January 20th, 2012 (#1005)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt Jan 20th, 2012:

Degradation is Entertainment's Preoccupation:

"How Do You Save a Culture so Degraded
With Moral Relativity, Survival Faded,
No Right or Wrong Taught in School
Except Political Correctness, That's So Cool,
We can't Protect Children, Nor Each Other,
Pornography is Mainstream, Gulped as Fodder,
All Kinds of Deviancy in All Entertainment
To Infect Everyone, There's No Containment,
All the Old Ways Destroyed to Bring in New
And Chaos is Managed by a Ruling Few,
Government is Now Boss, Not Father nor Mother,
Children's Services in Charge of Sister and Brother,
Culture is Weaponized to Damage Majority
Which Then Laughs at Luddites, Surviving Minority"
© Alan Watt Jan 20th, 2012


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė Jan 20th, 2012  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on January the 20th, 2012.  For newcomers, I always start off by advising you to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, in order to find out how this big system that overlays the world and presently is running it, itís been running it for a long time, actually, got into existence and the treaties that they signed, country to country, an old plan.  A plan that really came out in the 1800s, in fact, at least one part of the plan came out, because the same characters down through the ages have been doing this for an awful long time.  We start off really with the foundation of the Milner Group, the Cecil Rhodes Society, and then it blends into what they call the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations.  And today, that organization is across the whole planet, with its sister organizations called the Council on Foreign Relations, in India, everywhere, Canada.  They have them in Australia, New Zealand.  The Canadian one changed its name recently because too many folk were talking about it. 


Regardless, these organizations are the ones that really give you all your media, all your news.  They set policy through all their multiple think tanks for every government on the planet.  And, of course, they also initially set up the United Nations a long time ago, to bring in this world order that they talk about all the time.  So, what I do is chronicle the events, and give you some of the past history along the way, of how they did it up till now, where theyíre going with it, and give you links to their own sites, their own documentation, basically, telling you where theyíre taking the world.  And they cover every aspect of life, including how many children they want in the future.  How much of a population they want by the year 2050 or 60, and that kind of thing.  So, weíre really micro-controlled throughout society.  They run the music business, the entertainment business, everything is run, because your culture is all given to you, by the same people, as they alter it all the time too, to suit their own needs.  And, of course, the people down below just lap it up and like monkey see, monkey do, we copy everything we see on television.  So, go into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com. 


Remember too, you can help me keep going by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check, an international postal money order.  Some people send cash.  Or you can use PayPal.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal.  And donations are awfully, awfully welcome. 


As I say, thereís just too few, too few radio stations that are up against this massive giant.  And really the US is almost the last country to at least have the ability to have independent shows, and independent radio stations.  And even theyíre going to get hammered too, under all the new laws.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and weíre back Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíve talked for years on and off about the psychiatric industry.  Iíve talked too about the effects of inoculations, the vaccines, etc.  Iíve tied that in with eugenics, a long time ago.  Thatís really taken off.  Itís across the board now.  Lots of folk are repeating the same stuff.  And people are really looking at it in more detail than theyíve ever looked before.  Because, you see, the eugenicists talked about using the needle, as they say, they called it the needle, to bring in the right kind of population which they desired, as far back as the 30s, 40s, and into the 50s.  And out came the polio vaccine with all its live simian viruses at the time, hundreds of them, which they knew were in them.  Some of them just cause cancer, like the simian 40, the SV-40 virus.  And they knew that too at the time.  So, it tied in with bringing the populations down.  Everybody really is coming down with cancer these days.  The very young too.  Lots of cancers out there, different kinds.  Brand new ones they donít even have names for, the type of growth that they get on kidneys, etc, that just expand, and within two or three days the thing is the size of a watermelon.  It never happened before.  But theyíve got better inoculations now.  More of them, you see.  So theyíve definitely been working hard in the biowarfare industry. 


Now, the effects of them too, weíve seen with autism skyrocketing.  And you can actually follow the charts of inoculations.  And the earlier they get them and the more they give the young children, the more autism there is.  I mean, it would take a moron not to see it, studying the charts, and the distribution too and the age groups that theyíre going for, because theyíre completely the same, if you did two charts.  Now, what theyíre doing now, because thereís so much an outcry against autism, and children dying too, that theyíre trying to re-diagnose, redefine what autism is.  You see.  And it says:


An expert panel appointed by the American Psychiatric Association is working on the new definition, which would be included in the fifth edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders....


(Alan: Itís a very, very scientific book, this.  You know, they have nervous foot disorder, stuff like that.  And rubbish like that, I should say really.  Thatís what Iím trying to say for the hard of thinking.  They put these things in.  The more disorders the better, because they feel really important the more things they can classify as, you know, professionally, that needs professional diagnosis, you understand.  I mean, most of the whole mental disorder side of things in psychiatry is bogus.  Lots of fancy terms.  And all theyíre really doing is describing the signs and symptoms of a few illnesses, basically.  And again, too, go into the history of the mental health service, and youíll find they were tied in completely, theyíre an offshoot of the eugenics society.  Itís a long history, but completely tied in with it.  Anyway, it says, they met at Kopavogur in Iceland on January 19th:)


The study results, presented at a meeting of the Icelandic Medical Association, are preliminary, but indicate at least 1 million U.S. children and adults have a diagnosis of autism or a related disorder,


(A: Now theyíve got, you know, people that are going out to schoolteachers, and the teachers are diagnosing the adults now as Attention Deficit.  Oh, thatís in the book.  Youíre Attention Deficit.  Probably because youíre not listening to her, you know.  But who listens to teachers anyway?  But the thing is, you see, thatís how itís got through society, through, again, the teaching profession.  And Iíve gone through these books for diagnosing hyperactive children and so on, theyíre using in schools, and I canít think of anyone, including myself, that wouldnít have been on pills, at a very early age.  Weíd all fit into the same categories, you see.  Again, that goes under Big Pharma coming in to create the Doped Society.  And thereís no doubt about it too, the medications that they put these children on, the amphetamines, etc, they actually shrink the brain.  And they know that too.  But, so what?  You know, youíve got a passive public, not too bright.  So, anyway, what theyíre doing here, it says:)


People with Asperger's or pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified, have some of the same social struggles as those with autism but do not meet the definition for the full-blown autism, the experts said.


(A: And Iíve said that for ages, all these new categories are really just offshoots or just degrees of autism.)


The new definition would consolidate all three diagnoses under one category, autism spectrum disorder,


(A: It sounds even better, eh?  Oh, youíve got autism spectrum disorder.)


eliminating Asperger's syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified, from the manual.


(A: In other words, theyíre taking categories or degrees of autism out of it, and theyíll bring the numbers down.  It will look much better.  Oh, autism has suddenly gone down again, since we changed that diagnosis, you know.  Just like that.  It says:)


Under the current definition, a person can qualify for the diagnosis by exhibiting six or more of 12 behaviors. With the new definition, one would have to exhibit three deficits in social interaction and communication and at least two repetitive behaviors -- much narrower criteria, the experts said.


Parents and those who care for those with the disorder are concerned that treatment and services might be cut off or restricted under the proposed definition....


Well, thatís part of the purpose of it.  And the other purpose is to bring down the numbers.  This is how you do things, you know, from the top.  You know, we just donít catch on.  We think itís only on TV we see the nasty guys scheming and plotting.  No, no, no, thatís how it really is at the top, in every sphere. 


This article here is:


Baby Dies After 9 Vaccines in One Day


(A: And I think this baby was only nine weeks old, when they were given all these injections.  Nine vaccines, nine of them, in one day.  And apart from not giving them at all, they shouldnít give children these things at all, so young, regardless, and personally, I wouldnít have them get any of them, but thatís my own opinion.  The thing is, theyíre known to cause so many problems, and the younger the child they go to the worse it is.  And when the child too, already is showing signs of something else wrong, like bronchial problems and stuff, you just donít give it to them.  But no, everybody must get them now, or the staff feel, theyíve all been told, inject everybody.  Inject them all, you know.)


The end of last year was masked with sadness for Belgium parents RaphaŽl Sirjacobs & Bťatrice Dupont, as their nine week old daughter Stacy Sirjacobs lost her fight for life. Stacy died just one week after her first vaccinations and left her twin sister Lesly behind. Devastated by their loss their parents are convinced that vaccines and hospital failures were the cause of their beautiful daughters death.


Stacy and Lesly were born one month premature by Caesarean section and spent the next four days in an incubator. Stacy needed resuscitation at birth.


Following medical advice parents Sirjacobs and Dupont decided to have the twins vaccinated.


(A: See, everybody believes the people in white coats.  Oh, itís perfectly harmless.  You know.)


Stacy was slightly unwell with a cold on the day of her vaccinations but doctors assured her parents that it was safe to give her the vaccinations.


(A: This sounds like the Canadian medical service here.  Thatís how they are here.)


The twins received Prevenar, a vaccine against meningitis and pneumonia, Infanrix Hexa, a six in one vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus type B, and finally the Rotarix, a preventive vaccine for gastroenteritis.


This means that these tiny vulnerable babies received a staggering nine vaccines in one day, vaccines that may have caused one of them to die.


A week after her vaccinations Stacy became unwell with a fever of 39.9 degrees C. Her parents decided to administer Perdolan to lower her fever. As their daughter was still very poorly they called the hospital who advised them to bring their daughter in.


The medical staff diagnosed Stacy with a slight chest infection


(A: Thatís all it was.  A slight chest infection.  Hereís your temperature you could boil eggs on, and it says, a slight chest infection.)


and infection in her blood


(A: You know.  Isnít that amazing?)


and told her parents not to worry


(A: Septicemia, eh?)


as this was ďnot seriousĒ.


(A: It must have been Canada.)


Stacy was then given medication


(A: No, it wasnít.  But itís very like Canada.  See, weíre all global now.  Weíve got the same miserable health services.)


 Stacy was then given medication and put on a drip feed and kept in for observation.


(A: And it just shows you, she died regardless.)


Despite Stacy having a heartbeat of 200 to 230 beats per minute


(A: Oh, thatís quite normal.  Oh, yeah.) 


the pediatrician told her parents that she was fine...


Do you understand, under the United Nations Treaty, through the World Health Organization, every country who signed it is to come down to the minimal healthcare necessary.  Thatís what it says in the charter.  Minimal healthcare will be provided to all.  That means doctors with minimum gray matter in their brains, as well, that they wouldnít hire anywhere else.  Weíve all got them now.  We all have them.  So, anyway, this child died, and this is another casualty, one of the many casualties that get written off Ďfor the greater goodí, you know.  Thatís what they tell you.  ďWell, you see, the few who die, etc, well, youíve got to understand, some will die, but itís for the greater good.Ē  Yep.  Thatís the Communist slogan, isnít it?


Then we go on to, this one here is about children in Scotland.  Scotland is pretty well Communist now, and under Mr. Salmond, they call him.  A very suspicious name to me.  Salmond?  It wasnít the most common name in Scotland when I was there.  Anyway, it says here that children now get mental health observation, or indicators they call it, for their whole life, starting as a child.  All children.


Presentations from the launch of a set of national mental health indicators for children and young people in Scotland.


New national mental health indicators for children and young people in Scotland were launched at an event on 25 November 2011.


The indicators provide for the first time, a way to assess and monitor the mental health of Scotlandís children and young people over time. They will inform the development of the first national mental health


(A: First national mental health)


profile for children and young people (aged from pre-birth to 17 years).


(A: Pre-birth, I guess they do it mentally there.  They probably have psychics come in and rub their hands over the tummy, you know, and do a diagnosis right there.)


The event, at Glasgowís Royal Concert Hall, featured the following presentations...


(A: And they give you all the presentations, which is all PR:)


...opens the conference and talks about the importance of the mental health indicators.


And all the biggies who are going to profit off it, all the doctors and all the sirs and etc, etc, that have got shares in Big Pharma, no doubt.  But can you believe it?  There you go.  Thereís a whole country now where every child is going to be tested throughout their life, basically, for their ďmental health.Ē  And who decides whatís right and wrong for mental health?  You might argue, oh, and thatís a disease youíve got.  Youíve got, you know, inflexibility disorder of opinion, like the Soviets had.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just going through an article from Scotland National Health Service.  This will come across the world, because thatís part of the big WHO, the World Health Organizationís agenda, from the United Nations, where every child is going to be monitored and put on a register to measure their so-called mental health.  And that includes, this is the way the Soviet went too, that includes the fact that if you donít like the particular type of government that youíve got or a policy that they have, thatís all noted down.  And, of course, theyíll rectify that.  Then youíre put on medication.  And you wonít care whatís happening in government anymore.  Youíll be quite happy with whatever government they give you, because youíll be doped to the gills.  And thatís really how it is.  Weíre really getting into this New World Order. 


You understand, using technocracy, placing experts above politicians now Ė not that politicians are much good, and theyíre all hand-chosen anyway, before we see them Ė but the fact is, once you put the experts above you, youíre into technocracy.  And under technocracy, the whole idea is a world run by experts to eventually do away with politicians, and weíre post-democratic according to The Club of Rome.  Weíre getting used to the whole idea, and now weíre run by so-called experts.  Exactly what Lord Bertrand Russell said back in the 1930s and 40s.  And he was in all the think tanks when they planned it all, way back then.  So, weíre here folks.  Itís actually here.  And no kidding, theyíre going to design, they want to design the perfect society in the meantime, without just modifying us, that is, in the womb, but in the meantime they want to literally diagnose us all the time, and have us doped with Big Pharma, you see.  And thatís the way itís going to be.  And the people just accept it.  They just accept it.


Now, Anonymous, the big hacking group that took down some of government and music industry sites in the largest attack ever, of course.  And it says:


Hacktivists with the collective Anonymous are waging an attack on the website for the White House after successfully breaking the sites for the FBI, Department of Justice, Universal Music Group, RIAA and Motion Picture Association of America.

In response to todayís federal raid on the file sharing service Megaupload, hackers with the online collective Anonymous have broken the websites for the FBI, Department of Justice....


(A: Blah, blah, blah.  Also Warner Music Group is in there too.)


ďIt was in retaliation for Megaupload, as was the concurrent attack on Justice.org,Ē Anonymous operative Barrett Brown tells RT on Thursday afternoon.

Only hours before the DoJ and Universal sites went down, news broke that Megaupload, a massive file sharing site with a reported 50 million daily users, was taken down by federal agents. Four people linked to Megaupload were arrested in New Zealand and an international crackdown led agents to serving at least 20 search warrants across the globe.


The latest of sites to fall is FBI.gov, which finally broke at around 7:40 pm EST Thursday evening.


Less than an hour after the DoJ and Universal sites came down, the website for the RIAA, or Recording Industry Association of America, went offline as well. Shortly before 6 p.m EST, the government's Copyright.gov site went down as well. Thirty minutes later came the site for BMI, or Broadcast Music, Inc, the licensing organization that represents some of the biggest names in music.


Also on Thursday, MPAA.org returned an error as Anonymous hacktivists managed to bring down the website for the Motion Picture Association of America. The group, headed by former senator Chris Dodd, is an adamant supporter of both PIPA and SOPA legislation.


Universal Music Group, or UMG, is the largest record company in the United States and under its umbrella are the labels Interscope-Geffen-A&M, the Island Def Jam Motown Music Group and Mercury Records.


Brown adds that ďmore is comingĒ and Anonymous-aligned hacktivists are pursuing a joint effort with others to ďdamage campaign raising abilities of remaining Democrats who support SOPA.Ē


So, there you go.  Thatís someone whoís taking direct action, against obviously government that doesnít listen to the people.  And the last, see, the last thing you can do, supposedly in democracy, is protest.  Where do you go from there?  Everyone knows where you go from there.  But, under the law, thatís the last thing, you can protest.  And how do you protest governments that are made up of corporations?  And a lot of the politicians are straight in from CEO positions from corporations.  How do you make them listen?


Now, weíll find lots and lots of articles like this one.  Iíve read a couple before.  And Iíve mentioned the term Androgynous, a long time ago.  Thatís part of the big world order thing, Androgyny, under the Communist auspices.  A guy is only a guy, because, you see, heís given little toys that are masculine toys to play with and girls are given little pink dresses, and all that stuff.  This is written like stone, into the Communist doctrine, that weíve all to live through.  And, like all animals, they call us animals, you see, we can be retrained to be anything that your masters, your handlers want you to be.  So, theyíre using the usual groups to do it.  And there will be lots more of these articles coming out.


Couple Finally Reveals Child's Gender, Five Years After Birth


It's a boy! And he's five. Beck Laxton, 46, and partner Kieran Cooper, 44,


(A: I donít know if thatís two women or what.)


have spent half the decade concealing the gender of their son, Sasha.


(A: This is really an article here to get attention, you see, to get debate going and stirring.  Most folk say, ďwell, you know, Iíve watched Oprah.  I guess everything is okay, you know.Ē  So anyway, it says:)


"I wanted to avoid all that stereotyping," Laxton said in an interview with the Cambridge News. "Stereotypes seem fundamentally stupid. Why would you want to slot people into boxes?"


Well you see, nature did it folks.  You see.  And you canít argue with nature.  It keeps reasserting itself.  If you tamper with it, you have all hell to pay.  Back with more, after this break


Hi folks, Iím back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And this article is for Canadians, because the Premiere Conference on Healthcare was held recently.  And some of the listeners, who listen to this broadcast attended it and did a video of it.  So, itís up on youtube.  Iíll put the link up tonight, with all these links in fact, of the stories I mention, at the end of the night.  It was about Canadaís Healthcare Premiere Conference.  So, have a look at that, and youíll see the antics that go on there. 


Now, Iíve mentioned for years too about, and Iíve given out the documentation where all this stuff comes from.  It says:


Look Up: The New Age of Inoculation Is Aerial Vaccines and Nano Delivery Systems


(A: And it talks about here:)


Geoengineering initiatives (commonly referred to as chemtrails) are no longer considered discreet military operations, and are finally admitted by governments. Aerial vaccines and nano delivery systems are one of many geoengineering projects.


(A: Itís all listed down, actually.)


The use of aerial manned and unmanned vehicles for the aerial spraying under State and Federal mandates for vector control began under the Geneva Act for Chemical and Biological Weapons in 1949.


(A: Thatís how far back they talked about all these different things they could do by spraying different things in the air over the public.)


Over the years since its inception many amendments to this act and US parallel acts such as the Patriot Act of 2001, Space Preservation Act of 2001 and Weather Modification Research and Technology Act of 2005 have included the following implementations under terrorist and riot control for aerial spraying of the mass population in selective city locations:


(A: And I mentioned before that, I think it was when Cheney was asked after 9/11, how they were going to keep the public quiet and not panic after the next attack, if there was another attack?  And he says, we already have aerosolized, one of them was Valium, actually, and the rest of the chemical added to the same compound would be long-acting Prozac.  And they could spray it over the cities.  Thatís what he said.  And this is basically contained in this, because one of the amendments is the fact that it would be for riot control, etc.  This goes into:)


- Weather Modification.

- Vector Control (insects, virus, and other similar vectors).

- Mass Inoculations of the Public.


Aerial vaccines are also directed towards animals by the use of plastic packets dropped by planes or helicopters.


(A: Canada has had this for years, where they drop the rabies vaccine, they say into the forest.  You see them popping out of the sky, actually.  Just donít open up these little things.  They can melt on you too.  One woman got awfully sick recently too, where one did bust on her arm, coming down, and she ended up getting badly infected and had to go for treatment.  And luckily, I think she survived.  Anyway, it says:)


Sanofi (who is one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world) has subsidiary companies such as Merial Limited who manufacture Raboral, an oral live-virus poisonous to humans yet distributed [to] wildlife in the masses.


(A: Actually, I think I hit a bit of that one day, walking in the forest.  And it makes you kind of scared of water for a while.  You donít want to drink any.  But afterwards your coatís nice and glossy.  You get a nice glossy coat, all over your body.  And you kind of lose that doggy smell from your breath as well.  It says:)


ďIn the United States, more than 12 million doses of RABORAL V-RG vaccine are used each year. Since the first use of RABORAL V-RG in the late 1980′s, more than 100 million doses have been distributed around the world.Ē At the beginning of the year, a KVUE news report


(A: And the link is here.)


indicated that the Texas Department of State Health Services would initiate an aerial vaccine drop of 1.8 million doses in January


(A: This is this January.)


alone. Raboral V-RG is a poison because according to the material safety data sheet its ingestion, parenteral inoculation, droplet or aerosol exposure to mucous membranes or on broken skin is considered a health hazard exposed to infectious fluids or tissues.


(A: Actually it mentions one of them, a woman here who got it too.)


In August 2009, during a similar autumn Raboral V-RG baiting campaign in western Pennsylvania, a woman aged 35 years who was taking immunosuppressive medication for inflammatory bowel disease contacted the Pennsylvania Department of Health (PADOH) after handling a ruptured bait, which had leaked liquid rabies vaccine onto a patch of abraded skin on her right hand. The patient subsequently developed vaccinia virus infection and was treated with human vaccinia immune globulin intravenous (VIGIV) and an investigational antiviral agent.


As well.  So, be very careful if you see these little things dropped around you or lying in the forest or in fields or wherever you are.  Some of them get really close to towns.  You might get it in your back garden.  So, be very careful.  And children too of course, are naturally inquisitive and theyíd probably bust it open and maybe even taste it.  Who knows. 


Now, the Occupy Protest Movement is now, guess what, moving into schools, step two, and it says, this is from the BBC:


The idea developed after members of the St Paul's camp


(A: In England, London.)


were invited into a number of schools and universities.


The camp's "Tent City University" has won support from numerous high-profile speakers and academics.


(A: Who are all onboard with this Global Communist Order.  Itís not bad getting rid of these particular banks, but who wants to be under this global system?  You see, itís very clever.  And we know that eventually they put out their manifesto, at least the big boys did, who were running them, like Soros.)


Former citizenship teacher Jamie Kelsey Fry says that with protesters due to be evicted within weeks, an outreach programme is the natural next step.


So, theyíll probably get funding, probably from the government itself, you know, to teach the children in school to get ready for this new, beautiful Green World Order.  Weíre all equal.  And weíll redistribute the wealth, thatís what weíre doing now, across the planet, to big international corporations. 


An article too Iíll put up tonight.


Chemical found in deodorants, face cream and food products is discovered in tumours of ALL breast cancer patients


Parabens are a chemical compound found in everyday toiletry products


ďThe fact that parabens were present in so many of the breast tissue samples does justify further investigation.Ē


A chemical widely used as a preservative in cosmetics, food products and pharmaceuticals has been found in tissue samples from 40 women with breast cancer.


A number of studies since 1998 have raised concerns about the potential role of these parabens in breast cancer as they possess oestrogenic properties.


(A: Well, these are these estrogen mimickers, they call it, and itís in hair shampoo.  Itís in everything.  Your little boy is using it.  Itís in your cosmetics, and that really changes the little boy into something else.  Heís not quite sure what he is, if you happen to be using that stuff, or ingesting it, at the age of gestation of eight to twelve weeks, with a pregnancy, you know if youíre pregnant with a boy.)


Oestrogen is known to play a central role in the development, growth and progression of breast cancer.


Iíve been saying this for years and years, and now itís in the mainstream.  Thatís the Mail Online.  Iíll put that link up too.


And Iíve talked so much about, you understand, people want to save this world, but they really want to save this system before it gets any worse.  Theyíre quite happy, because theyíre trained into accepting this system, as it is right now, which is different from the system ten years ago, or twenty years ago, and thirty years ago.  Each group is trained into the system.  And most folk really just donít want it to get any worse than it is.  ďJust stop it right here.  Let me live my life.  And then carry on and let the next generation take the rap.Ē  And thatís how they really think.  Society right now is so degraded.  Weíre so into degradation, which you think is all normal now, with all your porn and all the rest of it, which is really doing a number on peopleís brains, believe you me.  And the big boys, the top of the psychologists, the guys who work with prisoners and pedophiles and that, theyíre going crazy themselves.  I read an article not too long ago, where a psychiatrist eventually had to go for help.  He was working with these pedophiles, watching all the stuff that they give them to watch in prison.  And it went for his brain cells.  I mean, it just made him go weird.  You canít have normal sex after watching all that stuff.  And I could go on about this for ages, because I understand it all.  Iíve studied all this stuff.  Anyway, it says:


Paedophile David Morrison jailed for raping 14-month-old girl


(A: Four years you get.  Thatís like two years inside, for raping a 14-month-old girl.  Itís really getting ridiculous, but again, you see, this is supposed to happen until they get a big outcry, because theyíre going to legalize pedophilia.  Thatís one of their big objectives here.  And it says:)


A man who raped a 14-month-old girl and posted the images on the internet has been jailed for four years.


(A: This guy was from Grangemouth in Scotland)


...was also told that he would be monitored for the rest of his life.


Judge Lord Bonomy 


(A: Where do they get these names?  Lord Bonomy.)


imposed a lifelong restriction order, which means Morrison will be detained until he no longer poses a threat to the public.


(A: Well, thatís forever.  He wonít be detained for that.  Theyíll have him out on the streets before you know it.  And thereís no treatment for them by the way.  Once itís imprinted in your brain, thereís no treatment here.  There just isnít any treatment.)


The alarm was raised after Morrison admitted to a friend he fantasised about sex with children.


He was caught by an international investigation led by Central Scotland Police, which built up evidence that Morrison had raped the child through online chat logs, photographs and expert analysis of veins on his hands.


So, anyway, all this started you understand with the Kinsey Report.  And I put up all the links to expose the Kinsey Report as absolute rubbish, because Kinsey, like Freud, like Darwin before them were all put out there, heavily backed and funded by Rockefeller, by the way, Foundation, to do exactly what they did.  To really bend folkís heads and say ďgee, I donít do all these weird things.  I guess Iím missing out on something.Ē  Because it was a fabricated report.  I mean, Kinsey, who was one of the weirdest characters himself.  He told all his staff to have sex with each other.  And then eventually he wanted the guys to all have sex with each other, his staff.  And then he hired pedophiles, who worked for the government, by the way Ė (youíve got to see the things Iíll put up tonight, the links) Ė to go around and bugger little babies Ė (again, just like that one I read) Ė two years old and under, with a stopwatch, to see when they screamed, etc, etc.  Hollywood, did you know Hollywood is the most perverted organization on the planet, but thatís its purpose.  And they churn out this glowing movie, this fictional movie about the wonderful Kinsey and how he brought us out of the dark ages.  Look around you at society, folks.  Itís a mess. 


And the government loves it, because, see, none of you can bond anymore.  You canít get along with anybody anymore.  And now, youíre all on your own, individually, wandering around like little atoms.  Canít find another little atom to stay with, you know.  No.  It doesnít work anymore. 


And again, getting back to what the Communist plan was too, was to degrade society, and they called it contamination. Well, itís now mainstream contamination.  Youíve been watching it for years, and itís imprinted in your brains.  Youíre all damaged.  Across the world. 


Prime Minister Harper of Canada says, Oh, Iran 'frightens me,í he says.  No kidding.  Thatís what he says.  Iran frightens me.  It says:


Iran 'frightens me,' Harper says


It's beyond dispute Iran is developing nuclear weapons and lying about it, Prime Minister Stephen Harper told CBC News chief correspondent Peter Mansbridge on Monday.


A good crafted little talk with Mr. Mansbridge, whoís our main propagandist.  Everybody grew up with him.  Heís bald now.  But heíd never lie to you.  In fact, it says, every night, heís ďthe most trusted man in CanadaĒ, says the CBC who employees him.  So, anyway, a contrived interview to get the average Canadian into backing the wars, that are still going on, and according to Haass are going to go on for another twenty to thirty years.  Do you understand?  Thatís wars that are going to create a massive backlash for generations from people who lose their homes, lose their businesses, lose their relatives.  They arenít going to be very happy.  Which means, anti-terrorism is going to escalate and escalate and escalate, until youíll have to be chipped and monitored yourself by the end of thirty years, which is of course what they want.  To keep you safe, you understand.


Iíll also put up the complete transcript of the speech by President Bashar al-Assad tonight, because all the media, again, cut out most of the stories to make it look bad.  But itís up to you to decide what you think of it yourself, and the history of Syria, etc.  Itís up to yourselves.  But at least Iíll put up the full transcript in English, and you can look at that for yourselves and see what you think.




Report: UK soldiers rape Afghan kids.


UK officials said on Wednesday that they are investigating allegations of ďinappropriate behaviorĒ


(A: Itís inappropriate, you see.)


by the soldiers,


(A: You understand theyíre all perverted now.  Everyone is perverted.  This didnít happen in years gone by.  It didnít happen.  A very rare occasion, from a psychopath, youíd get this, but now itís, you know, the videogame crew, the porno crew that grow up, and this is what theyíre doing.)


The Sun reported.


According to the paper, the solders filmed raping a boy and a girl separately and showed the video to other servicemen who reported them.


"We take any such allegation extremely seriously," the British Ministry of Defense said.


And theyíll look into it, yadda, yadda, yah.  And thatís how they tell us things. 


This article here says, this is from the US, and itís an official study:


Violent sex crimes by U.S. Army soldiers rise


(A: Well, gee, Iím surprised again, eh.  So:) 


Violent sex crimes committed by active U.S. Army soldiers have almost doubled over the past five years, due in part to the trauma of war,


(A: Thatís what it is.  Well, they had wars before.  They didnít have this kind of thing happen.  The Red Army had it.  The Soviets were notorious for it.  Actually the Germans had the least instances of it.  They were the most disciplined.  But today, itís rampant.)


according to an Army report released on Thursday.


(A: So, right off the bat, you see, they give you the premise.  Itís ďdue in part to the trauma of war.Ē  No, itís because theyíre going into places where they can do any damn thing that they want, and thereís nobody to report it.  Because, once you take over a country thereís no law except the gun, and the rulers are the guys with the guns.)


Reported violent sex crimes increased by 90 percent over the five-year period from 2006 to 2011. There were 2,811 violent felonies in 2011, nearly half of which were violent felony sex crimes. Most were committed in the United States.


One violent sex crime was committed by a soldier every six hours and 40 minutes in 2011, the Army said, serving as the main driver for an overall increase in violent felony crimes.


Higher rates of violent sex crimes are "likely outcomes" of intentional misconduct, lax discipline, post-combat adrenaline, high levels of stress and behavioral health issues, the report said.


(A: So, theyíve already come to the conclusions, rather than say thereís something sick in society from which these soldiers were actually pulled.  It says:)


"While we have made tremendous strides over the past decade, there is still much work to be done," Army Vice Chief of Staff General Peter Chiarelli said in a statement.


"Many of our biggest challenges lie ahead after our soldiers return home and begin the process of reintegrating back into their units, families and communities," Chiarelli said.


Violent sex crimes committed by U.S. Army troops increased at a rate that consistently outpaced the national trend, a gap that is expected to continue to grow, the Army said.


(A: Thatís because once theyíre in the army, of course, they tend to be more brutalized as well, and become brutal, and they get away with it as well.  Plus, once you demonize an enemy, you donít see them as people anymore.  Theyíre just things, unfortunately.  And theyíve been awfully successful with the Arabian countries.)


The top five violent felony offenses committed by soldiers in 2011 were aggravated assault, rape, aggravated sexual assault, forcible sodomy and child pornography.


This is whatís in your army, folks.  And theyíre just a cross-section taken from your own communities, your own society.  Bezmenov was right.  Youíre utterly contaminated.  Itís happened.  You see, itís done.  And itís mainstream stuff, I understand, all the pornography that youíre seeing.  You donít understand even why they show you certain kinds of pornography.  And I could go into it, I better not in this program, but I could go into the whole history of it, and the psychology of it, and what itís meant to do.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt.  Weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I let that guitar wail a bit there, because Iím in a kind of Friday wailing mood.  Anyway, thereís Jane from Ontario on the line for a chat.  Is Jane there?


Jane: Yes.


Alan: Go ahead, Jane.


Jane: Yeah, the Anonymous hackers, like Iím really suspicious of them.  Like, you know, if theyíd hacked into the Department of Justice, the FBI, etc, itís not like Iím sympathetic toward those, you know, what theyíre hacking into.  But theyíve protested on behalf of Julian Assange, who is kind of a suspicious character.  Iíve heard.  Iíve never seen proof of it, but Iíve heard that George Soros has been behind Julian Assange.  And theyíve protested on behalf of the Occupy Movement.  And theyíve protested that people, basically people should be able to download movies and entertainment free.  Which, you know, I donít have a big opinion on that, but Iím just saying, I donít think Anonymous is genuine.


Alan: Well, the thing is, itís what government wants.  Thatís the question.  What does government want?  Well, itís like everything else.  If they want martial law for the next thirty years, theyíve got to make something happen, which theyíve done.  And of course, if they want total control over the internet, which theyíre after, they need an attack.  So, we donít know.  We donít know if this is true or what.  We donít know if itís government doing it itself.


Jane: If someone is protecting, if someone is concerned about Julian Assange, the Occupy Movement, and the ability of people to get music and movies for free, those are not the things I care about.  Like I donít want the internet to be taken away.  I donít want to not be able to hear things like your broadcast.  But I donít really care whether people can download free movies, or whether they.  I donít care about Julian Assange, because I think heís a phony.  The Occupy Movement, some of the people are genuine, but the whole movement has been co-opted.


Alan: Well, they did come out.  They did come out and admit who was at the top of it, at least they took responsibility, and basically it was the Communist Party.  Basically, thatís who they are.  And the Communist Party is run by multi-millionaires like Soros, you know.


Jane: And this is who Anonymous is, you know, theyíre protesting on behalf of these things.  So, Iím just saying, you know.


Alan: Well, who benefits at the end, as I say, who benefits will be, government will say, ďsee there are bad hackers out there.  Weíve got to really restrict you even more.Ē  Iíve noticed that some peopleís sites have been crashing, by the way, recently, in the last two or three days.  And their computer is crashing too.  And up comes, the first thing that comes up, a special ID thing comes up about you, a special ID number.  And then the computer will resume.  So, theyíve put something in our computers, the government has, already, of certain ones of us anyway, to make sure that they know every damn thing youíre doing online.  Youíre definitely being watched.  So, thatís happening across the world, right now.  Because everything is global.  Nothing happens just in one country anymore.  Itís all global agenda.  So, but youíre right.  I am always suspicious of those who are put up as heroes.  And Assange as well has got a strange history, even the way he was bred, in the Community of the Great White Brotherhood, by his ma, in Australia.  So, theyíre all part of a globalist movement.  Weíll never know about this other group, but government will use it.  Theyíll use this attack, whether it was real or not, theyíll use this to change our lives again.  Thanks for calling, Jane.


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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