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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan. 16, 2012:

How are the Mighty Conquered?

"Disappearing Arab Countries, Biometric Border,
Is All in the Agenda, "Hard Road to World Order",
Hypersexualization of Children so They'll Never Mate
In Long-Term Relationships, We're Finding Out Too Late,
Women Producing Testosterone, Aggressive, Finding
Men Almost Sterile, Sperm Count Declining,
Yes, Scientists have Been Busy Warring On Us,
Continuous, Quiet, Secrecy Guarantees No Fuss"
© Alan Watt Jan. 16, 2012

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - Jan. 16, 2012 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 16th of January, 2012.  Newcomers should always make use of the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com ;  you’ll find over a thousand audios on there for free download.  And, hopefully you’ll get answers to the big system you’re born into, this confusing matrix that you’re born into, that, really, is one hell of a mind job, where big organizations, big private organizations, foundations, big international bankers literally a long time ago set up to take over the world, everything in it, and using science they would make it into the more perfected version of how the world should really be.  Including the kind of folk they’d want to live in it too, how they’d behave, and how many they’d be too, that’s a big part of it as well.  They wanted to bring down the population to what they saw was a post-industrial level.  So, we’re on our way now, with the cancers skyrocketing and so on. 

Anyway, help yourself to the audios and remember all those sites listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com have transcripts for print up too, in English, and if you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself to the variety offered there. 

Remember too, you are the audience that brings me to you, I don’t sell anything at all, except my books and discs, and that keeps me going.  I just crawl along with it, basically.  And, that way I’ve got more scope to be more honest.  After all, if you’re selling something from different sponsors, you’re kind of obliged to them, or obliged to the kind of things that they’re selling, to go along with it.  So, I’m kind of a free agent.  All the ads you hear on this particular broadcast are by private companies right to RBN.  I have nothing to do with it.  And that pays RBN for the airtime, and hopefully it pays for the staff too, and maybe a little left over for their bills.  Because these companies use a lot of cash to put out these particular shows.  So, you can help me by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com. And from the U.S. to Canada, remember, you can purchase using a personal check or a postal money order from the post office; an international one.  You just ask for an international postal money order; it’s about the same price as a regular one.  And you can use Paypal.  Some people send cash.  Across the world you’ve got Paypal, Western Union, and Moneygram to make your order. 

And, what I try to do here, as I say, I basically chronicle the history as we’re going through it, and how it happens.  And why it’s happening, too, because a lot of the stuff that you’re hearing today seems so zany, and wacky, and out of whack, that you think they’re just crazy at the top.  That’s what they want you to think, of course, too.  But nothing’s out of whack whatsoever; it’s all going according to plan.  It’s the way it’s supposed to be, because, you see, all vestiges of your culture, all, right down to the most minutest detail, they must destroy everything. 

This is the agenda to bring in the new type of creature for the new society, the New World Order, the new century.  It’s a century of change.  And, as I say, the big boys who funded communism, from the very beginning, and who planned it actually, and controlled it, and controlled capitalism, are out to bring in this whole New World Order, regardless of what it costs in lives and everything else, and they will get their way because most folk don’t really know what’s happening. 

It’s not just a political game here.  Politics is a game to keep you fooled, that’s what politics has always been.  Because politicians are all selected in advance, and vetted by those who rule the world, like the Royal Institute for International Affairs, for instance, and the CFR.  Then they’re presented to you, to take your pick of who you want.  They’re all the same and they’re all members of the CFR, across the world, by the way, now.  And, it’s like the old politburo; do you want politburo number 1, A, B, or C, for the Russians.  Now it’s the same thing here.  Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I’m back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about chronicling the events as we go through this big system because, you understand, everything that is everything in society, everything that controls the social order, your cultural orders, all of these things have been so worked out perfectly, a long, long time ago. 

Last week I mentioned the Soviet art of basically brainwashing, psycho-politics and psycho-whatever it was.  It’s really to do with brainwashing.  And the idea, it’s a very old thing back from the 1930’s, that particular one.  And many were turned out after it, to do with more techniques on brainwashing whole nations, whole countries, whole continents.  And they’ve been awfully successful.  That ties in with what Bezmenov talked about, when he said that they had no idea that their techniques of degrading culture and society had worked so well.  And you have to go through all the planks of the Communist Manifesto to find out what they were talking about, because they talked about the end of the family unit; they wanted to end bonding between male and female; they could have lots of sex, but no bonding and the state would provide the abortions. 

This was back in the 30’s, and so on.  And we’ve seen it all come true.  It’s all come to pass, because the Communists were inside your own countries, long ago, at the high levels.  Anyway, we’re seeing the effects of it today and they go further and further into craziness.  It appears to be craziness to the general public, but it’s not craziness at all, to do with transgenders and all the rest of it. 

There’s an article out today…

Sex swap teenager to enter Miss England contest

The Sun.UK/Jenna Sloan/14 Jan 2012

A TEENAGE transsexual has become the first sex swap patient (Alan: It’s not sex at all, it’s supposed to be gender swap, and you can’t change your gender, no matter how well the surgeon applies his little skills there.  But the fact is, I mean, if you don’t have ovaries and so on, you’re not a female.  Anyway, that’s prejudicial, you see, you’ve got to allow them.  If they want to be a female you’ve got to say ‘Yeah, ok, you’re a female’.  And he’s now into the Miss England beauty pageant. But it’s being pushed from the top down.  All culture, you see, and these changes are pushed from the top, not from the bottom level.  And it’s interesting they’re pushing this as well. ) to enter the Miss England beauty pageant.

Jackie Green became the UK's youngest transsexual after an op in Thailand on her (A: It’s really his) 16th birthday.

The 18-year-old — who was born Jack but lived as a girl since age ten (A: How can you live as a girl since age ten?  You’re either a boy or a girl.) — was asked to enter by modelling scouts who had no idea of her history.

Well, that would be nonsense too, because they would definitely know. So, we’re supposed to be all happy about this, and celebrate it, that’s what they say nowadays, ‘celebrate their change.’  Oh, let’s all have a celebration.

But this is all to do with transhumanism, and the more types that they can spin out there to the general public, the more confused you are, eventually about what is real and what isn’t real.  And what’s right and what’s not right.  And what is and what isn’t.  And eventually they’ll come forth with different kinds of humans, part animal, part this, and you’ll accept it quite naturally.  And then of course you get all the Commies coming out and saying ‘Well you’ve got to give them the same rights as humans, you know, they’re part human’, and all that stuff was debated in science fiction books back in the sixties.  All that stuff.  Because you’re conditioned in advance, you see, by what you read, primarily through fiction.  Or Hollywood, again, Hollywood is a great one for promoting all this stuff.  It implants ideas in your head, to familiarize yourself with the idea.  So when the real thing comes along, because it’s familiar to you, you just go along with it.  You think ‘Well, I guess it had to come’, and, ya-da ya-da ya. 

So, as that’s going on too, we have the end of the Middle East going on as well, because they’re determined, going through the old plan that the New American Century drew up with all the countries they wanted to take out, they’re determined to finish it off, in the Middle East, under Obama. 

And it says…

U.S. troops quietly surge into Middle East

San Francisco Chronicle-SFgate.com/David S. Cloud/ 13 Jan 2012

The Pentagon has quietly shifted combat troops and warships to the Middle East after the top American commander in the region warned that he needed additional forces to deal with Iran and other potential threats, (A: I love how they reverse everything, eh? So Orwellian.) U.S. officials said.

Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, who heads U.S. Central Command, won White House approval for the deployments late last year after talks with the government in Baghdad broke down over keeping U.S. troops in Iraq, but the extent of the Pentagon moves is only now becoming clear.

Officials said the deployments are not meant to suggest a buildup to war (A: No, no, no…), but rather are intended as a quick-reaction and contingency force in case a military crisis erupts in the standoff with Tehran over its suspected nuclear weapons program.

So, as I say, it’s an old agenda, and any excuse will do, because the first casualty of war is truth.  And of course they’ve been building up to incite Jordan, on the border there, to go into Syria, as well.  Read the Jerusalem papers, you get far more truth from what’s happening there, than you’ll get in the U.S. 

Now, since ancient times when money was invented, basically, they could then hire armies and pay them in money, and give them lots of brothels too, which is standard even to today, but they make sure, then you can pay for the prostitutes, you see.  They always made sure that they had lots of prostitutes and brothels, wherever they had military depots.  And since ancient times they’ve used this technique.  If you had an army, you couldn’t keep it together without cash; they’d go home, you see, if they’re not allowed to plunder.  There’s only so much plunder you can eventually fill in sacks and carry it with you, when you’re on foot.  So, it’s easier to pay them cash.  But then they start, too, introducing money into the countries they conquered.  And then the same boys that introduced the money into the countries would tax it back from them.  That was the beginning of it.  And it’s all to do with big building projects.  They love massive building projects.  Either huge cities and lovely buildings, all at the taxpayers’ expense, or roads. The Romans were famous for these long, long straight roads that they did.  And they got to keep doing it because the guys who lend the money out love to get lots back in interest by building projects. That’s why they love nationalism, socialism, communism. 

And this one here is about a big building project for the whole of Europe that no one can make sense of.  It seems a crazy idea, because they don’t need it. 

The continent is the final destination for HS2

Telegraph/Christopher Booker/14 Jan 2012

The London to Birmingham high-speed rail link is part of a Europe-wide scheme dreamed up Jacques Delors back in 1993.

There is a tantalising mystery at the heart of the immense row over the Government’s proposed new HS2 railway line. Every conceivable argument – commercial, economic and environmental – seems to be against what has been called “the worst waste of public money for generations”. (A: Well, when there’s nothing being produced, you see, they’ve got to get work in some way or another, and even though it’s all public debt that they’re using to finance it all, then, at least the money’s moving around amongst the populace.  Because there’s no other work there, you see.  And the bankers love it because they lend the cash out to the governments to do it.  And then they tax it all back from you.  That’s why it works so well.  Governments go hand in hand with banking.  It works awfully well; it’s a cozy relationship.)  The scheme makes no practical sense at all. And yet our Government seems determined to railroad it through regardless.

The elephant in the room here was hinted at in a brief paragraph of last week’s statement by Justine Greening, the Transport Secretary. She said that the new line would “provide a direct link to the Continent”, forming the foundation for “a potentially wider high-speed network in years to come”.

(A:  So it’s a long-term, big building project that they’ve always been at, you see.  And, well, what can you say…the big builders, eh?)


Chris Huhne is piling on the make-believe

Telegraph.co.uk/Christopher Booker/7 Jan 2012

Chris Huhne, from The (A:  British) Government's latest report on our future energy supply is a tissue of unproved assumptions and wishful thinking.  (A:  That doesn’t matter, though.)

If a ministry were to publish a completely dotty and misleading 220-page report on an issue of the highest national importance, one might at least raise an eyebrow. If it appeared under the names of David Cameron and Nick Clegg, one might even be rather worried. But if one then saw that it was also signed by Chris Huhne, as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, one could become seriously alarmed.

(A: I always got to laugh at that, you know, you’ve got a Secretary of Climate Change, because even Socrates talked about that too, he says: not content to have made rules upon all the basic things to do with the earth, as they thought they knew them, the scientists or priests of the day, or philosophers, were now making rules on heaven and how you get to heaven, and the steps to get to heaven, and the degrees to get to heaven, and all that stuff.  And it hasn’t changed.  We’ve got a guy in charge of the climate change, like in charge of the weather. A guy in charge of the air, like powers the air and stuff.  And people think it’s normal!)

At the beginning of last month, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published two documents purporting to solve the riddle of how Britain will meet its obligation, under the Climate Change Act, to cut CO2 emissions by 80 per cent (A: 80 per cent!!) before 2050 (the UK being the only country in the world committed by law to do this). (A: Because your politicians sold you out.) One document was a lengthy report entitled Carbon Plan (A: Do you understand, they’ve got to get rid of about 80 percent of the public, in that case?) : Delivering Our Low-Carbon Future. (A: That’s another part of it too.  You have to look at your own country and see if they’ve signed that document, by the way, Our Low Carbon Future.)

The other was an interactive computer model on the DECC website called 2050 Pathway Calculator, produced under the aegis of the DECC’s chief scientific adviser, David Mackay (and with a puff from Friends of the Earth).   (A: You’ve got to look into Friends of the Earth and the statements they’ve made before, about culling off the useless eaters and stuff.  They really hate humanity.  So they’re working along with the political bunch in Parliament to bring all this in.  They know they’re going to kill off the public.  It’s already happening, actually.  When you’ve got fuel rations and folk dying in their homes in Britain, twenty-five to fifty thousand a year, and that’s ok, then they’re already killing you.  Plus there’s a lot of other means, too. )

After Christmas, various newspapers showed some belated interest in these publications. It was shown, from Government figures, that to meet the statutory target would cost every household in Britain nearly £5,000 every year until 2050. Other analysts then made rather more detailed critiques, led by the blogger Tim Worstall who, under the heading “Lying with numbers”, pointed out what seems a fundamental flaw in DECC’s toy computer model.

Worstall was startled to discover that relying on “renewables” to generate our electricity would, according to DECC, be significantly cheaper than relying on conventional power sources, such as nuclear and fossil fuels.

And I’ll touch on this more, because we’re all going to get this same agenda here.  Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and I’m talking about the nonsense about the carbon, and how they’re supposed to reduce it by treaties, you see, and meet these reductions come hell or high water.  And it’s all bogus, they just can’t do it.  It says...

What emerges from reading the DECC report in full is how heavily almost every page of it relies on wishful thinking and unproven assumptions. The report babbles on, for instance, about how we will have “zero carbon homes” and a “zero carbon waste economy” and how we will build “33 gigawatts” of zero carbon nuclear power and “45 gigawatts” of wind power (without, of course, pointing out that 45GW refers to the capacity of the windmills, not the 15GW or less they might actually produce, due to the intermittency of the wind).

The report does recognise that we would still need 28GW of the fossil-fuel electricity which currently supplies nearly 80 per cent of our needs. (A:  You understand, they’re going to bring on absolute hell.  Because these guys are fixed in their brains.  And they won’t have to suffer at all.  They won’t live like you or I, all these bureaucrats.  They get subsidies for everything; they even get interest-free loans and stuff like that to buy new houses.  But the rest of the public will be suffering like crazy, trying to get any power at all.) But this brings us to perhaps the most glaring example of wishful thinking that runs right through the report: its insistence that gas and coal-fired power stations can only be allowed if they are fitted with “carbon capture and storage” (CCS), the immensely costly equipment that is supposed to pipe away CO2 and bury it in the ground.

It cannot be stated too forcefully that, as yet, the technology to do this has not been commercially developed, for the simple reason that, as various scientific studies have shown, it cannot work. There is no way in which vast quantities of CO2 can be injected into rock at the high pressures necessary without fracturing the rock to the point where no more can be injected. Yet it is on this make-believe that the dreams of Cameron, Clegg and Huhne ultimately rest.

(A: You understand, it’s not these politicians at all, because they don’t make the rules.  They don’t make the agenda.  They simply follow their orders from their bosses.  But they will, they’ll bring that country right down.  And the whole world.  Just like the Soviet Union.  In the Soviet Union they had all these weird ideas on evolution, too.  They had to prove that evolution worked, and one of their biggest scientists was elevated to the top, because Stalin believed in him, who said that you could actually force-evolve particular plants and crops to grow by freezing them in cold water, and ice, and stuff like that.  That would make them ready, you see, they’d just jump, evolutionary-wise, and they could plant them in Siberia.  It never worked for all those years, but anyone who criticized that scientist just ended up disappearing.  This is the mentality you’ve got here, you see. And it’s back again, in full force.  You point out the absurdity of something, and well, that’s you, you’re a non-person.)

And another article too that came in today was to do with the Bank of Natural Capital.  I’ve mentioned technocracy before.  And technocracy is not just appointing people into positions that politicians previously had.  It’s to do also with every person on the planet being, basically, an economic base and energy consumer.  And you would pay for all the energy that you consume.  Designed way back in the 1930’s.

And, it says…

About The TEEB Study

The Bank of Natural Capital is a website created to communicate the findings of The TEEB Study into The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB). 

(A: You understand, they’ll never give you the same name.  They’ll never call it technocracy, at least not to the rest of the public, but this is the old agenda.)

The TEEB Study assessed the global economic costs of ecosystem degradation and biodiversity loss, and recommended solutions to policy makers, administrators, businesses and individuals. It was initiated (A: This is the Bank...) by the G8 + 5, hosted by UNEP (A: United Nations E.P.), and is supported by the European Commission (A: That’s the European Parliament.), Germany, UK, Netherlands, Norway, Japan and Sweden.

Led by PavanSukhdev, the study has drawn together the experience, knowledge and expertise of over 500 experts (A: That’s these new priests.) from science, economics, business, development and policy from all around the world to identify and develop practical actions in response to the growing evidence of the impacts of the loss of biodiversity loss.

(A:  So, I’ll put this link up tonight too, for those who are interested.  You can wade your way through it, to see what’s all going on.  At the same time!  All these things are going on at the same time, to bring in one new system.  Where you would be billed for every darned thing that you eat, and even the wrapper, the cost of making the wrapper for a piece of chocolate.  The energy consumed making that wrapper, is going to be tacked on to the price of it, for you. )

And another article too, is ‘Insignificant change in Antarctic snowmelt volume since 1979’, a new study that’s come out by the Big Boys themselves who had to admit that there’s no difference at all.  So, it’s just the way things go, isn’t it?

Another link I’m putting up too, is ‘Global Governance by 2025’.  I’ve put it up twice already.  It’s amazing, I put stuff out there, and it goes around in a big circle and it comes back to me, from a whole bunch of sources.  But I’ll put it up again because it’s a quite a good article.  ‘Global Governance by 2025’ by U.S. and EU intelligence agencies.

I think I’ll also put up that old one to do with ‘The Hard Road to World Order’, it was called, by the Council on Foreign Relations, through their Foreign Affairs magazine.  That’s quite a few years old.  They talked about running rings around the Constitution to get it, and so on, rather than just hit it head-on.  I’ll put that up tonight, as well. 

And part of that psycho-politics and brainwashing technique that they were talking about in the 1930’s by Beria and others, was to do with pushing psychiatry and psychology to the head, until they’ll be the real bosses on everything.  Now they want to drug shy children. Yep, give them drugs.  Back with more, after this break.

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And mentioning again to do with this article and other articles I read tonight about the Russian art of, really, psycho-politics, as they called it.  How they would promote psychology, and psychiatry, the new gods, basically, up to the top.  And they would start to advise governments, and even take over court systems, which is actually happening in South Africa.  South Africa is a test bed, right now.  They’re talking about doing away with court systems and appointing psychologists and psychiatrists over all criminal hearings.  No kidding.  This is happening right now.  And it’ll happen elsewhere, too.  And the UN is all behind it, of course, because they’re the big Communist organization, owned by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, that set them up. 

So, here they go, with the next phase of it...

Now shy children face risk of being given mental-health drugs

Daily Mail/Emily Allen/15 Sept 2011

Children who are shy or considered moody run the risk of being diagnosed with mental illnesses and given powerful drugs like Prozac, psychologists have warned.

Experts said mental health diagnoses are likely to increase from 2013 as new guidelines on the definition of mental illness are being drawn up in America and are likely to be replicated in Britain.  (A: Now, new guidelines…they actually make new diseases, all the time. You get nervous, nervous leg syndrome, for instance, you get a pill for that. All children sit there sometimes, balancing on the ball of their toes, and their legs go, when they’re just full of energy…well, that’s an illness now.  In the Soviet Union if you had ‘inflexibility of opinion’ on a particular topic, say, like global warming, they locked you up as a nutcase.  And, that was it.)

Psychologists in the UK fear school-age children could be diagnosed with mental illnesses like 'social anxiety disorder' if they are quieter among their peers, or depression if a child is temporarily sad or is battling bereavement.

Common problems among children such as shyness could be regarded as a mental illness psychologists have warned.

Meanwhile, youngsters who appear to lose their temper easily or answer back to adults could be classed as having 'oppositional defiant disorder'.

Once diagnosed, psychologists say children are likely to be treated with powerful drugs like Prozac or Ritalin to curb their behaviour - without fully understanding the long-term impacts.

Ritalin is already used to help control attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in youngsters under six and about 650,000 children aged between eight and 13 have also been prescribed the drug or an equivalent. (A: This is just in one country.)

Social anxiety disorder: Where someone is fearful or anxious about social situations where they might be exposed to scrutiny by others.

They might be fearful of situations including having a conversation, being watched, or performing in front of other people.  (A: You get social anxiety going through certain parts of Toronto now.)

Youngsters may react by clinging on to adults, crying, or refusing to speak in social situations.

(A: And then it explains what Oppositional Defiant Disorder is, as well.  It’s everything they’ve learned from television, you know, with a dumb dad and a dominant mother, and how you talk back to your dad and so on. )

Earlier this week, the TUC called for an investigation into the use of mental health drugs among school-age children and voted to see more research into their long-term impacts.

Kate Fallon, general secretary of the Association of Educational Psychologists, told The Daily Telegraph: 'Behaviours develop over a long period of time, often with a range of complex causes; we can’t "cure" the behaviours we don’t like with a quick fix of medicine.  (A: But of course, the big powerful medicine and pharma bodies are lobbying governments all the time, as well.  You see, they all work in concert.  All these organizations work in concert.  You understand, the military-industrial complex also includes pharma.  I hope you understand that.  And when you read through Huxley’s works, and Russell’s works, and many other people’s works, they all talked about giving us all drugs at the end, you see.  And it’s here.  It’s actually here.  It’s like when you’re living under Communism, and you’re re-distributing your wealth across the world, like we’re doing now, since the bank failure.  Your bosses all sign an agreement, and we’re taking your tax money and putting it across the world.  It actually goes to international corporations, of course, not to Third World countries as they say it is.  That’s Communism, folks.  And they’ll never tell you the word so you’ll link it all together.  That’s how they work these things. )

'They usually require careful management by all the adults around the child.'

She said parents need to take time and energy to help their children deal with their problems and warned it was tempting to opt for a drug which would be quick to change their behaviour.

So, get ready for more diagnosis of children, and of course they never mention the inoculations and vaccines that give inflammation in the brain.  I’ll be talking about that tonight too, there’s another study done on that showing you that it kills off brain cells, these actual vaccines, etc, which they’ve known from the very beginning.)

Now I’ve also mentioned as well, people, not just the Communists, but also the guys that worked in tandem with them, a lot of the scientists in Britain and elsewhere.  Charles Galton Darwin, who, in his book ‘The Next Million Years’, just bewailed and bemoaned the fact of the ‘inferior types’ breeding too much, and they would overtake all the elite, you know, the better gene types, like himself.  And he advised and advocated tampering with the hormones in males and females.  He said it could be done by adding something to the food; well, we’re on GM food now, it’s also been soaked in heavy estrogen sorts of pesticides, estrogen mimickers.  And vaccines he mentioned too, put it in vaccines; it would target the gonads, etc.  Also, put it in the water supply, as well.  He even talked about spraying it, at one point. 

Now here’s what I’ve been saying for years, it was noticed first in the 60’s, and definitely sped up in the 70’s.  It was a change in women that became awfully noticeable, they started to lose their hips altogether.  And more caesarian sections were done because they couldn’t expand the hips during pregnancy, during birth. 

It says…

Elevated testosterone levels

Today Tonight/David Richardson/13 Jan 2012

There is a growing number of women with soaring male hormones (A: Now, that should be a red light going up there…), and the serious consequences that come with that.

The disorder is more common in Australia than almost anywhere else in the world. (A: Actually, Britain’s pretty well on par with them, where the females are awfully aggressive.  In fact, the cops say that themselves, they have more problems with women now than guys.)

Unusual fits of rage, emotional slumps, and even physical changes are all symptoms that are too often brushed over as stress, or the side effects of a busy life. (A: Well, how can you get physical changes on the effects of a busy life?)

In reality though, they are the signs of something else entirely. Australian women are suffering from a condition nicknamed ‘the beast within’.

Nurse and naturopath Sam Beau Patrick has seen a massive jump in women with high male hormone levels - dangerously high amounts of testosterone that are not injected, like some athletes, but produced by women themselves.  (A: You understand, by the careful insertion of stuff into your food, and injections and all the rest of it, they can actually make you produce far more testosterone, or any other hormone, for that matter.)

"Ladies are elevating their male hormones, which is basically testosterone," Beau Patrick said.

According to her the normal testosterone level for an average woman is meant to be at around 80 to 90.

"Just to put it into some perspective, a male’s levels of testosterone are 200 to 400. I have women regularly returning levels of 250 or 300. Even 150 for some ladies is just too much," Beau Patrick said.

"One lady had 400 (A: Equivalent to a male, and that’s a young male, by the way.), and she was definitely starting to have facial hair. It was in a way that when you look at her physically, she looked like she was becoming a male."  (A: Now that’s without injections or anything else.  They’ll be no inquiry into this, by the way, because they know they’re doing it.  Just like the male sperm count has plummeted, and then the guys all decide to have sex changes.  So anyway, there’ll be no inquiry into it because it’s meant to be this way, at the top.)

Hollywood has often toyed with movies about attractive high-powered women battling it out with the men, and choosing to be tough to match it in a man's world.

So their whole spin on it here is that because women are competing with men they’re putting up their testosterone levels naturally.  Because they don’t know; they don’t know that this is the agenda.  I’ll put up this link tonight for those who are interested, one way or another.


Global warming: red-faced climatologist issues grovelling apology

The Telegraph/James Delingpole/13 Jan 2012

I've just been listening to BBC Radio 4's More Or Less. It was the episode announcing that the Global Warming Policy Foundation's scientific adviser Dr David Whitehouse had won a £100 bet made on the programme four years ago with climatologist Dr James Annan. Annan predicted temperatures would rise in that period; Whitehouse predicted they wouldn't. Annan lost.

But you'd never guess it from his high-handed tone when he was asked why he'd lost. "Just bad luck," (A: They can’t admit to anything, these liars, you see.) Annan explained, going on to insist (contradicting most available real-world data, it must be said) that the trend for global warming remained "robustly positive." (A: It’s just amazing, eh?  It’s just the Soviet Union.  That’s how they were in the Soviet Union.  You know, evolution existed, they could force evolution to happen.  They could make the new Sovieticus Man, they said.  Oh, yeah.  Yep, they could make him into a New Man for the twenty-first century.  Well, they are…they’re going to beauty pageants now with women.)  He then agreed to another four-year bet. If it went against him a second time would he change his mind, Annan was asked. At first he appeared to agree that it would but then he started backtracking, insisting that it wouldn't change in the slightest his view that carbon dioxide causes global warming….

So, there you go.  And these are the guys that are going to lock YOU up, for having inflexibility of opinion.  Hmm?

And another article, too, is to do with, Israeli intelligence agents posed as the CIA.  This is how they do it.  Remember, their motto in the Mossad is by way of deception we shall wage war.  Deception.  Someone else always gets the blame.  So…

Israeli intelligence agents 'posed as CIA to recruit operatives against Iran's nuclear program'

The Mail Online/Daily Mail Reporter/14 Jan 2012

One of the main entities in the Israeli Intelligence Community has been placing its agents within the CIA to recruit operatives against Iran’s nuclear program, according to a new report.

Mossad officers posed as American CIA agents were recruiting for the Pakistani militant group Jundallah, the report says.  (A: So we’d all blame Pakistan for this.  ‘Oh, it’s one of these militant groups’.)

The operation - often called a ‘false flag’ operation - occurred during the presidency of George W. Bush. (A: It won’t stop, though.)

In an explosive article by Foreign Policy, the magazine examines a series of CIA memos that detail the operation, citing six U.S. intelligence officers as sources of information.

It details how Mossad officers were equipped with U.S. passports and money, recruiting extremists ‘under the nose of U.S. intelligence officers.’ (A: Well that took cooperation, didn’t it?)

The terrorist group, unlike most Iranians, mostly follow the Sunni branch of Islam.

News of the covert operation –including the Jundallah-run execution of an Iranian nuclear scientist - trickled up the hierarchy of U.S. government.

When President Bush heard that this was going on, he ‘went absolutely ballistic,’ one agent said.

After Barack Obama took office, the report claimed, he ‘drastically scaled back joint U.S.-Israel intelligence programs targeting Iran,’ (A: They’re in bed together.) despite Israel’s frequent propositions to carry out covert assassination missions against Iran’s nuclear programme.

One intelligence official told the magazine: ‘Israel is supposed to be working with us, not against us. If they want to shed blood, it would help a lot if it was their blood and not ours.’ (A: Because everybody else gets blamed, right?)

The propositions were consistently rejected by U.S. officials, the report said.

One intelligence official told the magazine: ‘Israel is supposed to be working with us, not against us....’ (A: They repeat that, they should shed their own blood rather than get the Americans blamed.)

‘It’s amazing what the Israelis thought they could get away with,’ a U.S. intelligence officer told Foreign Policy.

The report says that Mossad’s activities could increase an already tense relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan.

By way of deception, eh?

And, now the children are getting, I mentioned this one before, children basically, their sex education, they’re getting videos now which are basically porn videos.  Like full-scale porn.  This was always the whole agenda, too.  Hyper-sexualize children before puberty, get them all practicing it before puberty, and playing with it, and they’ll never bond with a single person in their life.  They’ve separated love in the relationship, and bonding, from the sexual act itself.  That was the intention.  Again, you know Beria talked about that way back yonder, and other ones did too, from the Soviet Union.  Awfully successful, as we can see today.  Awfully successful.  Tremendously so.

Kids' sex education video 'like porn'
The West Australian/13 Jan 2012

And, an article too, with our decline…


Strapped to the 'Devil's Chair' and 'pepper-sprayed to death': Horrific fate of mentally ill grandfather 'tortured by police until he died'

The Mail Online/Lee Moran/12 Jan 2012

- Nick Christie, 62, was detained by Florida police in March 2009
- Had been suffering depression and had a 'mental breakdown'
- No-one has ever been charged following the incident (A: They’re never charged anymore.)

A mentally ill grandfather died after police officers strapped him naked to a chair, smothered him with a 'spit hood' and pepper-sprayed him 10 times during a 43-hour ordeal, it has been claimed. (A: The guy was getting smothered; he had a hood on, right.)

Nick Christie, 62, was allegedly tortured in the 'Devil's Chair' at Lee County jail after being detained by Florida police officers in March 2009 following a 'mental breakdown'.

The hood, designed to stop him from spitting at officers, meant he could not escape the noxious spray's fumes - and he was never allowed to clean the residue from his body.  (A: Well he was strapped, right?)

His family is now suing Lee County Sheriff's Department for 'wrongful death'.

The retired boilermaker had suffered from heart disease and emphysema, put down to his years as a smoker (A: Actually he was a worker in an asbestos plant.) and of continual exposure to asbestos.  (A: And he had heart attacks and so on when he was in the chair.)

It is not clear who exactly took the shocking photograph, which was later handed to FOX 13's news team, of Christie strapped into the chair with a hood over his face.  (A: And it’s on the article here.)

The retired boilermaker, from Ohio, had suffered from heart disease and emphysema, put down to his years as a smoker and of continual exposure to asbestos.  (A: It keeps repeating the same thing, I don’t know why.  What’s wrong with people these days?  Do these reporters now think in bits and bytes, and their memory is so short they keep repeating the same things over and over?)

He was being treated for depression when he decided to take some time out and visit his brother in Fort Myers.  Prior to the trip, his doctor moved away, leaving no-one to manage his emotional state or possible side effects of his drugs.

His wife Joyce was so worried about his trip that she contacted Lee County police to ask them to keep an eye out for him.

BIG mistake.  You never contact the police because they come and kill you. I’ve got articles here where that happened recently, too.  Where cops, it talked about a guy who, I can’t remember if he was diabetic or what, but they found the guy and actually killed him. Came in and killed him.  So never contact the cops if you’re worried about somebody, for goodness’ sake, you know.

Another one too, about a woman who was urinated on by the police...

Woman Says Cops Pepper-Sprayed, Urinated On Her

It’s become awfully popular, that, with sadists now in our wonderful new society, where children have been brought up with porno, and deviancy of all kinds.  And now you pee on your victims just like those troops did last week, those Marines did on the guys that they killed, so I’ll put that up tonight as well. 

It’s just amazing the amount of stuff there is there… what can you say?  We’re totally degraded now. 

This article here, it says…

A judge has refused to dismiss the lawsuit of a western Pennsylvania woman who claims state troopers pepper sprayed and later urinated on her while she was shackled hand and foot, saying the troopers' claim of sovereign immunity doesn't apply because the alleged misconduct is outside the scope of their official duties.

Derena Marie Madison, 40, of Smithfield, sued five troopers from the barracks near Uniontown in August for conduct she claims occurred when she was riding in her car while a friend was stopped for drunken driving on Feb. 3. Madison named two of the troopers....

The attorney general's office, representing the troopers, asked that the lawsuit be dismissed under the doctrine of sovereign immunity which, essentially, contends that law enforcement officers are immune from being sued for actions "within the scope of their employment."

Well, where does it say you can pee on your victims when they’re shackled??  That’s from porno movies, folks, if you don’t know.  Back with more after this break.

Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through The Matrix and I’ll go to the callers now, there’s Ed from Massachusetts on the line there.  Are you there, Ed?

Ed:  Hello.  Well, where to start?  Actually they’d done a lot of research on steroids back in the 40’s and 50’s right here in Massachusetts General, which put out The Pill.  To destroy the culture.  And when they attacked marriage, and you’re in music so you know that like during the 70’s there was all the rock put out, you know, all that free sex.  And in the 80’s it was what, anal sex, remember all those songs?  Like Deep Purple – ‘Knockin’ at your Backdoor’.

Alan:  Now it’s rap, and it says ‘Back it Up Here, Bitch’; no kidding.  There’s one out, it says ‘Back it Up Here, Bitch’, in rap.  So, it continues.  It’s an old agenda, but, as I say, the whole idea of emasculating the males and making the females more masculine is an old idea.  And they came out with all the techniques to do it.  Remember too, that Charles Galton Darwin was actually a physicist. 

Ed:  Well, Darwin’s the biggest liar ever.  I mean ever.  You know, evolution is ridiculous.  If you really search…

Alan: What they mean, here’s the key, though:  behind all the façade of Darwinism, they know they can make things change by using science, you see, and chemistry.

Ed:  Yeah, but it’s not real science.  It’s BS.

Alan:  You’re talking about evolution.  This is a later descendant from him.  Charles Galton Darwin was in the 1950’s; and he worked on the Manhattan Project, the atomic bomb.  He was a relative of Charles Darwin, a descendant.  But he himself, he was also into depopulation, that was his special field.  Depopulation.  And also, he said to get rid of the aggressive males that might fight this New World Order.  And so, he said, we’ll effeminize them, and we’ll also make the females more aggressive so that they’ll be unattractive to the male. 

Ed:  Yeah, well, that’s where we are today.  I know.  And that’s why, sometimes, like the Middle East, I commend them, because the man is still the castle of the home there, you know.

Alan:  Well, they don’t have any children’s aid there.  They don’t have children’s aid; they don’t need children’s aid.  They don’t need a welfare system.  They will after we bomb them, of course.  But presently, they don’t need any of that stuff.  They don’t have the crime; there’s no drug pushers there because they execute them, you know.  So, yeah, actually you have a working society. 

Ed:  Because they go in and push abortion and sex education…it increases.

Alan:  They know that, though.  They know that.  That’s the intention of it. 

Ed:  Well, it all started with Rockefeller, the Flexner brothers.  You know them.  They started the hospital system and the educational system.

Alan:  And they got John Dewey in, as well.   But the whole thing is, as I say, we’re living through a long, long-term plan.  And all the stuff that was planned a hundred years ago, fifty years ago, is all out in the open. 

Ed:  I know that Alan, but how do we get out of it?

Alan:  Well, number one it’s like Bezmenov said, the contamination of the culture has been successful.   It was successful back in the 70’s he said. 

Ed:  I know.  Turn off the TV.

Alan:  Well, yeah.  And even if you try and keep your children away from everything, they’re going to see this stuff at school, they’re going to see stuff on friends’ televisions, because it’s psychological warfare, and of course the TV industry is all part of it, too.  You’d have to head for the hills, and live in isolation.  Thanks for calling, you’re quite right about that.

From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s Good Night and may your God, or your Gods, GO with you. 


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