that...)


"Doctors are taking blood plasma (A: I mentioned that months ago.) from patients who have recovered from COVID-19 and infusing it into those who are critically ill. The plasma is laden with antibodies, and the approach shows some promise" …


It definitely gives you promise. Absolutely. It will certainly help you get over the bad hump of it, that's for sure.  They have other techniques, once that happens, you're getting someone else's antibodies, you see, and yours might not be pumping your own out, but there's ways they can then help your body to create its own.  That can certainly be done. 


[Alan chuckles.]  This is... I love the nonsense that comes out, like the invisible firewall, the virus just knows it can't go beyond 6 feet, eh!  They can defy a breeze even, 6 feet and that's it, doesn't matter. If it's a storm going, but nope, ain't going to go any further. You're all safe if you stay 6 feet apart. Absolute tripe! 


Speaking loudly could help spread virus, study finds / 16 May 2020


(A: Study. Study finds. Everybody's doing studies. And all these useless, useless characters they churn out from universities with useless degrees, have got their hands out for all kinds of studies, you know. It says…)


Scientists found that thousands of tiny droplets sprayed from the mouths of people talking noisily can remain in the air far longer than expected.


(A:  WOW!  Wow.)


The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, used laser lights to study the spatter from someone who repeated the words “stay healthy” at volume for 25 seconds.


The phrase was chosen because the “th” sound in the word “healthy” was found to be “an efficient generator of oral fluid speech droplets”.


(A: [Alan chuckles.] They'll probably the have their hand out for another, like, give another 2 million and we'll take this research further, you know. This is what they all do, eh.  Maybe they'll have a career living on grants.  And of course, it says…)


The “enclosed, stagnant air environment” was filmed for 80 minutes


Well, very few folk live in stagnant air. There's always a breeze from somewhere.  I mean, here's the farce of it all too.  Folks driving in cars, eh, with the window open, eh.  And you know how...  They're actually breathing, these people, they breathe.  Do you know that? They breathe.  All the way down the streets, they’re breathing. And it's just spewing out of that car.  And could contaminate thousands of people, eh?!  For goodness sakes! My goodness, eh!  N-n-n.  And then even trains, all the people on trains and carriages in you've got air circulating, that eventually gets pumped outside too. Oh my goodness, eh!  Hhhh!  [Alan singing.]  This train don't carry no viruses, this train... As though...  It's endless where you can go with this nonsense.  Really endless.


But give me another 2 or 3 million, I'll do a test for you. Yep. Maybe I can reduce that.  If you drink a glass of wine every night, have you seen those studies, you know? It's good for your heart at the same time too. And the more wine you drink actually, the more you'll slur your words, and you can't really say thuthuuuthuuuu, healllthhhhhhhh, very, very, you might ssay, and you won't spray as much droplets across the planet. There you go. That's worth a couple of million right there.  N-n-n.  I'm telling you.  You may laugh….


Now, another article goes on too about the again, the fake counting system. It's atrocious.  There's nothing scientific about it. It's so awful. It says…


The US is Dramatically Overcounting Coronavirus Deaths / 16 May 2020


(A: We had even, is it, Dr. Birx admitting it too, that if you've got any trace of it on your sinuses or anywhere in your body at all, of even the residue of dead cells related to the RNA or anything of this particular virus, they'll put you down, no matter if your heart just exploded, they’ll put you down as a Covid death. It's big money. We've had even, he's a doctor and a congressman come out and say the same thing. I put that up a few weeks ago. He talked about the same thing. He was advised to put more folk down as Covid deaths. It's disgusting. So…)


Over 86,500 people have reportedly died in the United States from the Coronavirus, and the fear generated by those deaths is driving the public policy debate. But that number is a dramatic overcount. Our metrics include deaths that have nothing to do with the virus. The problem is even worse as the Centers for Disease Control over counts even some of these cases and the government has created financial incentives for this misreporting. Relying on these flawed numbers is destroying businesses and jobs and costing lives.


(A: It goes into some of the… I don’t know if it goes into the fact they get $40,000 per Covid case, if they put them down as a Covid case with a ventilator; it's extra again.  You know? Big money.  But this article at least touches on some of it. And again, it puts it down, I mean they're padding it so badly trying to validate what they've done already.  Because it really is way down, they say here already, some of the doctors are saying this, it's no higher than a seasonal flu.  And if they would stop padding the figures and putting them down [as Covid], they'd actually be lower than seasonal flu.  M-hm.  N-n-n. It says…)


New York is classifying cases as Coronavirus deaths even when postmortem tests have been negative. Despite negative tests, classifications are based on symptoms, even though the symptoms are often very similar to those of the seasonal flu. The Centers for Disease Control guidance explicitly acknowledges the uncertainty that doctors can face. When Coronavirus cases are “suspected,” they advise doctors that “it is acceptable to report COVID-19 on a death certificate.”


So, there is presumed, suspected, and so on getting stuffed in with them all. Canada has done this before even with flu seasons to get the numbers up by the way.  It's really awful, isn't it, what's happened?  But facts don't matter when there's a big agenda.


You wait and see, you wait and see, they'll say, oh there's going to be a spike, oh a spike's just happened, my God, we have to close you all down again. And they'll give you horrific pictures that could be made up, we'll have no idea where they come from, there'll be horrific, horrific pictures.  And yeah, you get the Fauci again coming out with his grave face, and all the rest of them, all the strange folk behind him. And it's true, it's like a strange Addams family thing you're seeing on the stage every night, as they all have these little knowing grins with each other, and rather fixed expressions. Which makes me think they're kind of tense, they know they're getting caught out.  [Alan chuckles.]  I'll put these things up again tonight.


And then you've got, let me see here.  What else?  Yeah, the one about Dershowitz, when I mentioned that he asked to…


Alan Dershowitz asks judge to dismiss Epstein victim's defamation case / 25 Sept 2019


Dershowitz argued that his Twitter attacks against Virginia Giuffre, who alleges that Epstein forced her to have sex with Dershowitz when she was underage, are protected free speech.


Amazing what the characters, this is from the Jerusalem Post 2019 September, quite interesting. You're looking at gangs of crooks really. You really are.  Hm.  N-n-n.  And then Peter Hitchens goes on about…


PETER HITCHENS: Furlough billions? Just a giant payday loan in YOUR name / 16 May 2020


Think of Chancellor Rishi Sunak (A: I guess that's who is now the chancellor of the H Checker in Britain for budgets and taxes and so on.) as a smiling salesman of payday loans (A: Because they weren't giving everybody the same kind of, ah, temporary cash as they do in the States and everywhere else.), and you will begin to get the picture.


‘Yes, of course you can have the money. Happy to help!’ he says as he hands over the wads of notes.


But it will not be the cheery face of Mr. Sunak that you see when the time comes for repayment, but the hard and relentless agents of Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.


So, they're going to come for you afterwards. As you think it's all free, eh.  M-hm.  And…


Doubts raised over Oxford coronavirus vaccine (A:  …which they were testing out.) after ALL of the monkeys that took part in the trial are found to have contracted the disease / 18 May 2020


(A: Oh dear, back to the drawing board, eh.  Hm.  There you go.)


In the latest animal trials of the vaccine carried out on rhesus macaques, all six of the participating monkeys went on to catch the coronavirus.


(A: And it says how they tested the monkeys, it says…)


…revealed the monkeys who received the vaccine had the same amount of virus in their noses as the three non-vaccinated monkeys in the trial.


This suggests the treatment, which has already received in the region of £90million (A: [Alan chuckles.]) in government investment (A: And that’s your tax money.), may not halt the spread of the deadly disease.


Oh, well, we tried.  Give us another 90 million, we'll try again. Yep, there you go.  In Ontario Canada…


Ontario extends all emergency orders, including limits on social gatherings / 19 May 2020


TORONTO -- Ontario has extended all emergency orders in the province, including restrictions on social gatherings, until May 29.


And they'll keep putting it off. They're trying to get you into next year. Once they've got it into next year, it's forever, folks, you'll never get out of the systems that you're in.  It will be gone.


States ordered nursing homes to take COVID-19 residents. Thousands died. How it happened - / 1 May 2020


And it's true, they put in people who tested positive, they put them into the old folks’ homes. TO get the numbers up. Why else would you do that, folks? You want them to die. You want to pad your numbers and get it up, because it's a big agenda at stake. There's no other reason. This is not, this is not just oops we didn't know, we didn't think that would...  Come on here! They're not stupid!  They're not stupid.  N-n-n-n-n. 


Now I'm going to put up a link to Knut Wittkowski, his name is, for opposing lockdown, and he was censored by YouTube.  He’s similar to, maybe more qualifications, I don’t know, to Neil Ferguson, and this one is in the US, this fellow.  I’ve got him with a link as well talking to Daniel Erickson, another doctor from California who came out and got banned as well. You’ll hear them talking together and talking separately as well.


Dr. Daniel Erikson and Dr. Knut Wittkowski - / 14 May 2020


It says New York City lawsuits/divorces to be accepted online starting Memorial Day.  By the way, before I get into it, [Alan chuckles.] so it's amazing, it's going to help divorces get done faster, 'eh.  But this article on Wittkowski, it says...


YouTube censors epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski for opposing lockdown / 16 May 2020


Big Tech companies are aggressively tamping down on COVID-19 “misinformation”...


(A: …  Misinformation, meaning not authorized as pro agenda, y'know.)


Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, former head of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University, (A: The ones that are really pushing the bioethics agenda that they got all drafted up for how you live from now on, this brand-new system, forever.  He left, he's been kicked out again. He says…) says YouTube removed a video of him talking about the virus that had racked up more than 1.3 million views.


Wittkowski, 65, is a ferocious critic of the nation’s current steps to fight the coronavirus. He has derided social distancing, saying it only prolongs the virus’ existence, and has attacked the current lockdown as mostly unnecessary.


Wittkowski, who holds two doctorates in computer science and medical biometry, believes the coronavirus should be allowed to create “herd immunity,” (A:  …which the flu always does too.) and that short of a vaccine, the pandemic will only end after it has sufficiently spread through the population.


(A:  And that’s what seems to be happening, as we know.) 


But I'll put the links up to him because he's worth listening to and make your own minds up.  But he does back it up with data, which is awfully in short supply these days from the official sources, on anything. Except the agenda must go through, the agenda must go through, the agenda must go through.  I'll put those things up tonight and another one from a woman in Ireland, on a talk show in Ireland who again worked in some of these bio level III or IV, she was a professor and she worked in some of these labs, bio level III, biohazard level III, or, bio level III.  She says the same thing basically, herd immunity is the only way that this, like any other virus before, that's what happens. We get it spiking, once it gets summer and it dies off, you might get a little spike towards the winter, but then it will start dying off as more and more folk have had it basically, even if they don't know it, which is generally the case.  There you go. I'll put up her video, her name is Cahill.  I'll put that link up for you as well.


Debunking the Narrative (With Prof. Dolores Cahill) - / 11 May 2020


You've got to understand, we’re living through amazing times with big agendas on the go. It's so obviously agenda driven. All of this is so obviously, so incredibly obviously agenda driven, that it boggles the mind to see them all on board.  That one-for-all, as I say, and all-for-one.  And they won't back off. And they can't back off now.


There's an old saying, an old saying with thieves and gangs, they either stand together or they'll hang together.  That's what people who are in big, big scams do. They know darn well that they'll all back each other up, because if one falls, it's like dominoes, they all start falling down like skittles and then the truth comes out and they have nothing to back it up with except each other's lies, you see.  That's really it.  And as more and more stuff is exposed, this thing was planned long before, obviously, this broke out. And they needed it to break out because it's never been done before. They never did it for previous flus that were killing people, they never did it for that.  And now that they've got more and more evidence coming all the time it's not as bad as they thought it would be. 


And yes, it's hit a lot of the elderly people, but so has the treatment that they're giving the elderly people. They've gone off the standard treatments for similar things that they've dealt with, every year by the way.  They haven't been given the proper treatments that would have stopped these massive storms of their body's defense system attacking the lungs to try to attack the virus.  They haven't given them the normal treatment support, at all.  And then locking them down, hm. 


And you're watching the food supply of the country go down the tubes as well. That's all intentional.  This is all intentional. I hope you understand what we're talking about here.  This is a complete revolution. It's a war upon the public. Starting with the war OF terror.  All shouted in unison by all the media and the so-called official agencies for diseases and so on. A war of terror.  Oh, life was never going to be the same again, you'll never go back to normal.  N-n-n.  You're going to have to give up any privacy that's left. You're going to accept the bracelets, mandatory electronic bracelets, a manacle that's going to track you everywhere if you don't have a cell phone.  N-n-n-n-n. 


Rationing is coming along. The whole thing. It's obvious this is an agenda to go in...  Again, the World Economic Forum said that the public were not listening, they told them with sustainability, they won't listen to us, so once they're going into the service economy, now you're post service economy, even, and now you're going to go into austerity and rationing. That's what they really want, folks. 


Bill Gates will help the population drop with his vaccination programs, as he said himself, you know, that you could reduce the population, it's not conspiracy, he said it, it's up there you can hear him saying it, and you can watch him saying it and hear him saying it, it will drop the population by 10 to 15%, at least.  That's what you're dealing with. And it's not going to go away by itself.


In real-time they've got all these different algorithms on the go checking all the chitchat across all the different electronic sources, and they can tell pretty quickly how the public are going to react to this or that and so on, in real-time, within about five minutes of announcements, trial balloons and so on. They know how to play you, you understand. 


Scientific tyranny indeed, eh. 


You're all going to die.  Well, we’ll develop immunity. No, no, it wouldn't make any difference, you've got to take our, OUR vaccine, we haven't got it yet, but you've got to take it when we give it to you, y'know, when we get it.  There ya go. 


But the gang of thieves at the top, they used to call it a parcel of rogues, a parcel of rogues, there was an old song about that they used to sing, a parcel of rogues in the nation.  They are all complicit and they've got fingers in the same pots and pies and so on, and the honeypots of the public purse for their own private enterprises and corporations, etc.  And they’re running us and they're telling us what we must go along with.


So, hang on to your talismans, you know, and wear your Eyes Wide Shut masks wherever you go. And comply. Comply to make sure that batons didn't batter your heads in, by your loving agencies that are there to protect you. And carry all your different wipes and your hand stuff, your hand sanitizers, your talismans.  And maybe you'll be left alone. If you do enough magic, you might be left alone. Yep. I'm telling ya.


And don't say words like health.  That th, th, thhhhh, that will spread droplets across the other end of the supermarket for goodness sake, y'know!  I'm telling you.  If you have a lisp, that's just tough cheese on you.  That's all I can say.


So regardless of all this, this, this stuff that's going on, folks don't panic. As I say, don't panic, don't panic.  Because there's always light at the end of the tunnel if enough information comes out, and enough resistance starts from the public not to go along with this atrocious revolution.


It is a revolution to bring you into a whole new scientifically run society. That's what it's about. That's what the Rockefeller report that came out in 2010 talked about. They went through this whole scenario that we are going through today, they would need a panic situation to make it happen, and we're going through it now, to bring us into the new system of being run from birth to death by professionals.


Oh, I said deathhhh.  Thhhhhh, thhhhhh, that thhhhh word again, eh, thhhh.  Oh my goodness. But luckily there's only me here, eh.


But there you go, that's what it's all about.  You can't make this stuff up.  It's in-your-face. The evidence is out there. And I tell you, there will be more and more evidence that will be coming out more and more as we go along through the summer.  And they'll get worse towards the end of summer because, the more evidence that's piling up against the people who are perpetrating this whole thing, the more vicious they'll have to be together, to stand together.  They close ranks and they become completely vicious. That's what happens in history with these kind of gangs that run countries.  Now you have them trying to run the whole planet. And it's rather evident, isn't it?


And Mr. Fauci, who elected Fauci to tell you how you're going to live your lives? And he said, it's never going to be the same again, you're not going to go back to any normal. Nope. He said that at the beginning. Isn't that a rather an odd thing for a guy who's supposedly basically appointed to run, private again medical companies and so on.  Is he now a politician and a sociologist now, is he?  Or what is he?  You know.  N-n.


Emperors, eh?  Emperor Fauci. With a few other ones to match him, mind you. But they all belong to the same gang obviously.


It's just INCREDIBLE. 


But you know I hope the people never forget, NEVER EVER forget the complicity of all the media out there pushing this terror agenda, the war of terror. Don't ever forget that for goodness sake.  Because that's a managed war of terror. Obviously. There was no, all the media together are pushing the same stuff.  That doesn't happen by itself either. That's by agreement, folks.


Anyway, I hope you're taking care of yourselves and trying to get some sunshine if you can.  Even up here where I am now the sun is starting to come out occasionally, and immediately the mosquitoes are there so...  Things are back to normal for a little while.


Remember again go into, throw a few pennies my way by check or PayPal or whatever means you want to use, you can even send cash. That will help me tick along.  Hopefully I'll be getting the books printed up shortly now.  Hopefully. Unless they shut us all down again very quickly. I'll get them up for those that want them. And the discs as well.


Thanks for listening.


I'm Alan Watt from Ontario Canada, it's good night and may your God or your gods go with you.


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