January 13th, 2012 (#1000)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan 13th, 2012:

Brave New World's Banner Unfurled:

"Rulers Today Put All Their Reliance
In Trapping the Soul Using Science,
Blavatsky Touched On this End
By Saying Science and Spirit Would Blend,
But That Would Be Only for the Elite,
Lower Workers Cut-off from God They Seek,
When Atheism Rules According to Plan
As Scientists are Placed as Gods Over Man,
Bringing Hell On Earth as Public Cowers,
Mere Humans Cannot Handle Such Powers,
Madmen's Egos, Using Earth as a Toy,
Can't Admit to Wrongdoing, So Rather Destroy,
As False Gods Before, In Human Form,
Cannot Apologize, They Bring On the Storm,
In This Earthly Laboratory, Truth They can't Tell,
For in Truth Their Purpose is Creation of Hell"
© Alan Watt Jan 13th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Jan 13th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 13th of January, 2012.  For newcomers, you should always help yourself to the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And youíll find lots and lots of free audios for download, where hopefully, youíll start to understand this big system youíve been born into.  Itís called the Matrix really, because, just like the movie, thereís so many rooms, so many floors, and each time you think you get to the right one, thereís more deception.  Thereís always deception.  Because, you see, weíre in a scientifically controlled society.  And science also controls your mind, big time, with neuroscience, all kinds of behavioral psychologists.  Youíd be surprised how many teams and organizations to do with controlling the mind that governments, all governments hire.  And a lot of them are full time, of course, working for government too.  Because governmentís job is not there to inform you and keep you up with any kind of truth on any particular area.  Itís there to control you, manage you, make you pliable, and make you docile, pretty well, to all thatís happening.  Because the big boys are a separate group, altogether. 


I mentioned last night that Bertrand Russell said that eventually the elite will become a separate species in a sense, because theyíll be the only ones in on the truth, all truths, you see.  So, we are managed, like a herd, and I go through the histories of the organizations that came up with the ideas, got together, and went after all the worldís resources, with the idea of bringing in a world government, which of course they themselves would rule. And then theyíd use a scientific management to bring down populations, and, again, advance humankind as far as better slaves go, for the kind that they would want to serve themselves. 


So, help yourself to the website, as I say.  Thereís about a thousand audios up there now.  And all the sites listed on cuttingthroughthematrix.com have transcripts for download too.  And if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, youíll find transcripts in other languages for print up.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on guests, who really are there to sell you after scaring you.  And I donít have shares in any companies that sell anything at all.  So, you can help me get by, by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  From the US to Canada, remember you can still use a personal check, or an international postal money order from the post office.  Or you can send cash.  Or you can use PayPal.  Itís up to you.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal, once again.  And straight donations are really, really welcome. 


As I say, all we can do now is chronicle the events as we go through them, this big plan, this big world order plan that they talk about, you see.  The Council on Foreign Relations, if you bother to read them, will tell you where the world is going in their Foreign Affairs magazine, has pretty well never been wrong, ever.  Because, you see, they run the world.  Theyíre part of the managerial class.  And theyíre called world managers, by the way, from the insidersí point of view.  The world managerial class.  And the politicians are there really to put on a show for the public, eat lots of big meals, and it costs a lot of cash with their G20 meetings.  And to make you think youíve still got a say in things, someone is responsible to you.  Of course, we know for a fact that no one at the top is responsible to any of us anymore, because all the departments youíre supposed to complain to are just that.  They just dump it in the trash, or else some low echelon will give you some, you know, copied thing back to you, and thatís the end of things.  Unless you want to spend your life, you know, writing to parliament.  Good for you.  It doesnít do you any good at all.  Because government, as I say, from at least the 1500s has been really based on this technique.  Probably before, since Francis Bacon talked about it back then.  He says, itís best the public never know the true machinations of what government is up to.


And thatís really how it is.  Well, this big group, of course, that decided to take over the world, were using academia as well, and training each managerial class, are in full swing now.  They call it post democracy.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I say, I try to chronicle the events, and compare them to the experts that were employed years ago, often long before you were born.  In fact, some of them lived in your grandfathersí day and they met at world meetings, deciding on the kind of planned society they would bring in.  And they had all kinds of specialists.  Theyíve written lots of books about it.  Many of those involved wrote their own biographies.  They just love to tell you how important they were in fashioning the society that was to come.  And theyíve never been wrong. 


Every part of the agenda from about the 1920s onwards has been fulfilled, including the steps that they took to separate generations, to bring in massive promiscuity, and then the state would come in and be the parent or parents to children.  And itís just amazing to see how it was done.  And those who indulged in all the fun and games, the youngsters, of course, it was all geared at them, actually believed it was their doing.  ďOur generationĒ type thing.  Thatís how they always conned them.  And they had no idea they were going along an agenda that was meant to destroy family units and eventually, as I say, everyone is an individual, sort of in their own little world, and the government can talk right down to you, and thereís no one to help you out.  Thereís no family or friends or anything left.  Thatís the society we are in today.  Perfect actually.† But weíre so well understood, because weíve been studied for many thousands of years.  Many thousands of years.  We forget just how old humankind is, and empires and forms of government.  Look at the age of China and all the governments they tried in ancient times.  They even had Communism and Socialism and all kinds of techniques used, long, long before BC.


And of course, we just go through it all again.  Well, that knowledge was never lost, including all the studies on how it affected the people and things that could go wrong, and how to rectify them.  Used over and over again.  Remember, Plato said the same thing.  If you want to control society or make them do something, find something that theyíve done in the past and go through the same formula again, implement it in the same formulaic way and itís guaranteed to work.  It always does work.  Because weíre a form of creature of habit, you see, with innate drives and things in us, so they can easily manipulate us so easily.


But to go for the young is easy too, when your hormones are galloping away there.  Itís like taking a child into a store, and thereís all the candies, and the child just has a temper tantrum if it canít get them all.  Only in this case it was teenagers, and they said, ďitís all out there, go for it.  You can get it all.Ē  And they did.  You know, all kinds of AIDS and you know gonorrhea and stuff like that, and syphilis.  Anyway, they achieved their goal, and today people are pretty well living all on their lonesomes.  Not only that, theyíre trained that they couldnít pretty well get on with a partner for very, very long at all.  Either that or they want someone else, a better partner, like a TV star or something like that.  Itís just incredible how stupid we really are.  And we are stupid. 


Now, Iím going to put up a link tonight, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and itís the start of the inquiry to do with $9 trillion that went missing from the Federal Reserve.  And you should hear some of the responses, no kidding you.  This is good enough for the public, mind you.  ďWell, we had an inquiry, you know, and it was inconclusive.Ē  But everybody else would be going to jail, or swinging from the trees on the end of ropes for bringing down countries, bringing down thousands of people out of their homes, losing their homes, and nothing is done about it.  The real robber barons are still in control, because they never left you see.  Theyíve been here for an awful, awful long time.  And of course, they also belong to the same associations that put their boys into politics to make sure that they do all the damage control and nobody does go to jail.  We live under this system.  It is a new feudal system.  I really think itís the same old feudal system thatís been here for a long time.  And Carroll Quigley pretty well verifies that in his book, Tragedy and Hope


Anyway, Iíll put that link up tonight, and then touch on addiction, because addiction of the internet, of course, is well known, because we all know people who are addicted.  Theyíre up day and night, and they hardly sleep.  Itís an addiction like any other addiction, like gambling for instance.  And theyíre bringing out studies all the time.  And your brain does get rewired, thereís no doubt about it.  Anything that you learn, in fact, even just typing, basically, rewires your brain.  But this internet, of course, goes much, much further.  It says:


Internet addiction has for the first time been linked with changes in the brain similar to those seen in people addicted to alcohol, cocaine and cannabis. In a groundbreaking study, researchers used MRI scanners to reveal abnormalities in the brains of adolescents who spent many hours on the internet, to the detriment of their social and personal lives. The finding could throw light on other behavioral

problems and lead to the development of new approaches to treatment, researchers said.


An estimated 5 to 10 per cent of internet users are thought to be addicted


(Alan: I think itís a lot more than that.)


 meaning they are unable to control their use.


(A: Plus, a lot of them go through temporary addictions as well, as theyíre growing up through their teenage years.)


The majority are games players who become so absorbed in the activity they go without food or drink for long periods and their education, work and relationships suffer.


(A: Itís interesting, because there are people who, strangely enough, love to go to casinos.  And Iíve never gone to one, and I have no interest in going to one.  But thereís a lot of folk who do like to go and spend their cash.  In Canada, itís so wonderfully set up that generally they aim for the elder woman whose husband has died, left insurance with her and so on.  And she gets her pension as well, at the end of every month.  And the ones down at Windsor and elsewhere, send out buses, these mini-buses picking them up all over Ontario to take them down so they can spend all their pension money.  I remember one of them telling me that thereís a smell in some of them.  And what it was, it was Chinese guys, they get really addicted to things like that, who wore diapers under their clothing, and they wouldnít leave the tables, the gambling tables, in case they lost their winning streak.  No kidding.  Thatís how bad it is.  Thatís how bad it is.  Anyway, it says here:)


Henrietta Bowden Jones, consultant psychiatrist at Imperial College, London, who runs Britain's only NHS clinic for internet addicts and problem gamblers, said: "The majority of people we see with serious internet addiction are gamers Ė people who spend long hours in roles in various games that cause them to disregard their obligations. I have seen people who stopped attending university lectures, failed their degrees or their marriages broke down because they were unable to emotionally connect with anything outside the game."


Although most of the population was spending longer online, that was not evidence of addiction, she said. "It is different. We are doing it because modern life requires us to link up over the net in regard to jobs, professional and social connections Ė but not in an obsessive way.í


(A: Again, I disagree with that.  I think all these things that come out, with their Facebook and all their sockpuppet friends and all the rest of it, is actually promoted to make them addicted to it.  People are scared stiff to miss one call.  You know, one little call.  Theyíre scared stiff not to answer it, it doesnít matter where they are, in case they miss something.)


When someone comes to you and says they did not sleep last night because they spent 14 hours playing games, and it was the same the previous night, and they tried to stop but they couldn't Ė you know they have a problem. It does tend to be the gaming that catches people out."


And then you go into this one here, another one, another study thatís been done.  It says:


Abnormal White Matter Integrity in Adolescents with Internet Addiction Disorder: A Tract-Based Spatial Statistics Study


(A: That sounds even more important, eh.  Oh, wow.  Anyway, it says here.  It was done, actually I think it was in China, actually came up with this one.  It says:)


Internet addiction disorder (IAD) is currently becoming a serious mental health issue around the globe. Previous studies regarding IAD were mainly focused on associated psychological examinations. However, there are few studies on brain structure and function about IAD. In this study, we used diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) to investigate white matter integrity in adolescents with IAD.


Seventeen IAD subjects and sixteen healthy controls without IAD participated in this study. Whole brain voxel-wise analysis of fractional anisotropy (FA) was performed by tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS) to localize abnormal white matter regions between groups.


(A: Theyíre finding abnormal regions with this white matter in them, in guys who are addicted.)


TBSS demonstrated that IAD had significantly lower FA than controls throughout the brain, including the orbito-frontal white matter, corpus callosum, cingulum, inferior fronto-occipital fasciculus, and corona radiation, internal and external capsules, while exhibiting no areas of higher FA. Volume-of-interest (VOI) analysis was used to detect changes of diffusivity indices in the regions showing FA abnormalities.


(A: Now, they know for a fact that if itís altering the brain, if itís the cause for altering the brain, itís almost giving you a psychopathic type nature, because this is the part of the brain that also gives you your emotions, your ability to bond with people or love people.  Thereís very few folk that love folk anymore.  That will mix with something else.  Anyway, it really is altering the brainís wiring, big time.  And it says:)


In most VOIs, FA reductions were caused by an increase in radial diffusivity while no changes in axial diffusivity.


(A: In other words, this is a scientific, itís really meant for a scientific evaluation.



Our findings suggest that IAD demonstrated widespread reductions of FA in major white matter pathways and such abnormal white matter structure may be linked to some behavioral impairments. In addition, white matter integrity may serve as a potential new treatment target and FA may be as a qualified biomarker to understand the underlying neural mechanisms of injury or to assess the effectiveness of specific early interventions in IAD.


So, thereís actually underlying injury to the neural mechanisms in the brain itself.  Quite something, eh?  Mind you too, a while back I read from the article that the Pentagon put out on their warfare techniques, to do with internet-based warfare techniques.  And they mentioned they have specific colors and viruses and things they can bring all together at once, which literally can bring on a stroke or a heart attack.  They can actually program your brain until your brain has been fooled that the pulsing coming from the computer is actually really the cerebral cardiac pulse.  And, of course, your heart slows down, then stops.  They can do a lot more with it too.  Understand that everything out there is weaponized these days.  Everything.  Quite something isnít it, when thatís the lengths they go to.  It can actually alter parts of the brain and you get buildup of this white matter where it shouldnít actually be.


And right now, Iím going to go to, thereís a caller hanging on the line here, from the UK.  And if this machine will work here, Iíll know who it is.  Itís Daniel from the UK.  Are you there Daniel?  Hello, Daniel?† Oh, thereís the music coming in.  Hold on, and Iíll be right back after this break, Daniel.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking to Daniel from the UK.  Are you there, Daniel?


Daniel: Yeah, Alan.  Iím here.  Do you, do you think that the different racial groups and even homosexuality and even psychopathy could be evidence of genetic tampering, at some point in history?


Alan: Thereís no doubt, in specific groups, even in psychopathy, theyíve found that certain groups are prone to pass on psychopathy to their children.  Especially when these groups have been around for thousands of years.  So, thereís no doubt on that.  Tampering, I wouldnít be surprised.  Donít forget too, that not just genetic tampering, the easiest thing is to do it the old-fashioned stockyard way, of picking different peoples and slaves or whatever, and not marrying them but mating them.  Theyíve done that for thousands of years for particular types of slaves.  You donít want one thatís too bright, generally, unless youíre serving someone like a Caesar.  And you donít want them too dumb either and too slow.  So, you want a big, muscular slave.  And of course this was all taught, once again.  There were handbooks on how to rear slaves in America, brought over by the ones who were running the slave trade.  Always had run the slave trade, in fact, because theyíd been into it for an awful long, hundreds and hundreds of years.  So, thatís the easiest way to do it.


And of course, we know that genetically too, itís passed on through what we would call, or history would call, successful families, the ones who end up dominating whole countries through bloodshed and slaughter and being awfully nasty kind of people, with no tolerance for anyone or competition whatsoever.  So, thereís different ways to pass it on. 


Now, scientists, Iím sure, ancient scientists, and theyíve always had scientists, theyíve been called priests in previous times too, that dealt with medicine, noticed a lot of these things too.  The Egyptians knew this.  We know other cultures have tried to dumb down some of the slaves, after getting riots, etc, by introducing what they call religious programs for the mothers, who would bind the childrenís heads with flat boards.  And that would dumb them down to a certain extent, make them very obedient and compliant, almost emotionless type slaves as well.  Egypt did it.  They did it through Latin America and other countries as well. 


So, thereís been so much tampering with the human brain, itís just incredible to see the lengths the elite have gone in previous times to make us dumb and stupid.  Even comparing that to today, itís more scientific.  Again, itís quiet.  Itís more subtle.  Itís covert.  Itís stealth.  They do it through inoculations.  They do it through food.  And so on and so on.   But as far as direct manipulation of the genes, that is possible.  I wouldnít be surprised. 


They have found across the world, but definitely in Egypt, on digs, and youíll find some of these things in the Moscow Museum, magnifying glasses for microscopes, and also for telescopes.  And thatís why; it probably started with telescopes, because they were so into the stars for timing and dating, etc, and using it like a clock, that naturally, you simply reverse the procedure for a microscope.  And theyíve found these lenses, perfectly-ground lenses, which meant, they could see much smaller things than we ever imagined they could.  And weíve also found the same kind of dye, this blue type of dye in Egypt, which you actually use to identify the genes.  You know, the Genome Project uses it today, in fact.


Daniel: Well, I mean, it doesnít surprise me.  I mean, this whole idea that civilization as we know it started 10,000 years ago, and up until then we were just scratching around in the dirt, to me is just not logical.  I mean, if we havenít changed much in a million years or however.  You know, we had the same capacity for intelligence 500,000 years ago, a million years ago, there must have been hundreds of civilizations, civil advanced societies, thatís what I mean.  There must have been.  I mean, I donít understand how.  The trouble is, we havenít got any evidence.  Or they havenít at least shown us.  Youíd have thought thereíd be some evidence. 


I mean, my main thing is that Iíve always thought that humans are out of sync with the rest of nature.  I thought being a closed system, youíd expect everything to be in balance and equilibrium.  But, humans definitely have these traits, like psychopathy and sadism, that are completely out of balance, because, I would have thought, it shouldnít be possible for one species to control the planet.


Alan: Well, we know that even off the west coast of India, according to India, the legends of India, they talked about the whole west coast going down at one point under the sea, and way over 10,000 years ago., you know, and they had cities on it.  Well, theyíve done their underground water explorations, and sure enough, theyíve found them. 


Same thing off Latin America.  We know that Latin America, some of the countries were actually pushed upwards with tectonic pressure, and so they have beaches, one-time beaches that are maybe a thousand feet up higher than the sea level today.  And they have many of these, by the way, so itís gone up and down quite a few times, along with the different civilizations.  We know in Greece, Plato talked about Solon, his uncle, who went to Egypt, as all the Greeks did, for their education, and the Egyptians said to them, you Greeks donít even know who you are, or how old you are, and how many civilizations have come and gone in ancient times.  So, I think thatís more to the point.  Theyíve come and gone and come and gone and come and gone.  Thereís no doubt about it.  And there is a lot of evidence to do with that.  But they donít want us to believe or know that sciences as such existed such a long time ago, kept, of course, to a very specific few, priestly class, always.  Itís the same today.


Hold on.  Weíll be back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Daniel from the UK about how old is mankind.  And personally, as I say, thereís just too much evidence, as far as Iím concerned, that, you know, a hundred thousand years ago, man has definitely been around, and maybe perished, maybe moved on.  We donít know.  We know that thereís been different equators down through the many thousands of years and the millennia.  And that at one time it went across Siberia in fact.  So, even the Earth tilted at one point as well.  So, I have no doubt at all that man has been probably wiped out by the millions at one time.  Everything gets covered up.  It grows over.  And even, wherever theyíre digging today theyíre finding human beings, in the most amazing places.  And I think this would go on and on the deeper you dug, if you just kept at it, and had the money to do it. 


The elite, again, and science itself, after the great god academia, sets its sights on Darwinism and thatís godís law.  And we only evolved, you know, as so and so, etc, etc.  And we must have come from monkeys, of course, just absolutely had to have come from monkeys.  Even if thereís no trace as to the reason or why weíd come from monkeys, because every species creates its own species in like.  Thatís the way it happens.  And we know we can change genes by radiation, or specific chemicals, long-term exposure to chemicals can also do the same kind of thing, but they generally are unpredictable.  Youíd get monsters of all kinds, which donít last very long.  So, youíd have to be into something very specific to create a particular creature, like today.  We can certainly do it today.  If the histories of India are correct, and they have histories, they claim, going back into millions of years.  If the histories of India are correct, if thereís anything to the mythology, then they had sciences many millions of years ago.  And that man had come and gone and come and gone and come and gone, and that they even created different kinds of humans, they claim, in their histories, and towards the Black Sea area, which was a valley at that time.  And they say that they created different kinds of humans, mixed with animals, just like today, you know, where theyíre going ahead with the same thing, and that they began to eat each other, so they flooded that whole valley.  And then National Geographic sent down a mini-sub, a few years back.  They did an exposť on it.  And sure enough, down at the bottom of the Black Sea, thereís ledges there, and thereís remains, very well preserved remains of human buildings.  So, that was a valley at one time, after all.


So, who knows.  Again, the big boys ainít going to tell us.  But thereís just too much evidence out there that we definitely were more profuse at one time, with sciences of certain types at least.† We donít know how far advanced they were in all spheres, but definitely in some areas, like medicine, they seem to have made quite a lot of progress.


Daniel: Iíll just ask you something else.  Do you think, it seems to me these people, I canít believe that knowledge has been passed on maybe that long.  I think it will be like Chinese whispers almost.  I mean, there will be some that will be passed on and others that will be lost.  But it seems these people have tried to elevate themselves above, maybe there was a creator, you know, a genuine higher intelligence that did play a hand in creating life.  Iím comfortable with that notion.  But it seems that they tried to elevate themselves above that.  You know.  Theyíve tried to, they think that they can do what hasnít been done.  And Iím just uncomfortable with the thought that a creation, letís say we were created by something, could ever be as intelligent as the thing that created it.  Do you think thatís a bit?  Do you think thatís impossible, or could it be done, do you think?


Alan: There is one religion today which teaches that all the male offspring are gods.  And they also believe that God cannot really be known, and they have to work towards the Great Work, which is to become, become full with the powers of God, and have the same powers of God.  Itís an old religion thatís still on the go today.  So thereís maybe something to that.  Thereís definitely something in the fact that thatís taught and they must bring in the future.  They must create the future, as opposed to all the other religions, which tend to look upon the past like some savior came along and did it all for you and all you do now is just lie back and itís all done.  So, the whole thing with what caused it all to happen, weíll never really know.  All we have is bits and pieces, mythologies, and even later changes to do with whatever political group took over and got in power.  Because people will tend to aggrandize themselves, and take the power away from their deity, you see, as time goes on.


Daniel: This is exactly what Iím saying is, do you not think that theyíre being guided more by megalomania and theyíve blinded themselves with this obsession of self-importance, rather than actually basing their religion on any sound, logical reason or nature.


Alan: Actually, in one religion, itís both; as I say, the one religion that believes that every male child is a god.  And that to achieve the role that God gave them, they believe, they must go into science.  They do use science, in fact, they lead science.  And they must, through science, become the full gods again.  Thatís a fact.  This actually exists.  And it helps run the show today.  Other ones will say that you can never know God, all you can know is what God is not.  Not what he is.  You see?  And if you go into the histories of the religion, and even in the Christian religion, and pre-Christian, pre-Judaic religion, they talk about a war.  The same old legend.  There was a war between good and evil that waged through the entire universe.  And the war unleashed supernatural powers as these, what they called later, angels fought with the rebels.  But, before that, everything in the universe was made perfect, including humankind itself.  And that because of the changes, even the trees and the humans today are a poor kind of replica of what they once were.  So, massive supernatural changes occurred because of the powers that were unleashed across the entire cosmos.  So, thereís maybe something to that as well.  But the ancients certainly all talked about this same huge battle that raged through the universe, and it ended up on Earth, by the way.  And so Earth was to be the last battleground for any of this and all of this.  Everything would rest on what happened on Earth. 


And then you have some of the old secret societies, which belong to the mainstream.  One mainstream society, religious society, which talked about, they are the offspring of the ones that were cast to earth, and when they came here, they still had their perfect powers, although they had no physical bodies, you know.


Daniel: Nephilim and all that, was it?


Alan: Yeah. They claimed that through their ability to have supernatural power, they eventually bred into the human stock that existed on earth, but they willed the initial bodies that they occupied here, they willed into existence by their perfect powers; but, by interbreeding with the stock here, they lost their powers.  And hence, they started back into genealogies, to try to get the powers back by interbreeding amongst themselves, once again.  And thatís at the core of a major religion today.  So, thereís always an esoteric side of every religion, and so, this is going on today.  However, man is supposed to perfect himself.  And by that, I donít mean all men.  Man is supposed to perfect himself and regain the powers that the God or Godhead gave him.  Interesting enough, in different religions, the God, even Plato and Aristotle and so on, other ones talked about in the Greek version, and they couched it in such a way, because, remember, they came from a secret teaching as well, through Socrates, via Pythagoras long before.  And they said that their deity was both male and female.  When he walked one way he was male.  When he turned round, he was female.  They say that, so they couched it in that kind of language.  In Judaism, itís much the same thing too, that the God created first man, which meant that the first man also contained the part of the female that was eventually separated from him.  So he was both, two in one.  That was a later belief in Judaism.  So, you have this hermaphroditic thing.  So, you have the hermaphroditic thing coming all down through religions and ending up in a major religion.  And now you see it really being promoted like crazy through scientific tinkering across the planet right now with massive grants funding them.  So, you have to ask why this is happening.


Even NASA put out a documentary a few years ago saying they might have to create some kind of creature in order to stop jealousies on board.  It would have to be hermaphroditic, you know.  So, this is a big key theme all down through history. 


Daniel: What do you think about that Zechariah Sitchin and what he talks about?


Alan: Zechariah Sitchin was a front man.  He was put out there to put an awful lot of nonsense out there, very popular nonsense, because it has to be terribly entertaining.  And he belonged to the Ashmolean Society.  And the Ashmolean Society of course have a particular function to do, apart from screw up all our heads as well.  But thatís how you do it.  You change the youth often by putting out these characters.  Not one person writes the books.  Itís a whole team of people that write the books.  And they make sure that everyone gets them.  Long before that, you had Chariots of the Gods, by Erik von Daniken.  And every television station across the world kept pushing von Daniken.  Oh, he was a genius.  And then we found out he made it all up and he paid a peasant down in Mexico to cut out these stelas with the depictions of his motorcycle, space motorcycles with aliens on them and stuff like that.  He was paying the guy about five cents each, you know.


Daniel: Wow.  Well, itís just that there are, they say every good lie has a bit of truth, and sometimes thereís some elements of the history that they stick in there as well, with all the other fantastical stuff.


Alan: Thatís the key.  You see, all you have to do to bend peopleís minds and set the mind, I call it setting the mind, or a generationís mind gets set, by putting a particular fiction that fascinates them, mixed with certain little bits of truth, and certain conclusions you may come to yourself.  But they know how to bring you to conclusions so easily using your imagination.  It was an ancient technique too, of all old storytellers, before writing came along, they knew these techniques as well.  So, donít be fooled by them.  And there is a big agenda out there too.† You understand, even in the days of Lincoln, there was a fund established for all futuristic writers to try and bring in a particular type of scientific society through their fictional works.  Rothschilds of England in the 1800s did the same thing.  He set up the ones for the Futurist society.  And thatís where you get all your science fiction from.  They tell these guys what to write, what they want.  And that shapes the minds of the reader.  Thatís us.  And itís predictive programming.  So, be very careful.  You have to really do an awful lot of research into all this stuff to come to the conclusions.  Otherwise, youíre easily led.


Daniel: Yeah.  Well, you just have to use a good dollop of common sense as well.


Alan: A lot.


Daniel: And look at whatís in it for them.  You have to look at whatís in it for them.  I always think, before I even listen to what someone is saying, I think, well, who are they, and why would they be saying this, because thereís usually something in it for them. 


Alan: It was the same with H.G. Wells.  H.G. Wells was paid via the Fabian society, and before it even became the Fabian Society he was paid too by multi-millionaires from America, from New York, who eventually went over and funded the Fabian Society.  He was paid to write science fiction in such a way, and we now call it predictive programming, to fascinate the youth to actually work towards the goal they wanted them to work towards through fiction.  And thatís how they do it.  Itís a very simple technique.  And once weíve read it through fiction it seems so familiar to us that when it starts to come in in real life we succumb to it.  We allow it to happen.  Itís like all the sci-fi movies for the last 20 years showed us a population living in rubble, and you know, scampering for crusts of bread, and a super elite with a massive army of these guys with all their armor on.  Well, weíre now in that, but weíre programmed to accept that long before, for twenty, thirty years, through science fiction.  Thatís not coincidence.


Daniel: As well, Iíve read a book, I read something by a guy called Beria.  Heís a Russian Communist.  And it was Ivan Pavlovís Manual of Psycho-political Warfare.  And I read it the other day, and I thought, my God, this is exactly, this is the actual tactics theyíre using, like Yuri Bezmenov talked about.  He just touched on the four phases of subverting a nation.  But this manual of psycho-political warfare is really, is the real deal.  This is exactly how they do it.


Alan: Beria actually worked very closely with Pavlov and others.  You see, these guys already knew, especially those guys, because they also belonged to another secret society.  Beria was the head of the NKVD at the time and the Comintern for Young Communists.  And he said in the 1930s that already they had perfected the technique of indoctrinating the youth, and they could literally upgrade the youth every three to four years even deeper into the agenda.  It was so quick, it was so perfected, he says, it can not fail.


Daniel: Yeah.  No, itís incredible.  And also, itís just that I read that even, that Hitler even studied those techniques from the Egyptians.  They read Egyptian scrolls and stuff, like you said.  But theyíd learned this even back to Sumerian times and beyond.  Theyíd learned about this.


Alan: The thing is though, it was never lost.  You see, there are real archives of information.  And power, whenever it takes over a country or a nation, never burns libraries, believe you me, to lose things.  They make sure they grab all the information, because knowledge is power.  And itís always knowledge for the elite to rule over the masses.  So you always grab that first.  We do the same thing today, when we go into countries in the Middle East, we have special teams set to rob their museums, grab all the scripts and so on, and get out with it fast.  And thatís what they do.  So, itís always been this way.  So, they didnít have to retranslate things or refind things out.  No.† These societies already knew this stuff.


Daniel: Itís fascinating.  But on a final note, Iíll say, itís still encouraging that you and me and other people listening, and some others, havenít maybe succumbed to it.  And itís reassuring that even in places like North Korea, where theyíve just been properly brainwashed for so long, thereís still people who know that whatís going on is wrong.† And that you canít, thereís something about the human spirit or soul, whatever it is, that you canít quite crush completely.  And there will always be some people who hopefully wonít actually succumb to all the programming.


Alan: Thatís right.  Interestingly, Madam Blavatsky, who was given the first Freemasonic charter for females, because they had to get the women into them then too, said that our goal is to cross spirit with science.  And when you read through it, what they really mean is, to entrap the soul, entrap the soul so that it could never communicate with its deity.  Thatís the ultimate goal.  The goal of complete atheism is the same.  Itís so that you personally will put up a firewall, because you donít believe in anything else, and you wonít reach out to something that gives you extra power, more power, your Creator, your God.  And that is their goal.  The more atheistic and depressing they can make society, the more technological they can make society, the closer theyíve achieved their goal.  Weíre far more obedient, you know, far more obedient, and weíll succumb to terrible hardships, when we believe that there is no deity whatsoever.  Thatís a prime goal that they have.  Thanks for calling.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll go to Aaron from Nevada, if heís there.  Hello?


Aaron: Hi, Alan.  Love the show, man.  Your show shows that you donít have to run it like a used car sales lot or something like that in order to get the information out there.  And well, I just wondered, since your words on Zechariah Sitchin, I had no idea.  Iím going to have to research that. 


Alan: Iíll put up a link tonight.  It shows you, itís a complete exposť on Sitchin, and how he literally, Sitchin made up his own, his own special interpretation that no one else can agree on.  Youíve got to understand, when you study languages, and you break down and decode them to find out what they mean, eventually many people will come to the same conclusions.  You have to come to the same conclusions, and say yeah, this is an A, this is a B, etc.  But Sitchin literally alters and puts his own particular translation down, and even changes the meanings of them, his own translation, as he goes through his own works. 


Aaron: I see.  Okay.  Also, on the pineal gland.  And since you were talking about the brain, I thought I would chime in.  What are your, how do you think the whole pineal gland works into the other realm or the other dimension?  Do you think thereís any, any thoughts on the pineal gland?


Alan: The pineal gland, all we really know about it, we used to think it just sat there and basically fossilized, but it works in youth more so than as you get older.  I think itís got a lot to do with various glandular functions to do with the sexual nature, I really think so, when youíre younger.  But also, we know that light, light goes right through the eye, they found this out about ten, fifteen years ago.  Light will come right through the eye and strike it.  And this seems to activate it.  And it might have something to do with things like the SADS and so on, how you feel, Seasonal Affective Disorder, you know.  It might be the reason why the Swedes have so much of a high suicide rate when thereís so much cloud cover for so much time of the year.  It may have something to do with that.  But I really donít put too much emphasis on what they claim, like itís a magic gland, etc, and you can activate it and get special powers.  I really donít put faith in that at all.


Aaron: Any thoughts on Jordan Maxwell?


Alan: Jordan Maxwell came out giving out basic Freemasonic interpretations initially.  I never really followed him.  But I know heís been in touch with, and even had different ones who I donít trust, to be honest with you, who came out and actually worked with him for a while, before they were set off on their own.  But I havenít really followed whatever heís up to at all.  I know he went to Area 51 and stuff like that.  Whenever they start tying in the alien stuff Iím very suspicious of them.  Because we know theyíve been making stuff here on Earth for an awful long time at special bases.  And itís pretty traditional.  In fact, some of them have admitted years later that when theyíve been testing particular aircraft, very advanced aircraft, when they say itís been seen somewhere, oh, just tell them itís a UFO, and that gets into the papers, and we think, oh, itís a UFO, and no one thinks theyíre actually making this stuff here.  I mean, Iíve seen these things myself.  I know they exist, you know.  But you canít just keep jumping back to the alien stuff.  Itís like a diversion.  You canít catch an alien and say, ďright, admit it.  Youíre causing all the Earthís problems, arenít you?Ē  Youíll never find one.  We see the real aliens walking into parliament and into the congress.  Thatís where they are, you know.  [Alan laughs.]† And these guys look very human to me.  They might look human, but theyíre definitely psychopathic in nature.  Thanks for calling.  And sorry, I couldnít get to Blue from Tennessee.  Maybe try on Monday.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night.  And may your god or your gods go with you.



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